The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on January 4, 1977 · Page 7
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 7

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1977
Page 7
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THE LAVVTON CONSTITUTION, Tuesday, January 4, 1977 7 'Model Ts' Film Found Unsatisfying Tpin: MADE-in C'arh^-Fort Si!! ;:iovip, 'The Charge r-f \hv X Model Ts." uas p^rnispi a Christmas holiday premiere in Lawton by prxjucer-iircclnr Jim McCullo^h last AiK' when W-afion filming rnnrlud,-d. HowtvLT, unknown circumstances apparently prevented M^uilfiuijh from keeping hi4- premise since the independent G-raU*d film quietly opened ( hnstmas Da> in a m^vie hr.use in Shrevrpnrt. [ji . Mc< 'ullmjt:h "s hr.metnwr. M;*rk Melsnn. Shrcvppori Tunes Amusements Editor, de-scril>H the film as "liinden d by a screenplay thai fa: Is In Bill Crawford s Column M.-1el Ts [- stave bandits a! th-; f a German spy. I rrvik.- r:-. "nut up "h nf a r mmisinEj idea, i { I<>|]\-W'wxl standards.' He also tacked the acting as "TKE RAID :n its- i :.s nnt \ery plausible, partly bo<\ hnrs*^ would haw nf'M^d faster over the roiiL'h terrain the putt-pumnc Vodel Ts (the cars werv used en the pre! of bt-lPi,' a faster moan- of heading nff {]':■: had L'UysV . . . "Another impliusibility is the fact that there pitched cun battle in v.hich, after five minutes ef heavy, c ran«v gunfire, absnhjt »!y nobody is hurt! .shades of the S day morn ins cartoons . . . "There are some L;ood performances in 'Charge n Mode! T>.' John David Carson brings the ripht combinati' blue-bioodtsiness and blind to his role of a l young soldier, and beauMrui Carol Ba.tjdasanan is a real as the soldier's eager country girlfriend a use than itur- the in of reen find "CHARGE OK the Model Ts" opened at a si\-ple\ theater (six sin:ill film houses under one roof) alonn with "The Town 1 That [)readr-d Sundown," produced by another Shreveport [ fiuntnaKcr, ( harb-s I'lerce. "Town" didn't fare as well as "Model Ts," accrTding to critic Melson. who wrote both are "films that may prove interesting to some viewers for one rea- i son or anotner but are ultimately unsatisfying." (Former Ok- I lalmnia Ben Johnson and Andrew Pnne co-star in "The Tow n j That Dreaded Sundown.") Niliowing is Melson 's review, in part: ■ 'The Charge of the Model Ts' is much less offensive, and should be diverting for young audiences. But it is also very silly and simplenunded, enough so that adults who see the I film may find their attention wandering. "The story, hased on a Lee Somervillc book, teJLs of a World I War I U.S. Cavalry troop stationed in West Texas that uses "LOUIS NYE has h:s moments as the Germ- i spy and Arte Johnson does his fwblr old man shtick from 'Laugh-In." Two fine actors, Herb Fde.m.?n and John Dnucette. are not given the opportunity to shine. E^elman 's work i- embarrassing "Both director McCullough and screenwriter Jim McCullough Jr. should remember that brevity is the sou! of wit. Much of the film :uf:'ers from lethargic pacing." Fort Sill Information Officer Jon Long, who saw the film in Shreveport, described the photography as very impressive. Me also said Eagle park's converted border town of Welcome. Tex., is quite believable. Film credits are given to the cooperation of Fort Sill authorities and Cache's Eagle Park personnel. No announcements have been made as to when the film wii! be screened in the Lawton area, despite requests to McCullough for this information from Mayor Gilley's office and also from this newspaper. LCT To Enter Play Festival K i c i i 1 l''i!\iU'rv inrli:i1ini: La* ion i'i»oinHjr,i!> The .it re. h;ivr mtrmt iho i"'ii.iliT'.i 0--nim<init> TVnirv Assoc* .itvn"- !";: «:.iu- piny festival. M.irrh 11 lo ,v. th- l^MaM renter for the iVrr-Tn-.m'; Arts. Ardmore i.iuLi ii,-> i-nlry :*nii rlinvinr vv:l! be Inter !hi.