The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1946
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUi>Y 29, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION lUllr r.t. r,.t ua« for «>u*»U« U •<rMioni: Mini m an Ck.i», 10, J tlin. [Mr MM "T __! in 1 tlBM p« r H B , r , r 4 , 7 __ _^ lt , • HUM p&r llii pit di7 _« w »__ If ?o iV" *"" Ull< P" <i»7 . 't 13 lluei p» r llns per 4» r •. B< I Hontt vet lli> __ 10e Oonnt fire «ver*f» wordi M the Ma*. A3i ordered lor IkrM at «li tlmH «n« • lopped b«iore eir,lr*t!o9 will b« ikmrfed lor lh« number ot llmu lb> id »pp«»red ud tdjaitnunl at bill All UloBtllicd Advertising t*ip7 nk- »ltte^ Ly pouoni rsBlJtng outiid* o( U< cllr mast be »c«jmr»iUd by c»<\>. E»l«l »*7 be eully computed from tbe kboT* Uble. For Sale. SG Acre* of fojWnns Mud cotton crops; triutor KtL.l eriulpinelil: tonin anil uiui[viiieru; cow and cull; in lu'ivl li<'k-i. W. l\ Mstiflmn. J ii jnil><> S\V of .Mnrilla. lu<|iilr« at M.OI Filter- Grort'iy. Manila. IJT-pV-tfU llo tlino r»t«. e r. ' no reioonilbllity will bo taken lor mor> < k *° O»B Incorrect Iciorlloa of ui 4l»i- , lifled «d. For Safe ly 8" electric fans. Blj-tlie- L'u.. thuiK' aiilfj. 25-ck-^ti Light and dark yrceii house and liarn puint. Best irrii 5 gallon containers. 1'ainl before Fall. Lowest prices. l'hilli|is Kobinson, phone de-At lluiu^ l.i MistlFxippi Comity. 6u acres I ( ,'j tulles of Mauila. New four luotu frame dwelling. FRtr Barn. Fi'iu'- i-J, Ktet'trklly. On .Stall! Ui>:!nvdy. 10 Aori- farm near ParAgonl,), llnl* pur acre, Hottum lund. Four room frame divi'llin^. Sinnll liar/i. FotlCi',1. Kliu-ui' rhy'. Trice JJCOO. r. O. Cliapin. Mnnlla. Ark. Corner lot, close to lo Call JO" .Martin ttl rt'Jy N. •JI-j.k-31 I POIt SALK to liltlifsl klJJor lor CASH lo l>yesB .School board, Di»t. No. SO. On, lar,;,- fiiiuic school IjiiildinB known mili-s N. K. Dy,-ss Ctnter. 'niiiu*:ind* of li'ot of loj. uraJe sidLiiy, floorinn and Ji.iiension. Snl,' -as is". Iti.H in writing will \M- ac.-oiJti'il at Ibe oflk-e of Hui',»'»u- tftidt-nl of Dyi-ss Kcliools,, At- kansai nrLtil Friilny Aut;iiKt ~. <> Si^iieJ: Kric W. Davis, President \'orno[i 11,'nry. S,',-r,'lars'. Services tr ami paper , [ilione ^ m. I linns si'C Mr.* ^fii-rrod Qt Moon'* lloli'l. phone 2^00. 2:t-pk-:iu ICE COLD WATEUAiELONS — wholesale and retail. Day or night. Uuck ftjchurf, 301 Kust Alain, phone 918. 7-23-i)k-8-23 litauly Shop. IViced fo I'linpp.-il 0 Ijuulli (i i|,ili-k sal,.. \V,,1! cliulrs; S <iih»r .'linin ; lulili-rhiiirs to iiwti-h; mirrors; out' book fliii IJ:UI|[,LTS; one luwyl c:il»i mill stool; 'J Urycrs: one <lry. B] cljnir (luiil .li^icjiM-rs; MlacIiiiK'k-sa iu]. uiu = l bt- EUld nt ynco. O\vu- ni,' cay. -Mrs. A. <iinnri. i!f,x c!ivilli', .\rk. '2^-]plx-d <J 14 foot Ijnnt with. •I'JU Knsl Main. trailer- City • <!iiv ( ILi'rla [loacln-s trails, inelxris. erocerirs. I'lenly <,r incnl. Now ],i,-.ninn Knnck IJiviiioii St. I'liunf 'J'j'i-J r,,r livliyc-ry. JOK IIKKTEII CHI). " Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delia Implement Co. Phone 864. 