Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 7
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« yisttitd Nto- '.'CommiMK Cwnity Poor r«irw tBrte Record.) county commissioners qf Allen county, earns down from Ip!a fost Frid«y to. take a practical le^on in ooonty government They spent the day here . Investigating the methods «I ;the ifeosho county commissioners . and gave especial attentions to the plas of operating the cbunty farm eiat of town. The visiting oommiss- ionen were G. tS. Reynolds, T. J. An- <^|Mli and Paul Klein. , At the present time the Allen county farm is being operated on the plan thjLt was employed here ye^rs ago. This superintendent receives a portion of the crop from the farm and: in addt- tion Is allowed certain, fees; for the care and support of each of the charges. The plan is not satisfactory and the Allen county conunissloners expect to make a change, in • this eoiiDty the superintendent receives a -definite salary and there; are no ofh,er fees. He works under the di- reqilqn of the commissioners;and the comty pavs for all of the supplies thj^ are used on the farm. All of the proceeds from the farm are then turned-into the county treosur}-. Ubder the plan which obtains here the farm is practically self support iiig{ while formerly it was considerable expense to the county. .lOLA BOY IS ir^JURED. Soft Of E. W. Himes Hurt His Hand at Otuwa. (Ottawa Herald.) A little son of E. W. Himes of lola was severely injured on a Santa Fe train yesterday afternoon. W^th hia parents he was enroute to ihls city on train Ko. 202, on the wa)r to Pomona. Near Ottawa in passing out of a toilet room the door was violent )y clasod on the boy's hand, crushing off the end of the left thumb. On nirival of the train here the'boy and parents were taken to the private car of Superintendent Barnes where the boy's Injury was trented by the compony's surgeon, Dr. Gossett. whi had been summoned by te}egrai)li. SELLS VALUABLE FARM MIkt Miller Disposes of Iowa Property. (Petrolia Times.) AC. Miller returned this niomlns from Iowa points where he has been the past week. While In Adair county he sold a 200-acre farm for $12,500. The farm was owned by Mr. Miller and the price received was good for the locality. , • AMELIA BIXGHAM in At the Grand Opera Henw. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1« AT THE GRAND NEXT WEEK. Qulncy Adams Sawyer Amelia Bingham Irish Senator .- Dac. 18. Dec. 19. Dec. 20. • 1 Commencing Mondsy lasting thm days we Will give a big reduction on all ladies' misses' and children's footwear. Now, it tky- time to supply all your present and luture needs in the fqalWMr UjfM, Big shipments of Shoes, lonn delayed, arc now opened iipiar. your spection, and every pair can be bought at a bargain i>ricc for tht *^ three days. We will be open evenings^w and if you can't coiin^ili the day time, come at night This b an opportunity you cannot liMid to miss taking advantage of—the biggest Shoe Sale of the season. Sale lasts but THREE DAYS- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdajr. CHILDREN'S SHOES. O.' P O Shoos, rcducetl to -JiOC T ."if Sluies. reduced to s:,c Slioe.s. reduced to 7i"i«" 11.00 Shoes, reduced to 85* $1.2r> Shoe.-, reduced to ?I..-0 Shoes, reduced to.-81.29 JIT.-. Shoes, reduced to iM.4!i $2.0") Shoes, reduced to iiHiH $2..-.0 Shoes, reduced to )K3.19 $3.00 Shoes, reduced to Ladles' $2.0(1 qu.iliiy Shoes, button or Ijiop, II K IU or heavy soles, special for IhlB salo iHl.Tl) $2..">0 Shoes, light or heavy sole, coMtse boots or re«ular pattern shoes special price for this sale $:!.00 Sl)oi>». llKht or he.ivy sole, in ;ill IfailuMs. .xpeclul price for tlUs sale ift^.tKi $.'•...'