Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1908
Page 2
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ' .•-^•'••••I 'ST T <Uas n1 n«'aiilifiil ThinpN. Kxtniordliiari i»urcUa>p of JIAMFAt'TlKER'S SAMPLES. Sale will con- linnr unlil \mas. \\c hnw di'tormined to iiinko llil»'«alp of flannfaclnrer'n Samples the M^Knut »»U»IIM^I« (for thr lime iM -ine) in "iir hixlon. 1" adillHon to sliowlnir llic most ext^njihe and Uroplntc ssMortmcnt of lirautifiil IIIIDKI *, bpyoiul «|iic"«U«ii <hi' Irrst valm-s Ui (\w cHj. The rc<«nlt l» the most wonderful attracUons awnit yon. Hiindnds of IMSTIX T NEU TIIIXJS at prices ttiat ha<c never Iwen known In this city. J13.75 No .?in IIK GoM GcD'iino Kiill Ucit I 'i.ini I S20.00 S0.21C2 MK-BnUdGnW Ccnuine FJIII Cat BolM fioM $10 00 N> 2ITt J-I ;i, i-.Dih $35.CO N0 .CT8 MK-SollJ nold Cicmiiii" Kull Oil IHHtnonrt Kcl IV.irl' J'er.-la"'. A'.tai lim-rt SI8^00 No.zya $5.00 X '. 2!S8 Oold, ?oIid «n!<1 firocn and Rose hnlsh rLTcaii mi'l Kosa GcnuioeFullCiilD'lunuu' i:»«rj jirtiflr -.Kill i- lull^ liiiMraiid (<I. iiiul ni'W rlirrniilly refiinil iiHUiey If mij aiticle piinluiM-d d<us not pnne iiivf iis irprf^i ii(<i|. No our rli«.|.ii»«> tin- uorlli ot" our -^'iiiiranUe. SI:M ) n>K FUKi: ( ATAI.OI.I K. —KlUcerald. Auto LiTery. riinnr.. + -i- + Literary Afternoon Th'. Ciii OiD'Cd ..n-i'-: nt 'In IMJ! school ha.-' ;i li :irar> af' rivM', at three o'clock on ThmtLiv r'" I'losrani wiil tic s'vi'n in ih • .IMIJIMI mm of ili<^ hi.^ih school. + -;• •;Sewing Club. .Mi.-s |l.irl)ara H"rv will r'a:i i.' ' h^-'winu rlul) tomorrow. ! Euchre Party. .Mr. aiiil Mr.>;. C C. .Aiish'i man will ''(•titertaiii on Thursilay <v ••iiiiii: iviiii- a cuclirc |>arty. Tlioir tnrsis uill \\r nienihcrs of tlii' W-'dnts lay Kuciic club. I Willing Workers. ; (iin- nf lii',' CIMII ui'-'i iir4- 'o li'-i'i] till nr<'l, wa.s- lifJd .'il ih-' of' .Mi.-s l.inorc Wilson (MI Snich O.iK' Tacky Skate !-;ri-ci. .\Ir.--. .1. .M. .Mason who \\\ striicts 111.- class was iirisi ni .ii".! soiiii' <-V( rir.^ for the l.'o'iilav s'a-on •K'-xp talked aliiinl dnrin^; tin ss hour. Miss {'l"ono Stilitdns .md Mi.-;; Madco Joxcc playcl niiuiln rs and 'Iiv.^ .lanniin Hal'- f;a\f a i< rjiiii Ion. Tli ''^i' rlnbs in 'tnlH -r.> \v<'r" |iii -<iii B'rnicc Root. .\rma Severs. .Varciss.i Powell. (Il.nd.i.s nrninlja ".:ii. II. i/'I son. Clf'onc Slilitiin.;. Mad.'e .lantiila Male ami .Mrs .1. M M.i-'HI KriilH". M:lil I'lj^is liT l.xk;.-! i.iijv and !:i<ki(^l i:cn'icin..,i. ilrand niinh I'd l'.\ 'rii'' Kn-M- ii:iud I • -l:i-!a. t r -I ;i-.a. 11 .I-, ; ;M 1 i ;ii>': v.- . V , I I- I III II 1 : .:-k :.d d. Hi i;., I:- f 111 isMM ' fola'v ro|inlar \ iMii^i inriil i'lari- THE AUDITORIUM 111 liriir.; sivvral uirl friends uiili II'T lor tli>- I wo IV.'.-IS S.'M- <\ill s|)''nd luM'-. It Is ji.-oli.ih;.- thai tile lioliiIa> tim-' will 111- laki'n np with si -vcnil aij;^irs ainoim Hii- >onnscr sot. •:• -:• Dinner-Card ParKy. laiii and .Mrs. T S. Stovr ai.