The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1952
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1952 BLYTHEVTLLE (A?xK.) COURIER NEWS HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Would You Like to Be A Sepag? There Are Two Kinds of the Gout NEW YORK Sespag? — Are you Would you like to be a Sespag? Oh, come on, now. Please. ue a Sespag. You'll really stand out from the crowd, once you're a Scspag. What is a Scspay? Well—don't laugh— a Sespag is a member of the society for the extension of sympathy to people afflicted with" gout. Civilization has needed an organization of this kind for n lont? time. Every other disease in the medical textbooks has its true blue friends today—from halitosis to hernia, from acldosis to acute alcoholism. But gout? Ha, ha, ha, ha. ha. ha. ha. ha, ha! Nobody takes gout seriously today except those who suffer from it. Madness and measles arc respectable. Hut gout? "Oh, no, not really—gout? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" It is high time we had a national gout week so the buddies ot this ailment can band together and get Jnore public understanding. I feel this way because I have just spent five days Hut on my back with a throbbing foot propped on a pillow. When I returned to _work. leaning with quiet drama on a new So cane, I naturally expected to be rewarded with a little milk of human kindness. When an office pal | asked what was wrong with my foot, I mumbled bravelv: Gout strikes chiefly in the big toe, the heel and instep, or the thumb, I'm a heel and instep man myself. Personally, I have never met a gout sufferer. It's probably a tough occupational problem with hitchhikers. Many people don't realize how gout feels. H feels as If an invisible madman were trying to stuff a white hot anvil into your foot. You have an urgent desire to bite to death anybody that comes within three yards of you. K anybody in the same room even breathes heavily, you can feel it. A fly landing on your foot is like a knife thrust. Never laugh at a, man with the gout, podner, unless you want to make a lifelong enemy. But pat linn on the back—gently, gently— and tell him you understand, lie won't believe you, but he'll remember, row to go to any bank to get it. and if ever you have to bor- money—well, you won't have "Oh, nothing much. The doctor calls it rheumatoid arthritis." You (lot the (iout "That's just a fancy word gout," he said. "So you got the gout, eh? Ha, ha, ha. Boy, you must have been doing some high living. Ha. ha, ha." So he passed the word along, and the office became a den of laughing hyenas "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. hn, ha. ha! He's got the gout. Wish I could afford it." Well, there yon are. Tell some- .bocly you got the gout, and right away he jumps to the conclusion you've been swimming in port wine and pork roasts. Youth Crime Hit by Hoover WASHINGTON (I?)- Crime is increasing in the nation, says the FBI and—"a tragedy of our times" the accent is en youth, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover yesterday | released a compilation of statistics for from police departments throughout the country. They show rate increases for 1951 of 5.2 per cent in cities and 5 per cent in rural arcns. Of persons arrested during the year, Hcover said, most were aged 23; 14.4 per cent were under 21 there was a 1.7 per cent increase among the uncier-18 group, and 41.9 per cent of 20-year-olds had previous fingerprint arrest records. The FBI estimated there were a. lottil of. 1,832,160 major crimes That is the trouble. People don't understand there are two kinds'of gout—rich mail's gout and poor man's gout. Rich man's gout is the old-fashioned kind, caused by luxurious living- and enjoyed (I -should use such a word!) by British and 19th century American industrial tycoons. This kind of gout is dying- out. Poor man's Rout is best described by the Encyclopedia Britannica as follows: "Gout may also affect persons who observe the strictest temperance in living; and whose only excesses are in the direction of overwork, either physical or intellectu- ttl." Naturally, you understand that ' what I w as the po or m an's gout. Gout also hits plumbers nnrt painters, as a result of lead poisoning. Too Much Temperance What puzzles me is why it struck me. Too much temperance? Overwork? Or could it have been the aftermath of chewing too many lead pencils in grammar school? 1951, nn increase of 92,130 over the previous year. Iran Now Ready To Produce Oil TEHRAN, Iran (/P)—Premier Mohammed Mossadegh's government says it now has enough machinery back in operation at the. former British-run Abadan refinery to produce motor oil for Iran's use. A broadcast said production has started, and within six weeks th<v petroleum-rich country no longer will need to import motor oil. Police Decide Man Is Dangerous as He GLASGOW, Scotland Wj— Jim Ruthven. arrested on a housebreaking charge, punched his way through the piaster ceiling of his cell uml escaped from the Marhill police station. "This man," said a police call for his arrest, "is violent." Store Woolens And Furs Now With hot weather in (he offing, it's time to think of storing your woolens and furs. Besides jour precious fur coat, your wool suits, coals, blankets, drapes need the full protection offered by Blytlie- ville Laundry-Cleaners. And Get Best Stor Our certified cold storage vaults give you full protection against moth damage as well as insurance against loss by fire or (heft, lie SURE you get (he best protection. Call lilylhcvillc Laundry-Cleaners — phone 4118 — for free pickup service. Blyfheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 PAGE THREE 1 : * *£" ? ' - ~ ^JOlc^ '£ **TV £ v; vy : ^^5i^Y?:^ v / f§n>4i "3*i -t - - r .