Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1907
Page 5
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THE lOLA PAILT HE618TEH. FBIPAY EYEmtfi. PBCCTBEB It. 1»07. THS WLLfETEBIX&SYROSeitAL baa *»e«n amoved to 214 West street in the new: brick balldin? jcAt cone pleted and its equipped witb an operating tableland all the latest appliances for the Humane and Scientific treatment ol Domestic Animals. Calls made anj-where night or day. Phone 139 for hospital or residence. J-RANK S. BE ATT IE. V. S., ' Proprietor. Ro|^al Doulton Chiba la many new shapes and c'esignrr Tabmooo Jmrs, Ormam mmd Pretty color effects in wiadow SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAMESOX. The Snee^fnl Ane< tloaeer, teterinarian. Knnn Kalevor PetUKT«^c*l s(tx-k •KJlrs. made anyTBrhcrc. Velt-r- inary calls anit^crcd day or night. Office ytilh IiouKlass Biiw. Phcnc >$,' Residence no JOI,A, KANSAS. * QodfS Calendar ' Ano'ther New Book. By the Rev. W. A. Quaylo. We would rather ."Jell- this lKX>k and make a little than sonic other goods and make a bis profit Or his In Rod's Out-of-Doors. than a dozen bottles of medicine Or the I'rairio and Ihc Sea, by the same auiltor than five ctiple.s of the Yaunser set. \\\ won't make as imuch but wo think we know the kind of Imok.-s that help ma^e life worili liviujr. Head theBe l>o<)ks and .vou wonder why "litmie one has imt said It just tKiU way liefore or why yciu have; luit tseeii the bivnilles of this wurM that ihU author ha*. The line of (Ino llhistrated biH)kn iH^bic^er lliln ><ar than ever before. See them at Evans Bros. »TEYER'» OROCERY HM*|«artw« Ha Good Thin^ to Cat. Tele |>hoD6 159 Clean stock of general merchandisp mostly groceries, will take $1200 residence, balance terms. Located in Rood farming community. ASTiitaker & Donnell. Something She'll Appreciate Of course you want to get her soine- thing for a Xmas present that will be appreciated and Treasured. Now it doesn't matter whether you have a great or small sum for the pur- p"se—for we have scores of pretty and novel aiticles of jewelry to meet every circumstance. It''s jewelry that will please you to buy and her to receive— the kind that lasts a life time. Sendior our Catalogue. JOHN D. PAYS UP JOO Prairie Oil Sends Check for $10,46^92 for Taxes. By carofnlly hording his money dur-'pr Overcoat, ins the present finanbiai depression, .iohn D. Rockefeller has hianaged to| pay the taxes on the 'ittle property he owns in Allen county. This morn- ii.K County Treasurer M. F. Sickly received a check from Independence to cover the taxes of the Prairie Oil & (•as company. Tlio check called for the trifling sum of $10.tC2.S2. A FEW SieCJESTIOS FOR CHRIST MAS GIFTS. Smoking Jackets. Bath Robes., Panamas. Fancy Vest. Silk Mufflers, Ties. Handkerchiefs. Suspender Sets. .Silk and Lisle Half Hose, rnibrellas. Collar Bass. Silk Lined Gloves, Hats, Caps, and the best of all. a nlce^Suil CAe Bait lay SHfeM\ Clothing Ccn Four choice niik cows, three Miss! horses, hnrarss am! wawn will be next '.M )1.1 Satnnl.iy at the fe.