Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1908
Page 3
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New Hosiery. >ew .\eckwrar. .\c-,v Sashes, erery- thinc new and o.seful for Xmas IWfts you will find here. KILLED A FAMILY THEN A SrSPEITKD MIKDEKEK COALMlllED SClt IDE. Bodies of Young IVoman, I ^s( Surviving Member of Family, and Murderer Foond Near Trinidad, t 'olo. Trinidad. Colo.. I )i -r, S.—Maj;j;ip Carcia. IS years old. and KrancMsco Martinez. »he larter iiiii;i)f;cted of having murdered fmir nienilipr.<; of the Garcia family, whose bfdies weip found at iheir Iinnie'lasl Frida.v night, their heads Iinvirig h^en .'itlit open wlih an axe. wore found dead vestor- day a,1)out i\vi?niy nilles west of ttip Curcia ranch, ftoth had Ivet -n i-hoi in the head. .\|i|i.'irenily Ma'riiupz murdered th<' cir'' and ih"ii ci 'ninilitfd HUlcldl'. A MISSION PRAYER MEETING. Ladlet to Have Charge of Service In Presbyterian Church Tomorrow Eve. ! th< in to malie their report at once, pice.s of tlic Kniglits Templar, of linW | M M/inMATOIl .'^^'•len the condition of tlie treasury of which order he was a past command- Marniaton is learned the commission- er. .Mr. ZeiRler was one of the attor- • ors may know what to do. ' One of the comraissioucrs said this farly 7i'"s, remaining an active and jafti-rnoon that there was another side one of the foremost members of the C03IPLAINT IS MADE THAT TOOi'o tlie trouble in Marmaton. He said har here until very recently. •he had Iieen informed that when the' Mrs. Llllie Tlionipson of South MFCH MONET SPENT ON ROADS. ; present board went into office $300 of Kentucky street is severely ill and Is ithe amount they arf charged with put- in a critical condition. .Mrs. Thomp- jting the fownohip in debt was hang- son recently returned from Chanute CAV TnUfMQUiP IQ iM nCnT'"- them from (he former board, where she spent several weeks in a 0«I lUnnonir lO in UCDI j ^vith reference to the money spent hospital. in .Marmaton on roads, it is said the' • township has sonK ^tbing to show for: THIS IS CLAIM OF A. H, IA(«»BS,if- Many roads which have bne,, PAU'T PCT lA/rPPCy I fit for travel arc now in good condi -.liMN I lit I Tff CUlltN AND M. H. (JOLLON. HERE TODAY. :«ion. .wniii v.*. fWkWUl.l1 Harper Case Progressing. The Harper case is siill on in t.-ict court. The plaintiff will prob- 1IOW .S to settit' in Independence in the! ably rest this afternoon. Tliiy is ili<^ RAISE THE RATES action in Which C;eor,:;e Harptr su. s v/^34^,„ Rn.lroalirAre Arranging to he lola Por land for personal ,„jur-; ^ „ les. The accident hapm-nc'i six years i ^ r -.^.^M I County Coniniissioneni Will Have Trnstee^and Treasurer File Their Reports at Onre. Coffeyville Attorney Dead. IiifnrniHtlon reariu 'd h <'re yeslerda.i' from Indo/iendpncp that .T. B. Zeli;|pr. on» of the oldest membt-rs of the Montgomery county bar. had died at his honif theri! Sun<!av morning. Parsons Policeman Made Secon (t ^Escape From Officers Neap Columbus Today—Hounds After Him. ago and the case courts ever since. has be 11 in tl>p ' Freight. ] Topfl-a. D«r. S —A Kubstantial ^in~ i f-reae-'- in trei=lit rates will .shortly l>r TO CCRE COLD IN ONE DAT. j ai'i)oii ,!<-^'i hy .several of the w.>stpr:i Talce Laxative Bromo l^uuiin- Tab- i railroads. Thf Atchison. TopeUa .-nd lets. Drngeists refund nionev jf ir • Santa Ke acnfral freight, offices in To- fails to cure. E. \V. GROVt-rs si„-n:i- | peka havp been working on tir ture is on eacii box. 2 .">c. Columbus. Ka.s.. Dec. R.—Paul Weggen. of Parsons, the e.