Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1908
Page 4
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SCOTT. Kntend «t lola, Kuisu. PMtollloe. iw ~ - Seeoad-CUM'ltatUir., Advertiiiag liatM Made Knowii' oo AntUcittloii. SDBSCRIPTIOK BATES. B/ Carrier la M% Oas CHjr, liqrM Tille vr LaHarpe. One week .10-cents One month ..44 cent* One year 16.00 BY SAIL. One year inside county -12.00 One year outside county 14.00 Three months, 4n advance $1.00 One month, in advance .44 OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OP HASSET. "**r^~ TelepiioBes^^ Business Office .- ....... 18 Editorial Rooms 222 tb«BiAV&« . _ bji: t the hUui^* attaxte - neiw^ipers'iiirta' emdi ywMe^ the ^tteir tariff law ajuilMed next ttkOLmtiTt'^ iMj dm«Bat«idlir «nibhn ^^piatfiM «gu ,iiamelr to_ , antee tb} wir. laboren the ABUurleiB standaitliof wasea and to oar maaafius- turers ,a 'reasonable profit, upon thi;ir Investmeht, no lass.' and ao Bore. .Th^ is no' disposition aii7Wherft->- exbept in the minds ot Demoeratle newspapers—4o do anythlnc else la coonection with the revision - ot the Uriff than absolately to keep fklUi with the American people. ^ C. F. S. TO riOHT THE LAW. Farmers to Contest Leaallty Barnes Law. of the EDiyORIAL CORRB84»ONDENCE. Washington, D. C, Dec. 1.— I notice lliat the Democratic newspapers—and unfortunately some that call them' , SP I VPH Republican—are already declaring that the tariff hill which is to be framed by Congress sometime next summer will be constructed in the Interest of the trusts and will not, reflect the sentiment throughout the country for real tariff revision. The newspapers which thus prejudge and condemn in advance a bill concerning which In the very nature of the case tbey can at present know nothing of-at all are trying to build'a foundation for the position they have taken hy declaring that the Ways and M«ans Committee is-not making an hopesti investigation toochlng any of tjie tariff schedules but is hearing only those who are interested in maintaining high protection. The truth Is that before entering upon the task of revising the tariff tlie Committee had made more elaborate plans for securing in- forutation upon which to base their action than was ever attempted conneoton with any other tariff revision. In the first place, immediately : fk - the adjournment of the last session of Congress, a circular letter was prepared and sent through the Sthte Department to every consul abroad n.sking specific Information as to wag- i-K. cost of manufacture; eta Similar Inquiries were also made abroad through the special agents of the De- l>artn>ent of Commerce and I.<abor. The Committee now has a large num ber of answers to these inquiries. Then acorps of experts were detail ed from Oie departments, who com monced work In July, under the super- rlslon of the chairman and the direction of the clerk of the committee, which resulted in 'Notes and Comments' now in print bearing upon ev' ery paragraph in the present law. This book includes a review of all •leclKlons of the courts Since 1893 relating to the tariff. The work itself has rprelved the most enthusiastic in rtorsement of every tariff expert who haH examined It. i The committee also has a compare tlvo statement showing the amount of Imiwrts. duties collected, iind the equivalent ad valorem on evc^y parser an h of the tariff law for each year from 1R93 to the present tlmeL Other t -pccial inquiries have been made, and the resultii will be laid before the committee. And finally publication was made by all the Press Associations to the country several times during the recess, of Congress that hearings would begin before the Wbys and Means Committee the day after election; and the day following the election the Press Associations published notice of hearings and the schedule of those hearings, while a special printed notice was sent to every person who had previously written to the Chairman of the Committee inqairlng about ihe hearings. The widest iflvitation - was extended to everybody who had any suggestions to offer to appear before the Committee and every man who has requested to be hedrd has been or will ije given that opportunity. As a matter of fact the large room of the Committee on Ways and IbTeans has been nearly filled ever}' day for the past three weeks with gentlemen who appeared there for the pi^rpose of laving their views before the Committee. And while, as might he expected, most of these gentlemen have asked that the present Uriff be continued and In some cases increased yet there have been very earnest arguments made on the other side, the mo!it notable t)eing by the manufacturers of shoes who have pleaded for free hides and have declared their willingness If this concession eouM be granted to have! the UrIff removed from] leather and shoes. It Is vortr much to be hoped, therefore, that Re- KTITLESEN. The Humboldt Herald s^s: . The farmers of Salem towiqhip and a few other points are not satisfied with the result of the Barnes Law and are expecting to test, the law In order to see if it Is constitntional. J. O. UoUensteln, Martin Bauer and MKAITM UPDV DAAO O. H. Lash are getUng up interest inj lICAMn VERY POOR the question and after consulting « frFSTnRFII RY PF.RU.N/L lawyer decided to rilse money Xa " "CglUKCU DT rc -iW-WA. bring suit. They will*meet at school n„*„„u T.....