Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1907
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7: \- . 1- TOL. IX. K*. tit. Wbole X*. BKFm IQLA, KiVBlS. DSCSMBEX II, lW7 «-SATrSDAT ETS!IDr& PLEADS NdT GUi^fY W. R. CRETISTOX TO FIGHT CASE .1 . OH D(8AKITT GROUXDS. COURT ROOM WAS PACKED nAmr woxEX WERE PRESENT TO SEE CONFESSED MURDERER. Defeadnt Will .Not Ask for Boad- Cise to Com^ at JaBaarr ' Trrm. » A hush fell over the illstrtct eowX room this luorninK whpn JutU« Foust. asked Wn. H. CrGviston. th.» confessed muniorer of WVUs Stev art. to ataad up irhUe C. B. Adams, clerk «f the court, read the fdmal chante aicainst him. The qutet was not hroken nntil the clerk had Snikh- ed reading the document and the pris- oLer in a tlrm voice had pleaded not Kuiltjr. WTben the accused roan sat down,' Judge Fbust called the attorneys to his desk where a brief con anltstlonhlook place, after vhich'the Jodge ordered the sheriff to adjourn «»nrt nntil 1:30 this afternoon. Crev- iaton's case vilt come up In the January team o^ court until vhidi time he will remain a prisoner in the coim- tr Jail as no effort will be made to gef bond. Not lii the history of the new court honse has such a large crowd pressed through the doors of the court room as did this mominR to catch a RMmpse of th(« man who has confess, ed to committing th? brutal crime. Lone; before the time set for the arraignment, the court room and corridors .were Jammed with specti^ors. VaheAlSSto^^Kftia^w was brought from the'fiir'td the court room his every step and motion was followed by the eyes of the morbidly curious specta- tots. In the throng were many women whose appearance showed that they had throT*Ti some wraps about them hurriedly, leaving their homes Just in time to witnestt the Right. WJien Judge FViusf called the case this mornings, E. W. Myler, who was appointed by the court to conduct Crevistonrs case, arose and asked that the came of Col. J. B. Atchison liS ^^jjW ^yr''^!£Qunty. Xttomey Pet- oraon'a Inoiaent' later asked that the name of Depntr County Attorney Wallace Anderson be entered for the slate. Col. Atchison then announced that the'defendant rpfiiRcd to p^ead 7he coarlj, however, nffer the charge had boen read, asked Creviston what plea he would enter, and he nnati ,'er- od. "Not guilty." Crevlit^n, who d.ired to carry out coolly flttd deliberately, one of the mo*t brutal murders Allen county ever knew. Is now very nearly a n?r- . IHnkiV ^KbPua of his attonicys said inirfnbrnlnA~that' not until two days after the crime did he scorn to real Ise the ekiomrlty of his deed. Since then he 'has come to realize his crime and Is overwhe'med with It That ho Is keenly sensitive fo th" norbld curiosity, manifested by the Ihroni;: that packed the court room today. Is evidenced by the fact that he kept his handkerchief over his eyes and face every moment except during the. reading of the charge. It was at.-^r8t tbongfat that he was in tears T>Ut now tt develops that he was merely trying to avoid the gaze of the gaping spectators. That the defense will fight the charge on the groands of insanity is now definitely known. E. W. Mj-Ier, one of the attorneys, eajiA this mom- iof In answer to a question that he had nothing to give out as to the line of the defense except that In all prol^ ability it would be some form of insanity. When asked as to whether or not Creviston had done or said anything that might-bear out this conten- tjon, Mr. Myler said. "That wl'l de velop during the trial." The attor­ ney'made the same reply to a question_, as fo whether or not there had evef; been any Insanity In the Creviston ifamily. The prisoner and his attorneys lield a long conference beforje the arraignment. OQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O : O [e ; JUST OXE WEEK TET. O Or o O : Wtih the closing of the stores O O -tonight