The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1944 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1944
Page 3
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RELATIVES —rorpornl Kola ml It. MrKenxle entered th*» lervfre In .Time 1943. and I* with the pnpiiicers In Frnnre. lie formerly in the mnint^nnnr.e department (if the Ptatp highway and hn« been overhptifl «tn« i *» November. 1943. HI* wife. Alice MrKcnzle. v e sidea at 1718 Lake Btrret. His brother, Terhni* al Hergennt Unhurt Mi-Krnzie t.s aluo in Fnim o with an enKlneerinif division. Mrs. M< Kenxip'a brother, I'rivHte First Class Robert L.. Coughran, is an air corps mechanic who is stationed at Mlnter Kield. He enlisted in September, 1943. i * • - - ' I r - r , m • "r . ill BROTIIKRS—Covpornl fJrorffo N. Parrl^r, 21. unlisted in June. 194?, and IR tinned in MiBHlxslppi wjih nn unit-tank division, wan n Ptudont fit BahfM- School. Hi» brothor, Robert (\ Carder, - J0, entered the army in January. nnd ha5 been HtHt ioncd In nnuth «ea inlands lor mnre than a yenr \vith the roast artillery, He Is n Rraduate of Bakeraficld High School. They are sona Ol Mrs. Besaia Pennell of 3731 1< «ireet. BKOTIIKRK— Corpornl Frank I,. Coombs. 2^. enlisted In March, 1!M2, and 1s now with an army hospital corpa In Iturma, Ho is a graduate of Bilkers field lliwh and wan fnrniprly emplcyod by Willaid Mirbael as a en r punter. Prlvain \V. Coomhfi, 1M», attended Hnkorsfield High School before joining the army iu January, 1 !*4;t, and in now fltation**d in KnBland with an air corps ground crew. They are sons of J. O, CoombH of Route 4, BaUerafield. ' - - - - -.-.•.-.•.-,-. -.v ••-•"•"• -'••-: . .v ','LV:V. •-':- •;,:-' * -:-: :• ,- •-' : ., •.-. ^ ',-<•-• -:- BROTIIKRR—Private Gnrnld K. Klino, 22. who ban been stationed In Italy with the Infantry, wan wounded in action July Ifi, nnd wan awarded the Purple Heart. His wife, Mrn. Susie Kline, resides with her parents in l,nn Angeles. HlB brother, ],eon U. Kline, neainan first clans, enlisted in Kehruury. 1941.. and is in Hie Pacific area. The brothers attended HiikorHfield High .School and are sona of lira. J. O, Coombs of Koute 4, liakeruflelcl. « i -* i r * i fc IV FRANCK—Private First .Clnan Duan* C. (Bud) AVorden, 22 f BOP of Mr, and lira. Clytlo Worden of SouthKate. IH with the aiffiial air warning aervii-e of the n rmy air rorps In Franco. Ht* re- reived hlfl edui'aliort at Bakerflflelrt I-Iisrh School and Junior Colleen nnd went imo the service in 1U42. Alter iralninff several months in this rountry he spent peveral months in KnRland and wan •ent to Fr.ime ROOU after D-Day. lie is formerly of Lebeu. —Photo by Austin. I\* PACIFIC—Warrant Officer John E. Pixnn is with the coast artillery in the Pacific area, lie was a member of the federal forest service before entering the tn-my In Murch, 1940. Warrant Officer Dixnn ref-rivotl his education at the Hak- ernfield Hit;h School and Junior College. His parenlH ure Mr. nnd MVH. M, K, Dixon. formerly of Fruitier Park. Hi« grandmother. Mr«. J. D. Cox, lives on Route 6, Biikei-Hfield. irAL CORP*—Private Flr«t David C. Gomtalez, 20, son of Maxima O. Garcia., Lament, la with the army medlf-nl corps in New Oulneai He at- Undtd Rockpile School at Arvln and was employed at TJiGiortrlo Faims before entering the lervlce '» Novemh«r. He received his trftininc ;U KarneH •ral Hospital, Vancouver. Wunh. Trj- vate nnnvalne IH a brother uf laabell and Pedrp Gonzalez. hoto by Austin. NAVY—Orant K. Grlspdale. 