Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1907
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TOL. IX. Ko. 4«8. Wli«Ie Ko. Itm. SIX PA6E& lOLA, KANSAS, OECEXBEB IS, IM^.—FKIDAT ETE3(I?ie. BIX FACBS. PBici TWO cina TO SUPREME COURT XR.GOSDORX SAYS HIGHEKCOrRT WILL PASS 0>- HIS CAiSE. EVIDENCE CLOSED TODAY X()THOG STARTLING BROUGHT OIT IS TESTIMONY. i Argnnrats and Dfcfalon Arc Deferred iBtfl Next Week—CJty Conadeat of Yfctorr. J. B. Goshorn, who is asking the court on a writ of mandatniis'^to com pel the mayor and city council to appoint him city attorney, under the old soldier preference law, said today noon that hla case would Bp to the supreme court. This indicates that Mr. Goshorn intends, should he lose in district court. Vo appeal fcis case, or that he has reason to be^ve that the cit.v \j.-lll appeal if Judge Foust should And for him. Mr. Oyler. who Is represei^ting the city, said'this afternoon in answt>r to a question, that he nj»ver consideretl the matter of appea 'tng a case until it WAS pa«s»- »H1 upon by the lower co«»r^B, The citr seems to tH» ctuifident of i(!.innlnB Th<« evidence In the Goshtfm case closed totlay noon with Maj-OT M. G Robinson's testinjony. Mr. Kobinson said In substance that he hjul inws ^ Dgated the application of Mr. iRoshom very carefully before tumini; jt down He also stated that he was a party t'j no aKreement. if there was any. dorlnr tho city campaign, to- appoint certain men to office. He aUo testi fled that he had asked parijes with iefer*>nce to the fitness of other aiv pUcants for appointive offices, nam ing the offices of chief of police and street commissioner. It dineloped that Mr. Robinson had confitfied his :nquir{es concerning the fitness of -Mr Goshorn to those intimately connect fd with the campaign, Mr. Folkner. city gas liwpecfor was also on the stand this tnomlng. He testified that he took soiiie part In the Democratic city campajgn and had attended several meetlnsji of the committee. He said that so; far as he knew there was no agreement as l ^g ^^feS?.^ 1^.^ ''t'oDMfi^dih ^ *h'*°h" d advised asatnsc Mr. Goshom's appoint ment E. O. Bruner, the real esfate man was also on the stand. He also had a part in (he Democratic ciiy cam paign. His testimony was ifubstan- tlally the same as that of otjier wit nesses^ so far as it touched upon an agreeifieht in the committee to nr*- point certain men. Yesterday afternoon Mr. Frank Amerman. city councilman, testified that the mayor had conferred with Win relative to the appointment of Mr Goshorn and that he had advised ,.aCaUHet Jtsayins that he wojild re r ^^i ^ir'-if-'^e' were mayor, beffire he would appoint him. The time of district court ia .being taken up this afternoon with several other cases and the argument, in tho Goshorn case will not likely be held until next week. No evidence of a startling character was brought out supnortlng the contentions tif Mr. Oostaom. 'Or. G. C. Glynn testified, hdwever. that Mr. Robinson had told hkn that .he would appoint no man to office who ^Kah opposed him. ooooooooooooooood d MAKE THE CLERKS GL.iD. O O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ooooooooooooooooo Tf the Christmas shoppers (and that means nearly everyone) want to make the clerks in the stores glad tbey will begin bu>ing right now. And it is Just as much to the advantage of the shopper's aa It is to the clerks. The shopper will have a much larger selection to pick from and the clerks will be glad to assist in every way possible by making suggestions, the showing of the stock in a more detailed way. and wilt in a good many other ways, try to ad pleasure to the work of selecting suitable presents. The last week before Christmas will find ever.v tierk in lola worn out. the btock bedraggled aad Christmas shopping a bore instead of a pleasure. A little accommodation to the stores now will be a good thing for all concerned. O O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o c BILL WHITE ONIOLA Emporia Gazette Rum an lola Column. WOULD KILL HERSELF Mra. Bert Morrison Threatened Sui cide This Afternoon. HAS PLANNED SERIES .VilBaKcr of lola Basket Ball Te ^m Ar- I ranging to Play Other Kanass I Teams. The manager of the lola high school basket ball team Is planning on two trips oyer the state. One of t ]iese he expects to meet the more Important bib school basket ball teams iii southeastern Kansas, and the other he will play such teams as the Kansas C^ty Manual and Central high school teamj He has not yet completed