.0 Shoes. In all nuallty leathers, patt-nr coli. Kun metal, kid and seiul- * Klazi'd kid. llKht and heavy s<j'o. a tspeclal price for this sale ijst. 1.1 After Supper Sale No. |. Monday Kveoing at 7:30 place on sale our entire collection ol Fancy Ribbons, Warp Prints, fancy stripes and all over designs— valnea up to $1.25 per yard. You'll i:eed fancy ribbons for Christmas piesents, to make bags, belts .sashes, aprons and the like. Now is the time to buy thtm. See north window display. Choice of any pattern in window, 65c a yd. $4.00 Shoes, In patent'colt skin, with heavy sole, plain toe and tip styles, special price for this .. .9St'.i65 $5.00 quality i>atent kid, French heel Shoes, turn sole, full dress shoest button or lace, special price for this sale, 04.13 Ladies' Rood quality Rubbers, low front.*medium welRht. all sizes, special price fur this sale 45^ l;°irst quality Rubbers. hiKh or low instep, special price, palr\ I.,adleH' .Alaskai'. fleece lltied all sizes special sjile price Sii6 Waioh for After Supp rSate &iorm opeu rvvn- logmWImfimr Xmamm BIfr FLEET IS READY A play that will win the sympathy and Interest of its audience and well .-nwHt^Tihe great success it, is having -is •:'.tjftlncy Adams Sawyer." whJch wlH be seen here at the Grand Wednesday, December 18. Nearly every- tKtdy is familiar with the novel 4)t the same name, and It ia promised that' this dramatization of; it' has retained that simple, pura, country charm which gave the book such ]X )p- ular vogue. The scene Is laid at Mason's Comer, a country town of Mass aobitoatta. where "Quinry Adams Sktriw," a wealthy Boston youns man, comes to build up his health In the country. The girls iadmlre him pnd some of the country boys become }ealouB and plan to run: him out.of town. But Mr, Sawyer conducts him self In such a way that he finally wins the love and rerpcc: of the whole community, and even turns around his enemies. Amelia Bingham in "A Modern Lady Godiva." a society drama of the par- lod in' which she has scored the preat- est hit of her entire career, will be attraction at the Grand Thursday, December 39. "X Modem Lady Godiva" !.<; in four acts and n£v?r in Miss Bingbam'i< prior productions. suinptuous and magnificent as ihey have been, has she exhibited more beautiful stage liicturee. The fourth act is universally pronounce<l to be the most gorgeous and expansive scene shown in any theatre this season. Miss Bingham's present cOmpa'ny. as has always been the case in her productions of the past, is of the very highest standard. Her leadlnp man. W!m. L. Abfaigdon. is a worthy successor'.to her other leading men of the past. Prank Worthing, Robert Edeson and WHlton Lackaye. Miss BinK- bam is seen in a strmger role than she has ever before attompted and Jeveryone who has seen the play pronounces her work the greatest Of her life. SMcCabe and Mack who have pre aanted nany farces to theatre goers, are appearing this season in a new 'Vehicle' which they bav« named "The Irish Senator." It is a slight departure from their other plays, lii Uiat -tt baa more plot than thalr previous efforts, while mnch music and specialties both individual and eon- eoet«d af* Introduced.- The play does aot ra'y on that featurd for Its lucoeu : on its series of compdicatlons and IntKHtuee two orfdital character ttaaa. TUa: conmu; will appaar I next Fridajr. pacember SO at the New .Systein uf Controlllnir (•'uiilire of Ships Hati Been luuu- guratcd. Old Point Comfort, Va., Dec. If..— The final word of •leady" was (lashed from every vessel in the liatk -ship fleet-toda.v. \ m Its last analysi.-? this si.unal nieatu j that the sixteen most powerful armor' clads of the American navy v .pre ready, not only to start ne.xt .Monday inornlns ou their projected criiLse to the Western seas. but are jusl as ^ ready to go aiiyKwhere in the twin lieni ; ispheres of the world, and do ;itiy! work. ' It nioaiil thai hulls are sweet iuu\ clean, that Riant compound ei)>.'i»u< are restless to bo at their task, ilr.'