Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1908
Page 6
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THE TOLA DAILY BECISTEBT TPgSPAY ^YEimrg, PECEMBBB 8,190SL Sweei y>--^.T.I-.- Frishman's bi^ "Clean Sweep Sale", as expected, has proven lola's greateat money saving event of the year, and we want you to rcm^^mber that it coaliaues all this week. Saturday was the Banner Day In the history of this store. More ladies' and children's Coatf-, ladies' Suits, Skirts and Furs were pold than ever before iu any ouc day. wilk 's Great Coat Sale { 7.50 Coats at 10.00 Coats at 12.50 Coats at 15.00 Coats at 20 00 Coats at Should Crowd This Store Every Day $5 00 Children's Coats.. .$2.SO 6 50 Children's Coats.. .$3 M 98 ..$4,50 ..$6.85 . $8.95 ..$9.75 .$13.75 Read the green ticket prices. They will save yon nearly hall Special for Tuesday and Wednesday YovLT choice of 100 ladles' regular |r, 00, -f (i.OO and |7 00 strt'etand walking Skirts of panaraa, serge, mohair and novelty worhteds, fa black, blue, gray brown and mixtures. Sec windows. Price $3.50 SOUTH SIDE SQUARE FRISHMAN'S SOUTH SIDE SQUARE IT WAS A BIG DAT FOB BILLS. In tke Honse 73 Fnblle Xcasores mod 8S0 Fiirafe Ones Were Introdnced. Washington, Dec. 8.—No Ome was lost by members of congress yesterday in introducing bills, varying aU the way from the admission of New Mexico into the Union to the regulation of marriages and divorces. When the house adjourned seventy-three bills had been introduced in addition to 250 private bills and eight resolutions. Probably Representative Shep- I)ard of Texas bore off the palm for nioHt energetic work. Ho presented as many as eight bills for public build lugs In his district. JS KINa 'M MESKKNUER. Ftritt One In .Haor YearH Arrlir^ ai New York. Great* Western Land Co. Want: OIIP (inz.-n f.irms to r.^nt ncvi week. CTi |n'r;-(>!i.-- ID buy licK.-is t-i ili'^ old rouiilij. Til Kxcliiini:*'. VAUDEVILLE AT RINK .1 Good ." riKitii I. si(|. Ill' feed mill, l'...- I. :;i r.'-M';!"-.. 4 room I1I111-.C. ii.n;i xiiili laud, Joinlii;; : 1 liis \\ iiiiili'- ;i 111 Viv i\>>'< i-i! f.iiiii- ill . Ii'-ir lnl;i; good chUk'-M fiinii; will i cash 111 adviuiciv Onn (if III'' 1 M - I liM|ir.iv Al>n rnmiiy n! I'.i only |.^0 [h r .iri.' 80 aiTP f;i-i". Vi'f. iiM ruiitiiv. wi'll Impro^'Pd. ll"ll^|• ;in'! li;irii '.j'., of fruit, a M'ii'l li"!ii('. rilcc We havo land in \vi'>icrii Kaiir.i.-; if) trade or s<-ll. al.«ii cnml IrriL-aicI land In the Larrinii" Valley. Wydiiiliiir. See us for all kind? <,f real estate deals, i We arc not tin' in\\y. Imt doiii'j business over th'j falare Sliue Sliir>'. Rush Family Wednesday and Thura- day Night at 9 O'clock. A ciiiilrart was i-los.d tliiK iiinnilu*: V. laii li) ihi' Hii>li Fanilly, aerolinlH of 111'- IiilicM niilei- will imi on two per- !ci'iiiMK'eh ti< r>- loniorruw UIBUI and •^hlll•^-:lilv iilu'lH. They are now at Vales Ceiii' r ami Mr. Ilell, manager (if ilie riiil; ilieri', (^iveii iliciu tlip best Utiid of a lei-oiiinieiidation. Thi- fani- ilv Is made mi (,!' tlie fatlii,r. a lioy H vara "M. two Itil" cir':. a^ed K* and 111 Ti)iin>rr<nv aft 'Tnoon t!ic liifle I'uy ivill :;iv.- ail exlilbltion of wire w.ill.iir.^ I.'ar tlie .Aiiilituriuni. The (Hilside |iirl (iriiKi :ife will take pla-o ••iliniit ihe iliiie tirliodi is out so that all sejriril clirdren may liav a rh.Tliee to sf it. LESS WHEAT SOWN. LtlPRDSY FROM A LAUNDRY. Condition is Below Last Year's and, Patcrson, N. J.. Man Inoculated by Ten Year Average. Collar From a Chinese Laundry. I 'aiiersDii. .v. .1, FH-c. ,S. - A c-aM- .\p*' York. Dec. !•.—Tljore has ai- rivwl al the i'Jnza hotel the first, king'.