Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1908
Page 2
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TniOLA J»AIITitt<m »MU ilOSPAT BTBHiyfl.PBCBMBBB 7. IJig. Here you will find the largest and most complete line ever put on display iu lola. la this pirticular branch we have beea very careful to pick out the nic»ist •Icign in the highest grade of gold. Every watch we carry has been timed and n'giilafed, so that when you receive it you are sure to liave the <orrect |ime. Every watch is sold under our g,rarantee which lueius a i ^'rcit «leal to you. We carry nothings but standard luakeH of niovcment-: Muh a'^ El.^in, Valtliaiii, HamilJoi), Ilatiij)deu, H<'«ard, Illinois nud Rfukfonl. IKre you wi!i (iiui a liP)?': collrrtiou of evorytl'iuy, pertaining lo the u-welry lii .e. Give Us a Coil J .W.Goffey (a »Son EAST SIDE SQUARE Til. Sorcsis Luncheon. i;(>ro>-is club will liav. ilu- I 'Tw .Mili.-tii Century club. Mrs. Urown U a clianiiliiK woniuii of pleasliiK IHT toiiulily ami it la to lie regretted per so few club women had the opportun Ity to uifel ht-r. However, those who were present hud a better oiiportuulty to become iiersonally acquainted witii their president. Delicious cherry Ice was served by the social committee sell and .^!iss Fern Hoover, Baldwin.'""^er the chairmanship of Mrs. Addle Mrs. H. (). fiarv.-v will five a lunch- Cleveland. Mrs. Brown was present- eon mxt Fri.lay in compliment to t'l by the clubs with a box of pink .Mjss Hoch and there will be a number roses. ^ ^ . ..ja of other I'VCntB in her honor.—Stiite' * «* i/' Another Christmas Book. ' .Mrs. Margaret Hill McCarter, one ... J. .,»..„_., of tiie well known club women'of Vis.t Mrs. Munger. i Kansas has written another book . whici) is to be put on the market for The new story Is a romance of Kansas, entitled. In 0!d —Kllzceruld, Anio Livery. I'hon*. •»-•{• + Guild Meeting. The Woman'.s <'iiiil(i uf St. Tiuio- iliy'.s Epi.scopal cliurcli will liave a' iiieeling on Weiim-.siiay afiernoon at' .Journal. Ii:e home of -Mrs. KiiiidaU l^•c•U. tilGj .NiH -tli U'ashinmon avenue. > *'* '•* '•' M:s. K. K. Munger and her sou Ixju i is. of nYti .'S Center, are vlisting .Mrs. , >^<'c- ; (• Munu^r fo:- a few days. , I hrlstmas sales. oud of a serie.^ of four l'i:H;:';-;"»s ">> | .+ •.- -.- . j,^^ McCarter has contribut Wednesday at tu- home ot Mr.,. W . K., Announce Cnqagen.ent. . hte list of literary things worth Lyons. ^5:: North street. The program, P_ KUzgerald. 2:^ 'for several vear.s now "and her aiid Mr.^. H. A. Armstrong. •> •!• Music Club. .Mrs. I'hilip Wauph will f'»tertain' ^f,^,^ ceremonv for Dighton . the l .adie .s- Music elul. tninorirow af-: ^.,,,.^6 they are to live. ' , . Miss Fit/:g«-a!d returned on Saliir- '• ••" (dav from Chanute where she spent a Alta Seta Club. friends and attended sev- Th-Aha Seta eluh of the Presbyter-, f.^^, pn,prtalnments given in compli- rliiiii'i wiil !iave a Iju.s.dess meet- ^^.^jj ^^ ^^j. home of .Mis.s As.-\ ' ... j,. ^ South Clustiiiit iiif. tonight, at th" iii -s .Munstiii. I']'." :-tri-e!. 4. .% .J. W/illing Workers. The- WilliUf: \V(i:k. -s of the FIrsI i; ('liUlf!l V. ill have a nieeliiis; !ate I'li.^ afternoon :ii the Imme of .M1:f.s I..noi.t Wilson on POMIII Oal; .>;tieet. •!• * • To Wed Janu.Try 1. Tlie marriaue of Mls.< Hoe'i aiiil .\lr. .lames \V Hei,! will lal.e I 'Irice .liiuuary 1 nt Ilic Covenior's l^c.iise. Owini: lo Miss llocli's ; IM<I .\Ir. Itx id'K \nix>> clrelc of fiietids there Will be iii;iiiv out of iciwn KUentK. in- eti:i!iiiK lloriiiine linliocjen. of Wl'-hit.i: .Miss I'velyti IVuvtnan. '>!' H.ild'.vlii: .Mi:-;; ()•:! Cliatiute; Ml-^s I.aiira Wiley. I"!l)o a lo; . .Mis,; .