Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1908
Page 6
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- >3 All r^mainih^ suits must jO. have had 4 remafkabte suit seasort, double our last season's salesi ahdevery suit now in the store must be sold regardless of cost We have divided our Suit stock into three lots to make It easy for you to select a suit. You will have just three prices to select from. $9.85, $13 85 and $16.85. LOTt /.II suits up to $16.00, in brown, blue and bUck, at LOT 2 All Suits-up to 120.00, in blue, brown, green and black $1315 LOT 3. All suits tip to .130.00, in blue, brown, green, black, OUTIXO FLANNEL GOWNS. Women's Outing Flannel Qowns In cream color with blue and grey stripes priced at 75^. 81. $1.25. 91,50 Women's White Outing Flannel Gowns buton hole stitch edged and braid trimmed, priced at »i.25 and ftL.lO Women's Muslin Gowns embroidery triiamed worth |1.00 and $1.25. Choice 89^ Women's Gowns worth 65c, special price •• 4*7» Local view post cards 3 for 5t .eHRI8TMA.9 UX^ELLAS. Special sale of Christmas Umbrellas, gold plated handles |4.60, $4.75 and $5.00 Umbrella on sale for 93.49 $3.50 abd $3.75 gold handle Umbrellas on saile jfor II2.79 $1.50 Sllkj Slips for net walaU neatly trimmed with Tal lace edge, colors pink, blue ud white; special nrfce each »1.19 Batiste Slips tor net waists, colors pink, blue ;and white, special 4ot Good quality Blankets, a palr ..45# PUBS PUBS PURS Flat Neck Coney Pur satin lined, special price 91.75, 11.95. §2.00 m. m Fiat Mat Natural Fur Muffs with head and tails, prlc«d,tit 85 to 925 Other Muffs at $1.50 to 84.50 Wbraen'a light and dark plaid Coate wolih tip to $8.50; choice .... 83.49 WomeD 's long black Melton Coats trinmied with velVet and braid ;spe-- dar price for this sale 84.39 A few Haln Coats for children to blue only, a $1.26 value, choice.. 49^ rUILDREN'S tAMOBHANTER CAPS Children's red and blue bear skin caps, tarn o sbanter style, 65c value on sale for 42<^ 85c red, blue, brown and grey wool tarn o shanter Caps, special price, choice ; 59t 95c grey bear skin Caps on sale for 59e $1.25 white and brown bear skin , tam o shanter Caps on sale for S9t Ladles' Coat Sweaters in white and grey, priced at 82 .50. 83. 83.50. 85 and 85.50 NEMO CORSETS. No. 314 Self Reducing Corset for short walsted stout women, short under arms. long below waist line, low bnst, price 83.00 Thompson Olove Fitting Corsets in latest approved styles, price .„ 81.00 to 83.50 Kabo Corsets lead them all In fit. style and wear, latest approved models, priced at 81.00 to 85.00 Christmas Post Cards, each ..-1^ Dozen lO^ Worm Underwear foir Cold Ddiys And neat ntting garmenU for all wuthcr. MiUttini{~the name that stands for suj)remacy in the underwear line—mtim fit wear and looks. More saUsfaction In tnrce suib of Munsing than In half a do^ "iar^ ments of the ornlnary kind. Ladles light or heavy weight Mun- ilng Union Suits at 81.00. 82.00, 82.50 and 83.00. Children's Munsing Union Suits In grey or cream colored, price -Mt, 65«. 75* and 81 .(M) One lot of Children's 50c and G5c Union Suits in onelta style, size 4 to 10 years, price 39* Women's Union Suits In cream colored or grep. all sizes, price gar- 'msnt 25* Topsy Hosiery for women and children, medium or heavy weight, price pair 10. 15. 25. 35 and 50* Children's School Shoes made of ktrong wear resistinjr leather good subsUntlal soles, well put together, shoes that give satisractory wear and look neat, slse 8V6 to 11; price 81.85 Size 11% to 2, price 81.50 Women's Heavy or Light Sole Lace Shoes, slae 3 to 7. price 81.50 Women's button or lace Shoes, heavy soles, low comfortable heels, price 82.00 Women's fleece lined Rubbers, extra quality; also women's fleece Alas- kas. price pair 81.00 Women's House Slippers in black and colors, fur trimmed, Price 81.00 bnd 81.50 Gniat sate of Yarns and KnH Goods Saturday. Monday, Tuesday Angora or Kitty Ttooda. all sizes, white or grey, regular price $1.00 and $1.50, special price 79^ and 81.19 One lot of Boy's Caps in black and grey, values up to 75c, chcrice while they last ^ 10* White and black Knit Pant Leggins for children, size 1 year to 5 years. 