8-15-ck-tf NO CASH MONTHLY TERMS KAl.L TERMS Paint iiiuly Work, Recondition motors, Simoni/.injj and Seal Covers. Wrecker Service, Night and Day. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ford & Mercury Dealer 5th & Walnut Sts. Phone '153 79-ck-tC For Fine Portraits it's O'STKliN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-tf Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf \Ybml Hi-others c-orn train drill, era** t.M,:hli.:r.. iCulnry 5 emu! f:mu wif.-iii l-IIIC tcvd mill; tfoiiclis; 'J st,vl iir\L,S'; ^ ::^0 IIIIMIIIS; It I'm * '^I:fr. Xo\v. 10 Ft A auniljnif nt. A- 1 e. K""il coiiditiuii I I.nli tci'il mill -lal \v-itcriiv nle Buy your w;.'.tcr softener from a dealer who does their own installation am guarantees soft wale from now on. Pianler's Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-t H!o>l Mliitp lady wit) Ijcoi sru:i]| fmnily. Contuct Rt -Sttund St. house for 32a Nortli oiises tnovpil anil fonnilatlona repaired. Call .152 or see Frank Crockett. ISlli «tnl Vine. 7|l-l>t-8]2 | ive your voice recorded. We have Ihe latest eiuiiiuu'iil for recording yi>ices, li^nd and orchestra music utld invl- sage*. Indoor and imtdour sound syi- Itadio Sui>|ily, wholcsalii ouly. 'll2 So. Fiist, liliulto 4C7. 1,b-ck-S|.-i rbca you oil ito«e ne«di eleaaitiK or repairing c«H 3094. All work guaranteed. 17-pk-Jl awn wowen »h»rp«De<i and rep"lri. All typci ftnd kindi. We inuclRliia io power mower •htrpeding and motor aTerh"ulinB. Tei, wtf pick up ftnd deliver. Kljtlieiille ilscklni S>op. «|12-ck-t( n-an wLat you bavi anil don't want for what we have you do want. Satisfaction guaranteed- Eluert Huffman Sn-a[> Rliop, iOt Eait alain Street. 1'boue 859. a-ck-tf DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. &-3-ck-tf Old ko.U O'Steen 1 Studio. T parts. .,7-ck-l! A'e pay cash for oied faraiture, on« plccn or ft koQ9i> full- (Jail 2302 Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 4|l'0-ck-tf Will pay cash for one or two vacant lots between Alain and Holly and west ot Sixth. Mail price and lo cation to Courier News. 7-22-dhtf Wanted to Rent islicil IK i. PITJI Sell to PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. While Prices Are The Highest Bring Your Cor or Truck to Phillips, Where You Can Get The Highest PRICE No Red Tape—Come in Today!! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut *t Fifth—Blythevllle, Ark. T«L 45S—154 Political Announcements cxmiin to MfimuvM lb« (aUov in« audkUM, wbXel to tfa* IX':noor«Uo prlruarr 1 HHHllFF AND COtXBCTOB JACK FINLTT ROBnaoH WILUAM BERRYMAN coumi JCDOK QENB B. BRADLTT ROLAND QIUCKN FOR TAX A8SK88O* DOYLB HENDERBOR W. W. "WINK CIRCUIT CLEKK HARVEY MORRIS COUNT V COURT CLX ELIZABETH BLYTH1 OOUNTT DELUV •TATE IlKPRESEMTATira ALENE WORD E. O. K^EEMAN IJSIJ* "DOKIB" BP«OK L. n. ADTRT W. J. WTJNDEBLIOH (For re-election) II. E. (DUD) FISHER