The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XL1V—NO. 78 Blyttievllle Dal); New BlyUievlIle Herald Blythevllle Courier MlsDiwlypi Valtej BLYTIIIOVIU.K, AUKANSAS, TUKSDAY, Juno "2-\, liVIY SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS MINERS OF NATION LEAD PROTEST STRIKES Truman Summons NLRB To Discuss Enforcement GM's Head Says Labor Law Step To Prosperity "Protects Against Organized Unemployment," Wilson Stares By United 1'rcss WASIMNOTON, June 21. (UP) — One of the country's top industrialists I old Confess today I hit U put the nation tin "Uii)X>rtfuU step" oti the road to pro.s]>erily by enacting the Taft-Hartley labDi bill. C. E. Wilson, president of General 'Motors Corp.. told thc joint congressional economic committee 4A its first hearing that to achieve prosperity the Minus Know/edge Equals Explosion for Russians, Priest Says CHTCO. Cal., June. 21. iUPi — Russia bud an atomic: i-ner^y plan! i year a#o but it blew up through ack of "know-hmv," Father Bernard Huhbard, tlie famed "'Cilri- cicr Priest." snltl today. Father ' HublKird lold tiie Chicago Record thai thc blast devastated wide area and killed .srveia! scientists, lie mid he could not I lie :;outx:e of Hi;; Inft.r- ination. "Hul take il from me," he was quoted, "thc source of my informal ion is authoritative." ''One of the profr. : ;sora evidently forgot the deeJmnl point and all those orient isLs blew up.' ho fin id. I country must be protected from "organized unem- t tyment," "monopolistic, .strikes at paralyze whole vital industries." And thrt Taft-llarilev bill's enactment over President Truman's veto, Wilson said, was "an important stop in this direction.'' Wilson urged against "monopolies of any kind which intcrfere with the movement of labor and |,, capital." Other congressional development.s: Appropriation—The Honsr* passed and -sent to thc White House fi $72.235,257 money bill to keep several government agencies funetion- Eisenhower May Head Columbia University's Board Meets Today to Elect Successor to Butler Miss B/ytfiev///e, Miss Osceola ^repare for State Competition Miss Mnry IjOii .Joyucr, "Mls.« llylhevlllc of 1947." ami Miss He- )cec:i I^cCall, lilytluville's "Miss Aikiiusas" winner of last year, will e:ive early tomorrow inortiini; for lelcna. site of this year's slate Ijoauty mutest, where Mis* Jeyner vill compete for the till: of "Miss Arkansas." Miss McCull. last yj,ir'.> ninnci 1 for the "Miss America" title al Atlantic City, will view I he ceremonies from her throne nnd will relinquish her crown to Oov, Den Laney, who will crown this year's winner. Miss McCnll Is scheduled to take an active piirl in coiu-jsl proceed- iny:; and will sing scv-rni numtvi-i's at tlic piL'Hmlna.v climinr tlo-is Wednesday and the flnfils winch will be held Thursday nt'^h*,. Accompany ing MJ.u Joy tier will be Jlmmic Etlward.i, Junior Chnm- hcr of Conmicrce pt'Cjidcnt; Godwin. of the Blylhc- villc contest; Mr,->. GillH.-] t Hammock, who lias •llrecied I he here lor tlic i>iiat IA\> years, and .f. T Sutlbury. entcrl.Unnieut chnii- iv an. M.^o 'Slr.iley l?[ir,.?m. niylncviKe's si:n>nd place winner, will make Hie t p to Helen • >viti> the d^le^ahou nnd wiil act a.- pt.uin :i<xnmp.u;! •! fc- Jo./nci. u'h'j \\tll rl'.iy "Temptation in Ihe lalenl vevue," Jjiyet'c officials Mild Uuit a I'trtje uroup of Hlylhcvlllu ivsklcnls ex- peel e:l to arrive in Hei-j'.iu Tliur.srtiiy or tiir linals. '] hcs Or<col;i winnei 1 , Mis-, Mm - jorii" Muyo, left this .iflerisoon for [lelenn. Mtikhu: the trip with Miss Mayo nle Ihe patina di:iliim.n. Tim Ui)w]es. and wile; J.iyceo !*rt deal Hilly Nirliolrxm nnd Miss Virginia Ilo\ven and Miss Mavy l.oi.'ir>»; Ashmore. runners-up M I he Oh ola contest; Henry I. ttwifl. Joycec vicc-prc.sident; Miss Murjorl': Do.vle VJ-: t'ciuii; nnd ML>s Ocvt.thy V.'oo- ti-n, whu wili b'j pi.ii; > nccompnnK 1 f* • Mir.s Mayo wnof. shn Kings! ft' f-'M.T Jackie 1,11 tip wil? r^n-e^n th • Oscreola ChambiT :f Cojnnu'rc 1 at, lirlcna. Mis;; LiUlc i: fa? a^si*t .