The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 5, 1965 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1965
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Monday, April 5,1965 SharpsvilleMan Awarded Degree Dillon Roush Traxler, Sharpsville route 1, has been awarded the degree Knight of the York Cross of Honor, highest in the York Rite of Freemasonry. He is only the S,916th to receive the award in the last 36 years in North America. He served as Master of Reserve, Lodge of -Masons in 1954; High Priest of Tipton" Chapter, Royal Arch Masons in 1955; Master of Tipton Council, Royal and Select Masters in 1956, Commander Tipton Commandery, Knights Templar in 1958. He was elected to membership in Indiana Priory and his election confirmed by Convent General of the Order, April 1. U. S. SAVINGS BONDS FOR REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CONSULT J20 South West St. Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Jean Ann Henderson, Tipton; Greg and Melody Dozier, Tipton; Debibie Robinson, Sheridan; James Johnson, Jr., Tipton; Ruth Ann Shadoan, Cicero; Donald Hobbs, Tipton; Barbara Sheetz, Westfield; Edna Whisler, Atlanta; "Mary Ingleman, Tipton; Mary Williams, Rusiaville; Treva Hopper, Elwood; Joan Shock, Atlanta; William Medcalf, Elwood; IFrances Carter, Tipton; Charles' London Jr., Tipton; Harvey Hubbard, Tipton; Phyllis Fletcher, Windfall; Dale Shock, Tipton; Bertha Virtue, Tipton; Louise Marcum. Windfall; Cheryl Saxton, Tipton; Debbie Huffman, Tipton; David 'Bengsbe, Atlanta: Rodger Spivey, Tipton; Sherry Peace, Sharpsville; D o n n i e Gibbs, Kempton; Carolyn Shelton, Elwood. DISMISSALS: Carl McNew, Tipton; Dallas Luttrell, Tipton Peggy Jackson, Atlanta; Dale Shock, Tipton; Carolyn Shelton, Elwood; Charlene Webb, Elwood; Betty Sulivan, Windfall; Louise Marcum, Windfall; Lola Webb, Tipton; Ruby Webster, Forest; Ruby Bunch, • Windfall Prompt and efficient service for your needs is a responsiblity Leatherman - Morris has assumed. Call us at any hour, day or night. Merman-Morris Dependable Ambulance Servic OSborne 5-2423 Tipton Ruth' Sturdevant, Tipton; Ruth Sherrill, Tipton; Donnie Gibbs, Kempton; Deloris Martin, Galveston; Sherry Peace, Sharpsville;-Ethel Foster, Tipton; Leona Snyder, Tipton; Mary Altherr, Tipton; Hazel Dehaven, Tipton; Barbara Halley, Sharpsville: Mary Forkner, Tipton; Ronald Mosier, Tipton; Gloria Stofer, Tipton; Catherine Manis, Tipton; Sandra Pope, Tipton; Dorothy Lewellan, Hobbs; Mary Sharp, Marion; Dixie Davis, Arcadia. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Roy •Fletcher, Windfall, boy, 11:57 p.m. April 3. CONTRACT SIGNED FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPI)— A new three-year contract with Peter Eckrich & Sons, Inc., a meat packing concern with plants in eight Indiana cities, was ratified during the weekend by members of-Local 215 of the United Packinghouse Workers union. The contract covers 460 em­ ployes in plants at Fort Wayne, South Bend, Gary, Anderson, Peru, Greensburg, Brazil and Evansville. A 15.5 per cent wage increase over the life of the contract was among the benefits. Others included cost of living protection, group insurance improvements, life insurance increases, a major medical plan, improved severance pay, a pension plan and improved grievance procedures. GIVEN VACCINE FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPI)— The Fort Wayne-Allen County Medical.Society said today that 179,000 persons received Sabin oral vaccine for polio immunization Sunday. The program, estimated to have cost about $100,000 and underwritten by the medical society, was carried out at 28 stations scattered around the county. The CAP said Sunday it vaccine was asked to contribute 50 cents toward the cost, but those who did not were given the vaccine. A second immunization was scheduled for June 6 to complete the program. Loyal Order of Moose Meeting Tuesday 8:00 E.S.T. RALPH GRAHAM Gov. CHAS. O'TOOLE, Sen i . Rotary Club Tuesday, 6:15 p.m. Tom's Cafeterin Merle Applefon, President David McGaw, Secretary MISSING IN PLANE < LOGANSPORT, Ind. (UPI)— The Civil Air Patrol search for a Chicago Heights, 111., school teacher missing in her .small airplane since March 20, was centered here today with 21 aircraft enrolled in the hunt. Authorities said Joan Williams, 42, took off in a light plane from Wings Airport in Chicago Heights. The woman is a former Gary nurse who began a new career as a physiology teacher last fall. Lt. Robert Wilson, Indianapolis, commander of the CAP search mission said today the