Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1908
Page 2
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'•mm MI880UBI PACIFIC, SlMTl FK AHD it^K. AT.^^lirAmMiilW^ Ex-Teachers Club. Thompson, Miss Miriam Hughes, Miss The December party for the Ex- Florlne Wieeler. and Miss Margaret Teachers' club will be given on Pri- Garlock. day afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. * •!• * H. Funk. 417 East Madison avenue. —Over 150 pretty Hats for women. The assisting hostesses will be Mrs. misses and children offered at exact- A. V. Lodge, and Mrs. A. V. I^nias- !>" one-half price. Richardson's. ters. ( <' + • + * y Po"" WhUt Club. -The Richardson Dry Goods sK.r^Captain and Mrs. T. S. Stover bad nffer all of their pretty millnery u( "'^veral couples as their gueste last .'•.O cents on the dollar. ;n'eht for a dinner party and an In 1^ ; formal entertainment with whist. The Mist Be^k Home, ! dinner table was arranged with places Miss Bessie Beck has returned for .Mr. and MrH. C. B. Spencer. Mr. from a two weeks' visit In Parkoville. and Mrs. F. E. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Mb. She was a house guest of Miss .T. n. Mittlebach. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Pearl Ijtney, who formerly lived in Northrup. Mr and Mrs. 1^. L. North- lola. : rup, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Northrup, Mr + •:• and Mrs. J. A. Wheeler, Mrs. P. J. In Kansas City. iHorton. Mr. Lute Stover, Captain and Mrs. E. C. McClaIn and Miss Edna jurg. Stover. McClaln have gone to Kansas City^ Several Ubles" were occupied for to spend a week. | cards after the dinner hour. • •:• * + + + Birthday Party. Working Society, Mias lEIsa Hildner of Wheeler xhere was a business meeting of Heights gave a charming party yes- the Working society of the Presbyter , terday at her home In corapllnu'nt to'Ian church yesterday afternoon for a group of girl friends. The occasjthe purpose of considering sevecBl Jon was the birthday of the hostess business propositions which concern and an elaborate luncheon was served. After the company had spent an af the society. Another meeting to conj. plete some needlework Is In progress Jernoon with needlework and miislc.!.a the church today. The dlnluir room was very beautiful ly trimmed with red roses and their| foliage and the table was decorated with candlestioks set with red and pink wax tapers which lighted the room. Miss Hlldner'a guests were: Miss Bessie Beck, Miss Avis Spink. Miss Lettie Woodin. Miss Mary Cannon. Miss Alice McCall, Miss Irmn <. <. CoiitK fi)r woHi" reti In the Oreat ly reduced.—Ri iHi -es and chlld- rance Sale grent- son's. rs. Decker. Mnrk on it is ;;!T :nuiuc. HAWKES When bnying why not buy the best. We carry it and we woa)d like to tell you why it is the best. KiWi . as k call. J. W. CDFFEV & SON Exclisire Jewi>k>ni. EAST 8I|I^ 80UAKE. For Mr. Mr. and Mrs. ^ U Decker. 211 Xorth Sycamore street who were observing the forty-fourth anniversary of their marrlago and Mr. Decker's spvcnty-flrst 4tfehday yesterday, were ^ven a pleasaA surprise last evening. Thel^daughters planned a plt-as- and dinner in their honor and spent the evening at their home. Both Mr. and Mrs.'^pckf^r wen- ignorant of any p'an to entertain them and. the o?casion was vfry enjoyable. Those who were there wer<;: Mr. and Mrs. Decker. .Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Balliet. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freeman anj son l^o. Mrs.'R .E .Glasel, Mrs. W. J. Glasel. Misser Mildred and >Ierle Glasel. 1 • + • Vls<t Mtst Fitzgerald. , Mrs. Fletcher .McClary of Chanulei returned hume today after a visU' with Aliss Gfacc piilzgerald. appeared on the scene in time to serve chocolate. The class Is open to any and all girls and will meet again on next Tuesday night at seven o'clock. —Attractive Christmas Neckwear for men and women in pretty effects. —Richardson's. * * •!