The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1947
Page 11
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FACE TWELVE Hospital Foocf Theft Inquiry Contemplated LITTLE ROCK, 'Ark., June 23 _(UP)—The Fiilaski Coutuy Grai-.n Jury will be called Into s pecia! session probably wllliiii Hie nest two weeks, to investigate an alleged food thelt racket at Uie State Hospital for Nervous Diseases. • And, said Pulaski proseculor Edwin Dunaway, the same juvy will be asked to check alleged \lt\v.ot permit irregularities uncovered by s recent session of a Sebastian County Grand Jury. The alleged theft of milk and meat at the State- Hospital was brought out into the open recently during the controversy over '.he appointment of Dr. N. T. Hollis a s hospital sunerintcnden 1 ,. In refusing to npurove Hollis as lieail ot the institution, Oov. Ben LanpJ charged that thefts occurred while • the hospital was under Hollis' management. . •However, in answering the R°v- crnor Hollis charged that lie was instrumental in uncdvcvini! ">'thefts and had turned hi-, information over to Ihe prosecutor. The alleged liquor irrcsiil.mlip^ arose after the Sebastian Countj Sraiid Jury charged that ceruun attorneys in Arkansas were sel »g their ."influence" and 1101 then ••services" in obtaining lin'.ior permits. '"'.*"* Men Cleared of Shooting >t Frog-Gigging Party HOT SPRINGS., Ark., June 23 •( UP )_T\vo Little Rock men stoo" BLYTI1UV1LLE (AUK.)' COUH1EK NEWS MONDAY, JUNK S3, 1917_ Vital Cargo Intel ici Sixictii Kill' \iMiih/< I gust but it the 1 tune the '-•L 10! Inking on ix cargo of those picciou Telephoto.) Mlo i , s m ( ind fuel oil in sonic p:irts of liic United Stales by .1 muli his lout t in Wushiiii'.ton Ihe Russian l:nii«T, Emfoa, W ;i:i to Soviet Russia. ».NEA cu.nmoaitus ... Los Angles l» take back CC."R. 1-347 DY NF* SCRVICC. VIC. T. M. Rrr.. U. S. rAT. PIT. Club 61 Dine and D7ncc Couples and Parties Only _____^_ Open 6 NigSifs Weekly Owned ny W A <rtccn niukcrstnff ami Gcmre F>nl For Hcservallous Telephone 9-H i GATEWOOD GROCERY j J Ark.-Mo. Stale Line : on the left at the Arch exonerated today of rliarge.s of M-mlf. and his Lrotlu-r-hi-law. firlii" into a frog ulenlna P^'ty <»> A. !'• H-.vnsfoKl L til,- lim.- i'i..-u Lake Catherine near here lust Sat- ; «nu' «;;ir,t !ur lack of t'vWcmi'. urdny night. i The ohmws were filed on Al'ahearins Friday, Hot Springs ; l>'"i"t .of Pete and Jack flush,.,.; Municipal juclne James K. LcmS! j °f Hot bpungs. R. dismissed charges against Hayiue, I'ulaskl County Deputy Courier New.; Want Ads. Heavy water nsrd in atomic en rrfjy pi 1 (JL't'.sse s is known technical!) as dculi-rmm oxide. 1 . PRESCRIPTIONS I 'A VI. • I 7 Crown 1-35 I Colvert ]-35 Z Schenicy J-" S Cream of Kentucky 1-35 I Three Feathers j Hill & Hi!! j Old Taylor Four Roses i 5% Beer 1.35 1.40 , "Your father made so much fuss about the high price of wieners, we'll iiiivc to tell him we bought these steaks ./ — „.. ... . .1", ,...•!...:-.-.*....-;•. .\ at a sale!' 1 . ..-; •<• FRECKLUS & HIS FU1KNDS By MERRILL ULOSSEU Liird's Kcwsird <3BYi«TKL'<o.vEF»™«« : By MATEEL HOV/E FARNHAM , ISTRIBUItO BY >;r* StRVICE. INC. — XX.VI ^<f-'^ : -' J T was perhaps ten days at lev , Amy's and Nelson's houscwarm- ing that I happened one morning to look out of a south window and saw Annabellc Tolliver run clown ;the, steps and join Father on his !walk downtown. I thought nothing of it until the second or third clay : when I saw (he same thing repeal- led. The following mornings I I watched openly. There was no idoubt about it; Annabcllc was Baking a poinl of sharing Father's imorning walk lo the oflice. On rainy days Father picked her up • in his car. .. It was a small thing, nothing to 'feet excited about, I lold myself. [Father liked companionship, li^cd i to talk, liked, alas, to be nattered. iThen I remembered how Father ;had flared up and defended Arrna- 1 belle the night after Amy's party. | Oh, Lord, did I have lo go ihroiiKh •Remembering Bob Finiieran, I cried and cried. When Ihe p:ir;Klc vv;is over, father took inu ti> the Plazn and bought me a KCUU lunch. 11 \vas all I could do to cat il. . - •'••• "••••=• Two clays later I had a sligh headache and v.'cnt to bed eiirb Father came in about 9 o cloel and sat on my bed. "Can you keep a secret';" Fathc asked. •• •--.