> i secretary oi the Chamber. AL :tn Osceoia J aye* re meeting las night, plans \vore made for thc an I nuat horse slu.w wtuch will be h"! sometime in Alienist, according t President Nicholson. Hartley Doubts Mew Act Would Coal Strike NEW YORK, June 24. (UP) — The Board of Trustees of' Colum I bia Utiiversity was scheduled !o I meet late tocliiy reportedly to elect Gen. nwtehl D. Eisenhower dcnt of ttic University to succeed Nicliohis Murray Butler. A .statement from Eisenhower, xvho lins been rcjInrCed considering ,-ctirin.,' from the Army earlv ' ing for the remainder of the fiscal year ending June 30. The largest j ^.~^ Lo . 1CCO])L thc items were $28.400X00 for the vdl- 110 intmcnl. was expected ernns administration and S12,C03,- next .,.,. f ight Die In Brussels Film Explosion 00 for emergency flood control. Petrillo -Tlic Supreme Court, in holding that Jame s C. rctrillo, president, of the American Feiler- ation of Musicians (APL), must stand trial for featherbcdriing practices, may ]]a,ve forced posippne- mcnt of a House investigation of th'o music'tmioii boss. A'House H- bor subtomuiitleo planned to start its probe on Monday after the conrt-ruled on consUtutionality of a l^Sj* aimed at Petrillo's union. But H did not count on the trial order. It want s to ask questions that would hn before thc trial court for determination. Wool—Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney, I).. Wyo.. snid that iiresidcnti-il veto of the wool price support bill would mean abandonment of U. S. wool growers to "the British state mononoly." Secretary of Stnte George C. Marshall and others dislike the bill, recently p:i.sscd by Conprress. because it contains authorization for boosting the wool tariff. This country is now Iryinf; to persuade other nations to lower | tariff barriers, nut o'Mahone.v said. former Blythevillc Man, thc bill is needed to enable Amer-I _ . ' lean producers to compete wilh the Carnival Worker, Dies British monopoly. 'Refugees—Thc House Republican steerinc committee agreed informally to permit House debate on a hill to authorize U. S. participation in the United NUnns' international refugee organization. Republican leader 'Charles ,A. Halleck .said the measure "definitely' 1 will eel to the House floor, it, nviy there late today or tomorrow. BRUSSELS. Junes 24. (UP) — to he A film library explosion set [lanies 1 shooting through the ministry -of to education building today, Lrripping made publie after the meeting. University otficials declined comment, on the reports hefore thc j scores of government workers nnd meetiiiR. Dr. Frank D. Fackenthal'. forcing many to leap screaming has been actinc president, of Co-; from the roof. Return of Soft Cool Mines to Owners May Forestall Injunctions New Savings, Loan Ass'n Opens Today Operation rf ihn nly'.lu'vlllo ernl Savini;, 1 ; and l.tvui Ass I km. cnpitni foi 1 whti'h hus snb l ('i'ibc(l by 'Hi lucal iv'upli- Klns lodny, m-cordhi^ to W, ,1. la i tl, who wns recently t-lrcti'd .snTdiU'y-li'eti.'ium* oi [he (>r:; 135,000 Miners Lay Down Picks In Seven States Hep. Fred A co-author' of Crops Ruined By New Flood Crest Rivers Begin Fourth Rampage; Expected to Affect 300,000 Acres J n It nl l*n*NS Staff ('om'snniidrnO WASHINGTON. .Imur 2-1 <U1M A- lUrlloy. H,* N. J.. the nation's m-w lalxir law. said today the iu'1 "will not be completely ,>f fee live' 1 in Z a strike this Mimine; by John L. IjOwis* soft, coal miners. The TiiH|-llurt1cy Act, I.s i compromise measure inul iiad t be .so to Ret a Iwo-lhlvds Senate vole for overriding a veto," Harltey -said In an inliii view. "1 have serious doubts IM lo ho\v fur it would (jn in preventing \i nationwide conl strike." Supporters of the 1>lll have rr- lirtl upon its injunction Icalm c---i to prevent