there,will remain but O O Lone week in which to do your O O- iCbristmas shopping. Probably O O :you hadn't thought the time O O ;wa8 narrowing down so rap- O O fidly, but a glaiice at tin c«]en- O O ':dar will convince yon that yon O O* !must hurry. Already the Christ- O O mas buying has started and it O O 'may 'be. perhaps some one else O O ,l;as selected and bad laid awaj* O O the very present which would O 0 ihave suited you. In that case O O 'you must choose •omethini O O else a9 It is a foregone conclu- O O :sion that everybody will bny O K> isomelhing. Even if you have O O only n smalt amount to spend. O O "it is to your interest to start O O ^buying now. Make the small O O ;amount go as far as possible O O ;ror Christmas presents are not O O .meaxured by dollars and cents O O ibut by ihe Kpirii in which they O 9 -are given. It is the one time O O of year when you can make O 0 ovlier people glad t^ey are llv- O O :lng in .this great country with O O .the smallest kind of a gtft. O O Start rlRhi in nbw and see O O iwho you are going to make O 3 :hap^l^ 5 O WOULD DISSOLYE C0XP.iXT. SttekboMer Wants Reeelrer for Grait V Kortlifni Gas Companj. Robert Wrigiey brought suit in district court today against the Great Northern:Consolidated Oil & Gas company to dissolve the company and have a receiver appointed. Mr. Wrlg- ley alleKcs that he. is one of the stockholders of the company and that it holds a lease on 1U5 acres of land in tbU county executed by A. Cochran and wife, and that it drilled several wella on the leasehold.. He alleges that the company has since abandoned the tuddlnga. He asks the. court to dissolve the comi>any and appoint a receiver yo close up the^iftalrs of the coopaay. JVSFSGT TRACK XEXT WEEK. OMekto •! Wssenri PMUIe Se«4 WUI Be Here Kest Week. opooooooocooooooo UNCOVERS HER PAST wife ot Wella Stewart Ran Off With "Handsome Mar..*' Atlo'-noy A. P. Florence has in his poesessiou a supreme court brief which gives some interesting history of: Mrs. May Stewart, wife of Wells StC'wart who was murdered here last Sundny. The brief pertains to be :i ca ^e eniitkd S. C. Holmes vs. J. S. Wnymire ct al, a suit to enforce an at torney's lien on a judgment Ira Sum- m4rfleld, Mrs. Stewart's former husband, was one of the parties to the dpfenre. Thfl bnef proceeds to recite a his tory of the Summerfleld family, in siijiiKirt of their allegations. It aays that in September, 1S38. Ira Summer- fio^ii. wife May, and two children, lived oil their forty acre farm about nina niiks from Yates Center, and that the> owned some stock of only a fair valuation, but "suBldent for the bumble station In life" of the family. Mr. Summerfleld was a carpenter and when not busy on the farm worked at hi* tmde away from home. May Summerfleld, so tba brief says, thlr.kinK it not good to be alone, en- coiiraged others of the male sex," lo vli<|- til'? home with the result that not long thereafter a divorce suit was inMiiuici; by her. A cross petition wft^ fi ;t(| by .Mr. Summerfleld, alleging hlH wiff WOK infatuated with on« .lojin Corzait.. Mrs. Summerfleld got ihj< dlvnrc .md children, however, aiiorlly after, the brief states, she nlutnilnnmlx the children, departing "AMth a handsomer jnan." This man Iv .Haid to have been WVl's Stewart. Mr. Summerfleld then had the dl vdrce dPcree niodlfled RO that he got piisgeH .Hlon of the children. A Mr. CliliiHoni. a neighbor of Summerfleld. then provajlcd ui)on the father io a! l<iW him to take one of the children, l .tzzle. which he did. Chlssom is said to'be living in Gas City now, and the glr] is still living in his home. A. P. Florence represented the de- fevue in the action and.won both in the lower and higher courts. ?WILL NOT ENTER CONTEST. Prof. iMayberry Declines L^Harpe ;- Challenge.