Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1908
Page 5
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I . DEPOSITS Jane 15, Vm rl....$ 5,730 31 July 1, VMS 13,062 2» August I, I'JOK..... 17,178 57 September I, I '.XiH 22,«7l 48 October 1, 1908.' 24,068 «'J November 1,1908 38,546 96 December 1, fyOS 44,704 90 Opeued for business Jiine 15, 19i:B Staie Savings Bank Cmplimt $2B>aOO lota, Kmammm Open from 7 to 8 p, m. Saturdays and Fay Nights 4 QhHstmas SuggoBtian POST CARD 4LBIJHS Make Ideal gifts. We have them in many styles, sizes and gradf s Look them over while the slock is large. SPENCER'S Short Storiies : o r i lola Happeiungs —Prank 8. B«attle, V. 8. Phoo* Ul. On West Side Now. •TIK ' White Way" idea is still growing in popularity. Now a petition i.s liPliiK circulated for the extension of liglits on till' w<>st side of the sciuun-. Tilt! lights are already Installed on the easT side and It has lieeii ilellnitely decided to have them on I lie north Hide. . It now appears tlinr till' •'iilire »i |iiare is soon to have llie IlKhlH. Horse Bhnkets, Lap Kobes, and Foot Warmers Thf^ largest and hest,'sli>ck in Allen County. We belong to the Business Men's Mileage Bureau. 5^ ~ I .00U at iho Our Way window. Went Rapidly. Ill li 'iiH than an hour and a half, I'Hi) .sprinKtleld ririi 's were sold at the ItiiiiiNay store Saturday niornluK. Men were at I he doors when the store was tipeiii-(l walt'iliR a ehanne to make a pilieliase. —Filzppraltl Hlora^e and Trannfer Co. ]IonHPliold and piano DIOTIBK; lfln;e<(t titor« room Jn city. Pbone B66. «S. Ollflllaiio o^neral ('ontractor. Flagstonfl and Cement Sidewalk* an* Curblns a Specialty. OaSce Jlu L'ast Jackson ATA Pbone W. SOME REAL BARGAINS IN REAL FINE GOODS We must have the room for our bcok and stationery biisi/- »ess so the l>alancc ol our Hand Painted China, Glassware, Statuary, Pictures, Dressing Cases, Toilet Boxes, P Every piece of these ftords, || must go at 'solne price. Watch our Windows Potts Sexton Now. . At a meeting of the eenielery committee of the council at the city hall Sal unlay inonihiR, J. W. Potts was iiaineil as the sexton for both cemeteries at a salary of $9i) a month. Heretofore there has been a .sexton f<ir each cemetery. —Dr. J. K. Pepper. DentUL Pheia US. Now $1,500,000. The material equipment of the Uni- veisiiy of Kansas is now valued at $l,r.Oi>;niiii. This includes seventeen larKe liuildiiiys used for purposes of iiisiniclion. and a laboratory equipment unsurpassed in the Southwest. —laHlrt h«T |ii» «TT. S." ttm. Maclean an Athlete. Frank .Maclean an<l Aurist liong I went down to Parsons yesterday af- j (ernoon to attend the basket ball game • there last nisht. lioth of the boys 'are fast basket hall players, but are .'not inemhers of the team.—Ft. Scott Uepiibliean. - nm. fjithrdp. OiteopatlW, Pk«M 4f& J. W. Brown in Town. J. \V. Itrowii. who was a candidate !:isi .•.iimmer fur the nomination of elerk <if (he court, was in town Saturday vihitinii friends. Mr. Urown is principal of the Muran schools and .say.s In- is I 'liJoyinK his v.orUJ foaes hia atenatora to :f!ie oontract' wUeli Ja 'acbedded W^itgfiat^^^ am of ttae veek. - H 1 >eUeye that LaK ry. can band the' KOIMB ; to Oklahoma City-fana and that la why J have made a very liberal offer to , him," aald Moist today. "He baa bralna and tact and I am doing nothing to fix up the penaonnel of the, next year'a team pending Milton'* taking the rein*. He will bave a clean alate. I iball not dictate hia team and thall merely act In an advliory capacity." —Ixxik at tk» Our Way window. EXtRMOmtMMKY SAIE OF A New League. An Ottawa man is proposing a basfl. ball league for next aeaaon, compris-J Ing towna along the Santa Fe - and Miasourl Pacific in this aection. He has, it is said, taken up the matter with Chanute and Ft. Scott. lola taa has a number of local players who might be fast enough to hold a Job in a league of this class. It Is yet very early, but by spring the local fans may get behind the movement. —See the Our Way window. Watson Home. Representative-elect W. T. Watson, who has been in the southern part of the state on business connected