The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 14
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14 Friday, September 1,1944 Qfte Jkfcertffielfc Californfati Announcements Announcements Larger (1 2812 Ciester M JUST ACROSS THE STREET KKO.M OfR KC»RA1ER LOCATION AT 2S01 C1IK>TEU SAilE SALES STAFF SAME SERVICE K; 4-4851 REALT SUE KIND1G JOHN S Classified Advertising columns of The Bakersfleld Callfornlan close promptly • t 10 o'clock each morning for all one- column ads. Two-column or larger ads must be placed the day before publication. Phone 7-7631. 1-14-tf For rent—Trucks, i Ickups, trailers. Parker'*, Eighth and Union avenue. Phone 2-»942. 1 -J \-\t_ ALL bind* of weights and widths of canvas. Canvas goods made to order nt Hornung's. 1606 Nineteenth street. 1-8-tf Transportation—Buses SANTA F13 AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT REFUNDS on each classified advertisement! which have been canceled before the expiration date must be called for WITH CASH RECEIPTS within one month from date oC cancellation. The Bakeratleld Callfornlan. S-51-lf FIRST UNITY TEMPLE—All Unity cervices available. Complete stock publication*. Subscriptions taken. Noon nilence daily. 123 Southern hotel. Phone S-S9l'g. , 30 1IALE or female Hnrmmicx nv.ul,.hie et PHMHOUKel-s tO t 11141 NnHli chili acter rel'er.-nc nmrnitiK -121 3-6-tf l.-lllv ^^,•^nlM <ini: nr t\\c " i" .Sal, l.iike <'itv in coupe. Musi blivi- i hiil- M l.f;i \iliK Satlllrl;i\ ; li'l'h"lis In IVP. L'y PLA.VNIM; A THII'? incimi,. tlf . t,,.,. We'll biiinlle nil HIM rlcl;iils. ini ludiim worrying nbuul 11 iiiiHpru tut ion HIM! lintel reservations. No IMIIIHT wbal Ivpe r,f trip you plan, we can li'li' yiui rn.-ili,- n mure nnjoynlile. I'ull ; (MHO or :'-Pl!P.T' d;iy or iiiKhl. ::ip Brundage Pharmacy. ID Chewier. B-5019. 1'honi I'll Lest—Found—Strayed LOST—Fair of tinted, rimless glassen. Vicinity of Karpe's Implement and Circle, last Monday. Dr Robert M. Jones printed on case. l.'iRently needed by owner. Call 2-8SQ4. Liberal reward. LOST, Sunday night, while plastic purse. Kinder keep money, return papers arid articles through mail, 1UO: Nineteenth. L. Preston. 29 LOST—Small anvil, Wednesady morning, on Oak nr Taft Highway. George K. _ Hill. Houte 3. Box BUI. Hakersflcld. 2!l LOST—Platinum smiare wrist watch with •mall diamonds: keepsake, reward. Write ^ Box 221-W. The Callfornlan^ ;|:; LOST—Pair of rimless glasses in tan leather I.-IIBC at Frank's Rowling Academy Tuesday night; urgently needed. Please call 8-fcS31 or :-i211 after <i p. m. Liberal reward. [10 TAILOR lost nleevc on thy way home. Finder please return to i:. Adam. 19:ui I street, and collect $5 reward. -9 Occupational Services WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING S1RIONI55INO MACK AND SON California and P Phone 2-1220 45 WE DO TREE topping, removing: fence building, team work, plowing, general work; Just work; have truck. Phone 5-f> 7 4 0. IH —^ .' i CATERPILLAU tlnclor 30 for rent bv th mo.nh. Phone H-.'i-24. WE BUILD ANYTHING MADE OF SHEET STEEL. FURNACE AND COOLER SERVICE. 3826 CHEISTER AVE. 8-3-tf Personals BEMORRHOID SUFFERERS — No hos- pital/zatlon nor loss of time. No surgery nor 'Injections. New. safe, painless method of eliminating hemorrhoids now available from Dr. I.. Ft. Pennlngton, D. C., suite 1, Professional building. Phone S-6100. 2-6-tf •AGRO-ILIAC LESIONS, low back pains, arthritis, constipation and prostate disorders corrected. Dr. D. U. Parish, D. C., 407 Haberfelde building. Phone »-»;»2. 8-»-tf TRUCK hauling, anything, any time, anywhere. Furniture moving a specially Call Whitle Morehead. Phone 2-OS:'6 Oildale. Calif. ^', ROPER, formerly of South Chester Beauty Shop, would like to meet old and new customers at Jo-Anne's Beauty Shop. 192S K street. Phone 2-3ti40 for appointment US WILL NOT be responsible for any debts contracteJ by the River Gate. 103 North Chester, prior to August 25. C. JM Thomas and Jackson Lee. f.'8 WILL the lady that ordered the 8-piece ecru place mats call for them. ICdiib Stockton's Gift Shop, 3302 1 a I reel, or _ phone 2-7332. L'8 RUTH HENRY. FORMERLY OF NORA'S BEAUTY SALON. IS NOW AT LOIS' HOUSE OF BEAUTY. SEVENTEENTH AND M. WHERE SHE WILL BE GLAD TO MEET HER OLD FRINDS AND PATRONS. |JS WILL PERSON who houBht ton truck at 1001 Virginia, call H-SH37. 'J!l Auto, Furniture, Salary Loann No Long Rlgamarole. No EmbarraHsmcnt No Outsiders Involved 104 Sill Building. 150S Eighteenth Street PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANY Under the Big Coca-Cola Sign Phone 6-tiii9r> Walter Verhaas. Manager nn Financial for INCOME TAX PAYMENTS Bi'HOni, NEEDS NliCKSSITIES ETC. BORROW ON Automobiles f urnlture Farm .ks Salary "PAID FOR OR NOT" Tou may still Imrrnw for nn long as 12 niuiuht,. 100% LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people who understand locul conditions. Maurice St. <"hiir ALL TYPES carpenter work, new construction. remodelinc. repairing, paper hanging. Phone J!-OH9._ __ 32 RELIABLE PAINTING Inside and Out RIL D. HELLER Licensed nnd BonJ-.-d (Joi, tractor 2<09 "Eye" Street Phono 2-!4fi! _ . _____ _7- 1 !i-t r REFRIGERATION (.civlce. any makes. household or commercial: also wanheix. Baa ranKca and floor furnacrn. Call afi- Help Wanted—Mala Halp Wanted—Mala AT TART DRAFTSMAN—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHAINMAX—MALE HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE '^11^1^1111111,^7 /i '^yvMnifOffMt.* (UlJlJliI. APPLY TO: 1 o ..*> TELKPHONE TAKT, 464 TELEPHONE BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 MC.MAHAN FURNITURE co. Has Openings In the DELIVERY DEPARTMENT and SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth and H Street WANTED—Trimmer to operate glass and upholstery department in large repair "hop. Bee Uackman at Motor Tenter Twenty-second and Chester. 8-15-tf EXPERIENCED hiudware man to work In our Bakerslield store. 616 East _Nineleejnth_8lr("2t.__Phone_9-9671. 8-12-tf NEEDED to help maintain transportation. nuto am] truck mechanic.* and body men. Full Hint: work. Motor Center. Buick. ClievrolMi nn'l Cadillac denier. See Back- mini, Twcnty-flecnnd and Chester. _ __________ _..._ ___ JMS.ff EXPERIENCE!' tractor drivers. year^ round job for men who qualify; lodging anil hoard furnished. Apply G I fi East Nineteenth street Phone 9-9671: after _ Z._Pj_m._ ca II _2-7T_05^ _ 7-.'l-tf ElELLMAN — Jlust bo over 21. Apply Hotel _Padic. _ , __ 7-1 -tf Help Wanted—Female WriUI.D like white or Spanisl girl free to iniivo for Simla Monica bearh to clti light housework, no cooking or lann- dry. Will have steady position on re- tuiii. Phone 3-14»«. 