nationwide strikes Unit imperil public health and safety, Hut Hartley |X>Lnlcd on I thai Lewis- United Mine Worker:; f operate under special condition:; hat arc difficult lo iuuuU<: 1-'- Ttic soft coal mines pass from ivcrninent ownership to |-i ivate nnnngcmcnt at the end of II.IH nonlh. As a result, there will he exist) UK con t met \vhieh t;oul( je extended should '.hi.; novcrn- inenl secure tin injunction u^niusi hmihia since Butler's retirement in 1945. In Washington, the Army and Navy Journal said Eisenhower will "most likely" fac succeeded as chief of Staff hr Gen. Omar N. Bradley.' present Vetcran.s' Administrator. Among Lliost? bi'inK considered Jor •Bradlcy's post, tho puhlicaLion jsaitl. i.s Ma.f. Goti Lewis B. Hcrshey, "wartime director of Selective Service. Last week Eisenhower authorized a statement that lie- had been ap- nroached bv Columbia Uriiversil.y triusfcc.s bul was not in position to discuss In* mailer ^L tlint time. However, it oinnhnsized that tie line! "]io iiitrnLion" or Jnavlnt* his post as chief of .staff "during, the current year." That wording wns inle.rpreled in some nuarters lo menn that lie mi^hl resign early in 1048. , win <> get Firemen said they had counted eight, dead, with many others injured. Men.bers .of ..parliament, meeting in their chamber across thc street, recessed the session and watched in horror as firemen and six truckloads of troops tried to rescue trapped workers. Thc flames were brought, under control after an hours-long battle hampered Ijy low water pressure. The senate physician joined in treating the injured. | Thc flames raced up an elevator shaft and blocked stairways before the workers could flee. A man rescued by a fire ladder fro tu a six-story window reported panic among -some workers. "A numlier of women lost their ! heads, and several jumped. 1 ' he ! said, "i believe at least three were killed." | The film library was In the basement. Officials said an assistant first noticed a red glow on thc film Other officers of the or r ;nn lion aic: Kosco CrnfUm. nirsUlcnl; It. C. Kiivr. vifp-prcslilrnl. Jatiu-s Tcrvy. vice president. K'clor:; include I lit- officers, Dr. J. M. lu-nslcy. A. It. Wch;n- kninp, and W. I. Hornrr A tot ill of $7!i.O()C.()0 hm bt'i'ii p;nd in n-s un m i^lnivl (ipeintliii; nipllal. Mi', Pollard said. All in- •ef'toi.'i In I in 1 ussiH'lntioii are pro- re led by tlic Kedcial Homo Loan Insurnncp c«u imnitlon, which in- ,ures cjich peinon'.i Invest tuen*, up to $!)Onc.OO. he |>oii\led out.. Tho ussocintlon will operule In lUylhoviUt 1 and thi; \'lcini(y. m'lk- inn monthly-payment loiur*, wh t resident la I properly .IK semu'lty for purchiiRinii, rcrinanchi'4 Improvements mid oilier p-.u poses. '['lie nrun til/at Ion Is nov Umllci lo opri'iilin^ wllli the ot% r fnnl t;:i]> jlul Mr. I'otlnrd said as anyone ls_ invited to make use of 11 sys- teninllc MIVJM^S program by in- VCN!kni; in a monthly pl p iu or by payhi[> In larger noumiiL'i on whlrli an income Is drslred, II lr> rxpcrl- ed that dividends will in 1 paid an all money Invested In th? nssoela- lon, he adde<l. Officp.s of Ihe, ussoc li\t Ion arc I 1-J'l Wost. Ash Street. BY KAYRIONI) United 1'irsH Htuff WASHINGTON, June &\. loday suininoiuxl the Naliunal a Wliilo Hoii;;e confcrcnco on I lart ley I -abor Act — which ho Ori;unlv.etl lnlwi from cumtl to coast leaded against the new lnw with wildcat, strikes, talk of i rcn- orn! htrlke, aiid nk'tU:L',i to right UIR courtK, In C m(tre:r>, und (LI I') —President Trumari, [i«hor Uclntions Board to how lo enforce the Tat't- unworkable. act In the at the Miners I'ru.sldnnl Jclui L. L^ewls was H! lent hnt his men luil ll'.o wave of wlldcnt strike;. Uy ciuly af- iernoon iiuu-e tluui i:iVJOQ inliu-is were out in seven stnto-i, Mr. Trumiin had no comment on the Senate's action In (wonkllntf his labor bill veto by a V)t« of 68 lo lift. The Ilour.c upnii his veto