19. penman aeoonrl clnHs, wan InduetPd In the navy In Mny. 1944, and n»ceivpd hl8 "boot ttnininy" nt San l>iego. He U now in the Pacific area. Prior to cmterJntf the service, he graduated from Bakernfield High Schpul and worked wlih hl« father on their ranch at Granite. HtaUon. He in *ht son of Mr. and lire. R. T. 4ale. IV ITALY — Corporal William roombs, 21, husband of the former f?an|pr* was wnunded in Italy, 24, 1IM3, and wsis awarded tlio Purple Heart. lie eniinted ui the Hrruy in July, 1942. and if with tliB ii rt II lory, A jrriuluHtn of Hn knrsfi^ld High Si/hool. ho formnrly drove a trm*k for the JVacofk Croamrry. II i^ fw ther. "\V. M. ('oornbfi, resides on Kuutu 4, liakerwfield. CORrS—Privnte Chnrles M. PennelK ^6, Run of C. C. ronnell. 3731 Jj st roet, hns bron ovr-rflf-a^ with the army mediral corps over 20 nioiuliH. nnd i« tit aliened in NVw c'luinoa. H is wiO, the former Alice Coombs, resides here. AIR rORr»—SernniJ Lieiilenruit Ralph Zellers. son of Mr. and Airs. i\ R, ern. 1020 Uregon wlieri. a Kraduaie of BakersfU'Ui Junior r. v uliege and former asHusta nt serretary to Bnh Kord of the Y, Jl. C. A,, is now stationed Marcin, On. He has been In the ire Hinre >Iay t 1IH3, \vhen lie wna stationed at J'alin SprniR.s with a ferryinir Kmiip, II** wan an avi£jtic»n i^idet Ht San Antonio and WHS rommis^ionpil there before betiiR triinsf erred tn Mnoon. 11 iw wife. Airs, .lean Item h tellers, resides with her part-nta at 1^03 Aha INFANTRY—PrivoV! First Clnwa Bernard A, Daly, brother of Raymond Daly* 721 Uncoln utrept, WRR wounded at Salpan, June 1*3, 1944, 1'rivate Daly, who has been in the service since November, IH42, Is attai-hed to a medli-al detarhment of the infantry. He wim formerly employed as butcher at K. K. Market. •<-*- r.- AIR CORPS—Aviation Cadet William JaHper, Jr., 11;. IH lereiving his )>aHit: flyiniiT traintns with the army air corps At Independence, Kan. A vraduale of Bakerafleld Htffh Scluml. he on limed In May, 184!) Cadet JaBper if the HUM of Mr. and ilr«. W. I>rive. Itafeertffteto California!! Saturday, September 2, 1944 3 .1'rivnte Fred Glminuni, eon of Mr. nnd Mrs. M. (Jirnlnani, Is now PCPV- ir\K as mess attendant in the moss pfction 'of tho largest air servire conn mi ml depot in .Britain, lie entered tlie service in December, 104L*. A shoriiiRC of barbers in Kngland has put Private Russell R. Chrestenson, 115 Brighton Way, Bakersfield, back into his old trade. The former Heverly Hills barber who once cut the hair of Hollywood movie stars now numbers generals and colonels among his clients at a large air service command repair depot in Kn gland. Before ho entered the army in July, 1943. he was employed in tho elect; leal and battery department at Mlnter Kivid. His brother, Sergeant Klvis K. Chres- len**en, is in Kngiand with an engineers corps unit. Uehydrated and frozen foods will re\ olutionixe the postwar restaurant men, and the kitchen will undergo similar radical change, according to Marino Staff Sergeant Victor J. Hera it a. As chief cook of his marine outfit, Sergeant Dornlta dreams *>£ the