Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1908
Page 4
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TlrlOC^MIEriniSliEl CHia. F. 8C0R •nt«r«& at lola, Kaoui, FottoOlea. u Seeond-ClkM Matter. . Atrartliliic lUtM MM* Knoin OB AppMortloB. WBSCBIFTIOH BITBS. if f' VHK la !«!•, 8 M CHJ, LUTM- Tlllfl m LaHarpe. toe Week 10 eeata tee Montb 44 oenU Oor Tear t6.00 BylbO. OB« year Inside eoaatjr »ae year ontsJde conty....;. ntrae Months, la attrance ILOO One Montb. In advance ..44 tmCIAL PIPES, cm OF BA8* 8ETn TelepkeJMt Snslness Office editorial Room ------ M« and.m/mntitial coarse at ueOoa-fit/tt as-«tfeetfT8 as If tbevrepreseatatfres of those'tbree'nations had metiofefta- <>r and.openly drawn upon and aifffM upon a tripartite alliance. The importance of this Japanese-American "declaration"- Is 'still fnrtber emidia- sized'by the announcement that before entednff upon the negotiations with Japan oar State Deiiartment sounded tbe diancelleries of England, France, Germany and Russia and received from each of them^ the assni^ ance that such an agreement would be entirely satisfactory to them. Practically, therefore, every great nation in the world is now pledged to tbe maintenance of tbe territorial integrity of China while the only nation with which we could possibly come into conflict Is solemnly pledged to respect our territorial and trade rights. Could there be a strongear. guarantee of the world's peace, and particularly a more satisfactory assurance tbat the United States needs no longer fear a foreign war? It really looks, as if my dear friend Richmond Pearson Hobson will be obliged to find some other subject for his Chautauqua lectures than the imminence of war with Japan. Incidentally also it would seem as if the conclusion of this agreement has done more to (TARS ARE COMING and C. P. 8. AiTITAL STARVATION . EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE, , Washington, D: C. Nov. 30.—In one preserve peace than would have been of the letters to the Register written' accomplished by the construction of after mf visit to Japan, China and a dozen battleships:, and It certainly the Philippines three years ago, after has not post as much money. At any rofprring to the Identity ot the Inter- rote from every point of view the new fsiH of the' ITnlted States, England agreement must be regarded with the and Japan In preventing the partition highest satisfaction.and adds another of China and preserving peace In the to the long list of things accomplish- DHont, 1 used this language: fd for which this country Is indebted •Of course I recognize that It would to the good sense and genius hP a violation of all our traditions,xtafesmanshlp of 13llhu Rno^ but yet It seems to me the very bent j thing that can happen for the Inter-j cRts of all concerned would be a three rornered alliance between the Unit-J States, I3ngland and Japan, hav- ^ „ _ „ ~ ~ „ „^ Ing for Its purpose the protecUon ot !*• K. Bnrrell, The Kexall Store, iiire ihPlr respective territorial Interests Inj '»«*« Kegaidiag Dyspepsia, the Orient and the integrity of China , . . and the open door thereto. If such a Although indigestion and dyspepsia treaty should be made we could not are so prevalent. HHwt people do not onlv rest easy In our possession of thoroughly understand their cause atid the" Philippines but the peace of the cure / There Is no reasoii why people whole Orient would be assured for no fhould no eat anything they deslre- natlon would dare to disturb it at the " thO' will only chew It carefully and risk of antagonizing the United .t^'O'-oughly. Many actually .starve them c7af «e i?,,.iand and Tanan" (selves into sickness through fear of 'The • c^d tlon. the SabUity of' f-tlng evejTgood-looklng^ good-smell- whlch was thus, suggested, has been I'^^ good-tasting food, because It l)ractically accomplished. More than I wo years ago England and Japan en tcrod into a treaty by which they does not agree with them. Dieting cannot cure dyspepsia. If we refuse every article of food that were mutually bound to respect each disagrees with us before long we have other's territorial possessions in theiPf'Wngan:' ""d ourselves chron- Orlent and to make common cause in;^P*''"^.^: the event of the interests of either being threatened. And now it is an- IMR. WASSENOALE BOUGHT FIVE IN BUFFALO, N. Y. New Rolling Stocic Is Standard 'Being Loaded Today.~Here by December 15. 