Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1908
Page 7
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THB lOLA PAILY BE6I8TEB. TTISPAT ETEyOG, PECEHBEB 8. 190S. NEWS OF U HARPE BLOCK I>- EAST SXELTEB STARTS TOMOBBOW. SUPT. FEiTMAN INSPECTS ZISC COMPASY OFFICIAL l> LA HABFE YESTERDAY. Brick Company lo Sell Its Propertj- PlctBre Show in Opera Houst'— Personals. Smellers Slari Tomorrow. Oeneral Siuiprliifendput Keltnian. «if the Cockerill Zinc rcmiiiany, S|)eiil ves terday in Ixi Harpo. Mr. Feltman was inspectitiK the plant K prior to tlie ro- Biimption of oporaiioiis. One l)I(ick in the east wurks. pivinK employment to IN men will bp fired tomorrow and tin- remaininK Mocks will ho started soon. The roiwlif at the west works liavp been conipli -iPil and Mr. Koliinan said that thr works wonld bo slartfd np bome timp diiriiiK IIPXI iiioiitli. I '-Jvi; rum of ore arrived at ilip cast works yesterday and a force of worUnvMi wa--* at work iinlnadlii^. Mtirc ori- is i'\ pected fsiHin and when It arrivi-s. oilier liloekK In the runt works will !«• started This comes as ••nroiirii«l!i>; news to the people of \j» Harpe. Holli the eaBi and tlip wp.<:i plants havi- lni -ii shut down for soiuc linic. :For Simla I'laiiV I'oininff. Waters (i nanforili. tli.> l,i llarpp driigsisis, are arraPKinu iliiuus on an PXtensU 'p scale for tliP roiniim of Santa Clans. Cariientprs wprc ai work ycstprday bnildini: npw rfninleis and shelves which w-ill bo placed in.ihc store to accomniodalp (lie I :ir,i ;p stock of Christmas pifts. Mr. Waters lia.-; pnrchased a well sclpctcd stork rif Christmas poods and will liavi- ilit >ni on display within a few davs To Sell lis Properly, A! a stockholders meetlni; rerpiitly, (he La Harpp Brick and Shale company decided to dispose of its reinaiii' log assets here and in Cieveland. Dk- luhonia. The !«i Hariic plant was re cently jnitted by fire and what .'Service able material that remains will be sold. The company owns a tract of land in Cleeviand and thi.i will be sold as soon as an advantageous offer be secured. The brick company had a capital of $2.'>.0(io and the {ollowin;; men are officers: S. W. Weith. pic.-;|- dentr William Canipbe!!. vice president: Georpp n. Smith, secretary. .All of the stockholders of (he <'ompanv were not present at the meet ins-, but the sentiment of those who attended was strongly in favor of closing out the business and there is hardly any doubt but thai this ^vlll be done. Opeu Pielnre Show. The La Harpe opera house ha? beep equipped with a niovhii; iiiclure machine and on i ;e \t Tliiir.-;d;iy. Maiiai -'i 'r pppt will cive bis firsi enteriain'meni of this character. Me has secured a fine film service and the new venliii'^ will doubtle.'