- Iri a diiini r paMv wliicii will h.- fni II- an • M ^iiiii; vitji wlii.i t-i !!l?h' al tlici;- liolur. ZZ'\ North Cottonwood -ircot. Business Meeting. I inri -va a .shori h'lsinc...^ nniiing of ihi- .Vila la idnli last iiir.lit al till- lioiiir of Mw.-i .VL-iif ^s .Miiiioon. Tlio tiil.s arc planniim sonic very practic.'il and lii'pfn! diarilalilc work foi the Indid.iy .-I'ason and 'IIH ini'ct:ic. w :is 1 (1 arraii;;!' for conimitli is to piparc diflcn tit ail ic!"'.-;'of food and apparel for sifts. Several families have been sel-cted to receive the jrlfls a:id the cl'i :i is ddin:; .some eiierm'llc and vvslcnialii- work Several da.vs have been chosen for thimble iiarlic;; to pr.-!«aie I lotiiiiif; for l!u> rifi*^. • Mi-; luildl teradv clllt) Mis'. Chamberlain Here. . Ma-y Cliamlierlaiii. of llnni wa^ here for a sbon li yi s :o atii III! a nieclin.^ of ile- Ari in Janusnr.''Fttttay «Itfit.of .the win girls bad i line partr at tha Ma- JefUc matinee, followed bjr * dinnet at. the New JtfiMion Tea ijoom.. Fri- I day evening UMas Helen Spellmaii gave :8unday night supper, all in Miss Winter's honor. Mias Bolmar and I Miss Bemice Bmabtzer will both en- terUin in a small way before she leaves for her home Friday. * • * Art Club Meeting. Miss Rosalia Charles was hosfess for the Art cliib yesterday afternoon during the semi-monthly .meeting. The program was on Rembrandt and inter- estlnR papers were read by Mrs. .T. D. Amett, Mrs..A. D. Thompson and Miss l^nie PancOast. The music of the afternoon was contributed by Miss Charles who sang a group of numbers during the social hour. The club will not meet again until after tlie holidays when Mrs. John Delap will entertain. •;••!• For Miss Fitzgerald. The Chnnute Sun contains this par- aRrnpli coiiciTning a party which was given for .Mis.s Orace Fitzgerald during: her visit there last wceic: .Mrs. L. K. (Jarnett entertained a few young ladies on Wednesday afternoon ill honor of . MIKS Grace Fitzgerald of lola. Varioii.s and novel games were played during the afternoon and several prizes were awarded. Covers were laid for the following young ladies at dinner: .Miss Bessie Philips, Crnce Post. Mis.s Dot Chapman". .Miiss <!ay V:in Arsdale. Zoi" IJeiil of Pifisbirc. and .Miss CJraee Fii/ger- ald. Mrs. (larnetf was assisted in en- (etlaiiiin;: by .Mr.s. Sue .Slose of K;MI;:is City. Unity Club Meeting. The I'liiiy idnb met wKli .Nfr.s. .1 1 Price \ e..,icrd.iv ainl < .irrled out a inieie .-tliiE pror.ram. ihe Ics.soii bcln led b> Mrs. Ilalrilon who also rea the In.ica /.iiie .-irllclc for the ifav "Ito al tloiiKe of ,\ii.