search headquarters was moved here from Michigan City after 4,500 square miles of Northern Indiana was searched by nine airplanes Sunday.' He said the CAP believes the woman owned the red and white Cessna 170 in partnership with an Indianapolis resident, who has not been identified. The CAP said . Sunday it would conduct a ramp check of all planes parked at Indianapolis area airports to check the possibility she flew the plane there and turned it over to her partner. Stretches of Illinois and Missouri were searched last week. Kiwanis Club Hull's Country Kitchen Tuesday, 6:15 p.m. is*"" PROGRAM: A drama—1 act play from the High School. ' .'resident: JIM TALLEY Secretary: MILT HONE A TO HUE TUITION HIKED SOUTH BEND, Ind. (UPI)— Increases of $50 a semester in undergraduate tuition and $200 a year for the law and graduate schools at the University of Notre Dame were announced today. i The increases, effective next September, will raise the undergraduate tuition to $1,500 per academic year and the law and graduate . school tuition to $1,200. The Rev. Theodore M. Hes- burgh, president o f Notre! Dame, said "continually rising educational costs" were responsible. ' Battle on For Electric Control INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) —The Indiana Public Service Commission has gone on record in favor of,a bill which would prevent the Federal Power Commission from assuming jurisdiction over intrastate electric utilities. The states and the FPC have been engaged for some time in a battle over control of firrns selling electric energy within states. The FPC has been gradually exercising more and more control over such firms. A resolution adopted by the PSC Thursday urged enactment of the bill and asked for a chance to testify when a Senate subcommittee headed by Sen. Vance 'Hartke, D-lnd., conducts a hearing on the measure. PSC Chairman Merton Stanley said he already has tentative plans to appear before the subcommittee May 12 or May 13 - . ' I, The resolution said that it is "desirable that the jurisdiction of the Federal Power Commission be more clearly defined by Congress. (Federal regulation should not extend to matters which are of.local concern and are-or can be regulated by the various states and the/appropriate regulatory bodies." The FPC contends that since the firms have interconnection with other electric transmission companies they are engaged in interstate commerce and subject to federal regulation. Step up. Join the Bucket brigade and move out with the real thing In performance. With Dodge, it's in your power to break away: tame" tigers, tree wildcats, : bridle mustangs, squash spiders, etc., etc. And capture a hatful of savings. Step up. Move out Break away. Join the bucket-seat buyers switching to Dodge, today. Long-gone Dodge Polara, shown. Long on power, looks, wheelbase, and never before so beautifully priced. - , Buckle up for savings at BRim HfMOUMtflS CLYDE OVERDORF MOTORS Inc. STATE ROAD 28 EAST TIPTON, INDIANA HIGH AND LOW NEW YORK (UPI)—Lowest temperature reported this morning in the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, was 12 degrees at Bradford, Pa, Highest Sunday was 94 at Laredo, Texas. 2 Shows at7 & 9:10 p.m. DIANA Tonight & Tues. The suspence in this film will keep you on the edge of your asat ! ! ! THE WILDEST SPY ADVENTURE A MAN EVER LIVED! IF M-MmsiB [IraUfK-SWUMttlOL SBBS JAMES GARNER lEVAHAfilE RO ISM-MOR, HOURS PJUUVISIOM* OPENS'WED. rONY CURTISS 4ATALIE WOOD in "SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL" New Castle (Continued from page 1) to kill her and her entire family. Crabtree then ordered his wife out of the house, Mrs. •Harrison said, and the woman told her, with tears in her eyes, "Mabel, I'm afraid." . The couple met in 1958 while Crabtree was stationed in Germany-with the Army. The victim was a native of'Dohn, West Germany, where her parents still reside. The Crabtree's had been married for seven years. Authorities said their son was staying with Crabtree's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James J. Crabtree, Westwood. They said the elder Crabtree had wired the victim's parents in Germany and they replied they planned to arrive in New Castle Tuesday. East German BLAMED IN FIRE TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (UPI) —Fire officials here said Sunday they believe a small boy playing with matches started a $7,000 fire which swept a two- ievel apartment, claiming the life of a 21-month-old baby. Authorities said Ethran Robbs died of smoke inhalation and burns suffered when