.i officers ahd men are trained to tiir> hour, thai bunkers are overflow inn with' the best steam coul the mines of the country can/produce, that larders arc choked with ships' provisiuns. und that msKaziue doors are closed upon •he KrcaiHBf stores of amniiinltion ever placed on boaid American vessels of war. Fully Proiiared for War. The core with which the ships have been groomed for their forlhconilnj; voyage, and the c<uupletene8s with which they have be<.n stored with all the necessities of a battleship's us;'- 'iilness In |>eace or war. leave no Iciubt of the mobility and self-reliance a fthe great armed force. Kven (he iflicers themselves are Just a iltt/e bit surprised, at the amount of work that 'las been accomplished, and the quiet •confidence that has marked every stej) of preparation. If the ships were destined for immediate co2))lict. Ji .'iio more could be done to make them ready for the fray. The distinctive white and buff paint which has brc-ught so much adniira-: .Ion to the American shifts when pitied on parade against the Krimy hulled navies of other nations, would of ".ourse have to give way in favor of the safer tone of leaden gray, but that is a matter of only a few hours' work. Gray paint is always carried by the •EO. A. B0WLU8, Prealtfent. THOt. H. BOWl-US, Caahlar. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evana, J. O. Ro^n, ««o. A. Bowtua, Thos. H. Bowlua. WE tSSUE OUR own DRAFTS OH MU EUROFCAR POtRTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES fOR RENT FROM 12 to |8 PER VKAIL .Anierii an ships and many of the nf-| 11. -er:^ lii':lt'Ve ii woUJd not be n had | idea In iis>- this color on such a loiii; iiiiil !i!Uil pnictlre as that ujiou which I ilu'y arc H I HIIII to set out. ' .\iMinHnit !un I 'eudy. Tiie oi(li;i;i!ice officers attached to (l;c K/.vtfi'ji sliip.s Uiivo i>rol)«bly acfonil lilislicd t!ii- must dimcult duties In! |irep"."iiiu. h)r the cruise. They have' l<;i,) 10 .-ii< til thi' i.tbraue of more than i>.i,.fr\<wiit ;>(iiiii<is of atniiiunili<»ii in the cnrifiilly iiroiected mapttzinch and to till' i:;t>ialiniIon of the new and secret I'T.- r(;niri>l system. Tlie i:!!i;-'azlnes recently were emp-! ll-sl of nil old powder and shell to! iiia!:e for a supiily frei-h tro;ii j • the naval arsenals, .•\rmor plerciiiK I projertlK's filled with e.vplo.slve 0. said io l»e the tnoal powerful and eiTe'-llvej •if all the s-ecret formulas In the pos-, se.-'siiin if the navy's expert.-, lia'.e' I'l'pn iiij:i-fil aboard the ships and the; su));)lirs of smokeless powder charnes Imve been stowed away under | the dotiliU' pniteciion of silken bags; and cojiper lined cylindrical . tanks.; K.vira K'-.iT.-i for the bis gui<s have also ea i;;kep. aboard several of the shiiis. I E.xi>I<isions and Ganlirr. One of the greatest problems which ' ronfrniitpd the ordnance experts had to do with the storage of the heavy | charge s of guncolton taken atons to' load till- score of harbor mines which each battleship carries. The solution has been found in the distribution of the deadly explosive In small portions iliroiiKhoul the olllcers quarters. Mule woollen boxes, eighteen Inches huiK and six Inches in depth and briiadth contulnInK several bottles of sunrotton have been placeil about five f«>et apart In the ward room and steer- .iKe dinluK rooms, and even the ofUc- ers" staterooms have been invaded. The effort has lu-en to keep the delicate explosive as far as iKisslble from till' niai;a/.lnes and from the shock of, the hi),- gn«.s. At the sanj,e time it is lielleved that the system of distribution adopted is such that should one portion of the guncotton accidentally explode, it would not set off the general sup])iy. The fire control, which has been installed on the ships. Is a cisual and audible .system of directing the Are of all K"ns in the-ilrst and secundard liaiierie;!. From the forward ligbtiug top the ordnance officer of a ship by squeezin-.; n bulb gives a buzzing sig- to each f-'uti crew whose jiieces he nishe:; brought into action. The range of tlip enemy i.s also flashed upon an indicator. The system was recently tried by the .Maine at tarfiet practice, and a liroadside was fired with the roar of a single gun. The rapidity of American gunfire Is such that the entire supply of ammu- niiion carried by the larger ships would be exhausted in froni twenty to twenty-five minutes. CoaMt CMJes IVant Fleet Washington, Dec. 13.