-<irlii." The club wi hold its aiinlveMiary tiiceliiiK ne* Monday afternoon til the lioiiie of Wv M Sclineiibriin. lo which all liienibers are cordltilly invited T affair \>iil be ipijie Informal, iililioii a rlmrt proi ;rHiii Is tudni'. prep.ired. One live man wanted'as salesman. Imiuire this evening nwm 16 Cataract Hotel. WANTKD TO RENT—About January 1st to 15th. seven or eight room modern house, close in: east side preferred. Apply to R. G. Hall at Acid Works. WANTED—Two young ladles to SOT licit,. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and 11. Evans Block. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The Tola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Reck. Prop. Phone 2.'>. WA.NTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West l-and Co. OlBcq over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. WiVNTEO—.Men lo loarn barber trade, few weeks reipiirod. best paying work within the reach of poor man. can have shoji with small capital, wages from V~ I" I-""! wepkly. xvoudcrfiil demand for barber.-, eata- 'ogiie mtillcd fr»e. .\lotcr Flarger college. Ktinsas City. Mo. lib i«h WINDOW WON PRIZE Ramsay Store Had Third Be.-it Di .v play of Pattern-. Made by Dot- terick Company. ElcctrH Officers. «il! b Id lite llle tjnie iiltieers. I 'M- Mi:.l;il Till Imii i.idir of i ;:i riteil lliese ollleer.- .'I' ' ki:-t tlirhl Mrs .\. T I!ev ler W'li •• .Mr. .1. H Kirk -Wortln W- \';:. \;eMll!. n .\' mil M • :-• \ •• - I I! Mrs .Ie> .Mrs. \V. til '•ir 111. .•( in -.' Mai' I'alreii .M;i K'l 1- Tn a-.iir. r >!• Hartle.-; - CoiiiliM I-:. .>^lar!s -.\s -e .in li 'ie 'fir. Tb. Ill-' It;;: to 1" Visit ;.i111 ir: Ci'\. M". and Mi!,. Bnllict. ,M • • < -I Cil'i't .1- .Mr i :.i.- It;iti:' i ei Mrr,. Hrdfearn Here. W i: l;. .If. an. "I <b; . .1 i: II- >t t M'l il. I.' \. • ri '• irtii •! Iii>:ii' m: an ••\ mil. .% .t. ^. l \a I 'll.-. I'.'.I' iiiii'.' Vi (I III. tinier ^ lie/ . Tb' oi'.i almiit ;l Cl -iiS Mcctmq. T l.llCl .IT..' will 'l.!. •- till • r 11- r Suti'bn .-e'leii' rl.-l,-:.- --i. ;i , n-i .d.i V a'; I ni'i'iii. ct of ••!.• lie •iT^- ••- to tlii. • pet 111'- 1 ;:i-s w'U b.r.e tii be Ml-;. Trombold Here. .Mr .i lleor^e Troiiil.cerl and cliildnii of CbaiiMle. :ire her.' tn \ isit Mt .uid Mr.-; I!. H .Steven^in Mr";. Nicholson in City. .^Irs. <;eor '4'' K. Ntcbolsoii of Hald- uin. Kas.. was tlie ::i|i st yisteidav lit .Mis. .1. W lleover. .Mr. and .Mi>. lil'iover and .Miss Helen Hoover will ,;e ;iM' U 'l -iliiesdav nioinilii: for Calitoi 'ilia, .vlii-re will Mielid tie- wiiil- •' jilt .Saiit.i f'.a'iiara ;iii.l liMier point " i:-Ii .ir: ibi eoii.-.i Kaie^as C|iv Star I .'• I For Y.TIC"; Center Girl. I Tn .el.i (.MiiieUv I • • .Mi;. I !"• .iiiee,.- Wiatej i.f Y'lt^ i C .-iii .-r. Wll' t!'. :;ii. - I ef .Mi-s I'mtna Unliii.ii ;ahl V';;... ....,„, : ;., M. K 1 I iiifil M. Wallet III ('.'tiiiii Cif. Cii'o i.'idn. iia-i I •i-ii aiilioitnei d .-.iiie. sh' lanie to Topesa, hU' been Ihe uni'.;' lit hot'iii at :i tiiinilier <if small eiiiir taint!-.•til.'- -.^i-. ea li\ t'le ;:irls in Pot win, ".il. re 111- |iir.|\ livd V)i;,\l"' T'lillt !e;; ij a -it i-.i ,i |i\v .III.-'-'.