day when he returns to his own civilian restaurant so that be may take advantage of the many war- inspired innovations in the mass preparation of food. Before going into service in November, 1942, Sor- >?o;tut Deraita, in partnership with his wife, Mrs. Helen Hoover Dora ita of 020 Xina street, operated Vic's Cafe. echnical Sergeant James G. Ca. engineor gunner, was a member of a crew of a 3-5-1M Liberator which recently returned from a bombing attack on Germany with all four engines inoperative and windshield .so frost or I that t he landing had to depend entirely on instruments. Co m ing in at a i? t ran ge field, the bomber hit the control lower, a truck, an automobile and about 3D trees before coming to a stop. *\ot a crew member was injured. Second Lieutenant Alvin J. Vitolc, sou of Mrs. Kmilie K. Yitek, Koute 3, Bakorsfield, lias reported to Randolph Field as one of the expert pilots selected for training in American Air Forces Central Instructors School. I 'pon completion of a month's specialized training, he will go to another field of the A. A. F. Training Command to be an instructor of aviation cadets, First lieutenant Robert P. Walter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gustave "Waiter, 1005 Seventeenth street, recently arrived at the Big Springs bombardier school, Texas, and has boon assigned to duty. lieutenant Walter was commissioned in July, 3941', at Kelly Field, Texas, and has served in the Caribbean area. Lieutenant William R. (Bill) Wilson is now in Corsica, according to H Jotter received recently by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Wilson of f.L'S P. street, Taft. Lieutenant Wilson, pilot of a p-li) Warhawk. s,nv action in Africa and at Naples. Bill's tuin brut her, Lieutenant Robert X. (Boh) Wilson, is now at Ardmore. Okla.. in the final stages of training in fh ing iMTs. The older brother. Sergeant John S. Wilson, Is in Franco and writes that his battalion recently received a commendation from the major-general for the excellent work th'\v tiid in the capture of Cherbourg. T! » youngest b.other, Aviation Cadet Frank Wilson, is now a member of "On the Line Trainee" department at Minter Fioid, whore he was transferred recently from MLssoulu, Mont. Sergeant Klton Dale Bethell, of Mr. and Mrs. Kd Bethell of Oildale, recently completed an orient a- lion course designed to bridge the gap between training in the states and soldiering against the enemy in France. Sergeant Bethell is stationed in Kngland. Robert J. Gage, who has been in training at Gardner Field, Taft, since March, 1944, was promoted to second lieutenant. Lieutenant Gage and his wife are making their home at IK! Pierce street, Taft. The Good Conduct Medal has been awarded to C. D. Jones of Bakersfield at Camp Btitner, X. C., for ein- emplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity. The Distinguished Flying Cross has been awarded to First Lieutenant Richard II. Grey. MMI of Mr. and Mrs. .Raymond Grey of 4110 Philippine street. Taft. for "extraonlina rv * achievement in aerial combat." Ho is a pilot of a B-LM Liberator heavy bomber nnd has participated in iiO bombing missions over Germany and enemy territory. Tn civilian lite, Lieutenant Grey was employed as a. dork by Tni't Lumber Company. He also holds