Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1907
Page 6
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m tin. New5 in €ount}^ •i BEAR fLOUR liiw Stood iiie Test BwaoKtti the Best Acce|)t No Dthei Willi Obetdoff, Agt. 8T0XT POIftT. lola Bisiness College Might or Dmy SmrnBhui Penmanship, ArithmeUe. Elocution, Bookkeeping. English, Physical' Culture. etc.Shonhand. Letter Writing. Flagatona and Cement Sidewalks and Onrbtng a Bj^edalty. OMea US Kart Jackaea Am PfeaM DlltiaBl filer One hundred pounds ol Cryi- tal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water sulUble tor tamily use. Try It Idalce&CtldStongeb PRANK RIDDLB.Mcr. 3Ir. \V. T. jfall and .wife rturaed Sunday night {rom their trip to Colorado, Oregon »nd Washington, where they liavc spent the sumsier visiting. Afr. Hall hs in |>etter health than wh^ he left, btif Mrs. Hall is not rery well. Mr. Ha^ can tell such big flsh stories that Cfay HIner and Dr. Cnm- nilngs vrlll hav« to take a back seat. A R a token «f respect to Rayiiion<t Harlan and Wife who are preparing to more to thie west, their nel^bors and frlendfi afid relatives drove Into f»>eir plaro Sijnrtay aUiiit H o'clock Thfro were eighteen buRRles and snr rles S H loaded with iieopi? and bas- kelR filled to pverOnwInK with everv- thlnir w.-is rood to eat. Ther«» wore Just slxty-elsht ate dinner therp •riin affair waJ! a ii.'rfeet snrprl^e to Harlans. Mrs; Frank Harlan entertained them while eatln? dinner with fouie choice siplections oti the Edison PhcnoRmi »h Those who were pres ent were: Mr.iBynini and family, Mr "•T -nn and famllv. \nu Harlan and family, Omndiha Harlan Stam Goodno ntid f.nni'lv. rfnvenee Hol^man and family. Fred ^oodno and family. Afr. rsroomer and fnml'y. Wll Hammel and f«»nily P ^'il Hnrlan and family. Mr. Shinn and family. Grant Tx)W nnd familv. Wallace Hall and famllv, Frank Harlan ? and family. Ed Wolfo nnd wife. Victor \\^»rren and family. Karl Orbisoii und family. Ed Beaman "nd family. Aliss Mnrriel Pitts MI RS .Jennie Wricht. >ri <!R Theo jYattox, Hnrrv Orhlson. Will Collins and P r». nrandenbui-R and wife. They all l-'ft in the e \rpninK wishinp Mr. and ->rrs. TIarl.Tn siicees.s in their new home in the west. T. Uall .itid son Wallace called I 'l S. T). Branclenburg's Monday even ing. Goo-<r,-> Broijfshton and family and ^'rs. Becknor; spent Sunday at Ed HoIIinssworthV. AT THE New York Store Early v.r-^. Morning Comfort ^ A (oath o< < much trwl ihc wifc»»« hex u ndiuins PERFECnO] . ^OUHeater IflirAMMulic SmoVeItu Dtikt • # M«*M> tU tmolit uiil imcll •nd ~..Mkn il impMublt le turn ih« >lt mk •«• high or too low *M»tm aM W« • ti^ti ktM « Mia <*.• Aw ..:.>ti, •II. U |M(MM< t« '•»• •TAHMHB Oil. eOMMNT. What to do in Dyspepsia Dieting has 'become a great £ad ia America, and jpst as, yean ago, we, aa a nation, overrate, so now we are under- eating. The one is as bad as the other. Man needs food and plenty of it to sos- tain life and to give strengUx to compete in this busy woHd. It is not, however, the fact that yoa may eat too miich that hurts you, but that you don't digest what you eat. And it Ukat resold In dHpepiU yoa wU not rare ti>e tnmtde ttf ratUas down yonr food sup* ply. It TOur dlgesttre ortsM wers eieaUoa tba proper snoant oljrBttrlBsnd peptie ialoM yon would, bare no dy*pep«ts. To ouie iha disease rriTn in itiiinliinnnnf iTiiinnwif issrr Jniees. ^ TtaU