• 500 Party. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Shields entertained t^elr card club, the 600. with a very pretty party laat evening. The highest scores were made by Mr. and Mrs. M. Scboenbmn who were given the prizes. Subsequent to the card games a small supper was served at the tables. No guests other than the club members were present. * • • Special C. W. B. M. Svrvlce. At the Christian church pn Sunday morning the service will be in charge of the C. W. B. M. society and the usnal sermon will not be delivered. Mrs. Josephine McDanlel, of Topeka, state secretary of the organization, will be here and will give an address during the regular service hour with mission work as her subject. There was a delightful meeting of the society yesterday at the home of Mrs. G. T. Talbert. 220 South Walnut street. .The program was appropriate to the occasion and one of the most Instructive parts was the lesson which Rev. Ellett coi/ducted. The devotional exercises led by Mrs. M. M. Williamson began the literary part of the afternoon and Mrs. Ellett made a fibort address on missionary work, taking as her subject the topics. In the official paper of the society. Miss Gertrude Canatsey who was present played several brilliant piano numbers during the hour given over to an Informal luncheon and Miss Gladys Brumbaugh and Miss Marlon Lois Talbert assisted with the serving. The house was decorated with bo- quets of yellow and white chrysanthemums and their green and the luncheon table in the dining room was also attractive with this trimming. • •»> * Big reduction In ladies' CIcaks. ! —Richardson's. * * + Dinner Party. A party of friends and relatives ^ V I ^ave a surprise for Mr. and Mr«. Ja-Reliable I-'u'rs '^SS ^ratelySi.riced. Matney. of 327 North Fourth -Richardson. v j on Sunday evening. The s}x ^ j^' I o'clock dinner was served' In celebra- Y. W. C. A. Sewing Class. \ tion of the birthday of the hotteaa. It was a merry gathering of young Those prevent were Mr. and Mrs. J. women who spent the evening hours J. Ralph. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Davis, at the y. W. C. A. last night, planning Mr. and Mrs. 8. Symmes, Mr. and Mra. and making Christmas gifu. Mra. W. J. Watney, Mr. and Mta. J. O Thomas Carrlgan was in charge of Darls, Mr. and Mra. T. J. Dftrls, Mr. the clans, which will meet eycry Tuea- and Mra. M. Henson. Mr*.. Bwel of day until Chrlstraas, and ^e proved McAlItter, Okla, Mm. Parker, Mn to be a most caitable tead|er. Soma FremiaD, of MliineMta. Mr. Bd. And«r>; of the association gymnatiinin cirla son. Mr. R. J, l^via, Mia« ! Opal 'itfinttoon at^'ihe iXSiiriatiaB d^ttrch. w Th« memlMra ^win^arranc* for. a iqMlGiai Mrrlee on ^day wbieh S. toobaerre' the- Mntouilat >nnlTe aary of the eatabjlduiient of their flhorch. 1 • - . " . -• +.4 , -^Tfae RIchardson^Dry Qoods store hia been working klkhta^ marking and dfaptaying their etegant line df new Sbnaa goods. To Brinf Mualelana Here. The post holiday seaaon which always quiet after the festivities of TaleUde win be eventful In that the tnoat no^ble affair of the season in mualcal fiirolea will occur. The Ladies' Mualo club which now In the midst of a aeaton of tuo- oeaaful work on vrograma feafurlng niiuio by compoaera whoa* ifork la most ben^noial. haa decided to bring a group of musiolana here for a eon- cert to be given. In rebruary. In the company will be Wort ». Morse, violinist who is exceedingly well recommended. Miss Bertha KInael who is a vocalist of nhnenal ability and their pianist Mr. Morse is a pupil of Ceasar Thompson and Miss KIn­ ael Is a graduate -of Emtllo Agramon te. one of the foremost teachers of voice In America. The club will make the concert one of the public attractions of the winter and the members will begin at once to place orders for seats. Since this Is the only event of the kind to occur this year under the auspices of the organization, the public