Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1908
Page 4
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tttaWA^mf BKggfM, ETEHDig. PBCEOgR 9i '1m. n» lou imr lEasm cHASw F. sebxT. Entered at lola, Kansas. Postoffice. as Second-Class Matter. Advertising Rates Sfade Known on Application. SUBSCBIPTIOX BATES. Bj Carrier In Itria, jBas Cltj, Lanjroa- rllle or IjiHarpe. One week 10 centH One month 44 cento One year $5.00 BY MAIL. One year inside county $2.00 One year outside county $4.00 Tliree months, in advance $1.00 One month, in advance 44 OFFICIAL PAPEB, CITY OF SET. BAS Telephones: Business Office 18 Editorial Rooms 222 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Wa.shingtou. U. C. Dec. 3rd: Wash liiBton nnwspapers for the last few ilnvK hrtvo bP (»n KivinK a great deal of iiitfnilon to the recent order of the Prpsljent oxtooilhiR the Civil Ser- vjc- over ull Fourth ClnHs PoHtmast- tifH III tlic SliitPH north of the Potomac iiiKt OHHt of the Mississippi river. The luipiTK H(!em to think that thl« action will moot with vigorous opposition on the part of the Congressman whoKP •'patronage" Is thus taken from them, and their ability to build up a "machine' to this extent diminished. As a matter of fact the order of the Ppesident only puu into concrete form what has In effect been the practice of the Post Office Department for seven or elfiht years. For seven years at least to my personal knowledge thi- Department has not permitted the removal of a fourth class postmaster for anything other than failure to properly perform the duties of his offirr. so that the late order of the President only gives his official sanction to a practice that Is already In existance. And so far as I have heard an expression of sentiment the Members of Congress will certainly have no romplaint to make. As a matter of politics every Congressman understands perfectly well that his post of fioe patronage is a source of weakness rather than of strength; while as a matter of the fitness of things every Congressman must concede that the people onght to be permitted to elect their postmasters just as they elect their other local officials. Of course this cannot be done under the present Constitution and doubtful whether the Constitution will ever bee banged so as to permit It to be done. It is for that reason that the present system has grown up. of hav Ing postmasters appointed upon the recommendation of the Congressman It is a little difficult also to see Just how the matter can be managed through ordinary Civil Service chan nels because It Is pretty hard to figure out what kind of an examination will test the ability of a man to make a good postmaster. Nearly anybody "f averaee Intelligence can perform the routine duties of a post office. But a very Important consideration should be the personal relations of the postmaster to his patrons, his courtesy, his willingness to oblige and all the things that go to make lip Individual popularity. It will I'o interesting to see just how the Civ il Service Commission works out an • xamlnatlon that will test these things. • • • One of the conditions of the with drawal from Peking of the foreign forces sent there to restore order during the Boxer insurrection was the payment to the various governments of the expense incurred by them in the expedition. It was perhaps im possible just at that lime to figure out exactly the amount due each gov emment and so the men In charge of the negotiations fixed a figure which would without question be large enough. WTien the United States came to balance Its accounls accurately It was discovered that the' amount which the Chinese Government had asreed to pay was some fourteen millions greater than the expense we had actually Incurred. By Act of Congress, therefore, upon the recommendation of the President the payment of this fourteen million dollars was i>|uinb and CmdweU,. Since 1880 be' tnu been In 'WJuUngton at dilet clerk- In the Dead Letter ofllcc. and was a' familiar figure at every gathering, of Kansas men. Mr. Bnrlingame probably had but two peers in point of long pobllc service as recorded In the history of Kansas, Justice David Brewer, who has- f)eea continuously .in public 1 *1' " ,V na»- peea contuoousiy .in puoiic nriS dPHTlV vet OrOmoT-' " belleve since 1864, and Judge aClS