2S WANTED—Canahle legal secretary; permanent nositiin; excellent salary, phone 1:'5~21 between 9 and G. 28 CAPABLE C-IRL to do hounewurk. 3 to 7 week days, 8 to 4 Saturdays. .Musi have transportation. Alta Vista Trait $J."i month. Phone 2-:i491. 2S WANTh'D—-Woman for general housework, (liiiul salary; no heavy work Phone 2-S7MI.; :) SALESWOMAN — PERMANENT Kl'LL on 1'ART TIME WORK KOMH KNOWLEDGE OP R r " <:ENT ROOKS is XECESSAIH RKTA1L CLERKING KXPEI'. KXCE, ni'T NOT ESRENTIAT AC,]'] LT. TO Sil. GOOD WOHKINC fONniTIONS. SIERRA IUJOI STORK. WANTKD—YOIIIIB for washing an V/A .r;'!''="- >J :««9K AND AUTO ME- ^ AV ,,.T^r drying prints. No experience Must be available for full-time emplo' Apply 1818 "Kye" street. - CHANICS. APPLY SOUTHERN GA- R.UiK. TWENTY-FIRST STIIEETP. AND Paper Carriers Wanted for East and wost B.ikera- field. California!) office. 6-14-tf HELP WANTED— Metal workerB.~meTal worker helpers, woo-1 workers, auto butlles; wood workers, furnltuie. C. N .liiluiHton liody Works, JOOl liighleenth _ Phone 4 4708. _ 6-21-ti WANTE'J -AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MR- CIIA.VIC. PKRMANKNT WORK; TOP WAGES APPLY BAKI3K-A DA MS PO.N- _ T J AC GARAIirc. 2 TJHJJJ I KS TK IVJB -_2 2 - 1 f NKKDICD AT ONCE— Furniture reflnlsher. Also uoholsterer Topnotrh wages for tcipnotcl) workmen. C. N Johnston S I mP s. . . _R I g hteenth SU eet. 1 -_2 1 - 1 f WANTHf. — Kxperlenced autn mechanic. Coort hours and pay. li an essential .1oh. Jlund titnla find nvallablllty cerllflc.-ite necessary. See Mr. Reed. Kllchen-Rnyd Mut T <.'ornpany ^220 Chester avenue HOUSEMAN, over 40. Padre_Jlntcl. See housekeeper. 8-12-tf WANTED -Service salesman. Good sa I,'i ry and yxc'eUent future (nr man with fnii eiluc-.i I trin whu cnn aSHiime resiiiin- niliility. KlieMnne Stores. 2J31 Chester _ iiyenin\__B»j<erFifjp|<l. _ 8-2.1-tf JIAN TO HANDLE AND DELIVER Fl.TRMTL'RR. APPLY JN PERSON. DAVIS FURNITURE CO, _HOO_CHESTI':R_A_y_EN_yi2. 8-2. r ) tf TRUCK DRIVERS mid delivery men. At> l>ly .Mc.M.ihiin'a Kuniiliire. KiKlKceinh ^ II( 1_H_M rertfl __ 8-2G-tf WANTED— TWO MEN FOR RECAPPING DEPARTMENT EXI'lfiUIENCED PKR- FKRRED HPT NOT NECESSARY. C.DOll SALARY TC START FIR 1C- STO.VC STORES. TWENTY-FOURTH _A N D ( 'H EST KR A V 1C N 1 1 K. _ 8-23-tf WANTED — Derrick man and two helpers fiir small portable ill riif. M3 Wash- WAN'TKD — Founliiin sirl, sandwich ' and tray girl. nth :ind C) gi Larry's Drivc-m, Kigl, LAI'NDIIY HELP wanted. Pan, V _ Laundry. 1 :i 1 ii Eighteenth stn-.-i. (J E N E11A L f > KI •' IC E WOR K — Ex per IP nnncccss.-iry. Inn must In- good ,-u sh. band anil typing. Position perninm Apply Kouin 207. Haberfelde buildinu WANTED —Day care In licensed home fo S's-yi-.-ir girl. Will PHY top price fi Komi pluci- in Alta Vista district. Phor __S-8158_nfler 6 p. in. ;. WANTED—Girl for K cTie..-if olTir work. Write; Box O-L'31, The Cal I'orniiin. 3 JHDDI.E-ArJED woman of good charnctr tn c;ire fur two small cbildten ilurm iluvs, Mondays through l-'ridays. N v;iMtiinw. n«i housr'keepitip. short hours Vi'iv gi.n.1 pay. Call 2-4(iHO evenings 2- I SMI ,l;i>» .VKPERlEXrrin WOMEN'S RE\DY-TD WK.Ml ALTERATION HANDS: THUS WHO HA\ K HAD EX I'ERI KNCE I VI'n REAKlDBLINf! AND REI'AIRfN' J'REFERRKD. STEADY WORK. f!OO WURKIM: CONDITIONS .\PIM. M.\.\.\CII-:n. EASTERN. 1J2S NINi. TEENTH STRI- ET. BEST PLflJiniNf! SERVIVE. The~heVt costn lesn. Lltilo tolm eet first attention County license only. No tiiv work. Phone _JL:-i«.2. _____ 2!l TRCTMAN'S TRANSKKR— Lonff dls tnnce nnd local. 812 North Chester. Oildnlp. Phone 2-S014. GUARANTEED WORK. REASON- AP.LE RATES. OARS CALLED FOR AND DELTVKRED. 7.1(1 E CASA LOMA DKIVIO. PHONE UK THEE SERVICE CO. T'rnnnifc. Shaping, Tnppi \ Is.i Trt-i'S Ta Ken Oin B. Parker Free Esl ininl ing 1807 II Street 2-.'!IS:i 4.1 l''KNl')ERS NEED REI-'AI IIS? CAR NEED 1'AINTING? SOP Kenny Hai'linum fur Kstiniiitc ami Appointment -MOTOR CENTER T\vfMly-N(>ctiiHl and Clips t IT Clipvi-iilct. Hnlck. Cudilli W. J. (BI10 Bersmun Z5th and Chester Opp. Phone 6-6736 Apt>umimc.nlt« Made EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay 1102.60 — Total Cost ONL.7 $2. BO If Tou Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign— Mo Co-signers ' AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY XSOO Chester Telephone 9-9421 8-21-tf Opportunitt«» FOR SALE—ProDerty, by owner. Service •tmtlon, erocery store, ttock and fixture*. Doln« good buuincuE. One 6-room house, on* 2-room house. Price 113.500. 16600 down, balance »76 per month with • per cent interest. Four and one-hiir miles east of Bakersfield on Edison Htceway. Route 7. Box 464. Phone a-»03> between 2 p. in. and 7 p. m. 18 11-BTOOL restaurant on Mam street In Corcoran, doing good business, Newly decorated. O. L. Shoemaker, Box 141. t Corcoran. 28 •TOR BALE—Cafe with beer license; excellent refrigeration. Reasonable rent | with » U»»c. Inquire 130 Kentucky. ;8 OBOCERT (tore for sale, doing good busl- IWM. Meal location. Cash only, Er,r, Brunda«e Lane. - aa ..(.•traction »OH SCHOOL completed at home tor rwecnlse4 diploma,; 400 other courses. "Maloirua Call Lee Manful), Correspondence _ __|H;ie nil Foil CENEIIAL i-.intract un<\ repair work. _ :<-i»;7fi. ;,n HOUSE PAINTINC. inside a lid (.lit, and c.inimercial spray nainling. KstimalcH _ fcliully _KIVCII. Plum,. J-C:iull. I'll VACTIIM SWEEPERS, hair dryers, puds, l.ijislers, motors. everything elcclriral. repaired. Muncy-hnck guanin- l<-.'. v\ill pick up nnd deliver. Huntlcv's Anplicum-o service urui uepalr, 917 " ater__Ktri'ct._ J'hone 2-1S71I. WANTED—Cash ami carry helper. Smart i !-',nal Ci.mpany, CO] Twi-iily-fnurlli. SALESMAN— Large . iKiui-lle Hin-r. pi-lln;in,.|il. ,-iu- flu ninhril. exin-nseN I'.-ml. No ISaliirdHy work. Str;iiiiln s:il"'*• ^'-I'll pii-liif-. give :IBC Mini cxpcn- cut i'. Wute Ilox \V-r;S. Tin- Oihfon ..... i. WANTED— PresK Oil-fee's. K"Hlt Piiv Wllh cf IL -i Mian. -IK \. Mr. (livv. r for la. lor F|IO|I at r|,;in woik. goud hours. ;i i.-il p.'jir. t line. Illtllre |'|IIJIH> 7-79IU, or *'•" ;,„ .STKXOOnAI'MKU SKKVirK SKI-: rs Courti'iHis Mini prnin|il service. "Will rniiMilfr iilidiip in- rush nrders. s.