—Ready for Ft Scott. Superintendent L. W. Mayberry of the lola schools this morning sent Word to A. J. Bak?r. superintendent of the LaHarpe schools, that the lola High School would not meet the XA- Harpe schoo's in a contest in debate, ^say. oration and. declamation. Prot Raker wrote to Prof. Mayberry, asking for such a contest between ths two schools for some time in the near future. Superintendent Mayberry says that the lola High School will be too busy preparing for the contest between the lola and Fort Scott schools. W. O. W. IMET LAST NIGHT. Regular Session.—Manager Kiser Here. , Th3 WH O. W. met in regular session In the K. of P. hall last evening. State Manager J. W. KJaer. who is icre In the interest of the order, gave he members of the lodge a short address. Four new members were tak- JEn Into the order. The Humboldt learn came up in a body and several .visiting members were also here from .Cbanute and Cherryvale. After the 'ceremonies the lodge adjourned to the iMosonlc hall where a dance and oya rtrr supper was given. All unite in saying this was one of the best soeiaVj evenings over enjoyed by the WW.^ DAVAOES FROM PRAIRIE FIRE. C. Arnold WeaM Rerever IIM Fraa Mrs.-l[u7 Jeaea. L. C Arnold hu brought suit in • • ; distrlcf court to recover 1160 damages uu trmin CAlrrytng the ome4 tram Mary 8. Jonea. He allettea that MIniMirl, Kanw ft Teaf oa March l»th. 1907, iu lost aevenl ttatki- ot hay aai * rake as a reaolt of a Are wlileh the deraadant set oat OB^I^r place aaar bay. He aays m -jwmwu MUfLautVutVtm Mcea- ^.pnmmaotm'-:w^;mBtL tafeMTby, COGKERILL DENIES IT J.D.BOTKIN MAY RUN Says He Jb Net on a Deal for Local Smeltera.. , "There la positively nothing to the report that 1 have purchased the am el tere owned by the. Prime Western Smelter company. I cannot understand how this rumor gained circu laUon. I have not talked to any of the Prime \Nfc8t8m offidala for three months." This statement was made today by A. B. Cockerill. one of the best known smelter men In the United Btates. to the Register over the long distance leJephone from bis home In Nevada, Mo. A rumor had gained circulation that he had purchased the Interesta of the Prime Western Spelter Co.. in Gas City and lola. and would run them in connection with the Cockerill smelters which he is operating hem at the present time. "It is true." continued Mr. Cockerill. "that there was a deal on some time ago with reference to the pu^ chase of other smelter tntereets in >'our city but that has twen temporarily sid? tracked on the account of the present rondit'ons in the smelter business^ I do hot know whether or not the dea' will ever be comj>Ieted. Mr. Cockerill also conflrmed the rtatemcnt made some time ago that the Cockerill smelters at Gas City, which have been shut down for some time, will l>c started asiain soon after the flrst of the year. He said that they expected to have their pipe line to the Elsmorc gas fields completed by that time. fn speaking of tlie' pre.sent condition oC t^e smelter business Mr. Cockerill said: "tMiIIe th<^ smelter business Is dull at the present time I believe the spel ter market will Improve and the business on a good basis again by the flr .-5t of March." . rxyiv HAD TO TOME. "If Urn Rr^ponsible for It, TB Says KooRCTelL Ulad; Washington. Dec. 14.—The Washington Times last, night printed this sensational declaration which it says President Roosevelt yesterday made to Mayor Dahlman of Oniah.i, who called at the White house: "I'm glad you came," said the president. "Tell the boys out in Oninha that if I am rc8|>onsible for this money panic which showed up the rotten foundation on which the finances of the country were built, I am glad of tt. • I don't care what governors and Judges say. this i>anic had to come sooner or later. If i have l>een instrn- niedtal in bringing it about sooner thnii it would have come naturally, it IM all the better. The panic showed the necessity for a general Jjoiisc cleaning In financial circles, and Ihe sooner houxe cleaning is started the sooner It is over with." LOOKING FOR BANK RORBEK. Otllrrrs Think Henry Htnrr Helped In .WlMNOorl Robbery. Springfield. Mo., Dec. II.