with his office as deputy bank examiner, was In the city Saturday and Snnday. He win be in and around Wellington this week. BOYS' OVERCOATS •m 1^ Just received fifty Boys' Overcoats, via express, that we bought at a reduced price. They are^madc of a gray wool cheviot, with velvet collar, cuffs on sleeves, extra long. They —Cnnnlngham k Amett A prr rmt money. Have a Big Fair. The Parsons Elks will begin a fair tomorrow which will be one of the biggest things of its kind ever at tempted there. The Sun says of It: There will be over $5,000 In prizes dis tributed during tlie week and the dis nbutlon will be the largest of the kind ever made in Parsons. iSvery Elk In the city Is behind the. enterprise and a large number of people are expected here from other.towns. Some of the prizes are now being exhibited In the show window of Gregory & Son's furniture store on Main street, but this only represents a small iiart of the prizes. One of the prizes will be a handsome Shetland pony and every person who attends he fair will have a chance to become he owner of It. —Ur. P. E. Wangh, DenllnL Phone 82. Will visit Here. Charlie Dye has «ono to Ft. Sl|l, Oklahoma, where he will work as a oltlzon's clerk at the fdrt. Ife will visit at loltt bi'fore reportluK for 4luty. —Hurllngton Republican. —Oet your Candy at Mundls. Hugh A. Holmei to Live at K. C. Hugh A. Holmes, president of the Kansas City, Olathe. Ottawa & lola railway and preshlent of the Union Finance company of Kansas City, who has lived in Detroit thirty years, left there yesterday to live in Kansas City. Mr. Holmes says that his In- terui'haii railway will be finished in eighteen months—Kansas City Times. —Watch the Our Way window. Letter From lola. Supt. Bowen today received a letter from lola regarding the Barnes appeal case. The case was argued over month ago, when the.court agreed to advance it on the docket and the Iota letter stated that a decision was looked for by Monday. This Is the only hope the Barnes High school law has, for If the court sustains Judge Foust's decision, as Is feared it may, there will be no county high school here and In other counties where contests have been made. IHx. Bowen is hoplne that a favorable decision will be handed down, but is fearful that the suiireme court may sustain Foust In the matter.—Ft. Scott Tribune. BOOKSELLFRS The OM Conuur • I. store. Sontk laIa.Kpw. jp -Our Way window—Ixiok at it. Decrease in Peniioni. 'I'lii' November puynieiit of the To- iH 'nslon ileiiarlnienl wa.s W .'i'ZT),- ii ,'',.t;70. This is not a record breaker hut <in<' of the largest unmn ever paid lint «r the department. This is a vast aiiioiinl of money to he paid out In a few days and It is the busiest and leost nerve racking period In the pension department. This is the time that most poeple think the government clerks work. They will admit that there is something to do at this lime iiut after that they throw up their hands in disgusL The November payment this year was paid to 107.202 pensioners. Last year at the .•lanie time |i.0Sli.iI.t.74 was paid out of the office to 107.5.19 pensioners. In other words an Increase of |13S.00 In round numbers was paid this year to almost ;{50 fewer pensloenrs. This Ipoks improbable but it must be remembered that not long ago special legislation was enacted by which .the peisions and pension conditions were Indreased to such, an extent that thou- :ai ds of dollars were added to the er.orrnous payments already In fa|). —Our Way. Wlndoo-' May be Larry M »ton. '.'Handsome l.arry" Milton who heln- ed 'ol.'' "'in the pennant la the Missouri Valley league, by his excellent work In the box, may manage the Oklahoma Citv team next'seaaon. Oklahoma CItr is making an e/fort to get into the Texas leagu6 since the Western Association has been pcactically broken up. The foUowing from a disnatch from Oklahonu , Cf(y indi- Pheasants Do Well. Henry Ilrown, the' nincher living east of town un whose place the .Mon- "goiian (iheasants were recently turned loose, was in the city today. Mr- Hrown conferred with Rector Watkliis who was given the birds by Clerh Holstcin. He states that the birds are doing