-m .I'l.niiiin Aucnrii.s. I'jlwiinl \V. Mnciily, 1S1J "|i;y L ." slt-ccl, plume L'-i't;;,;;. :M .ir inglcin. Oildale. Phone. 2-77jll. WANTED—Night mnn for garage. Dunn's Garage. Phone 2-39.18. 141:: Eighteenth. 35 MEN TO OPERATE ELECTRIC .SI'HSTATIONS. STEADY WORK, GOOD WAGES, EVEN WHILE YOU LEARN. ESSENTIAL IN- Dl'STUY. AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE NECESSARY. P. C, & E. COMPANY, BAKERSFIELD. PI 10X10 !i.S771. _OLDI-:nSMA\V. UAUIIKR ASK FOR WANTED—Cinoil salary. !ln:i Chester, Oililnlf. or call 9-9*05 _ ;1 ltcr_7_p^ m. A JJk_f<>r_Lnnis. US WILL PLACE lit once three good merhiin- i. ally inclined men I'.T essential work. Hrmtf ii va liability cerlil'icn te. Apply Koiim. ji'ini'S ImililinK. 28 HAN WANTED to operate pslablisheil c.n'IYc and yn.cory loille in TlakerM'it'id. i lua I antcc.l salary, cnmminHHin nn.l l.uiius. l-:.|iiipnicnl furnished, all cx- p'-ns.-s Paul. No expcrienci"\. \\c 11 a m i i/u and pay yen ii-hilo in tininniK. l-'nr inlci -view. *CH \V. Y. Allen. Hotel I'ailre. ;i m 12 a. in. Snlur- W A NT El' --Two experienced automobile painter's lu-lpers, nm. nulo budy and leml.-i man. None but experiemcil nccil npply. T(ip wages. Ilin-n.-ll llmly W.nUs. :)0'.l Nnilli Cli.-M.-r. Pbiiiic I' < .ii.". L'!l Wdl'l.II I.IKE experienced machine milker. Tnti VV.-IKCW, JHMISC and milk lui- _ lii"lii-il. Phone 4IIXI,_Sbal'ler. :HI \\' ANTKI i- - P.(.y lo iimw lawn ouce a week. Phone 2-7.^.1. WANTED—SALESLADY. BETWEEN 1 AND :in. KUH STEADY POSITION DOWNTOWN LOCATION. PLEASAN SUHROU.VDIXOS. SELLlNf! EX PERI KNCE PHEKEHRED. EXCELLEN POSITION KOI I RKillT PARTY AP PLY IN PERSON AT THE BOO1 _S I IOP._1 504_N I N ETE ENTIL 2 BEAUTY OPERATOR —Ln f.'resta Heaul Salun. under new management. Good sal niy ami < nmmiSsi..n. Phone Ceorgii _Jin- _appuintmeiil, J-fiStil. 3 GIRLS wanted to work in tailor shop, on for alterations on all garments. Appl nt ume. Max- Simons Tailor Shop, cr;r nei^_of_Fourteenih_ "_".'! J^'Mier. GIRLS needed in essential business. Appl !?.V 5 __' V '!_ I "; I ' P C 1 - Robinson Blue Print. 2 _ STENOCMIAPHER wanted In pcimieum eiiKinei'i-ing deiinriment of Tide \\'aii' Associated Oil C'omp:iny. Plume 9-!M(il A\-.-i il.ilnlily i-cqiiii-cd. ^ TWO EXPERIENCED READT-TO-WE ATt .SALEM WOMEN WITH LOCAL FOL LOWING; PERMANENT POSITION WITH CltlOD SALARY TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY. GIVE FULL DETAILS IN FIRST LETTER. APPLICATIONS WILL HE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL WRITE BOX E-12, THE CALIFORNIAN TELEPHONR OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street WAXTEI Help Wanted—Male l'u>*<. Apply dinniy luum HAVE IIPEMM! t(,i laW inilusli-y. Al-plv ..Hi..- < - ConiPHliy. TIIIMUII an. I WANTED—(jAltAl!!-: \TTENDANT. OK HOCKS 3 P. .M. TO n APPLY \T THE _Ki,\ C.ARAUE. HUO SKV. SCHOOL Hoy. it; „ after schnol nnd W.,oUvo_rlh_Compans . ?\, WANTED—Men for geophysical i-x|.lora- t ion work: experience mil nc.csHaiv Western Geophysical Cuinpiint. See Mi fiaccalery Rnom "H, Ci IU-N biiildinw Nni^te_cnjji_find 1. ^ WANTED—Yuung men going tn high Hcbool •ir Junior collcgv lor part-day, and Siit- ItOUSTAliOUTS and rotarv helpers, work near Hakersfleld. six and seven-<iav work week .schedules. Phone !I-!I4U1, Tldo Water Asitoc i a UH| O i l_Co in pa 11 y. '-' It WANTED -Harvest hands. Men to operate combim harvesters. Exi erlence necessary, lied and buar\l furnished. Apply f.l.'t East Eighteenth *li-ect. Phone 9-SIH71; after 7 p. m.. call 2-7705. 7-S-tf SEWINC, MACHINE REPAIRING, ] lid 9 Wost Eiiihlli. Guaranteed. I'luino !»-»'l,'17. <!!) W A NTIOD - Mat tlTSR maker. go<ul PMy. working (omlil iun;v Reeves M;il- 1 I-CHH an.I I'pholstcrj . -i01) c'hcslcr uve- inic --aL'i'S. ;io A11I.DL1- A'j|..'li man for funeral and ambulance work, exi erlenc« not neces- sat, I''lloklnner-Dlgiei. Chapel. l'J27 i:liester .''AlrM OH, WELL PI'MP UEPAIU-.MAN—Steiulv CMNclilial lli;it \vill (MPtimie dm iiiK 1 lie p.istw.i! peri.x]. Opportutitly for ad\-.i IK emein Sla t cnient of n va lla liil it y rc.iiiire.l Neilson Pinni* Coinininy. II-.'. Tlni-li ••tnurtli _ -!> l-:i.PEIlS WANTED by teniihvoienl ciiln- an\, Tlusf a:e permalnMll pi.yitHnis \\nli ^i.rnl (.ppint unity tin- ailvam enlcnt. In.linrc at IL'li lii'iirg,. lla_y_ buildnig. _ 'J!l (.'ai \\aslier ami itolislicr. Moiu'y-makmi; jiniptiMI I'm lor rij;ht man. l-'inl-;sTONE STORES T\v .-MI > -t.iui i li ami Chester "S KXPKRIENCKD TIRE .MAN. OOOD SALARY EXCELLENT POSTWAR OP- PoRTr.MTY. KIRESTONE STORIES 'I'WEN-TV i-'ol-RTII AND CHESTER AVKM'K *-:i(l-lf B-29-tf WANTED—White maids. See housekeeper Hotel Padre. 8-16-tf WAITRESS wanted. Apply Wing's Cafe, KltMi Eighteenth street. 8-JS-lf WANTED—Women workers. experience inineces.sary. Family Sen H ,- Laundry, ,s:lO Calilornia. Phone li-li4:>r». e\-e- _innk-s :l-l»s:!. 211 WILL SHARE our bom" with couple in evchaiiKc for care of t\vu small children. Pbdlie :i-!l417. AV A.\"ri']D—rieiiendahlc white Wdtllnn for Imin honsi>\\ urk and tare (if elderb blind la.l.\-. Cnn.l wagcn. buurd ami room. I'hnne J-.'»!ilS. -JS KXPEI1IENCED cnsnictk- saleslady. Ap ply W.'ill's t-OSIIHMIC_I uuiitci. :iO \\'ANTI'M)—Whit.- housekeeper. No cook- nit;. Sufder Hnlel Rooms, 1914 Flowct sll'-ct. I'llDllc 4-4.':. r )S. IV AVR HAVE very Rood job for tray hup. No c'xporienee necessary: must be IS or over. Boulevard JJiivo Inn, Nineteenth and Baker. L'9 WOAIKX \voiiKEKs. EXPERI- ENi'H NOT NEirESSAPiV. Al'- J'I,V HAKKUSKIELD LAUNDRY ASStH'lATION, CORNER NINE TKKXT1! AM) S STRIOETS. ;!0 Situations Wanted—Male is in rssi-innil ' MAN WANTI-:il foi liliry work, washing m): in l>»it!niK lonin. l. is it .leaned. I'bnne ti:::n p. 111, 'j'.\ nrduy work In men HIU JS-lil. The Califiinuali Write Hn\ _ ___ WANTED— NIOHT ('..ufAi;)'; ATTEND. ANT. APPLY AT l.'NITEll CAHM;!-' 13U1 E1UHTEENTH. _ "•"'!,-; WANTED TWO Irt-YEAU-OLf) HIGH SCHOOL BOYS ONK KOI! MORNING WORK AND OXK FOR AFTERNOON; GOOD PAY AND STEADY JOB. INyt'lRE MECHANICAL DKPAHTMKN'T THE BAKERSKIELD CALlKol;! NIAN. Ion ' Buses MBALfl AND PILLOWS Points 1-7.U AN APPRENTICE in body and fender nhop. Good opportunity for pi.FUV intrude. Kurd Garage. 15(/1 chenlcr avenue. ;ln BUILD1NQ 8KRV1CB man for poslVlon with permanent company Must be able to rurnlsh birth ested call 4-46K8 ^rtificate If Inter- g.)7!tf WANTED—Boy over school age or niun to work In wn»h room. FHinil.v«eifiii- \ry. Phpne 6-643S, evenings 3-188.'