•-•-. ••>••-" I said he knew I could. "Bui this is a very special sc crel," Father persisted. "I'd le:i\ town if it got out. I'm really swine even to tell you. 1 think won't." - • -' I had to coax and coax. Finally Father said: "I that again? H The weeks passed slowly. Prcs- Sident Wilson went to Paris with 'his lady, cainc home, went back. The peace conference dragged on. i Nothing much happened in Otsego i except that everyone was now ; talking about Father and Aiina- ; belle and watching me to sec how U was taking this latest dcvclop- imeni. In late February, Flora had her third baby. It was another girl and Flora named it Amy after fier mother and sister. Annabclle continued to walk downtown daily with Father, but rather never mentioned her, never suggested that I invite her lo the house. When we met her ai greatly honored last evening. 1 not a young man and not rich a no channel-, heaven knows, but 1 lieve it or not, my hand aclua was asked in marriage." ;"*.<:-,V: "Nol . . ." '• ''^- '• "We'll mention no names. B\ thought you'd like to know, declined the honor as gently and decently as I couUl.".. , . .,_;<.,/-yj "Why?" ••.••-.... -• "Because the lady in question and you don't get along. I've been fond of you a good many years. At my time of life a man needs his children and grandchildren. No outsider, no matter how glamorous, can take a child's place." It's always been liar-el for me lo show emotion. 1 caught Father's hand and kissed it and tried lo tell him brokenly what a wonderful' father lie had been lo me. He said all the right things, and I was very happy. e . the other houses, Father, if anything, avoided her. And yet he I , smiled at her across the room. I was not very happy. ™ , TTMNATA.Y I asked: "What did you -*- say to Ann ... to the lady who proposed lo you?" "Oh, something along the lines of what I've jusl said to you. 1 had to think ciiiick. It wasn't easy, believe me." <_j I "Was she . . . terribly hurl and disappointed?" "I don't think so. There wasn I • love's young dream lo Etineicn, ' icinbcr. As a matter «[ fact didn't pretend I" be bov/led ...- by my many charms. Her oposal was more m- loss alnn^ sincss lines. She', pointed o'-'t, vy reasonably :«"l uncniolii. 1 !'.v, thai yon would soon bn leav- " 'me- for il j'oiniMer and hiind- nor 111:111 and thai 1 inevitably >nld be desperately lonely. She id Hint she was lonely too, il at- nn her mother and sisters, id she thought'thai \ve might join rcc< to our mutvial advanlagu." "And you said what'."' "That I was immensely ilal- crcd, that she; had paid me the rcatest rompliincnt I had ever ad. that I war: greatly touched and .mild never cease lo be uraleful. 'lien 1 reminded her Ihnt uiiliaii- )ily she and vein had never hit il )«" very well. I said that I was oo old'and sc! in my ways to root von out of my lite, that it wouldn't je fair to hrr ID risk her to lake second place, that I was at the ai!C lo lool: forward -to r-rand- ehildrcn—a lot aloni; that line. We were walking homo from dov.-.i- lown. When I was in full How she paid 1 needn't «o on. I stood (here vith my mouth open, blush- in.' like a fool, and then she Inughed and said v:::''\ both forget it and lio(;:m tnlkinK about sonie- IIIIIIK else, as cnol as you [ik-asr.-. Dot her eyes when she said goodby still haunt me. The girl's desperately unhappy. I feel like a heel. "Do yon think you could have made her happy by marrying her?" 1 asked. "I doubt il—not for long, certainly. It would have given her a certain joyous satisfaction lo hit out at Am.v^ hit out at you, at the town. Hnl I imagine in a few mouths. ..." lie broke off and then said we'd heller nol talk about it any more, lhal il had been a trying and vimilca^mt experience, thai ho'd prefer lo forget it, and he kissed me good night. 1 said: "There's always something doing in the Ti-llivcr family! 1 wonder what il will he ncxl." Father said: "The Tolliver family? Who's been talking about the TollivcrsV" He lc£l me before I could reply. (To He Continued) Fresh Stock Guaranteed Uesf. 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MO'.M. I'M ST>\™TIMS OUT AT ONCE TO QUESTION TH" PERSONAL Or BtS-TOP T ' IFl'W R lE^D FLSIN6 COMMS I PUST, WASH, EVEN IF THEV HNVIE TC VJDM'T i TfcKE LESS GLW.SOEOUS 3^"'' BE DOIM' MUCH ~ — , TEWeZE FLIiNS'i \ BY EDGAR MARTI1Y Ky V. T. HA MI,IN c=;u5os- A SlT C . I'D 3= ES-'T i:D T'V.EET -6^M c- TH' SITUATIONS ]. &^. INTO \\HEN I' N^N^«: I f== ^LLV -HCJ-D S&J^-S f HULLO, ROCKER. Ol AO S?f«"S3l.^l I RAN INTO YOU ft&n.K-- . ©XiCK.'i '. WOT •• PRVCtVOXJ »DU-1& UP, r-; VV.W * ? _J L RAN INTO YOU nyniN— K I'M FtEUN'UKKY.' /* — „.- „ MSA, tAR'i., 1 . — „ SL1&I 15Y ' JHCij AK1 i O'MAKI.Ky an,rUAI,IMI l.ANJ- \ BOOTS AND HKR It GIKL, CONNIE. PLAYED > WS WHEN THE IXrVGRJlLED n. D! ; S PON'T KNOW ABOUT US Vl'.W. TH! ONlVOWt V,'l!0 COUIO ".ATE US I5IEI.IX--AND HE'S Or CISCWIML \,l HI5 HEART. (/fi^^-, V ^ P *,7>* ' i' /^ . ,'j

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