«. month, jloje; \>ith .in .iiKili'.ion M'hnl'.ile I'vHnp^Uni; in the si. Ho play f<-Miv;i| will be Ar,iniore l.ifllc Thfslre. pro>entmt: the "GiKlspeU." N'Tnnn I'omiminiiy PU'.v hoiiM-. Foncj i'l.iyh,., b.Trtlesville [.iitle viei;;ue TV.iire. Nor s Theatre Knsernhle, P!:i> house, v'linlon Ballet Classes Beginning January For Children Of All Ages Pre-Bollet, Beginners, Intermediate, Advance and Professional Levels. For enrollment call: 248 0298 or visit classes at 6202 Dak. Onty Limited Enrollment Accepted LAWTON'S ACADEMY OF CLASSICAL BALLET Dir^tof: Caroline van Ronum Dubltiky Oklahoma s Exclutive School for Th<- Royol Ac&d«my of Dor>cing [Londoo, England) ¥ Voyage Of The Damned' Rated Tops i screen 2 AS I {'ipand my waist lint1 with h'»jj-•i * rki\ ronfwtinn.s and rrsi^n my->el( tn L;l'jttnny ;nc! connm-rci^l frenzy, I [mi! it hcnefK-iu) t/i haw pii'ised jusl lnn^; iTi'Mij.rh I" «™r one of the year's I'xwt 1 tv ---inc. sersitive and Miherinj* *'.ovic e\r-eni'nees. "Voyage of the I '.iron i>d This worT'ifrful film mm« ale-nr. at a t'mr when most ;x-<)ple don't want tn think about jnyihint; serious, yet it "-■ill he 3 s;id and rit^pondent Insr, for anyone v.'h'i misses it, for il carries more nf he fragrance of human spiriL ih.m any other holiday entertainment >nu will see. "Vnya^p of the Damnc-d" i.s the fieanbn'akmyly true sa^a of the S..S. Si. I»uis, a luxury liner of the Ham-hurtvAm-.Tika line that left Germany I kepi wailing for ime man^'.ed accent, one corny line of djalocue, cine scene oiii nf port.s vith the fio* of the film It never happened. Director Stuart Rrrionberg has done a magnificpnl job of ys.-emhhne: all (he 1-f-j stories so that every character has a purpose and a persona that adds weight and subsU/icv lo I he film. Thc enlire body of the work itself stretches tn encompass a vide panorama endurance nnd evpcrienr-e. This is one epic film thai has been made with precision, care and a myriad nf cut-to-l he-hone details thai enrich and beautify its human fabric At the end of its 2^ hour lengih. I was genuinely shockei! lo see il end 1 Ml a si though I had hi-vn a passenger, thai Ihefie people with the drama r.f (fee teid Mmmi on May 13. \K9. with fl37 Jewish refu-l-i^-s aboard on their w;jy Lo political a.-yium in t uba. THEY THOUGHT th-y had pur-eliasid their fnx^lom from Nazi tyran ny. but what they didn't know was that the passenger list had bi-ert personally approved by Goebbels himself, the trr'jsured e.\it f>ermil>i and trawl visas in their pockets were phony, the voy-.:.i:e was a massive propaganda move by the Fascists, and there was never any intention of allowing them to land s,:fely. UTiile Ihe heroic Moms Tror^^r and his Jewish Agency juintni forces with the brave. non-Nazi captain of the St. 1 uuis Lo save the passengers' lt\r*s. the w.irld waiiLxi calmly tn sf-e what would happen. We were on the eve of war, yet no country wanted lo he n^r.on.sihlp for Us officiai eiilbreak, so the unfortunate passengers rl the St. Louis found Iheir^fhes pawn.- 1:1 a elaborate f:ame of lntematiiTial chi^s as they floated in Ihe Atlantic praying for a home. "Voyage cf the Danuied" is the en.<-n-ssinc and powerful story of those irv n;*-ent souls, of the chain of events: that led them on their journey and of hew some of them survived FHIS IS no "Ship of Kpois." Nor is it o! c of the-^e all ylar cataslrophio m which fanii>us iau^ appear in eamens to serve v\i and make sugary spwhes a'PHiut the :a:e of mankind freedom m their hearts were ixTsonal friends. I didn't want to say cootlby. IT IS one of the mosl touching thinps una finable lo see so many kindred spirits from so many diverse walks of life — knowing that a return to Ger-. many meant a return to concentration campus, ghettos, brown-shirts, mob violence, the horrors of the Third Reich ano1 certain death — joined in 3 common bond of hope. Their joyiess fales hang hi the balance whiie the heartless structures of diplomatic red tape barter for them like cattle at a livestock show, yet lh"\ dance lo Glenn Miller's "Moonlighi Serenade," seizing rach moment of borrowed happiness as Ihourh it's ihe last Hooks burned, families Lorn apart, homes defiled, their minds and their dreams are in fragments, like splinters of broken glass. Yet miraculously, they cling to life and an affirmation of life. Tt is more fulfilling and refreshing than 1 ran Lell you to see a movie about people instead of sex. and \iolenrr and apathy. And I do not believe there can be one potential member of the audience — even the most hardened among us — who will not feel as much love for them ;-s I did. TO WEAVE such a splendid tapestry ui" humanity, a cast of unprecedented artistry was needed, ;ir,d e\er-y per former in "Voyage nf th< Damned" has responded with Ihe kind of cellec-tive sincen'y arid craftsmanship seldom encountered in io.iay's cinema of sel'isl'.ness and excess. Everything about "\roy.ige of the Damned' has ht-en louched by .greatness, from L,ilo Schifrin's adaptation of the l>rtn;in music, to the superb Spanish locnlions recrealiug the Havana harbor with lis auth 'iHic flags, posters, Alfa Romeo,, , hibiscus and bnuL'ainvillea blossoms, bamboo bars, coconut drinks and marimbi bands Lr<ik closely and you'll even see the Cuban newspaper Haoana" with its anli-Semi'.ic headlines of the exact □ ays on which the real events Look plaep. t'very marcelled hairdo, rupid's-bow mouth. Art T>eeo ship dcroralion und flying swastika ad:ls cob r ar.