The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1951
Page 11
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MONDAY, OCTOBER », 1951 Our Boarding House wifrh Moj. Hoopic OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ? OO VfcO |MAS(« •W19 l& A 308 WHERE A MAU BEHHOD SOME TO BOLT A COLO erre ? — WOOLDH-T THE STWISTIClftti LOfJCtA LeiSUCB- LV PACK IT Anyway TO MUMCH > YOU A LLWCH WITH RAU Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November «, 1»51 F.r Mmror DAN A. BLODQETT E. R. JACKSON DOYLE HENDERSON For Aliennan tint Ward DR. J. I". BROWNSON HOMFR WILSON Third Wmrd L. O. NASH For Alderman Fourth Ward LESLIE MOORE Smut bride* chooM Meyer'a Bread, - \ . .. .. ,._ '^. For eacn and every meal, It keepi hubby .traJght. and he's never lato, Keyer'j Brno hu bridegroom appeal I FOR SALE C«Mfi>« mhntrM. II imch (• u iart. pUla . r raenferee*. Ate* C«MRt« BmlUiB* Bteeki eh**j»- •r tfcu l»a«r far karma, eblckea iMMa. •«•>» hraM tenant • MM, U*l ab«4a. W. Mrnr. Can m tmr tnt Mliaatc. OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. Ml TILE NO SURVIVORS ' TX= MrwiUHcmr THE UTORT, J.t. CUylM a «•«•« tlrltlmm •rnit, 1. «rl.'r^ •«* mmmmtim W 7 the *lo« CkKf Cim.j H°r.«. C1*rl» tall. I. I.., wHfc N»rlh §f«r, '»• !••!•• »»] 7 ••*» ho».l«M. Then •• «M «»«mr kl*B*p« N«r1h ftl«r. Gtmftmm*mml- ""M*CrLw*w«n*l?** """'"*'" Im tke kMnplK. CltrlM >1 >T> »j ««r4 wh» I. w><eal»B Jt.r. ..4 «C«1ker thcr •»* rr.p, <k, „_„ («.t •• Cnm n»n* ,mm ,nmt Bl»«x arriT* •* tmr •««»« M Tfra«i ! away tfc* Cr«w w«tr4«r«. . . . XIX TN the rear erf the fleeing Crows went the howling Sioun, the whole pack ot them being lc*t in a down-valley dustcloud in lew than two minutes. Turning to Star I laughed aloud, the first genuine release from tension in days. "In all the world," I announced joyously, seizing her outstretched hands, feeling now the full post- danger letdown, "we haven't a thing to worry about but Slate- meyer!" "I*nt that enough?- The que«- tlon fell with singular flatness in the morning stillness of the hillside. Beside me 1 fett, radier *«, heard. Star's stiffening gasp. Slatemeyer stood on the hillside behind us, his back to the morning sun, as quietly at ease as though in Market Square *t Kan- sac City. Standing there blade againat the ( sun h* looked enormous. In the card game at Kansas City I had been able to study him only at h« squatted on his haunches. I had be«n impressed then, but not ac I was now. Two silver-mounted pistols b»ng low and forward OB his thighs, tne holsters and crossed cartridge belt* in black leather and atlrer In the cradie of his right arm rested a new rifle. A flat-crowned black hat and Mack neckcloth with heavy silver aiipriiur eom- ateied hi* outfit. *tr MU SltvKl. MC "Turn around ilowly and drop your bolsters and the knite." Turning slowly, I unbuckled my guns, letting them slide to the ground. Reaching inside my shirt for the knife thong r tented my body for what would likely be my last lunge. If I could strike fait enough to get the blade into him before the lead that would be in me weighted me down. Star might— "If that knife touches your hand the squaw gets shot." Behind me the dry click of a cocking rifle put the period on his warning. "Pull the thong over your head. Let the knife dangle where I can see it all the time. Then drop it. I don't want V> fire a shot. Indians get curious about shott Drop the knife." If I didnt drop the knife he would shoot if it brought the whole Bad Face band down on him. He was literal. What he laid you'd better believe. I dropped ths knife. "Now turn around " I obeyed. "Pick that stuff ap, girl." «2TAR glanced at the guns and •^ krafe disdainfully, making no move. He stepped in close to her, repeatng, "Pick K up." She »p»* in his face. He stood expressionless, letting the apittie course his cheek m touched. "Pick K up, Star." This, tersely, from me. -Pick it up or we're both dead." "I would rather be,""she snarled, her lips drawn back savagely over the white teeth. , "Star. Pick H up. 1 order you to do H." I wed the Sioux phrase with which the brave terminates all tipi arguments when he has heard enough. She looked at me, surprised, hesitated, smiled quizzically ant! dropped to one knee, picking up the knife and guns. "Yes?" she queried, turning ob«- diently U> me. T>0 ac be ieUc jvml.' "Throw them over the rocks behind you—down th* hill,'' sute- meyer ordered. As she turned to do so he stepped ,Jickly in behind her. When ahe threw the weapons he struck her •cross the head with the barrel of the rifle. She dropped sound- le«ly. "She'll keep." he said, not even glancing down V> «ee if, ahe would or not. Facing me, he added, "Back up in between thoae rocks. Thote two high ones that wedge together." I stepped back until my shoulder* touched the boulders They were It feet high with smooth vertical sides. A puma couldn't have gotten out of that spot. The only way was through the ggure fronting the opening. Unbuckling his own guns, Slale- meyer threw them contemptuously up onto the hillside behind him. following suit with his rifle. 'They're yours," he grunted. "AD you have to do li to get them." As he spoke he drew his knife, starting in toward me. "No noise," he explained, tonelessly, making a slight twtating gesture with the blade. T SUPPOSE no man ic totally without some shred of the actor in him, some raveling of humor in the cloth of his makeup. Dwp in- si8e Slatemeyer lurked a maverick strain of mirth. His weakening to it in this moment was one of those weird split-hair things; the lort of featherweight foolishness that has cost many a man many a battle Pausing five feet from me. his eyes never leaving mine, he made his memorable sally into sarcasm. Between rhe p a ti s e and me speech I gathered myaeU to counter h» attack. "In all'the world', 1 ** he'begin, h« mimicry ot my stupid announcement to Star being painfully good, "I have nothing fc> worry about but Slat&vyer—" "—and Crazy Horse." The deep Sioux gutteral dropped into the end of Slatemeyer's sentence and left no room for argument. The whiskey runner froze and I swept my gaze upward past him. Fifteen yards up the hill stood the w»r chief and 10 Oglala brava*. - (T. B« - REPAIR SERVICE All a»*UuD»: Kfrigmten, fnestn, rusts, as* wmsken. I Ballss mm* smtV apallsMss. AD | •« wark to r*sn»tss«. Adams Appliance Co. SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Cmtom work for pus, alfalfa milta, oil milta. Cwtom Sfcearinf up to '4 inth thickness, Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phoni ZS51 \ f \ f \ f \ f \ * from AN OLD FRIEND J- hat's what we offer with no ifs, ands, or buts. \Ve have been filling the personal loan needs of many people in this community for 5 years, and are still doing business at the old stand. 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