—Henry Starr, the Cherokee, is said to have been seen In Springfield Monday night and officers are looking for htm in the belief that he may have been connected with the robbery of the bank at Alderich, near here. Starr was sent to Sing Sing In '94 from Ft. Smith for murder, committed in Connection with the robber>- of banks at lientontUlie and Piuevllle. Ark. TO COXTROL 1>SUR\>CE RATES. Investleatlon Shows That MLssonri Companies Arc Guilty. St. Louis, .Mo., Dec. 1-t.—When an investigation into the alleged trust of insurance companies doing business in Missouri was resumed today. Assistant Attorney General Ferris continued his eiforts to show that the insurance companies doing business in Missouri are in an agreement to fix and control the rates. While admitting that as a genral proposition they have adhered to the Waterworth rate, witnesses for the insurance companies assert that they have cut the rate frequently when competition necessitated such action. • GIRL FOUGED LETTERS. Sfacteen-Tcar-OId Xew Jersey Girl Be- liered to Be Author of Black Hand Commnnlcatloa. BE CANDIDATE FOR DEXOCRATIC XOXiXATIOX FOR GOTERXOR. IF BRIEDNTHAL STAYS OUT BOTKIX DOES NOT WAXT TO RFX AGAIXST HI.V. ColoBcl Harris Says He Won't Accept ilaatioB—Democrati Arc Gaesslag. Xei TH^ WEATHER. J- Forecast , for Kansas:—Probably snow and sllftatly colder tonight; Sunday, geaerally fair. PROTECT OUSTER PROCEEDINGS. Implement Dea(er« Want Harverter Com|iany to Stay. WOMEN ARE TERRORIZED BEFORE TROOPS REACHED G0LDFIEU>. WANT THE SOLDIERS TO! STAY COXTIXUED PROTECTIOX. CondlUeas la XlolairUaap WerMTbaa General £xiH>r(ed--.Vllttar7 Fitralf Topek.r D?c. It—(Special.!—J. D. Biukin. of \V3nneld. will bo nn an itounced candldato for Ihe rV'mocratic nominee for Governor unless the plan to get John W. Qreidenthal into the race proves successful. lUitkIn has stated that he will not b«.> a'candidate against Dreidentha*. but in rt >s|ionse to the requests of some of his friends be l .as c^uisented to accept Ihe nomination if it be offeretl to him. Hut he prefers that Ureidenthal be I'.nminated. Tiiere is niuch si>ecn1ation in Democratic- clrcios as to whether Breidenthal will consent to the use of his name but the impression is growing that he will. In an interview a week ago he said that he had not been consulted I>efore his boom was started and intimated timt he did not know what be would do if the nomination should I>e offered to him. Politic'ans oriinarily consider talk of this kind an indication that "Barkis is wil'in.'" The statements of several Demo- catic leaders within the last ten (lays that they fsvor the re-nomina- iion of Col. W. A. Harris have not Kreatly changed the situation. Col. Harri.i has made a positive statement to several of his closs friends that uud.^r no circumstances will he again.) accept, the nomination. He says that it would mean another sacrifice to make the campaign which he cannot afford. Those in closest touch with Col. Harris have taken this statement as final and thcj- do not be'ieve he can be shaken. They ext>ect though that he will be at Topeka to attend the annual banquet of the DsmocratIc club on Febniary 22 and will ask him to make a positive sUtement at that! time. The statement expected frm^* Col. Harris will probalily l>e follow cd by thu announcement that either Dotkln or Breidenthal Is a candidate for Governor. But if the statemctft Fhould not l)e what Is expected—if Col. Hnrrln shou'd even Indicate that he will again ba a candidate—Harris will be r<>nominuted withont any- sort of opiKjsltion. Wichita, Dec 14.