Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 6
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) ^ totteBest >^^t NoOiber bWrn^Obttitftf, Agt i - _ jDunsUp, Artthmetic, Elocution, Bo^kkeeplns. Enslich. Physical Cal- tai^:«teU Staortliand. Letter WriUng. ecMHl CratncMb rk ^tooM tad Omtiit adawalks BHI Carbbif; • BpMUItr. :^(aw lUliw* iMkMB Am iliimeiWiln ipOBft kudnd pound! of Cr7>- ""ttLIM vm Buk* U gallOM of . dUUHM water raitable for btmlly aM. Trr tt MaloetCiUSttngeC* Dealer 8ay». luRleBeBt Jfea SMMII Hare UBlform jSchedoIe of Price*.; "Wichita, Dec. =lS.^Advocacy of a "pure implementji" -law and coml^in- ation among dealers maintain a fixed schedule o( prices were sensational features of; a speech made here ^ yesterday before -the meeting of the 'Southwestern Kansas and Oklahoma Implement Dealers association by Jerome Shamp, president of the South Platte Implement Dealers' association in Nebraska. Her advocated closer or- ganiaztion of implement dealers with salaried officer tp look after the deal er's general intetrest and stated that price cutting Is-the greatest evil of the implement business. "We should adopt a uniform schedule of prices and stick to it," ^sald Mr. Shamp. i He said that l.ono complaints of price cut ting by members of the Hebrasku association has be»*n made to hini. In concluding Mr. Shamp sprung his plan for a "pure implenieuts" law. He said that. the. Roveri\tnont should require that every vehicle manufactured in this country shotild be made under restrictions and ifKU lilt ions as stringent as the pure fod law; that every article should be labelled—the label to show exactly [what kind of material was used in it. This sort of a require ment he believes would obviate the necessity for either misrepresenting or guaranteeing gtwds. OI&o ^.Aad Storage Ware Room at Iff West Street Phone 359 Mnti TEAOH SmRTMAHD iOm J, Katherine Hartley will gi^ private lesMns. Benn Pitmao Si^m a specialty. tXl ^mSi OF HACCABEES.— Knights i >i Maccabees of the; World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Satardar nights In each month. _. Wt Postwait, commander; R. B. Porte?, recdrd keeper. If. 0. Wm —Camp No. 101 meeta !• K'or P. Hall efvery Friday night T. Steele. C. C; A.H.D»»-^ Clttt WMton cordially faiTlted. amsms OF PITHUd^>- oa» La^e Ko. 43 meets erery tt>nda' night at ^ ot P. HalL VUdti la bro tbm. iQTlted. W. S. Tfaompson. aC; Chriy Bitter. K. oC R. and 8. JL W. A*—The ; IC W. A. Lodge maeti.eV^ iPrldar night In BI. W. A. hdt!'TI«lttng brothers luTlted. W.H A^tinoB. V.C.; W. A. Cowan. Clerk WTAL XKIflHBOBS^Iola Cami* Na J65, Boyal Neighbors, meets seo> oni. and fltfurth Tneadays ot eao* mteth." ifra. F. A. Wagner, oracle; IIH: Wry Hatton. 4U W*-* 9tnet, Recorder. . FBATEKfAL BBOlTHESHOODr-' Frattnal BhMherhood No. 380 m^ets aecpnd land fourth Thursday of each mCiBth la A. O. U. W. Hail. Visiting mWibe^ cordlaly Invited. W.H.An* president; Oolda Elam, secre* Jiator Order Daited Anerlean M» ehaaletT—Meets er^ry Wednesday eV- wOAg af 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All Tlsltlhr'ntebers InTited.TR. A WrtlcS; OouBcelar; C. B. Black. Ree. BedrMary. . ' B. Vaaooiat. eld rtUabla Itwalar, 110 Baat street BTAMMEK. Oonplete ooort at the best school for 'staaaBMren tn Anerlca at on*: half ^ca this fall and winter. Whlta forimonaadOB at once. MeKia Sdiool itm BaatUth Btraat r.Mo. Examifiation Successfully. . - James Donahue. New Britain, Conn., writes:. "I tried several kidney remedies anil was treated by our best pb/slclans- for diabetes, but did not tmprdve until I took Foley's Kidney Cvre. After the second bottle I show- ed,jbg[tpraTement, and Ave bottles cur­ ed'ooinpletely, I have since pass- Id.'11 rlgH. examination for liife Insur- an^.^ Foley's' Kidney Cure cures ht^-kOxe and all forms of kidney and bl^d^r tixjubie. Burrell's drug store. PILES CrREDAT HO.ME BT NEW ABSOKPTION XETHOD. If you suffer from bleeding, itching, blind or protruding piles, send me jour address, and 1 will tell you how to cure yoursclji: at home by the new absorption .treatment; and will also send some of th|s home treatment free for trial, wtih references from your own locality if Irequested. Immediate relief and perihanent cure assured. Send no money, but tell others of this offer. Write tpday to Mrs. M. Summers, Box P. South Bend, Ind. WILL ISSUE A {ALL Kepnbllcans to Meet December 28.— .¥anj Agtiinst a Primary. Topeka, Dec. 13.