^s be well pa1,ronl/ed. liTe Offers Extraordinary Bargains for TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY 600.yards 52 inch Chiffon Broadcloths, in shades of tan, mode, red, reseda, grey and blue, the regular $126 quality, tomorrow, per yard, 79 cents OSTEOPATHY— IML W .11. Al.KKnrtlf. Heglsterofl O.steopr.lhic J'liysMi..ii. titate Bank Hide. fhono UU. Only Osieopalh ID I>a llari>«. ^Noortmeii Fcasj IIMIIICIII. Tlie local lodp- of the M W A uiH have an oyster tnpper in llw .Ma .onir hal'. tonicht. It is to be fmnu-hed by the member?, of the Io:-int; Ki'le iii Hie Thanksgiving day rabbit limit Tli" high school oi-elic.'-tn" will liirni: li noi sic for the occasion. Farl Tajlor Is III. Viarl M. Taylor, a iii' tuber ot Hie reportorial .staff of ih" .loplin. Mo. Globe, is at the home of liis par<-iil.-. Mr. and Mrs. .1. .\. Taj :"r on an enforced vacaiion due to illiie.^s. .Mrs. Martin a-* ll«>le>s. The Women's Missionary srwiet.v of the Presbyterian church will r -n tertained at the home "f .Mrs. S M. Martin this afierii<.<>ii. li< a<<'ties.-es Bessie Orandall will af.rnd ami will te'il of her experience as a mi.'^siii.iry Enlerttilnrd for DauchtiT. Mrs. (5. K. Robinson enieriained in honor of her daunhter. .Miss .N'iti.t Unh bins. Saturday afieriiooii. .\ iiuurlier of Miss Robbiiis yruinu friend- were iireseni and the usual sMcini p-iMini".- were employed for the enteriainnu tit of the pupsts. To Hold Jnstalluiioii. Before (he oysK-r feast of the M W A. in the Masonic hall lonis /it, <hi- annual installation of officers wi'l be held. Pen*on»ls. James Howell has returned lo tiar- nett after a visit of Kevenil days in Ivi Harpe. The condition of W. .S. fV'wman who has been ill for some time, was reported a little improved la .Ht ni^lit. Mrs. C. J. Maim has returned ft 'mi a visit in I'niontown Oliie' Clark has returned fr'un a business (rip (o Port Scott. John Haniia. of Fort Scott, lias re turned to his home after a lirief here. Mrs Bertha Wils«)n. of Kansas City, who has been visiting La fjarpe tela tlves returned to her home today. Ralph Barker spent yesterday in Humboldt. Quail Season Closing. But six more days remain in wbirh quail can be legally shot, the season expiring on December 15th. Many nimrods heard the call of the wild at the beginning of the season and took out licenaes. Begbter Wart Ads. Brtof Bcisalts. 'V*i-'-' 'L' -.••.>^r£rSl.*i 'K.: . .J-'^^'k- Specials in Ladies' Tailored Waists Received this Morhing by Express $1.25 LOT. 1. Beautiful Tailored Linen WaisLs, well worth $1.76, special, each :. • • LOT 2. Handsome Tailored Linen Waists, well worth $2.00, special, each ; • • LOT 3. Pure all linen Tailored Waists, sold by other stores tor $3.00, our price tomorrow, each $1.50 $1.98 NEW YORK STORE TWO SMALL FIRES. tJcp.irlmcnt Has Had Two Short Runs in P;ist Twenty-four Hours. .V bla/iiii', riibliisli W.iJMii! yi ;.|i iilay sMiiill flame a! fil \:\^\ nichi furnislu" m!iiii;.'s for the liri- (•bit". Till re w;is .Smiili W;iluiit. bill 'lu' liiiii; on North iMo ..f fwiitsuIiM'd befe Tin- prii|i(Ml V al t I . (nvri'-'f \<\ W Me: nl t!i.' til'' 1; Util-.lio V!I';MII . ;nid lias b" pile al 'Tin Soulb arieriiooii. aiKJ a .". North ltucKe>.' I work lor a O'w • eontpaiiy at each no datnave on i!i.