The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 6, 1963 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 17

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1963
Page 17
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Tractor Project Safety Measure By DEAN HAMILTON Rainbow Clnb The 4-H Tractor Maintenance Program was started in 1944 but has only been in practice in Franklin County for the last few years. There are four units in this program. The first year deals with tractor safety, a very necessary beginning, because a tractor can be an excellent worker in competent hands, but a deadly weapon when inexperience takes over the controls. Letting boys, and girls, too, drive who are too young and who have had hardly any experience driving causes many of the tragic farm accidents; many of these youngsters are only 7 or 8 years old and can hardly reach the pedals. . Did you ever try driving a tractor over a washboard field? It really takes lots of muscle and plenty of holding power to control this motorized horse. It runs out of control and often it turns over; some times it throws the driver clear, but many times the piece of equipment they were pulling runs over them. Then comes along the "smart hot shot" who is sure he's the perfect operator; given a loaded gun he could provide the same havoc. He runs the tractor full throttle, turns corners on two wheels, jumps off and leaves it parked almost anywhere, on a hill, near a ditch, where his fancy strikes him, and he's always the one to take a short cut, which tragically never gest him hime. He may be found pinned under a turned over tractor. Then we have the one who is always sure nothing will happen to him such as a simple thing of losing his arm or hand in a cornpicker, or shoving his foot in the posthole auger, because it clogged up. He doesn't bother to take time to shut off the machinery or use protective shields on fast-turning shafts. How would yon feel standing out in the north 40 stripped to bare skin because the shaft caught hold of your flapping shirt tail and in a matter of seconds your clothing was wrapped around this shaft. You were lucky you only suffered embarrassment, it could have been your arm or even your j. Next time you start out you will remember how important it is to take an extra minute to put the shield on or shut the machinery off when it clogs up. This is only one of the things taught in this program, but surely an extremely important one. There are four of us who are taking our second unit in Rainbow 4-H. Neil Anderson is our leader, although we do have several county wide meetings at one of the implement dealer's places, so we can get instructions from trained personnal and to see films of different types of machinery and the operation. On behalf of this tractor safety, may we ask each operator to please handle his tractor with lots of care and plenty of respect Let's not have any of these sad and painful accidents in Franklin County. GOOD NEXT WINTER — Sharon Rice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rice, Ottawa RFD 2, is representative of number of 4-H girls enrolled in canning and other food preservation projects. They assure family of delicious meals when some foods aren't available in garden. (Herald Photo) LEARNING BY JUDGING — Franklin County dairy judging (earn (from left): Doug Higbie, SHAFF; Diane Kissinger, Town and Country; Marilyn Wassmund, Rainbaw, and Roger Thorn, SHAFF, won first place at Mid-America Fair in September, with three members placing among top 10 individuals. Judging is effective tool for learning. (Herald Photo) Conservation Comments Need Planning In Conservation By IRVTN ROSS Effective conservation of all our soil and water resources must be planned. Spur - of - the - moment action to meet urgent problems never will give us full and complete protection along with maximum use of these resources. The very complexity of the problems involved demands that carefully thoughtout plans be made before extensive changes and conservation operations are begun. It is true that a farm or ranch i conservation plan is only the beginning. ' It is of little value unless the decisions are carried out But the importance of the plan lies in the fact that the needed land use changes and conservation practices seldom will be applied in the right way and in the right sequence without a good plan. That is why, as a soil conservationist, I must stress the importance of sound conservation planning. Dog's Driving Not So Good PriTSBURG, Kan, (AP) - A Pittsburg man had this explanation when arrested for driving unsteadily: His dog was driving. "He's a pretty good driver, too," he added. The man, not his dog, was charged with driving while intoxicated. There is nothing wrong with applying suitable conservation practices one at a time, provided each contributes toward a coordinated program. In fact, most conservation programs are carried out by applying single practices, as they are needed, ie., in accordance with plans. But the application of single unrelated practices may increase the conservation risks of a whole farm or ranch instead of solving the problems if they do not fit into a coordinated plan for the entire unit. The conservation planning process is systematic decision making, based upon a logical evaluation of the alternatives for land use and treatment. It must involve a careful inventory of the soil and water resources to determine not only the best practices from a conservation viewpoint, but also the economic con- Work And Fun In SHAFf By ALLEN SHIELDS SHAFF We all have heard the saying, "all work ?nd no play makes Jack a dull boy." In the SHAFF club there is work, but there is fun, too. The club tour is an annual event usually held in August. It gives to members a chance to combine work and play. It