last Friday »3l to 83. The President prubnbly v/ill hold a press conference Thursday at which ncwsineii mny evoke come remarks from him on the T(\ft-H»rt-* Ley law. Hut White Houce Press Secret my Ch.u'tis G. Ha-w said today that "thL* I'resldetU bpoko h's ' lu ills veto to add." . Trtfiro is uotii- Urge Truman to Make Honest 1 Try day when 40,000 OIO ^shipyard workers In nine East Coast yards of the nclhlchem Ol-«el Co. ure Drastic Financial Plan Adopted by French Assembly PARIS. June 24. (UP] — The French National Assembly adopted Premier Paul Hamadier's drastic plan to strengthen thc government's financial position todny. Hamadier's government pusho.I through the bill to raise income taxes and wipe out some fooclsUiTf subsidies despite vigorous Communist opposition. Protest strikes wer-j in progress in several cities. A ceneial strike began in Marseille at 10 a.m. Workers by Ihc lens of thousands paraded the strcels shouting "Down with the Schuman plan." Thc bill was named after namadicr's finance minister, lio- bcrt Schuman. Hamadier called Ihe plan the way to ward off national bankruptcy. The Comuumi.sls claimed it would increase living costs 20 per cent. Approximately 150.000 coal miners In Northern France quit work in protest. When a carnival comes thcvillc agjiiu, one of the town's oUllime citizens will be missing from il, William C. Hall. fi7. whn sold novelties at carnivals from one etui of thc country to the oilier for more lhan -10 years, w:is walking down Boslon Avenue in Tulsa. Okla., lasl Thusnlay when he was stricken with severe abdominal prills. He steiijied into a druc store for medical relief and j collapsed just out-side Ihn door as j lie wn s leaving. He died a few minute.; later. 'Funeral service:; were held in Tulsa Saturday with burial in Oaklawn Crmclerv I here. ,Mr. Hall lived in niylhcvilie before and during World War I. He was the brother of thc late Luther 13. Hall, builder, whose daughter. Ethel, allcndcd Ulythe- ville High 'School. Another niece. Mrs. A. Tinder, also , nl , shelves, and tried to stamp out 11 10 '.I fire. "There was a terrific explosion, ami tbcn smaller ones," an olfl- cifil said. A policeman 300 yards away reported that "tongues of fire shot 110 or. 30 feet from the building, and completely hid it." Another .27 of An Inch Of Rainfall Recorded By Unitnl I'rr-ss The fourth, and most disastrous, flood crest in a month moved relentlessly down Ihe snaky the Missouri Hivcr today; nil hope of n 1041 crop it: imdntcd areas. The new flood \va s expected to drown almost ;iO^.OCO fertile acres This would f;ive the. nation a lota loss to floods this year of 3.800.000 acres wilh an immediate monetary loss of Eilmosl $200.000.fM](> in crops, equipment and personal |X);*- scssions. The estimate of losses does nol take into account, the amount o' topsoil ripped away, ruining the land forever. The floods have driven 20.030 persons from their homes In thc past four weeks. Thc new swell ol lii^h water wa s expected to reach St. Jo.srph Mo., today, shoving Ihe U. S. Rn- Bincrr.rV surface markers lo a height ol 21 fS feet. Flood .slape is considered 17 feet at St. Joseph. •As it juKticniaulcti downriver, the flood 11 lined sol no of the I i nest corn and wheat farmland in America's breadbasket. About 400 miles of nollornland wa >s cxpecled to be overrun in the sect ion where Missouri,; and Nebraska adjoin each other. The weather was clear and trnt.5 hrp?d il would hold long enough Lo p?rmit- the river to rti::- chnrpc the overload of water it cceivctt from torrential rains last week. Knuinnors predicted the river would t;o over thc lop of the levee protecting thc .St. .Inscph Hartley pointed nut, the UMW InuWtonnlly follows n "no oonLrac'., no work" policy which l>rcrtude.s thc ncce.sslLy of cull inn Blrikc, ThcrrMorr, he .siilcl, courl;, lBlil fiiul It difficult In Hjjply $ t injtinctive fcntures (jf the luw. V-'liijinicLlonK niithnri/rcl by ..