Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
Page 2
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Have HouM Picnic. (ments for the Chrtstmas cantata The January party of the Ex-Te^ch- which will be given at Builders" Chap- rrs' club will be in the form ot a ol on the aiiproacblng Tuesday even- house picnic. .Mrs. A. H. Campliell, ing. Special music will be furnished 1006 North Jefferson street will be by Prof. Wells and the lines of the hostess. * • • To Serve Meals. The finance committee of the Wto- man's Christian Temperance Un3on is meeting this afternoon at the rc 'Bl- cantata book will be Interspersed with other special features. •:• <- • Anniversary Meeting The Current Ev-?nt Club will be en tertalned on Monday afternoon at the dence of Mrs. E. B. Keys. The ladles home of Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. The are deciding uiwn a date for the s«rv-{occasion will be the celobraton of ing of dinner and supper to the pub-; the anniversary of th^ club's organ' lie. W. C. T. U.- Meetinci. i/.ation. The usual program will be omitted and the guests will mlngl luformalT- The club is expt-ctlng to The usual nieotlnt: of the \V". C. T. ihavo a coterie of friends i.i attend U. occurred yest.^rday afternoon at' nnce to enjoy ih? occasion, the home of Mrs. M. M. Williamson.' •> + • The afternoon was devoud to a d:s- , Spend Sunday Here, cusalon of events of the union antj a Mr. and Mrs. George Trousliold and program re'ative to the work. i son of Chanute will spend the weo • •:• V {end with -Mr. and .Mrs. R. U. Stev Party for Ex-Teachers. • enson. One of the most pleasant affairs' * * * of the week just closing was a par -j Entertain Mu«ic Club, ty for tlie ExiTeachers' club given;byi Mrs. Frank H. Martin will be at Mrs. L. ^ WIshard, Mrs. H. I... Doiig- home to th^ I-adies" Mireic club on lass and Mrs. IJoyd Coe. The lad- Tuesday afternoon. The ocrasion is les were happily entertained at the the Christmas musicale of the club home of Mrs. WIshard until five o"- •> <• + clock when they were invit.Al to t'.ie' Rrhearse Christmas Music, residence of Mrs. Douglass to be si 'rv- The Ladies' .Music club will meet ed with an elaborate luncheon. 'Tlie ;.. the home of Mrs. Malcolm Hughes menu was arranged In four courses at four o'clock this afternoon for and served at a tabi? prettily festoon- j bri?f rehearsa' of music to be sung ed with holly and Christmas greens, on Tuesdav afterncon. Christmas be'ls were suspended above the lable and from chandeliers in the various rooms. The cuests who ^n + * + ^oend Winter in West. Mrs. Abner Wood will po to Kan joyed the occasion were Mrs. AHce sas Cltv on Mondav to a--.end th Chastain. Mr^. L. Hobart. Mrs. SaOdle n.arrlage of Miss Iren? Tn;: and M Thompson. Mrs. W. H. .McCUire. Frank Elmer Wtood. Afte • the we<l Mrs. Thrasher, Mrs. J. S. Turner. :^rs. ding rccepUon, -Mrs. Wood is to go to W. E. Lewder, Mrs. A. H. Ca\ap- California, where she will be the guest bell. ifrs. J. F. Sallee. Mrs. Wm. cf relatives and friends during the Knapp, Mrs. 8. S. Hilscher. Mrs. winter months. S. A. Card, Mrs. Wm. Vezie, Mrs. * + * George bavls. Mrs. John Devlin. Mrs. State Secretary. Wm. BIckford. Mrs. L. W. Afayberry. The young men of the Y. M. C. A and Mrs. CM. Thompson. jare planning a big meeting for Sun The hostesses wene assisted through i day afternoon at :J:no. Th? orcasior out the afternoon by Mrs. L. Holjen-; js the annual visit of the stjite aecre back. Mrs. W. G. Anderson. Mrs. W. D. Wblfe and Mrs. John Foust. •> • •> Entertiained Card Ciub. Mrs., Leigh Hunt gave a very enjoy able afternoon party yesterday for n>embers of the Friday Euchre club. Prbtes for the highest number of games went to Mrs. C. H. Shie'ds. the consolation prize to Mrs. J. R. Hughes and ti:e guest prize to Mrs. F. J. Horton. At luncheon time Mrs. Hunt was assisted by Mrs. W. S. Goodin and Mrs. F. Bennette Smith In serving an elaborate menu. ' <..