—California's Interest in the coming .visit to her shores of the Atlantic liattleshlp fleet is evidenced by the number of requests which are' being received at the navy department from the sea- cities that the ships tarry for a lime so that the people may have an oiijiortunlty to see them. If practicable it is probable, the desires of the coast cities in California will be complied with. In which event the fleet may stop at San Diego, one of the ports of Los Angeles, at Santa Barbara and Monterey. Notice to Our Customers. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs and lung troubles is not affected by the N'alional Pure Food and Drug law, as j It contains no ppiates or other harm . ful drugs and we recommend It as a safe remedy for children and adults. I Durrell's Drug Store. New Haveo, Cpwi., Dae. 14.-. Henry Wrfght of Tala haa fllad port which Bhowa that pqor ship ogee fiand In hand with li dormitories that nearly all of the beat pupila In I the nnireiaitjr' lin la ^ja cheap, pUdn qaartera. hot that alMtt^- all of the stndenu irieked for-th#-W^ ' |«ret socIeUea come froaa <te'.rMH- nien'a docmitoriea. ; - --•-^ • Dean Wrifcht haa kept a record of thi I residence'of the irtefa aad feor*at|i^ fdents, and^ the good and poor aahbiaMr 'in Tate elaasea for flre yeara^ ab&^mfk report shows that the reeidente -oT.tiit- elegant dormitoriea 'are haaoBlap.^ worse scholars than ever; allhfHa|ii-||-' Is growing to be more rare to. >^,aB^ occupant of the cheap donBltoriea secret sodety. • -"^ The Kfeh the OMa Wha^tailb* WsniDi sent oat laat indp||r?for low scholhrship to the. present it sal' men class show that 32 per ceai'.at those in luxurtona dbnnitorleai.WalFt found deficient In their atudlea to-f- per cent iof those In Pfereon haQ^^ .moderatesdormitory open to frfia%- linen. This shows where the atartrfc made toward poor scfaoIarAlp 19. (ha ' Ifale course noivadays.' . 'si Deai> Wright's Investigation the list of honors woo corerinf gaB> era! scholarship averages ft>r 'm fnk two yeai* of the course Bhow# only 3 per cent of tlie ^adiMi& ' reached the honor list roomed ia yate dormitories, while ll.S.ttra^ the moderate priced donnltorlapk''. How sweeping haa bectnne the pn^ tice of picking secret aot^i^y ogiaiBh^ from 'hig^ priced dormitoriea Ja a^ tested by.the fact that of elghir oiaah- bers of ibi class of lUO rhgaaj-.tP Junior fmternlties last wedK'aataaty were frc^ the expensive iaaqjipt^ and only'eight of the moderate priea. The AlBul WM^ly*a tlev* . The Ykle Alumni'W«^y afipi. la tllscussiiy: Dean 'WTrlght'a'rapwfcc • "There were those whp ipel ^m^ the belief that in the laat few [^_.. there ha^ developed at Xale clinatlon- for the simple ooUacp'. und a tendency to surroon^ the graduate days with lunry; -in',..,, ^ words, there are |hose who paif.