•\ila Allen. Ciiaiiuie: .Miss Kmnia Vol- III. W'ifhita; Mis.^ .XgtieK Husliaiid. .'!e''hei. .11,: Mi;::: Iv:i .Markhani. I.a- lea.'. Ciiiir;!!!"; .Misx Ifortense Sinilli. Ottawa: .Mis:; ICll-ali.-th V .io ;l'ls Itn.-: jtime to a limited number of ,Q,„(„.r,,^v afternoon, i friends of the two families and re'a-; 4. 'lives. The couple will leave Jmmedl: ^.^.^ Mr. and Mrs. E<1< Cran.s of Eureka visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hale East .Madison avenue. -> • I W. C. T. U. Meeting. The usual afternoon session of" the ' \V. C. T. U. will be held on Friday af II.-, I Miss Metcalfe Here. i Miss Patti .Metcalfe of Colony stient tlie weel; etitj with .Miss Grace .Nel. sun. : •> •'• i •!• For Mrs. Brown. Tlie club women of Wichita, gave n iiell «trtful reception OH Tuesday aftei- iiooii ill Friiteriiul <MiI hull In honor of Mrs, ICustaee M. Urown of Oliiilir. pri'sidetil of the KansuK State Federal Ion (if c'liliH. Such shori mitice hid been given before the reception thiit the atlendance was not iiearlv so 1-irne as It would have been had It IK '11 iiiuioiincc'd earlier. The affair infill mill. .Mrs Urown being Introduced to the quests by .Mrs. B. K iiowlee, president of the cltv federation. .Mso In the receiving line were .Mrs. I. N'. Singer, iin-sident of the Ki ^htli nistrlct Federation: Mr.s. M. ternoou at the East Jackson street rooms. The result of the exchange sale w"liich was held on Saturday will ; I.e reported. This was one of Ilu 'most successful exchanges of the year 'aii.l the proceeds were larte. • * * For Playmate*. Miss Helen Dresbach happily enter I tulned seven girl friends at her honn !nu Saturday afternoon. The small uiiesis were members of the "Dandy ICIghf and the hostess entertaiiiec with games :iiid an a [i |irnpriate luncheon. • Club Dance. The .Mari-liiiival diili will ask filiTids for tlii-ir fori iilglitly danre to occur on Tliiirsdiir evening in .Masonic hall. * *• •:• The Prepar* for Reception. social i:omiuittee of the Cur- Don't Forget the Sample Sale T. Soiile president of Hypatia. and j Mrs. K. n. .lewett. jiresiden't of the 1 renf Event clnb to whom the work of I arranging for the anniversary meet lug has been assigned, will have a nieetin^j on XWdnesday of this wee!;. The' eliil) will i-nterlaln guests on the ajiiiroacliinK .Monday in celebration .ttf the ninth season of their worlc. Remember the immense saving we made is your?J Big Purchase of Travelers" Samples This sale consi.'^ts of hundreds of pieces o! ibe latest style? of up-to-date high grade Jewelry, Watches. Toilet articles, Sterling Sll- v< r articles and novelties of all kinds. We waiil all our customers to take advantage of the I)ig v.ilues offeied. For Christmas Program. A coiulnittee from the Sitiiilay I school of the Christian church will liave a biislness nieeiinc on Thursday evening nt the church to plan u pro- I Kram for the Christmas time and al; :.;o arrange to decorate t!;e churcii. •!• ••• •!• Aid Meeting. There will be a meeting of the .\id society of the U. B. church on Thursday at two o'clock. •!