- roof of th«' KuekJ Vf .'lire I be lii'i' was ex- '.I.-. N'orlli Btiekeye ,ier atul 111"' orj;;iu II Til" boU'^' i n f'T some lime SO HK( rPTivi:, Man.i lula I'eopir Fail to Keali/.e (he .Seriousness. rtaekaclie is .so d'^reiitive It ••'inir's :iiid '^(les—kee|>.; vini :;u<'..i 111- . lA 'arri 'lie 'i ;iii:.f—then cure jl Xiiie iiiiiev ciiii (if (en it roiiie.^ finni kidneys, Tli.H's why Heiin'.i Kulliey fill; line it. f;ire every kidti'-y .|| from b.ickaelie In iliabi'tps Here's ail lula case lo provi> it: I'llni W. I'attersoii, employed by liriirliaiii k .Me.Nri!. yrovers. and liviui: :n .'It; .Viirili Kirsi street, loll. Kas . s:i.\s: "l-'or two years 1 was atinojei rt iili pains in the sma'l «>f iiiv hack Thise spells came on me i ;radua!l> and ilii 'ii tlipy would from day III il.iy then siiddtnly di;..ippr-ai as iiiywierioiisly as it came on. Dtlier Kvmplonis that were presctii indicated ili.-ii my kidneys were out of order I"Iie reeurr^'nc*' fif HH * aIt;ieWs alwayr- .pri'ved that "the cause was .still iliere I ii.sed lioau'.'; Kidney IJills four year:.' •i«o. iirocurliip: them jit Spencer *i Co.'s •Irui; .'-lore ;inil tliey i|tilckly banl.shed lie p;iiim in my Iwick'nnd cured all ilie tiilier distressiiis symiiloms. I ticvir bad but one attack after and I can Bay llitil today my back and kld- iieys are a.- .'•Ironi; as ever in my lif" " Por sale l)\ all dea'#'[s. Price r.O cent.-. Fostcr-Milburu Co. Buffalo. .Vew York, .sole a«en!s for the I'niled Stai' ^. Henieiiiber the name—Ooan'.;—.iii'l •ak" no ofh-r. TO TAKE CHILDREN Rev. Mjrklcy MakCb PropoMtion lo County Commissionerr. to Find Home for County Charrjes. Till- eoillily eiiiiiiii:..iM 'MiiTS liav '•••i\'i| a p.oiro::i';.iii Iroui Rev .\ .1 \l;til.!. • of I 'l. Siiiti. r.-|ii <S 'iit;n:; ilu- K .iii<i.< rliilclriii s llduie. with ti'l 'i 'i- 1 i:e" 111 li.-imlliiiu' i -liilil 'i ;u who a.'" fiiuiiiv r!i,ir)i''s \\\^ pnjjiosil ioM is Nl lai >• ^ li 1 iiibll'li off llie ll.uulK ol .1 f.'.'i e.ii 'i Til' lioiiie ol I ||.. .•;•;! > ' I ll|M'r)l|1i 11 111 tin-' lOMiIii's U'lffi vo'iil M wliii'h ill pla*'" till- llie chlldii II .'ii • of uoiiil 111 lia'. wil KUi- l ;i-\ 1. • I 1 ' I 'i-ipc;, U 'lil -ll 111- i,t. ;.i-|...'in rniinliti'-; "!nl 'i' ti, 'ri -i-v \\'0 rim' 'Iti'l' r I ;i a :!'l ilii".. eilUllI-. otii' !•! '-are for tli' Children iiii'ler III'- iuri. diiiinii 111 llic juveiiil,- roiir' are nsualli pal'ib d i>r sept 'o tin- r-- fonii .--'-liiinl 'Ills ,1 f.'« eliilli 11 have ))i eoire cmiiuv cna'vi-.'; in lb' past fi'W b'caii:;e ihey found '> I'l.-r. '-s of ehll'I'-'-li l-i).'-ii by llie socii 'ly |i;ii|iii ilHUi. <leliiifiui'iit;; :;-iilip Illy t 'iriisl ll(ioii I li'' -.•III-:.- lit t'"-ir haviiii; no I henii'-lvs •.viilioui. anyone irv eai-- toi tb-iii Tie fa'T Ilia) a rliibl v.-a- un. 