!. C;IRL OR \VO.M.\.\ r i'o DO HOOK- Kl-:i-:i'l.\C, AXU CKNKRAL OK- KICK WORK. APPLY DAVIS I-'IMIXITIMIK CO., 14IHI C1IKHTKR __.\\'K\ri-:. ;n WANTED—Di-peiiilabU. white wiiiniul for Ccnclal hoilNfWiirk ami cate nf invalid, litialil. roum. K.KM! \\-ayes. HCS .Muntcrcv st i e* I. MAJOR Oil, COMPANY has stenographic opening tor well nullified K n| with nhurlhuii'l nnd typing exptliemc. Call 7-.''.Ml lietweon is and u. A\'mlabilny ( erl it icate reclined. n'g AVAITIIESS WANTl-Tr7I~\ru7t be I'xperlonccd. Frodtlie's Cafe, Twnn- ' .8-l'»-tf WANTED—Collector for west RnU- Pi-Hflelil. Write Uox JI-101, C.-ili- f urn la it. Hef*-reneps. S-UU-tf DENTAL avKlsiant wnnted, expei len.eil |)ref»-r avenu WE CLEAN kitchens. 85c hour: also blinds, windows: floor by floor. Larko Cleaners. Phone 7-74R2 before 8, after «. . ______________ 67 WE DO honfe cleaning, kitchen* and balh l-oonis. Mr. uiul Mrs. Brown. Phone _r:'li.«ii. ______ ______ _ _ _ ______ 28 MAN, 42, single, callable, wants work. Heard and room. \Vnle. 601 Lawsnn HHICK WOKK— Harbecue pits and fire- _plac.'S spetjalty^ __ Phone^^a-'ri^ _ __ B!) ALL KINDS o' rubbish hauling £200 M _strc<-l. I'hone Z-USIS. __ _ __ 31 C'Ol.tMlED MAN — Well experienced, general hnuse cleaning uiul gardening. Phone :i-i'loi. _ _ _ _ 29 \V A X'l'l-MJ —Plowing garderiH. grading and JoveliiiK; check H'ork, \'-lng out water dit.-hcs. l-'crtilixcr fur Rule, by sack or l>.v the Jond. Phone :l-!Sii7. 33 Situations Wanted—Female DAY CARE for children in my licensed linmc. also evening care. Phone ll-SL'Sl. _!IL'ii Eiglull sll.'el. Jill ELDERLY lady wants to take care of children nights if furnished*, transpurta- __tloli^_ Call 4-4S4LV [__ WILL WASH and stretch cllrlniux, with m- without ruffles. Call ii-4397. <i)S Oak street. L'9 in person ISiM 1,'hesler 29 HOrSKIvEEPEK— Help care fnr children' Prefer smy on place. Phone 3-Ollifi VVO.M \N 'or fountain worit. Availability slip required. Lucky 1 *, 18H K ulreet. MIDDLE-AGED housekeeper, , white, two Jiimilv. 2 - 4 fi 'H . Care tnr invalid. WANTED — Hi-auly SH|I .. 1'liuue 2-itiJJ, Phone !! 8 npcriitor. Nora's 16:'C Eightefiith HI reel. U-l-U Bcfuty For Rent—Rooms TWO scullenien, double or twin beds. ad- Joining Imth. use of phone. Located Thirlv-ihird and Panama Btiveta. Phone _ 2-4 H». _____ __ ;» ROOM FOR RENT with kitchen privilege*. Would like nice reliable couple. Near _ AJrpurt._Cal', before t p. m., 3-2794. 2I> NICELY furnished single and double rooms. Klti-lien privileges. Close tm Hor>ii i< Mann and Williams Schools. 2229 _ Qu i ni y_l j rj \f c^ ____ j! I) WAN'TED — Room and boarU or loom fnr For Rent—Rooms GENTLEMAN—DeniraMe front room, pr rule home, adjoininz bath, air-cooled nlrto heated. Near bus and school; I'hone ^-6:i?7. 1917 Checty. ; FI'RNISHED front bedroom, private fron entrance, air conditioned, use of Phon Employed lady preferred. 1210 _street. Phon«._!_-SS4;l. ; FRONT hedioom for rent In modern home twin beds. For employed ladies only, i'n Eighteenth street. Allt CONDITIONED j-uid _slee^ping_ rjriom. light housekeepin 90.1 H street. HIIOM for rent in private home. Oentlema only. -'409 Park Way. Phone 3-04:n. For Rent—Houses L'NI-TRNISHED duplex with large lawn child under 1 year O. K. 1015 Eas Kighteemn street. For Rent—•ApartinenU FOR RENT — Partly furnished cabin Adults only, no pets. Paradise Molo Inn. SMALL 3-room furnished apartment within walking distance of downtown for couple. S:u.r,U; no children. Phon :i-0fi7» after B p. m. For Rent—Mi«cellaneou« WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital beds wit. Jnnersprlng mattresses; walkers, rubbe sheeting: everything for sick room. Fold ing chairs. Phnne 7-7489 or 2-0067. 8-3-t Wanted to Rent—Rooms BI'SINESS woman wants to rent a Bleep IIIB room or small apartment. Call Ex _ tenslon_5L_Hol_e!JE]_Ti'Jpn._«-6£41. C WANT to rent by young lady, room wit bath. Phone :!-07nr.. j WANTED to rent a, room near Cottac Hospital. Oildale. Phone 2-lSOO. L' man and wife. Phone 2-1143. 29 YCU'Nt; LADY Immediately needs roon .-iiid hoard in private home, near b line. Ueffrences. Phone :t-L'534. Wanted to Rent—Houses TO RENT—Two-bedroom furnished hous or double apaitment. Will pay thre imi-.ths in advance. Yes. we have tw well behaved boys. Call 9-9997 a No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent you homes, apartments or courts. Onlj those meeting your requirement will call. Phone early, San .loaquln Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If m answer, call 2-0653. 3-25-t FOR ONE MONTH—Furnished house o apartment. Wanted for September b army officer, wife and email boy. Phon 4_- 4 :l U. j PERMANENT. responsible major o company employe urgently needs 2 o :{-bedroom unfurnished house Phon ' ' WANTED—5 or 3-bedroom unfurnishe, house; 9-year-old daughter, permanent Phone 4-4S01 31 OFFICER and wife need furnished nous, or apartment; no children or pets. Cal Hl'SBAND wife, two children 6 and 7 years, wish fmniahcd house apartmen or la rife room and kitchen or hoard in Alta Vista section for two or three iniuilhs. Phone ^-HC47. Need "-lnvlroom unfurnished house Bnk ersfielil. Oildale. Excellent c« r o. We have nvo lillle trirls. little Indies, .sliiiulil s.iy. Please cull ^-9U'9. ask fo _ -Mi _ l^iyfn*. _ . ^> SfOAR COMPANY executive, locatinc per m.-inently in Bnkersfield. desires lonR-term lease for 2 or n-bedroom home in restricts district. I'hone 2-7279 between 9 and r __ WANTED — One or two-bedroom furnlahe< 'louse, three in family; one well-behavec boy: permanent; references: prefer close _to : _Lowell School. Phone 3-24Sfi. _ 3l WANTED— House or buildlntr for beaut' shop, with HvInK quarters: have equip ment and furniture; prefer west Bakers field- referent-en; permanent. Phone __?•.-«''. _ 31 COUPLE with 2-year-olil hoy, want houfte furnished or unfurnished. Permanen tenants. Can uive references. Ca! Mis. Rntl. :i-03nS. n CHAPLAIN desires rental of 2-bedroom fur nished house within 20 miles of Mlnter Field before September 13. Call 7-7CS1 extension 22C. ,1( WANTED TO RENT -FURNISHED APARTMENT, NEEDED URG ENTITY, BY THREE SCHOOL. TEACHERS. CALL HOTEL, PA DRE, EXTENSION SOO. OQ PETROLEUM ENGINEER and wife need 5 or 6-room tmfurnlshec house. No children, no pets Permanent. Cnn furnish referen res. Call 2-3589. 