'I We can cure dyspepsia. We are so confident of this fact that ws guaran- _, . „ „„, tee a ciire, and promise to supply the nounced that an "^[f! medicine free of all cost to everyone reached between the State Depart- .j^^ ,j ^.^^ perfectly raent of our own country ""•'/'jeJa^ j,,^ ^^^^^ ^j,^ ^^^^,^3 ^^j^.^ ^^ anese Government which establishes practically the same relations between .Tapan and the United States as for two years have existed between Japan aiid EnRland. This agreetoent cannot be designated as a treaty because under our Constitution a treaty must have the assent of the Senate. And so it is referred to as a "declaration:" but its terms are such as to give It practically the same weight and' authority as a treaty. It consists substantially of five articles which may he summarized as follows: The first article gives expression to the wish of the two governments to encourage the free and peaceful development of their commerce in the Pacific. I The second is a mutual disclaimer of an aecr jssive .design, and contains also a defi iltlon of the policy of each governmenjt. both as directed to the maintenance of the existing status nno In the Pacific and the defense of the prtnclple of ettiial o|iportunlty for romnierce |and Industry In China. The third article contains a state- nient of the consequent "firm" roclp rocn) resoftJtlon of each government, each to respect the territorial possess Ions In the Pacific to the other. In the fourth artlele the United Stales and Jaiian express their deter minatlon. "in the common Interest of a'l powers" In China, to support, "by all peaceful means at their disposal, the independence and Inteerity of f'liina and the principle of equal com merclal and Industrial opportunity for all nations in the empire. The fifth article mutually pledges the two governments, in the case of •the occurrence of any event threatening- the status quo. as above described, or the principal of equal op- port unity, as above defined," to com- n'unlcate with each other for the pur- iKjse of arriving at a mutual understanding with regard to the measures thev may consider it useful to take. While, therefore, the "three cornered alliance" which the writer suggested three years ago has not been made In set terms, vet It will be seen that substantially it has been put into ef feet. There never was any danger of eonfllct between the United States and 'England over their interests in the Orient so that the agreement between England and Japan Is ail that was necessary toward making Enr- land a party to the maintenance of the .<;tatU8 quo in the Pacific. The present agreement between Japan and the United States, therefore, completes the cireuit and pledges the three nations having the predominant influence in the Orient to a cooperation duces. We exact no promises, and put no one under any obligation whatever. Purely, nothing could be fairer. We are located right here In lola, and our reputation should be sufficient assurance of the genuineness of our offer. We want everyone in lola who Js troubled with indigestion or dysiiepsia in any form to come to our store and get a box of Hexall Dyspepsia Tablets. Take them home and give them a reas unable trial, according to directions. They are'very pleasant to take; they soothe the.irritable stomach, strength en and invigorate the digestive organs, promote a healthy and natural bowel action, immediately relieve nausea and all stomach Irritation, produce perfect and healthy digestion and assimilation, and promote nutrillnn. A l'.">c package of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets furnishes 15 days' treatment. In ordinary case.s, this Is sufficient to produce a cure. In more chronic C!WP8. a longer treatment, of course, la necessary, and d<M"'nd» uiion the severity of the trouble. I-'or such cases, we have two larger Hizes which sell for 4.".r and 8»c. 8. It. Hurrell. The Rexall Store. Side Sqnuie. Lee Massengale, general manager of the lola Eilectric Railway, arrived home from Buffalo. N. Y., at noon today where he went to purchase new street cars to replace those which were consumed ip tlfe car barn iire two weeks ago. Mr., Massengale first went to St. Louis where he hoped to find that he conld buy the cars without delay. St. Louis, however, had nothing to offer on a rush order. Then Chicago and other eastern points were visited without avail. Finally, in. Buffalo, at the shops of the Inter- na'tlonal Railway Car company, Mr. Massengale found what he wanted