Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1907
Page 7
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'if'* the JANUAITf TERM. •Uliet Cerk C. B. Adams has BMd^ <ip the list tit eases:'aet for the Jibiiiknr term. There are about the tuMi- number of oases, 130. Of this BifatMr. probably 20 ai« criminal oii<t(r;-"^e most important In tho /Wfiltlow ease. S. P. \V1iit1ow Is blWvM with the murder of Miss Nay Biiib'on the evening of; September STth. «r .IKelr fall idowhis Perkins la hnaUns com for 8. Ilman. idma; Strickland la quite HI at present writing. ; Qnlte a nnmber from Diamond attended the box 8nK>er at Rich Valley. Friday evening. - lOas Hose Boblnaon Is In Tola spdadlnir a feir weeks with her sis ter. Mrs. Vnnt^r Daniels. Mrs. R. Penland spent a few days last week visiting with her daughter and family In lola. Preparations are being made for the Christmas program to be held at the Diamond church on Christmas evening. ^ County Superintendent Mrs. Pims ton visited our school one day this week and seemed quite pleased with the school. Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan, of Gias City, were visiting a few days last week with 'Sir. and Vrs. Ira Tyler. Several of the neighbors went in and surprised Mr. and; Mrs. S. E. Spillman Saturday evening, in response, to an invitation given by Annie SpHhnan. The guests were pleasantly received, and those prcs tnt report a fine time. m Get yonr hellr an4 evergreen wresthing at Ewfaig * Bir4iek*s. .... GEVETA. r The Ladles' society of the Congre gatlonal church, will bold a bazaar at the school house on December 2l8t The proceeds wl!l go for charitable purposes. Mrs. James Leavitt is enjoying a visit from a cousin from Illinois. .T. P. Prans drove to Tola last week. The school wilt have an entertainment and Christmas tree on Christ mas evening. E>rerybody come. Mrs. Mable visited near Colony last Friday. Mrs. Cal Sherwood visited at her sister's. Mrs. Bert Wilson's last Wed peeday. Mary Gray Is sewing for Effle Hollx this week. O. F. Miller is on the sick list this week. ,TllO BtrODgSSt 8<nil6ti]ll68 eat the least, but th^ eat wisely. Not wliat you eatjimt wliat yon digest, gives you strength. Uneeda Biscuit is the most nourishing and digestible food made from floor. Eat wisely—eat for strength -iliiMda Biscuit In moislun and duMt proof paekages. NATIOKAL BISCUIT COMPANY originalpadcis«to«yifrind Hat homeM 70a melt Wuiii(ngit>B^i4rdeirdopel]Mflaf«r, and maket grindijif eeq^ TImt iMida^ appetizing aranaistdoTgop^ to loteina fffocefy sjtore. piffiMl6M»ilaideiililj COICM after it it ground* Jff<fba hfiwr and WMit« jbod celfee bir ibrbuicfcl ^s' Ariosa .4-.. |it:at home, coffee itfdie World. The dieapeil good TO INDUSTRIAL HOME. DR. KRUM CRITICALLY ILL. A Movement la en Foot In Behalf of Dora Tice. A movement Is on foot to send Dora Tke, tho unfortunate fourteen year eld giri. who is the mother of a six weeks old infant, to the industrial school for girls at Beloit. and to provide a home for her child in an orphans' home. This is the girl whose', ruin was charged to ESstell Rowley, a young man living In Anderson county. The young man, however, was ac quitted of the charge, it having developed from the testimony that a number of men had been intimate with the gin. Including her father. The girl's home surronndings are not the best and because of her very younff years, several ladies In the city have taken the matter up of securing a home for her. It is said that an application for her admission Info the ioduBtrial school will be made In a few days.. MRS. TArrS FUNERAL. ASBUCEXS BHOa. Nnr Tgck Cttr. Body of Widow of Judge Taft Laid in Cincinnati Cemetery. Cincinnati. C, Dec. 13.