-. !ii:i:a I'- til'" iier tO '!;i\ .ird tb" e-.-.-n' Patrons of the K;iiiisay siore will doubtless remember a very iiniipie Ill-oral ion whicli filled their south windo'.v in October. The iriiiiminz an advertisement for the D'din alor and the Riiiterick paper pal terns. The decoration was done a cordins to rules of a contest which the company eondtictcd .Tnd the Kam .-^av .-:tore received a prr <!e of $l"i for haviiia^ third place- Tlie window •Mi'i decorated hy .Miss Rose Wejih and Mr C. P. Smith. The hrst prize went to a Salem. Mass.. firm and tlie seeond lo firms in Richmond, Va . and ^Iloiicestcr. .Mass. Till' sl\li' of display used in the lola slo-e was especially effective. The mire v.iiidow was ii.sed and the cen ler was a wa.v fii;iire v\eariii .L: a dress fashioned of tissue patterns. copies of the October number of tl-e Oelineator were grouped effi'clively at the sides and the window was lorderi'd by covers of ihe public: tion. Two hundred fifty hooks ami cov 'IS were used. The 1st prize in tlie con was fL'u. the second $1 ."i .and lh< iiiid $ln. Six stores won $10 pri/.-:; \ctiie n. v.. \. Til.' M.iderii 1'.nil lii-i llend will niii riiiii l.iv iveniici. Iiecemlier pi. ii ••!ii: I fficers for Ilie e:i. iiiii-.-. yin \ii Iiieiiilirrs are ii'i|ites!ed to be pics 'lit. !!•. iinbr <il |irei«(detii C. .M. RKVNni.IiS. MVV DIIOI' I iiiiiniKoiniicr J.eiipp >o| Ali>oluli-l> IMHAN SCIHMH.S. TIlOM' >n mes Needed. jva- I iii< Cliristtiia.- • •II a' till' elnireti. Cainiiu 11' ii 1 nirnl' ll.. o"f a -ii 'f simwer !'>r tie- of is:p< ban H ei :vi- ill Id' Luncheon After Pronrann. | Tl'.e Snroi-i- i -lu 'i atiiiniiiiei s lii.i' ijie! liiii 'lieou wbiib i.- Ill i!" uivi-ti teiiior-; row in i -nti;ieeiiii:i witli tie p 'li 'jratoi will li. aft.'r tlie llieiary' nf lliei afii-rnnoii. at -" n'e oc'. The first ' iiiticlieon w.i^ al OH' o'l luck but a dfteii'in hour w us eiioseii hv ilf lios- tes .^i s who HI' eiitertailiiiiR this »i -tk. I DIAMONDS! I 1 s THI r\K Mil' I) d'lii Mif.:-; r.i.<v •.;)(<>;'.• •il ;-^l|el.,l'.- ii'Wl I, ilif;. I an I i|i. II tb' I MM isiTK .ii :»u :i.i!V Ceiiirii'- II F i e*. I' tint Nscdicwoik Ti.iii'.;lii al ' I M'l' o VI (• \ '.lelli' Ml :-;iii V. ill iiie. • .-ill !"rl' in IIIII! lej: fat) \ wml se;,»iiii an.I will 'III. 'I' biiiide: \ bii '• Mil'i. ;'li: w!io V. lilt-I In eo'lii V. Class. .'Ii.i ).; :,• t Tliotii.i . C^i 11- wlio iiil.-r.':^*< d •II ibin iioll'iay I a I 111 1. ill cm- etc .\||V fill |i f .:iv. illi-MI.^ : 11 ||. lilt b 1 mill -• » ;| Il I'l I. •.\ nrl. 1; • T' « 111 •. al Il II' irli:.'.' o 111-1 l;n iln; 11'!. rli.'irire '«^f 'lian III'' alv.ivt .i-l.t.. Wan lie.- ( 'i I •- ill ll.'Tll' 111 je«eir.'. 1 .1,.---:; fiiii Vllue • .li.i NcNIELBROS. TR Jewelers Parly. ' '1 f re tlii wilii "an'- • faek fl-'l .TIl ill- • 11: lil'lIS- To Ente-tain Friends. Gladys North run who will be lome .