\-poIIeeman who death was din> to nervous prostration j escaped from Jail at that city Sunday lb<> result of a lineoriiiK Illness extfml The I .rftdieB' .Missionary society of the Presbyterian rliurcb will liav charge of the prayr-r meeting service In the Presbyterian church tamorrow evening. Mr. anii Mrs. \V. G. Ander son *lli teJI of their experience In church work in Mexico. Dr. S. 8. Hllscher. pastor of the church will leave for Wichita tomorrow where he will deliver a course of four Bible lectures before a conference of Sunday school workers for the sonthweat. atis- CHURCH COUNCIL ADJOURNS. Will Meet In 1912.—Sessions Were Held in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Dec. 8.—After a successful meeting during which many subjects of vital Importance to the church were discussed and a long step forward made In a movement to bring all the Protestant denominations together for united efforts In spreading the Gospel, the federal council of the churches of Christ In America will adjourn today to meet in nineteen twelve. Recovering Prom an Accident. Mrs. Uriah Coy, 404 South Buckeye street, who slipped and fell on a stalrvay at her borne several days ago and sustained painful Injury, Is recovering. A H. .Jacobs and M. H. Gollon of, „ „ r .. Marmaioti (owu ^hip a ,.p .-ared before'!!'' [, fJ ' ' ,'t"/ " >,t"'- fh- comml.ssion .Ts .odi • and made a . '^'''j*' protest acaiuKt a levy" being made ="""" "' liy their townphiji nillcers next year (o raise funds to cover JndebtedneH." for road improvements this y<?ar. for the payment of which they say there li> now no money In the lianda of the lownaliip trcaaiirer, and fllxo to pro ffsl against a levy being made- in their tnwnshl)! wx* yar in excess ol the limit. It seems that L. Caldwell, the Inw i4-e of .Marmaton. baa lieen ranking many improvements on the roads In the township during his term. The complaint is made to the commissioners that the cost of those improvements exceeds the amount of money raised under the levy to cover such expense by from |180» to $2200. It Is claimed that when men who were, employed on the improvements presented their warrants to the township treasurer for payment they were marked "unpaid for want of funds." They, then went to Henry Lambeth, who was elected last fall as a trustee to succeed Mr. Ca'dwell to see if the township board would pay them with the levy made next year to which he replied that he would obey the law and that under .the law the bAard could not pay them. Then they came in to see the county commissioners and county attorney. The latter said this morning that be had not investigated the complaint and had nothing to say. j The report of township trustees and| treasurers should be made, to the county commissioners in October. Many have neglected to do, so. among them being those of Marmaton. The board of eommlsslonera Iiiatrueted the coonty clerk this momlng to potify^ night. w.-iK suriiriscil near Skidmorc this morning l>y deputy sheriffs but cseaped after a running light. A posse with blood hounds is in pursuit. Attraction Extraordinary THE RUSH'S Fancy Acrobats : , asgaaaaaaaaaarg' ANNA, lo years old, is the greatest artist of her age in the profession. MYRTLE, 12 years old/has no equal. TRIM, the 14 year old boy, is a wonder on the Ligh wire. Anna, in her Giant Slide by the teeth is beyond comprehension. A. F. RUSH, in fancy trick rifle shooting. TWO NIGHTS ONLY. WedDtiday and Thursday lOLA'S POPULAR .AMUSEMENT PLACE THE AUDITORIUM .Way (>p«'n .SJore Toniomnv. The Broder.^ou i)ioili(i s, wim ;ir- rivod in lohi this afteiiiocii to t;ik'' the business affairs ff-lli.' l.ut- Iji Rrcdert-»in. will open ilic rri;iil i -i :iar bii.siness a.-: soon as .Trr:i!ij:fniPiii. ;<!