Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 4
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GHABLE8 F. ...J'' ^- Telepbones. Reporters' Room .222 BannesB Office .'IS mtenid at lola, Kanus, Postoffice. as Second-class Matter. ^ Advertising Rates Made Known on • i, AppllcaUon. SUBSCRIPflON BATES. Bj Curler In lola. Gas City, Lanyoa* Tllle or La Uarpe. One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year $5.00 1 By MaO. One Year, In advance ., $4 .00 Thi^ Montbs, in advance,^.: $1.00 One Month, In advance ... .\ 44 OFnCIAL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. KEMBEITOF ASSOCIATED PRESS! Tke lola Dalljr Register Is a member of Uie. Associated Press and Receives ' the dv report If that great news or- gaaliatlon for EXCIUSIT'O Aftenloon PabUetatlon In lola. AMELIA BINGHAM in " At the flrand »pera lloase, nirRSD.VY, BECEMBER 19. Public Speaker Interrupted. Public 8|i«ikors are frequently In- ttrrupted by pi'oplo cnuRhini;- ThU •would riot happen If Koh'y'a Honoy and Tar «vre takon, ns It euros couKhs and c<»Ids and provonts imeu- inonia and coiisuiiiptlon. The Rpnuine contains no opintps and Is In a yellow package. Burrell's Drug Store. STOESSEL HAD AID The Testimony of the^ Russian Com mander at the St. Petersburg Trial. ' St. Petersburg. Dec. 13.—<3enera! Knropatkin testified! today at the court martial of General Stoessel and other army officers, charged with needlessly surrendering Port Arthur to the Japanese, that the Japanese could have taken'Port Arthur!by assault in the early days of the war, as the defenses were then so Inconi- pU'tc. On the whole- General Kuro- patkln's evidence was favorable to General Stoessel. The conduct of General Fock. who is charged with responsibility for thp . defeat at Nanchanl, and the subsequent retirement to Port Arthur, a'so was reviewed by the court, and the evidence of General Kuropatkin was helpful to this ofBcer as well. General Kuropatkin declined to answer several questions on the ground that to do so would make known military secrets, but he did say that the whole plan of war was based upon the sup posed incivility of the Russian fleet and that the original scheme for the defense of Port Arthur could not be carried out after the squadron had been cripp'cd by the "treacherous op cning attack of the Japanese." The_ name of ex-Viceroy Alexleff. who has declined to appear as a wit ness, was mentioned often in an un favorable light and a ripple of merrl ment was provoked by a phrase in one of his orders saying, "the chief Usk of Fock Is to retreat at the proper time." General Kuropatkin did pot conceal his animosity towards the ex -vlceroy and said that Alexieff had forbidden him to visit the fort ress before the siege. Do You Open lour Konth Like a young bird and gulp down what* ever f9od or medicine may be offered yon? Or, do you waut to know something of the composition and character of that which you take into your stomach whether as food or medicine ? ' Most intelligent.and sensible people now -a-days insist on knowing what they employ whether as food or as medicine. Dr. Pierce believes they have a perfect right to intUt upon such knowledge. So he publIshes,otaaadcut and on each bottle', wfaaUni inoUilnes are made of he can ifttLBford to do hpr^nup thp mny^ lY\^ tn«radientg of which his medicines areliiaSeare stu^d^a^ understood Ihe ^oW wH|._m_elr superior cnraUve virtues SiHBUr&I^rf — For the enroof woman 's pecnilar weaknesses, liTegnlartties and derangemoits, giving rise-to freqnent headaches, backache, dragglngHlown pain »r distress In lower abdominal or pelvic region, accompanied, ofttlmes, with a debiliUting, pdvic, catarrhal drain and kindred symptoms of weakness. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription la. a most eiScient remedy. It Is equally effective In curing .painful periods. In giving strength to nursing mothers ana in preparing the system of the expectant mother for baby's coming, thus rendering childbirth safe and comparatively pamless. The "Favorite Prescription ' is a most'potent, strengthening tonic to the general system and to the organs distinctly feminine In particular. It Is also a soothing and Invigorating Bertine and cures nervous exhaustion, nervou prostration, Inenralgla. hysteria, apacms. chorea or 6t Vltus's dance, and other distressing neiiTons symptoms attendant upon functional and organic diseases of the distinctly feminine organs. A host of medical authdriUes ofall the eeveral schools of braetim, recommend each of the several iligredlents of which "Faverlte Prescription* la made for the ears of :the dtoeaass fo> which It IsdaUned to bea enre. Yoa Btay read what they |mitir»tanipoet ; \jasss. OF GAS GUY SETERAL FAMILIES ABE MOVIXQ TO OLD HOMES IS MISSOFRL ROY HILL WAS R3LEASED COXTEXDED llNXOCEXCE OF BIS- TUBBING PEACE. ^ i f. J. Longslpn Traded Pool Hall— Personal Jiews Xotes. Roy Hill Released. Roy Hill who was arrested Thursday on the charge of disturbing the peace by shooting off a gun at d dance which was being held In South Gas, was released today. He contended that he was innocent so strongly that the officers allowed him to go. There was not evidence enough to convict him. Traded Pool Hall Off Yesterday. C. J. I-«ngston, proprietor of the Gas City poll hall, yesterday consummated a deal whereby he disposes of his ball in this city to .M. McCarty of La Harpe for La Harjie property. Mr .McCarty took pu-ssession at once. He Is exi'erlenced In the business nnd doubtless will make a success of the e'nler|)riso. .Mr. I.x)ngston has not yet decided what he will do in the future. Are .Moving Away. M :uiy Gas City funillles are planning lO 'inove away. Yesterday three funi- llles '^oved to their former honicB in aouthorn iMisBuurl. Many more are planning to leave here touuirrow. Those who left yesterday are: W. W. Suninern to ,Monle Volla. Jio.; John ItoblnsDU, i« Solo, Mo,; Leo Hounis. to Walnut Shades, Mo. Are Laying OiY .Men. •V. .\. Trabue who returned yesteV- day to this city from .Mildred wheVe he baa been working at the cariMJU- lers trade for the past several weeks .says that workmen are being laid off at that city also. This he does not believe will last"longer than after CInist mas. Work will be resumed then, it Is said. Challenge Received. A challenge was received here by the faculty of the Gas City high school from A. J. Baker, superintendent of the La Harpe schools, asking for a conte.U in a debate, oration, essay and declamation between the two schools for some date in the near {uturc. 11 is not kuown whether the challenge will be accepted. \ Christian Cbnrcli. Rev. John Wesley of the Christian .church of this place, ))rcachcd to a ^ood sized audience last Sabbath night on Psalms of Paul. This coming Sab- jaih evening he will preach on the largest word in Bible spelt with four etters and will.Illustrate a part of the same. Come and hear him. Rev. \Vesley is a forcible speaker and if you come once you will come again. Sabbath school at 10 a. m. Pre^h- ng at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at G:4.=i p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. On Sabbath evening, December 22nd on "The Meanest Thing in Gas City." Coriie and hear hira. The .\orth End Chnrch. ^ Regular Sabbath services at the .Vorth End United Presbyterian church at 11 a, m. and 7:30 p. in. Bible school at 9:-15 a. m.; preaching at 11, subject. "Jacob's Wagons." Evening subject, "The Book of Exodus." lunior at 3 p. ni. The Sacrament of the I.,ord's Supper will be observed at the morning service. All are cordially invited to these services. REV. W. .