will probably give extensive patronage. The afternoon recital of the club waa given at the home of Mrs. Philip B. Waugh yesterday. The program for the day preceded the business meeting and these numbers were given: Paper on Chopin—Mrs. L. W. Mayberry. Noctoume Opus 9, No. 2, Chopin- Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. Waltz In A minor, Chopin—Miss Barbara Fry. a Shcummerleld Franz; b Sunday morning Brahma—Mrs. W. T. Watsod. Etn^e opus 25, ChopIn-p-MIss Flor ence Hobart. a Bom of a pain undying, Franz: Marie, Franz—Miss Grace Nelson. EfUn dance, Jensen—Mrs. Ross Cial borne. Maiden's Wish, ChopIn-LIstz—Mrs. P E. Waugh. Miss Grace Nelson read a paper on American composers which she bad prepared for a previous meeting but was unable to present and Miss Florence Hobart played a group of scar- lattl numbers which were continued from a recital some weeks ago. • < + —Useful Christmas gifts of every description.—Richardson's. Two Holtdi^ Weddlngt. In the opposite ends of town the neighborhood gossips are associating the names of two popular girls with cupld. One of the young women li to be married on Christmas day and the other a few weeks later at her home In the weatern part of the state. The 8. R. Interviewed the bride to be who Is to be married on Christmas, today and such dreadful punishments were threatened if her name appeared in print that the story has been with held. The.release is promised It should be the desire of every woman's heart to possess a diamond ring or a gem-studded locket. We can show an assortment of Jewelry that will make you think yourserf In Alladln's Cave, priced at figures that will Increase your wonder: Our store Is prominent amqng the Jewelry stores here because of the fact that, down to the smallest article, everything Is reliable. Come In and let us show you bow little money It Ukes to buy the best Yours for artistic Jewelry, reliability and attractive prices. McNIEI^IRQS. IJRocan^'aii Soath Person. =lROd19n>T -I^)altlon. lady stenog- in^Aier; experieneed. Address L, care Regiater.; ; An^experienced girl for housework. 502 Bast street. s .t • i ^ 1 . : -• WANTSD TD RENT—About January 1st to l^tb. se^en or ^ight room modern hoiue,dose in; east side pre- t«rred. Apply to R. G. Hall at Acid Worl^ WANTED—Two yonng ladles to solicit C. F. Florence. Rodma 10 and 11. Evans Block. WANTED—All Unda of aaoond hand houafbold furniture.—The lola Furniture Bxehanga, A. W. Back, Prop. Phon« 16. WANTED—Tola property to exchange tor Xansaa and Mlasonri land. Oo.ldtn Wait Land Co. Offloa over Iowa Itora. lola. Kaa. WiANTBD—Men to learn barber trade, few weeks-required, best pay Ing i work within the reach of poor man', can have shop with small capital, wages from $12 to $20 .weekly. Wonderful demand for barberB, cata- '.og»9 mailed free. Mbler Barger college. Kanaas City. Mo. FOR RENT—Good five room bouse. Nortb Second street. Inquire Geo. D. Bright & Co. FOR RENT—7-room modern house at .308 West Madison. Inquire 304 West Madison. FOR SMlC'.k >POR SALE—House 16x20, nearly new; on payments. Inquire 434 South Third. FOR SALE—Six new well built 2- room bouses to be moved off. Inquire lunch room 104 North Washington. 'TOR~8A1E^TWO Bush'*&~GeirtB' pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. FOR ^ SALB>—A 22-acre fruit and truck farm, 2 miles nortb of Gas City. Good bottom land. J. W. McWUllams, Gas City, R. R. 1. ^ JOHN 6. WOODDr, K D. FKysteiaa Mrf Sat|(«« • • »'•"•"•"• • • • • • • • • • DB. XeMILLEN» Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and DiseaMea of Children. Telephones: Ofllce 32. Res. 83S Office over BurreH'a Drug Store West Madison. • Phone 687. • • • « Res. 701. • DR. K. 0. CHRISTIAN Phyilelaa and SnrgcoB Rooms 7 and 8. Evana Bldi^ F. H. MARTIN, Surgery and Diseases of Women. > Otnce and Residency Phone 576 Office 7 North Jefferson.. • • * • • • Phone 687. Res. 701. * • DR. O.I* COX, • • Eye, Ear, Nose and! Throat * • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • I • • «•*»**•«**«••'••«*••• JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoaat, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street. Lpd^e Dbectoff KNIGHTS OF FTTHIASr-Neoaho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. S. Thonipsbn, E. C- Ohris RItter, K. of R. and 8.