hig schedule but has written for games with Coffeyville. Parsons, Pittsburg iand Independence to be played on the trip through southeastern Kansas. This ' trip^fae hopes to make during the holi- dar vacation. Oa the northern trip he will arrange with the Topeka. Lawrence aiid Kansas. City Manual and Centra) high school teams. This trip will; not be made until some time the last <^ January, lola has a high schoor basket ball team which when ail are in the game is as good as any in eastern Ransas- Two of the regular players hare been out of the game the past mOnth on account of their studies but t ^ey are working hard and are pretty sxire of getting back in the game after this month's; examinations. The members of the team will in all ' probability meet the Chanu'te team in Cbanute In the near future. The Cha Dttte players came-here some time ago • and "trimmed" the local high" school ' (ttem by a decisive score but the boys have "blood In their eyes" and are pre pared to do things. 1IRS. MAY Stewart, wife of Wells Stewart who was killed last Snnday moming. left todar (or Yates iCenter, Ksaaai. where abe will make }ier fa- tor*' Mr.^. Bert Morrison, who some time ago took tioison at th.> Salvation Army Hall with suicidal intent, today crt>at«>d sonto excitement by thrt>ati<n lug to take hor life. The iHilic*> offic ors worv> caltiHl to th;.» Salvation Army h,>ad«iuartors. wher»» Mrs. Morrison has b<H>n working as a domestic, this aft «>rniK >n to quiet her. Mrv" Morrisons father c.ime down from Gamett this morning to p< !..>r to return home with him. vhich she at first refused to do. She said that she wou'd kill herself be/ore she would return to GArnett. But after a talk with Chief of Police Gates, who was called, she promis?d to return with her father in the morning. She would have pone this afternoon she could have gotten ready in time. A GOOD BASKET BALL TEAM. High School Team and Y. M. C. A. to Meet Toninht. The basket ball game between the lo'a High School and the Y. M. C. A teams which will be played in the Y. M. C. A. R%-mnasium tonight, prom ifes to be one of the best of the sea son. The last gamt played between these two teams resulted in a tie. The line.up for tonight is: Y. M. C. A. , ^XTiseler. forward. W. Osborne, forward. Gardner, center. Heigle. guard. Parkinson, guard. Hirih School. Root, forward. Osborne, forward. Fulton, center. Nelson, guard. Murry. guard. HAVE JOINT INITIATION. lola Masons and Eastern Star Will Initiate Officers. The lo'a Chapter'No. S. P. A. M.. held their annual election of officers last evening. B. E. Allison was elected high iiriest: Gus Krannich. king; P. H. "Irontman, scribe; W. L. Bartols, treasurer, and Travis Morse, secre- ttr.v. It also decided at the meeting lest night to hold meeting with the Blue and E^.otern Star lodges on the evening of December 22nd. for initiatory puriHJses. There will be a sreflal meeting tonlcht to confer the third degree on three. ELECTED F. A. A. OFFICERS. Local Lodge Will Install Corps in January. I^ast evening the Fraternal Brotherhood held their annual el?ctlon of of- cers. The installation ceremonies will be held at the fir^t meeting in January, at which time an oyster supper will be served to tha members. The following officers were elected: Past President. VT. H. Anderson; President. Mariel Henson; Vice President. Mar>- Tracer: Secretary. T... B. Edgar; Chaplain. .Mice Hill: Sergeant at .Arms. Frank Pennell: Mistress at .\rms. Mary Sipes; Inner I>oorkeener. Carl sroore: Outer Doorkeeper. Wm. Stover; finance committee. J. O. Garrett and August Glaszenski. HOME FRO* CO.XTEXTION. R. H. Bennett Ifas De?e«te (o P. B. MenV Meeting. R. II. Bennett who returned this morning from Holton. Kansas, where he has been atendins' the first annual meeting of the Men's Convention of the United Brethren Church. He says that the meeting was well attended by national officers of the various organizations relative to this church. The meeting which was held at Holton. Kansas, this week, was the be- cl-»n'ip'of a great work according to Mr. Bennett. The work Is exclnsirely for men and Is along the same line of the Brotherhood of the Presbj-ter- ian church. •.r-««»|]^ The next meeting will be held in Lincoln. Nebr., one year from the prM ent date. I * ' (E:mporia Gazette.) The Gazette's Tola department wou'dn't be properly rounded out with out some reference to the peculiar conduct of a policeman there on Sun day. \Vhen the body of the murder ed Stewart was found, the coroner requested