Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 8
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- wiMmw nnmiTiEs. CLBAV Tits MnMthMs'tk* Kliaen aai Help fSk inter P»iMM ¥nm Blo«d : M SiMlif Be Mixed at Hose. A| leuUng healtb Journal, In answer ln$ the iqueition^ "WiMt Is the best preieiiptloii to clean and purify the bloc d,** prtnUi In a recent Issue the tolMwIng: Pjuld Extract of Dande- UoB ciie-half ounce. Compound Kar- jone ounce, Compound Syrup Sar- aaperlUa three ounces. Shake well and .use In teaspoonful doses after each meal and at bedtime. > , It oieans the blood of all impurities and Bonrlshes the blood. In Just a tew days the skin begins to clear of •ores,' boils and pimples. It puts vigor and energy Into run -down, debilitated men mnd women. For many years Sar- •apsrllla alone has been considered a Coiod blood medicine. But while it bnllt vip and made new blood, the im-° puiitles remained within and the good aooompllshed was only temporary. Sarsaparllla, however, when used In combination with Compound Kargpn and Extract Dandelion works wonders This comliinatibn .puts the kidneys to 'work to filter and sift out the waste . 'mater, uric add and t>ther impurities that cause disease. It makes new blood and relieves rheumatism and lame .back and bladder troubles. This prescription is better than the usual patent medicines, which are in tbekJnost part alcoholic concoctioi)s. The ingredients cost but little and are easily mixed at home. Every man and woman here, should make some up and try it If they feel their system requires a good blood medicine and tonic. BROKE B0NE8 OF FOREARM. ChUd Snffered a Week Before Break Was BIscoTered. It was not known until today tt\^t the" eight-year -old grand-daughter of a Mrs. Hlxer whose home is in IJn- coln Park. had. an arm broken nearly a week ago. Last Sunday while playing in the ydrd of her grandmother the child fell striking her left arm in such a way As to break both bones of her left arm. This was not known, however, until today when the child was taken to a physician. Until today it ,waB believed that the arm was only sprained. BOl^HT >EW BOOKS. . Works of General Literature Added to High School Library. Warner's library of General literature was added to the library of the lola high school today. Su|>erluten- dent Mayberry purchased the entire twenty-five volumes some time ago. They were placed on the shelves yesterday. These books are valuable to the student for references. They are the best addition to the • tola high school library to be made this year and makes it as complete as any high school library in southeastern Kansas. K. & L. OF 8. HELD MEETING. HMtlMMml _ jreet% l^CL'^B.: The.illen Cotinty Qprttenltaral a6-J clety held their aiyinal' election yea^' terdar in the O. A. R. iiall. Dinner i waa'Mhred to tha-.aieiiib^rs In the hall andl Ju'dgtav from the mmount U edibles JOB the/laUM. thaire la no sliortasa 0t. food prodacta thta-aeaaon. The oii^iac'waa called to brder with ft^dftanretth. in the ebalr. The liiatter o( this society becoming a thlrtyryailr Bamber of the American Hortlcnitnrat aoototy was. taken up and wait laid oathe tableT until the January meeting. An executive com- ; mittee was chosen by the president to prepare a program for 1908. \J. B. Fergus,: J. E. Henderson, H. KJau- mann and J. T. I 'redway were chosen to represent tJw society at the state meeting. The c^ce^of assistant secretary was created :for the purpose of acting In the absence of the secretary and to see that each is properly advertised before bnuid. The s^fetary was Instructed to cast the entire vote of the society for the following, officers: President, J. T. Tredwas; V. R, J. B. Uendersou; 2nd V. P., Sirs. E. I. Crowell; Treasurer, H. Klawnann; Secretary, 13. F.«Pan-| coast, aiid Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Fife. . ;. V HE|»IC!AL 80CIEXT TO MEET. Wm Elect Pl ^g^uatotc MeeUng lola Lodfe itcld Important Meetinfif' Last Xight. Ten candida ,te8 were elected at the vegular meeting of the Knights & Ladies of Security which was held last evening. Twelve policies were taken up also. Other business of importance was transacted. The candidates initiated were the re suit of the sneclal work which is being done this month. December .was selected by the grand officers for "special missionary work for all orders •vef the state. At the:;re^ar meeting of the Allen County Medical'society next Wednesday rilgftt a'^delegate'.wUl be elected to the octdncll of the Sitate Medical society, wlilch meeta In Kansas City on '• the eveneig of December Z7th. At this • meeting [It will be-tfefinitely decided) where tI «B next annual meeting of the i State Medical society will be held.! This, howejrer. has been practically j decided, r If the council confirms the action already taken, it will come to lola. ' The afuiual election of officers will be held at the meeting Wednesday night. Other business of Importance will be transacted. j GETTiNG READY FOtt GAME 111 (hanufe iWiU Play La Harpc Christmas Day. Team Chanute seems to be preparing fqr I the big obnlest between the U\ llartw \ and Chanute foot ball teams which will be p&yed on the Chanute grounds Christmas day. The Chanute team will notiplay any more games this year nntlj .after - the Christmas game with La ;Harpe. This, ^hcy say, is because they fear they may acquire a hospital fist Manager Phillips, of La Harpe, -is getting his team together and will be- ] Kin practfcitig soon. He will be able to get Brnner and Donald and In fact all of the players- who played with ; the team Oast year. 