ran oDl7 be dooe bT a Teltsbta tonle taar ttre, and. as Ita nm« IndleaMe, Dr. OMwaU-a Srnip Poraln oonutm the veir latredlwH needed to do thiai: TUe It tccnisrly for awhlte seoordlns to tue eiipUclt dlteetions on eaeli bot* tl« sad jroa wiu sifoD be cured of dyspepsia and •or of the aeoo^tpeaylnc (yaptoaa Bueh aa htartbum, Kourstpmaeh. bloated tioma6h.lilves, plmplM. sallow oomiricxioB. wind on the sMia- aeh. cto. Every ttotUe carries with It an absolute Kuanniec to do what we elala. U la ana- tie, pleasaav eaecfUTe UaatlTO and yon wUlUke lu taua and ba pleaaed with Itt aoUoB. One of the gnat friends of thU nsMdy la Hanr P. KSalar. > Iteutanant la one of U M Ghl-1 caso ooH«aid«s 6M fwubt at the battle of ' Santlato. whUeln the wet tiendias. and eat- las the reosh food of a acMler. be eoatiaetod sarare dyspepala.aad toaVHrelsht tepidly. .A friend In the reebnent oaUed his atMotioB to Dr. CaMwell'aSytap Papain, whieh he promptly i Tear dnoiu «|U aaU ran abMUe at n eaau and rou wiuiadit wenb a hnadnd tUaea Oattoyou. TOMORROW, SATURDAY Choice for 99 cts Regular Price, $ 1.50. Ofice »nd Storage Ware Room at #ji West Street. Phone 356 / tJOOmE OUVEOTORY, XSIfiBTS OF MACdABSES^ Kalkfatiot Haccabeea of the Work QMltta w K. P. Hall, second and touTU WadBMday nights in each month. J W. P&wait. commander; R.B.Por ter. record keeper. W. 0. W M —Camp No. 101 meets It K. of P. Hall etery Friday night A* T. Steele. C. C; A.H.D S 'N. cierf •Mtora oordUlly invi Ited. K9IGHT8 OF PIipiAiS^Ja osh- Lodge Na 43 . meets' every Vi nda' night at K. of P. Hall. Vlslti i« bro thera invited. W. S. Thompson. iJ.C; ChrU Bitter, K. of R. and S. X. W. A«—The U. Al Lodge maeta every Friday night in M. W. A. halt Vlalting brothers invited. W.K Aa^enon, T.C.; W. A. Cowan. Cler». BtoXAL HEIGHBOB&—lola Camjs No. tSk, Royafl Nelghbora, meeU aeo ond wad tonrth Tuesdays of eao* month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hntton. 4U W«»* SWMt. Recorder. FBATEBNAL BBOTHEHHOOD.-' Fraternal Brotherhood No. 880 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O.U.W. Hall. Visiting membert cordialy invited. W.H.An* deraon, president; Golda Elam, secre* tary. ' JiBlor Order United Amerieaa M*. ekaakv-Meets every Wedneaday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. All Tlsl^ig membert Invited. R. A Wldick. Oouncelor; C. B. Black, Rea .SecntUT. mmroRY jKWSuBBS. B. F. Paneoaat. old reliable Jeweler UO East street PTAMMBR. OoBptoU coort at the b«rt school Cor ttaBBiarara In America at one- lUlC prloa tUa faU and wfinter. White Cor Intorimatlbn at once. McKIe School tor BtvBinerers. 2706 Bast 12th Street Kaaiaa City. Mc. Bad Impressions are hard to live down—the returns from good impres- atoss are zierer all I IL Notice to our Patrons! Beginning next Monday, our Store will be open evenings until Christmas for t^e benefit of Christmas shoppers. THE MM. MLOWOM tWW Krail.-T>h SN S K I ~ N*. 17. WnfefevlH. D. C bMnsamvsMmfM PSPSM STRVP Mb 'tOOaWail m*^ •saHssHs, W. DIStRU'T >0. 38. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. T>ake and Mr. Cliff Scott were callers at F. X. Jlore'.s SHnda.V evening. A number from here attended John Wfllqiilsfs funeral Sunday. Miss Edna Harrie visited at Mr. Rob?rKs' over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lake visited at R. D. I.,ake's Sunday. Mrs. Charles Holmes visited Mrs. Luther Hdmre Thursday and Friday. .