a policeman to perform certain chore; whereupon the officer S3t upon him. and stamped him flat asd dragged him to the police station where the stricken coroner had to give bond to get loose. The fact that the coroner is a cripple, and the policeman a Goliath, is explanatory of the indignation that prevails in the gay Old town where there is ajways something doing. It is pleasing to learn that Crevis ton, who kil'ed Stewart, at last feels some p.ings of remorse, showing that there is a trace of human nature in the man. He is sorry that he used a knife on his victim, being convinced that the blows on the head were fatal A young man who was on his way lo jail for trifling with the affections of « sixteen year old girl, had a sud den inspiration; he married her. and the proS(M :ution stopped. Why ask where it occurnnl? You ought to know liv this time that such things liapiH-n in lola. The late Mr. Sl.'wart. who was re- movtsl bv his |>arln.'r. Mr. Cn'viston l.nMxrly helonuiM to Y;it-s Center, but he natur.illv went to lola in order to IH» niurderiti. CRIPPLE GIRL AND IMPOSTER. Board of Charities Were Informed of Fraud. The attention of the l>oard of char- it:es was called to a crippUnl girl who is -said to be traveling from city to city colleeting money for the purpose of entering school. But before the memlwra of the board had taken any action to help the girl it was found that she is accompanied by a man who stays in the hotels and lives from the money secured by the girl. This indicates that the ^irl is not sin cere. A traveling man informed th'r ijiembers of the local board of chari ties of the scheme. DISCHARGE MANY EMPLOYES. Mining Companies H'ill Reduce Oat* pot From Mines. Bonneterre. Mo., Dec. 13.—Two bun dred employees of the St. Joseph L*ad conii>any and Doe Lead company which hax-e plants In Bonne Terre, Flat River. Central City. Leadwood. Gumbo and Doe Rim were dismi.ssed today on telegraphic orders received from President Dwight A. Jones, of .Vew York. Ail of the other employee.-s will work half time and the output of the mines will be reduced one-half. .MRS. LONGWORTH BETTER. Sargfon General Rbcejr Gave Out Favorable NewH Today. Washington. Dec. IS.—Surgeon Gen eral Ui.\ey this morning said that Mrs. .Nicholas Ixingworth has passed a good night and was in excellent condition, following the operation for appendicitis performed yesterday. A SlB -HrtlHES LEAGFE. RepnhliraDii in .Spracose Will Afmtate With New York City lieague., X, Y.. Dec. 13.—A large number of prominent republicans last night organized a Charles E. Hughes republican ieagtie of Onondago county, electing the officers and arranging to extend the organization throughout the country. It will affiliate with the Hughes league of .\ew York City. DEPOSE HARRIMAN Fish Tells How He Will Act if He Gets Control of Illinois Central. Chicago. Dec. J3.—"If I obtain the majority of proxies to be voted at he annual meeting of the Illinois Cen tral Railroad company. I shall depose Edward H. Harrlman as director." d(? clared Stuyvesant Fish in an affidavit filed today before the superior court. He also declare<l in an affidavit. "To everybody in the country the remo%-al of such an individual as Harrlman Is shown to be. would be a welcome sign of returning morality in the management of great corporations of the country." Mr. FMsh reiterated the statement that Harriman is seekinc to control the Illinois Central in the interest of the Union Pacific." FUNSTON WILL STAY TAKE CONTROL OF GOLDFIELD CAMP UNTIL TROUBLE IS OYER. OFnCERS GUARD THE MINES GOV. SPARKS THINKS TROOPS H.iTE PREVENTED OITBBEAK. Fifty-six Men Working in One Min»— Union Prepariag to Have Owners' Ofiielals Arrested Under Law. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas:—Partly cloudy with rain or snow In east tonight or Saturday. FORCE IS REDUCED. Santa Fe Experiencing Usual Falling Off in Traffic at Ottawa. T.,adles desiring to learn band In- BIrs. Stewart tecenUy, stmmenU and Join a ladiea' .band, ob- •oid'ib* restaurant wUdi h«r litis-,j«ct enitnre amnaement and societr. 6aad and hla confessed mvrdelrer. W. - for particulars call on Mrs. H. P. H. CrerlBton. condacted. ' Wells, 222 Sycamore streeL Plione 100. ACID BY MISTAKE Colored Woman Took Poison for Medicine, and is Very III. .Mrs. Chat Allen, colored, living at 90.5 South Chestnut, took carbolic acid by mistake at two this morning and for a time was in a critical condition. Dr. J. S. Bass was ca!Ied and gave her attention and in a few hours she was on the road to recovery. Mrs. Allen has been III for some time. Seeing a bottle of carbolic acid which she thought was medicine her mother had taken at one time for a similar illness, she diluted It with coffee and drank it with the result that her lips were badly bamed. Goldfield. Nev., Dec. 13.