well. They have been freed from th(? wire cage and wander about the place with the other barnyard fowls. The sight of some of the cates that Milton, can toan If he earea to: iinleaa kp balkc th« MUtOil will 1 M 4 —T>iwney '8 and I..yon '8 Candy at Mundlfl drug store. Post Office Too Small. W. It. Chllds, postmaster- of Kansas City, Kas.. will leave tomorrow night for Washington, to attend the waterway congress. \Vhlle there he will try to have the ll.fiO.OOO a|)|iropri- ntlpii ohtaiiK 'd liist winter for a post- office biilldlng addition, liicre.ised to 1210.0110^—Kansa:i City Tlnu 'S. Rooms for mm. V. M. C. A. building Steam he^it In each room. Ilathi free. • msr rhiliiron eat too much, ovLrt.;.\ tliL- dij;e .stioii, ' get ;hiii, \vi-a!:. iaiii ^iiid, stop ^rowiiiL' -liua's inalnutrition jr noii-dii ^cstion of food. Wt% Emulsion ins helped countless thous- •iid -i ip l!u.=; condition. It is >ot'j| nourishment and n-.'i'it iijc—n most powerful .id It) fli'j'L'i.tiun. A small du.'.e three times a lay will uork wonders, )ul be sure to gel Scott'$. •end lliii admiwnirni, msMlMr «rilh MM of ,ncrr )n w^Jdiii a mttn, MO^ aAfcM »ai tout. taitxx^^- ptm'-if. MU .-m •M ' v "f*' a< would be cheap at Sizes to fit I Boys from 8 to, ' IS yrs. We will sell them at This sale is for 3 Days Only Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday The Perfect Fitting Munsins Union Suits Men's Suits $1.50 TO $3.00 Boys' £uiti 50c, 75 G, $1.00 Men's Caps fo do /ft! Men 's Caps, rcjjnlar ?i 00 {.'rade, all sizes, to rloso out at plumed roosters on the fence posts is doHcrlbcd Ijy Mr. Brown as u very pretty one. In the spring when the riKoioiis climate is over, the birds, it is expected, will turn to their wild state and seek shelter In the cover of the branches and marshes and will multiply. These birds will be protected for several years to come. There were throe blnla on Mr. Brown's place at first and this fall twenty other.-s were turned loose there. Pour of this niimlier died, hut the others arc doing well and are expected to survive the winter..Mr. Brown's place is excellently adapteU Tor the care of these birds.-Ft. Scott Tribune. —Watch the Our Way window. received letters jjateiii on a "riintriill- cd air hrakti" and are iin'iKirliii; \>i place it oil the market. In f.-iit. tliough the letters patent are liiit :i 1' .v days old. .\le .«>Kr». fJray have aln-jiily declined an. offer of $:',0 ,niMi for i -mi- ti-ol of the iuvenlion. A workiin; iiind- el has heeii e.xaniliied and lesi-d iiy the l >e .sl railroad niechanifiil 1 xpc-its i .Vi-v.- V In the west and iironoiiiieed lo be nt' great vali ?H and absolutely iinhjii.- ii; standiu!^ alone in its fi.-lil. —Sign painting, phone I<28. Fred Itowdeu. Ft. Scott Woman Dies. Mrs'. Isabella S. Harris, widow of the late Col.- A. A. Harri-s. for many years one of the leading Kansas City lawyers and lecturers, died this moni- inp at :t:IO o'clock at her home, 7;>:! South Jiidson street. Death was due fo an attack of lagrippe and followed a week's serious illness. The members of the- famil.v, including the only surviving son. I^aiwcnz Harris, of Cleveland. 0., were at the bedside when dissolution occurred. Reports from the Harris home yesterday indicated that Mrs. Harris was in a precarious condition and that death might occur at any time. The members of the household kept a vigil over the sick room all night watching for the expected end. Death came peacefully. Mrs. Harris having lain uncon.scloiis for some hours previou.'? to passing awa.v.—Ft. Scott Tribune. -The Our Way window. Farm Burned. Flro starting from n defective flue totally destroyed the dwelling on the Ni'Isoii Christopher fanu, north west of town, Monday afternoim. The >il :iee lii occupied liv Oscar AnderEon nd wife. .Mr, Anderson was away from lionie at the rJnie and nearly al' iif their voiiils were liiiriied.-Savoii- liiirv: Uecord. —Six per c(>nt nioney: no commission: no delay.—Sinlth * Travis; (Irlgin of -Kork f halk." • .\ I.iwrenco iiaper says: Next to UaiTard. Kansas t'nlversity is credit c't with having the Ijest of college ".11.