• •:Mrs. Wheeler Home. Mrs. J. A. -Wheeler has returned from a short stay In City. + * To Entertain Club. Miss E'sa Hlldner has asked mi-mbers of the Bow Knot club for an informal iiarty tomorrow afternoon at her home In Wheeler Heights. •> • Specal C. W. B. M. Meeting. There will be a meeting of the C. W. 0. M. society of the Christian diurch tomorrow at the residence' of Mrs. G. T. Ta'bert. 220 South W ^alnut street The afternoon gives promise of an excepUonally interesting program because of an address which la t(k I M > Riven by Mra. I.dura J. Eilam of Burlington. Mra. Elam la sccro- tary of the centannlal morement which is to arrange for various cele- hrationa of the OM buadredtb, laai- Teraary of the orsahiuUbril ot .VoA churtih and her talis to Ui« mambflra will feature tbia worli and the miaa- ioiiary efforta of tha hoateaa aocl^y. All women of the pastorate are lavit- ed to b* i^reient. • • • Kura In Usa. It Is qfilie noticeable that>.femininity naa decided to put into pracUce a very oecomtng style tnia aeasoir. Fura, especially those which are made up into short, broad scarfs and those flat pillow muffs, are very popular and some handsome sets have appeared during the past week. Of course during cold jweather fur is worn by many people but this year an e:^ceptionally large number of people have purchased the pieces. • • Mothera' Club. The .Mothers' Club wWch is an aux lUary to the Basset chapel will be en tertalned at the regu'lJtr- time this week at the residence ot Mrs. .lames Baker. • + Mrs. Hall t^ Leave. Airs. Walter Hall, of .Argentine, who has spent the week end with Mrs. .Miller .VicCrenry wiU leave tomorrow for he:- home. •:• • * To Suit the Style. '• Big Sister wasfplanning a new dress ami mother who was consulted as to hei' opinion of mnterlal and style was Jlsciissing the subject in the presence of her 7 year old daughter. A few days later when the little miss was playing with her dolls a member of the family hoard' this remark: •Kiddie it's plain to be seen that you will have to stop eating so much meat. That new dress of yours can never be Jiiade empire, or princess either, unless you get thin." •:• + * Dr. and .Mrs. C. M. Cole returned Saturday from a two weeks' stay with rejflilves in fJreat Bend. •> <• Dinner Party. Mr. anj ^:rs. H. !.«. Pancoast. la Campbell street, gave an elaborate dinner, yesterday for a party of their relatives and a few friends. The table was handsomely decorated and there were places for,these guests: Mr. nnd Mra. B. F. Panconst, Mr. and Mrs. U. II. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Bipwn. Mr. and Mrs. \. W. Brown. Mr. aiMl Mrs. II. C. Brown. Ml .ss Ixinle Pancoast. .Mrs Belle Axtell. Miss Kate Rtfer. .Miss Freda Pancoast, and I.aV'erne Brown. + •:• * Musical Note. Miss Coftlow. one of America's most brilliant young pianists, played the I.iszt A major concert under Horatio Parker, with the Kew Haven symphony orchestra on Tuesday. This liegins a tour of importance.' which will keep Miss Cottlow busy for at least thive months, and which will take her a'l through the Middle West. After a recital in St. Paul, early In Tanuary, under the auspices of the Schubert clnb, she will play the MacDowell concerto with the St. Paul -.ymphony orchestra under Walter Rothwell and she will give a recital in N'ew York late In the season.—K. C- .Journal. 4. 4. •> To Give Recital. Mrs. Philip Waugh nnd Mrs. Chauncey IJ. Kvans will give a recital on Friday evening of this week to present a .sroup of their pupils to an audience of interested friends. Miss Jos- i^phiiie Riddle. Miss Florence Hobart and Miss Barbara Fry who are Mrs. Waiighs pupils wl 'l play piano numbers and two pupils who study violin work with Mrs. Evans. Stanley Church and Frank Winders, will contribute violin selections. Mr. Edwin Hunter and Miss Grace Ball will sing. The recital will he giv-} en in the piano room over the Beck furniture store. WANTED TO RENT—About January l^t to 15th, seven or eight room modern house, close in; east side preferred. Apply to R. G. Hall at Acid Works. WANTED—Two young ladies to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and U, Evans Block. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lola Pumlj- ture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. Btfsioess Difectoty. JOIIIf G. WOODIN, M. D. Phyaklan and SnrgeoH. Over Bnrreirs. Phone 14«. WANTED—lola property to exr change for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. WiANTED—Men to learn barber trade, few weeks required, best paying work within the reach of poor man, can have shop with small'cap­ ital, wages from $12 lo $20 weekly, wonderful demand for barbers, catalogue mailed free. Moler Barger college, Kansas City, Mo. FOR S.\L.E^-House lCx20. nearly new; on pavments. Inquire AHi South Third. DB. McMLLEir, Special atteoUon given to th* treatment of all Chronic Disea»f es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32. Sea. 232. Office over Burrell'i Drug Stor* West Madiaon. • Phone 687. Rea. 701. • D& 0. L. COX, • • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat • Spectaclea Properly Fitted. • • Office A. O. D. W. Bidg. • FOR SALE—Harn. 2 double, one single stalls, hay mow. 106 South Vermont. Offlcs Tel. 1083. Nlgbt T«l. 4M DB. H. 0. CHBI8TI1B Ptayaiclan and SwgMa Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldf. FOR SALE—Six new-well built 2-!' nwm houses to be moved off. Inquire |* lunch room 104 North Washington. ' FOR "SALE—Two" Bush ~~&~Gert8 pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. FOR SALE—A 22-acre fruit and truck farm, 2 miles north of Gas City. Good bolloni land. J. W. .McWIIllams, Gas City, R. R. 1. FOR SALE OR TRADE:—Good property, close in. Call 110 West Monroe. 1057 mad FOUMO P. U. XABTDT. Surgery and Dlaeaaaa ol " Women. " Office and Residence Phone 671 * Office 7 North Jeffenon. • JEWELR8. B. F. Pancoast, old r'allabla Jewalar. 110 East Street Lodge Directory LOST—Friday morning, pair gold rimmed glasses. Return to this office. Reward. LOST—Gold locket. Engraved on one side. Return to this office. rOR eXOHAMOE KKIGHIS OF PTTHUB^aoO* Lodge No. 43 meets erery Uondw night at K. of P. Hall. Vlsitiiis br» thers Invited. W. S. Thompson, C OL Chris Ritter. K. of R. and a Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola, Kas. TRY HARPER CASE Suit Which Has Been in the Curtt Six Years Was Taken Up Today. The case of George-Harper vs. the lola Port hind Cement coiniiany, an uc ion to recover $20,000 for personal njiirierf, is on in district court today This case was begun In the Allen •ounty district court six years ago it was tried twice In this court and was ilii'n taken to the supreme court where it was sent back for another rial. Harper worked in the quarries of he idunt nnd one day drilled Into lyirauiiti- shot In a rock. An explos' on followed and Harper was badly in ured. Besides suffering a broken leg lost an eye. He charges negll gence against the company. THE PYRAMIDS MAY SHOW i'S I lie Queen of Sheba's jewels, but >ve don't believe they can eiiual the KX(MIS1TE .ll-tVELKY we are now offering. Genuine gold gems, artistic designs. Better than money in bank because limt always adds to jewelry value. Rings Watches. Chains— a fine slock. McNIELBROS. Ice Exhibit! See the Southbend , Watch frozen in ice and keeping perftjct time in front of Pancoast's no EAST ST. K5IGHTS OF HACClBBBSr- Knights of Maccabeea ot the Worli meets in K. P. Hall, aecond and foarOl Saturday nights ot each montk. h W. Postwait, commander; R. B. For* ter, record keeper. Yf. 0. Camp Na 101 meets K. of P. Hall every Friday nisht W, T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Davis, C!