The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 15, 1996 · Page 7
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 7

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1996
Page 7
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THE SALINA JOURNAL LIFE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1996 A7 T ENTERTAINMENT Rising crowds tune into amateur crooners BABY Karaoke fans say singing for crowds gives them "a rush" By NARA SCHOENBERG The Toledo Blade TOLEDO — Karaoke is back. In fact, karaoke never left at all. Five years after the much-maligned amateur singing craze hit the United States, it's still going strong with bars and nightclubs turning over their establishments a night or two a week to amateur crooners. The half-dozen we talked to reported that crowds are steady or rising. There's round-the-clock karaoke, in-your-home karaoke and even love, karaoke-style. And at the center of it all are people like Tom Sieja ("As in, see ja later!") a mild-mannered plant manager from Hudson, Mich., who hits the Toledo, Ohio, karaoke scene several times a week. Sitting at the bar at the Bier & Winegarten, plastic grapes strung with white Christmas lights twinkling in the background, Sieja is only too happy to talk tunes. His favorite karaoke sources: Kenny Rogers, Frank Sinatra ... "And Barry Manilow. I love Barry Manilow." Like many of a half-dozen or so karaoke singers present on a recent night at one club, Sieja has his own karaoke machine at home to practice with. The machines provide background music to popular songs as well as lyrics, which are often displayed on a video monitor. Sieja, who nonchalantly steps into the crowd to serenade a reporter about trouble in Margari- taville ("Some people claim there's a woooooo-man to blame ...") doesn't seem to need lyrics, though. Maybe that's why he T PARENTING Scripps Howard News Service A mild-mannered plant manager by day, Tom Sieja of Hudson, Mich., becomes a "professional karaokelst" several nights a week at a Toledo, Ohio, nightclub. His favorite karaoke sources: Kenny Rogers, Frank Sinatra and "Barry Manilow. I love Barry Manilow." refers to himself as a "professional karaokeist." It's certainly not because our new friend is a braggart. By karaoke standards, his claim is actually fairly modest. Down the bar, Jeep job coordinator Kenny Smith, 39, refers to himself as the King of Karaoke. Or simply "The Emperor." "Wayne Newton wanted to do a show with me," Smith deadpans. "But I said, 'No! I'm the King!' " 'Reprehensible development' Karaoke originated in Japan and — how to say this? — a lot of people wish it never left. Like cricket and those ever-so-thrilling childhood violin lessons, karaoke tends to be a lot more fun for those who participate than for those who observe. The humorist Dave Barry makes just such an argument in his 1992 book, "Dave Barry Does Japan". "Japan," Barry writes, "is responsible for what is probably the most reprehensible technological development in the history of music — more reprehensible than the automatic disco-beat machine; even more reprehensible, if you can conceive of such a thing, than the amplified accordion." He is referring, as you may have guessed, to karaoke, which he translates as kara, "meaning amateurs," and oke, "meaning getting up in bars and singing for your entertain- ment until you want to punch them." Karaoke enthusiasts themselves acknowledge there are some genuinely heinous performances out there, but they stress that those are few and far between. "I have some excellent talent here. I mean, they should be out in Hollywood," says saloon owner Michelle Prephan, who claims a startling 99 percent of those who practice karaoke on the premises are actually good at it. Fans, of karaoke speak of the rush of singing before a crowd, the excitement when a song goes over well, and the sense of fellowship that develops among strangers of Don't be your child's worst enemy Parental authority can be maintained without being condescending or controlling Allied parents are those moms and dads who view child-rearing as a partnerhship with their youngsters. They maintain parental authority while working closely with their offspring to estab 4> lish sound, successful family policies and creative solutions to everyday problems. Allied parents develop relationships with their children. They encounter less resistance to their rules, experience satisfaction in their parenting roles LINDA LEWIS GRIFFITH Scripps Howard Newsservice and foster self-esteem in their sons and daughters. Unfortunately, too many parents are their children's enemies. They view control and dominance as their primary purpose. Enemy parents engage in endless parent-child battles, power struggles and shouting matches. They encounter non-stop resistance to their boundaries. And they can't wait until the last child leaves home. Not sure if you're an allied or an enemy parent? Note which of the following statements T YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH Braces: when, why? most closely mirror your responses to the given scenarios: Nine-year-old Kelsey wants to drop -out of her softball team. Do you tell her: A.) "You begged me to sign you up for the team, so you get back there and play until the season is over." Or B.) "Sounds like you're not enjoying softball right now. But it is important to follow through on the commitments you. make. Let's figure out where the problem is and what you can do to make it better." Thirteen-year-old Darryl brings home a report card showing declining grades in several subjects. Do you respond: A.) "Hey, those grades better improve or you're going to be grounded until next summer. You got that?" Or B.) "I can see you've had a difficult term. I know you're disappointed. What changes can we make that would help you do your best work?" If you answered B in both cases, you