« mesr.engni^who has come to this country In many yearn. He Is the Hon. Frederick Hr^jhani Curzon-llowc hniilier and second heir of the present I/ord Howe. Ciirzon-llowe is also a cou.'^ln of I>ord Ciirzon. at one time viroroy of India, whose late wife was .Miss Mary Lciter of Clilcago. There are twenty kins's messeng- .•rs. of whom Mr. Curzon-Howe heads the list in point of rank. These messengers have charge of the conveyance of Important state papers 'ictwern lyondon and other capitals, and in the past the post; of king's messenger frequently meant a |)osition dif fieult and surrounded by many dangers. In .Mr. Ciirzon-ltowc's pf>ssession when he arrived was a small leather bag resembling a mail |)onch, which he would not suffer to be taken out of his sight. This was said to contain an important paper sent by the Hrit- ish war office to the war department at Washington. 00000000000000000 O ^ J O ADDITIONAL SHORT STOBIES g ^ 0000000 000 0000000 Chanute Elks to Ottawa. A bunch of Chanute TSXka who have been cast for leading parts In the EHk minstrel next Saturday and Monday, passed through lola to Ottawa today to attend the show there and it possible, glean a few Ideas from the performance. *i I , ^ Alltentlon All AntMInme Thfcf You are requested to pjeet at Harry Dec. I>, at 8 p. m. Very important busl- Dec. 9. at 8 p. m. Cery Important busl ne.sK and initiation. A. H. DAVIS, Soc'y. Bit* of Mistletoe. "There is the herald of Christmas," remarked a man at thn Santa Vc. station at noon as a woman stepped from an Incoming southern train, carrying a large bunch of mistletoe. Nearly every tourist from Oklahoma and Arkansas, and especially the women, take home with them at least, a twig of the holiday green at this season of Ihe year. Some of them carry an arm load. Jind many may be observed with a box full of the little white berries for distribution among their friends at home. IT SINGLES OUT THE GERM. A. K. U. Invention Being Shipped to European Scientists. Washiiicton. Dec. S.—Showing rnn-1 a .>oiiii;: man lieint; iiinciilaied witli ditioris .S,-).:i against !M.l a year ai^o. j le|iii)..y wa.s iimarilied in ilii.s ciiy to THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Mannfacturers. Wholesale and Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Hew CeU Slerag* Kea4j f»t Baslness. Phoae UL FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. THE LOCAL MARKETS Ice Exhibit! See the Southbend Watch frozen in ice and keeping perfect time in front of Pancoast's no EAST ST. Trices Quoted by fiard k Taggarl Produce Tonipany. The following local market report i i furnished by Gard &- Ta.ijgart Produce : company and will be kept running ID The Rosister every day. The prices quoted are the prices which they will pay for poultry, eggs and butter de livered here: Ecgi, 'jurrent rereipts per case...26c Old Hens, fai 7c 0:d Co.^ 3c Spring ('hiekens 6V2C Spring Ducks '. .'ic •Spring Tiirkeyf! S-Iti Xc Old Hen Turkey? Sc Old Torn Turkey.^: 7c Old Ducks nutter, Ie.<.3 ilian per cent .salt..."r.r HOnOKS ORCAMZE. •/. D. THOM Rmimtmr mud Pmpmr Hamger Estimates rtieerfnllv glvrn on all work Phone 31». m S. BntJitye. ' nrolherhooil of the I 'liemployed Formed In ( blrairo. Dee. .<!.—Tn a Inrrre loft on Ihe lop flof r of rii '.O Soiitli Clark i^treet. yei-trrday the Cliicaio Ilroiherhond of the I'nemplojed was formally organ I i/.ed. The meeiine w as a preliminary ;ime. The aciual woil* of jjie organ! 'Ml lull will lie !,iid 'ilil III Hull hoUM lllh. evi'nilic Whill liie Iie»( tnefllug will lie hf'ri. l(.,l,.Tf M Wll.on. eallod hy his fill lids llie Tneiowneil Kllii: of the llnlioe:.' ljie;(r|ed Jii llie Iiii'etllig and a.'-M:;tlnc lilin w ;m .l.ime:, Kad: How. known ai'. Hie 111 widjfi>:.' filrnd," and II ^-laiid:-'.'