«iit could forbid strike ucr- ' r ; fop 80 dnys whdn attempts o to mediate and \oncll- dispute. Preside] it Tru- >>:iid post- unlil more latc " man, In vetoing thm niensui this would merely moan a jxmcmcmL of Lho com strike cold weather when fuel was badly needed. "Act May Apply I're.ssun:'' "The act might aid i-i mobill/in|i public opinion nnd pul ttn^ pressure on both .sides to cim a cou strike," Hsirtlcy .said. "J3ut I Lhijik (hat what would happen i.s tl a conl .strike would [)ohu up the iicetl Tor ] i lore adr^nalc lcf;lslr-il<;i to meet nationwide work slop pages. House Republican lender Chnrlr A. HnMecik of Indiana \vu.s mot' optimist ic over the efiVcl.; of til act on a possible strike. At the very least, he .snltl, it will "act as a definite deterrent." Another .21 of an inch of moi.s- ture w;is added ycstcrday to thc growing total of rain which has fallen here during Ihe past five days, Kobcrl E. Blaytock. olficial wcalhcr observer, reporled today. Overcast .skies and rain continued Ui keep temperatures below the June average and the mercury here Mr. yesterday went no higher lhan 80 Hall's daughter, lived with her _ degrees. It sank Lo a low of CO family on Kentucky Avenue here, degrees during last night. Methodist Youth Caravan To Spend Next Week In Blytheville Poland Approves Marshall's Plan. Program to Rebuild Europe to Begin at Big Three Meeting WASHINGTON. June 24. (Ul'>-- I'oland Informed the Unllcd Hlalcs today that il approved and adhered In the Marahull plan for European i fconslrucLlon. N Fir.sL nation In the Soviet sphere to express HH Interest, Poland made Its views on the American plun for Kurnucan, cons true Lion known through Ambassador Jo.sef Wlniew- Ic/, who reported Lo Kobcrl A. Lov- eU, .special n-s.sisliint Lo Secretary of SLale Onon;r. C. Marshiill. The rollsh envoy .said his (tovcrn- menl also has formnlly infortnoc Grcal Ilrllnln. France and Hnssh of ll.s desire to cooperate In Ihc pro- C!rr:it Ilrltnin, l-'iance. Italy. Thi Nr-lherliiruls, Luxembout'c, nnd Hcl ^iuin previously expressed their Interest, fiussla ha, 1 ; agreed Lo meet Friday with French and JJrltlsh officials In Paris to hcyin xsoik on the One of the views sp.Vcnn by Mr. Trumnn In his mes,s,r(e \VJIK Dial the ouMisure Is lumiltusiracivcly unviork- ' Hble. Hut Us enaclmtnt nevertheless placiMl him under the nect'.wL- | «chedul«l lo strike If they .stllPlnt^ ty of uiulcrtaklnK h-i admlnistr.i- n conlmcL then. Somo 110,000 other tton. He must In the next shipyard employes throughout Ihe HO day.s mi NIiUB nonevnl counsel country have, threatened' t^ strike who will l>e Ihc ncl'tt "pro,i:oiuor," i by July 1. . . • two new memlMii.s of the NLUH, und j if the government eoh^^riies these M chlnrnf Ihe new conclll-Uinu and wnlkouLs a« a threat to mUlonnl incdlutlon .-iurvice cioatod by Lho - health und .safety under the act, It law. I could seek HO-clay tnjtmcLigns to | Ucpuhllcnii leaders prevent them. U seemed doubtful, j ui'Ked Llie PrcHldent lo nixXc nn hon-' nowovcr, tlml a shlpynnl strike at try (it administering |l,c not ilr- , this time would be consldercil a pile the beliefs llmt Ird him Lo. veto L. They promised to vole mou: inon- :y for the NLHTS to enf.trco IL B«*.l- and lalwr lenders prepared lor lr«l court tcsUs ol thc re-.v IHW. One lest may come threat to national health and safety, At '.east, one manufacturer, the fSavaiinuh Maehnic nn-t Fo\m;Uy Co.. planned to Invoke the law In ixmrt to break H Jurlsdltitloniil dls- •d. AFLTo Open A nntlnnwEdc survey the fipnate vole £A Lure: 1. Soft coal miners, wljo are lu'duled to stop work nt midnight Friday and hcff' 11 a vacation before 1 .heir government contiMet expires,' Jumped the- KUII and closed ml no.*; PennsylvanKi f West ilii and Kjisteru Ohio. Late reports placed tho numlx:r of Idle miners at more Lhan 23,000. 