the blaze swept the apartment, driving back his mother, Mrs. Barbara Robbs, when she attempted to rescue the baby. The baby apparently was resfjng in a crib upstairs, authorities said, when the fire broke out. They said the victim's brother, Pancho, 5, apparently started the blaze while playing with matches in a downstairs utility room. little Pancho and Mrs. Robbs escaped injury in the flames, as Harold Summers, Terre Haute, who was visiting a sister in a nearby apartment, rushed into the flames and brought the infant to a waiting ambulance. The child, however, was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Anthony's Hospital. EX-JUSTICE ILL NEW ALBANY, Ind. (UPI)— Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sherman Minton, 74, recovering from a sudden attack of "internal bleeding," was reported today to be in "poor" condition at a hospital. Alinton's condition was listed as "very critical" SaturdaV The former U.S. senator was appointed to the Supreme Court 'in 1949 by President Harry S. Truman. He retired in 1959. WHEN YOU NEED "CASH" $ 25 o 1000 A CASH LOAN MAY BE THE ANSWER * PAY INCOME TA&S * PAY ALL YOUR BILLS * CUT PAYMENTS 1/3 toVi * ONE PAYMENT- ONE PLACE TO PAY LOCAL FINANCE STOP IN OR CALL Open^ Evenings By Appointment (Continued from page 1) without incident. The convoys demonstrated the Allied rights of freedom of movement, but civilian trucks and automobiles moved only at the pleasure of the Communists. First Serious Attempt The Russians informed ,the Western Allies certain altitudes within the Berlin air corridors would be reserved for Soviet planes. It was the first serious Russian attempt to interfere with air trafifc since March, 1962, more than a year before the Berlin wall' vi-as built. However, the - Allies rejected the Soviet bid for a share of the air corridors, the most delicate and vital Western links to this city. "We're still flying," commented a spokesman, at U. S. Air Force European headquarr ters at Wiesbaden. Civilian airlines said there was no report of trouble from their planes flying the routes to Berlin. Have Field Day But on the ground the East Germans were having'a field dayv A four-mile-long line of civilian autos lined up in front of East German barricades at Helmstedt, the West German crossing point on the main highway to Berlin. Some motorists turned on ear radios and danced on the pavement to pass the time during holdups of up to 20 hours. Communist guards allowed Western traffic onto two other autobahns only to halt them just before they' reached Berlin. The Communists kept hands off traffic on the fourth route—a nightmare of 100 miles of bad road. Soviets Guard Bridges Motorists reported e v e r y bridge and crossing along the main Helmstedt - Berlin, autobahn was , guarded by Soviet troops armed with submachine guns. Berliners did not have to venture out on the autobahns to get a taste of Communist .Harassment. All day, Soviet jet fighters slashed over the Western sector, breaking the sound barrier and filling the air with booms. Informed- sources said the Russians tried to "reserve" air space in the corridors between approximately 6,000 and 10,000 feet. The Western Allies protested the latest Communist move as the Communists waged a.mas­ sive propaganda campaign jgainst the West in an attempt to sabotage this week's meeting of the West German Parliament in West Berlin. '"The spokesman said the Russians at the four-power air safety center announced the altitudes in the three 20-mile air corridors. They said the Russian planes were taking part in maneuvers. Commercial Flights Continue Western Allied commercial air flights continued to the city. , East German border guards used joint Russian-East German maneuvers that began today as a pretext to halt all German traffic to and from Berlin along the 110-mile Berlin- 'Helmstedt highway, the city's main .connection with the West earlier today cleared through a Russian checkpoint in East Germany without difficulty. The Communists warned that the meeting on Wednesday of the Bundestag (lower house of parliament) would have "serious consequences." East Germany contends the meeting is illegal on the ground that West Berlin is not part of West Germany. Earlier, all members of parliament had been blocked from traveling to Berlin by road or rail. The Western Allies strongly denounced the. Soviet harassment. The United Allies strongly denounced the Soviet harassment. The United States, British and French commandants held an unprecedented meeting American - (Continued trom pigi 1) troops were accompanying'^et- hamese forces rushingto t the aid of two Binh Dinh Province hamlets under Communist attack. The relief column encountered an estimated three companies of Viet Cong. The bodies of 37 guerrillas .were .left on the battlefield when the shooting ended. . Vietnamese, losses were •placed at 3 dead and 10 wounded. In other action on the ground. Communist commandoes raided the- provincial; capital 'at Tarn Ky 35 miles southeast of the big American airbase at Da Nang- Sunday.