% Ready for Cantata. Mrs. E. N. Jones and her assj.'it- cnlB have now completed all arrange- Hoy There f "Whtrti ate you going?" "doing aftpr a sack lof Um 9' ntfmni Ploiir. My wife won 't use tnything els« " KwwtomMlg, A Ety, Oo, •.'ciWMMrC, 40*. tcry. Mr. K. A. Shumaker. of Topeka He will deliver an address t:) men in the Y. M. C. A. andltoriuni to which ill the men of the city are invited. Soiu? very fine special music has been arranged for this meeting. M A. I.,. Boatright. whom all lik-? to hear! sing a s.^lo. and the Bnstham quartette, a very fine musical attrac lion, will render a selection. "Brln'f^ man with you. * • • Eastern Star Meetinq. The Eastern Star Chapter will have a meeting on Monday evening to arrange for the installation of officers which were elected last week + * + To Attend Wedding. Mrs. J. W. Bolton will go to Parsons Monday to be a guest at the marriage of Miss Miriam Murphy to Mr. Prank Thomas of Chicago. • + • Arrange Pi^ram. The Baptist Sunday school pupil will bo entertained with a program of music and recitations fo!lowi'<l by a Christmas treo to celebrate the hoi Iday Bonson this yi>nr. Ti'uchcrs o( the various classes are tngaijed In directing rehearsals at this time. •:• • • Qlve New Years' Party. One of thtf prospective parlies t( celebrate the comlni! of ihi' New Yen I;^: an event which will probably be A Wmtehim Proper mmd Approprlmt^ One of the best Christmaii presents that you can give is a Watch. It has the advantage of being handsome, useful and lasting. A good watch will laKt the recipient for twenty years. Do you know of any other present that will do the same? Our line of Watches this year Is the largest we have ever had. The selection is more varied than i8 size. 17 jewel, Elgin or Waltham >>taiovement io xo year buntiogica^e i»ny we have ever bad and we ^Jciiow 'tjiat It. will \^ no trouble to nsLyou •J^P. proper both in quality and ||Hce. ^^<J. better still; Coffey's guarantee ^ands back of every watch we> sell. A careful insi>ection of our Ii4e is Invited. • : Ladies size Elgin or Waltham movement, 25 year Hunting case Gifts for the Men. MtoroAM and Obalim Slgmmt Kmgm «»f Mmga Shmvlmg S»im Smatlnw Sats Faumtmln Pons aold Oaff Umkm And dtzen.>j of other beautiful t:seful and acceptable pie- sents, Ailicles will be laid away for you until called (or. Store Open Evenings. McNEIL BROTHERS. rmejewtuitt. given by rrirls of the Beau Knot club. The gutsts will be entertain .Ml at the home of Miss Bessie Beck, C06 East street. • • + Altruistic Club to Banquet. One of the events which will occur early in liu now year is the annual banquet of the Altruistic Club. The date decided UiK )n is January sinwud and the place the basement of the Presbyterian church. Bergatns? YesF Where? af Sewall's Jiwelfj Ste firmi door north of Pomidfflao in Whaf? Cut Glass, Hand Painied China, Jewelry of all Kinds, Glooks, Waiohaa HEMOVAL SAL^ r^&Cfearek. Sabbath scoool at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. ni. Junoir Y. P. C. U. at 2:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. ni. A welcome to all. O. G. MISAMORE. Baptist Ciinrcb. Simday school at 9:iT, a. m. Murniug service at 11 a. m. Sermon "Mary'a Alabaster Box of Ointment. B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7:30. Sermon. "Neglect." The Keforned Charrb. Morning servicM at 11 a. m. Sermon. "The Church's Best Answer to a Doubter's Honest Question." No evening service. The pastor