-.l y.nrd. com .Mis.s -TUadys Northrup and i'.ihel Morton will be home %.teU from Chicago to spend the hoi- uiencin;^ at -' o'clock sharp. JChas. ii:ay.s with their parents. liishop. GRAND Wednesday, Hee. 18. QnXt'l' ADAMS S.AWYER Prices ...i., «, 50, Tic, %\M Thnrsdar, Der. 19. AMELIA KiynilAX YH A MODERN LADY GOMTAS. Eat anyyilng you like and when you like it. but take a Mi-o-na stomach tablet Brst to jjtrengthen the stomach and prevent indi.«estlon. .")0c a box. Nothing if it fails. Charles B. Spencer. Mo. l'ac« Saula Fe and M. K. A T. Hatch In.spertors. CITY >EW.S. TMKiiR Ir.- a box .=;ociaI at Cot- lasjo (Jrove .Kciionl ilistrlct Nn. .">I on Wi'iliu'.^day. IK-eei ilier 1^5h. Dr. WIIIcT, OcnUst TIIEUK is no further news today of I.<>ni Faulkner and Pearl Ihuit. Sheriff Cowan has not retnnK'd and no nord ha.s be.n Ijeard from him sii:e.' .M<inday. when he went to the vouil-,- nn part of the State. I'nd rsl;<>riff •In'ori:'" Fowler. when a'iki'd if he IinW I'.eard any more from tlie nii.ssin.;:. lejdie.i that he. did not even Know thai Faiilliiier and ihe Hinit uirl were s-en n«'ar lola imt I he saw'it in l.-ist lii;:!it's Ca/eite. Faulkner li;i.d liii!" ihoney wh.-n !;«• left Kiilporia.—ICm- poria Gazette. .VTTOKNKV (!. H. i.ainl. of Yate? fonttr. wa.j in .Altrwui.-i Saturday ev- iiiiiiK "II'ona' Ini-in. Ks. .\lr l.aiiib i.s ex-Slate Si'iial-ir. t-xCrand ^•.as^.>r Workman of the .\. O. V. \V. iodi'e and is a la\vy«T of rcWK'i'zcd i-i'ility ihroaghuiif ilie t;tatc. He is R bis; man. phyjicaily. mentally nnd morally, with a hearty hand?ha:;e iliat bi-ypeaks good feiioWiliip.—.Altooua Mirr<>r. , I liiipioved acre traet f>n Kleetrlc line for sale on t;'rnis. Cali jdione lord). I THE CHESS; and ?h.eK .T mo.-iny at th>" Y. .M. ('. .\. nie-tin.; last. o\.ii- iiiij w;is not as well atliiuhtt at it ; slioiild li:iv<- li.'cn anil no action wa** takin in le^urd to lli<' oiuailii'-.U on of a clirb. Free dirt at Lnccock's. :MAX STERRETT. who is with tb.- Huiu EnKineerlni; coiupuuy. at lola, Kans. lias been transferred to Cha ! Kas.—Nevada I'ost. Dr. ReyaoUt. I'bono SSC Ke«. Cli. .\.V OY.^^TEi; slip; ! r is to l"- luld at tt" ConiTreKatioaal cliureh at tli'iieva, for t!i'> b>-iulil of llie lo.a Oriduit! Home. Don 't forei 't the W. (1. \V. oyster suiM'ii- and danee at Masonic hall (o-; iiltrht. \V I) \V, 0\.^ler and l>;inie .11 M.i'onlr hall loiih.lit. MANl'tlUH Seboonover and C. \C. <;arii!.iii re'iinied llils iiiornlif.; troin' lola where ibey have lieeu on biiKlnei-!!.—tlarneli News. P. E. Waash, DeatUt Plioae '>ftlc« OTer Barreir* DraR 8torh .<^UEUIFF Babb. Or. .1. A. Millluan and I'roliale .Iiid-.'!ln who H.TC III lola tesllfyliii; in a rnse there r- turned home yesterday.—(larneM News. Dlt. F II. .\l.\iri'l.\' U Hxlay inovliii: lis ollbv into a MI H I > of ' DOM-^ lu. 1 l!.<- I'nloii I'aelile '['.'ii eoiupauy U\ Tor Cent .Money. It. .M. Ciin- nln^tiaiii. TlIF, LtH'.M, i:ai;l< s Invr 1 M...|I JIJ I. ed liV till- head idllii'is to join in III • liio'-'-eunil to hrlp prolerl ilie .\linri- rail I.IL :) .ilier wliidi bird llie ordiT is i;ar.;<d. Powell, the real e.«!