tho, Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters. Lieutenant Robert D. TIeminpwny, son of Mrs. Ksther 10. Hemingway, :t'i9 Monterey street, recently attended a series of loot 11 res in TCup- land given by battle-wise veterans, which included instructions on chern- ieal ware faro defense and pertinent tips on staying healthy in a combat theater. -Before entering t be army air forces, be- was employed as an oil worker by the Associated Oil Company. Margaroi: Coulter, apprentice seaman, daughter of Mrs. Jewel Coulter, Hit Thirty-first street, enlisted in tho WAYKS in Juno, 1044. and will report to Hunter College, X. Y. Seaman Coulter is a graduate of Bnkersfleld High School and Kern School of Commerce. Until recently she was employed at Palomar Refinery Company. Lazaro Fernando/, seaman first class, husband of Mercedes M, Fernandez. 21ML* North Gage street, graduated from tho naval air technical training school at Norman, Okla., August 1!*, 11*44, and will now be transferred to a naval unit afloat or to another shore station for further instruction and work. Tom Roland, aviation machinist mate second daps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fishoring of Stino Road, is home on a 30-day furlough from the African theater of operations. He was called home by the death of his sister, Mary Jane Williams. At tho, end of his leave, he will report to the east coast. .Tamos H. Parker, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Parker, «il7 Grace street, has enrolled as a student at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Parker was graduated from East Rakersfiold High School before enrolling at Caltech. Clyde Romines, radioman second class, is in Taft on -a 30-day leave and is visiting at the home of his parents, the Reverend and Mrs. L. F. Homines, at 101 Pierce street. He has beon in the navy for the past two years nnd has beon in the Aleutian area for 18 months. \ ' B B V Bi •J ' It I . '>-;'\#$W- m. * m. m f~TM 4 • H4. fc . 1 • I • • ^ • h%*l ' BROTHKRS—Prlvrtte Roy J, Pan^ulnl entered the service in May, 1944. nt Kort Jtlley. Kan,, with a cavalry unit. He auetuleri Hakersliolil High His brot her. iJorKeiint I.eno J, l^nsquini, whose wife, KrnoHl inc. nml son, a re wll h him at M iarnl Heach, Kla ,, Is in the r»ir rorps. He entered the F^rvirf* in SfpipmluM'. 194-. They are Hons of Jlr. and Mrs. JJ, Pasunini of 2TiO» Lomita Verde Urlve. nnd t» Srhonl. Danny, 1 I - - H. Photo by NAVY — Cieorse Stanley Crnwder, Jr., 17, fireman second clasp, enlitiit'd in tho navy in November, 194 :i and is aboard a landing craft tank in tho central Pacific. After attending Ka^t Haknr^fiold Hit;)) Srhoul he WBLH employed nt VeKa Aircraft. He J« the HO?) of Mr, and Mm. O. S. Crowder, 1715 Verde street, AIR CORPS—Aviation Cnd*t AVllllarn K. Smith, 19, entered the nervire in Aujrupt. 1W43 and is Hl'ntioneci at LrincuBter with the army air forre. He attended linkers- field UlKh School and wan formerly employed ni Fox theater. i'adrt Smith us the Hon of Mr. find AIr». Phil J. of 2318 Kiishteenih »trt-et. IX HAWAII— C. O. Hector. >9, brnihpr of WDIard Hoc Lor. lian been •tationuU (t» Hawaii hiru-c January, J94(. He «n- lifted in the navy in October.. 