—^In the fam i!y lot in Spring Grove cemetery the body of Mrs. Louisa Taft. widow of Judse Alphonso Taft, former TTnlted States attorney general, was placed today, after simple burial services, conducted by Rev. Dr. George A. Thay. or at the home of her step-son, Chas. P. Taft. Suffered Hemorrhane of the Lungs This Morning. (Ottawa Rspubllc.) Dr. J. p. Krum was seized wlih a severe attack of hemorrhage of tli'.- lungs about f a. m. to<lay ami Is ?n a critic-.l coudiUon. He has tiucii in his usual cood health and the at- U*.ck is supiwsed to have been tlie |jresult of a" suddsn break down of tissues. THB attachment caaa of G. L. Brady vs. W. M. Simpson and wife was settled this morning. The atiach- nient was dissolved and Judgment tendered for the plaintiff. to Mmr AietkA njB Coroner Raid eaas «d not eoms ib trtal in poUes ooart today as wis. expected. It developed tlist Qty Attorney Oyler sod JoI(Bi P. Oosbora,. vlioi;icprBsebtsths: deCsndsnt. wets engaked at district oonrt with other' mattsrs and coald not give their st- tenti>n to the ease today. The data of the IMd esse has not yet been set.: Conner R«Id was arrested . lasts SomUr OD thescene of the W. H. StMr' art innrder by Offloer Roy FhllII(H.; Tbr«^ charges are preferred sgslast: him. '4 disturbance of the pesfe, lBtsr« ferinjs with an oiBc^r'ln the perfona- . ance'of his dti^ and UttoSIedtlMk all. of which Dr. Baid ^ilotitly denies. Since the arrest botlr sides have bem. bu^^huntlnif ap wttneases to prove: thefr: contentions. , i<8K£LET0]r AT EB FEAST A thing of tke Past for a Pertlaad.: Many a person in lola sits down to a table laden with good things, but a staring skeleton at the board warns them^ that they satisfy their appeUtte at their peril. This Skeleton of Indl- gestfon has becony a phantom ot the past Jo many persons who have rs;; stored their digestive organs to a^ nomial condition by taking our delicious: cod liver preparation. Vino]. VintH is rich in alterative eI«n«Bts' which restore natural asslmilstlott.. and makes rich, red blood which In. turn strentghens every organ In the body to do its work as nature In-T tended. . Mr. W. E. Waterhonse of Portland, Me., writes: "I suffered so long with stomsch trouble and Indigestion that I lost flesh rapidly. Vino! cared mm- after everything else h»d failed. It strengthened my digestive organk,: gave me a hearty appetite, and -2 cut. eat anything without the slightest dlf^t tress. I do not taelleva maj^vOunc medicine eqtMls Tlnpl for stomadi' troubles and indlg«fetu>n." • We ask lola peojfle who suffer wiUi IndlKesUon. and every weak, aced or run'down person to try VInot. If )i does not heip-yoit we will retvra purdhase money. 8. R. Barretl, prac> gist," lola. Kansas. ^- Or. Krum is the present pastor of the Episcopal church ftere. S. D. AND OF J. ELECT OFFICERS. Local Lodge Had Meeting Night The following is the list of omcers fleeted by the Sons and Daughters of Justice last evening: Henry Bjrler—.President E. N. S%me.—Past President J. W, Naglef^ce President Mrs. C. H. WlUey—ChivWn. Mrs. Phil Helgle—SecreUrV- Chas. S. Grant—Conductor. J. H. Black—Qnsrd. S. J. Napier—Sentinel. Phil Heigle—Treasurer. ELMER liOgan. who yesterday sold out his rooming houise over the Reynolds drug store, has purchased the rooming house over the T. A. Joyce groceiT store and will take possession today. FATHER iQamett Review Says Nice Things of the Elder Tice. ; The Tice family Is making Itself ] as notorious at Tola as It did here.' The younger girl, who was fourteen' last April, seems to have developed an aMllty to mfike trou&Ie early in life. Last Sepjt^{>9|^ |hi) older girl. : a^ed sixteen. ^JMids -«» Impossible charge tsgainst'her. own father, time rcmsidered.