'Ill' till- jiiii .,ilir-l iuil of 111'- Jilveliii' ei .iiit ttniiiil no; mei'ssai iallv ni'aii liiai it would 111- lurii'-d ov-r to tlii:- .•-•.(-ii \\ ;\.~. a lioiiii- niiulit be found |V<r laeiii iliiiiiiKli oilier sourci-s .Muri- over the jlli |i;i' of the .juvenile i -iHill iiii;,'iil sie fit to |ia\(> luiiiie iiii 'ler a luomisi iiiiir 'I 'll.- '-iiliillli.^-onlHIs .Mail>|i\ !iu au.^'.M I Uiis evciiiim In III'' iji '-auliine till y will talk In .lu^l:;'- Suiitli ol llje .jiueiiile ecuir' \\\- MarUl'y ;-.ayj; lli .il llie ai '-iaj;" ex II." tor tiriiliui' ;> tmiiie for <-!iil(l 1 .^'oniv time:! It co:.ti; HI ; iiMieh as $.'1111 .-iii'l ;i:;,iiii col bin:;. Th-- li'inie is e.-iiii 'i| iMi tliroiiuli rionatiiins tr<im Mil' p'-(>ple, lie c-ill-; iipKii churi'lies te'Is of till- worL: of the lioni'' ;iiii| then .-i .sks fur an olferiiii;. lie says llial about I.", chiblren have been ijiUi-n hv llie bniiiii from llii;; f-ou;ity and pbici M in 'iioil laiiiilies over the state. The iiiiu:'- oti'iei.'ils e .ill on tlii- eliililri 'ii •i.UiiiaiU t.i .-,.1 lunv Ihey are bi -iiiL- fre,-iti.i| ;iii(| liow they ;ire Kellini: aloiii;. LEOALS, iru~\ PubliFhed Dec. 190^ > .U>.>IFM.STR.^TOirS XOTICE. ."^ta'e cf Kans-'.-us. .\llcn Couii«>. 'n llie matter of the estate of .1 .V. Iteer. laie <if Allen comity. Kansas. Nollfi- of AppolninK-ut. .N'otire is hereby Kiven. th.'tt on the Sfh day of December. A. D. l&'.tS. the underuiyned was by (he Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, duly .ipjioint- ed and qualified as Admlnl.strator of the Estate of J. N\ Deer, late of Allen County, Kansas. Ail parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordlng 'iy. M. G. ROBLNSO.N. 12-S-15-22 Admlnlatrator. A polijnf'l tak Dining Tal>lc, tegular $i ?.5o $OmO0 Six styles lo ^elect from. A jKi 'iisti-il oak Byffct, iHx.|'» Mirror, regular 'z-z;,. $16m00 Six styles offered at like reduction-^. An <).»k RncJicr, wood or leather seal, reRular $4.25 at $2,75 A do/c ;i to nclcrt frotn. Our .Mote is lull of beaulilal and nsdul presents »mbra<:- Ing Btass and Iron Beds. Dressers. ChiSfonleres. Dining Tables, ParJor Suites. Leather Rockers,'Couches, the best Kitchen Cabiuet."! raanufactured. We are open nights an I it h a p'easure lo show goods. Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BLOCK UP GOES FLOUR \ .Short .trreat'e l!es|iiiii'-ilile for I'rc- di(le<| l.' in I'riie, Ih -ahrN .Say. I,'(|e ,-i |''i, .-i :.-i .l 1 ii.- 0(111:11.11 IIKO llli re will be a drr;'|.-(| llil-|,..i .• ;li till price iif fliiiir wjibiii .1 Mi -y ;.|i'.i.' -•.-ue 111 III" ui '.ii-Mi |Mi! 'ri !lif- 1- tins e 'limiiiiilil V ;ii !i.iiM i| 1. n ..•ii;, per hllliilieil .\ 1,1,11,1.: 1 .1 are i 'dvaiH -'-il .. in .'le i.iu • ,1'. :lr- ..ildilen 111'-. 'I'll'- (/.,),;.,( i |,r ,i.., 111! v.-lnat I'Mi ,M •-••1 1 iii-'l Ui>\v f.: Ill (.111;,. \-.I.!MII I'!-- i.w 'i d.iyr (hv n ""''i':'-"'-'. b 1 '.I-I---.L ;1 from j 'l.u;. Ill v>l '«:• I b' ''<•• : ;. o.r- lliat III'" lapid !i'l'.:iiii 'i III'- 1. can; id iiv ih'- nii< i,,, ;,. .t ., ..I 'll. Till- 1,1.