—Resolutions ofi protest against the ouster proceedings j being prosecuted by Attorney General Jauekson In the Supreme court 1 \vii» ippptr rii PfTttvrav IFAW against the Internatlonal Harvest-r, '^'•"Al. TO FU9ST09'FOR company wera adopted by the South west Kansas and Oklahoma Implement Dealers' Association Just before the adjournment of the annual meeting here yesterday. The resolutions ware adopted withont opposf (km. They recite (he fact that eighty l^r cent of the harvesting machinery sold in Kansas is sold by the International company and conrJude as follows: "We feel that the loss and JJaaaier in the agricultural lnt?rest .H of the slate, by such action as Attor ney General Jackson Is imrsulnR, merits our most vigorous protest and wi^ Jo herein' enrm<st|y protest against such proceedings." A iwsitlon against federal appropriations for the Improvement of inland waterways was also taken and the of the tar iff on all raw and structural materials that enter into the constnictitm of inuilements of vehic'i»s advocated. TO SAVE FURNITURE O. C. Limbocker Severely Burned WCiile Trying to Save Houae- hold Effects. CAME TO SEE CREVISTON. Disappointed Crowd of Spaetatort In Court Room Today. In some way the r .>|)Ort got out that the case of the State vs. W. H. Crev. Iston. who is charged with the murder of Wtelh Stewart was to come up In district court this afternoon, and ttie room was packed long before the afternoon session began. When it became known to the crowd" that Creviston had been arraigned this morning the great majority filed out in a man- nar indicating that they realized that the Joke was on them. ABERiCAN SCHOONER WRECKED. The Thomas Lawton Capaized in Gale —Crew Loat Hughtown, Scllly Islands, Dec. 14.— The American schooner, Thomas W. J^awson. was wrecked in Broad sound, ?cilly Islands, during a fierce ga'e last night. So far as Is known only cue of the crew survived, and he is partially unconscious. The schooner curned turtle and Is now floating bottom side up. BANDITS ATTACKED TRAIN. Transveai Train Guard Repulsed Band of Sixty. Newark. .\. J.. Dec. 1-1.-Antonette Barris. a sixteen-year-old girl. Is under arrest here charged with forgery. It is believed she is the author of the Black Hand letters w|)|)ch have been threatening residents of this city for some time. The letter which was traced to Antonltte was written to a young girl who has collapsed because of the fear she suffered. BURN RREWERIE8. Cfclrago's ThIH Fire Since Snnday dosing Crasade Begaa—Fanatic at Werk. Chicago, Dec. 14.—A quarter of a million dollar fire in the Cooke ilrew- fng plant last night is the third brewery fire since tlie Sunday closing crusade began in this city. Coming so closely after the others, Fire Attorney Hogan believes lome fanatic, actu ated by the belief that brewery de- •tmction belpa alone the eauae, is at work. • X THS HOIiCOMB case is on aftatn In diatr.'et ooarC tbis afternoon. It ia aa aetiOB la wUeh< Henry P. Holooiab is Mas i«M br his wife for tUvorea. Tlflis. Transvaal. Caucasia, Dec. 14. —A band of sixty robbers attacked and derailed a mail train near here iHSt night. The train was carrying a large sum of money. The train guard repulsed the bandits after a fi^t ia which many passengers and soldiers were wounded. The bandits finally retreated, leaving four dead. "The New Earth." "The New Earth," or "The Pinal Home of the Saved," will be the subject of the Bible study given Sunday evening at 7:30 at the Seventh Day .\dvent(8t chureh, located three blaeka south of the court honse square on South street. The future home i* a nffl p'ace. with real people, who en- Jojr and do real things. It is moris than a someplace somewhere. Ita location, together with what it is like, will be read from the Bible. AH are cordially invited to come and enjoy this service. CORTELTOU DEXIES FT. Says He Is Not te Reain Fraai (fee CaMMt. Washington. Dec. M.