STATE BENATOk J. LEE BRARDKM JEFFERSON W. BPEOK GIICCU1T JUDGE E. O. WARD I. M. QUEER CIIAR1.E3 W. We Pay Top Prices We Pay Top Prices Mini 1 tliim 100 nslilug lakes and I 70 llsliing strenm.s are tociUctl iu | Modkitie IJow Niitloiuil Poresl, In suulltonsU'fii Wyoming. Rcmt Courier News wnut Ada M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Main Phone Day 22(iO; Night 2808 Help Wanted FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. Cl ut State Lino Phon: Itlytheville 714 W J. Pollard A G 13 N C Y Safe, Sound Insurance Protection Properly Applied Phone 3M5 Cilcncoc Hotel BIdi. n«i-',l colored 111 lll-lp V i o "Kij." cc •voiiiAn To ciire for ilb housework. CVill Courier Xnvs. I. dean rnoV, \v.,ul,l' i-lilil. l.iBJila anil ;,....! ].:,y Box ) un.l -I',. ns. MILI nslilcr tnk- Asphalt Construction Superintendent. Missco Consi ruction Co., Wilson, Ark. 2G-ch-2S Wanted: Three or four room unfurnished apartment for newcomers to Itlytheville. No pots other than (wo small children. Call Courier News, Phone -161. 17-lf As of June 1, traffic death? ia the United States hnci totaled 13.180. Traffic fatalities for the im>:uli f May came to 2410. The KJ.ISO eath figure represents a '13 potent increase over tliose killed in 0!5. tort k- «'it1i Ki jiffy r<niii rirnt St.. UlytLuvIll,. jot nf Oi.rcn!:i. in Miss \Voll loriili..!. pli-iny .' Kli-rtric'ity. Cnn s ,.f Si,, lii-M,. -,!i,,,,l l,i t'rir,- $t:i',. 1,-r H7 .\:-r,.< :: inil..< oil IViui.,.,t I'-' link-. - "I her f I».s Ai-r,-^ II K," l'i-iois,-,,t fniinl! I,,.,,I-. iiir,, lion f.'lli-,-,! Nil'., mi iiliuiil »'-. mil,' l'..|lli'r,it i'.-l,,.., k..i r,,r iiiiivl ,hnr,l I.,... 1 \t,,rll, t? Arr.s. ' ,,,iM.,l «.il, i l.OHO. ^'ill Dll lisie,! hirlii,lirlii n! small. ¥co v t:i. or,lcr 10.1 Liu-,.. 1'liOjie or !c jour or.lers now. I.c-wi^ INjiiltry, 41: K Main |i)ir,Ti" 9 !'->. or \Vl.itc'! t 2I1> \V flierry. phone 4Si MrCni-mlck-DrerliiR 1. Mnnib. •oinl.ine. j-i^e ->- Fraili-iihiiri!. llont •2,l-pk-82 il mo.1,-1 with mot <ili< Molino Wolloirn. St. after G p. l2n Mm 2:1 |>k-3 witli |,ink 1. 1:2:1 K. 2*; pk-:tl i,lii.« Bnl.iva Mri«livnt»-li \iithout haml. lielwi-en llerrick's Jewelry nml Kili- palrirt Jewelry. Cull l! 900 2r,-]ik-US n lontlu'r l,illfiil,l contftiniiip: fi t^tipr.^ :uui money. KitidiT pl. l :tti20. Mrs. ,1. C. lllirucss. ZSp For Rent Mrs. large linfurnislieii rootiis. Itlul Jlntl wnt.T fun:Mi ftftth. Call 2739. 25-pk-8!2S Irnrooin 314 U. 9lS. Phone 2338. 2|i i5usiness property for rent Office space, entire sccom floor at 13S E. Main St Hardwood floors, Venetian blinds, <uit,si;le entrance Phone 801. 