The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1949
Page 5
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1949 District Fair Winners Livestock Dairy Cattle: Jerseys Jersey entrle* by Lee Wilson »n<£ Co. o( Wilson won four champlon- «hip premiums In dairy catlle competition In the Livestock Division of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. Wilson & Co. entries won premiums as grand and Junior champion bulls and grand and Junior champion females. The senior champion female was exhibited by Roland B Pry of Black Oak, Ark. No ---lor champion bull was selected. In other classes of Jersey judging r. Fry exhibited six flise-place d three second-place winners. Other Wilson &. Co. ertrles won three first-place awards. Winning entries in the various classes follow (figure indicates place won) : Heifers Senior Calf, born July 1-Dcc 31 ion-Wilson & Co., j. ' Jr. Yearling, born Jan. 1-June 30 1947--Fry, 1. Sr. Yearling, born July 1-Dec 11 1946— Fry, 1 and 2. ' Cows Two Years Old and Under Three Years— Fry, 1. Three Old anil Under Four Years— Fry, 1; Fred Wahl of Bly- thcville, 2. Four Years Old and Over— Prv 1; Wahl, 2 and 3. Bulls Sr. Calves, bom July 1-Dec 1 1917— Wilson & Co., 1; Fry. 2. Jr. Yearling, born Jan. 1 -June 30 1917— Wilson & Co., 1; Fry, 2. Sr. Yearling, born July l-r>cc 31 1046-Fry, 1; Roy Kirksey of Rt l' Blytheville, 2; c. c. Breshears, Rt 1, Luxora. 3. Beef: Aberdeen Angus Tennesse and Kentucky farms teamed up to make a clean sweep of championship awards In the Ab- .erdeen Angus competition in the Livestock Division of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. French Broad Farm of Bowling Green, Ky., exhibited seven entries that were awarded championship premiums and Meier Angus Farm or Jackson, Tenn., showed five championship entries. The grand champion and senior champion bulls and reserve grand reserve senior and reserve junior champion females were exhibited by the Meier Farm. French Broad Farm exhibited ( reserve grand, reserve senior and junior champion bulls and the grand senior, and junior champion females . Other winners in the Angus judging /allow (figure indicates place won) : ( Bulls Two-Yuar-Olds. calved May 1 April 30. 1947-Mcier Farm, irAmcs Plantation, Grand Junction Tenn 2; Newt Davis, Pocahontas Ark 3' in?i'~ J r " calvcti May 1-Dec. "sii 1947— French Broad Farm, i- Meier 2; Red Oaks Farm, Rocky Comfort' Mo., 3. iii«' J r " " lvcd Jlm - '-April 30, 1948-Fr. Broad Farm, 1; Amcs , 2 . Mc:cr, 3; Davis, 4 Summer Yr., calved Mav I-AUK 31. IWII-Arocs, l; Meier" 2- Fr ^afc' ? M ' ca!vcd ^P'- 1-Dec. 31, 94S-Ames, l; Fr. Broad, 2^Mcr,3. ~ Jr. Calf, calved after Jan 1 1949 —Fr. Broad, 1; Rogers Farm, wil- -*"' ££" ; *'""• 3: Red ° !lks ' *; LCC Wilson i Co., Wilson, 5 i,ih' fvc B £" s ' any agc ' ownert ' *y «- hibitor-Fr. Broad, I and 3- Meier 3 ™™ Bulls, any age. by' one sire ~£ r - B ™"f. ] ; Meier, 2; Ames, 3. T»o BtiJIs, any age-Fr. Broad, 1 and 6 ' 2 a " d 3; Amcs ' 4 Heifers , T«-o-Yc«r-Olcis, calved Jan 1¥"* 3 °' ""-Meier. 1; Hed oaks. 3' Davis, 4° 1C & ^ Pascola ' M °" t<m' J r '- Ca ' VCd Jl ''- v '- Dec. 31, 3 D"avi s ; 4 Bl '° ad ' 1: Mcicr - *, 1948 Fr r "R CR ^ C<1 Ja "' '- A P r11 3 °. 