!! or Cipiai'i .l.iiiies H liuls, liiilldi-r of ilie 1','iids lirldgM m Ri. |y>iiis. Trombold Was Here. ('.••or^e Trombold. rliemjst for lli< A:-Ii drove I.iiii'- and f'oriland Tement roin))any. visited jn lola yesterday.— Clianuto Tribune. Becoming a mother should be a source of \uy, but the sufferlnjj incident to the ordeal niaKes .its anticipation one of dread. Mother's Friend is the only remedy which relieves women of much of the pain of maternity; this hour, dreaded as woman's severest trial, is not only made less pain- iul, but danger is avoided by its use. Those who use this remedy ara no longer despondent or gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distresj- ing conditions are overcome, " and the system is prepared for the coming everit. "It is worth its weight in gold," say many who have used it. 9]'i|) per l>ett;<;. Htr >w nf mlt.p to ^[(PXpecIur.Luiottivi-- uiJiivJ lice. TW BraAiiU Recidator Co., AllaM*, Ga. land a 10 year average of ;tl '.2; rye! day. loiidilion of agaiiiht IM I a yearj li i aio. and a lu year averaw"' of !i,".. witli Indications of a total area of wlnter wtieat ^f'.SSt.O'X .i arrcH. and ryf are I.!i3."i."nii acres, the depurtment of ag rlriilture today Issued Its report on those two cereals for Decetnliri 1. The newly seeded area of wliiler wheat Is estimated at fi.ii per cent h than the revised esilniated area .sown In the fall of l!iii7, equivalent to a de crease of 1.762.0(10 aeri's. The newly seeded area of rye Is estimated at 1 iier cent less than the area sown in the fall of 1H07. equivalent to :i decrease of SO.OOO acres. The percentage of acreage of win tor wheat compared with last year an davomge condition of that crop on December 14, respectively by states follows: Kansas W: conditions 02. Indiana SS; conditions Sri. Illinois SS; condition 72. Nebraska 00; condition 8P. California 90; condition 92. Texas 9S; condition 89. KNOCKS OX CHRI.ST.MAS THKKS. HOT. Dr. Jfc.Vrthur Says Cust^mi Conies From the Heathen. ii;!d Ihe young man lon- .'iiilttd a doclfir about sore:; that had brolii II out, llr;il on the Itaek ot In:; nerli, ami had later come nut on his tooii. The doctor preiicrtljed some medicine and a powder and told the patient that he niusl come hack to hini If the tiling liecame wortse The yoiiiif. man r:<me hacl; witli liiu iier|; all .sore and lii.^ body Infected. Tlie rdn': puzzled the physicLan and 111!' yoiiim man said he iK .dieved at first that the :-fircs on his neck were caused by lh<' rougii edges on his collars. The |diy:;iciaii was informed that :i i-ertai:i Cliiiiamaii did the patient's laundry work. An investigation made 1>y tlie physician today revealed a Chinaman in advanced stages of leprosy and another countryman inoculated. The laundry is the largest in Patterson, not less than ten Chinamen Ljiwrenre. Kas.. Dec. .S.—Hidden away in one corner of thi* university physical lahoralories in Blake hall Is a little shop that has heen sending delicate Instruments to all parts of the United States ami even to Europe for the Last two months, and that without doing a lino of advertising. The instruments are delicate mechanical contrivaikces for operating the bacteria segregating pipette re cently invented by Dr. A. M. Barber of the University medical school in Kosedale and are designed and manufactured by C. W. WTiite. the instril nu'iil maker of the nnlversity. The InviMition and Mr. White's contrivance for operating it were exploited by Dr. Barber In Ihe n-cent tuber culo.'ds congress at Washington, and orders have been pouring in from bacterloloKlsts in all parts of the country •since that meeting. The iat- t;:t orders are from Berlin, the honi<! of pcieiitlflc InstriimenlH. from Dr. Koch, the great expert on tiibercu- lo.