-i ambiance to iusl the riirht moment rm-just the righi scene. No detail has been left untouched, on land or sea. to create a ship's log of the St. Louis' fateful journey. The massive job of cutting :.m<i edi'irtT is exemplary. AND STILL. i< is the acting one comes back tn. for here if where the film's real strengths lie. There arc so many Ihinq^ to praise it is difficult in know which moments in single out. but I especially admired Victor Spinetli, as a desperate doctor trying to ge! his children off the ship: .lose Ferrer's stupid-yet -cunning smirk as the corrupt Cuban immigration officer who holds so many trump cards in his slippery fingers; Malcolm McDowell's look of amusement when he sees artistncrauc Fayv Dunaway and Oskar Werner hoard the ship — not because they're Jewish but bi^;:use they're dressed so elegantly among so many poor refugees. y»\ are in the same tragic pesilion: Orson Weils, big as a housing development as a wise profiteer, who knews ■ vc-n ihe human race has n price. Helmut Griem. i'i another of his pretty, charming, blond Nazi roll's, ns an SS officer podng as a crew member in ri: Tiipt th" ship s mo raie. the exhaustion and N'wiiriermenl lao'd with dignity on Wendy H tiler's face during her husband's hu rial ai AI^O. BEN tiazzara's ■-tryngth. sweating desperately and Ikd ling with rage at man's injustice le rran us he races from eomilry In country Irjing to save 937 lives while his ple;:.s fall on deafened ears; Maria Schell's mixture of mHteTud anger and overwhelming love when she learns that her daughter is alive bur tarnished in a Cuban brothel. And one must not forget Ire impart of Katheriue Ross, in the small but pivotal role of o pros' ilule wilh a mysterious secret that afreets the fote nf the Si. Ixmis. She is perhaps :hc film's major surprise. "Voyage of the Damned" is never sentimental. It is perceptive, eloquent and enduring, and many of the things in it moved me to tears without embarrassment or guilt. Most movies this year have shown nothing but contempt and hostility for their audiences; here, nl If-st, is one thai elevated its viewers. Thai so man:.' people with so much heart and talent have managed to wnv: se many individual accomplishments into a work of such magnitude at a time in movie hisiory when even the 'pes: work is usually aborted jod compromised is an amazing thing to applaud. "Voyage of the Damned" towers above most ordinary movies in theme and i.'veeution. and 1 can only show my regard in terms of veneration and love. T 1 Open 4t30 p.m. ! 202 Coche Road Big Mama's Boutique Gfft Certif'nGtes Avaiiobtt Phone 355-2435 CHINESE & AMERICAN RESTAURANT 67nd and CocKe Road Royal Coach Inn's Nightly Dinner Specials ROYAL RiB EYE. PRIME RIBS ROYAL SIRLOIN. «r.,<J " Or, Monitar $J|25 oml l»**4cy .. H Nighn. SAW „*3W ^ * t"'> TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY ARE FAMILY NIGHTS! CHOPPED OR CHICKEN FRY SWAM 1.59- A COMPLETE MEAL... Served with salad, toast, choice of potato plus coffee or tea. KIDS?- HAMBURGER .3 tax oHite 7:00, ihowi 7:15, W0. Atfm. $3 00, $5.00 X rF( WALT DISNEY IHE SHAGGY DLA. Box office JrOO, ihowi 7:15, 9:30. All seoti J2.00. ¥ ¥ ¥ -¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ TH E ULTIMATE MOVIE-MOVE."* ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ TUNNY AND WCHLY ENTERTAINING." "YOUIX LAUGH A LOT " "A WINNER .AMONG BOGDANOVICKS BEST." - /ill! Wo!l Cm ■JIlICKELODEOiNlr » BHJAN KiliH ! SCREEN 1 Box office 7:15, shows 7:30. 9:30. A dm. $3.00, $1.00. I ADSTT-MITOirS POKY SCREEN 2 7:30, 9:10, AM iea1> $2 00. Box office 6:45, ihows 7.-0Q, 9:30. Achn. $2.00, $1.00. The most exciting original motion picture event of all time. Cwrt I MCMLA-flM I—-.- •■' ■ - >" f < HG -35- I'. r v f. n .jigfc-. ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ,¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ **************** ********

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