- Later the tapier left the' fkmily. and famUy- belongings; except <m« horsor whWi he rod9 away. He ^ has not returned to hi^ distressing' faaaOy. - The father is s. qnlet old maa, an old scddler. and Veil connected.^ He stood « good dejal befm^. he., left He "may have done wrong in this Ume," bnt no rellat^e testimony! hjis been brought against him yet' About that time ^e mother undertook to have the older daue|iter sent to the reform sdio9l, but changed ber. vilndtUtd moved to toIa-rGamett Re- < view. TO INTEREST FARMERS. Fair Association Will Make Special Effort to Please TKia Year. ' ,The fair direetozs at their meeting one week from^^morrc(w will make an effort to ta)^ such «tep8 that the Carmers will haDOjne n^ore Interested in the fair. »t WW fta ,ndUced by: the list of dliyictorr 'efectod at the annual meetlng^a few ^ys ago that the fanners art very wfeU represented. In makioigf^p the races a number of running tt'aces wfilslso' be ar- raoged. F r fV'" CARROLL FUNERAL TODAY. Remains of l<& JMaa -Arrived Last NIsht} from Chicago. The body ofiiquptaln ^-Cano'i arrived last night ff^OUiisgB and was, . taken to the ,5ls{eper' .trndertaking4 Pstibrs. The taUbntX 'f«Mee* Hsere^ held this afteraoon at:the Christian .divefa. 'R «T..EI1^ oAdatlng. "fhi Mr VM laid to rest £1 tbvjM tola •tiMdad tbs s^ess. • • ,A«D £xlrmm^mrv Sala of y.i^^ beautifiil coats mercilessly sacrificed. Values wffl be offered In this sale SS^SJ^^IaT"^*' guarantee to be the greatS* Sll Up to $7.50 Coats at$3.95. . 5o-inch Loose-back coits in light and dark mixlares, also black, nicely trimmed. You will appreciate tbe value at $3,as $8 50 Coats ai $5 00 50-Inch Coats in black only, bait lined, ;trelvet and braid trimming, compare them wiih others at I8.50, several styles to select from. Your choice... $3m00 SI2.50 and StSs^SO Coats Reiiuceilto $7.50 These are very cboice'GoatS in broadcloth, kersey, black, castor, brown and tan, they are 50 and 52 inch lengths, grey or black satin lined thtonghont, bean- tifnlly trimmed in velvet and braids, positively the season's most sensitidnal redncdtms. Coats that sold readily at $12.50 and $13.50, your choice at tomorrow's greatest coat sale $7mBO 116.50 Celts IfO.OO 50-inch Black Broadcloth Coat:i, handsomely braided both front and back, all lined with excellent satin, very dressv, variety of styles to select from, nnques- t^onably woTth.S16.50, rednoed at $tOmOO Th«M Baattfal Coab $15 Never before were such-values leen at this price. Imported Broadcloth ttimnud with fini! silk braid and have the new wide shoulder effect, sati^ lined through out These big coatvalties will certainly be appre- dated. values upjlo S25, in this rednedon salc^flF Oracul JKkctt Reduced I14.S0 Caracul Jackets at... $ Bm89 zS.oo Caracul Jsckcts at WmBO 20.00 Caracul Jadtcti at. 35.00 Caracul Jacketoat #5.00 CIriUijen's loafs Reduced • 3i':, S3.50 Children's Aevskin coats ^.$2M S4 50 Children's Pltnbi coats ............ BBi9ff $6.00 Children's Hodled Pltish coats at.... $3mTff S5.00 Children's Astrakhan coats at $2,95 Children's Cfliets 6 io 14 Yeats, Reduced S3.50 Cloth, coats at $tM S5.00 Cloth Coats at $2M S6.00 Cl(^ Coats at ' $3M $6.50 Cloth Coats at. S8.50 Hodled Plush Coats at .... $7.50 Beatskin Coatt at'. $3M

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