{ate man. ha.i aj few thousand dollars to loan on farms j it a reasonable rate. One Hollar in Script or .Money Is jrood for ?l'.Ti> uorlh of .S.mlttd >-'oods ut .1. 1). Mundi.^ & Co. This otter closes December :;ist. THE CITY of Humboldt once! more considering insfalling an electric liu'hi s.\-stem. An expert elec- tiieian from Ciiicaco is eonferrin?| witli tlio ciiy council with a view to-, vard constitictin,:; a light plan!. —\ ChaL'ute Sun. !)({. .f. 1,. .VEWSO.ME is fonn.'ied to liis lioine with an acute aiiack of sie.niacli trpub'e. Get your Sanitol now, as this i.= your last <liance to get $2.70 worth for $1. Deal closes December :;ist. J. D. Muiidis & Co. C. A. STEWART, of Yatfs Center. I THE Salva-ion Army Is Inlen.iin.i; l-roth.r of •VVeD.s Stewart, who was ; to f<-ed about forty families on Christ ^nurdered Sunday by W. H. Cieviston, was In the city yesterday on business. mas day. One of tlii- eotumiltee ha al.-ady found ten families wlio ar in need. Holiday Bargains Saturday cur big Holiday Sale begins and every night until Christmas we will have some special inducements for the gift giver. Watch the papers for anncuncernents the day before each sale. Neveri before have we been so well prepared to supply your Christmas w^nts as at the present time. Everything is In readiness for you. Saturday Special will be odd peices of China. The whole stock is grouped into lots and each piece marked with the lot number on it to make your shopping easier. The reduction is abont one-half the former price. Lot I Omaraental piece.", values up to 25c, choice of the lot Lot 2 Useful and ornamental china and Brif---Bra'', values up to o5c, choice of the lot Buy her a Glove Certificate. She can have them fitted-any time. Utifiil and oniaiueiUnl China, values tip to nOc, choice of the lot rsfful CI ilia, values up to gl.fiO, choice of the U)|i Store will be open Eveningfs until Christmas beginning riohday Copyright 1907 bj ' Hart Schaffher ^ Msrx y The above Halt, Sch-ifiucr & Mark. Overcoat has been $25 co all fall." Commencing to-morrow morning it will b| S20M An Unusual Overcoat Sale! JUST THE TIME WHEN YOU WANT TO BUY ONE We Are Cutting the Pri<;e Right in the heart of the season—warm weather is the gause. We begin this extraordinary Overcoat Sale to-morrrow morning—enough said. Better be on hand.lo-morrow morning. OommoiwInoTomorfow Morning and oontlnulng until Ohrla(m»^, »U of our g^TmSO ano $3B.OO Overooata will bm ^ $30.00 Overcoats wi'l be cut to $25.00 Overcoats will be cut to $22.50 Overcoats will be cut to $25.00 $20,00 $W.OO $30 00 atid Orercoats v.ill be cut to S15 00 Overcoats will be cut to Sio.oo Overcoats will be cut to $15.00 $10.00 $7.50 Gifts thatafe fiood SVn CA.SES COLL.VK BAGS HATS CAPS IMRKELLAS TK.VVELL>G BAGS. IIOrSE COATS BATH ROBES' Gifts iiiat are Geod .\ECKWEAI{ .MIKFLKK.S .SrsPE>DKUS IIOSIKRV GLOVES COLLAUS ' -CITFS PAJ.4.MAS >'IGHT SHIRTS See tbe above Overcoat It's a Hait, Schiffuer & Marx Coat that sdd all fall for Commencing to-monow morning it will be $95.00

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