^f^. and Mrs. Kerr visited in Savonburg Sunday. Messrs Ira Soman. R. D. Lake and Clic Scott assisted Fred Woodln to butcher Monday. BRONSOX. .ui. aiiu .til's! iidii, wno uave oeen making an extended vi.sit in Washington for the several months returned home Sunday nlsht. Their old Delj?hbors were verj* g!ad to welcome them back. Charles Ix)vo. Jr.. and wife left for Florida Tupsdny evenlnp to spend the winter months.^ P. C. Baylojis. son and dauKhtor. slunt Sunday In Gas City visUlnK Mrs Tripp. They also spent a, few hours In lola durinK the afternoon visiting: rclatlve.s tlierf. Mrs. Wllllani Ford and Mrs. D.' E. Watson were visiting relatives in Moran Sunday. .MisK Maude Daniels left for lola Sunday niomlnis where she will spend « wr»ek visiting her slater, Mrs. Be:^ tie Killbom. ^\llat might have been a very ser- 1 <'UR fire occurred in Ijove Bros. & Co.'s Store last Tuesday evening. One of the clerks lighted a gas light In the big show window and a s^ark flew f'om the match setting fire to the decorations in ithe window. The Are was Immediately put out and very little damage wafe done.- Bronson Hott and wife were vhlt- Ing the former's parents in Union- town Sunday. Miss Emma Landls of Mls.sourl ar- rlvod a few days ago for a Wc->*'k'.-« vi.sit with her sister, Mrs. Land. Miss Bertha Bay less former sales lady at l.«ve Bros. & Co.'s store, i.-; asslstlnp them for a few wcoks during the holidays. .Mrs. Ruth Rogers came In from P.- ru. Mo., a few diiys ago to make an extended \1slt with her children hcr<-. Mrs. Thomas recently burled hor husband there and much sympathy is extended to her from her Bronson friends. Mrs. Henry Nichols Is In .Missouri this week visiting her son Ve.sier, who will soon leave there to make hi-< home in New Mexico. Dr. J. S. Cummings hs In Fort Scott. Mrs. Eli <j«yer is erecting a cozy little residence on his lots In the *est part of town. Mr. McCoy is also putting up a new residence In the east part of the city. Mrs. Ed Hampton attended the Art Club meeting In lola on Friday and Saturd.-^.v. .loseph Clark and wife and daughter, spent Thursday lu Fort Scott visit iiiK frlentls.- WESLEY CHAPEL. X Farmers are getting jiretty well thn)U'.:h gathering corn. Some are Ciu\nt!i fall plowing. -M .Mrs. L. W. HIggins visited Mrs. Smith Thursday afternoon. Miss Rurkholder has been employed to leacli the school at Montevale, Mr. Wynn having resigned. •Mrs.' Thompson of Gas City vrsited U \V. liigglns over Sunday. Miss .Maud and Minnie Talley came home Sunday evening and attended church at La Grande. W. O. Reno of lola and S. Helms of 1^ Harpe. visited Franklin Smith's Sunday. Services at Wesley Chapel next Sun day. Sunday school at two o'clock, preaching at seven thirty. Every one cordially Invited to each of these services. Wm. Higglns is plowing for Hr, Clopton. We hear the gentle tingle of wedding bells In our neighborhood. Ibitcliering seems to be the order of the da .Vj Mr. Young. James Turner and .Mr. Love butchered Tuesday. Here'a Good Advice. O. S. Ulololcvcr. one of the best known merchants of Le Raysvllle. N Y., says: "If you are ever troubled with piles, apply Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It cured me of them for good twenty years ago." Guaranteed for sores, wounds, bums or abrasions. 