|B 'be rise :of private dormitoriea M .liMJr dcncy toward the eatabllabm«ii.:«l conditioiis characteristic of H|cfaJn| at the present time, where thw'tidier undergraduates have fonnkaa., the campus :donn]tories for what-MphoD- iously is: called the "Gold Cowtf* ^^adk of luxurious private honsea^ faiuittr ttve of prosperous metropoUtaH^ with liveried attendants and of~ with more than Oriental splend,^..,-^ any close student of the sltnalSdfil'eriii see that the rise at Yale of th^gytf» dormitories is not primarily, if K>dt due to a personal preference toT'I^R vry on the part of freahmea ' BStt sophomores." -'f-yi Orlno LaxaUve Fmlt Byro^ JII M new Laxative, atimulates, bo^^aiar'-" irritate/ It la the beat Xjaa" Guaranteed or.yoar money haci; > rell's Drug Store. DECIDE QUESTION FOR DEBATE. During Tooeka Convention Teachers Will Decida About Ft. Scott Contest. The question for Rebate In the annual contests between the Fort Scott ! and lo'a high schools will be dec'dad at the Kansas State Teachers' Asso- t elation which will be held at Topeka during the Christmas- vacation. At } this time the superintendent and principal of the Fort Scott schools, and f Siiperintc^ident M^yberr)- and Prin, cli>al L. H. WIshard will get together ' and thus save the necessity of a special conference for that purposs. I The contest will be held s»me time I next April and probably will be he'd In this city. I.ast year the contest was held in Fort Scott Tola won the contest by taking the debate and the . declamation. The contest this year will consist of a debate, essay, declaration, ora- I tion and vocal solo Bnrister Waat Ads. Fay iKwanse in (he Beglster M'an( Colamns. A Bad j-ss Irregularity is bad in every department of life, in meals, in sleeping hotirs, J but especially when it is a question of womanly habit. Not only is it a sign of female disease, but. unless cured, it will cause dangerous troubles, because of the poisons thus allowed to remain in the system. If you suffer In this way, get a bottle of Wine of Car<li%i Mn.LiK)iidaJolinaoa,of PlahCi«ek.Wls.,vritt3: "1 aufferad for fowtaao (14) iMtevAl pi<|li> iarKy.cansiQegraatpahL At last I tried Caidtd. aad acnr 1 am cured." At an dniggists. io |1 bottles. WMTE IS A lETTERS^Si WrtW WiMf for «trw CTwr «« »«>i «M «^J^'"!S' STUDYiNG RAILROAD REPQIITtL Kansaa Board WanU to Knew AbOMl profitable Inveatinaiitai • jropelra. Dac. 13.—-The SU(e Boak| of I Railroad Commissioner* la a ktudy: of the portion of tha refwrts of the various rallroada . atlng in Kansas beailns on tba -!Mli of i construction and eQtdpraenfc!. TI I M K isimuch wide variance ^ the Tapaelfe- however, that it will .pnhaMfc.lp!: nccessaVy for the Board to tilp \" testimony of experts regardfeidr' road valuations beftore jpam ^ja- clusions can be reached aa to-^*' tual Investment on which the are entitled to a return. The Uons m other states where valuations have been mada 1 road property will he oomparad conditions in Kansaa: too, apd (hr th? us^ of all these plaasth^ hopes to arrive at coneloalona r«_ Ing railroad values wtalc^ Will very beneficial In rate hetftngs. legislature last winter ia ^traelad Board to value Kaasas ^propartr the earliest date praetleabler-hot ' not make the appropriation r"" sary to make a complete rain The law regarding- annual was so amended, however, that-^ Board Ms securins BUi£b-TallUl4a: formation direct from the roadi; *• cost at which several of the mc portant Kansas lines carry lines in Kansaa at per mile 1« lows: SanU Fe.' 150,759; Bo^ $n7 .TT7 and Union Paclflc 179,1 NOT CERTAIIL Governor Hoch Save DepqMt OHifaJI ty Alone Would Not Jaatiff i 'r Special Saaalen. Topeka. Dec. 14.—In a letter. ^ Wichita parties who' had petlf " him :to call a apadal aesafon legislature to eniact a d'epoalt ] ty law Governor Hoch statea that hda Iwen. considering tte session question but that he haf_ reached a conclusion. He,i ever, that in his Jndgmeat the • it guaranty alone wsnld aot a special session bat that several things which' takiHl Ively might Jastlfir a calL'' ter WTfiten by tk« QoreiBOi^ hali- \-lved fhe talk that napeelal. win: be tiUled it the Repab committee does not call a- eleotion, and the Board of Commissioners haa trouble la its proposed new sehednle of rates eeUbUstaed. For Sak. 50.000 feet of naUvo' Ivaber I.OM seasoned fence poata. • ' W, A. SAIVBOK,! ' Four imea Northweat o Sc«ister Waal A«c

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