\. LEEPER, Pastor. Personals. Mrs. C. H. Hatchett who has been very ill for some time is better today. Rev. McLaughlin of Eskridge. Kas., who preached here last evening, returned to his home this morning. Will Engle, former city marshal, was in the city yesterday on business He was accompanied by his father, V. Engles. of Moran. Kans. Miss Carrie Sainp!e, of Savonburg^ ;ame in this morning to visit relatives in this city. BUSY DAY IN WASHINGTON. Delegates Froni Different Ciiles Work ing for Democratic Meeting. - "VK'hshlnglon. Dec. 12.—Members of the Democratic national committee called to meet at noon today were astir early. Canvassing for the location of the national convention was resumed with iptenslfled activity. Rep resentatives of: Denver and Louisville were especially active. Those two cities were not the only active candidates but friiends of each of them .seemed to be of the opinion that they had more to f^ar from Chicago than from their more pronounced rivals. BANQUET ON JANUARY 15. Nebraska Club Will Entertain W.J. Bryan at Dinner. tincoln. Nebf.. Dec. 12.— T. S. A'- len, chairman of the Democratic state central committee today announced that a dollar 4Vnner In honor of W. J. Bryan will be held on January 15. The eveot wUU- be one of the most largely attended banquets ever held in the state. .Distlnguliihad guests fom many stat^ have been Invited. It Is expected that Bryan will deliver ui address put'ining • his position on a number of issues. TO CUBE A ^OLD IK DUE DAY laAXATIVB BROMO Qnlnlne ^ Drajai^kta refund money If it faOa to cnre. ] E. W. GROVE'S alg- oatara la on eadi box. 26c. Of Every Family You Will Find a WOMAN AXD EVERY WOMAX SIIOILD ISE HER IXFLIEXCE IX THIS MATTER. THE WIFELY IXSTIXCT SIHULD BEM.tXD TH.AT THE WAGE EARXER SHOILI) RE FREE FRO.M THE CARE OF L.IRGE CASH OCTLAVS. THE POWER REHIXD THE POCKET BOOK, SHOCLB SEE TO IT THAT HER CLOTHES. HER HCSBAXD'S < CLOTHES AXI> THE CLOTHES OF ALL THE F.\MILY. HE PIRCHA.SED AT THE PEOPLE'S STORE OX AX EASY SELF-AD.irSTIX(; PAYMEXT PLAX. WE CLOTHE THOISAXDS AM) XOT OXE OF THEM WOCLB «0 BACK TO THE OLD WAY OF PAYI^Il AX EXCESSIVE PRICE .\T AX EXCLISIVE CASH HOISE. THEY LIKE THE EASY PAYMEXT PLAX. THEY THRIVE WITH IT. THEY'VE XO STKff.'GLE TO .MEET THEIR HILLS. IT'S THE PLACSIBLE, LOtilCAL AXO GEXERALLY PR.VCTICAL 2«TII CEXTCRY PLAX. Men's Suits and Overcoats .. $8.00 up Men's Pants $1.50, $2, $3 and $4 Boys' and Young Men's Suits $2.50 up Boys' Pants 25c, 35c, 50c and 75c Ladies: Cloaks from $2.50 up Ladies' Man Tailored Skirts and Suits, all Prices. Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices. Furs! Furs! Furs! Buy them now. LADIES FEEL AXD KXOW WHAT IT IS TODRKSS .STYLISHLY, CO.MFOHTABLY AXD ECOXOMICALLY, P-VYIXfi YOCR IXDEBTEDXESS OXLY AS YOC CAX; KXOW WHAT IT IS TO BE EXTIHELY FREE FROM LARfiE CASH OCTLAYS. HASTEX TO START AX ACCOIXT. $1.00 OR $2.00 A WEEK WILL DO. PEOPLE'S STORE OUTFITTING COMPANY SOUTHWt:ST CORNER OF THE SQUARE. lOLA, KANSAS. JACKSON OBJECTS Made Spirited Reply to Newspapers Which Criticised His Official Actions. Topeka, Dec. i:5.—^.Vttomey General F. S. Jackson is not disposed to a'low iTnfair criticisms of Ws official actions to pass without reply and yesterday took, hot shots at two of his recent critlcs-Hhe I.."avenworth Times and R. 9. Utchfield. of Independence. The Leavenworth paper, owned by Congressman D. R. .\nth- ony. stated editorially a few day.s ago that there is much dlssatlafaction with the conduct of the antMrust suit against the International Harvester company, demanding; that someone be lAt in jail. The attorney general demands to know who the Leavenworth paper wants put in Jail, says toe writer of the editorial did not know what he was writing abqut. and closes with a suggestion that -the Times use a little of its surplus energj- in assist- tag to close the joints and.dives at I^eavenworth." Litchfield was one of tha ol' prnduc ers who came to Topeka Tuesday to beseech the attorney general to drop the ouster proceedings against the Prairie Oil & Gas company, an auxiliary of the Standard Oil com- PIS0"5 CURE rakina ibe nclit lime. Pito'tCnre ;OLDS pany. In an interview piibllshcd after he loft Topeka, LItchfleld