194H. Ho- fot-e hlfl rnllKtment he WA* emptoyed In the Khipvuirtd In Ri< hmnnfl. His wil> r«oi(loH in '\VanhinKtoa ami hia father lu SKABEKH—Aldr-n T. Oarrett. Hhlpfliter ftecond clanfl. whnue Bister. Clara Mnr- ehand, re«idrfl at 911 ChoKter avenue, enijiited In the eoaheen in Drremher. 1942, and In ntutlonprl In the nouih 1'a- f if to. J'rloi- to »MUeMntf the aervii p., hn M-AII enipluyed % the Kuvernment at llidway h % - / •• RKlfATIVFS —Harry TT. Moore, 30, plprtririnn'n nm*o *r< ond * !;*** won nf Mr0. Ida Mn<no n: \v t !a*i H nd Klprtrio 1,'ompnny tor 10 year a in Wasm h**fm ** join in*; t h»; mi %-y. He received l.>>- * ;,• Idaho, and is now at San Din*o. Ilia wifo f, nd small son M\«id^ jr; PM ;fjc Grov**. His i ^-M is With a ?hef T inn I a I iopa ir rrp\r at n heavy hnmh* -r I'M MI* ui !»;*!> if- 1 was formerly prn tore KM i nc in u» the servh-p in May, 11M V M** h-a* br^n in Italy sin • * January, 1341. H i ps'defl \v it h pai eiiia nt Fallow*, HIM brol hr j r, < '-H-pm n 1 I 'r. T]*MM k \V , i ', n is-. Jr.. ha« h* \ViiH sf ri; mrieil ;U Knkp Field on^ V*M r n nd at V fr'.n \ slh* H s HV> ^* n • n^ 1 - -i 'ur hefnre hoirii; ^- r^ t nmnuind He is somewhoru In the IMi* ifir. Tlu»y a? o *»«>nst <,[' Mr, o. 'i i « i ' I ».-. -F 1 ^ fi H' • - a :-d •] MLS. Mr> J - ,-,n- ^f;iH 0 U'M JL (h" • ir ;U Fa M'i^uj K. i « t j • ' r«|f"P I-- 1 K Ur i 7 M sv i •• tl:r tl :t F. W. Cm ik' *• i \ INFANTRV—T'rlvnli" Itnlph K ifi Jr., sun oT Mr. »rul Mrs. Halph Kighl- lingFM* of Hnntn fi. KdiH<m II iirhway. la now In K; ante wit h RII infant r> divintnn. A ^tudtMil nf ItaktTHf 1P)(1 HtKh ^rhonl. hi* \v;t s I'finniM'b' I'mplox^rt at t \\r> Snnl h- fin I*ai i''ii* Hit;l\VM> \Mnln. He has in tlio wervi-e ain*e Nuveinher, M- •:*va»v \ * i V 'f. •• .'f. \' f . '-' '' Xv v ,*:%>': >, P- - iK'_ Air C Photo OVEKSKAS—Corpornl T^ewis T. Brown, L'n. si»n of Mr. nnd -Mrs. H, C. I'lrowiu IlfMitu 1» Taft, will soon leave for ovt-r- wnas rornhfit duty upon 10 wo* kit nd- vain *?d in9tnn*tioMR at Da v in-Mont him Field P TnrHnn, Arix*. nil nerial (runner on a B-24 .LIbora tor bomber. Corpora I Urmvn piUored the pprvice in Pecemhrr, 1941*. HP Is a Krnrtnate of T;ift Tnlcui High School and HUonded junior college. "W ' : "'' : , . - ,,« .;-. -.-"O• •• ' .' t - • \ V V- -*- .--. L '^ J •V!'.-,-v * . r ,-.* ' •'• • INTANTKY— Private Flrnt Class Willlam J. Foid, Hoh of Mr, and Mrs. John Ford, 21IM) Kant Call lorn la H venue, in with thn infantry in the southwest Panfir, lie attended Bnkernfjelri Hljch School nnd aftsiPtod bin father in miti- before entering t ho nervrrn In Ue- ft lit. During hiH 1 ra iniriK ha . won the n HI i Unman ship nieda I at Camp \VciltfrH. TPMIH. nnd has ro<-onl ly ber-n a wardnd the ariny'n fombn t Infnnlry* nu*n bjidfro* Ht* na \v hifl first combat ox peri euro at Uougji inville. NAVY —PHU! Ppaco* k, ffoanmn firwt clasH, haw xnuluuted from the mmil aviation ordnn n* »• ft- hool at Pur* ell, Okla, A ftrr Knuliint mtf from Hakrr«* f ir*ld 1 li^li School h** attended I'ni ver* Hity of California ;*L HerUeley before en- UminK in tin- mi vy in 1 )et:emher, 1 'J4X. H*.* is the Hnrr of MJ . ii nil Mi H. \Va> in* J, JN-at-o* k Jt;*i Jrl'ti'rHnri sli» f .• I r r . • r ^ h INTANTHV—Staff Herisesint Jfn-eph f\ M< Fte, vi ho in HLH tinned nt (^iinii riai- borne, La., \viib ni\ infantry 'liviHM-n, iKled in T>ei-einher, 111J Ht« ^. All* 1 *- M* I'W resides wall her 6 uL 1 l«i Kay i :x - .'