—General Funston. who reached here at 12:20 yesterday afternoon, say.s he is determined to take eoiiiioi of the camp under martial law ui>bn the first outbreak of serious violence, but that he will not lake any sue*; action until the conditions warrant it. Driving directly to the Casey hotel. General i unston was at once in conference with Governor Sitarks. He stated to the ifovernor that he would remain here until the labor situation has cli'ired up. and there was no long er daneer of trouble lit has been in touch with representa'.ivos of both sides since leaving Iteuo. and has informed binn <«ir regarding the mure important details of the ctiuditions now prevailing. Colonel Reynolds has .icquainted him with lmi>res.sions he has galaed since his arrival last Sunday. 4 IB Vrmet Offieen Guard Mines. Crowds gathered at the de |H >t to wiine.-5S the arrival of General Funston and the officers who nccomi>anled him fnini San Francisco, who are Major i;eorge Bethel and Lieutenant Hornsley Evans. Governor Siiarks told General Frni- ston that in his opinion the pi'e.-^ence >f the troops here had prevented serous trouble thus far and that he considered it Imperatively necessary that the troops be kept here. He advised that here be no declaration of martial law at his time, but asserted the belief that such action may be necessary at any time. Deputy sheriffs and constables and detectives employed by the Mine Owners' .Association are patrolling all of the mines and prevenUng anion pickets or others from'approttchlog near* er than the side lines. The.regulars are takiitg no part in guarding the mines. _ . , .May Arrest Mine Owners. Officers of the miners' union assert that not more than twenty men are at work on Combination Hlil, and that most of these are "plants" of the union who have been sent ' to procure work under the agreement required by the .Mine Owners' association in order that the arrest of George Wingfield and the officers of the association may be affected under the provisions of a statute placed on the statute iKJoks of .Nevada on March 17. 1903. which provides that it shall be unlawful for any i)erson, firm or coriwration to make an agreement with any person for empioymnet which requires that person employed shall sign an agreement to withdraw from any labor organiaztion which he may have joined. Fifty-six men are at work at the mill and underground in the Mohawk Combination mine. More than 100 men have signed the agreement re- ijuiied by the Mine Owners' Associa- lon. but the number mentioned appeared at 7 o'clock. There was no molestation of the men and the pickets of the union are not strongly In evidence, No other mines attempted to reopen this morning. Deputy constables to the number of KM) and detectives and guards of the mine owners are guarding the district around Combination Hill. The plan of the Nevada-California Power company is still in full operation with but one man m charge here and there will be no trouble from this scource unless an unexpected break occurs. Nine of the regular employ­ es refused to go to work at the reduced wages this morning. The maintenance of men on the line outside have not been heard form. Officials of the .Mine Owners' Association have rejMirted to Governor Sparks that instances of intimidation of men who went to work in the mines this mo>ning are known to them and details will be placed in bis bands. Over half of the men who are reported for work at the Nevada Goldfield Reduction company's plant were induced to (juit. Ottawa. Kas., Dec. i:;.—The west side switch engine crew at the Santa Fe yards has been laid off indefinitely because of the usual f.ilMng off of through business in the winter The men affecte*! are Enginoor Ueb- crly. Fireman McFadden, and Switch men James Jones and Carl Alex. The engine men are' ordered to report at Cbanute; the switchmen were placed on the extra gang. Foreman Harry Hunt will take a night Job. It was part of the business of this crew to haul the "back up" between South and North Ottawa for trains Nos. and 10: this work will now devolve on Host'.er R. B. Hunt, who will use the night switch engine. Car Clerks .Tames Gray and James Dunbar have also l)e<>n retired and placed on "extra call." APPEAL TO POBLIC Board of Charities Solicit Aid in Their Campaign. This year th^ Sut?d:»y schools will give mort»- prt>aents than they n' celve. .