•• <oni|ilPted. The »u>ve may lie (.npii"! tomorrow. iifw .srh( dul'>i lor soveial wpfks wiin ibi- cxiirTtatiori of havina them c-oia Iilotpcl about .laiiuary first. IfKATO.N I ASK IJOKS OVKK. Pra::- rr'^rcrdiiir Action to Hi- Titrd i:i .lunuari. . Sun for Commission. Till' t'lary ival esrati- ilriii i>i l"i Vi-on brought siili in dlslrl^M. conn, today UKalUbt .l. P .Milligaii fo i.^inv- e- li'L'.M'u, which thiy claim in ilue them as a commission for coiisiiin- matlng a irndt- for lb.- (ler<'iuliiiii. Tho iie:i''- puirriding Jictioii aunin-t .\rli'' lii'iit'ui lias lieeii roiii ii'.iifi| iiMlil llii- .lauii .-iry icrtti Tlii;; ri-'l-'U •.va.s )ir >:ii_'Iir .'-boril.\ .ifi<-r .\Ir>; lli 'i ;(in.~ ati <.-,l mi il-.i- cliarxr <,( lici llivntC'd |ll|slial )d. . MI :*. .Iirliii Cli: iM'i:;« file r (iiii(i |.ihiiiitf WIIIK'KH fl wif.i to liave been trlecl i!i Si'i)l(Miibi'i. lull well! iPMT li> llii> ;id|iiiirM<-:l I'MIH ^lr». llf'aioii will iil.>ir) hi- IrhMl nii Hii- iinirdii- cliaii;!' In ./ariiiary. ON TEST ir«"«ple at (iiriyle Hoping TimI loiil ' Strata Brllled Throngh Nalnrday fs Ihe Heal Thing. Word was ri-ceivcd from f.'arl.v »• ITI- day that V,'. D. Wolfe, wh') has Hcr.i off a specimen of the eoal jin.^.-pi through by the Lumberiiians Port!a:vl (Kirs: I'uhliahed .Vov. I!i f.ius.i PIIII-irATIO .V .MITIIK. Stjiti- of Kannas. Allen fDiiiiu in the District Coiin for said Cuimly The Af'ina Building &. IAHIH .Sa .oi elation, idalntirr. v.s. JC. IC. J -;ilioii, oi al. defendant. No. S'.:*.»:;. Sard defendants. K. K. KUioii and H >i- phia n. KIliolT. wi 1 lake nntiee that they have been sued in 'ibc above named Court by the .•\clna I5uildiiiR & t »Hn As.soclatii<:i. idaintilT. in civil action No. 8-9;?. iiiion a, promissory note made .uid delivereil by you to piaintiir. dated April :;":h. i:n)r.. on ^company's drill ai a d^pih of !iiiO f. which there is a balance due ofihas received no word from tli-' f\- I427.9R and interest, aud for fore-[ perts who are niakitij; the pxamiiia'i'ni closure of a uiort «aKe matte and dtliv-• to test its quality. ered by you to i^aid plaintiff on said} The people of Carlyle are liniH:'.;: date to secure the payment of ^aid', that the find is Kenpine and not' t note, conveying to plaintiff the follow- j worthless .substance jner>-!y bnviT .c Ing de.scribed real estate i ^ituated in . coal properties. The driller.s olni -u the County of .\llen. Slate of Kansas, j tbcy went fbrough eight feet of to-wit: • 'sulislaiice. The Lunihemians fort- I.ot Sixteen (16i of b'ock .VinetCien {land peo|>!e. however, realize that thi:A if 19) in Overstrcefs Second Addition j would be an unusually lart;e vein aiui to.the to*n of Gas CUty, Kansas; andjare preferiiis to wait on ili" pxuuiin- that unless you answer the petition' atiou before declaring tiiat i' io a filed therein i >y said plaintiff on or be-| great discovery. fore the 30th day of December, A.n.; The casing was iiulled from ihe we'! 1908. said petition will be taken as | where the vein was drilled throueh. true, and judgment for plaintiff in'and is being moved to ayorhrr pav? ot s^d action for said sum. and interest. | the fieid. 'and for the foreclosure of the said} —^-^ :——^ mortgage and the sale of said property | Sixteen to Cnme. will be rendered accordingly. J. MARSHALL I.AMER. Attorney for Plaintiff. Att«t: C. E. ADAMS, n-i»-:7-3. VVord has been received front i;ald-" wii^ that sixteen Allen county Baker Students wlli attend the banquet to be given here by Baker students on the Clerk ot MM Oovri i«v«ain$ of P«c«tDt?er s^tlt. .J

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