-" ,. ' v. . •:; btei Ih.'iii ii ..iial aijd f;- !:• t.'.- : 'h' \vli'-ai belt of till. iiiiMti, .•.!,.- ii- pill'-^lllH' tl|.- I.lilii. Ill il'l ,11' 'I 'll piali'iu." as 1,'iL'.- .Ill ,i'-i<,i;.<. when; a,' hi.- i"'u 'b'- 1 u 'olu in ufliu'-r years l ..;-i- mv.. li-.iii \i>;"'i- line ({epnblv-af oi wheal eroiviir; •••iMnri' . i feel thai lie- • -^I '^ai n -iv.- vc;-led ill that inunir. :b son is \ery «ii .iii') 'b.n are ceiierall> iititavei.ible ; a '-e yield ij... I 11, III.- .f- 1- i;i..- b;'i- : r!i. s.;i'•>!,.us > ;.ver B.F.LUOLUM FUNERAL O-^c." ii>c Reniainr. of the Well Known G.ilcm Towosbip Ci'.'zen He'd Tod^y. The fiiiii-ral of 1? I-' ! uMi'im for- nuilv a nii!iib"r of lb'- l^ard of eoun- ly eoiiiiiiissionei«lio 'II' d ,!.i\ before yesterd.iy .11 In-, lion.'- lu Snb-m township, occuri'il this iiiuruiim from th" honi"'. iiiteriiKiil 111 the old .KIsmorc eeiueji'ry Ibv .\ylitiK of Toronto had cliar ?i> of the si-rvic'sj The di'ceased liavjii" lie>ii on>" of (h<' active in'-n In bis iininedtati- com muiiity and having been wid'-ly i.nown over the.county, a liir«e numb'^r of frietids attended ilu' .s.rvirc". Sever.:il lolans went down Tli« commission ers who arc now in srt.sion w.-'ni-nl to attend jn a boly, ini' nn rt-eoutit ot the loa'l.; co'ild U'J' ^>>. I WANT rviORE DAMAGES. Mr. Finch and Mr Osborn Think $25 Too Small. H F Flnrh sn-l W:. O.:bo-n "'.re in Hiis worninz to .-fr I'le eouiity com- mi.-?aioncr.v abou' a!I"wi'i^ (hem dara- nzps of $r.O eT-ti to land th^ou^^ which a nt '7.- road '. V.TS op'.'n?'! liome time aRo. The corami.sioners ba'l decided that waa eisoii:;h -lannse;; hut the men think tin .sum too siirall. The road in qiicstlon lies near the intersection of the \^"oodson comity line and the road between lola adn Geneva townships. The board'wUl consider the protest of the men arthis.sess- ISSUE >A WARNING BK rtKEFIL WITH DECORATOIYS. INSrUA>rE BCRKAr S.VT8. local Insuraiice Agent."* Recelre a CepT of the I'smil rhrbtmns "DootV Lora! iii.urance agentr. have re- nive'i hu'if-tin.s from the Kans;as Fire Jiisuraiieo inspection office relative to Ih.' preveiitiiin of fire in the shop win d'lws 'Iiiriii" the holidays. The says; "•.\tterit'on i.- hereby called lo the |!.i<sar'l 'if holid.iy decorations, and ^••petia! ei''ciiical and other lighting displays. • ff i;. rMiiimon knowledge that riirfsimas- deorati.ui.s. especially In ::liow uindows, are prolific sources of fire. ;ui'l w'> believe a timely warning will he heeded and ajipreciated by all. r.i'-ai care should be taken to .i\'.ii'l ii'iiilil'' at Ibis time on account "f the iii<-r ".-ised values carried, and e--pi'ii,illy nil ai'ii'iiiit of the large ciinv .l.: nf people emiiiregatiliK in the •'••ii' . »li'i u 'Mii 'l b" liable to Injury 111 i -a .e i.r p.itiir. or .1 severe fire and 'iJiii Hinild 111 1. btiider the w<irk of lie- I It i -'il'll linni till i.'iii|.'ii.tiy wiriup •'liiiirt 11 e 111-^lll:e i;imp cord In liow wii'ii'iiv:.. or I'll -iliy other piir- I'l." lli.iii f'lr |i..'iid.iiu jawps. "Diin'i u;"e eott'ili or flfislie or cut iM),'-r de;'<>i.'ii|oiis ii'-ar any RIOVP or liulil ill any shou window or liRht;:. •|/oii'i ii.