Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 5
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• foLA hkai itEwa <Mt. SATPBPAr .romiit rofei II, mi. _8L TH£ iOJLA >q|TEBI!riJIT IIOSPITAI. baa been moved ^ 214 W^st street, in the new brick bolldliiK just completed and is equipped with; an operating table and all thk latest appliances for the. Humane and^Sclentific treatment of Domestic Aninials. Calls made anrwhere night or (day. Phone 139 for hospital or residence. FRANJK 8. BEATTI^. V. 8.. ifroprietor. Royalj Doulton China in maiy ntw shapes and designs. Tobmoao Jmrm, Orm^m m»d SugmfSmis, V«4^«. Prelty color effects in !window SPENCER'S ^\F£W SCOfUUmOHS FOB CHRfST 3CA8 eiFTS. Smoking JackeU, Bath Robes. Pajamas. Fancr Vest. Silk Unifiers. Ties. Handkerchiefs. Snspender Sets. 8Uk and' Lisle Half Hose, Umbrellas. Collar Bags. Silk Lined GloTes. CmZENS BOUGHT BONDS. Concordia Business Men Helped Pay Off Bonded Debt of fTIMWO. Caps, and the best of all. a nice Suit or Overcoat Topeka. Doc. 14.—F. M. Sturgls. of Hats, I Concordia, former -Juagc of the dls- CtothinS WtLIj Lanyon. Jr.. and A. K. Lan yon have returned from a hunting trip among the mountains in Oklahoma. They will firmly deny the atoriss of the munber of deer they killed during the 'time they were out and therefore the statement is that they did not get anything but plenty of squirrel and wild turkejis.—Pittsburg Head light. One Dollar In Script or Money la good for 12.70 worth of Sanitol goods at J. D. Mundis & Co. This oITer closes December 31st. CITY 5EWS. ilie Christian church choir, which is under the direction of A. Boat- rlgh. will begin Monday evening aeain on the rehearsal of the cantata "The lioly Cit.v." During (the series of sj>eclal meetings Just closed at the Christian church, it was necessary to do away with the rehearsals. From now the choir will proceed without interrutitlon. The rehearsal Monday night Is to begin at eight o'clock. Dr. Wniey, OeiUst MAXAOKR Johnny Flllman of the Joplln Miners 'has received n lotior from N. W. L .VJich. of Oklahoma, asking for ti try out In the spring. Lynch aska for a trial without naming a salary lUid the Jupllh papers are niiik- liig nnirh to do ovoit it. J>elicvlug that tliore Is aomcthlug ta the y <HinK man. If he Is not the same'L>-ti^h of Oklahoma who worked Fred Hobart of the lola State Xeague team for several wi'cks lumrd he may be all^ right. Free dirt at Luceoek's. HF^RTIIA Swanson has brought suit In district court to compel her divorcod husband to iixj- her $60 alimony which she alleges Isdue her under the terms of the decree granted In the Jackson county, Missouri, court some time ago. Swanson has property In this county which .Mrs. Swanson may attach in order to recover her clai||i3. 1 =5i' Don't forget the W. O. W. o>-ster supper and dance at Masonic ball tonight J. W. nnOWN of the law firm of Hrown & Taylor, fell from a street car yesterday sustaining a badly bruised arm. ' .,1 i' • P. E. Wang^ BekOrt. Fkone 18S. Ontee OTer BarrelFs Png Bfm. THE MEETING of the. rural route mail carriers which wasito have been held in I>a Harpe this ^evening has been postponed for one wpek, C. A. STEWART, of Yates Center, brother of "Wells Stewart, who was murdered Sunday by W. Hi Creviston, was In the city yesterday on bust uess. ON THE walls of the police court headquarters can be found a pen sketch of the portrait of Miss Ethel •Roosevelt, the second daughter of President Roosevelt. It is hanging just above Chief of Police Wl'liam Catess desk where all prisoners can see it when brought before the judge. ticlt court Is tolling a story that indicates that the financial flurry is not causing a money stringency of alarming symptoms in Northern Kansas. According tfo.the stbrj- Cloud county has a bonded debt of approximately liO.OOO. bearing a high rate