and that he could get the cars for immediate delivery. Iota's Christmas Present. I bought five new forty foot cars," Mr. Massengale said this afternoon, "and they are being loaded today. I left a man there authorized to attend to the loading and accompany the cars as far as Ch*cago. The cars should arrive here by December lllh or 15th." The new cars will of course be jilae- ed In service Immediately upon nr rival. While they will arrive a Utile bit early for the occasion, yet. In view of the fact that the'city will welcome new and better appearing cars, it may be said that Mr. Massengale has been good Santa Clans and no present that he could have chugged Into lola's stockings will suit her better than five new. bright; modem and shiny cars. After the car barn fire, in which four cars were burned and another damaged, Mr. .Massengale lost no time In arranging to get new cars. He only asked that the peonle exercise all the forebearance possible during the time that the service should be necessarily poor and said that be would ' do ail possible to get new cars running within a few weeks. • No grumbling about the car service has been heard and Mr. .MSssengale has fulfilled his protn- ise. By the middle of this month we can expect to see the new c.irs in operation. We recommend the following, which would make the best Christmas gift you could make your wife, daughter, sweetheart or to the hdme COAL AT CARLYLE POWERS WON OUT VIclorlouN in I'olitiral Battle A^lnst Attorney iVIio Worked AgalONt Him in Trial for Mnrder. Use No. 7 Ffour Oood as any—better tbao moat DoBt Forget Car MEAT MAt^KET We handle only best ot Fraik Veata. Smoked and Salt UmtL W« Wut Tour PRODUJB rarraara. and will pay Ui* highMt •oarket pri |t in oath or trad*. OoBW <n ^od MC ni. w« ar« aola aganU tor 3. U. Boa'* COPPPES and TBAfi If TOO will girt tblt liaa • trial yoo •III uaa no otlur. . Fryer Brof. i^exlngton, Ky., Dec. 7.—Caleb Powers, thrice convicted of complicity In the murder of William Goebel, and later pardoned by Governor Augustus E. Wilson, h.ts been victorious. in the first political battle waged by hlin "duce his return to the mountains, and while be was in no sense a candidate for any office, he micceeded In doing his ]>olitica] opponents headed by Cbn- vfressnian D. C. Edwards. The man on whom Powers centered :is guns In the campaign which closed 53turday night was captain Hen B. 'jolden. and it was because of the lat- •er's activity in assisting In the con- .iction of P<»wer8 that resulted In the 'jitter hatred. Uolden was a candl- iate for commonwealth's attorney In the district which Ii eluded Powers's home county of Knox, and Powers stumped the district in the interest It J. C. Clo.vd. and the latter was ivinner. During the campaign Colden and his vivlsors threatened to tell some hfft- len secrets In connection with the loebel conspiracy, and on several oc- -:a8ions it was feared bloodshed and riot would ensue. Captain Goliden Is i brother of ^\'}iarton Oolden^ who was the star witness for the prpsecu- 'ion In the Iriala of Powers! he having turned state's evidence, and it was then that Captain Golden volunteered his assistance to help prosecntel Powers. Golden was also favored in his race by Congressman Edwards, and Pow- >rB 'a friends now claim that he ia on top and will be the dictator In tbat jlstrlci In the future. l>rlll Operated by Lumbprroan'.s Portland Passes Through a Bii; Vein Saturday. Word comes from CarJyIe that wJilIe drilling for gas there Saturday evening, the .I..iinibermaiis Portland Cemen^ conii)any went through a bis vein of coal at a depth of Wio feet. W. D. \Voife ha.s seiij off a specimen to ascertain Its cb:iracter and value. This afternoon an eirort was made to U-arn more <jf the •find" but nothln',1 more could be learned tlian that the drill bad pn.oscd tliroiiKb what appeared lo he a JJIOIMI vein. If the vein is as large as reiiortfd :iiid of B<M)d fiuallty. it will do niucli inward iucrra.sing ilii' vnluf til' l:inil in that vicinity. A fine Columbus piano dark oak, nsw, for StBO. A Boudoir Sixtenc piano, beauliful, ne«', for" S200 A Goldei Oak nprij^ht .standard, new, S230 A hrpc full sizo piano Knnlull make, new, S27B A fine Harvaid, walnut v:i:ii', new, S300 A .Merrifield heantiful inalii)};a!iy jnano, new S32ii / genuine Kimball, tli« popular piauo, ut-vr S3SO A Concert It'arrand, the late.'it cut, new S37& An art style Bash & Gcits, elaborate, new .