- ,-y^v_ _J f :L 9? t l B ? lN 9 S TRA GEDY TO ANIMALS-Five dogs huddle miserably on the last dry , no i c7~ land to be found on a farm near South Siou>: cily. Neb. Unable to escn,,e the Hood wafers. huXS of domestic animals have perished in lerritory inundated by the Missouri River 'Jet Gas Gun' Invention to Mark Both Bank Robbers and Loot HALIFAX, Nova Scotia H';—A local marine engineer and niastrr mechanic has invented a "jet gas gun" to mark both bank robbers and their Icot. The inventor, J. Dan Pride, has patented his gun in Canada and has patent applications pending in other countries. Not intended to kill or Injure permanently, it would be Installed under tellers' counters in banks. In a holdup, a quick foot movement by the bank employe would WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court. Chickasawba District. MisslsslssI Coimty, Arkansas. Frances Ingram Jones, By Next Friend. Myrtle Warren, Plaintiff vs. No. 12032 Raymond T. Jones, Defendant. The defendant, Raymond T. Jones, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, r'rances Ingram Jones. Dated this ISth day of April. 1852. Gene Bradley, Attorney for Plaintiff Claude F. Cooper, Attorney Ad Litem. Harvey Morris, Clerk ByLaverne Ball, D. C. 4121-28-5:5-12 blanket the robber with dyed ammonium hydroxide slid from a tiny nozzle under 2,000 pounds of pressure. The ammonia would blind and sicken the robber. The purple dye wouldn't wash off him for several days, and would never come off any money he held. Pride considered giving the pas a strong, objectionable odor but couldn't figure out how to get. it out of the bank after a holdup. Britons Move Up Time LONDON m— Britons have se their clocks ahead one limn- fo tlie summer, putting theii- time six hours ahead of eastern standard 1st Tactical Air NATO Units Set FONTAINEBLEAU, lYalu-c <.<Pj— The first t\vo Allied tactical air 'oi'ces have been fortnecl to help defend We.stem Europe frcm Com- nunlst attack. They embrace squadrons from the United states, Canada, Britain, France, The Ncth- erlands and Belgium. The two new air forces. boih \vltli headquarters In Germany, will be under life command of Lt. Gen. Lailris Norstad, commander - In chief of Allied Air Forces in Central Europe. WARNING OltDER In the Chancery Court. Chicka- Eawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas Jerry Williams, Plaintiff, vs - No. 12031 Leon Williams. Dcfendent. Tlie detention, Leon Williams. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Jerry Williams. Dated this !9th day of April, 1952. Gene Bradley, Attorney lor Plaintiff Claude F. Cooper, Attorney Ad Litem Harvey Morris, Clerk By Laverna Ball, D. a Quick RELIEF noMMitcitror DISTRESS Ko.1 COfi. Ik. -- „_. loM.I.W.t^'citY.^, Ik. <i,,..rV.I ,1 tb. •- JSi-IIJX)/ AT YOUH DRIMOMT Caps time in the Tjnllcd States. The banana Is not a tree, although it grows as high as 30 reel. MASTER MOWER The Modern Way To Cut Your Grass! for every mowing job. . . large or small. Sizes: 202-1-48-72 inch cut. 2 to 10 H.P. 4-cyclo engine. The most sensational Power I,»wn Mower to be introduced anywhere. LIGHT RUNNING * ECONOMICAL, EFFICIENT * STURDY — CUTS TALLEST WEEDS — CUTS LIGHT BRUSH — CUTS ANY BEAUTIFUL LAWN This mower knows no height ot grass. See this mower today at all tho dealers listed below DELTA Implements Inc. 312 Snufh 2nd WESTBROOK Machine Shop Authorized Clinton Engine Service Station — Genuine Parts — Reasonable [trices on repairs. HUBBARD Hardware Co. 213 West Main MISSCO implement Co. 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Without obllgollcn, I wool a FREE Komo Dcmomlrallon ot you fully guaroMeod Rcb u ||, Eleclrolux Vacuum Clconor. NAME _ _ General Elecfric Food Freezer - - - 429.95 Electric Ice Cream Freezer - - - 27.95 Total Value $457.90 BOTH FOR Here's your chance to own a big, big 11 cubic foot General Electric Food Freezer AN'I) save money! This roomy freezer holds up to 380 Ibs. of fro/en foods—with extra storage compartment for packing materials. Come down to J!m- mic Edwards' Ibis week and save on a beautiful new G-E frec/.er . . . and electric ice cream freezer. Deluxe Electric Ice Cream Freezer This deluxe ELECTRIC ice cream free/cr takes all the work out of the job. . . makes a full gallon of smooth-textured ice cream effortlessly and economically. .Makes a gallon of delicious ice cream for less than a dollar! ADDRESS. cirr . — PHONE No . STATt '/*•'•"• *<Wrell, Plcoie Send Specific Dlrectloni "We. 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