28 COUPLE wants 3 or 4-room house, fur nished or unfurnished. Phone 6-5454. 31 LIEUTENANT and wife desired furnishet house or apartment: expectant child: m pets or parties. Phone 2-4308. 3'- WANTED TO RENT—Hav? No. 1 clien for 2-hedroom dwelling in good localil> Long tinio in BaltersfieW. Take good care of property. No pets, no children Thomas W. McManim. Phone 3-2402 1511',ii Eightcenl h si reel. 2 8 ALTA VISTA section. Keep baby or child while mother works in exchange room and kitchen privileges. Man, wife, gir _7. _bo.v_ (j. 2-4244^ :i; WANTED to rent, furnished house or apartment, by essential oil employe wife, teacher. 10-year-old son; permanent. Without home at present. Cal 7-T 7_:iD. jij COI'PLE with two children under 5 need two-bedroom furnished house or ? Guarantee good care of property. Pay up to $('.0. Call nnkprHflfld_9-_9727_. 29 WANTED—Small furnished house or apartment, close in; two adults. Phone G-S38JI. SO MOST desperate need of furnished house for lieutenant and wife, no children, Please call 2-007S. 30 WANT TO LEASE — Two-bedroom house for one year. Present location will testify to n&ilness and care. Phone L'-SSlfi. _ 29 WANTED — Furnished or unfurnished house. Permanent. Adults. No pets. " WANTED — My civilian family of three mlultti, a 2-bedroom furnished house. N pels. Best of care. References. Phon 4_ : _429:. __________ _____ r •*OUK school teachers want 2-hedronm furnished hoiiHe or apartment. Phone 3-1 (ill WANTED — Small, unfurnished house or Two women. References. I'hone 2_-74»4. ____ ____ __ 30 LIEUTENANT, wife and expelled child need furnished house. I'hone 3-J411. 30 COUPLE with G-year-oId daughter, want 2 or 3-rooni apartment or vocnn and kitchenette. Lady would consider housework or help care for children. Por- lei field hotel. Phone 2-97ti;i, Mrs. Risen. 29 VANTPII.)—Permanent. small furnished apartment within walking distance of downtown or on bus line. References. Phone 2-017S. 28 'OUNO business wom;,n wants 3-room apartment In Bakersfield. Phone 2-40!in _bet ween_9_a._m._ and r> p. m. 29 il EUTEN A NT and wife waiu apartment by September 4 or before. No children nr pet8. Call Lieutenant Jackaon. 2-1:140. 29 Wanted to Rant, Miscellaneous VANTED to rent, punlure for mare and colt. Call Fred W. Jones. Phone 2-25H7. Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchatige. COX FURNITURE •, Formerly Oildale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone J-46U3 6-14-tf BROWN'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf FAMONDB. watches Mid old J«ws!rjr of any d«scrlptlon' hi»h«st market prlcw aid In c»sh. Earl McBvo.v, precision watchnsMer. Ill Haberfslde bulldlni. Phone S-5S97 ll.JO-tf VANT TO BUY well drill with 450fpot cable, 12-inch bit and bnler. Give lull dulalis. George Ray, Box 216. Palm-, dale. Calif. . 21 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED to bay. eld Mwtoc machine! and vacuum cleaners. 1601 We*t Klcbth atre-t. Phone s-9437. IS WANTED to buy. fan-type cooler. 3-2S09. Phone 28 WANTED—Deer rifle, prefer .30-32 or .35 Remington slide action. I'hone 2-8S12. 58 CASH for eet of lined tracks for 2-ton Holt caterpillar tractor. Phone Lindsay WANTED—Pet of Sterling silver flat ^year. Phone 2-822.1. 2H WANTED—Cooler. Must have automatic pump and nil fittings. Phone 3-mL 1 after 6 p. m. 29 WANTED TO BUY. an electric refrigerator. Phone 2-3C29. 2 8 WANT TO BUY—Pay cash, one electric refrigerator, two box bed springs, one Innerspring mattress, if In good condition. Phone 2-1137. 2 9 WANTED — One single-barrel 20-gausre shotgun with shells. Phone 5-683.1. 2!) WANTED to buy, small size prewar child's wagon. Phone 2-Oo22. 2!) Wanted to Buy—Property CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294. 220 Haberfelde building. 1-10-tf SELLING HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. 5-15-tt Have upened by own office. Need Ilitlngi badly. Buyern waiting. WILLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Phone 2-0555 6-14-tf NEED Hating;: for cash buyers on large and sma.t' homes, acre homes, farms and incom properties. Elwood's. 1923 "Eye. ' 28 WE NEED property to soil, have buyers waiting. nuicU action guaranteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239. 1tififl Chester avenue. 29 WANTED—160 ncies unimproved land. \V;isco nr Shatter district. Will drill water well artd level land; pay Interest on Uvo proceeding land, then pay off land un 10-yenr plat^. PhoneJJ-SSjM. 29 ATTENTION. AMERICA—Colored people are ftphtinp and dying for America. To die for one's country and be denied the privlleRe of buying better homes Is not right. If you have property that a deserving patriotic people mav buy, please phone i-niii>6. Jones Real Estate. 29 \Ve need more listings. Lifit your homw, farm, ranch or Income with BOYDSTTJI* & LANCASTER 1S17 II Street. Phone 8-8639 8-D2-tf WANTED TO BUY, FOR CASH, 3-BEDROOM HOUSE WITH LARGE LIVING ROOM. IN EAST BAKERSFIELD ABOVE NILES. BOX 700-B, THE CALIFORNIAN. 29 WANTED TO BUY—Five-room house, eood condition. $500 down. 130 monthly. Phone 2-40 68. 3 0 DESIRE two or three-bedroom house, rea- Honably priced. Owner only. Address Teceler Hotel, room R(>2. or call 8-Sull after 6 I) m. A. C. Spetl. 28 WANT TO BUY. 5 to 6-rooio hnuse. 1 to F> acres, outside of cily limiis. Phone 4;405n. ' 28 WILL PAY CASH for modei-n 2-l>eclroom home, preferably Alia Vista district. Phone 8-8744. 28 WANT TO Rt;Y from owner, In East Bakersfield, o-bedrouni house. Cull 4-4liliii WOULD LIKE TO HAVE FROM OWNER, 2-bedroom home. Will p;ty rash. Phone 8-8986. 29 Wanted to Buy—Farm Land WANTED TO LEASE OR BUY—Between 20 or 40 acres, all improved. Write to 410 Higgins Drive. Bakers!'ield. For Sale—Improved Property OILDALE—Immediate possession, nice two-bedroom home, also 1-bedroom in rear renting for $:0 per month. Both houses are in excellent condition, and completle.v furnished with prewar furniture. Corner lot. sprinkling system, double garage: enclosed washroom. J7S50. EAST BAKERSFTELD—Two bedrooms. An older home, in good condition inside and out. completely furnished, including refrigerator, flat-top range and wash- Ing machine. Close to hip*, markets and schools. S.ISDO. $1600 down. HIGHLAND MANOR—Immediate possession, practically new 2-hedrnom home, large living room, nice kitchen, plenty of tile, hardwood floor?, floor I'urnar-e. generous cupboard and closet space; cooling ducts, Nice Jot, back yard fenced. CALIFORNIA TRACT—If you are looking for something special in a 1-bedroom home, see thiw. All latest modern conveniences, in excellent condition, inside and out. $2'jr.O down. WINOLAND SQUARE — Two-bedroom home, about 4 years old. in excellent condition, all latest modern conveniences, including cooling system. Nice lot. back yard lenced. 