gives each member the opportunity to show the year's work on the projects which he had chosen. The caravan of cars stops at he home of each member. The member then shows his projects and describes all the preparation done during the year toward ts care and upkeep, including the eed rations and cost The members who live in town tad their projects gathered together at one home in Wellsville o make it more convenient. The our is a miniature fair with no ribbons or prizes but gives the members the satisfaction of showing t job which they have done. For the fun part last year, mem- sequences of use and treatmem of the land. There may be many differen ways in which each tract of lam may be used and treated sue cessfully to conserve or improve it. And the farmer or rancher should participate in developing, with the guidance of the assisting technician, the most practical, sound alternatives for use and treatment. Then he will be able to make a choice, in line with his desires and financial resources. He will be able to make a sound plan. If it is not the farmer's or rancher's plan and regarded as such by him, we cannot expect it to result in sound conservation on the land. Would Add To Property On Tax Roll TOPEKA (AP)-The state Senate passed a bill Tuesday which would place on the tax rolls property owned by cities, churches and other non-profit institutions and leased for commercial use. The bill would require that future exemptions be based on "use" of the property rather than "ownership." The vote was 26-10. It would place on the tax rolls muni cipaUy - owned property leased tax free to industry under the 1961 Industrial Revenue Bond Law. Opponents contend the bill will hurt the state in its search for new industry. The bill goes to the House for consideration along with two res olutions adopted Tuesday. One would authorize a Legislative Council study of junior colleges in the state higher education system. The other would seek amend ments of the U.S. Constitution to have the electricl college reflect the popular vote of each state congressional district bers enjoyed an old-fashioned hif* rack ride to Baldwin after ,flb tour. .; .,;• I M 5 Member*, leaden and partntt played ball, ran races and completed the day with a wiener rout. The large bonfire reflected Ibt happy faces of club members and their leaders. So you see in a 4-H club, work and play go hand in hand, just like friendship and fellowship.' Four-H is work, play and fun all rolled up into long lasting friend* ships. We SALUTE the 4-H "Young Citizens in Action" During the week of March 2-9 we would like to take off our hats to all members, volunteer leaders, project leaders, and all others who help in so many ways to make the 4-H club mean no much to so many. Again we say HATS OFF to the 4-H, "Young Citizens in Action" for tomorrow* better citizens. Ottawa Tractor & Imp. Phone CH 2-4400 119 East Second Change Now to The GAS That doesn't "Use-up" so fast Ottawa Skelgas John Martin, Mgr. 505 N. Main PH. CH 2-3958 Praises Exchange Program HOLLA, Mo. (AP) - An exchange program for Yugoslavian students at the Missouri School of Mines received praise from the U.S. State Department Tuesday. The assistant secretary of state for public affairs, Robert J. Manning, said the program at the Holla school showed the students "...the American way of life, providing them with a chance to read American newspapers and know America, rather than allow an Iron Curtain to be forged around this country." Manning's remarks were made in a telegram to the Rolla Daily News. The paper had asked the State Department for comment after the Missouri Legislature received a resolution Feb. 18 calling the exchange a means of "educating communists.'" The resolution was introduced by two Missouri Republicans, Sen. Noel Cox of Spokane and Rep. John M. Holiday of Jackson County. Manning said some 4,000 Yugoslav students and technicians are studying in the United States and other western-bloc countries. He •aid about 20 Americans and other western technicians have gone to Yugoslavia in exchange. THE OTTAWA HERALD Wednesday, March «, 1963 4-H CLUB WEEK March 2-9 As the 4-H'ers Pledge HEAD ... to clearer Thinking" HEART .. .to greater Loyalty" HANDS .. .to larger Service" HEALTH .. .to better Living 1 ' We Pledge Ourselves to serve you with the Best that can be obtained. Our best wishes to each 4-H member, each volunteer worker and all others who work to make the 4-H the wonderful organization that it is. 1516 South Main Ottawa Lumber Co. Bob McCrea, Manager CH 2-1196 Congratulations 4-H Members and Leaders Save For The Future. Open on Account and. . . Watch Your Savings Grow at Ottawa Savings We, at OTTAWA SAYINGS and LOAN, are very proud of the 4~H clubs in this community. We realize their important achievements in youth development, 4~H teaches integrity, responsibility, and performance. These members learn through hard work, service and experience. Responsibility, a key word in mature development , con be ensued many ways. One way is thru a SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Saving money, spending money and budgeting money is important for maturity. This is responsibility. Congratulations 4-H'ers WE'RE VERY PROUD OF YOU! Is the liberal rate at which your money will earn MORE money with us. And its safety is INSURED. Save here for fastest growth! Your SAVINGS INSURED up to $10,000 by the (FSLIC) Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation OTTAWA SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 109 East 2nd Street Dial CH 2-2804 Your Hometown Savings Center Conveniently located in Downtown Ottawa. Liberal Dividends Every Year Since 1889 DIRECTORS F. R. Bennett Milo M. Hewitt H. J. Henning Wm. W. Wallace Dean Berlin

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