'J. Thc San Franc Is no tUO,Coun- cil iiskccl CIO President Philip Murray to call n 24-hour general utrlkc nKiiliuL the law; R. K. Krtrr, district pro.sltlent for JU.ntlO United Sices Workers fCTO) In thc Southeast, rtlorr Jnctllntely j»|wn * l )lt; - | of the law and prcdlc'tM\ that sup pot tt-rs of the bill would te tiefc-itecl In thc ID-IB elections. 3am Eubanks, vice president of the Amcrv^nn Newspaper Guild (CIOJ, ufgcd tha euild to put more> on ,\ pmnrnni to "send labor representatives lo Congress." 4. Democrats, assessing Ihc effects of the overridden vj»o on thr-lr party, saw it variously H? an Incident that would wcak«m 6r strengthen their party for hie IEM3 election campaign. f). Henry Wnl Lice's Progressive Citi/ens of America sa.ld, Mr. TVU- Slayer ot Woman Taxi Driver To Go To Chair TMCKER PRISON FARM. Ark., Jut* 24. (UP) — Diminutive, 31- year-old Willie bee Dukes was marked today as thc next victim of thc Arkansas electric chair. He was .sentenced to death Aug. 1 by a St. Francis County circuit jury after pleading guilty to a charge of first degree murder in connection with Ihe Mny 22 slaying of Mrs. Elhcl Boyd, Forrest City taxi driver. Thc jury, which included two Negroes, deliberated seven minutes before returning thc verdict of "guilty of first degree murder charged In the information." A program of worship, forums, recreation, workshop cla.sses and presentations for Blylhcvillc civic clubs has been planned for the Methodist Youth Caravan which will arrive here Saturday from Glen Rose. Texas. Caravan Training Center, to work a week in Ihc First Methodist Chur.-h. Thc four youth workers will be accompanied bv Mrs. D. G. Hindman of Wheatley. formerly of 1J1V- theville. who will serve 'as thrir counselor. They will also \vork in Ihe four commissions in the Methodist Youth Fellowship and with Intermediate. Senior. Young People and Adult departments, in addition to teachers, counselors, parents and adults interested in programs for the youth. The team l s made vn or Miss Mildred Young of Piainview, Texas, Mis e Louise Vinson of New Orleans. La.. Miss IJelly Marie Baker of Harlinpen. Texas and Bruce Bowman of Kalamaz.on. Mich. Yciune was graduated from Texas Tech. Lubbock. with a Tlach- plov of Arls decree in journalism. She Vm$ written for "Power" 'Christian Advocate" and "South- .vestern >Advocatc." Miss vinson was graduated from Pcrkinslon Junior College, perk- inslon. Miss., and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, honorary fraternity, she plans to continue her training a s a hospital technician at Loyola University, las Angeles. Calif. Miss Biker is a sophomore at Texas Stale College for Women. Dcnlon. where she i.s majoring in recrcalion. Mr. Bowman is a prc-minislerial student at. Knlamazoo College, K\<1- amnzoo. Mich. Their counselor made her home here when her husband, the Rev. Mr. Hindman was pastor of Yarbro - Promised Lund Methodist Churches. She served as counselor for Fellowship teams in the Summer of 194S and has tauftht in youlh training schools in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Tlic team which will work here also will participate in programs il six other churches of North Arkansas Conference of Mclhortist Churches. municipal airport. They STiul tho dike prob:tb!v would collapse under the slraiil. y:erinitling millions of gallons of watte lo overspread the field. Tlie crest was mnvinu through Ihc vallev like a long Inw wave- The rivrr was fulling above and below thc rise. Thc piatle llivcr was leveling off 1 at Agency. Mo., where only I lie house tops showed above the surface. Rescue workers stiil soughl five persons al Cambridge. Neb., where cif;h1 persons c jicd in a flash flood Sunday morning. Thc werk-end Hash floorls i'l Iowa ami Nebraska were ;wturint; llieir burden of water inlo Ihc argcr rivers today. School Site Drive For $50,000 Hits Three-Fifths Point Thc