«tt Visitor? cordially Invited. M. W. A^The M. W. A. Jjodf meets every Friday night 'f^ M W . it Hall. Visiting brc 1.:.:v - «\ Coffield, V. C, W. A Covua t.i'ar*- BOTAL NEIGUBOUii^lola Cam So. 3 (i&, Royal Neighbors, meets sa^ ond and fourth Tuesdaya ot WMk month. Mra. F. A. Wasner, oradK Mrs. Mary Hatton, 413 17ast Recorder. Or. Ramsey Here. Dr. J. E. Ramsey of Yates Center spent Sunday with Dr. P. L. Lathrop. Board of Charities to Meet. FBITEBNIL BBOTHBBH0O]lr« Fraternal Brotherhood No. 880 second and fourth Thnraday o( month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Vlaltlafl members cordially Invited. W. H. Ja> derson, president; Golda Blam, WMtm tary. OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days, tember, you know, is the time to luiT< the summer duat cleaned out of car pets. We are busy, but your order wll, receive prompt and careful attenttaa Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Fhn* HI. The board of associated charities will haVe a meeting at ten o'clock on .Monday. The s(>8Klon will occur In j the work room of builders chapel anilj a full III tendance of members Is de ' sired. On a suite n'arnint. After .M. K. .lones. an East lola grocer, had been arrested and taken into the (Uty court this nioralng. It was decided that there was some question IS to the Jurisdiction of Judge Col'ins lones who had been arrested on com: plaint o\ Ezra Uininieii, alleging assault, claimed that the trouble had taken iilace outside the' city limits. RImmell said It was on the Inside. So to avoid all question, the case was dismissed in police coilrt and a warrant issued from Judge Potter's court. Arraignment of .Mr. Jones will t)e this afternoon. Maccabees to Elect. The Lady .Maccabees wiil hold their regular review Thursday afternoon, the 10th at the K. of P. hall. All members are requested to be present as there will be election of officers for the coming year. Also each member is requested to bring something for lunch as they will serve lunch after the review is over. XAGAZINE.1 AIID PEBIODICALT can be securei^ ot J. E. Henderioa A -ho deals witli the publishers an' burnishes tbem at the lowest prie* possible. Trial subscription to Va» .Vorden'a, 3 months 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Baektl* HKS. NATION SEEING !)pfn!( Anti-Drink Crusade • IteNort to Tlolence. DINDEE. Wlthont Real Estate, Insurance L ity and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunninsham & Arnett O. THOM Palmtmrmm latimatea cheerfully given on all work *• Ot. Bes. 4M 8. Viekeys^ Dundee. Dec. 7. —Carrie Nation opened an anti-drink crusade here by visiting several public houses. She did lot resort to violent measures, but In »ne place, after demanding fhat she lee the license allowing the sale of I rink, pointed a finger at the bartend- !r. denouqcing the action of all who ,'0 Co State Bank seek ' with Mrs. Nation, spent the aTtemoon and evening In this tMkMo. So far noUi- 00000000000000000 O PITBLIC SALE. 0 O Four years experience in the sale O O ring prepares me tottve on- O O equalled and guaranteed service O O as an auctiorieer. My service free O . O for a few fales. Reference, AllaiL0~.~ ,^E.B..TI«k«n.# tt"Sl.;Si'\v^. '•''"'•""^ !;^£S"o'iS5-o o b o i'S Wb"i I. Nation snent the afternoon and,9OPO.PO9OOOOPOOOO

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