1948-Fr. Broad, l and 3; Meier •>• ™" : Rcd Oaks ' 5; BruM ' «; lv, - a--Me,er,- l and4 ; Ames, ; .„?:• Calvcs ' ca '«d Sept. i-Dcc. 31, \ ? !~H n C v' 1: Pr " Broad ' '•'• Mei " 3, Rcd Oaks, 4; Davis S ,om' £ aUcs ' calvctl "Her Jan. 1, 1949-Fr. Broad. 1; Rogers Farm 2- D™is' 6 1 WilSO " & C °- 4; A "'" : *'• Croups Get of Sire, f our animals- Fr Broad, 1 and 3; Meier, 2 and Amos. 4; Davis 5. Pair of Females— Fr. Broad 1 Davis, 6. Pair of Yearlings, one bull and one heifer— Fr. Broad, 1 and 4; BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS — ^ov/uweu PRIZES j ' PAGE FIVE llllllllliHIIIIIIIIIIIJ! —Courier News Photos NtGRO BOOTHS WIN AWARDS-TOP award winners In the vocational agriculture and education,, booth divisions of ihe Negro Department at u, c Norllieast Arkansas District. Fair arc show,, above At ton is the vocational agriculture disp.ay winch won tot place It mis set up by the vocational agriculture cl as,- es at Harrison High School. Below is the educational b.oth that won the tirst-place premium for the Rob.,, son Addition School. Second-place winner in the educational exhibit division was the Round.Lake School Business Loans SfageCome-Back Briskest Upswing In Year Noted in All Sections of Country By Sin, OawHHi NEW YORK, Sept. 34. (AP) Business loam,by baito in all &«c- ttons of the nation are making their briskest cotiie-backs in «, year. Tills Is one of Ihe few soothing note. 1 ! In the loud discord of strike threats nd currency mix-ups. But the fall pick-up In Industry and trade, encouraging a& it may be, Is not as strong as It was this time last year. Dcprtment store sales arc still trailing last year, and even (lie business loan advance. 1 ! over last week are not nearly s Impressive as the gains made at the same lime last year. The Increasing total of business loans means that businessmen, ore optimistic than last spring, are borrowing money to buy goods for their shelves and to expand their activities In belief that business ts. going to be better. See Expenic Cuts Freight car loartln&s are far behind last year, and likely to decline further, thanks to the "no dny work week' In the coal fields. And thr Department of Commerce and 'thr Securities and Exchange Commit- sion predict that from now unli 1 the end of the year businessmen will be cutting their expenditures for new plants and equipment. The business loan advance Is the mast cheeriul item of the lot for the short-term outlook for Federal Reserve member banks In 94 cities reported that last week commercial, industrial and farm loans gained a total of tlM million over Ihe week before, an increase of 1.3 per cent. But in the same week last year the -seasonal fall advance was $?52 million. The banks have » total of $13.2 billion outstanding, but a year ago they had |15 billion. \yilliams of crlttenden County and Rhone ol Poinsett County assisted In judging women's exhibits Betton was assisted by Ferguson, assistant Negro ™imt,. «.„„. «r r. „..„..-„ *• county agent of CriUenden' County. Meier, 2 and 5; Ames, 3; Bruce, 6. Pair of Calves— Fr. Broad. 1 and 3; Ames. 2;'Meier. 4; Rogers Farm 5; Wilson & Co., e. Produce of Dam, two animals— Meier. 