65c and 75c values, choice 59* Black Jersey Pant Leggins. part buton. slse 1 year to 5 years, worth $1..50, special price 75* Chtldrao's Knit Petticoats In.all colqrs at''Bpecktl prices G5c;^Knlt Petticoats .W* 85c Knit Petticoats 05* $l .ob Knit Petticoats 79* $1.2i) Knit Petticoats 98* Pink, blue, red and white Shawl Fascinators, extra good values at 42* 25c and 85c Stocking Caps In allcol- ors, special for this sale 21* 50c and 65c Stocking Caps, all colors, special for this sale 42* Infants pink, white and blue, twilled tennis flannel kimonas, 36c values on sale for 21* Infants pink, wijlte and blue elder down Kimonas, 65c quality on sale for 45* Infants' Sweaters' in all colors, spe-. clal values at 50* . Infants' Bootees in all colors, priced at 12. 20 and 39* Wool Gplf Gloves In all colors, one lat at 21* One lot at 39* WBioh for ihe Fmnoy Allr- Thm momt mimbormtm Mm of HiMty nthtmam mwmftM Im Mm, Infants' Knit Kimonas in white, pink and blue, a 39c value on sale for 26* Infants' Knit Kimonas in white with pink or blue edging. 50 and 65c value on sale for - 42* Infants' pink and blue trimmed White Kimonas, 8ac and $1.00 values on sale for 69* $1.25 Knit Kimonas for infanta, fleece lined, pink, blue and white, buy them during t&ls sale, choice 89* $1.65 Wool Knit Infants' Kimonas. edged with blue or pink silk, special price for the three day's sale 81.29 One lot of Mixed Yarns worth up to 10c a skein, choice 3* Knit Square Fascinator Shawls In pink, blue, black arid white, price 25* Wa mte agenim for iho Do- Unomior, $f a your tmHihm BuHmHmkPmU PHmm torn mmit tBm NEWS OF LA HARPE BET. THOMPSON TELLS HOW TO CHOOSE A Hl'SBAXD. ;OON'T BE IN A HURRY LA HABPE WON FOOT BALL 6A9E FHOM HUMBOLDT. HendenoB Hearing Was Continued— Odd FellowBj Entertala Bronaon Lodge—La harpe News Brlefit. Here are a few "don'U" and "dos[': Correct a man's vices before marriage or send him away. Choose a bashful man—4hat means simplicity and great men are modest Don't accept the man who is too easy with women—he is used to being sought by girls and might not be ^tis- fled with only one. Don't marry a man because he dances divinely—that won't pay the gas bill unless he happens to be a dancing master. , Don't let your heart run a,way with sober Judgment Go slow! How to (iboose a Hvsband. La Harpe people who, recall the visit of Rsv. J. L. Thonipson. of Kasas City, who assisted in a revival meeting here some time ago, will bt* interested in th« following: The choosing of a husband was the subject of a sermon last night by the RsY, J. L. Thompson of the Forest Ave BUS Christian church, i^rest avenue and Sixtstnth street—hut his audience was tar no means made up only of narriataahle girls. Tho men came to BSt what Und of a system shpuld be naad acainst them, and married |)eo- pla can* to see if Uiey had employed the ri^ method. "They say marriace is a lotter>'," declared Mr. Thompson, "and it's one of tbose trit* phrases we often accept without tnestion. Marriage isn't a lot- tei7, because most of the lottery tick- eta are i 1 >|aak*—« big majority of Amerlea|B •young men are all right. A woman most use Judgment Just the same. ; The great American disease is bur* rr. Do£t yield to it when you pick your husband. Consider all the oian'a tnwMBtsiifi passible future diaracter- latfoB. . Tb* glri's father, as'a rule, to too 'flsreleas In aceepttas sons-in- Nnr.' ^ if yon want a |10-a>veek Job I to apiHYNKh him with a pile . manrtatfcms; if jroa want his ir.