^*.. fl..-. V,,..,.^ houses and try and organise each dis. UatarrI) IWenty -ttVe YearS—. ^'rhc reason they give for their fight Had 3 Bad CoUgh. on the Uw is that the brunt of the( Miss Sophia Kittlesen.Evanston, Hi., expense falls on those who receive writesi the least benefit from the law. While "I h»Te been troubled with caUrrh the rate is the ^me the valoatton of for nearly twenty-flve years and have the farm jiropertles has been Increas-' tried many cures for it, bnt obtained ed while the town properties haTe. rerr little help. been loweied. 'Hiey.alao elaim that! «Thea'my'.brother adrised me to try the children of the fanners will hA able to avail themselves of the] s«Aoo1s to any great extent. Haoe FOR OPERA HOUSE. The Hamboldt |foBe Talent ^houl much Improved. Pemaa,sndl did. • "My health was very poor at the time I began taking Pcrnna. My throat WM very sore and I had a bad cough "Ptnaahaacamtitie., Thecbmak catarrh la gone mad my health U very Drew a Good Crowd. "I recpmmend Feruna to all my I friends who are troubled as I wak." PERUNA TABlETS:-Some people prefer taUetSf-ratber than medicine In a fluid form. 6aeh people can obtain Pernaa tablets, wBich represent the medicl aal iagredlenta of Pehina. Each tablet .\s a result of a home talent show put on last night by the people ot Humboldt, about $200 was raised for the benefit of the oi>era house. The show was for the purpose of getting eqoals 'one average dose of Perona. funds to pay the taxes and other ex- Man-a-Kn the Ideal Laxative. penses that have been incurred dur- Aak your druggist for a free Peruna tag the past year. R. M. Cunningham Almanac for 1909, of this city went down to witness the performance. WAIVED A HEARING HAWKIKG MACHIMES. CaUrrh Saffmni are NotUag Batj Hawking, Mpittlag and Biewlng MaelilBes, Says aa Aatliorlty. is' it possible that in these days when cleanliness and sanitary reform , , „ . ^,, is being preached in the churches, « Wagoner, Oklahoma s<;hoo ]8 and at public gatherings, that negro, charged with having made an thousands of people will continue to attempt to commit rape- upon the per- Lewls Reed,:Charged with Attempt ed Rape, Is Remanded to Jail. son of Miss Donnie Horn, a white girl suffer from catarrh, when there is an alteolutely certain remedy always on,, , , ^ . ^ I J^J 15 years old. was arraigned before C. Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me) is S. Potter, Justice of the peace, yester- a pleasant, medicated and antiseptic day afternoon. Reed waived formal air. Breathe It In and It will cure arraignment, thus passing the case up catarrh. It will stop foul breath, wat- , . ^, • \ •,, / cry eyes and crusts in the nose in a •"^^''^ w""^. He was remand- few days. ed to Jail in default,of liond. r suffered from' catarrh tor two Reed is making ho visible effort at years; tried numerous remedies which ^^fense. He seems to rely on the failed: used one and one-half bottles , , of Hj-omel and am entirely cured."- P'*" marrying Miss Horn and thus C. N. Undsy. 407 past Mrst Ave., avoiding prosecution. The Kansas Mitchell. S. D. • taw does not prohibit race intermar- A complete Hyomei outfit, consist- ,agc and Reed is confident that he Infe.of a strong, hard rubber pocket ..... . , .u ... inhaler and a bottle of Hyomei, cosU th« of the girl's only $1. and extra bottles, if after- mother to a wedding. This pla=. wards needed, cost only 50 cents each, .would succeed, bad the officers not Chas. B. Spencer & Co., sells it and eonceived a counter-plan to thwart guarantees it to do exactly as adver- _ , „ yggj It The laws of Oklahoma, officers Hyomei also cures asthma, bton- say, prevent race Intermarriage and chins, coughs, colds, and infants provides a heavy penalty for. its viola-; •'""•P- tlon. If Reed attempte to marry the girl, the local officers -will endeavor MANY ATTENDED FtlfMERAL. 