drive for funds to purchase a new Blythevillc liigh School .sue today passed thc $30,000 mark, -filths o[ the way toward the fttuil of $50,000. The total now fiUmd.s al $30,002.48. AfLer a four-day slump in contributions, additional donations 'if $f)54,J5f{ were reiiorted lodiiy wilh a single contrllnUion coinprKslnR npar- ly nil of this totnl. The InrgesL con- jnllocalo lo Tolnnd its .share of Llie Iributlon was a WOO Rift received | from the lilythrvlllc Cotton Oil Co. ' Other conti iltu'ions include the | folio A ing: \V. c. lli(jt!in.son. Wlninwic/, told newsmen Ihra bis trovertunent Wfi.s ready ( to pin Licl- paLc in any (H.scn.^sions, make a- vatlablc any informaLion it lias, and to sulniilL its own srcommondalions, "This means our adlinrencc to thc p];ui." hr Lol<l rcporler.s. WinLcwIc/, said ho had ui'Rtril tlnr- iiiK ]il.s eonfrrcnce with I^ivcll that II po.ssililo .sprod" $ U. S. KorciKii Reltrf l-'ltnd. The: Poltsli people, he said, arc lacinB a 2(]l).000-lon sniln (ie- (icit brlween now nnd Oct. 1. Supreme Court Upholds Payings Funds Payments jTTn.E ROCK. Avk., Jilnr P) ..... Municipal paviim todny lirld a Supronin Conn tory over llfl rilirs and fiO cnuii \\lio had sounht to cut in on prnxhnaiely $M0.003 annual .. funds. Tlie Supremo ''tiurl r\]lecl yr^ day that the state (rcnsnrer'.s \i kcepinB system that tlyvrr- funds on thc bond year was l and tliat, a 1!14:! act pprmiltin; dlstriel.s' participation In Hie [ was valid. TM. .ip- Chancery Court Convenes A ''hancery Court session rniiven- ed here today In ihc Circuit Oiurl- rocm with Chancellor Francis Cher ry of Jonesboro presitlin^. A sc.s- ,sion of the courl is scheduled I convene in Osceola tonioi/nw. lie llr.v. F.. C Il Inrvcy T. KLtld, ield. $10; <'otup: Stale Guard, $'l.ri SIT,; thc Ri.v. $10; Ollio Hlan- ,t;y M, Arkati.-,;!" In 1MO t.ralllc (iculli.s numbered W,Kn, injuries ],]51.0r.O. and property (laniiiKR totaled S'(.">0,0'JO,C03. Jaycees To Sponsor Cotton Exhibit At Fair Here This Fall pTPctlclcd thai the law wuukl prn-|innn's failure, to sustnlh thn veto vokti a uciicrnl sLrikc by W) per ,-cnt WHS "the most tragic m :i Ions Mat of oryanlwid lalwr. of failures" to carry oil the nio- ,'i. AKL President Wilii.iui Green fjrnm of thc late Prcdl^lmit Roosc- announccd that Ihe AFL wotild hn-'velt. Lewis, 'No Comment' On Miners' Strike ij 0. In Detroit. Rolwrl II, Kcycs, •(.•sklent of the KorcmcnVi Af.sorlu- llon of America, pledged a courl lest of tlic provision in tho new luw excluding fore men from I lift guaranteed bargaining Hub I.s of thc National fjibor mentions Act. 7. Republican spokesmen warned Ihe administration ag.iinst. ",s.tbo- l.rino" of the law throu^a inept i-.d- mlnlstnillon. At the r-ime tiui2, NLHU General Counsel Gcrhnrd Van Arkcl. rcslpncd because of "Kravc donlit-s" over the workability of thc law. B. Karl O. Shieve, president, of thc U. S. Chatnl«r ot Commerce culled the bill 11 "milestone In American industrial history" turl ^nlt it- would conlribulc to Induct via peace. John I... I^wls, ,irc3l-ltut of ll-e United Mine Workers (AFLi declined to comment on the * wildcat strikes in tue conl (\elrls Nor did top level ofilcldls of th AKL :ind CIO K' V C any immottiat cncouraKctncnt to ialk of LI genera strike. In previous instances, sue! The Tllythevllle Junior Cliamhry f Coiinnerce last nlf;bt voted ''^ nidcrlnke as a project tlie orr;;in- mid con.stru -tinn of ;i coll'.':i cxlilliil lo be il,splayed Fit the Nouh- DiMr,':', F.ll,- »;[•• Fall and Inler nimw-i •.' 'lie KxMh National Cotton I'l.-kin! C'onte-'.. The idea w\s i'.«;-je^U'1 by I:-i- bert, K. ninyl.ick. sr,-!Ti.'iiy of '.he pl Cou.'i'i 1 Kiiir A.'iivin', who appeared al tiv .'