\t tho nnjuest of the boanl of chnriti«>s. tho Sunday schiwls an going to give donations in cash, pres ents and clothing to 1H» distributtnl amimg the i>oor of tho city. The room adjoining tho office of Judge C. S. Potter on tho north which has be»>n donatetl by the Northrups f*r a work n)om. is now ready for use. It will be open each week day between the hours of two and lour o'c'ock for those who care to leave any clothing, bedding or articles of any description which are to be made ready for use and distributed amonc the poor. Clothing, undergarments and bedding are especially desired Some furniture for the room would aiso be appreciated. • The board of charities has received a number of appeals for clothing and thosa who feel able to donate anything are earnestly requested to as sist in (he work of charliy. That tlere will be many demands for help during the winter is very apparent and the board of charities Is depend- I Ing on the public at large to sc? that those requests are met. A comtaittee will Investigate every appeal to as certain whether or not it Is a deserving one. The public may feel a'ssur €d that the donations given are not to be distributed indiscriminately. Arrangements are also being made that those in lieed of clothing may have an opportunity to work^for them if they do not care to accept the charity gratuitously. Work can b,=> supplied to women in the way of do mestlc services. DREW JURY TODAY. Jurors for the January Term are 8e- lecUd. The regular Jury for the January term of court was drawn today. The Jury is as follows: 0. L,. Steinman. Io!a; J. F. Adams. Elm Twp.; A. C. Harner. Elm Twp.; 51. C. Wells, Geneva Twp.; J. W. Thur man. Cottage Grove Twp.; A. D. Mor- riaon. Elm Twp.; H. C, W:iIlIam8on, lola city; Claude Jury. Gas City; John H. Beam. lola Twp.; J. W. Coffey, lola city; G. S. Wjamer, Cottage Grove Twp.; Herbert Martin. LaHarpe; C. W. Clans. Cottage Grove Twp.; R. D. Coblentz. Tola; J. D. Remsberg, Gas City; J. A. Campbell. Humboldt; M. Adams. LaHarpe; J. D. Amett lola; W. F. Travis, Gas City; J. R PoweH. lola city: J- A. Fryer, tola city: J. H. Bock. Ida; George Broughton. Mar inaton Twp., and A. D. Brewer,, La­ Harpe. Batbter IVairt A*Un le s Wari. TWO GAS LEASES FILED. Humboldt Cement Plant Still Taking Land. Two gas leases were filed in the register of deed 's office late yesterday afternoon. One was from P. J. Diamond near Hnmboldt to O. M. Connett who is one of the officials of the cement p'ant which is being erected at Humboldt. The description of the land is. SM l.-.2fi-19. C. V. Baker has also leased 100 acres to D. H. Fisher. / TO CONDUCT ROOMING HOUSE. Mrs. Cariton Will Have Charge of Logy. Rooming House. Mrs. Lottie, Cariton who this week sold her restaurant business on the east s!de of the square, and Mrs. Bulla, formerly of Gas City, have purchased the Logan rooming house on East Madison avenue over the Reynolds drug store and will conduct a rooming house this winter. Mrs. Carlton will take possession some time this week. COMEDY COMPANY PLEASED. initial Appearance of Cotton Blossom Co. at Bachelor Last NighL The initial program of the Cotton Blossom Comeidy company last night v-as well received. The combined efforts of the all-star specialty men afforded the large crowd which was in attendance much amusement. Even the cold lola audience responded to the work of the comedians with much feeling. The company which was organized here and give its first performance List night will start from here and make a tour over southern Kansas and Missouri. NO PROFANITY THERE. OfRcials Have Posted a Notice to Have it Stopped at City Hall. A notice, warning those who use profane language at the police headquarters to "cut it out" was posted yesterday afternoon. The notice calls attention to the city ordinance which prohibits the use of vulgar and pro^ fane language and Is signed by Police JvOge J. M. Collins and Chief of police Gates. In speaking of the notice Judge Collins aald that it meant everyone, policemen, spectators. In fact every one who happened to be at police headquarters. Kwtair * Banllrk's fkristaMS trees haT« arrtTf^.: Order at •met. IT GOES TO DENVER DEMOCRATS HOLD NATIONAL CON VENTION THERE JULY 7, 1908. THEY NEED THE $100,000 AFTER HOT DEBATE, COMMITTEE DECIDES TO KEEP IT .ALL. Hoke Smitli Criticised Acceptance ef Money Republicans Refused as Rein? In the Nature of a BrIlie. Washington, Dec. 13.