1 ,end him to Oklahoma where he . ~ . . ^t^y ^ prosecuted. If the negro re- Large Number of People Paid Last' ^ •' (CiontlBawl-fiffam pago'l.) . yean and wliea;1fr. mrrlaoB was el- eoted iiia:.rMicnati(Da. waa one, ot the first' to Areadi the^''depaitmeiit. !and he wastiie ihst to be.reliefjred'pf ^ty. Havlns: an iaterest ia som^ silver aiUini; property.; in the west npon his release ftt>m official life, Mr. Acera went thltlier to develop the same. At the old price of silver bhllion the property promised large *retnms and the placing of. the wealth of its owners in the six figure column, hut with the rapid decline ot that commodity the value of the property decreased to a non-payinr basis ani| its operation i^as abandoned to others. • In 1890 Mr Acers returned to lola and took an active interest in the campaign of that year. In the hope that tlie "16 to 1" plan would trlumpli. Since then he has devoted his energies to the real estate and loan bnsinesi, and to the improvement of the family properties'. The erection of the Odd Fellows block In 1898 was due largely to his foresight and progressive spirit and In other matters where his town might be.benefited has he shown his unselfish and disinterested hand. September 23, 1863, Mr. Acers was married to Ellen A. Conant, a daugh ter of William Conant,. of Geneva. Ill The Conants were Vermont people, where, at Brandon, Mrs. Acers was bom, in ~1840. Two children were bom to Mr. and Mrtf. Acers, vis: Miss; Grace and Fred A., the latter being deceased. JOB FOR A KANSAN? Colonel ll'ilder Metcalf May Be Chosen Secretary ef War for President Taft's dtblaet RespecU to B. F. Ludlum. SM's Emulsion clojthes the nerves and muscles with warm fat.fills the veins with,rich blood. It makes children rugged- and hardy and fearless of the cold. It fills the whole body with warmth and life and eneltgy. Thin people sometimes gain a pound a day while taking it mains here and does not make an effort to marry Miss Horn he will not A large number of people from all « t^-^ the charge of at- over the county attended the funeral tempted rape. services held yesterday morning over "^^ Miss Horn the-ramaina of B. P. Ludlum, the ex- '"•ke. admissions of illicit relations counts eommisakmer, who died at his depravity. She home in Salem townahip last Sunday. '"'"Sf to the home of Reed The burial took place in the old Bis- '•""^ m^f>i[ag, \hi negroes <ra terms of social equality, and association. These admissions retold on the more cemetery. PILES riTRED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS. PAZO OINTMra^T is gnaranteed to cure anjr case of Itching, blind, bleed Ihg or protruding plies In 6 to 14 day* or money refnnded. 50c. witness stand against Reed. make a strong case Fo- \>e9i mtkii nnlrlteat resaitx ase tlie Register's waat eelaaiBS. WONT ACCEPT PROPOSITION? Net Likely That the Board Will Ae> eept Rev. iMarkley's Plan. The proposltton of Rev. A. J. karkley, district superintendent of a children's home at PL Scott, to take all dilldren who are county ehargea off the baads of the eommUsionera for ISO eaob. wBl probably afr< cepted lir the boant Rev. MarUey OMde Us pnvosftton yesterday' aq «t| the hoard took it nnderjadvisemeaL Jfodge Smith was called pi. afd eoBr salted. He did not think iny fob well of the plan. While the soaualaM era have not decided the matter yet. It U qoite probable that thpy win It down. It is feared tbaii If the pt^' oeiltoB waa accepted and waa laui^ Undone, -the home'ailghtilBd a' naay fllaiiM bare.: .MoMftvar Easy Terms Vfhaa you tradei with a mer-" Bbaiit that U easy, you may IcBow that be Is trusting others who will hot pay their bllte and ro« jWUI have to^pay a price that will cover teams or bad ac- ooonts. Wie may be little ipore pattlcalar than other roer* ciiant8..bwt we do not make the feoaeat man pay the dishonest nan's debts. (Kansas City Journal.) Washtagton. Def ^r-^*en President-elect Taft reaches Washington in a few days he will be sounded quietly as to whether he has any Kansan slated for a position in the cabinet or if he has already selected a voua for secreUry of war. If no Kansan is now on the list and no one is yet selected for the, head of the war department the Kansas omgressmen, or some cf them at least, will; present the name of Colonel Wilder 8. MelcalY of Kansas for secretary of war. Colonel Metcalf's friends are becoming very active and they be'leve that he stands a show in case Judge Taft hasn't slated Seoatop Long for a cabinet position, or Congressman Charles K. Scott for secretary of agriculture. Senator Long insists that he doesn't want a cabinet position and Congressman Scott'will engage in no scramble for the position ot secretary of agriculture. If It comes to him It will be a free will offering of Mr. Taft. Scott Is Satisfied. Mr. Scoll Is very well satisfied with his present place as chairman of the bouse ccnrmittee on agriculture. Still he would not like'y turn down a cabinet position if it were tendered him J. B. Case of Abilene is also mentioned for secretary of the interior, biit it i generally believed here that Secretarj' Garfield will be that place With Ix>ng and.Scott oiut of the way the friends of Colonel Metcalf believe Ms candidacy for secretary. of war would receive very favorable consideration at the hands of Mr. Taft, in case ttiat appointment haa not al ready been agreed upon..