—J. T. Moore, chair man of the republican state central committee, will late this evening issue a call for a'meetlng of the committee to be held in Topeka either December 27 or 28. probably the latter date, which will fall on Saturday. Chairman Moore came to Topelia from Pittsburg this morning and has been in conference with a number of state officials and other procninent republicans re- arding the date for the committee meeting during the day. While it is Expected that Congressman D. R. Anthony and Cyrus Lelai]d will make a fig^t before the committee to have a direct primary called for the nomination of state ticket, it is now pretty generally considered that there Is little lirobablllty that the committee will call a primary as It is known that at least twenty of the thirty-four members will vote again^ a primary. A call for a state convention to nominate a state ticket, and select delegates at larjie to the republican national convention will undoubtedly be made at the committee meeting. This call is likely, however, to pcoTide a way for the various congressional districts to select two dele- l^tes each to the national convention at a district primary. Danger in Asking Advice. WTien you have a cough or cold do rot ask anyone what is good for it. as there is danger in taking some unknown preparation. Foley's Honey find Tar cures; coughs, colds and pre vents pneumonia. The genuine is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. Burrell's Drug Store. DROP IX PRICE OF TWI>E. The Penitentiary Fnod WUI Xot Be So Mmb After AIL Topeka. Dec, 13.—The controversy between State Auditor Nation and Warden Haskejl of the penitentiary, regarding the -handline of the penitentiary twine plant fund will not bring tis much money Into the state treasury as was ex|)ected, owing to another drop in the price of sisal, the raw material used In the manufacture of binding twine. There is now about $.50,000 in the fund but as sisal to the amount of $20,000 is already contracted for and:on the way to Lansing Auditor N'ation only required that $30,000 be transferred from the Leavenworth banks;to the state treasury. Sisal has now dropped In price to 4% cents per pouQd, an unusually low price, and a special meeting of the penitentiary botjrd has been called for the purpose of; authorizing the purchase of $30,000 worth of sisai. in addition to that already ordered. This purchase will re<iulre the immediate use of all the money now In the I.«av- enworth bunks (o the wardens credit and the state treasury will not be swelled as Auditor Nation anticipated. • t Some of the things you can buy at these reductions at the Great Reconstruction Sale Shaving Stands Pictures Jardineer Stands Ladies' Desks Music Cabinets China Closets Parlor Cabinets Book Cases Dressing Tables Hall Trees Morris Chairs Magazine Racks Shirt Waist Boxes Hall Glasses Hall Seats Center Tables Children's Chairs Parlor Suits Extension Tables Sideboards Buffets Couches Lace Curtains Portieres Dressers Davenports Chiffoneers Rockers Pedestals Library Tables Kitchen Cabinets Safes Carpets Rugs Chairs Pianos Organs Sewing Machines Look For The Flag. A. W. Beck» Prop. BOUGHT 8TERE0PTIC0N Machine Prof. Mayberry Wilt Illustrate Work in JScjence Class. Yesterday Prof. L. W. Mayberry. superintendent 'of the lola schools. |)urcliased a Colt's stereoptlcou Instru ment with the money which was received as prixe4 for artlclejt disp'ay- ed at the Allen: County Fair. These instruments will be used in illustrat> ing work in the; botany and s clence classes. They will be of great assist ance to the teadiers in these particu lar departments.: WHO IS HENCHMAN Lady-Said to Live Here Injured In Wreck in New Mexico. TO JAIL FOf^ DRUNKENNESS. "Honey Comb B^ll" Coul«i not Pay a Fine in [.Police <ieurt. William Randall, or "Honey Comb Bi'l" was arraigned in police court this morning on'-the charge of drunkenness. He was arrested yesterdaj- nvenlng In Bast-rlote by Officer Roy Phillips. Police! Judge Collins fined him t3 apd costs. He could not pay the fine and weit to Jail. Who is Hattie R. ilencliniau, lola." Kansas? Yesterday's dispatches coiUaln a story to th? fff»H;t that Hat tio R. Henchman of this city, was la Jured In a wreck at Albuquerque, N. .M. Inquiries at the gas office and post office and an examination of the city directory resulted In no Information as to the lady's Identity. Th? dispatch says: Aibuqunniuc, N. M., Dec. 12.