$480 An Evercttf the best piano in tbe world, new SS30 Any of the foregoing pianos will be sold on easy monthly payments, ranging from $5.00 a month up. Roberta Piano Hoci^e STORE OPEN EVENINGS TO HELP WIIITK WAV. lirjckeiK to .Siippoit lh(> WIri-N Will Itc Inxluilcd. Plans have been cr.nipleted wlureby brackets to \H' jilyed on I hi* |'()|">-' about the Hqiiaru to support tbe wlios of the While Way will be Innialled In a few days. Tbey are being inudf by the United Iron Works and will add much to the B|i|)earnnce of the llliiin- Inntlnn. When the WJilfe Way Is extended around the Hqiiare and throuKh the bUHlneKS section of South Washington street, the bracketH will IH* put up. oooooooooooooooo o o O MFTLK BITS OF KANSAS HITS O O O O A Sletlley o( I'roso, I'oetry, News O O .\«te.s and ('"lument. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tbe I.aHarpc .Journal Hi )eaks of ii ni'vv reporter whom the editor of a newspaper Huniinoin 'd Into his •'sane- imu sanaiorlnni.' ' PILES rrRED IN e TO li BATS, PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any case of itching, blind, bleed Ing pr protruding piles In « to M days or ihoney refunded. F.Oc. POSTPONE A REVIVAL SERVICE. Mr. Game Retanu. Hon. Henry Ganse who delivered the vidresa at the Elln memorial aerrieee veeterday afternoon, returned bogie ttals mornloK. He was at tbe court hoBse tblt moming viaiting among the lawyen and tiiere net 8. K. Rudolf. PB old Mend. Mr. a«nee U tlie fliiU •eutor from U» dlitrlet ftitdlw cftlM kvom Mat* Senator-eieot F. U Tr^ts 'i)^br* tmriBf. . • -i- ••i.'/-: Ministerial Association Will Take No Action At Present. The Allen County Ministerial Association met In the parlor ot the Y. .M. C. A. building this morning. The letter of Rev. '•Billy" Sunday statins that he would be unable to bold evangelistic services In this city was dis- '-•ussed by the members of the Association. Rev. Sunday suggested that the Rev. M. B. \yilliaras be secured to conduct the servives. The majority of the ministers seemed to be of the opinion that It would be Impossible to secure anyone to conduct a series of meetings with the success which always characterizes Rev. Sunday's meetings. The matter was dropped for the present and no action taken. Cap tain Butler of the Salvation Army, who was to have read a paper before the Association this moming. was un able to be present and the time was taken up by the several ministers with Ave minute talks on the sermons which each delivered at their respective churches yesterday. A committee was appointed to make the necessary arraneements for tlia week of prayer which Is thf first week In .Tannary. Another (llsllnetion wlilch Mr. San- PrauelKco, of Ciinuiarroii will have aside from his iiuine is thai he will be the yniingeKi nieniber In the Kan»a!< leglKlalure, inient until the water in the bottle resembled tbe fluid taken from a bog wallow. It was astounding to look at Ibis boille of nasty looking stuff unit I 'onFidfr ibal it came from a water cijoler in ilie lobliv <if a first-claKS hotel. KH.MT OVill A (.UtKMM lilM.. i:. ,li>n<s. iiii Kiist lulu (Jroi-er. Quiirnled Uilli W. lllinmell. A CHANGE OF SYSTEM. The (uirnctt Kvenlnir News lone up Its local column with a verse of Scriptnr" at the head each oyenlng. Just So. (.\ny chump who's got the nerve can write poetr.v.—An Exchange.) True, any cbuinp who has thi? n^rve may write a jumble that will serve to look like lines a poet writes?, and tail of things a poet cites. But—tis not all—tis far from that, you must havi brains beneath your hat. and if you'd have your stuff read neat, your bead inii.''t measure all your feet. Colony wants gas and will buy drill and so fishing for it. And while all this prai.=e is beitip boaped upon Walt M.isoii. it mi.sht b( said tbat the man who writes the parasraphs for the <'ity Star don't do poor as a humorist. FAIR IS TO ELECT The AiiiMl Meeting ef Allri^ i'ORBtr rtlr A«««et«tlon Ocrnrit -Tomarrow Aft«n>eon. The Annual meeting of the Allen ':ounty Fair Asariciatlon will lie held omorrow afternoon at two o'clock In the Farmers' room of tbe court house. The reports of the last fair will be uifd* tad officers elected for the year. AU-t««oae inurcftted ^e reqneated to To Dodd Oaaton. Charlie Finch et al;—Since that Kansas magazine la going to bo such a junk layout, let's me and you start a literary mil'. Re.-k- nn r^nybod'' eould digest It? If they could, they're got me skinned.