y*?llityj^«^t j^mit^i Thomas Ryan who has held a suc- lyonthebowels,cleQnses ^'""""^'^•"'"•^""'^ assisi^ one in CM /ercomin§ habitual conslRpation permanently. To get its oene|icial ejects buy tKe JFioSrRUPCo. I In the '708 until the present time. C. P. S. CHAMP CLARK TO LEAD. He is Chosen by Democratic Caucus to Succeed Williams. Washington. Dec. 8—^Representative Champ Clark, of Missouri, was chosen, minority leader of the house at caucus of the Democratic memebra of that body. Mr. Clark, in succeeding Mr. Will lams, who has been the Democratic leader for six years, takes up the lead ershlp with a united Democracy behind him. During the six terms he baa served In the house, he was won the reputation among his admirers of both parties of being one of Us most scholarly and eloquent,members. As ranking minority member of the ways and means committee he has been well to the front In IcgUlative affairs remitted and China was of course notified of the action. It was a gererous thing to do and China has ackpowl- during the last few years, edged it by sending a special Bnvoy The programme for the election of to Washington to extend to this na- the new leader was disarranged by tlon the thanks of the Chinese Gov- the retiring leader, Mr. Williams, who emment. This Bnvoy arrived- this m not wait for the man selected to week with a numerous retinue Includ- nominate the Missouri representative Ing some eighty persons and yester- but performed that function himself, •lay he called at the White House with great pomp and ceremony and NEWS FOR DYSPEPTICS. delivered a letter to the President in "Allow me to congratulate you on which the thanks of China w^e con- your discovery of MlH>-n8. I had sev- veyed to the people and the-povem- eral of the best doctors In the city ment of the United States for the geo- but none seemed to do me any good, eroslty shown to the celestial Bn- I vomited frequently. I had this trou pl-e. One of the finest residences ble four years. T took one box of M1-o- In the City tas been engaged for the na Ublets. and now eat almost aay- use of the Envoy and he will remain thing withflut distress."—Mrs. Mary here thrpughout the winter in order Becker, 1990 Bally Ave., Buffalo, N. Y to carry out an elaborate program of "I would be dead if it wasn't for Mi- soclal entertainment which It is nn- o-na. One year ago I weighed only drrstood has been arranged In order loO pounds; now my weight Is 159 that the gratitude of bis government pounds. I eat everything I want- may still further be emphasized. cabbage, ham. fried potatoes—every• • • thing doctor said nof to eat or I would The Ways and Means Committee die."—Mrs. Carrie Vanaman, Bridge- room continues to be the center Of port, N. J. attraction and Is filled every day "I suffered with stomach trouble for with an audience listening eagerly to 16 years; spent $300 for medicines, the testimony that Is being everything failed to do any good until given either for or against the I found Mio-ona. That has cured me. various schedules In the tariff law. and It will cure others that suffer." And if anybody imagines that this In- —L. R. Nonket. Mountain Island. N. C [-vestigation Is all one sided, that no- Chas. B. Spencer & Co. sell Ml-o-na body is coming forward as a witness tablets, the dyspepsia remedy that Is except those who advocate a contlnu- making such surprising cures through atlon of the present duties, and that out America for 50 cents a box, and no questions are asked which might he guarantees them to cure acute and have a tendency to develope the chronic Indigestion, vomiting from whole truth in relation to any given any cause, and sea or car sickness, schedule, he is vastly mistaken. Even If all the RepuOlican members of the TOO COLD FOR SCHOOL. Committee were Incorrigible stand- Q patters (which" they arc not by any The Silver Leaf School Irts Ohmlised manner of means) It ought to be re- Yesterday, membered that there are seven Dem- The Silver Leaf school In district 73 ocrats who are among the keenest and had to be dismissed yesterday on ac- shrewdest men In Congress and who count of weak gas. It seems that the certainly miss no opportunity to bring mains which have been supplying the out Information which they think school for several years were drawn might be favorable to their point of on too heavily