. .','*•;:• ^v . •> • «¥ .•X j v RKLATIVKS —Tochnlral Sergeant Warren H. BnbArtson, 29, enlisted in March, 1M1\ and la a crow chief at an KiRhth Army Air Korrv fiffhter station in EnBlan 11»> hnft boon ovprnpaa sinco September. 1!*4S. Prlvatfl Gerald L- RobertHon, ^ pniproil the* nervirt* in May, l!M4 t and Is Htaliunrd nt Knrf Lewis, Wash,, with the a i my oiiKtneerM, I'orpoi a 1. Klward L. Rob^rUon, y 1, entered the service in January, 1114,1, and ta stationed at Do\v Field. Fla.. whuro he ia study ins radar, All tbr^o hoys graduated 1'ruin Hakrrsfleld Hiwh School and are the aons of Mr. and Mrs, <:. K. Itobrrtsnn. Uouta 1. Hakerst'leld. Their nnn-in-Iaw, Jamm Ben West, rhlof bnnlHwnin'H mate, .11, husband of Air?. Ver;i West, who Is with him in Tort llueneine, where he is stationed after serving 10 months in North Africa the He •»>".«. ^^vic-r—^v* 1 . 1 ^^ 1 ^^FV ^k^. q^v >JJ*^ ^..AI - *k i v^ fe>^?te^ . - tVt • • • • l •• - *J »F - J L - •feWx: •'r-.-.'Aex-.- ^>X~l-^ Mv"-!-!. - ! ' 'J'Mv 1 1\ K^ + ¥ * »^ • •% I b v<ii'A'- - .'-•.;-'<i. r - •-• ' Photo by Austin, HISTKR AND I1ROTIIKR—Jean Victoria *"m\ woaman firsr <Mass sppciallst, enlisted in April, l!M4 t and i» at llnttlor r'olIcKo. N. Y. Sho HUended Waa^o grani* mar ami hi^h BrhootH and WHH forinprly onudoy^d «t Hank of America for over two ypnrft. Her hrnihor, LimiU'iumt Robert i\ *.'oo ( ontored the »orvji*fi in March, 1!*41* and SH InHtriiftinx: advanced rndetw In twin-engined bombers at r^ OH, Texas. army air firliJ. Their pnrontib Air. ami Mm. Charley A. Coe. reside at 7^4 Bt'i na rd street. f *< , .' . i i s%m$m& ff'.'.t • +*f.*7--r-f ' '-^ .•s. *: .-wv.-^. >•:. ^-^::': --x^;:-. F '^ ' '•-•^•t • J ^+ ' P h _F * t ' _• . ' 'Tv^'X'i' 1 '^': ,: p £ys*v:-tf•>:•'., • -i ^:-;%:^:::^:-'V--'-'g j^^^!^^ ; L.r-r. ^ r.^-^ » - ^ r - - - f . iV*v.v>"A ,-J.\ H-'-/.V. .-.•. ••• ;*P > -P* v •.•.:•.•.•&'• • VP - j ^:^:^^^:i- ; 'S'J t- 1 ^-i-,':;;:;;.-v : ""^ -.a ^v; : ^i>''. : &'-^ J:-!*^ ;v:;:? : •'''•"'' * L »vi y*-- *HV- ^ T '] .P H & - * .IN INDIA —Second J,teui*-n;tMt NiKhbtrt, HOD nt Mr, arul Mrs. i\ A. lfihhert, liny Chentrr ;i\*nn- is wuti iho Air TrunHport t'niuin.tthl in Irni i. lie received his rollout* t ra n mu ;i t I n L - vei stly uf Nehraska i»' 1, MI ,,I M , \ t h. li.HUtenant NiKhhert -i ,\\ 'nr-^i Tt • Kwnta Ana and DOU^IM*. Ar./ . uh-io h" adiiHlefl from Kdvjn-. * .1 u ;t r. ,\\z in 11M4. 1'AKATUOOI'KR " 1 wr.uiual m P. O^r- I mm KitUcM -— h tr f nil i * rt-i\ • !lilt M.I. ii V p.* r:u. in:-* u, 1 !.'.*• r . II. v. h. t'. ,t !!;>•,; ill a Mi(\V -il.l- 's\ vn — i*hoiu by CiMOKK IMI,OT~FliKht Offu-er John *,*, Snendr^, Jr.. sou nf Mr. , J. r. SiiemlPr. 1*00* T\\^nt> -first "^. IS M KlTTK i r pilot KlUlitJlK^I Ht uihuiiT-Maxiun Army Ai N, C. Hi' is a crudUAte of Ha H lult S' huul ;*tui VVH5* formerly i>iup!n> ed by It.-tt ry * 'nf t 'i-<> I nr,, |I*M'HI e ilifl tCiVive in January* PROMOTION— f>av-e M«rkffl of Shnfter, has be^n proninted frum *nnff fier»fa»t to to^hnk'Mt sorsfanT at tin air foir« Sfc-rvu-e conunuiH.1 stmiun in the tht'Hfer. St'tK^anf Ah t kel is a fhtfht < hi*»f' and \\M^ a mt^haTiU- at a * > . 1 '"44. mufiu-r, M r^, Kalhei \Vult, at S

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