-i:;. Dr tlarber's pipe'.!" which 'iR a ron- irivaiice for picking out individual bacteria under the microscope for detailed study, and Mr. White's Instrument are verr simple, but operated, as they must he, under the microscope, they have to be accurate in movement to the fraction of a thousandth of an inch. The pipette is a hollow glass tube, drawn to a needle point at one end. and worked by a rubber tube in the mouth of the operator. Tho- operator selects the individual specimen, puts Ihe pipette point directly over it. being emidoyed there. The news has aroused the residents 1 sucks it into the glass tube and de- lo a state (,f ^^eat excitement, and I posits it on a microscope slide by it to will buy lots in Ihe new- town of .NEWAIlK. near I.KIS Vegas. New Mexico, on the main line of Santa Fe. R. R.—Whilaker & Donnell. To and From Chanute. Mrs. S. W. .Palethorpe went to lola Mrs. E. W. Palethorpe went to ola Saturday afternoon to visit her mother. • * *Mrs. .\rerl Klein and daughter have returned to lol^ after visiting Mrs. Kobort Rartwright—Chanute Tribune, t Were Enronte Home. -A number of investors living near Salina were iu the city this morning enroute home from Humboldt where they had been to look over the cement plants under construction there. 2« Per Cent for One Year. All customers buying goods of us after Dec. 12. will save 20 cents on the dollar by our new Copyrighted Trade Check Plan. Ask to see our Special Novelty Department. WILIvIAMSON & bBGG. .Mildred. Has Historical Stone. The Rt. Rev. Frank R. Millspangh, bishop of the diocese of Kansas, and who Is well known here, has in his posesslon a stone from Hescham abbey In England, and proposes to have it built Into the new Episcopal cathedral to be built In Topeka. He also has a number of pieces of art glass, taken from a window in the Atterbury Transept of Westminster Abbey. In rebuilding the transept, soma of the glass of one of the windows was left over, and IIIKJU the bishop's recent visit to England this glass was given to him. There Is enough of it to build a small window and Bishop Milspaugh will have a window made and placed in the new Topeka cathedral when it is built. , . , tliey loudly demand that the city bo lid of the Cliinamen. A committee of citizens is being gotten up by petition to wipe out every laundry iu the city conducted by the Chinamen. TAFT.S IKAVK HOT .SPRIXi.S, New York. Dec. 8.—If the Rev. Dr. Robert S. .McArtliiir of the Cavalry Baptist church had his way Ihe cii.s- toni of having Christmas trees would be abandoned. In his sermon yesterday after a plea for early shopping, to relieve the tired workers in depart- meiit stores, he said: "How came we to adoirt this custom, which is one of the nidny taken from the heathen? We arc deff>rest- ing many portions of our .--tale ,ind country. Wt^ ought to save the trees to prevent flood and give the jiroper amount o fshade. To do my share in Ihe work. 1 have forliidden tin- purchase of evergreen trees in this Iiurch for the coming holidays." A KANSAS DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS. The Minority Will Decide Upon II', Legislative Programme. Topeka. Dec. S. - Hend>-rson .Martin, chairman of the t>'mocraiic siaic CI'M ral committee. Is preparint; to call a onfereiice of Kanhas Deiuocrai;; Tiie:; lay. December 29. to see what "ailed ••m." The DeinocralB will try lo work out a I>!mocratlc legislative program­ me. We are going lo discuss different raatters concerning the welfare of the larty anil talk about what the Demo-i cratic members nf the legislature will ry to do." said Mr. Martin today. Wo will talk over the