by new patrons. The view in the tariff controversy. Ev- school rooth .was so cold yesterday ery witness who comes before the that tha board dismissed the pupils. Committee is put upon a vertlable Arrangements are being made to se- grill and roust stand a bombardment cure gas from one of the smelters, of questions that might well terrorize n man not entirely sure of his CHILDRE.X WHO ARE SICKLY ground. I happen to know of sever- .Mothers who value their own com al gentlemen who .misled by the rep- fort and the welfare of their children, resentatlons of Democratic ncwspa- should never be without a box of pers into believing that the Hearing Mother Grays Sweet Powders for was all one sided and that they could Children, for use throughout the sea- get up and read their little essay or »on- They break up colds, cure fever- make their little speech and then sit Ishness, constipation, teething, dlsor- down. have come to Washington with ders. headache and stomach troubles, the Intention of appearing before the THESE POWDERS .NEVER FAII* Committee but have changed their Sold by all drug stores, 25c. Don't ac- mlnds after noUclng what happened cept aiiy substitute. A trial package to some other man who took the w»l he sent FREE to any mother who stand before theih. It Is one thing will address Allen S. Olmstead, Le to get up and without Interruption Boy, N. Y. make an ex parte representation of certain views, hut It is quite another ^••••^•fc mm Alinnrai long^raining and experiJ^m have be^ 1 A I lILn Ultll uUllULn come marvelously skilled in the business. fire an endless string of questions at you Said Stm That the Late Ed Broderson with occasional side remarks and com- Was Afflicted WItli Hereditary ments that are not always complimen- Heart Tronble. tary. Kotblng Is more certain than that the whole tariff question Is be- That Ed Uroderson. the lola cigar ing gone Into at these Hearings with manufacturer and tobacconist, who an openness and thoroughness never dropped dead last Friday night while before equalled, and nothing is more engaged in a bowling contest with a certain than that when the bill is fi- team at Cbanute. was afflicted with nally prepared It will be found up to hereditary heart trouble now seems date hi every schedule. * * * Tht bUiiden and unexpected death of R; H. Lindsay. ^\"aEhington correspondent of the Kansas City Star, which occurred Monday has brought the sincerest sorrow to to be the case. The Chanute Tribune has learned that Mr. Broderson's father and a brother both died suddenly of heart failure. The brother. It is related, died while hurrying to •loard a train. When he had reached I .he coach, he reached for the hand rail then suddenly gaEi>ed and fell p^strate upon the depc; platform. nosL Use No. 7 Flour Good a» any—belter than Don't FV>rfat Oar MEAT MARKET We handle only the beat of Prssfe treats. Smoked and Salt Mast*. We Want Toer PRODUCE farmers, and will' pay the highest market price ^n cash or trade. Cone tn and see us. We are sole agents for J. IL Bom's COPPBESandTBAS If yon will sin (kte Ua* «iztel rev 'Will use BO etber. Fryer Bros. tkm$ mum; ]#avo«saav» u|rwaa tfa© . there are about two hundred corres- .\ithough he was carried Into the de- uondents tn Washington representing p^t and emergency treatment quickly newspapers all over the country and admialatered, he died within a few they constitute a corps of remarkably minutes. able and In many Instanced of really The funeral service for Mr. Broder- brllllant men. The Washington cor- gon was held yesterday at the family respondent of an important newspa- home near Lyndon, Kas. per must combine the qualities of a Jacob Broderson. a brotlier of the reporter with those of an editorial deceased. Is a resident of OtUwa and writer because what he writes neces- | B encaged In the foundry business sarlly has much to do with the policy there, of the Journal he represents. All the Tobacco at its Best The choice Havana in "Mercantile" Cigars is ripened, mellowed, aged by the same process we have employed for cighteeri years. It attains an unusual d^ee of aromatic richness AAfwa1lcfcaaiae "Cinr It'a k hebbr ot onn to baro mtOm before it is roUed into "Mercantiles." You'U find this rare, good quality in all Mercantile Cigars roi) High Grade for "Free Deals" Cigar dealers have learned not to expect "free deals" and premiums with "Mercantile" Cigars. We could not afford to give them without reducing the quality. This we will never do.