of interest which It had been planned to refund at i\i per cent when the flurry struck New York. Then It was concluded that It would be useless to try to.refund xintll the money market be- cam a easier. At a meeting of business men in Concordia one evening last week the issue of refunding bonds was under discussion and nearly everyone present had agreed that the project would have to be given up for the time being when one man present spoke up. saying: "AVhat's the reason I can't have some of those bonds?'' This started others to thinking along the same lines and befors the meeting broke up business men present subscribed for the entire Issue. When the news was spr?ad around town the next day as to what was proposed there was a rush for the bonds, which had all been subscribed for and now there are several angry PARDON FOK MlWOer Govtmor Hoch Yeatarday' RalMMd Forger Affer Having Served a Year of Scntanca. Topeka, Dec. 14.—<3oTemor Hoch yesterday granted a pardon to Jaa. G. Jarboe, wHo is serving an indetsr- minate sentence of from one to seven years. In the state penitentiary at leasing under conviction of forgery lu the third degree. Jarboe was con vltted In Decatur county. He has bo»n In the penitentiary a trifle less than a year. He was formerly night oi erttor for the Rock Is'and Railroad comiiany at Dresden. Dlsplsased witti the job. which was not what he ex- pt-pted when he took It. he tried to quit. He asked for transportation to Colorsilo Springs. He waited sevei^ a! d:-yf. and it did not come, so he vole a teiearam purporting to have come from the division superintendent Instructing the conductors to honor It for the passage of the bearer from Dresden to Colorado Springs. He was arres'ed for forgery. Without money and friends ha refused to tak" the advice of a volunteer attor- iiev T iio told him he could not be and 5 "pad g'lilly. Jarboe is a young ninu twenty'our years old. has a '.vlfe and child. He Berv?d in the signal corps of the regular army in the Phiiii.pines and has an excePent record. The apn'iicatton for pardon fo.- .iir 'iop was Irdorsed by all the cciim- Get your Sanitol now, as this Is your last chance to get J2.70 worth for $1. Deal closes December 31st J. D. Mundis & Co. people at Concordia, displsased that they were not siven early notice as, ty .xriocrri of Pecatur county, to wh .1t was proi>osed In 'order that they might have .securod some of the ! bonds. THERE was a happy meeting yesterday at the deiKJt when Campbell, manager of the Shannon Imple nient store met his'sister, Mrs. TJzzIc Orr of Springfield. I'l., whom he had not seen for twenty years. Mrs. Orr expects to visit several days in lola v.ith her brother Lee^ Campbell and father, T. .\. Campl)ell. Four choice milk cows, three horses, harness and wagon will be .sold Saturday at the feed yard, cont nu-ncing at 2 o'clock sharp. Chas. Iilshop. THE DATE DECIDED. I Republicrn State Central Committee; Will Meet on December 28. MR. A.ND MRS. ,M. i\ Saylor returned today from a five weeks trip ihrou.ah Iowa and Nebraska. They visited at Carrol, Augdon, IJoone. and k'edar itapids. Iowa, and Omaha, Xebr. The Xews at Siiaw. i'rom the Shaw Star and Argus. This sheet has been accused of going out of Us way to Eok.Fol- Toprka Dec. M.—J. T. Moore, chair man of itie Republican state central ^ _^ committro yesterday evening ral'.od .-i j ia \7sbce. The charge is true. vClieu uieetin:; of the connnitte.' to be hold ; ,,,.i,or of the Star and Argus Came ii; Topclia December 2S. as for-^ • ,„ shaw he was jioor and unknown, c.isttd in these ili^pairhes. Chair- 1 neither money nor credit, but uiuu Moore thinks there is very Uttl'Mthat w ;is all there was against him. piobiibllity that tl.e eommitt.-e will I j.-<.jj i.'„inj ,8bee devoted most of the rail a dir.ct iirimary. He says thati,),,,,. .