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Hmmd Pmlmimd GMam , Tie celebrated Picard China, as good as can be painted. Also Haviland China and an assortment of Japanese ware. €ui Qtmmm A larg- stock—a selection from the best lines on the market. OmnMemtiakm mnd Can' tUmmbra In bronze, silver and glass. AU .shades Skmvlag Mtmadm With comb and hair brushes. Also razors, shaving mugs, brushes, etc., and .the Gillette and Ward Safety Razors. Laafhor Oooda Ki'Is.iiil slock ladies' hags, c.nrd case?, nieuV card cases, letter and bill books. Simtloaarym A nice assortment of fancy boxes of paper. Galmmdmra aadfUlatipem We've a nice line of them at 15-25-39-35C Pomi Card Mibumm . and Kodak Albnihs. cloth and burnt leather HoUy Boxam aad Gan^m Mail your gifts in. holly boxes and inark them with holly tags. MovaUiMa We have a good assortment of the little novelties usually found in a Xmas stock. Maata Raita aad Baga In prices from 75 cents to several dollars "West Side Of tlx© ISqure. DR. J. F.; JAUSSOK, The Sne^sfnl Ane* tioneer, 'Teterloarlan. Farm sales oc PcdlKFced stock rairt made aaywhere. Veter-I inary iiuwered day or night. Office with Doux'aas BfxM. ( hcnc »3, residence' 210 ipi.^ '.KANSAS. [ r AMELIA BIXGHAM in A moilmrn UOyOodlva At the Grand Opera Honse, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19. Register Want Ads. Fay Beoanse in Allen Cointy Jicarif Ercrybody Reads the Register. Y. M. C. A. TEAM WON GAME. Last evening In tlic Y. M. C. A. court the Y. M. C. A; imskot ball team defeated the high school team in tlic second of a scries of games tu! be.played by these teams. The halves! were played in tWenty minutes «.ach. i 1 ho final sc<fre was :J9 for the Y. .M. C.' A. and 24 for tbo high .school. The V. M. C. A. team also pl.nyed a team of pickups and defeated them by a score of 50 to 9. DANCE FOR FLEET A Brilliant Ball to Admiral Evans and His Officers. 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The ships reported "ready" last night and today there was Httle or no work to do. Many enlisted men came ashore, while on board ship the gun- I nors and wardroom officers kept open house, .\fternoon tea was served on evary vessel and impromptu musi cales were a feature of the day^ entertaining. Bobbing launches fiUed with gay parties from shore made frequent trips in the visiting hours. With All the Tinsel of War. I^nst night 's event, the most formal of the week, called out the special ev cning.dress uniforms of the naval officers, who glittered with gold lace and trappings. Army ofllcers from Fortress Monroe added a bright touch of artillery red to the color scheme. Flags of all nations draped the ball room. The social sets of Norfolk, Richmond, Baltimore, Washington and other eastern cities were largely represented in the spectacular gathering. Several naval attaches from the foreign embassies and legations In Washington have arrived here to see thH maneuvers attending the departure of the fleet. Regarding the report that all Jap- ocese servants on board the vessels of the Pacific bound fleet have been transferred to other ships that are to he left behind, it was said on board the" flagship Connecticut today that only those Japanese stewards and mess; attendants whose enlistments expired prkjr to July 1 next have been replaced by American sailors recently trained for the work. The Japanese falling within this restriction have been p'aced on receiving battle ships at various navy yards. as It was not desired to dis charge them a<t a distant point and he under the obligation of pa}rlng their feres back to the eastern part of the United States. Several Japanese servants, whose enlistments have a year or more ito run, are being takefn oa the cruise. Admiral Evans's Order*. Official instructions for the movements of the fleet were issued today. The order was Issued from the flagship Connecticut It follows: • "The fleet will start from Hampton Roads about 10 o'cloclc a. m.. Dec «nher 16. for Trinidad. The Unlte^ States Alp Ifisyflower. flyinf the flat of the President. win;arriTe^iortIy after 8 a. m., and will aadior ' the ceoter of tbe fleet.. Ships wOfc dress -ana a salnte of IVBs win be fred hy eMbakipii' lowing the motions for the flagship, as the Itfayflower near the fleet. The rail will be line^ on board all vessels a .<i she passes and oh board vessels in the vicinity of her anchorage. "As soon as the Mayflower anchors the commandei* in-chief will hoard her, followed Immediately by all flag and commanding officers, tp pay r'es- peotr to the President. After the of- flcera. leave' the MayfloW^i: an4 se- turn to their ships*^the fle^ ^'4 under way, preceded by the MajfflA- er. in column, natural order and distance, at a speed of ten kupts. Ships will have steam 'enough to enable them to keep position accurately. Ships will man at the rail ae the Mayflower passss them in getting under vay. The dressing lines will be hauled down with the signal to ;get under way. 'Each ship will hoist the position penant at the fore truck, .wben all her boats are up and she is reijdy to get under way, except -thatj tpgr ships win not hoist theirs iintU-.tliiiiBe of a'.l other ships of the cDvIsioiv 'or squadron are up. '!The Mayflower will precede the fleet tosome point near the tail- of the horseshoe formation, where,the fleet will pass her and proceed to 8%a. Each ship will man the rafl and fire » twenty-one gun salute after RiSs- ing the Mayfloyer. After lea^ng <&pe Henry the fleet will procei ^atKen knots and only steam enou^nlto Tarry that speed economically wOl h« thereafter carried, dlstancgl pr interval to be thereafter corrected slowly and economically. > "ROBLBY O. EVANS. "Rear Admiral, Commanding. 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