- Colonel Metcalf served with distinctioa In the Phil ipplne war. As colonel of the fighting Twentieth Kansas regiment he won his spurs and was breveted a brigadier eeoeral by Secretary bt Waf Root He is every Inch a soldier, and is perhaps better known among regular army men than any other volunteer soldier, except Roosevelt. So much did Presi dent Roosevelt think of him that he appointed him pension agent for all the territory embraced In the Topeka agency. Like a Daek to Water. This appointment was made la the face of a fair and square promise made by President McKinley. shortly before his assassination, to reappoint C}'rus Leiand. To repudiate a promise made by McKinley in order to appoint Metcalf shows the esteem in • Is-a necessity, not a luxury.- It is not an expense but an in-^^. vestment. It is something you .-must have but something you must bo careful of. as Jt is very important that the right companies are selected. I represrat the .leading companies of the worid and would like to SHOW YOU. * J. E. POWELL Evans Block, lola, Kansas. WHY PAY \\'ben you can buy a home with the same money? I have some mighty n|ce properties on hand right now' which I will sell you for the same money that you are paying out rent for. The properties are well located and. are a good investment. All I want is a chance to SHOW YOU. J. E. POWELL Evans Block lola, Kansas Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest Payments received at any lima without notice, and |n, terest ceases on amount paid. Long er Short Time Loans. Cunniiisham A Arnett 4 ^ Saili J IH-' ^1 W Derepiber 15th is the last date for ch^ap HOMESEEKBRS EXCURSION RATES In 1908. See us for particulars. W.E. BALSTON, Agt rm IQLA ICS AN& COLD STORAGE CO. CRYSTAL ICE Aad DiBtilled Water lew Ceii Manga Beiaiy let' RaalaeH. Pbeae U& FRANK Rn>l>LE^> Mgr. by General McArthur as "the strong right arm of Colonel Kunston in his operations." Colonel Metcalf was wounded at Bocane. Upon bis return from the Philippines be resumed his loan business at I.,awrenoe. which he still maintains. However, he spends most of his time now at Topeka managing the work of the pension office. Colonel Metcalf has lola several times to attend K. >.'.;G. inspections and is well known here. Norton Was There. P. J. Horton of lola, was In thei city today on business connected with the LeHunt cement plant.—Independence Reporter. which the cotonel is held by the present piresldent. And it isn't likely that Rooeevett's friendship for a man will Injure him In the eyes of President­ elect Taft Colonel Metcalf has always takep deep interest In mlllUry affairs from boyhood and ho would take to the work, aa head of the war department like a duck to water. ^ Colonel Metcalf was born in,Milo. Me., in 1855. Two years later he mov.- ed with his ' parents to Blyria, 0-, where he secured a common school education, afterwards graduating at Oberlin college. H« then engaged in business at. WeMington. O.. where he remained for nine years. He then moved to Lawrenc^ Kas.. where he lias since been engaged in the fanb loan busioesa. He enrlisted as a pri- vfte \n theuOhfa> national guard and became a iieuteoiuit before he we^t west Upoa reaching Kahaaa he en- llitod as a prhratein the Kansas na- tlonal guard and advanced until he was a lientehant colonel when the Spanish war bnAe ooL, "SerreA Tfemgk t|w Vl>r. Oovemor Leedy tU^ not recognise the Kansas militia whepi he organised tiie'Kimaaa trobpa for the Spanlab war. hut appointad'Colbael Metiealf a Jnnior major la^ the Fighting Twen- Itletfa. wliVeh waa aant to tlla Hiillp- pinea. ..Opon.the tromotioa-of Colqoel rtaatoti fp.^Micadler'nwiiat oC vot^; Came to lola. Mr. and Mrs. J. Broderson returned today from Lyndon where they attended the funeral of Edgar Broderson. They were accompanied by Messrs. | Peter and Charles. Broderson who went to lola today .V -Ottawa Herald. To'Live Stoik Sale. J. S. Taylor went to Chanute yesterday to attend a sale of live btock. While there he purchased a number of high bred Jersey cows which he will use on his farm west of the river. I Take onr N0e410 when Travi^g EastWard Leaves lola 7:15 p. m., arrives St Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St Louis. For farther particulare call *and see us. C. p. Hale, ASte For the best and quickest resnlts use the Ri 'gister 's want colamns. The Rexall Store West Side Square Get at the bottom of tibe Bakiiig P6wder Qui^bstJon. - Kiy a can of Odoact tadsv. Put it thraorii the moft rigid bakmgWthat yoo know. If it does not ftdiy coaie opto yaurMaadnd) tf tlie baking {• not iiMtMgaodor betterT-l^fer, more evenly nmeo, more delicioiii sad wiioie- •ome, take it back-Jo Ae'giocctr and get yooT maaey. ^ Cdmaet is the only, itrietbr. Ingli. grade tasking powder aciliag St a modsfate eoat' OcJB ^aoccptaittfaslime. iMJtt .iipaar ' aaAMtlt.' -.- -

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