^at winter to the circulation of sentiment soouis to favor an early ^ siorip-! retleitliig on the (laiier and Its (uuv.niion, to l^e hold i>TOl):>bIy in ivlltor. We didn't owe Eck anything March or April. The time for hoMiiis and had always treated him well. His iho convention and the city In whlrh slanderous stories hurt They kept THE Skating Rink at the corner of j, |^ ,„ \^,^ I„.M are i >siiected to be (he Star and Argus back and humlllat- F4ist and Sycamore streets will open s,.li'Cte.l liy the state conuuittee at ed its editor. Now that we have Kck next Tuesday evening. .•Xn eighty,),,, i,)..,.iini; in Topi-ka. ' in a we FRAIVIE BILL ABOUT TRACKS. National Union of Trackmen Will Introduce Bill in Oklahoma. pl.X'o band will tnmiah mualc for the <.ccasion. propose to twist It. .Ultort .\Ilen. will dellrer rbrMmns parkaires for yon to any place In the rlly. You can get htm any timo at the Western Tulon oilice. Eat anything yon like and when you like It but take a Ml-o-na stomach tablet first to strengthen the stomach and prevent indigestion. 50c a box. Nothing If it fails. Charles n. Spencer. BEN SHINN. a prominent attorney of Chanute. is in the city today on legal business. JAMES Peery received a box from his brother. Ben Peery, who has a ^^^^ _ ^ fruit ranch at Fowler. California, thisi ^j. j^^,^ j^uis. where she is week which contained 130 pounds or . various fruits raised on the ranch. ^The fruit is of the flneet kind of Ca"i foriiia dried fruits. Mr." Pe«hT bought a forty acre ranch when hs left here five or six years ago. He went in debt for It and now has It paid for i»nd pets several thousand dollars a y^ar from the fruit he raiset. His old : friends are glad to see him prospering. — Humboldt Herald. Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale oil terms. Call phone 1050. RECRUITING officers are receiving information to the effect that the gov ernment now furnishes enlisted recruits free with 8 number of articles which the new soldier formerly had to |)ay for out of his first month .« pay. These comprise a razor, shaving soap, razor strop, mug aiid brush, shoe brush and blacking, tooth brush and powder, a little "housewife" containing needles, tbreadr buttons, pins, scissors, etc. Dr. BeynaUf. Ffcaas IM. C14. AS \ TOICEN: on their appreciation of his splendid work, tha members of the Christian church at lola presented Rev. Kitchen, of this city, with a beautiful and costly Cravenettc coat. 'Tne presentation was made l?y Rev. Ellett, who paid the minister high praise in tendering the gift of the church. Rev. Kitchen has lieen holding revival services at lola for several weeks.—Chanute Sun. Six Per Cent Honey, nlngham. - E. M. Cun- OBilCEBY m • Go(>4 nt«i to Ert. Icle|^hwi«^ 159 ATTORNEY Chris Ritter went to Fredonia. Kas., today on business. GOV. E. W. HOCH has appointed r .€e Morrison justice of the peace at Savoninir.? to succeed Judge Alexan- J elude US itl VOUr list cf calls. der. who resigned a few days ago. County Clerk Culbertson receiven word from the governor to<lay as to the appointment. Mr. Morri.son is a grain buyer at Savonburg. WORKMEN are today busy rep .Tiring th? damage done the Jefferson school building by fire last wtek. Selections are Easy For Christmas Gifts if you do your shopping HERE. Yon will find that our store is full of the most appropriate and useful goods for gift giving and at prices most moderate. In Sterling Silver, Silver Plate, Gold Goods, China Watches, Clocks and Jewelry of all description, we have the season's late-t and most choice cffering. Don't fail to in Send k.T our catalog. n. Scott. tK-c. H.