.ivrcc moot- Ing last night i') explain Hie proposed project. No definite |>l.i:is huvo betjji nm!e ns yet by Uiv du'i but Ilic project outlined hy Mi. ni.ivi'Wit w.iulfi include cxlitb!i-> t'.iowiiu ll ' a Products and by-»r,idw'< 01 ct)Uo:i :md dlagrninmallc dis;)).r.s •.hevvinf! '.V.c derivation and munulnctun of them. The exhibit won'.rt bs sbovn :lr.U al Ibe District r'nir berc cUinnj the week of Keptcmber 22 and aijoin at the National Collon I'ickiiiR Contest Oct. 2. J. T. Sutlbury. chairman of the Hiillding Committee, presented alk bar, met with n rebuff from API, iincl CIO lender-. It was not unusual for coal rnin- rrs to jump thc gun wlicn ttppronch- u contract expiration, even without the Incentive of an unwelcome law. Lewis' present contract with the government expires at mlct iilKhl June 30 when the seized minci revert to private oi>cri::lon. Thi iiKrcrmciit allows Ihc miners to be n a 10-rlay vacation Saturday. A coal contract dlsput-i may pu the new luw to its vast test nui show whether the emergency mac chlncry will work ugainst Le^i: Wfll-discipliiicd mini!'!-. Rep. Frei A. Hartley, a., N. J., cb-auther ,"o the law. said today that the ar would not IK "completely effec live" in prevcnling n mlno strike^ I'hc law carries a provision. aJ lowing Ihe government to obtain 8( day Injunctions against strikes itr perilling public health and safet; It docs not, however, provide an nulhority that would force miners < any other workers to work again: their will. in Ihe .laycce program to acquire a site for the construction ol n nc'.v club hradqiliirUrs. Otho -Stanficld, who returned last week from the national convrnUiui of Hie U. S. Junior Chamber of Comiiicrce held at I-oug llcach, Calif., cave a rcpml of convenllon _ aeltvilirs and his *ork t>iibllci/lng ' lilylhrville and the Col ton Picking Contest wliilc Ihere. f'riiesl.s of thc club who loltl of Ihrlr ],;irticlpatlon In Jaycee-spon- | sored activities were Miss Mary I.on Joyuer, eiiosrn last week as "Miss illytbcville of 10-17;" Miss Shirley Barhani, second place winner In the beauty pageant; Miss .lane C.istllo, chosen a "Latly-ln- WalliiiR" for the Memphis Cotton Carnival tills year; Miss Iva Iconise ,Seay. a "Maid" In the I'otlon Carnival; and Mis. Gilbert Hanimc,ck, who was entry chairman for the "Miss niythcvlllc" beauty contest. Inducted as new members last night were Walter O Penny, Paul D. nice, .Jnines. C. Cole. Tom LV-'< Jr.. Cricnn Johnson, O. K. Hobison Shorted Wires Start Fire Fire started when wiring shorted out al the home of Mrs. Edwin Ro- bin.snn. TOl Cliickasnwbn, early this morning resulted in slight damage In Ihn back ix>rch. Burning Insula lion from the wiring fell Into a cardlward box, Igniting lt r Fire Chief Roy Hcatl reported. outline of plans formulated to date . and Ilnrrcll C. Davis. N. O. Cotton NKW ORLEANS, June 24. (UP) -Cotton futures closed steady here today from 12 to 26 Jioiids up. July 36.75. up 12; October 31.95, up 21; December 30.81, up 18. March 30.22. up 26 Sl»ls closed steady. 25 points lower, at 37.25. Sales were 41 bales. H Weather ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy nncl cloudy. Scattered thi|ndcrshowers tonight and Wednesday, and in East and south portions today. No Important teminTLitmc changes. Standard Oil Will Ration Gas in 12 Mid-West States CHICAGO. June 21. (UP)—Star d.ird Oil of Indiana announced U day that il will ration gasoline i its customers during thc three Sun' incr tnoiuiis in amounts approx nratcly erjital to what they used la: year. Standard srcid that gasoline sail recently have Increased In tl neighborhood of 15 per cent as : gainst a year ago and agenU an dealers "will in turr( have to lim deliveries to their customers." "How thc dealers Will divide t> supply of gasoline available to thei Is a matter for the'dealers to di tenninc. inasmuch as they are ii dependent business men," said t announcement. The | company sa II was acting "in (he Interest fair treatment of all Its custox cts." The allocation will I Mid-Western slates.

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