—Jn answer to inqnirien as to the raport which haa •ained aone earrencr ban. that Bae- rdtarr Cortelyoa la abciit to; raaiga fraai the caHaat. iba aaorataiTli add eomawBt VM, "Ikat ia aiotktrUi,'' : O. C. Limbocker. formerly of this city, and father of Roy Limbocker. a well kuown well dri'ler of this city. »as badly burned yesterday, evenin;; about eight o'ciock while tr.ving ta save bis* household effects from de.v truction by Bre. Mr. Limbocker and his family escaped but in his efforts to save aome of ttie ;oods Mr. LIm bocksr waa badly burned about the face and hands. The home of Mr. Limlxicker wes entirely destroyed by fire. The origin of the fire is unknown, unless it caught from some matches which had hcen carelessly placed about the house. • ' " It was rumored on the streets here today that ever}- member of the fam lly had been burned to death in .the fames when the firm house- was burned, but a telephone message ^rom Chanute to the Register shows this to be untrue. O. C. Limbocker lives on a form 8 miles east of Chanute. The house which was destroyed is valued at about fn .OflO. The loss is partially cov ered by insurance. FIQHT ON POSTMASTERS. Congressmen Oppoae Reappointment of Frank Wynn at St. Loola. Washington. Dec. 12.—President Roosevelt h» In a predicament over the St. Louis postmastcrship contest. The three Republican congressmen from St. Ixiiiis. Bartholdt, Coudrey and Caulfleld. oppose the reappointment of Frank Wi^man, who held the ofllce one term. They nr3 backing O. L. \K1iltelkw, for the place, and hare the support of Senator Warper and National Committeeman Akins and other powerful political Influoices in Missouri. The only thing Wyman has to bank On is his ofllcial record. No postmaster in the country hts a cleaner record and it haa been a rule of the administration to always give a second term to such postmasters. Besides Wyman has been band in glove with the administratton in its otislaught on the I^ewis publications, and he and the government are Jointly concerned over some suits which Lewis has filed against them. The chief objection raised against Wyman by tha St I/iu's congressmen is that he doesn't plar politics; thit he ^ ungrateful to the men who "made him." Someone is needed in the olBce, they say. who will help to bul'd up a Republican organization. The president has not indicated what be proposes to do. The appointment will be made in a few days. It happens that most of the politicians who are fighting Wyman are supporting Cannon for president. EDNA 8MELTZER WARD INJURED Niece eCD. B. D. Smeitzer Severely Burned at Home in Arkanaaa. D. B. D. Smeitzer received a letter from his brother. P. H. Smeitzer. re- sidlnir nea- Van Buren. Arkansas. aUt leg that >his daughter. Mrs. Edna Smeitzer Wtard had a very narrow escape from death a few davs ago. Wltile stooping down with her back turned toward the fire place her clothing wa^ in flames. Palling to eztfnamlsh the flames she ran out of Ihe house. As she passed through I4ie door a woman happened to meet her and bad the presence of mind to wrap a shawl around her face to prevent .her from Inhaling the fumes. Her husband and mothef In-law were in the yard and quickly tore off the bnmlnc eloihlng. bnt not uatll ^he w«a badly humed. W^tle aha ia taf- fering greatly, hopes a're eatsrtalaad of her recovery. The baby. whIA she was holding, escaped' with hot slight io.turies. ED. SMITH, a cokired nan In the emptor of the lola IVrtland Omeat emapamf. waa aoddentally hanied ahQak .st|> fhee aad baada froai an axMMt^fpe. The tauaa, ——^ fffir;-pa||tfal. are aot.aavaire ^tc <>«u|aa aar tmk^"-— May Be EalabBshed Aay Haar. Goldflold. Nev., tijic. 14.