- • . UOST FOR MXOMMRRE Six Clear La Harpe residences |7000 and 13000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart lola. Kaa. KNIGHTS OF XACCABSEli- Knlghts of Maccabtees of the World meets in K. P. Hall second and fourth Saturday nlghte of each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander: R. B. Porter, record keeper. " W. 0. W^-Camp No. 101 meeta in T. «teeie, C. C. A. H. Davis, Clerk. Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A.—The M. W. A. ^Lodga meets everr Friday night In M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brcthcri Invited. P.''a Coffieid. V. C, \ . .\ '"pw-i -''•-k. _ ooooooooooooooooo O PUBLIC SALE. O O Four years experience In the sale O O ring prepares me te give un- O O equalled and guaranteed service O O as an auctioneer. My service free O O for a few sales. Reference, Allen O O Co. State Bank. E. E. Tkkers. O O Phone 835. 409 East' St. O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ROTAL NEIGi.i;oaS.-io a Camp No. 365. Royar Neighbors, meeU see- ond and fourth Tuesdays of eaoii month. Mrs. F. A. ^nsgaer. oracle^ Mra. Mary Hutton, 413 Weftt, Btreet, I Recorder. • • • . FRATERNAL BBOTHWOOD;^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 jaaaf second and fourth Thursday of MA month in A. O. U. W^ Hall. VlaiUng members coMlidly invited. W. H. Anderson: president; Golda EUun socriB- tary. OUR TELEPHONE a few days previous to the holiday I «• constantly ringing these 4teya.Now -Is the time, you know, to have all' season, however. • * + Visit In Jefferson City. Miss Tressa Lee will leave immediately after the holidays for Jefferson City, ^0., to visit Miss Imogene Mitchell and Miss Nannie Mitchell who have been guests of Mra. W. 8. Ooodin .here. Miss Lee will attend the Inaugural ball to be given there when the newly elected state officials take up the work of their office^. • • • —FItigerald, Aato Lirery. Fhonc^ • • • To Celebrate Anniversary. The Unity club Is soon to enter upon the ninth year of Its organlza-' tlon. Elach season it Is the custom for the club to observe the birthday with an Informal reception to entertain thef| club jnembera and a limited number, of friends and this year the celebra-'- tion will occur on Monday, December 21, at the home of Mra. M. Scboen­ bmn. The committee Is now arrang-' Ing the program and other entertain- 1 ment for the day. the summer dust cleaned out of yoar carpeta. WB are busy, but your ordar will receivt pronxpt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOU RUG fACTORY Phaae ftlA. VIslUng Dr. Lodge. Dr. and Mrs. O. C. Payne, of Humboldt, are guests of Dr. and Mra A. V. Lodge today. •'• , TORiaHTI The Rash 'S A whole family in acrobatic itunts MAY NEED MORE »IURORS. Another Venire Probably Drawn For the Jackson Case. Another Jury will probably be drawn this afternoon. When the work of securing a Jury to hear the evidence In tbe case of Nathan Jackson vs. M. J. Benson, marahal of Humboldt, began Ihte afternoon, it appeared that another venire would have to be drawn. One Jury Is now out deliberating over the evidence In the Harper case. MAGAZINES AND PERIODICALS can be aecnrsd of J. K. HENDERSON, wh9 deals with the publiahers an^ furnishes thfta at the loweat prict phaalbla. Trial aubseriptioa' to Vui Nqr^yn's^ a montha 26o. - Pfepn* S8. .: 414 N. Riuken EMlMataa jdieeefullx glvan: aaolK;^- rrUmy Right Two dollais in cash Ua thC: beat lady and best gentlemnn^ mtke-up. Diamond Ring CoDte ^--ia now on. ;^ Three tuikes Chriatmaa.

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