-The city's administrative office and powerhouse- were damaged. Three persons were wounded when the commandoes opened fife on 'the provincial prison. Sunday's encounter with the Soviet MIGs over Thanh H 6 a was the first aerial dogfight of the war.- One of the American pilots drowned when he bailed out over the South China Sea. The other airman was listed as missing. " A third American pilot, flying a propeller-driven Skyraider, was shot down during a strafing run against a Communist island off the North Vietnamese coast. His plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire from a North Vietnamese gunboat. Continue Search Other aircraft were also reported shot down, but American authorities withheld the exact number while search operations continued. •In Washington; the Defense Department reported a total of six Amercan aircraft lost in strikes against the Communist North Friday and Saturday. The MIGs .made their first challenge Saturday, but fled before firing any shots. , North Viet Nam claimed-that 57 U.S. aircraft were downed Saturday and Sunday. A U.S. Air Force spokesman in Saigon discounted the claim as "a wild exaggeration." Thomson & McKinnon says the market's present position is such that.a break-out could occur in .either direction. The firm adds the more the market consolidates, ' the better the chances for ,an upward thrust. early today after West Berlin Mayor ' Willy Brandt was barred Sunday night by East German- border -guards from driving to Berlin by automobile. ELK'S MEETING This Wednesday, April 7 Installation of Officers 8:00 P. M. Swiss Steak Supper . 6:30 P. M. Frank ... (Continued from page 4) ialez from third and gave the Philadelphia Phillies a 4-3 conquest of : Fhe. Baltim6re Orioles. .. .Tony Cloninger 'became the first Milwaukee pitcher to go the full nine innings as the Braves defeated Houston 3-1 behind Eddie Mathews' two run- scoring singles and a solo homer by Feline Alou ... And veteran on Kline shut off a Yankee rally in the eighth inning and held New York in the ninth to preserve a 4-3 win for the Washington Senators in the second of a two-game series in Puerto Rico. Ossie Virgil slammed a three- run homer with one out in the 10th inning to provide the Pittsburgh Pirates with a 9-8 victory over the New York Mets, who had tied the game with three runs in the ninth and taken the lead with a pair in the top of the 10th ... And "the usually power-happy Twins were held to just four hits by three young Minnesota farmhands and old pro Art Fowler and succumbed meekly to Denver of the Pacific Coast League, 4-0. Sheridan (Continued from page 3) Mr. and Mrs. Mike Coppest are parents of a' girl, born at Riverview hospital, NoblesviUe. She weighed six pounds, eight and a .half ounces and' has been named Laurie Michelle. Grandparents are .'Mrs. Olla Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Coppess. Hollywood (Continued Trom page 1) event were Miss Loren, a previous winner who is at her home in Rome, and Miss Stanley who is in New York City. But almost all the others will be at Santa Monica civic auditorium where comedian Bob Hope will emcee the two-hour televisioned show beginning at 7 p.m. PST (10 p.m. EST). 7>o (/MI km,., that Prudential's Dollar Guide makes it easy for YOU to determine YOUR family's life insurance needs? The Dollar Guide . service is available to you without obligation. Call L. V. HART, Dlstrlit Ac -iit 20 YEARS SERVICE OS 54183 THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY] OF AMERICA I a mutual life insurance company Mid-America Home Office Prudential Plaza, Chicago I Ritz Insurance Agency L ._-- ^. 1 YOUR I LOCAL 1 INDEPENDENT I AGENT I IS A GOOD MAN \ TO KNOW He is always ready to | pin-down your insur- i ance worries and J problems- POLAR BEAR DRIVE-IN 15 SALE SUNDAE Celebrating Our 16th Year of Business Big Chocolate Sundae 0NEDAY0NLY 15' WED., APRIL 7 Only ID* I !ULAR ' COME OUT! ! HELP US CELEBRATE ! \ Thanks Again For Your Patronage The Past Fifteen Years! EAST EDGE OF TIPTON

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