—With the i>!en ihst soldiers be kept here until (he trouble Is settiwi, a deiegatioa of women, composed Ot mombera of the Women's Club of tloldBeld. will call on General Kunstun ^tomorrow aad ia)* before him their aide of the questton. which will be that' prevlona to the coming of the trooi4 (hey had lived in constant terror, btdleving that their homes might be destroyed and thrir lives endangered by deeds of violence and depredations -ttt desperate strikers. After having met and conferred with many cttizena of Gotdfleld yestei^ day. General Funston auted last algtat to the AssocUted Press that he is finding conditions here worse than he^ had anticipated. "The possibilities of further trouble growing out of the difficnitles between I he mine owners and the miners," be' said, "are renter than my information previous to coming to Goldfield had led me to believe. - I {lave Jnst telegraphed a second report to Washington, which is iMsed on the information | I tiave gathered tod^. Troops There t« Stay. "I do not believe;the governor will declare martial law at once, as no serious disturbance', has oeJeurred. I am satisfied with .Oils, and shall not advise such action^ until it is absolutely necessary. As to the matter of patrolling the vicinity of mlnea and the streets of the city with the regulars, that is a procedure that may become necessary at any hour." The statement of General Funston last night settles effectively the question of the withdntwal of the troops from Goldfleld.' Neither General Funston nor Governor^ Sparks will yield to the pressure tba$ has been brought lo Indued them . to favor the withdrawal of the trobiia before the arrival of the lat>or commission from Wash ington. Bnt One Viae WaiUaf. After making aa iattempt to resnme work at the Mohawk Combination mine yesterday mocning, the manace- nient decided that not enough men had ap|)earedJor work and gave up the attcmi>t. - This leaves the Consolidated the only mine working In the camp, and must of the men are above ground. Not nearly- enough are working under ground to keep the mills go- fug with qtt>. and? as a cunMKiaeaca more men will have to be brought in from outside or the mill will be eloaed before the end of: the week. About the same number appeared this morning as yesterday. . U Is announced .today ai a eonces- aion to the union miners by the owners' nssoclatlon. thp card system is to be abandoned and. the old inen permitted to go back: to work, whether they -renounce the Western Federation or not ORANGE Ta BANQUET . Baker Students i& HoM Reunloii on Evening of l^cember 23rd. It has been deflnitely decided to hold the Baker University banquet on the evening of* December 23rd at which time the Baker University Glee Club is to give ^ia entertainment at the M. E. chureh. 'The glee elnb will have two other engagements in this county, Humboldt: and Koran, previous to coming to. lola. The' officers )t the Allen Counfy Baker University organization wIK peet'thts atteruqga to arrange a program for the banquet, ic is expected that about one hundred Bakec-ites .wiJI be present at the banquet. I^rty are expected from Uaker. STORES OPEN ETEKIHG8. Verehantg WIU dive lata Shoppers AdvMtages. Commencing Monday -evening the business houses will remain open dnr ing the evening until Chrlatsus. It has been the genera! cnstoaB for the merchants to iceep tbeir places of bnsiness open evenings for the ten days before Cbr^tmas in order to give iieople who iare busy during the day a chance to do their ahopping In the evening. ALTRUISTIC'CtUB BANQUET Ladloa deslriajir to laara stnuaeaU aad iaia.a>«|H' ^ jaet orftara aatiiiaanai aaCtaaelatVc fVir partiealdr«:-^c*tt IMi B. Boys Will Mset |en Kwtnina of ilami* •ry; 'Second* The Altniiaiic cinb will hold their aaaaal banqnetdn tha baaement of tlia Preabyteriatt cbovA-OB the even- las •( Jaanary Si Thli la tha. aaaual affair to which the ataoihara.or (ho ehib look forwMd with aineh gratlft- catlon. The toastaaater aadapeak- era Bava not Vfea daOWea. apon aa yet but wUI ha tha aipr fatara. la-

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