—The ofHciais of the -NaMonai L'nion of Katiway Truck m?u have prepared a bi'l. ••mbtidyln.!; tlieir ideas oti state regulations for the mainienan^' of railroad trac'; whlcii will i)o introductM in the Okia- houut legislature within a fiw days. It Is stated here that ihe bill has l)een irouiis.d the suiUHirl of llovenior Haskell and the s;ate ndtuinisirutiou. I.ut.r the bill will be pres>iited to lb" legisLuures In Kansas, Mls.suurl. Tex as and Ncbniska. The bill roipiirrs that railroads euu>loy constantly one trari.uiau exclusive of foreuion. for eaeh tulle of truck and iliat ii trae!; walKi'v lie e!nplo>t<d on each seciitui. Stjite rallmail lu^i'eeiors are also pro vliled for and It is provided that when a track has be.^n fouiul to b. unsaf>» by an Inspector he shall pub hsh warnings to the public in all pan ers of general oireulatlon IH ail tov.n.x through whioh the unsafe liii> of rni'srond passrs. DRUGGISTS PROIVIISE. Will Help Mayor Green Keep Topeka Lid Tight Tomorrow. SAMUEL S. WHITE, one of tho ol 1 settlers nf lola who several years a^o moved to Mnncie.. Indiana, arrived today for a visit with his daughter. Mrs. W. L. Allison, of 402 South Walnut street, and also old neighbors. Return From. St Louis. Mi-ss -Mary Northrup Is expected to return to lola on Wednesday. Deccir- a pupil In Hosmer House. Mo. Pac, Santa Fe and M. Ii. & T. Watch Inspectors. Look What's Go Our Annual Christmas Sale starts Monday. The Biggest l^hrlstmas Bargains ever offered the people will be advertised in this sale. Watch the Register Monday evening. Commencing Monday our store will be open evenings for the benefit of Christmas shoppers. New York Store Topelia. Dec. It.—All luit two dm;: stores in Toi)eka are parties to an a ?Trct :mcnt to remain closed all dav Suncfcy so lon.=: as the city administration attempts to enforce the Sunday closing ordinance which forbids selling anyth'u? but raedi f'ncs. The drus :.i ;;.-ts hc!<l a nn-et- inv arid derided on this lins of action. .Mayor Grten is persistin.s in his determination that al' people who violate the Sunday closing law tomorrow will he prosecuted, except those .-eii-pi; newspapers. Several North Top-ka grocers are taiking of onjoin- U\:-z the . city ;uithorities from enforc- Ihe ord:nance but'it is not prob- that they will pet th?ir suit started in tim«; to prevent the "lid from l )e 'n? ciamped cn tight'' in Topeka ti'morrow. NAMES NEW PASTMASTERS. Vljihens Lane .Vppolnted to Succeed W. P. Bosworfh at !»aola. Kas. Washington, Dec. 1 i.—The |.ost- master general today appointed .\1- pheus L,anc as po.stmaster of Paola, Ka.-;.. to succ-eed W. P. Itosworth. removed. Early ^ast sjiring a itostolTice Inspector filed an averse report on IJo.sworih which resulted in the depart ment asking Congressman Charles K. Scott to name a new postmaster there. SroM made a light to retain Ho.s- worili and succeeded in staying off ail appolnttnent for ten intuiths. Thr department, howevor. refused to yield and insisted upon a new man. wlicre- iipiin Seott recommended l.ane tcMla .v. SNOW IN NORTH. KANSAS PRESS ON lOLA. The Ip!a man who killed his partr ncr also: stole chickens—and eggs are 50 cents a dozen.—Ottawa Herald- Is .Mr.' Manley, of lola. a lucky man or has he experienced considerable lucH. He has a broken arm, but in recilving It he escaped bitea from viciou.s tlog. Saturday night he was (ui his >iay home when the dog ruth- e<l out at him. He stepped aside and ill .loin.tir so fell and his right arm waa Irokeii near the wrist.—State Jouj^ t-nl? Mrs. Stewui-i, through love for \vh (U)i a nwut named CrevIstOQ klllad ler hiwlmnd. has not yet been heard Blugiu):.:•Isn't It Ntc.« to Have Soma to Love you."—Sttllna Journal. And pow the lo'n man who klllad his \)aruier In business so he mlKht gi-t til"'imriner's wife as well as the l -nslnesK. will go to tha iKittltentiary, Irsing both the business and the \votuuu.4-Sallna Journal. ' lola has entirely driven out the evil of "can rushing," but a little boy who was carrying home a glass jar the other itlgiit fell with It, cut one of the p.rtpries of his arm, and nearly Ij'.cd to. death.