said that .Jackson Is fighting the Standard C! company only for the purpose r>f niakinc himself governor and in- tiniatins that oil producers will organize against him. In a lengthy stiiteniont on this subjsct the attorney general reca'ls the fact that both party platforms in the last state campaign declared for rigid enforcement of anti-trust laws and that the legis lature appropriated $15,000 for the sxpre.'is pur|> of paying the expenses of antitrust prosecutions. He .states too. that the Standard Oil company -would be treated just as any ether litigant and then he says. "We do not claim to be oil experts hut we do think we know as much about the situation as Llfchfisld does about the nature of an ouster suit. He saems to think we Intend to tear up the pipe lines and tbrow them over the moon." In closinc his statement the attorney general says: "Perhaps I am giving this matter more attention •han It deser\-es but the practice of turning the other cheek to those who take a fling at this office termlnited when the present incumbent was swcm in." THE FLURRY IS OVER i state Grain Insnector Says Increaseo- I Grain Shipments Prove This. | I I I Topeka, Dec. 13.—John W. Rad ford, siato grain Inspector, says thati grain shipments are on the increase! rgain, a fact which he considers evi- \ 'dsnce that the financial situation' is' clearing up. He says that for a timet there was practically no grain bcins! ! shipped for the reason that buyers! ' could not secure the funds ' with' which to pay for it. "Recently, the number of cars received daily at Kansas City has been increasing," said Mr. Radford, "and one firm received 15 cars one day this week. I consider this a sure Indication that dealers have been able to make arrange ments to secure funds. That Is evidence that the financial situation is clearing up." MERCANTILE CLUB TO HELP. Topeka. Dec. 13.—Carl Dehonay, secretary of the Morcant'le club at KanRat-- City. Kans.. anneared before the State Board of Haiiroad Commissioners here yesterday for tha > pur- t>ose of assurlne the Board that the Mercantile dub nnd city council ar« aealn ready to prosecute the com- n'alnts agaln.«t railroads enterinc; Kansas CItv for failure to provide su'tabls pas .-^enKPr and freight ser vice. Comp'a'nts were filed several months ago. but the hearing was ppst- noned Indcflnltely at the request of bnih parties to the complaint. It wan t^cn hoped to reach an agreement throneb arbitration. Mr. DcHoney vf.ited that the cl*y counsellor of KnnF?s City would' within a short tim? file n motion asking that the rirmpiaint b«> set down for an early hearing. CASE AFTER CASE. Plenty More Like This IB lola. Scores of lola people caa^tell yqu about Doan's Kidney Pills. Many a happy citizen makes a public statement of his experience. Here Is a case of It. Wliat better proof of merit can be had than such endorsement? Joseph Stephens, of 318 West Monroe street, lola, Kansas, says: "The prompt action of Doan's Kidney PiUg should recommend them to anyone snffering from their back or kidneys. procured this remedy at Chaa. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store and Its use brought me great relief from pain in my back and other evidences of a disturbed conditon of the kidneys. In my estimation Doan's Kidney Pills are the banner kidney remedy, and I give them my emphatic eOdorsement" Flor sale by all dealers. Price 50 centa. Foster-MUbnrn Ca. Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United SUtes. Remember the name—Doan's and take no other. Try • W ^Bt Ai. !• tke Bcf later. WLA STATE BANK OMPITALSta^OO iour ,iauaMs. A, W. Beck. L. E. Homlle. J. A. Robinson, H. L. Henderson. J. {I. Campbell, Geo. £. Nicholson, Ynnk Riddle. Livinq ^toD AH klada of work a apeeUltr • HMtk SyeaMT*. PktM JIM CUBISTXAS PKESSHTS I Nothlnca better than a masaalncf for t friend. Far your manudiiM aaa J. E. HENHKIMOII.

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