25-ck-2^ Wanted to Trade C l-irkiin truck for no ol.l »^7 ino.K'l mr Kor-1 pr, f,Tr,-, 1,1 Tnslor's Fish MnrVft :W Radio Service Tig" Angel ADAMS APPLIANCE Cp., Inc. J. W. Adams, M£T. hone 2071 20S-08 IV. Mnln ' INSURANCE Din! | For Complete Protection ACCIDENT & HEALTH » HOSPITAIJZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBIU1 « LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE OLAJM •TORNADO > SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST {NATIONAL I INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CIIAS. BirrNEB Savt; i\Ioiu;y TinJuy, Any liny STOP AND SWAP EMU-: It T HUFFMAN'S If .1 J 1 " ^"^~~^~™~ r*\i I- You Can Get Your Car Fixed Right! Our shop is now iulcqiiiilcly staffed with KXPKRT MECIIANMCS (jiuilifiud to do the very best in body I'cpair, paint job.s—Complete niolcr overhaul ;uul luncup. Bring it to Langston-Wroten WARNING ORDER Tliela Johnson Vail Is liercb warned lo appear in the Chancer Court for the District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint filed against her therein by Robert Adolphus Vail, nnd . upon her failure so to do, said coin- I iilalnt will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of said court this I2th day of July, 1940. HARVEY MORRIS Clerk. Reid. Eviard ft Roy I Attys. for PlfT. ' ! Oscar Pencller, Atty. ad Lltein. 7113-20-27-8[3 Langston-Wrolen Co. Sales—BUICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas OPEN 24 HOURS WRECKER SERVICB Walnul & Broadway Telephone 5, r >3 JOl E. Alii m I'hniie 8W You Bl.ust Be Happy or No I>ctil THE BEAUTY CT.INIC I'- .Jgaret Hern Smith, OiTner triKT*m Ultlf. Fhone 3274 Sell Your Automobile Now While Prices Are High ' Drive In Today and Find Out from Your Chevrolet Dealer What Your Car Will Bring. ' ft * f $ g'if| 50 USED CARS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY Visit Our Used Car Lot and get the Top Dollar. LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY . 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 iid of the world" rumors can c traced back to earliest, antiquity- Perfect repairing for tnd*)ni ex- qjihlte (ootwpar auuretl when n- bnUL In «ar H -fl LT€ JUflUITY SHQC SHOP iar w. MAIN ST. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M«n" • ROYAL, SMITH, COItONA rnd ItKUHNGTON TORTAIILE 110 N. SECOND ST. I11ONE 3382 (Every Transaction MUST nE SATISFACTORY) 1 i$A See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly, and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We Have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for can and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. F.. Miln Stocks of IV-ti For Chrysler ProdneU , fhont BOOTS AND HER BUDDTRS 'OF!J 1 SftV, CVhRR, 90R. SOSH -if— 1 eni<.ts s TWWS Hftt-VS BY V. T. HAMn.TOS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS JEEPERS,! NEVFK. \WEVEGIVENI ) MOT SAW So MUCH TRAFFIC ) AWAY OVER. / To ON NWl-E STREEF ' ,/ 200 SAMPLE AlENTOM J\ DOUGHfJUTS TOE I . I / A f I 1\ ALREADy/ J F 1/1 ^ ,/vi ]i rr^^r^ ;'.' i Sv' LISTEN FDR. FRKXS SIGNAL ( WHEN HE WHISTLES. PULL THE SWITCH,' JMS COFFEE. HILDAS DISHINJS Our DOUSUMLITS; i / OUGHTA BE DOING \ SOMETHING// [5 ALU SET TMF GfJAND OPENING- OF MRS. KA.NES POLlGHNUf SHOP- AL1.FY OOP BLOSSEB

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