=!. and few wl^o have ever heard the far-sounding, doleful "Rnck-Chalk .I.iv-hawk. K. V." cry, can forget It. Henry Alhach. connected with the Fraternal Aid .'tssociatlon and editor of the I/iwrence Germania, was a member of the law schol in 1884-5 when, he s.av.'?. the yell was fir.'-f adopted. ' To Charley Elwell. now in the employ of the American Cement Plaster eouvnanv of Ijjwrenee. Is ijiven the •^n>dlt of launchinc it. Aceordinc to •^'r. Albach. a number of 'varf'iv stu- lenls were gathered in the old Knights nf Pythias lodge room one night and were making' merry with song and limghter when the new famous Kansis; veil suddenly burst for'h. It was an Immediate success and the follow- Ine dav It spread 'ike wildfire and the campus rang with the cr>-: "'Rock Cha'k. .l«y-hawk, K. H " But It was not lint" seme ve-—• 1-iter ihxf iho second line or re'>et(tlon of the first line was added and It was still a later date that the three shori nud vigorous renoiitioim riime Into belBK. TMs w «iH Bovera* years prior to the advent of foot ba^l. —Miindls baa the Candy. ! About l.adie.s' I'lub. At lola thoy are -taking steps" to organize .a ladie.s' Repiiblirau eliili. The city election in lol:i promises ii> be an intere.slin.t,' one ne.xi. li.nriiiL; Wichita Kagle. iieiiileiice eMciiHive |ireparatlons are lieiiiij for ,-1 li;tii (|iiet Of K. U. students on .liiiiiiaiy I. It wilt be the M -veiitli t .jnjiijir annual event and will 1 )1? held at the (jarl I .eon hotel. At liila the aliiniol ami sUldents-of Marker uiilversily are jilanning, a Sini- !l:iT rmnr 'ii .ii In! -.v. 'en Christmas anil ; day. .('liaiinte hals large (ill. •.;:iticias ai llie alate university, siai'.- eivruial and Baker university, ;riel ;<inie :i>rt i;f a holiday banquet r,-r— i|ie ji.-:irty indorseme'trt .:! I.Ill .ilu.iiiii.—<"lianiile Sun. .- Earned Alter lola. A y,>)in\ many j^irl liabies at lola are iKiliieU aftir tlio tov.ll. —Emporla Gazette. (.'o ^'rivm lola. —See the Our Way window. WHS at Burlington. Jlrs. W. .1. Hoffmans returned to her lionie in lola Wednesday afternoon after a few days visit with friends north of towni.—^^linrlinKton Kepnli- llcan. —Always time 10 eat at Our Way, i That ci >n:!deral>le more than local , iiiteresf is lieing niaJiifested in the I coming o[ Mnie. Xordica to the city Is shown by iho i-ict that already hdmf* ; Otis iiKiuiri 's liiive been received con-' I t-erniiis ii. V.-ierday a letter was re- icehed in the city by a friend of Miss : Katlieryii (;fyer of lola. who asks, the «-xact date, mii-fs of tickets, etc., stat­ in;,- thai .«))!• win bo one of a r>arty of six who ar.,- coming. IL is probable .HI eiiL -.i-eiiieni of such magnitude was jinver hel'ore tittenipted liy an Oratorio Was at Coffeyville. : Dci. ty in a l.h-. n of Ottawa's size in P. W. Clayton of Kansji.s City, repre.ii,e gtate and tlie eyes of all musicians senting the lola Portland Cement com ' p .s ,„;!.i;,iiy in the eastern half.of Kan- liany. was in the city Wedne.-rday.-- 1 sa.^, will be centered on Ottawa at that Coffe.vville .louiiial. I time. While llie Orattirio society is j \el ill it.-, infancy and this engagement —The Our Way window. •„{ .V,,ii!ica and her splendid comiwny "—:— i i:. Its first veiitnre Into musical realms Alnmnl Bunqiu'ts. lit i>; practicnlly i-ert.iin of success and Surrounding towns wlio h.tvi- ahiai-' much will ht- . Mieeled of the society nl and stitdeiils in the varimi.-i slate in- in ili>- I.i.'ui-•,-Oltiiwa Ilera'd. stilutiiins are preparing; lo ;iw liaii- j ^— qiiets during the |io!id:ii^ .\t liuleji —Our W;iy wii:ai)%v—lAiok at It. Oet Rid of Worry Aliout that Clirislmus present by btiyiiif; now before the articles are all picked over and the choicest gouf. It's bnrd to pick alter oilier p.'ople have seen t'nc xoul.s. 131) IT NOW. Loifler, the Jeweler ISMM far Patnrt. AmOUawa p«par aaya: ,fianta.Fe 10 LA BANK L. K. HOitVILLK. President .\. Vi. BECK. Vice-Pre-sident .1. !l. CA.MPf?KLL. Cashier. L. ('. KOBl.NSOX, As.s't Cashier Directors: L. K. Honille A. W. Heck J. A. Ruliinson G. E. Nicholson H.I...lU-udcrsou FVank Riddle . H. Campbell IKTKKKffir PAID O.V TUWn>EPO.'ilT,<*

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