Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1907
Page 2
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0^ r. VOl^HBOPr 8MM« fir tie Diito«^|ta|cii SUtetfliF iileiCMUitj Brtab ^Jied 1869. ^^^^^^^^^ •Meit But fi iOii Ci. N&w is the Til To Do Vour CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Rcady^far the crowd of Holiday Shoppers and the myrid wants of the town and country trade, the whole store pulsates with new life and Christmas attractions, discounb anything we have before aitefflptcd. more to see, more stock, more dif'f re nt classes of goods and a worMn j force willing (o serve you and tu please you. and you will see the beginning of Christmas trade, and from itvt such goods as are enumerated below will be iti big demand. SEE OUR WIMOOWS A large and handsome line of Smoking: Jackets and Bath Rcbes at Popular Prices A.: Man's Naokwear '. 23c up to Jr. CO Men's Suspenders 25c up to Si.?5. Men's Siik Hand'chlefs 25c up to $1.25. Men's Mufiters 50c up to $2.50. Men's Collar Says Jr.25 up to f2 50. Men's Suit Cases ?.v^5 "1> to <io ou. Men'* Irmvmllng Bags $3,50 lip to $15.00. Men's Fancy Hose 25c up to 75c Men's Dross Shirts 50c up to $1.50 Men's Hobby Hais $1.85 tipto S3 .50. Men's Dress Qloves 50c op to f2.00. Men's FaBoy Vests Si 1. 50 up to fT, .su. Outfitters for Men and Boys GOSSIP OF SOCIETY - Special ^ractic^. A number of ni^n^rs uf ^hc l.a'!- i*^s' Music club art? lo have A >iiecial meeting tomorrow ».p rehearse<.- for the special program Der.'niluT IT. At that Urae Mrs. Ftank M. .\!;i:tiii will entertain the chib. * * + U. B. Aicf Meetinq. A number of iadies SIK-III ;I '.l-a? ant afternoon at the T'nit d I?n them church yesterday. The Imsiin-s.- and social'session of the socii'ty was the occasion. • • \ Ml". Sterett To Chanuic. Afr. Max Sterett. who for tlic oiHr. s :rif_ tlie Hunt Eiiginfpriu^ com- [liany h''rf». wi!! leavc* Foon to tako a Kiini'.ar positlcin with the companx in th:in;itf. .Mr. Stirc.ti l:xs been .1 i;;enibt r of the Ec^ club hvro and :.s VI ry wc-il known anion;; th** yoirnir- ev v t.' He for:n< r v lived at N-^vada. Give Card Party. ;M ;^i May:ii" Andcr.son 1..T.=; !^^s '.•.••I •iivit:iiions !o HK MIII'T.S of ili<' Vi. iir; I.acii.f.-inl fliil) for a;i lioiii v.'- r;:''js toii;f)r:'ow aficnit) .:i. • * •> P.-esbyterian Tea. The i>l('asant residence of >!rp. Frank Jliild'e on I'ast stnM't. wa.s filled v.!t|i gu;'i;l.'* yisterfhiy art.Tn:;on llllrin•^r:l tea and sale of aproii.s which few months has been employed in the) i:idi--.s of tin- Ilre;.by;eri:ui .Mi.';siiii..iry Jewelry Sale FOR SATURDAY Fpr Ladles Bracelets Jewul C RSC.S Nail Files Hat Pins Souvenir Spoaus Book Marks Lockets and Cliaius Signet Rings Belt Buckle.s Umbrella Back C9mb WeXire making a Special OliciiuR oa Saturday (or Clirisl- mas buyers. Buy early and have it laid away. For Qeats Watcli Vohs Shaving Mugs Smoking Sets Lodue'lJuttoos Military Sets Umbrella Hat Brush Clothtjs ISnisli Mnsta<:h Ct'.p Orip Titj; J. W. Coffey & Son, E.VST SIDE SQIAKE mMaBommaamm Lowney's Chocolob^ ell THAY ARE FRESH. A choice assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of iheir Jreshuess •jnn.s wish them. Get your next candy at Crahb'-i nnd iee how we! It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts, Kinetic Enorgy Kinetic is a good word. K means "powerto make thinp go." A bt bank account, a rock on the ed je of a hill, a barrel of gunpowder, and SCOTTS EMULSION aU contain "kinetic energy." so the professor tells us. Power b stored up in Scfltt's Emulsion Thb force let loose in the system of the consumptive jives him the strength to take on new flesh. It is a powerful flesh-producer. AHDraoirt*! SOe.aad>lJML .