5800. After D p. m.. call Bill Irvin. 2-5C42. 1704 K Street Southwest District—Three bedrooms, all- tile Imlh. line) half, all-tile kitchen, basement, fireplace. 100 per cent insu lated; double garage with laundry room: lots of fruit anil nut trees; sprinkling system front and rear; all fenced; on H large piece of well-landscaped ground. This JH a good buy at $10.750. California Park—Two bedrooms and nice den. large living room and dining room, tile bath and kitchen, fireplace and floor furnace, 100 per cent insulated, outdoor sleeping room, barbecue pit, eoolfir and refrigerator: beautiful yard with fruit and shade. Price S8750. substantial down payment. On Terrace Way. belween Chester and 99 highway, two furnished homes on large lot. Owner occupies one and the other is renter). .Price 16350; requires J3850 down. Beautiful ,1-bedroom home and den. two bedrooms downstairs and large master bedroom up.iiairs; tile root fireplace, basement with unit heal, large dininK room and breakfast room, nice tile kitchen and two tile baths; beautiful yard with lots of fruit and nut trees, several Bond bearing orange trees. This is one of the finest locations outside the city. Price $13,500. substantial down payment. Nearly new duplex. "With 4-room apartment over 2-car garage. Complelely redecorated inside and out. Hardwood and tile. Owner occupies apartment and the duplex income is $135 per month. This is an exceptional buy at $12.000. J1OYDSTUN & LANCASTER 'hone K-SfitIS 1817 H Street il-l-tf Southwest—Three-bedroom home, close In an Brundage Lane. Lot lOOxlfiO and plenty of ahade and garden space. $2500 down. Beardaley District—Two-bedroom home, close to school, hardwood floors, tile drain and yard fenced. $5000 Terms. Duplex—Twr bedrooms on each side, completely furnished, electrk refrigerators, etc. Close to transportation. 11500 down. last Hakersficld—Two-bedroom home. Venetian shades, floor furnace, tile drain and hardwood floors. Close lo Kern (ieneral nm 1 East Bakersfleld High School. IfiftOO. 1704 K STREET •HONE 3-1210 RESIDENCE 2-5028 SMALL, home. 747 Montlcello, off Potomac, unfinished Inside. Cash or lance down payment. Owner on premises Saturday and Sunday. Good buy for mechanic. •"OR SALE—Reasonable, my equity in a. duplex. 2417 M street. Possession of one aide any time. See Hardy Bonebrake. 600 Monterey street. 29 4.0MK AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IV WE HAVEN'T WHAT YOIT WANT. WE'LL FIND IT. SAN JOAQt'lN AGENCIES. EDWARD MOODY. 1812 ''EYE." PHONE 2-06,1:1. s 9-Jjif "OR SALE—Two-bedroom home close to Sajita i'e roundhouse on Nineteenth street, $4aOO. Good terms. Possession within 30 days. If Interested write E. A. Jackson, Route 4, Box 405, Bakersfield. .1.1 'OR SALE by owner, one-halt acre land, 4-room hnuse, double garage, shade and fruit trees. Corner location, 4001 Nlles street. 29 iOUTHWEST — Bargain, older house, walking distance, close to school*, large rooms, good condition, 11600 down, 140 month. Owner, 2609 Nineteenth street. •"OR SALE!—Three-room furnished house with large back porch. This house stucco and about 4 year*, In almost new condition. Can have Immediate possension. On Lincoln avenue, Olldalc, Price 13000 cash. DM 3-07M. 2» For tale—Improved Property IN OCEANA—Three acres. 18 cabins, store living quarters, gas pumps. This Is furnished and a golnt concern, showing good Income. Present owner all alone and can r handle Will sell all for total price of (10.603. Lomlta Verde—Lovely 6-room home, only 6 years old. Living room, 16x20. bath with still shower, ver - nice kitchen, lots of cupboards. Rear yard fenced and has barbecue pit. Double garage. Total price 16260. substantial down Wingland Square—Five-room home, modern throughout, well landscaped lot. This place Is practically completely furnished. Including refrlgeratni and washing machine. Total price 16750, good down payment. Pioneer Drive—Five-room modern home on five acres. This wo'ild make an Ideal country home for the couple who likes horseback riding and has stock. Not to far ont. Lomll.i Verde—Five room furnished home, only about 4 years old and In excellent condition. Modern throughout. Nice yard. Immediate possession. Total price (6500. about half cas-, to handle On lot 100x300—Lovely 6-rooro home, almost new. Dual floor furnace, cooling ducts, etc. Owner wishes to trade for 3-bedroom home close In In city. 1318 ''Eye" Street 8-2-tf One-bedroom home on North Baker street, immediate possession. Price $:I500, some terms. Two-bedroom home on large lot on Potomac street. This home is almost new and In good condition. Price $4500 some terms. Two-bedroom home furnished, on Monachle street, in Oildale; large lot. Price $3760 terms. Lovely I-bedroom home nn Woodrow street in Oildale. Home in excellent condition: floor furnace and is modern In every way. Nice yard and garage. Price $3SSO, $1000 down, balance $42 pei month. This is a FHA home. Three-bedroom home on Hughes street in Oildale. Home is in good condition. Price S:i7uO. some termi. Three-bed room home, furnished, at Third and Chester avenue. A comfortable home and a good future business property Pi ice $5000. some terms. Two-bedroom home on Ray street In Oildale. Home In good condition and on a large lot. Price JC150. terms. Two-bedroom home on East Eighteenth street. Home in perfect condition nnd buyer can have immediate possession Price $62iiO. terms. A perfect 3-bedroom home, with three baths, close in. on Niles street. Has small apartment in rear. Income prop erty now $85 per month. Owner baa own separate apartment. This home Is partially furnished with fine furniture. A home and Income and good location Price $13.000, terms. Phone 2-92IM 220 Hiiberfclde Building. 