—Elpht passengers were injured but none fatally iu a wreck on the Santa Fe train No. 1 at Delhi, Colorado, this morning. The second section crashed Into th? rear of the first section. The injured: A. Stabb, of Santa Fe. N. M.: W. S. Wllkle, San Dlopo. California; Mrs. J. S. Donnell, Long Beach, California; Hattie R. Henchman, lola. Kansas: Mrs. N. M. Terry. I/)s Angeles, California;'Mjrs. J. E. Hueber. Los'Angeles, California: Mrs. .r. A. HtnRate. CoUon, California; Anna L Day, Oalesburg, Illinois. All of the Injured were in the Pullmans. LEFT FOR GARNETT. Mrs. Bert Morrison Will Live With Parents There. their home in Garnett, but who later promised the police that she would go, left on the early morning north- hound Santa Fe train for (laruett. Clilet of Police Gates was at the de- r<ot this morning to see that she went as she had promised. Ijtst night yin. .Morrison professed conversion at the Salvation Army ball. ever, closed on November 15. Many valuable prizes are offered. A list of them, together with rules governing the contests, can lis had by applying to the college at .Mauhuttaii. GIVE PRIZES FOR CORN. Mrs. Bert Morrison, who threatened to take her life yesterday because her filther wanted her to return to Exhibit In ManhatUn Is Under Auspices of State College. Prizes for corn will be awarded by the Kansas Corn Breeders' Association at the state corn show which will be hcl^ under the auspices of the Stale Agricultural college at the col- k-Ko in Manhattan. December 26 to January 4. The com show is part of the state farmers' institute which will bo In session on the dates named. The fanners' exhibit will lie dUided into four classes: Class A—Large- est yield per acre: Class B—Best ten ears of yellow com; Class C—White com: Class 1>—"Mixed." There will be a sweepstakes. There will also be a contest, open for boys on the best ten ears of com. For entries in the farmers' contest, the corn mtut be delivered to the college in Manhattan by noon of December 31, and In the boys' contest must be taken to Manhattan by the exhibitor in person not later than 3 o'clock of Mopday afternoon. December 30. The entries In Class A, how HAVE HOUR SERVICE Ida Electric Railway Has Made a Change in Schedule. In the future the lola Rlectric Railway company wi'l have an hour service between lola and iJiHarpe instead of forty minute, as has been the custom for the past several years. The cars will leave lola on the hour and LaHarpe on the half hour. A car will leave here at 7 o'clock and La­ Harpe at 7:30 o'clock. There will be a slight change In the running of the Basgett cars alstf. The last car to leave for Bassett will be at 11 o'clock instead ot 12 as has been tha custom. The new schedule Is subject to change. On pay nights or any othe^ night that business dema;ids cars will be ran on the old schedule. The change In the schedule of the road IB due to light traffic. PROBATE Judge J. A. Alleman has I Issued the following marriage licensee since our last report: S. E. New-I land. Tola. 24; Cora May Thompson.! St. Paul, 19.—^le Record. • The Santa Fe will sell Homeseekers* tickets Nov. 19th, Dec. 3d and i7th, 1907, to pohits In Texas, Oklahoma and ndian Territory, New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. Winter Tourist tickets on sale dally • Nov. 15th, 1907, to April 30th. 1908, with final return limit June 1st, 3908, to Beaumont, El Paso, Ft Worth,- Galveston, Texas, Carlsbad and Depiiijg,; N. M., at low rates. Please see us for further particulars. W. E. RkLSTOM, tgt Cliristoiis AuoDBceoeits! Holiday Jeweliy novelties that combine the best of taste in a -widel variety of Sterling Silver Novelties, Toilet Sets and articles for personal adornment. A fine line of Watches, Chains and Pobs. " Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELER. A Good Steinway Square Piano for : Splendid Tone' and Action. Call Soon. , Robert&Plaho Hoifse WEST «IOE.«aUAIIK. Headquarters for Santa Claiut MMr line of Dressed and tjndreiksed pitflli. Toilet cases. Work Boxes, Cult Qoxas. Handkerchief Boxes, Vases, Xmaa Candles, Putt Boxes. Children's Books,-, Albums, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs, Muff-' lers. Ties, Ladles' Furs, Fancy Stockings, Fancy Hose;. We have a nice selection of very choice articles from Chas. Dickens of - Manltou, Colorado, which we ar<i going to sell at half iJrlce. These;are very choice cut stones. We will be glad to show you. A. a MUMM Prqp. The<<Oar Wai ^V Restaurant Everything in Season. SHORT ORDERS OF ALL KINDS T. B. Shannanr The'Allen county 1^ Hardware and Implement man. iNorih Side SqiMTC lola. 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