-e pajier or cloth lamp ha'ler. ev. n on iiicaiid't.'-eent lamps, as tbey will probably burn up If you do. "Dfin't let paper wrappings and li'ixes pile up in your alley or base- lu'-ni. They make excellent kindling. -I ml .1 stray iiialeli of ciKarettc. etc.. an >';'' (rouble •l-'oirt let yi.iir window dre.sser do a'i.\ iviriim f'.r yon. -Hire an electrician and ."^av'' trouble and expense in tl|'. enil. I Ion I fail to i -iitisull your Fire (•bii'f on fb*^; e and any other fire haz- ii 'd poiuis. Tb It i , one of his missions IS a .-"rv.ini to ihe i-eop'e. (-;«• vciir eii'-niic-al extinguisher. . :tandpipe, ho.e. etc.. are in shape i"r iiiiiiiTdiate itt". iii'.l that your em- pl'i-e:-. know wh-.-re they are and how i.i' ii:^'.' them. ' I'^euji all :;i.3irway.-. bottom or ele- vat'.-r shafts, eic. free from goods, .iPd maiiiijin ai le - and keep them frf-r trom hou;5e tni'jk or any other ob.triicfion. and .ill floors of your iio!" '.'.in bi i"adily ai.-ri -,-...ub!e. K'-ep in luiiiil tb,-" old saying. 'An aunre of pi' ve|lti^l;).• pfc." .MOTHERS ATTEMIO: Tonr Delicate Child Mar Be Ecitored I'j Health by Tinol—Read the Followiui: Letter From a Canton, C .Motlicr. "I wK-b I rould induce every mother v.ho bri; a weak, sickly child, to try iha: 'l>.-!i( leu.- c'jd liver preparation. Viii'il Our little daughter was pale, iliiii. and :iei;lv. .^he had no appe- lile ,iiii| no iimliiiion. "ViC iiieit vaiiou.-. medicines, but .wiiiiiut any benefit wlritever. and she I Diil'l ii'.t i;ike co<l liver oil or emul- iDii:-. .1:- tli'v naui'eated her and iip- • -I li'i' .'.foiiiach. "I.eai iiiiiiT thai \'mo! contains all the medieiiidl jiiid strength-creating Iifop'Tiies i )f tod liver oil. but without ibe ili: aui'i-able oil and tunic Iron addi'il. w- di'i'ided to fry- it, and the r'-: ii!l ,'—le marvelous. [| gave her a b".itiv ,iii|<_tue. the color returned 10 hvr '.!!e(=ks and she Is stronger and in better b-ialtb than she has been for > e.irs I cannot say enough in favor of ten v .-c .ik. delicate children."— .Mr .. ('. V.' stump. Canton, O. Tb'ie 1. ii'.tUiiig erjual to Vino! for ii'li' .|t'>. .11 iiiE children and feeble old ee..],['.. 10 iniiid Up strength and re;;or'- a normal heslthy condition. riif!.-;e wiio try it and receive no bene- ,11 m.i.i hive their money returned on •ienK(ii(( —fhafs your guarantee. S. R. Suirell. Dniccist, Tola. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward I^eave.^ lo'a 7.15 p. ni.,.ar­ rives St. Louis s.L'5 a. m. Through sleeping curs. This train connects with the east bound trains at St.- Louis. For further particulars call and Bee ua. C. p. Hale, Agt.

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