1; Fr. Broad, 2 and 3; Amcs 4; Davis, 5. Ark. Heifer—Rogers Farm, 1. Rabbit Division Approximately 200 animals were entered in Hie Rabbit Division at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair this year, the awards list released yesterday showed. W. T. Robinson of Anna, 111., Judged the entries. Allen Hushing of Blytheville was superintendent of the show and Mrs. Bernita Moiz, also of Blytheville, was secretary. Following are the winners in the various classes (figure indicates place won): New Zealand Whitrs Senior Bucks—Charles W. Etlicr- ton of Cape Glrardeau. Mo., l; j. D. Nowlin of Memphis, 2; Donald Wertz of Osceola, 3. Senior Does—Ethcrlon, 1; Markham Laird of Tiptonville, Tenn., 2; Werti. 3. Intermediate Bucks — Triple R Ranch of Memphis, 1; Wertz, 2 and 3. TnCermediale Does — Nowlln, 1; Jimmy Gude, Blytheville, 2; Chirk- asawba Rabbit Farms, -Blytheville, 3. Junior Bucks — H iml H Rabbit Farms, Memphis, 1; M. S. Edwards, Blytheville, 2; Wcrlz. 3. Junior Does—Triple R Ranch, 1 and 3: Nowlin, 2. Pre-Juniors (Both docs and bucks'—Chickasawba Rabbit Farms, 1, 2 and 3. New Zealand Red Doc—Nowlin, 1. Champaign D'Arjcnls Senior Dr.e — Ralph Carson, Elytherille. 1. Docs—R. H. Morgan, Blytheville. 1 and 2. White Rex- Senior Buck—Laird, 1; Senior Doe—Laird, 1: Edwards. 1 Junior Dee—Edwards 1 and 3- Laird, 2. .B'ack Rex Junior Doc—Laird', 1. Junior Buck—Laird, 1 and 2. Blue Hex Junior D~e — !1 nurt R Rabbit Ranch, 1; Mrs. J. C. Blanch j. Memphis, 2; Joe Rich. Memphis. 3. Junior Buck — H and R Rabbit Ranch, 1 and .1; Rich. 2. I-jiglish Spnt.s First, second and fhitd pl'cc.s won by entries of Ralph Carson, Charleston. Mo. Flora! Division Flower dist-luvs took i:cw form each day of the fair. l>ut jud'rne; was completed yesiercfny. with many of previous bine ribbon winners replaced by Uie new arrangements. The show wrs mider the supervision of Mrs. B. A. B'.IBSJ. Final winners ; jicJ"dr-d: Mixed—Mrs. D. B. Abbott. 1. Mrs H. A. Copeland. 2, Mrs. C. A. Vin- Ve^lable Arrangements — Mrs Lee Moore, 1. Wild Flower—Mrs. W. L. Smith. 1. 2, and 3. Three - Inch Minnture — Mrs, CopDland, l. .Mrs. Lcc stiles, 2; Mrs. D. ^. Abbott. 3. Lilie Arrangement—Mrs. Stiles. I. Mrs. A. L. Whistle of Roseland. 2, and Mrs. Smith. 3. Centerpieces—Mrs. Smith,. 1 and 3; Mrs. Copeland, 2. Fruit Arrangement—Mrs. stiles. 1. Mlnature. five-inches—Mrs. c. W Cato. I. Mrs. CofWlBlirl, 2; nnd Mrs. Smith, 3. Novelty—Mrs. Copolnn 1; Mrs Morris' name appeared the most j treqi-entlv, with six of the lop hon- I nrs p-illg to her cooking, other | mmr-s anpi>ariii'» frcQucntly were^ Mrs. P. B. Jarrett. Mrs. R. A. Copc- i '-"id. and Mrs. Wflmer Smith of i H-vrisbllrg. Witmings announced Include: Ttrcarfs White Yessf Bread _. Mrs. Lee Mrs Jar- McMi'rt .V of Blytheville, 1; Jf-rrctt. 2. Parker House Rolls— Mrs rotf, l and 2. Corn MO-.J MuHins— Mrs W n Mavo of Blvthcvillc. 1: Mrs. W O Af-'nrson of Blvthcville. 2. Plate of Biscuits— Mrs. Copeland Corn Sticks— Mrs. O R — . R?c'fnr<l of nivrhc-villc. 1: Mrs Roy A. Moore of aivti.evillc, 2. Cake White Cuke— Mr*. Morris. 1; Mrs. F.'gene Dickinson of Blvthcvillc 3; Mrs. Bruce. 