-alM times out o( tan he says fnd takes cbaaces." Locate la Bertlesvllle. Albert Waters is in Bartlesvllle visiting at the home of O. E. Vandegrift According to the Enterprise, Mr. Waters la contemplating locating in Bar- U^-svllle. Was a Mbort GanK A game which probably breaks the record for brevity in foot ball was played on the La Harpe gridiron Satur day afternoon between the La Harpe and Humboldt teams. The final count was 16 to 0, with Humboldt finishing second. Owing to the late arriral of the. visiting tsam the game lasted only about a half hour. The two teams are now tied for honors, each harlng won a game. The tie will probably be played off in the near future. Ad Brennan was in the' lineup of tho local team. Locales Glove Factory.- Joplln, Ho., has offered C. H. Wright attractive inducements to locate his glove factory there and arrangements for the opening of the plant in the Mlssonri city are already under vfify. The family will remove from La Harpe to Joplln at once. Mr. Wright purchased the glove factory equipment in Albany, Mo., and has been looking for a location for several weeks. OtoBOPATHT- DB. W A AUBIGBT. Reglsterad Ostebpathlo Physician. Bute Bank Dldg. PboBe >146. Oaly OsteopaU la La Harpe. December ISth Is the last date for cheap HQMESBEKERS EXCURSION RATES In 1908. See us for particulars. W.E. BALSTON, Afft Bronson lodge In the Masonic hall to- [fnlght. Aside fttnn special lodge work an oyster supper will be a "feature." A "Belle" Giri Bests. Miss Laura Smith, an operator In the La Harpe telephone exchange, is taking a vacation this week. BreMM L 0. 0. P. as GIMIR. The La Harpe lodge of Odd Psllows will entertain the members -of tho THE ONLY BENEHy eFORBLOODPOKOH S. 8. S. it ilu! one and only, idiaiae and eertala cure for Coataglotts BlebdPbiaon. This daim is not baaed on th* trcataicnt of • few cases of the diaetse, hen uid there, bat its attcoeai czteada over a period of mote than for^ y^ara, daring which tint tiumaandi npon tiunuaads have fonod a cnicbyaeaaeofthiagieatvttetableKniedy. & & a iafirstof all, anabso- Intdy perfsct Mood ptuificr, aUetojpdowa ioto the blood and icmoTecTerT putidecrftiievinia of CoBtBffiooafiood Poison. Itdcaaseaaadpnrificsthe dicalatioii. aadinthis way ranovcafhocanaeottiietroable. Thennatan, asristed by ft'rich, healthy blood supply, quickly itngvaiea oad tcnewa the sjntein, while the symptoms of nkcratednoath and. thnat, aldaentptiona, discolored s^)lotdie8,falliag hair, sofcs aod nkers, etc., disumear, Mviog Owbo^ratfa^freefiDmthecaectaofthiaiBaidioaspolMm. When &as. Baa fhoceogUy deaaaed end purified tiie cireulatiba there is uo danger of any future ei^bnBfc-4he Ueod is pnre Mid Oe cmiief die disease entirely removed. Home tmrtaMot Book ^Mrtilaiiii nitaHr valiMble and helpha sogfMtloas ior tfioae whosrecMtfag^sihsdves with & S. &, and any m«<Ucal advice d«fced»ent free to an who W^ , . SIP sinvT tncoK The Hearing Continaed. The hearing for R, Henderson which was to have been held In the court of Justice B. G. Hough, in lola, last Saturday rooming has been continued until December 17 on application of the defendant who desires more time in which to sumipon witnesses. Henderson is charged with the larceny of a lap robe from D. Rose. To Meet ThnnNiay Afternoon. The regular monthly meeting of the Women's Missionary society of the Presbyterian church will be held next Thursday afternoon at the home of Pastor Bright. To Beside In La Harpe. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bondy have selected a home at 410 South Main street in this dty and will reside there in the future: They returned Sfiturday from their w«dding° trip. On the Ohlfest Para. The John Ohlfest farm, one-half mile south of La Harpe. is now occupied by S. P. Holt and family who formerly lived at 410 South' Main street. A. Theater Party. A theater party from La Harpe attended the performance of Parsifal at the Grand theater in lola Saturday night Held a Praise Serrfeet Ijiat night's worshiii hour in the Pr ^ytoEtta. church waiB devoted to a men's Mfsslonary society of the church. An Interesting program was observed and Pastor Bright delivered a brief address. Moved to La Harpe. T. M. Work, who is employed by the lola Electric Railway, has moved his family to' this city from Barton county. Mo. Woodmen to Feast; An oyster supper, given by J. Padgett, captain of the losing side in the Thanksgiving day rabbit hunt and team members, is planned for tomorrow night In the Masonic hallj Attraded Gnu Sale. Quite, a numlier of La Harpe men were in tola Saturday attending the special sale of SpringSeld rifles a£ the Ramsay store. Enough of the "weei>- ons" were brought home to equip a small sized militar}' comtiany. Personals. J. King and family have moved to Bartlesvllle where Mr. King has secured a posltton. H. Harris has returned from a visit to Kansas City.. Miss Taura Cooper spent Sunday in U Harpe the guest of Mrs. H. T. Myers. John Kohtor and family are In Colony visiting relatives. P0U8T TO EBfE TODAY. cases then pending and it is these cases that have been - submitted to Judge Foust. Among the more Im- iwriant ones at the June term was the case of Dryden versus Sheriff Ogg. which is for a settlement of fees to be allowed in a reeciverdiip case, and the case of the First National Bank of Chanute versus the West Plant Oil company. Judgment was reserved in these and several other cases and the decisions will be handed down by Judge Foust next Monday morning. The only work of the court during the present week has been the arguing of a numlier ol motions and demurrers before Judge Finley last Mon day. The Judge then announced the program for next Monday and court was adjourned until that time. A NOVEL ADVERTISEMENT. He Will Hand DaWn a Nauber of DeeMew. The Erie Record says: Judge Oscar Foust of Allen county will be here next Monday to hand down his decisions in the pases that were submitted to him here at. the last term of the (Ustrlct court There are a number of other eases that are to be tried before Judge. Foust in this coun'ty but the Indications are now that none of them will l>e aubmJtted while he is on the bench here next week. He will be ready to try theni but In all probability the cases will be continued until tho next tsrm of the district court. Judge Fto^st'has been here for a shoft'tlme dariar every term of court siniie Jtidie James W.' Finley has been on the ;dlstrfetjbeneb In tUs county; At Uie;itni^.«r lodge nnleyls appolat- wtfa edunael In a namber.or B. F. Pancoam Hits on Novel Plan to Display a Watch. B. F. Pancoast the East street Jeweler, has one of the most novel watch advertisements ever shown in this city, in the center of a large cake of Ice sitting In front of his place of business Is a watch which l;eeps as perfect time as though it were in a normal atmosphere. It Is claimed by the nianufacturura that (he same watch can be heated to 160 degrees Fahren* belt without losing or gaining a see. nnd. The .watches are made by the South Bend, Indiana, Watch comiiany. THE LOCAL MARKETS Tanart Prices Qaoted by Gard k Predaee Cenpaay. . The following local market report Is furnished by Gard * Taggart Produce company and will be kept running in The Register every day. The prlceh quoted are the prices which they wi)l pay for poultry, eggs and butter de* livered here: Eegs, ^ur.-ent receipts per case...26e Old Hens, fat . Ic Old Cox 3c Spring Cailckens 6Ho Spring Ducks 5c Spring Turkeys, S-lb 8c Old, Hen Tuifkeys , 8c Old Tom Turkeys 7o Old Ducks .'i..^..Sie- Batter, less than & per Cfat:ialt.>,n;«

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