29 $12.000—Three houses on an acre of i cellent soil on South Oak street. This ,„ one of the best Investments offered for some time. Front house is a lovely 2-bedroom, sunken living room, kitchen with lots of tile, dinette, basement, floor furnace, thermostat. Thl= is rented for $5.1 per month unfurnished. Then there is a dandy ,1-rnom garage apartment, furnished and rented for }'.'."> per month, and last, a nearly new and modern 4-room frame residence, hardwood flours, floor furnace. lovely dinette and kitchen, bedroom and hath, also fnr- nislied and rented for Jir> per month. $4000 rash, $75 per month, ti per cent interest. $11.000—Five completely furnished rentals on nearly an acre of excellent soil room for several more which could be built later on rear portion now in alfalfa and fruit 11 ees. Income $12250 per month, tenants pay all utilities. $41100. $73 per month, 6 per cent interest. Will consider trade of bolh of these lor suitable cuttle ranch. 326 Chester Avenue Phone 6-67r,1 I'.i ACRES and fine 6-room house in nose- dale district. Has half-acre of alfalfa rhicken- runs for tiuo hens. rabbit hutches, machine shop, laree sh.vle and fruit Irees. Many 'other fine features. Immediate possession. Full price $6000. substantial down. F1VE-HOOA1 home, completely furnished, on full acre of finest soil in Kern county, near Fairfax School. Has IlKht, water. Kas, a lovely bathroom. Full price $4000. substantial down. FIVE-ROOM home, i.ear S. P. shops. In Rood condition. Has chicken equipment, garden space, shade trees and nice lawn. Full price 12600, substantial down, balance easy. HOME AND INCOME property, close to Southern Pacific shops Has nice rentals, all furnished. Income appro*), mately $375 rer month. Full price 118,60" Some terms 1665 Chester Phone 1-9888 8-H-tf ALTA VISTA—Duplex, 2-hedroom on one side and one on the other. Laree living and dining room, lots of tile In kitchens and baths, nicely furnished, cooer duct-; to all rooms, sprinkling system. On corner lot. Priced at only S9600. THREE-BEDROOM nearly new In nice location on East Side. Completely furnished. Nice yard with sprinkling- system. $11,000. One-half cash. ON O STREET—Neat 4-room home for only J2980. $1000 down. EAST BAKERSFIELI>-Furnlshed 2-hed. room, sleeping room on garage. $5650, $23jO down. WILLARD «. BAKEU 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone 2-0555 __^ 8-25-tf LA CRESTA—A house you will thoroughly en.ii... Largo livingroom with fireplace and dual floor furnace, large dining room, modern kitchen with large nook Bath has lots of tile, stall shower and cove linoleum. Two bedroom two-car garage: well landscaped, fenced rear yard The view Is excellent. Price $9450. terms arranged. Oil,DALE—Two-bedroom home on corner lot. Garage and work shop Price, $3650, $1650 down, $23 month. CHESTER AVENUE—In Rlvervlew, 203 feet on highway over 268 feet deep, Income $300 per month up. To see this and other exceptionally good properties, phone for appointment todny DEAN R HURLEY «11 Nineteenth Street Dial 3-0275 S-24-tf SPECIAL—Almost new 2-bedroom home that IB really a beautiful house. It has the finest kitchen that I have seen in years, large llvinir room slee. Venetians throughout. The yard Is all fenced, has tree roam, barbecue. Thl.-. home Is completely furnished, and I mean furnished, linens, fine dishes, electric FriBldaire. sweeper, toaster, Mixmaster, Maytag washer, Weurever aluminum. In fact everything- to make a homo complete. This home Is In Highland Alanor. It requires about $3500 to handle, but what a buy, CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H Street Phone 6-590U or 2-4522 8-M-lf FOR SALE, by owner. 1-bedroom home. 333Mi West Harding in Riverview. Ca«h or terms to tellable person. 29 FOR SALE—Home. Widow must sell at once, 2-bedroom houa^. 50t* Francis, Bernela ^'ark. •< 8 OILDALE—Small home and garage. Price $2850, easy terms. One acre, east on Nlles street, 3-bcdrpom home, some fruit, chicken pen. Price $3500. Phone 2-4.18A. Ken Mynatt 28 FOR SALE—Nice G-room house In Kast Bakersfield. close In. two blocks off Nlles. Call 827 Niles street. 29 INDUSTRIAL SITES \ 207-foot frontage, 182 feet deep. On Chester avenue, with service station and equlp- Hlghwajr SB—Junk yard. 100x350. Lots of equipment. Priced, to sell. Brundafte Lane—30 acres very fine land. Good for subdivision or Industrial site. South—Two 6-acre tracU that would make beautiful bom* sites. Olon Bryan, 1671 Cheater avenue. 28 For §•>•—Improved l»rop»rty F STREET near Beale Park, nice Jl-bedroom horn* 0:1 corner lot 94xlll>. Large living room with fireplace, nice hardwood and two nice porches. $6500 on terms. North Baker In nice location, two houses o.i large corner lot; one 2-hedrnom, plastered, with nice hardwood floors, and three rooms, plastered; over garage, furnished, for $6000 on terms. Grace street, one-half block west of Baker, a dandy little 2-bedroom home on lot running through to Bernard, $1500 down. New. never been occupied, a 2-bedroom home, very nice, living room, two bedrooms, lots of tile in kitchen; possession now. $5000. 20 acres spud land on Fruitvale avenue, niie 2-bedroom home, three acres alfalfa, nice fruit and garden, plenty of chicken equipment, two fine wells, two tractors and other farming machinery. Shown ny appointment. Two commercial acres in Green Acres on Rosedalc HlBhway. Three bedrooms, two baths; fruit, chicken equipped, plenty of fine water; $10.000 terms 10 wcrcs oranges, east of town, ,1-bedroom home, reconditioned. with hardwood floors; irood well, about 875 orange trees that made $4200 this last season; machinery to work the place goes if sold noon. Pay $3000 now and $3000 in Janu- nry after you have gotten the crop anrl then $1SOO per year. All oil rights go with place. Shown by appointment. .1. T. (Sy) Wicker. I6«0 Chester Phone 2-0239. Evenings 2-3895 or 2-64M 29 (472) ONE-BEDROOM house, corner lot; room to build another. Near Horace 1 Mann School, Shade. Priced 12885. $1520 down: may consider less. Call 2-OiaS or <i-e336. 21 EAST BAKERSFIELD—Five-room stucco home and den. built >n 1940. Complelely furnished with prewar furniture. $6500. EAST BAKERSFIELD—Five-room stucco home, on corner lot. close in. $6150. HIGHLAND PARK—Stucco duplex, built In 11)40. One side furnlsh%d with nice prewar furniture. Other aide unfurnished. One-half bloc!