<;oon for the Christmas vaca-! tion from S'errett school, Chicago, is I Hfte you will fiud a very large stock nf both ]ons,c mil rniMiiitcH dia- iiMiifl".. II yi.ii .TH' rf )ti- lenipljliiij; Ihe j)'!rrljnsc ol (lie, III 11.1 (ivitie with •,'III. J. W. COFFEY & SON Kxiiuslie Jfueleri). EAST S 11» E S Q I- A K E. \V .l..bJltUI <itl. I •'•(•. -S -.The le|iii|-| I I 'nipnii-sioni 'r of Indian .Mliiir^ f. 1-; '.I 'leii. Ill Ml" linn e of I i'|ii "...lit itivi '-i laeiiii.: Ml" ii'ii 1 e •I iMii ini; Itidlaa ill -li.-. wiinb. in Ins jii'liMiii'til are tii I ',|',. I if Viiiite 111 the lndi:iti i-eiviee '.a:- sillitlllt'i d In the hniisc teda.v ' IM'I iiii .liide the Otand .liineiinii and nil I. .wis iilionis. Ciiliii':idii: tlr- •Inn'. I't llitlia. .\iii.; at Cliil.iiin. 'kill at I iKiiiibcilaiii S. II; at .Nni- i- Miiiii . and ai C ;ii .-iin. SiV KcL'i-lcr «nnl Us. Hring KouK.. Ml .ST f.ivi: ry SHOP. leu llaniiiL-lon «ill ^"( Ru ;^iii"»s Here. Hill'nti. nil" of tlir p .>rrpfr- •.vllii V. 11 - III lllive npellP.] a b;ir!;ei •hup I' lli v.". St ^l^•ldi .-nll the fir .-t of neyt vr<-k, v.;ii. .iiick.'ii with a heiiini rbasie if till' I'tii;: .'.IS' cveniiij;. .\ctiiii: o.i 111' adviie nf^lrs pli.i si .ijui lie h;is •iv'ii up lie- simp ide;i ari'l will t:o .mull in Ml" tl'ipe of bciieflttiii;; his 'e-l'!i. PIAXl MAS MRS, IIAYTKirs. Not Siildert Ui E.vcrullon Says .(iidsre E. <i. Ilencli. lu-tii e I; r; Hou;.'|i lia held iliiu •he plaiin will I 'll wa. fikcn on an i M niMnii In Hall -f.i ••' (il'lgmenl In faini • I I-: i; ''iii'i'ii .e .Min .ii .1. Ci W'infr'\ .il- III" lunpeiiv nl VI I s .Maty Hiiy- 'r and iini Mibjeci tn ihe eveciiiloii. \ new «-:ecii!loii was Issued toil iv eoverlii:r the U'lnfre^ liodi -eli'iid aoodn. The ..<iili w ;iM nrluinall' btnimhi li tll-fv a j.llinl eblllll. EXPLOSION IN POWDER ^LANT. One Emplovee Wa« Killed and other Workman Hurt. An- Webb Citv. Mo.. Pee. 8.—The plant of the Iiideiiendent Powder Company near here, was badly damaged today as thp result of an exnlosion. One man was killed and another Injured. FOR RI';NT-I-room 111 :',<IS Wi'sl .Madison. Wc-I Madison. inoilpni liinii" Iiiqiiir" "III Business Dbcctofy. JOH> ti. IVOODrX, 31. D. Physician and Surgeon Over Bnrrell's. Vbnne US. ItK. McNlLLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Tideiihones: OfTtce 32. Res. 232 OfTicc over Burrell's Drug Store West Madison. «ik*«**««**«*»***** I'hone H.ST. * * * «*•»•** Res. 7(11. IIK. K. 0. niKISTIAX Physician and Surgeon Rooms 7 and S. Evans BIdg. ******** F. II. MARTIX. Sur^-ery and Di.^eases of ' Women. office ;inil Residence Phone '.7fi OlFice 7- .North .lefferson. FOR SAL £^909llmmmoua I'Oli SAI.K -lloiie iiixL'u. nearlv ^ new. on paMifnt . |tii |iiirp I.; I .'ioiilh ™r <l. FOR SAi.K u"w well built room hoil 'e In be iiiov. d off llii |Ui|e liineli inoiii Id) Norih W'aidiinrloti. FOR SAI-K—Two Itiish g.