—After deciding to hold the next democratic national convention at Denver, Colo., fixing the date of the meeting for luly 7. 190S. the democratic national committee late today entered upon a spirited debate over the propriety of accepting more of the $100,000 offered by Denver, for the convention than actually needed to pay the convention ex)>enses in that city. The opposition to the acceptance ot the contribution took the form of a resolution by RepresenUtlve Clayton .if AtaUtina. declining money not ac- ually net>Ued for convention iwrposea >m after a luttg debate the resolution «-as laid on tke table by a vote ot U ton. . ,\lr, Clayton. Representative John ^hari> Wlljiams Of Mtaaisstppt And "lovernor Hoke Smith of Geomrta all sjwke In favor ot tl e adoption ol the resolution^ Stone Says Keep It Mr. Smith was especially emphatic n saying that the 1100.000 which had jeen offered to secure the republican convention and refused by the republican national committee bad been of- ferd to. and was about to be accepted jy the democratic committee. He said he republicans had turned down the iffer because it was regarded aa In the nature of a bribe, and that democrats, in view of; that circumstances, could not afford to accept It Mr. Williams spoke In similar vein, as also did Mr. Clayton. Mr. Taggart idvocated the acceptance of the |100.00. saying It would be needed now even worse.than it was needed in 1900. and at that time lit would liave beeir- procUcijally ixkpmaible to have opened hradquartwu for Jodce Parker if they bad, not ha*.the extra maaey lecnrcd froth St. Louis wliere the con- trention was held. Senator Stone of Mo., made a Ipng speech in. which he favored the ac- eptance of the money. Mr. Claytcn declared that the acceptance of .this money would be iu ine with the very practices in campaign contributions that had been ondemned i by the committee. Wanted Money Used. Charles V. WJlson, sitting as a iroxy for ibe members of the com- nittee from Colorado, assured the com uittee that i)enver had no desire to ippear as unduly influencing the com nittee. He^id that there Is a busl- less men's Jeague in Denver, an Im lortant part of whose duty Is to se- iire conventions, and that the propo- ition to the democratic committee to ;o to Denver had been made as it had )een to secure many other meetings, le said the Denver people would be lisappointeii if the entire sum was not Accepted. Dearer Pleased. Denver. D?c. 13.—Immediately af- er receipt.-o? the Associated Press lash annomicing the selection ot Den er the pubiiic was apprised by the ring of b <iapbs at the oflice ot one the local- newspapers. There. Is ;eneral rejoicing. It will be the greatest thing that Tver happetted for the west," said C. E. Day, president of the convention jeagxie. "people thought we were razy when- We went after the national onvention. The city Auditorium will )e completed and ready for use by the nd of April.•/ The Denver Chamber of Commerce he Real Est4te Exchange, the Mann- cturers' associatifn and the Traffic lab. Mayor' Speer, former United Stales Senajor Thomas M. Patterson, ormer Go>-ernor Charles S. Thomas ind other t'comlnent citizens tele- raphed dirf ;ct to Chairman Taggart of he national:' committee that they ould stand back of the $100,000 guar antee. The Auditorium is modeled after St. Pauls', but contains many np-to-date mprovementi that make It the most comfortable and complete convention •aall in the country. iU exterior is imposing and the arrangement of its interior is "^as perfect as money can .Tiake it. When completed and fully rnished atrt equipped It will represent a total cost of $600,000. The wilding is beingerected by the cRy. a pedal bbnd issue having heax authorized b >":the people for that purpose The Auditorium will seat 14.000 peo- de and it is claimed that at least .000 more can be accommodated in case of necessity. Uncoln. Nebr.. Dec. 13.—William Jennings Bryan today expressed pleas are at the news of the choice ot Dener for the^ democraOc convention. • Personally. 1 had no choice." he said, "any place between Bostim and San Franclico would have been satisfactory to liie. 1 would not want It to go to the Philippines or Porto Klco. but anywhdre else Is alt rlfkL" TO CURK A COLD IN OHI SAT Take LAXATWB BROMO QniBlne Tablets. Drasdsta refund nmey It It tells to cnre. B. W. GROVITS alg* nature la oi^ aacb bos. 25c

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