3; Bonnie Ham- mom) of mytheville, 4. "«'<!'; FOO' Cnke — Mrs. Cone- I.lnd, 1; Mrs. Morris, 2; Mrs. Mayo, Pound Cake— Mrs. Copeland 1 Angel Food Cake— Mrs. Copeland, Gingerbread — Mrs. Charles Briqht of Blythevtlle, 2. Cup Cakes—Mrs. Roy A. Moore u fith the Courts Chancery: Jean Lovelnnd vs. Emery Love- suit for divorce. Ester S'mches V9 Jose Sanches, suit lor divorce. An£cl Brazil's area exceeds that of the continental United Slates by about 250,000 square miles. of Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Copeland. 2 Sugar Cookies—Mrs. Jarrett, 1. -Fancy Cookies -Mrs. Bruce, 2. Candy Chocolate Fudge—Bernlce CKiom of Armorel, 1; Mrs. C. C. Thompson of Blvthcville, 2; Mrs. W. C Watkins of Blyt'icville, 3; Mrs. Wll- mer Smith, •*. Divinity — Mrs. Odom, 1; Mrs M'vo. 2: Mrs. Smith, 3. Fancy Candy— Mrs. Srirth, 1. Dinner Mints—Mrs. Smith, 1. Dairy Products Butler — Mrs. Morris, 1; Mrs llenson, 2; Mrs. Cude. 3. Eggs—Mr. Bombolaski. 1, Mrs. W A. Lewis of BlytlKvlllc, 2; Mrs Morris, 3. Meal Soap — Mrs. Ifoward Bowe.l of Blytheville, I; Mrs. Hcnson, 2. Watermelon—Mr. Bombolaski 1 and 2. Display of Fruits, Vci-ctablos Best Vegetable Tray -Mrs. Bugp 1, Mrs. Adkisson. 2; Mr. Bombo laski, 3; Mrs. Morris. 4. Best Fruit Arrangement — Mr Bombolnskl, 1; Mrs. Morris, 2. Most Unusual Arrangement — Mrs. C. M. Abbott. I. Additional Awards un Page 10 Charleston. Mo.. 1. 2 anil 3. Mr. Car- Stiles, 2; and Mrs. Abbi'i, 3. son's entries won all awards in this Novelty Llne-Up—Mrs Copclaiul _,__. ...,.,-,. .......... , nrd Mrs Cato ^ 2 a]i[) 3 Home Cooking In the home cooking department's 24 separate divisions, Mrs. Iverson class, which included first-plice awards for intermediate bucks, intermediate doe.s. junior bucks and Junior does. Senior Doe — Robert McMillian, SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work tor gins, alfalfa mi || s , oi j mj1 , 3 Cuslom ^Hearing up (o 1/4 j ncri (hio.kncss Fronk Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soul h Broadway p hone 2fi5 j IF YOU LIKE THE BEST NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS OUR NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 4427 Nunn Provision Co. DEFOLIATE AIRPLANE Perfect coverage. Defoliant available at competitive prices. SCRAPE AGRICULTURAL SERVICE 2 .Miles Soiilh of Hlytheville Phone .|3S8 We have for sale now: Darwin Tnllps In 7 different color. N»rc,SMn— Yellow and While nafTodils—Kin; Alfred >n d Golden Harrest uaUnlhus Snow Drups ScUJa—^ftnipanttlaiA Crocus Ohionodaia [,tret|ja« Mirionn. Lily Hyacinths In dlfr«r««i «l(,n 1H E»l Malr u « tror. PA'UL BYRUM Hardware & S«*d DONT MISS You'll see the Biggest and Best Northeast Arkansas Fair Ever Presented — BIG- GRANDSTAND SHOW BILL BENTLEY . . . Clown THE BALLANTINIS . . . Harmonica and Musical Act VIVIAN and PENTO . . . Musical Drums GLEN AND FERN STORM . . . Skating BUCKEYE FOUR . . . Musical and Comedy JOE PAIGE . . . Juggling PAT and WILL A LEVOLO DILLON and PARTLOW . Comedy Ballroom HAMMOND ORGAN . Wire Act Eccentric Dancing and Saturday 8P.M. TROTTING & PACING RACES BEGINNING FRIDAY MANY BIG . GRANDSTAND ACTS TRICK SKATING BAR ACTS A Full Week of the Finest Entertainment You'll Ever See AT THE Walker Park Fairgrounds Free Parking on Missouri St. Gate Adm. 20c & 30c, tax incl.

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