last campaign and try to determine when, we! failed and what can be done (o avoid i these failures In the future. The Dem j ocratic platform stands for certain' things and all of our representatives! and senators are pledged to work for these things. Many of them are sini-j ilar In some respects to the pledges • of the Republican platform. At this' conference we will try to work out these legislative Ideas into something! definite and the members of our party, In the legislature will try to have • these things enacted Into law. | "This will not be a committee meet- Ing. All of the chairmen will be notified and asked to be present, but a lot of other Democrats will also be invited to attend and take part in the diMtusIon." .\fter It Week in Washington, Go to (icorsia for Winirih Hot .Spriiii:s. Va., Dec. 7.—The president-elect and Mis. Taft. .Secretary Carpenter and the entire office force took their final dei.:irture from Hot .'•Iprings Saturday iii::iit. .Mr. Taft Sun day iiiclil was file ciiest of honor at the dinner of the Norili Carolina Society in .\ew York After a week in Waslilnutou he will to Augusta. (!a. for an exiiiided'ini I'eliiliim his depaitnre for .Vimnsta Mr (':ir|ieiiler will cvtalilish offices for .Mr Taft in Ihe rnion Trust build ing in Wasliinstoii. self. At fir-st Dr. Earlier tried to direct the pipette with his hand, but found it so difflcult that he appealed to Mr. \\niite to contrive an adjustable holder for it. The delicacy required can be appreciated only when it is remembered that there may be thousands of bacteria in a single drop of water which is placed on the slide of tho microscope. Dr. McGurk to Lecture in Iowa. Rev. Daniel McGurk. pastor of the Grand Avenue Methodist church, has agreed to speak at several points in Iowa, filling the speaking dates of Senator Edward W. Carmack. of Tennessee, who was recently killed at, Nashville. The "Itinerary of the trip! has not be<>n made out and the sub- ji'cls selected have not been announced. Rev. McCiurk will start"on the trip next week. Conducled hy lola Lodi^e. Siieaklng of the history of the Chanute lodge ot Elka, the Sun says: Chanute Lodge No. 806, B. P. O. E.. w^as installed six years ago, the instal lation ceremonies being conducted by lola Ixidge No'. .=>G9. The charter mem bcrship was thirty, but only twenty- seven took the ritual work at the time of the installation. The event was at- ended by delegations from all the lod.c:es in the vicinity and was concluded Iiy an elaborate banquet in Flonil hall. The lodge now has a membership of more than 300 in good standing, the best citizenship being represented on the roster. Though the Elks are clas.sed with what are commonly called secret societies, their one great, and in fact only, secret is the" dispensation of deserved charity without the knowledge of others. For RenU Cood store room in brick building close lo savings l)ank. C. h. WHITAKER. .Iiidge E. N'. Wert was up from Humboldt today on business. Lambeth In Town. Henry l^mbeth. who was elected last fail lo till' office of trustee of .Marmuton towusrip, was in town to- ilay on business. Special Belt, Hand Bag aod Purse Sale A1> GEORGE D. BRIGHT & CO. 1000 ladies' Belts, woitli 50c, 76(; and |1.00, on sale at. 900 fancy Hand Bags and Purses, at 20o .Hm/fPHo9 Don't fail to see these, as tbey will make useful and acceptable Christmas gifts. We sell for less. GEORGE D. BRIGHT & CO. H. A. JONES, Manager. Telephone 481 Begbter Wgat Adt. Bring Besolta. Kiii &J^^ L' ir48U«iaI. St? ijoiJJtu.lig'V^.iLSisahiii^^htj&k.,', ----^ffri '/^Siu''iii%nifTpf-*i iKfafeV'-i^i '^Tv '-i ••rir 'nlr 'ii ;''flk '4T '?'i^'-'

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