25c at all drug stores. GREW MISS LEWIS* HAIR AND WE CAN PROVE IT Tht Gnat Dandirlni Nifir Fails \% Pradvea tha Daslrad RataHs ISS Lewis' ha!r wcs ver>- (bin and it was lets thaa two (eel in length wben she began using Danderine. She saya her bair and scalp are now (airly teMnfaig with IMW life and vigor. Tiiat 'a ihe main secret ol I his great remedy's auccess as a hair grower. Il enlivens, invigorates and (airly electrifies the hair giaiMla and tiMUM o[ the scalp, causing unusual and unheard-o( pctivity on the part o( thcM ttro moit important organs, reMiftlng in a atrsRaous and eontiniHNM growth of the hak*. The (ollowing is a reproduction oi Miss Lewia' last letter: J«>uary 3, 1905. Dear Doctor Knowilon:— | You know I told you in my Erst letter that my hair would not reach much below my ahouldcrs, and that all o( i( together only made one tiny braid. I am sending )ou my photograph, which I bad taken at S<e\ena Bros. Il tella ihe whole story belter than I can tell il. Everybody I know is using Danderine. so )Ou see I am doing •omelhing to abow my appreciation. Sincerely ,ours. (Mis.) EVA LEWIS. tatMt Phbtecrapii ef MItS KVA LKWIS M7t Namilton Avenue, Chieafto Dandarlna nuikes the acalp healthy and feHile and keeps il so. Il is iba frcaleat acalp (•rtiliier and lhere(ore lb« greateal halr-produeing r«1idy the world baa e%-er known It ia a natural (ood and a wbolcaoiDe medicine for both the hair andK^ip. CvonaSSobattlaaffHwiilputmora gonuhM Hfe hi your hirir than a galloa off any otlMr hah* toalo avar aMdo. It show* rosttito ffrom tho vary ftart. MOW at all *«|ni^ hi IhNa alxM. WeMrta,MeMstoaiiitft1.Mrh«HI* * To kbew bow qoleklr ttmm*mtlnm scu we «1U Mod - a larse Mipla U M \fm»im aan «> any who • •nertnto aduiumiaset to the KnewrtMi Dra- darin* Co.. Chlcspa .wiUi ibelr naiai aB« addroa* and 10 esBU la tUrec or itaaps to pay pestags. The Santa Fe fwlll sell Homes«ekers' tickets Nov. isih. Dec. 3d and 17th. 1907.. to points in Texas, Oklahoma' and ndian Territory, New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. Winter Tourist tlcketa on sale dally Nov. 15th. 1907, to April 30th, 1908,with final return limit Jane 1st; 1908. to Beaumont. El Paso, Ft Worth. Galveston. Texas, Carlsbad and Doming, X. M., at low rates. Please see us for further particulars. W. E RALSTON, ftgt. Cliri $taB iiinuceiBeitei Holidty Jewelry novelties; that combine the be^t of taste in a. iwide variety of Sterling Silver Novelties, Toilet Sets aiid articles for personal adornment. A fine Hue of Watches, Chains and Fobs. ^ Q, A. LEFFLER, JETTSLSR. FMISS THIS A Good Steinway Square Piano for .00 Splendid Tone and Action. Call Soon. Roberts Piano House WEST SIDE SQUARE. , t Iowa Store y Headquarters for Santa Clavi. NMr line of Dressed and Undressed -Doll*. Toilet cases. Work Boxes. C U I^^^ BXM. Handkerchief Boxes, Vaaes. 'Xnus Candles, Puff Boxes, Chiloren's Books. Albums, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs,: Mufflers, Ties, Ladles' Furs. Fancy Stockings, Fancy Hose. We have a nice selection of very choice articles from Chas. Dickens of Manitou, Colorado, which we are going to sell at half price. These are very choice cut stones. We will be glad to show you. : A G. MUMMA, Prop. The«OarWa^» ite»taurant Everything in Season. : S HORT O RDERS OF ALL K INPS T. B. Shoniiftm The'Allen county Hardware ai^d ; Implement man. ; North Side S4 |uare lola. Km.

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