—Cha" lie Croaker. Probably this-from the Blue .Mound Sun accounts for the noise some havf been complaining of lately: A correspondent of the Linn County Republic laTst week accused Gene Latimer of being in the emi>!oy of Kansas City brewers. In-his fight on John A. Hall for county attorney. Now listen to Gene roar. Winflcid was so pleased with Parsi­ fal that the Courier was there in three different spots with glowing pres? notices. .M. i;. .Utii:--i, I"::.--* In'.i tracer, was ;iri'^si'(l liv roiinaii Roy i'hil Hps llils iiiiii i.iii;.- un a v. .irranl Is .-iued from ilie eliy :'iiiiri ifi.'-.rKliix thai loni'.s b 'lil rissaiMi'cl oim W. Itininicll ih'o a re.'id.-ni of l•^l.>^! lot.i. in an al lercalion y.uw time .Sunday. llliiiini'll sav.-i ihai lie iiitl Grocer :Ion(s yeytiTda.v iie ;'r the reinent plant swilrli tracks in Iv .ist tola. .loney eallod bf.^ atleniion lo a bill. RIniniell sa .vs that he lold .lones he could no! |iay. whereat, tl charged that Jont lianded • Kininiell a l >eaiitiful violet which now adorns . an eye. .lone elainir, Uial Riiiiniell airu.-;eil liini when be iiiuue.sred ibal lu.; bill lie paid. •ludse Ciillins will hear Ilie ca.oe laier. To rndenro 0|ieraiiuii. .iobn AHeii went In Topeka ye.ster day where he will underi ;i) an opera lion at riirisfs lios-piial in tbat city. $100Q.OO Givea for any wbitaiice iurious to keallh iound in lood louhiag item the lue oi Cahimet Baking owder William McArthiir. one of the poor farmers of Shawnee county, has moved to Topeka and purchased a flO.OOO building as an Investment. IV. rrniublne. spcrelary of tlu Mtnte board of health, has In bl-i of n-ef n niiari- bottle of water taken from the drinkint: water tank of a Kansas hotel (hnt should serve as Jan object lesson for hote'keepers and the i;enerRl public. A aedtraent of ilirt hair nn iqch thick had gatliercd at the bottom of the bottle. A vigorotio abalOng of ti)9 bottle Btlrred thia INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It l.s not an expense but an investment, it i.s something you have but .something you must lie careful of. as it Is very imiMirtanI that the rlKbt com- tmnles are selected. I represent the leading coni|ianlen of Ibe worlil and would like in SHOW vor. J. E. VOWMLh Er«u Block, Iota, Kgnua. Superintendent Bowen Would Have Uniform Grading.: The Ft. Spit Uejiublicaii says: .\t tbe nieetinf; of tie- teachers of I be Sontheasiecn Kansas association ni Join TlianksKiriiis; week, there was II diseiission concerning the matter of issuance of j-erlificates to eount.v teaclier.s. The fact that polities play;< a par! loo large In Ibis matter, has caused It to be of pretiy live Interest and lo (leinan.. that some other plan be instituted In its place. As If now IH, the board of eount.v exaniiiierK passes upon the ••xamlna- Hon p:ii )erK of the applicants for teach ei-S" certificates. These examiners are apl«)ii)ted by the comity superintendent. The office of county superintendent Is a political one. Hence, the entrance of politics into tbe matter 9; teachers' certificates. • At lola a number of prominent edu- eatois of the state were talking of the wrong way to remedy thoni. Sup- eriiit»ndent Bowen proposed a plan which be believes U the only proper way to correct the evils of the present system and have certificates issued in uniforiuity and justice. Mr. Bowen believes that tbe certificates OMJ^ht to be all state cerlifl- cate.s. That is. be believes that they should be i.ssued by a state examiii- iUK l)o«rd. and for the state. He •.vould have a'l tbe examination pap- rs sent to Topeka. where .1 number of examiners would pass upon tbeni. \vithout havins any acquaintance with I be applicants and entirely without •.irejudice. in this manner, he would follow the system used liy the gov- Hrnniont in its civil service examinations. The argument fised asainst this system is that of cost. Mr. Bowen. however, sa.vs that the cost will not be much more, if any more, than tbo niescnt system. —For fine livery and boarding .stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake. Phone 101. 211' .Norih Jefferson. . WHY PAY RENT? When you. ran buy a hnmei will) the .same money'.' I have Kiiiiie iiilt;biy nice properties on\ hand rinbl now which I will aell you for Ilie same money that you are iiayJns fii 't rent for. The propcrllci! are well located and arn It Kootl Inveiitment. All I waul i.-. a cbanri' to SHOW VOIT. 3. E. I'OWELI. lelB, KsMsa

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