-. Orl:^ pianos slirhlly iii-ed. b -fi with me f'lr siile by Clinnii'e parties. Tfi ":,e are bargtsins. .lohn V. Rnberls .Music ^;tore FOR SAI-E—A L'L'-acre fruit and truck farm, 'Z miles norlli of ( City. f;o'id bollori) land. .1. W. .McWilliam;;, Oas City. R. R. I. *»*«••• 4»*»****»«< PliniK' t;s7. Res. 7111. I)K. (». ^.: H»X. l';.'-e Kar. .Nose and Throat. :;peciai'ii':. I 'ropi 'rly Mtted. . oriiei A f). I". W. Rldg. .IKWKM'MtS I! F P;iiico;i:sl. old reliable jeweler, lilt East Street Lodge pirectory LOST mnd FOUND I,OST—(;')lri locket. Fiiuraveii on one side. Ketiirn lo this office. FOR iXOMAMOE k'MfiHTS OF PVTIIIAS.— Neosho Loiige No. • C! meets every Monday iiiuht at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brrn tliers invited. W. S. Thonrp-wn. B. C. Chris Ritler. K. of R. and S. KMfaiiS OF .MACCABEES.— Kniuhts of .Maccabees of the \Vorld meeis in K. P. Hall second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. ,1. W. Post wail, commander; R. B. Porter. r'.H'ord keeper W. O. AV—Camp No. Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 IT Steele. C. C. A H. and $3000. Cash ' . . -. . .. farm. 101 meets in Davis. Clerk. for merchandjr-o or j >"i:.itor-; cordially invifed. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Kas. FOR SFPARVTE SIATEHOOR. Boomers I \iizoiia and >ew .Mexico Think Thry'il Get It. A. -The jiiiftt.; every Fride i Ifai: Visitin.g ' • ' iCc.flield. V. C.. M. W. A. Lodge r il M- W. A. • C. Washington. He;', .s.—Separate stale hood for .Viizoiia and .New .Me.'dco al Mils session of congress was advociit- cd yesterday by the arrival of (b'Jega- lions from the territories to •camp out in Washin!;lon until their objeci has been at!;:iiicd.'" As both of the leading polilicii! p;ir- KOVAL .\EIGIiM>i>.. I-a tjamp I. No. :;i"..'i. Ro.val Neighbors, meets sec• otid tind fourth Tuesdays of each jni'inth. Mrs. F. .-\. Wagner, oracle. .Mrs. .Mary Hutton, 413 West Street. I Recorder. F RATER\A L B KOTHERttOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month in A. O. C. W. Hall. Visiting ties piedgcd lliemi-elvcs in tlieir plat-,mciiili' i -s cordially invited. W. H. An- foniis III grant iiiiiiiediate siaicluioil. dcrson. president; Golda Elani s^'cre- the \Ve>;ternets believe they will have t:ny. ' . little difficulty in bringing; ritories into the I 'liion. their ter- THK FIRST tiAMK TO OF nj{0. I'lionias llueslon Mas Oefeatcil in 3- Cushion Kllliurd Malrli. •'•(> lo II. OUR TELEPHONE St. Louis. D'c. s—In a f,i.-i aaiiie ast night. .Mfredo He Oro of Ciibi won the first of three ni;ilehes 'hat will deieimiiie the ;;-eu--i|ii(>n billiard chtiiiipionship of th'' worl'l. defi-aijui; Tlioma.s .\. Hiiesloil of Si. I/iilis liv Hi" score of ."ill lo II The chaiiipionsliip cnutesl Is f' r l.'.n points, and ihi- reiiiainliig Ion poiiii., will be jilayed mi Tui'sday and W '<d- iies'lay iilghl.-4. The iiiatch l;isi niuhl lasii d les'- li.'i:i two liiuiis and both players were It ilielr lii'-i. He Otn's average wa- >i'.