—Ottawa Herald. Kiowa and Salina have lurid sensations of the lola variety. 1 The revival m eetings held by Rev. .\rnistrqng closed Sunday evening. A mens' rpeeting was held Sunday af- ternoon.i The tadips' Aid society of the Methodist Episcopal church held their Cihristmis Bazaar and Chicken Pie Dinner in the Fisher building Saturday, the: 14th. The .rlT ^nbers of the* Presbyterian church Held a qtiarter Centennial cel- "l>rai;rn! Tuesday. r.lenn 3Iendell and Richard Hurlock witi-.os=€il the production of "The ClHim of B'cod." by Walker "V^Tiite- side aiid; company at the Grand theatre Wednesday night. The Katy's new train ran tm schedule List Sunday. The Christian Endeavor society of the Presbyterian church gave a soda! a* Thy home of Miss E^va Wiright on the evening of Friday, the 13th. BELFRT. storm ExtenHs Over a Large Area.— Si >ven Inches of Snow in Chicago. t'lJcaRc). Ih'c. H. —.\ severe snow sturin i-i-c<l last night and continues todfy. eaiising considerable delay to the .service of car lines. There is s.ven inches of snow here. The storm is of wide extent, spreading ver 0. greater part of the country from the RocJ;y mountains to the .\t- l;'ntic cjast. "in many localities east of rhicaso tiie snow has turned to rain. SHIP ASHORE IN STORM. Heav/ Seas Prevent Aid by Life Saw- Inq Station. New York. Dec. 14.— The bark. Ed- nicml Phiiiney. wn.'? driven ashorj- on tne- east side of Sandy Hook today in a heavy storm. Owing to the bling- ing snow and terrific seas the life saving crew was unable to sh()ot the life line to the stranded bark' or to launch fhe lif.? boats. There are a dozen men it: the rigging of the Phlnney. To Rehearse Cantata. .\r ?mbers of the choir of the Christ lan church will meet on Monday evening to rehearse the scores of the cantata. "Holy City." The choir be?an prep.T-ing ti:e 'music some weeks ago but the work was interruptad by revival services. £plsr«p«l Bisbop Dead. Wilmington. Dec. 14.—Leithon Cole- Episcopal Bishop of Delaware, was found dead in bed this raomiiig at his home in this'cIJy. ' He was ill with a hard cold which developed Into kidney trouble. We are enjoying a cold wave. Quite a congregation was disap* lointed last Sunday evening at Jeddo (hiirch. [ The pastor did not come. Frank, Brooks moved to Cherokee, Ok'ahoma. . Harve Baker movetl out from La- Hariw oil Mrs Walker's farm west of Bethel. :.Mrs. Mather Is a resident of U,la. Pick Statler hns purchased a alxty (dollar talking machit)e. .\vitloy and Roy luiver Suodayed \v=tli Ross Ijtvar in Central Avenue. C!au(!e Stewart and family of lola spent a few days visiting his brother, Ten a Stewart. Chas. jHenderson moved to the Maple drove neighborhood. Mr. Henderson and family will be sadly mlHed in this ^neighborhood. O^car - I>aver made a business trip to Htimboldt Wednesday afternoon. .Mr. Statler and family spent Tpei' I'ay evening at Mr. Wliitebread'9. IToth families have a phonograph. Will Dugan and family soent Son- dsy wldi his sister, Mrs. tiDwns. DR. : GARLINGH0U8E HOME. Completed Coiirse in Chicago Madiaal Schools. Dr. O. L. Rarllnghouse retamed today from Chicago where he took a r)ost gradtiate course in medicine in the Korthwestern Schocd of Medietae and th^ Bering College. Dr. (3aTli|U|>- • hou.s.? attended over two hundred-operations and also a ntmiber of lee< tures during his absence. A\: ALASKA BAXK CLOSED. FairhaBks Raakfar Camwar Says Ae«. ' tloB Is TeaqMirain-. Seattle. Wash., Det i4i—The Fair- hanks Banking company, of FUr> banks.: Alaska, closed the doors yea- terday ;nn aobonnt of a lack of currency. ' The ofHcials state the snsptn" sion is'made temporarily. The assets are threes hnndred thonsand d(4lan in excen of the UabiliUea. -T- _ _j k«

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