^ Our aim is to please the «moJler. Just now we are aiming at yoa. Try a "Mercantile" today and know Havana tobacco at its best F. R. RICE MERCANTILE CIGAR CO., St. Louis, Mo. Factory 305—First Diatrict of Miuouri HAVE TACKY SKATE will be Given at Rink Friday Night. Cash Prizes. If the tacky skate to be given at the Audltorlbm Friday night proves as entertainng as the one held last year ever>-one will get their money's worth good and strong. The skaters have been asking .for something out of the ordinary and a tacky skate is now offered. All skaters will be asked to Wear old clothes which are out of style, or ragged or something along that order. The band will appear as a Rube band and will lead the grand march in addition to playing on the floor during the first hour. Grand .March at 9 o'clock. Two dollars will be given for the best lady costume and two dollars for best gentleman's costume. FOKMEB I0L.4X A BANKBUPT. Creditors of !x. P. Allen to Xeet at Fort Scott December 16th. C. E. Cory, of Fort Scott, referee in t>ankruptcy. Is sending out notices to the effect that M. P. Allen, a former resident of this city, has been ad- Judged a bankrupt at Uarnett and that the first meeting of the creditors will be held at his offices In Kprt Scott at nine o'clock on December 16th at which time the creditor^ who attend may prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt and transact such other business as will nroperly come up In connection with the matter. Alien has creditors here. It Is said that he once owned a stock In lola to the amount of 16.000 or »7 ,noo. —For fine Ilvcry and boarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. HAD TEMPERANCE MEETING. Sunday Schools of City Had Rally Sunday. The annual temperance rally for Sunday school pupils was held at the Baptist church Sunday afternoon. Each of the Sunday schools of the city was largely represented and an excellent program of music and appropriate recitations was given. Rev. Ki^owles of.Trinity church and Prof. Berry, of the Y. M. C. A. made short addresses which interestfed the audience. Mrs. B. B. Keys and Xrs. A. E. Varner arranged the entertainment for the meeting. GUARANTEED CURE FOR PIMPLES. Zemo, a clean h'quid for external use draws the germs and their toxins to the surface of the skin and destroys them, leaving the skin clear and healthy. Two to six bottles will cure any case of pimples and blackheada For sale everywhere. Write for sample, £. W. Rose Medicine Co., St. Louis. For sale at Burrell's Drug Store A DIAMOND RING FREE. Auditorium Will Qiv«.One to Most Popular Lady Skater. Starting tonight votes will be issued with ever}- ticket sold at the Skating Rink, two with admission tickets and five with skate tickets whereby the purchasers may vote for their choice of the lady skaters. The contest will close on the night of January 1st. 1909" and a $65.00 Diamond Ring will be given to the young lady who seems to be the choice of the Auditorium patrons. The ring Is now on exhibition at J. V. Merchant's jewelry store. DEL TKAVLS SAID NO. WOMEN ARE VICTIMS. Indoor Life and Lack of Canses Piles. Exercise But County ('lerk Learned That More Pheasants Can Be Had. • County Clerk Emmett Culbertson some time ago wrote to Del Travis, state game warden, asking whether or not It would be possible to obtain some more pheasants for this county. Mr. Culbertson had received requests from several local parties who wanted some of the birds to release on their land. In reply Mr. Travis stated that he could not supply hiiri now but might next year. Mr. Culbertson has learned, however, that the pheasants can be obtained at Oak Park, 111., where Mr. Travis secured those he sent here and to other counties of the state. More women than men have piles, ft Is because they take so little outdoor exercise and are so often constipated. There is a stagnation of blood in the lower bowel, and no amount of cutting or treatment with ointments and suppositories will remove this cause. Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Rold, an internal, tablet medicine, will permanently cure any case of piles, removing the cause. Price, $1 at Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s. Fully guaranteed. Dr. Leonhardt Co., Station B, Buffalo, N. Y. Write for Booklet. rMEOB.V BUBAL MAIL CARRIERS. An AsKlstant Postmasffr General Has Recommended This .More. A Washington dispatch says that the matter of uniforming rural route mall carriers Is under consideration for the coming year. The fourth assistant postmaster general has recommended that the rural carriers be ordered to wear uniforms and the delivery of packages of eleven pounds at a special rate. Charles R. Spencer. (Histmaster, has received no official advice on the sub- lect of requiring unlfonns for rural carriers but seems to think that the Innovation, which he considers a reasonable one. may l>e ordered by the postoffice department. CAR REPAIRERS ARE HOUSED. The Kansas Law Now Being Observed by the Railroads. Topeka. Dec. 8.— W. A. J (Anson, commissioner cf the bureau of labor and indnstrq. In a report Issued yesterday, says that the law requiring the building of sheds to protect car repair men in storms is being generally observed by the railroads in Kansas. The law was passed in 1907, but few-sheds were built last .winter. This year, however, sheds have been built at all important points. There are several disputes over the location of these sheds which may require litigation. S.inlM If) December 15th is the last date for cheap HOMESEEKERS EXCURSION RATES In 1908, See us for particulars. W.E. RALStON, AgL —See the Our Way window. C. A. FRONK FILES BOND. Newly Elected Commissioner Ready for Business. GeU creat newspapers, therefore, send \ie\\ Washington the very best men tlwy can command. And among these hnn* dreds of brilliant writers it i« not extravagant to say that "Dick" LInd- say was amoog the vefy foremost - ISJSTSIL'IIII?*"^ half doten. He was not only a ready jBItrt M IUSMM writer but he had an almost marvel> SS" "TfJ^fSStiS ous faculty of "slxlng up" a altnaUon ' iwrrjiimi and of forecasting events. He was the soul of honor, the trusted friend, ol every nubile man In Washington frofli the President down, and all of tbap feel that In his death they have sof. fered a personal loss. *. • • Another death which was no tad with regretful interest by the Kanaas contingent was, that of Ward BvHn* me. which . looearred la Ttaarsday. Mr: BnrfiasaaM ««|bffti Uie aolqae diatlnctlttn of. hwHar ~ private aecfatanr to Owafsorp's ^d BAD BLOOD luy far*, aad^my ruwl «•< not lumall •aytl.| Commlssoner-elect C. A. FronU. who will succeed Commissioner Paul Klein 8s a member of the board In January has filed his bond .with R. L. Thompson. Under the law the commissioner's bond Is approved by the register of deeds. The bond is for $5,000 and the surety is the American Bonding company of Baltimore. Many Attended Service. The song service at the Christian church -Sunday evening was a very enjoyable event. There was a big house present. The following was the program: [{ymn "Now the Day Is Over' Cboir and Congregation. Solo "The Holy City' Mr. Boatrlght. Anthem All Hall the Power of Jesus Name" The Choir. Hymn; "Oh. Could I Speak the Matchless Worth." Choir and Congregation. Anthem. ."My Soul be on Thy Guard." The Choir. Anthem "Stand Up for Jesus" The Choir. Trio, "At Eventide It Shall be Ugfat^ 'Misses Elam. Snyder, and WBHama. Anthiim "Lead Khidly Ugfat." The Choir. Duet ............. "iUbide With Ma," Hlaa wmuma and Mr. OaWa. Improve Your Baking* KC Baking Powder will do iti Get acaa Try it fi)r your favorite cake. If it doesn't raise better, roan evenfy, higher, —if it isn't daintier, more delicate in flavor, —we return your money. Everytoc^ agrees. K C has no equal Iff* BAKING ff\V POWDER Tf- Pure, Wholesome, Ecofiomica]. INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It Is not an expense but an Investment. It Is something you must have but somathlng you must be careful of, as It is very Important that the right companies are selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would like to SHOW ¥OU. i. E. POIfXLL WHY PAY RENT? When you can buy .a home with the same money? I have some mighty nice properties oa hand right now which I will sell you for the same money that you are paying out rent for. Tha properties are well located and are a good Investment All'I want is a chance to SHOW YOU; J. E. POWELL

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