->oclety conducted. Proceeds were $10 and the afternoon was most enjm-able and Informal. Ml.^s Josephine Uid rile and Miss Gracj Ftavls presldeil In diuini; ro <in» and served refresh- mmts to the ladles who attendeil. + * * Evening Card Party. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Hobait Iiiea!i.nnlly entcrtalnoji a number of friends last evening at cards. Tin Riiest.-; enjoyed an hour with six hand ed euchre, Mrs. Ilobart served lunch eon to l>r. and Mr.s. David Reid. Mr and Mrs. Millard Teatis. Mr. and Mr,'?. E. C. Mcrinln. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Fronk. Mr. and Mrs. \V. C Tents Mr. nml .Mrs. S..Ooodin. Mr. and Mrs. n. F. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs (^eorse Davis. + • * Coneert Next Week. AmonK 111"' va-lous seinipubllc events which were postponed last evening because of the rain was a concert by the Rastham company. The Y P. C. U.. an auxiliary of the U. 1}. church had the entertainment in charRo and will present the enter tniuers to an audience on Thursday fvenin?. December 19. + + * For Violet Club. Mrs. F. A. WSigner will be hostess of the Violet club tomorrow. + • * Postponed Social. The I^pworth League of the First Sf. E. church was to have given a social evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. E<iwards, 602 East Madison aventie but the event was postponed becairse of the Inclement t.eather. it is probable that the s'lc- lal will be rearran.ged for the approaching Tuesday evening, • * • Have Exchanne Sale. Mrs Blanche Cra5« and Mrs. E. K. McGufTln will have a sal? of pastry. In-ead. salads and deserts tomorrow In llie TTnlon Pacific Tea stor.;. Proceeds of th* sale will be used to improve the Sunday school room of Trinity church. * + * Serve New England Lunch. On? of ihe events which Is on the Calendar of the Woman 's Relief Corps for the next twb is a New England Ituich. It was intended t<- have the initial^ business meeting ytstcrday but th:> date was changed . to .Monday of next week biHianse sev- J eral of the ladies are out of town. The lunch will probably be served next weak. • + + Special Music For Sunday. Secretary Starkey of the Y. .M. C. A. has arranged to have the Eastham quartett render a group of numbers at the meeting on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.'E. .1. Eastham. Miss Vivian Eastham and .Mr. C. .1. Eastbam will sing. • • • Entertain Mr. Shumaker. Mr. and Mrs. h. V. Starlcry will have Mr. .f. A. Shumaker of Topeka, as a guest during the week end. * <• * * Choir Rehearsal Tonight TIio Presbytrrian rtioir will :!.=is m. Me at seven-thirty this cv-ning in the church for a rehear.sal of Chri.^t- nias music and anthems for t!:e Sim- day sm-vircs. .;. .;. Aid Society Meeting. ^!rs. Win. IJrownlleld was hostess of the Baptist Aid society ;;fternnon (luring a meeting to cim- l.lete work lo be sold to enlari;e th-' society treasury. Entertain Little Gleaners.' .lessie Ui'ley. 18 Ni .rtli Tiiird street, will be hostess of tiu' I.ittlo fJleaners tomorrow afternoon. .J. .> Tho tlie earth witli .lack I'rost shakes. Not a man will have tlie aches. If every night a dose he takes Of lloUister's Rocky Mountain Te-i. Uurreil's Drug Store. •:• •:• • Suooer a Success. Fnim live until seven o'clock hist evening the D<'('Iute building on West MndiMin street was filleil with |i?ople who caui(.> to be served with supper which was prepared by hull of the Guild of St. Timothy's church The «:everal tables were always pret tily arranired and the menu was de- !!c:ou:dy iireparei!. .\ group of lad ies i>r.>sided at the candy fables and l-roceeds of the several sales and th •jupper were close lo $30. The ralu interfered with the patronage to some ext.