will preach at Petrolia in the evening. Sunday school at a. m.. \ cordial invitation and a hearty welcome. LOUIS C. HARXISH, I'.istor. Ijinyon Center. Sunday school at 3 p. m. JESSIE M. VOXSTEIX. Resident Worker. The Christian Churcb. Mr. Ellett will preach In the morning. Subject of the sermou. "If not Christ. Who?" Mr. Kitchen will hold a farewell service and close the revival In the evening. Everybody 'jught to hear his last sermon. The Bible school meets at 10 a. m. Junior ETndeavor at 3 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30 p. m. .\ cordial welcome Is extended to all ] these services. H. H. EI.-Ll'rrT, .Minister.] For the Xmas Gift. lola mercliants have provided very beautiful and pleasing array of lovelties for the Christmas shopper his year, composed of both gifts and wrapplnjis for the packages which are b be sent on Christmas day There ire pastaboard Imea covered with )olly bedecked paper and then there ire nutherouB widths of silk ribbon to •lo the i)arcel >i wlUi. Some of thi -ihl )on Is gumn )e <l and fQr the same mrpose one may fhid labo's of various ^Il'.e8 to make smooth the corners and laces (hat the ribbon will not cover, ••'ancv fags, bearing the %vorils ".\ler ry Xjiiiis" or a supposed, to be-real Photo of Santa are also on display. •Judging from the windows, ealen lars are going to b.' very populai irtM this sra.Hon. For the athlirtlc \5irl there Is the colondar mounted on tennis racquets or oars, and any •)uml>er of designs made beautiful by Oibson heads or other pretty flL -ures ire priced so reasonably that a pur chase seems decidedly economical. Of course there are beautlfu! assort ments of handsomely carved candle- stlclts and lots of hand-palntiMl China and cut glass, and the confectioners have i)rovIded for the holidays by sending out an imusually unique line of boxes. Many of the covers have been removed and in their place is a picture hi^d firm by bands of ribbon •>r a bunch of sUk fiowers. Embossed •vOTk is also used, the flow?rfi or *ieads thus designed, making an es leclally appropriate covering for an ••ssortnient of de'iclous sweets. Truly the thought that Christmas Too<ls this year are more beutifu] than »ver before is not without cauoe. for ven though the festive occasion is •itlll several days removed lola shop- •)ers enjoy seeing the many pretty irtrles (iiRpla>-ed for their conven- enee, and are already purchasing lib- rally from the Tarious stores. Personals. Miss Pearl WbeaUey is a cuest of.Miss Gertrude Sallee today. Miss Margaret Heigle arrived last Evening to spend a few days with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Phil. Heigle. Mr. A. Oas'ey. of Cindnnattl. Is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Apt. Mrs. Gas'ey haa be^ here for the PMt several weeks. First Chnrrh of Christ, Scientist Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at II a. m. Subject, "Is the Universe, Including Man. Evolved by Atomic Force?" Testimonial meeting; Wednesday at 8 p. m. I Services held In Christian Science hal! at 110 HIast Jackson. The hall la] used as a reading room from ? to 4 ' ii. ni. each week day. The public is! cordially invited to attend the services' ind to visit the reading room. MRS. EMMA E. AD.'^MS, First Reader. Presbyterian Chnrcb. First Chareh^Rev. S. S. Hilscher. be jtastor. will preach at 11 a. m. on' he subject, "The Growth of n Child."; Children especially iuvited. At 7:30; on the subject, "J«sus .