selected the allied responses. You work closely with your children to find solutions to their problems. If you responded A, you chose the enemy responses. Your approach was condescending and alienating. The youngsters were more likely to feel resentful toward your interventions, and less cooperative in their actions. Becoming an allied parent What steps can you take to become an allied parent? • Acknowledge children's feelings. Simple statements such as "I know it hurts to get a shot," or "It's so disappointing not to be chosen for the team you wanted," let youngsters know you understand their feelings while telling them you empathize with their situations. • State clear guidelines. Provide straightforward messages so kids know their parameters. For instance, "I understand you like that shirt. But its logo is offensive. Let's look for other clothes that satisfy both of our standards." • Enlist children's help in solving problems. Avoid telling boys and girls how to do things. Instead, ask for their input and cooperation. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the solutions kids come up with. • Demonstrate your support. Show kids you're on their side. Tell them regularly with words and actions that you want them to succeed. A heartfelt, "I'm your number one fan," diminishes animosity and strengthens parent- child bonds. Linda Lewis Griffith is a marriage and family counselor. Orthodontists dividing treatment into early and late phases Parents may be surprised to discover that they should consider orthodontic evaluation for their children even before their adult * teeth have BARRY emerged. GRAYSON, Many orthodon- DDS tists now divide NewYorkUnimsity treatment into ear- Medical Ce , )fer ly and late phases. «, The period of early treatment is generally around the time when youngsters are shedding their baby teeth and acquiring adult teeth. An examination at this age, usually between 7 to 8 years, allows for treatment of problems caused by premature loss of baby teeth. This can. help optimize the "eruption" pattern of adult teeth. Baby teeth help maintain space for the adult teeth in the dental arch — the u-shape the teeth take when viewed from above. Early loss of a baby tooth often causes the teeth immediately adjacent to shift into the resulting empty space. If this is left untreated, the circumference of the dental arch may gradually reduce in size. The lack of space can interfere with the eruption of adult teeth. This can result in noneruption, eruption out toward the cheek, in towards the tongue, or rotation of adult teeth to fit the smaller space. Treatment with a space maintainer can help prevent these problems. This type of brace maintains the space left by the baby tooth. It can also prevent teeth from the opposite dental arch from erupting excessively. The later phase at which a child's tooth alignment is evaluated is at about 12 years of age, when a adult teeth have emerged. If there is" a misalignment or o^jher problem and your child needs to wear braces, be aware that much has changed in the appliances used by orthodontists today. BOSTONIAN* American Made Waterproof Comfortable Make A Statement. RIT CO. DOWNTOWN SALINA Mon.-Fri. 9-6 Thurs. 9-8 Sat. 9-5:30 *• Salina Journal we Deliver 125j<g0ro...-HHi News You Can Use ! different ages and backgrounds. Again and again, bar employees admit that there are one or two singers who are particularly bad. And again and again, they say crowds are surprisingly gentle with the dramatically untalented. "Karaoke (singers) — they seem like they're friends with everybody," says Barb Mathers, owner of an inn. Which is not to say that honesty is necessarily frowned upon. At one local bar, "Hit the gong!" an apparent reference to the old Gong Show, is an acceptable response to a genuinely heinous performance. But check before you jeer. Some crowds are so caring and sensitive even Barry Manilow would be amazed. None of this even touches on the topic of round-the-clock karaoke: a whole bar singing "Runaround Sue" at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. And then there's spectator karaoke. A middle-aged couple at the Bier and Winegarten, who will identify themselves only as Jerry and Susie, don't actually perform karaoke in public, they watch it. Everywhere they go. Their karaoke favorite stop: a night spot on Catalina Island, Calif. "We close it down every time we're there," Jerry says. From his perch at the bar, Kenny "The King" Smith offers his own endorsement of karaoke. In a world that often goes by too quickly, karaoke gives people a chance to slow down, relax, enjoy themselves. "People," he observes, "take life too seriously." Smith struggles to describe the actual karaoke experience. "It's like a fantasy world ..." he says, his voice trailing off. But a second later, he is smiling broadly. He straightens his back. He raises his arms in a sweeping gesture. "It's a whole newwwwwww world," Smith croons, breaking into the "Pocahontas" theme song. Indeed. A daughter, Madeline Marie, was born Sept. 27 to Salinans Bill and Sarah Woolsey, 621 S. Santa Fe, No. 2. Grandparents are Linda M. Jones of Prairie Village, Tom and Cecelia Jones of Camdenton, Mo., and Tom and Ginnie Woolsey, 2539 Highland, Salina. Great-grandparents are Marie Voigt of St. Charles, Mo., and Perina Jones, Pittsburg. Salina Journal **************************************** * * * * * * * * Call Ginger today for more details: 1331 Armory Road, Salina, 825-4400 or 1-800-572-6177 * **************************************** PRO : JFES^SIQNflL \^cvt&, Nearly Me® Mastectomy Products (Total Golf Fee Is $300 Plus Additional Costs May Apply) $5.00 Per Round Until April 1,1997 Take Advantage Of Our Pay-As-You-Play Golf Fees Now Until April 1, 1997! I Special Year End Golf Promotion i For A Limited Time Only! 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