- front bus. Clo«e to store and school. $4760, $2250 down. BANK STREET—Moderate size 6-room house, tn good district. Close tn bus and market. $3950. $1800 down. HIGHLAND PARK—One of the finest ,'l-bedroom stucco homes, built In 1941. Complete coolint' system with duels In eni-h rooiv.. Two double floor furnaces, thermostatically controlled. Two hathn with lots of tile. Steel Venetian blindn tinmighuiiT. Floors carpeted with broad- locini from wall to wall. Beautiful living room and dining room. Kitchen with Inls of tile and corner divided aink and many cupboards. Large service porch, double garage. EL (.'A Ml NO PARK—Beautiful 6-rnom stucco home, built 194n. with latest modern conveniences. Steel Venetian blinds. Nice size bedrooms, living room and dining room. Built-in cooling system including cooler. $5500, $2250 down. SOUTH—A lovely 5-room stucco home built In 1941. Venetian blinds, tile in kitchen and bath and built-in cooling system. Large lot. Possession in 10 days. $5500, Phone 2-7554 1671 Chepter 8-::i-tf One of the nicer .1-bedroom homes on acre of ground. Double garage, fruit trees, rhicken equipment. Two-bedroom, almost new home, floor furnace, hardwood floors throughout, double garage. Older 2-bedroom home, large living room, screen porch across entire front: cow bam. chicken equipment, acre of ground, $3500. Will trade. Green Acre?—An acreage home, equipped. 1000 laying hens, rabbit equipment. Will 1 rade. Home and three furnished rentals, close to bus jiml schools. This will pay good Interest on investment. Three-bedroom, bath-and-half home on largo lot ou much-traveled boulevard, close in. Corner ideal for shop, \VHre- house, oil supply equipment, well drilling equipment. 1123 "Eye" Street IN PI-NSET PARK—A very good 3-bedroom home with a Him porch, harthvucid floors, all rooms larue, Venetian blinds, tile In kitchen. Close to bus. Price $7500, with $3500 down. ON CHERRT STREET— A comfortable L'-hedroom home, in verv good condition. Front porch, nice woodwork, nook off ttie kitchen. Price for quick sale $5250. with -$Tr,0 down. IN HIGHLAND .MANOR—Practically new 2-bedrnom home, nicely furnished, large kitrhen. 7-foot FriKidaire. vanity tile In b.-ith. dojble garage. This is a. nice stucco home. Requires large down payment. CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H Street Phone 6-5909 or 5-43!S 8-29-tf FOR SALE—Immediate possession, near Mount Vernon School, 3-room house, fenced yard, modern plumbing. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth. 8-29-tf CLOSE in Oildale—Immediate possession, large 4-room house, two lots, nlcelv landscaped. Chicken equipment includes 600- ecR electric brooder. Tots! price $4850. $2850 cash. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth. 8-29-tt FOR SALE—On Alta Vltta Drive, corner, 63x150. 3-bedroom house, lllvng- room. dining room, den, breakfast nook, kitchen, two baths, small basement, screened porch, two floor furnaces: newly painted: 2-car garage. Full price $9750 Immediate possession. For Information call J. J. Consanl, 1-9614. nr 2-9487. 8-9-tt VERY modern 4-room house, in Golden State. Tract; hardwood floors, tile, floor furnace, lots of cupboard space. Full price $3960. 20 Liggett afreet. Phono 2-4427. 29 FOR SALE, by owner, 5-room house In Oildale. Two bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen; nice lawn. Fruit trees, grape arbor, berries; all fenced In. Price $3250. Inquire at fourth houfie on Fairfax, north of Magunden. evenings after 6:30. 28 Four-room bungalow in Southgate Tract. $2300, $1000 cash, $30 monthly. Call Mel Hay or Jim Jarvis. Phona 2-0878. evenings 8-8131. Office 1524 Eighteenth street. 28 BUSINESS PROPERTY For sale or lease—On Twenty-first street, business building', brick with cement basement under entire building, I 1 ," blocks from future home of Barker Brothers. Phone owner, 6-6578. 28 TWO-BEDROOM HOME Homaker Park, extra large lot, fruit trees, chicken equipment, garage; two blocks markets, transporta tion. Phone 4-4851. 28 BY OWNER—Two-bedroom house in El Camlno Park. Steel Venetian blinds throughout. air-conditioning system. 601 El Serreno Drive. Phone 3-1440, R sk for Clyde A. Hcnson. 28 ?5!)50 takes this beautiful 2-bedroom home between Kern General and East High. Yard all fenced. House 5 years old, refinished last year. A spacious and gracious home. Freal W. Harvey, 203 Brower building, phone 2-4260. Evenings 2 : 4143. ^^ EAST SIDE—Six-room bonne on 1 'A acres.. Double sarnge, chicken equipment, lots of fruit trees. Lomita Verde—Practically new 2-bedroom bouse, completely and well furnisher), including refrigerator, table-top stove and washing machine, etc. Venetian blinds,'double garugc, nice lot. Green Acres—Three very attractive offerings, ono with 1'i acres, one with one acre, one with half acre. All with houses, all with chicken equipment, all with excellent water conditions. First named cmi bo purchased with flock of about 600 chickeha. half-acre can be bought completely furnished. Casa Loma—On one acre, very modern 2-bedroom houpe, barn, garage, chicken equipment, fruit, etc. East Bakerafleld-—.Six-room houste near bus line, school and stores. Also East. Bakersfield—Two-bedroom hnuse on corner lot. Only 7 years old. Double ganige. Lomitn Verde — Three-bedroom house, about fi years old and In good condition, Double garage, well-cared-for lot. E. C. Uffert, 901 Niles. Phone 2-7162 9-1-tf BY OWNER—Large house, seven rooms, plenty of tile, floor furnace; basement; double garage. Furnished or unfurnished. 2110 Kern street. East Bakern- I'icld. no By OWNER—Koui-rooni and bath, hardwood floors, tile In kitchen, one-half acre garden soil, pressure system; $2800; 1'.« miles off Edison on Weed Patch _Road._ Route 5. Box 257. "9 IMMEDIATE possession. well-Cjnished modern 6-room Sunset Park home, near schools and bus line. See Warde D Watson, 2120 Chester avenue. Phone 2-4884. so TWO-BEDROOM house In Huniet Park, splendid condition. Immediate possession, $6000. half cash. '-bedr.,om bouee, east side, 14750, neat and nice. Two-bedroom house, near airport, 14250; DOW vacant. Brandt Investment Company 1102 H Street Phone M»4I • 1.1-tf FOR SALE;—Two-bedroom hou«e, partly furnished. $1100 down, balance IDS month. 31* Ducatur. j| FOUR-ROOM house for sale, completely furnlahed. new garage, plenty shade^ trees, fruit tree*, new picket fence, at 107 Soutb King. Apply at 8121 Verde atreet. }»

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