^nt but the aftenwon was comparatively successful. Mrs. .lay Ra'Iiet Mrs. A. H. Campbell. Mrs. T. S. i?-.ov ••r Mrs. W;in. Zeigler. Mr.<. Henry Dal liet. Mrs. Porter. Mrs. A. E. Halliet Mrs. Frank Travis and several nth crs were in attendance. <- '> + Card Party Today. Mrs. L.Mgh Hunt is enteriaining the Friday Euchre club this afternoon. •% Informal Party. Miss Iva Card entertained a group of young people last evenini: with "fudge party." SATURDAY LIggett's celebrated Chocolates, regular 50 cents a pound ^ Saturdays onfy 29 OmmiSm * Barren's Drug Store. "ST NO HIGH SCHOOL TEAM. Foot Ball Organization Not Und« High School Management. •There is no football in tiie loia liigli Scliool." was the statenit-n; of 'Mof. I,. II. Wishard. of the lol.i 11 ah School this moniliig. In yes!erd:i>'s [{•Timer It was stat.-d that a foot'ia! •ame was trying to be arranged lor next Saturday between the lola lii-u SchtK)l scrubs and the I-aHarp-- Hi-.rh School team. The lola scrub t-am made up largt-ly o'" hi.i-'h .'••i-hool stu dents, but they canuot play uiid.'>r I name of fl:e lola Higli Sch(H)l teini as football is forbidden in the Iida schools by the board. Gifts for the Men. Wmtoh99 mm Ohmlna Fobm «A'A' Ottarmu Signet Rtngm Set PIngu ^atoh Soxes Stomp Boxoa Stiavleg Setm Smoking Sots Umltroliam Fauntmin Ponm Ooia Guff Unkm And dozens of t.ther lieaiitiful useful and acceptable presents. Articles will be laid away for you utitil called for. Store Open Rvtnings. McNEiL BROTHERS. THE jcwnrea. Hey There! "Where are you going?" "Going after a sack of Um A I I M I Floor. .My wife won't use anything else." ' e.m.1 Rare Bargains in Cut Gkiss 4^ hand Painted China Many acceptable pre­ sents at the Removal Sale at Jewelry Store 1st Door North of PostofRfc*. i PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY W. H. IHDEBSOir, Ittoney-at-Law. N'otary and Stenographer In -OlBce.- Pbone 456. ft ' • • • : * H. A. Ewlns. 8. A. Oard. O. R. Oar< • EWUfCI, (UBD ik CUKD, • Ltwren. • • • Practice In aU Govlii f S I fhk W. Madlwm. DK, McMlLLEH, Special attention «Iven to the • treatment of all Chronic Disea*- * es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: OfRce 32, Rea. 232. • Office In Mrs. Turner's BIdg.. • West Madison. * Phone 687. Rea. 701. .DB. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear. No3« and Throat Spsctaclea Properly Fitted. Offico A. O. U. W. Bids. • • • Office Phone 108S. NlKht Phone 406. DR. K. 0. CHKISTUH. Pkjrakiaa aai Saritcea. Rooma 7 and 8. Brana Bids. Phone 654. lola. Kaaa. * DB. EDITH 8. lUlGH. • Office and Residenca over Bar- * rail's Drag Store. • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m,. t * to 4 p. m.. 7. to g arenlaga. * Snndaya by Appointment * P. H .M1SX0I. Practice Limited to a tS N. Boekeye. • • • nonettl.. 4— R-e. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DR. J. S. PEPPER. • DenUat * Is permanently located oTer • E. C. McClaln's Clothiog Store, * and la prepared to do all klndi * of np-io-date dental work. * Ehrening work by appointment. * OB. w. B. BiTurair. • • Pkrakiai. * gMgaifc. • * once N. B. Corner of Bqaare^ " • Orer K.C.Plumblns Co.'a Btora. * * Rea. Tel 38. Office .Tel. 603. e • P. L. Lathrop, • Hra. Bessie 0. Lathron. • OSTKOPA^HIC PBliiqtAVB. • Special attenUon gfm to n»• eases ot Women and .CWldna. • Over'East Side Hardware. • Office 'Phone. Main 4««. 4: 4 • • • • • • A SPECIALTY In Dining Room Furniture for the Xmas Trade. Our stock of Sideboards, BuffetP, China Closets, Tables and Chairs was never as large as this year. We guarantee the quality the best and prices the lowest ir Son

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