^Vniong Common Folks." The lecture of the Altruistic olub at 10 a. m. will be on "The Dispensational View of Redemption." Sabbath school at 10 a. m. Christian Ehideavor at 6:30 p. m. LitUe Bonders Chaiul—The boys'/ Sabbath school at 2 11. m. The regular , * Sabbath school at 3 ji. m. The |>astor • will preach at 4 p. m. The Coral 'Guilders meelljig at 7:30. .MRS. E. N. JONES, Sui't. PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY W. H. ANDEB80K. ittomey-at-Law. Noury and Stenographer in Office. i* H. A.Ewing, S.A.rar1 O.R.Oard • • i • . Phone 466. • UuKselt Chapel—Sabbath school at.* ^ •* 3p. m. ••••••• • ••• WM. DAVIS. Supt. E .\\m% 6UU1 * tijjui, lAwjen. Practlc* in aU W. MadlaoQ. • • • • Trinity Methodist Church. Sunday school at 9:-li; a. ni. I'reaching at 11 a. m. and 7:::o p. m. Class meeting at 12 ni. Junior League at 3 p. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. A cordial invitation is extended to', all. A. M. HARKXESS, Pastor. DK. ScXILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232: Office in .Mrs. Tnmer's Bldg., West Madison. St. Tlaiolhy's Episcopal Clinrch. Services tomorrow. On account of , sickness of Dr. Krum, services will ho conducted by E. J. Hoering. Good music. AMELIA BIN«nAJI la A Modora Imdy Qodiv» At tb« Grand Opera llonse, rHCRHnAY, DECEXRKIt l». LOOKINO FOR PfeARL HUNT, Yesterday. Sheriff Cowan of Lyon coinily, was In the city yoHtenlay morning looking for L«'ni Faulkner, who Is charged with kidnapping Pearl Hunt, a fifteen ear old girl from her home In Ktn- porla. Officers here held a girl for nvestlgatlon who answered the des crlptloii of Pearl Hunt and who was about to take a south-bound Santa F< train Thursday night but it was learned she was another lady eiirdute to Joplln. Sheriflr Cov^aii ten here yesterday for Melvem, Kas., where he believes that he will find the couple. Phone 687. Res. 701. .DB. 0. Ii. COX, Bye. Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. 0. U. W. SIdg. Office Phone 108S. Night Phone 400. DB. K. 0. CUklSTIAX. • Pkyalelan M< Sirfeea. • * RooBB T and I. IraQa Bldg. • • • Phone 654.:; Iota. Kuia. DB. VJatE 8. UAIGH. Office and Residence over Barrel I's Drug Store.-; Office Hoursr-lO to U a; BL, I to 4 p. mJ,- 7 to 8 evenlBSi. Sundays '^7 Appointment. F. II. MASTDT, PracUce Ltmltad to 18 N. Backeye. Phoaa I7fl. • WELL ON PCBDOM PLACE. Workmen WUl Probably Finish Tomorrow. A gas well Is today belnfe drilled In on the Piirdom farm west of the rlv- r. for the city. The workmen will iirobably nnlsh drilling In the well by Sunday. Up to date they have been unable to tell whether the well will be of more than ordinary value CHRISTMAS ORCCNS HERE. VMt lift, le • Weri. Merchants are Receivins First Ship- menta of Planta. The first mistletoe, holiy and cedar wreaths for the bo'lday deoorati(Hi!> arrived ye«terd[ay. The abmba arr ery delicate trot the eondiUoas for shipping have been exeeOent and th" planta are of a brigbter and gloasier green than amal. The IMIy eomer mostly from Delaware capes and me^ chants are predacting a aeardty of the shmb for theeonlag aeaion. R-f. Tel, 198. Omce\Tel. 168. • DB. J. B. FEPPEB. • Dentbt. * Is permanently located over • B. C. McClaln'a Clothing Store. * and la prepared to do all kinds * ot np-tH>-date dental work. * • Evening work bjr appointment * DR. W. B. nSTLMUir. Phjtlclli. * Sufttn. Office N. E,^ Corner o( Square. Over K, 0. Plumbing Ca'B Store. Rei. TelSr OJOce Tel. SOS. P. U Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie O. Latkrop. OSTEOPATHiC FHIglClAM. Special attafftioa glvM; to Dla- eaaea of Wovao and ChUdrea. Over East! Side Hardware.- Office 'Phipne, Main 468. ASPECIAliTY In Dining Rotbm Furniture for the Xmas Trade. ! Our stock of: ;gide- boardi, BuffetP, China Closets, Tables and Chairs was never as.; Wge as this year. , We guarant«|e the qoality the best and prices the lowest 9k

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