> ati 'l Hne .iliti 's .C.l He Oro'.- Iii;;li •lilt w:is Iniir and Huestnirs ten Tbis •I 'ltiai Kable run a'lvati''ed Htiestoti mil twelve In Iw. i )ly -!wn. tiivitiir I lead ' r four over his rival, a lejid. which he w;i.; unable to piiim-in. Hiie.stnn imw linld; th" banipintisliip RAimWI. t ! KE FOR Ft ZE.IIA, jis conat.-»ntly ringing fliese days: Now lis the time, you know, to have all J^ihe summer dust cleaned out of your ! ilarpels. I \ We are busy, but your order ""will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY Phone 510. i MAGAZINES AMI PERIODICALS ; can be secured of .|. E. IIE.NDEHSON. j wliM deals with Ihe publishers and •furnishes iliein at the lowest price P<i;--:,iii!e. Trhil subscription "> Van I .N 'Mden 's. months LTic ! Phone ;is. Ill .\ Buckeye ' K.>-tinialcs clieerfiilly given anoll .No .More Hosing Hie Stomach- Cure the .Skin Through the Skin. Wben ynii have a scratch 'in your iiaiirl ymi wa:>li it out .and cleanse it ind Mien the skin cures itself. You lo not t;ike blood medicine to <me a festeri'd wound. The be,si skill specialists today are ii;reed iliai the only, way to cure tho kill is ibroiigh tiie-skiii. Th" fact that eczlema i.s a sklii 'lls- ease and not a blr |'Hl disease. Is "vl- loni frnni statistic:^ which show that iie!irl> 111! eczema i-iiffeiers ;ire pcr- llv heillhy in alloflipr ways except IK to their Kkin If-the eczeiii :i pa- iliiits were leaily uufferiiig from an iiwaid iiialaily, the entire body and lol. only the Hklll l^oilld bo dlMoaseil. Von can prove Imincdliitoly ilie re- lef of u true skill cure by using oil if w itiiei '4reeii as conipoiiiided In I). H PrercrlpMoii. This Ibiiild iitlacks the illHeaHe i:en'is. niimbiiig ihein while hulldiug up the lieal'hy tissue of the skin. We have now lianiiied this meritorious and ihorotigh'y scientific remedy for so long and have seen its. reliable re- iilts .so many limes that we freely express our confidence. Clias. U. Spener & Co. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest censes on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett For the bcht and qokkest rentltn aii« tbe Beglster's want colanutf.' OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O PITJLIC SALE. 0 O Four yoars experience In the sale O O ring prepares me .lo jilve un- O O eiiiialltid and giiarunleed service O O as ail auctioneer. .My service free O O for a few sales. Refifienco, Allen O, O Co. Slate Bank. E. E. Vlcken. O O Phone s::.-. AW East Bt. O oooooooooooooo o o o Mart Benson in Town. .Man Benson..marshal of Humboldt, is in town today. He is tbe-'defend' ant in an action for damages faroo^t by Nathan Jackson, colored. wlKnoL lie arrested a couple of years agp.'^Beii'- son's case will probably opme op In district court in a day or two, : •".-i; •' > -'^^'-V'"-

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