Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 8
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THROUGH WITH VOIttUr :H« wjjtjjiijy ^jjgj iln F »P In Ftur YMW J«m BetklB,: thv, Deuoentle cis^ iaidsto .forygorenior iMt' tell «BiMi|l|e iMk* tere ^arfBC'tlM ^aajiBltii. us* iM'teiMfoC poUUei. iB'u iB ^rvlew la ajp Tepaka'CaplliI hv MTI: , ^ - ^Uiiy opinion Brfna wlD 'BOtbo thn'PMMentle eudMiUfl for the pif » Itaer .'floor TMn from jiow," Mid "tE^mtfOUa. *ln the^ mnt pliM I hnre aimr 4wlltT«d Bry«a made Ui« lUte- XMpt -cbdlted to htot after «Iitetlpn • iPwlii^ It wu made to jppear that Se'«oiiU acala be a candidate. I do 'itoC ^bellere BQraa.-.wmld ooneent to ' Ve'a^fliiidldate again and I do not lie- I thert will be any call for; It' ^Ser. J. D. Betkln raa^hlBd To- nlcfat fpom.tbe hllla and >Mw. of Aikanaas where he hai »ww btoUns and bavins a sood tlioM cepofalUr slne^ the election. He came toiMalt with hi* brother, Tom'Botkin, ^l^lU^t aeeretaiT o( tUte. • 7I waa prettf well worn ont,. after thf eKwtlon." be uld. *1 made an eivfn: hnndred set atieechea between Mnat U-and the election and they trifVoB me. Still I enjoyed tiie eam Bi «B and was aot all wotrled ij mj difpMt. A eaadldato of the minority lie for aoreaeaa .when he .li laitead oC coins ap *8alt >tta aiaelte »trmt ta »e Mlla and hare been reatlng r^. yoo-hare an Intention of W »:a eaadldate (or OoTeroor two from nowT* was aaked. • in the least," was the reply, .had ffMoiftu I am not a pol- iPtearionsHy. althonib that ^U(ed aninst me. No, I J enoBCbs. I will lefTe the iTaon frmn now to some one ,Mre were times ditrinc the ^i «p«i|* when it looked like there mw-VlMd.chance for the DemocraU. Thtafi'Mpeared to be comiac. our Bat I always held myseU in ivadiBfM-for dMeat Notwithstand- ikirtb «t .i made as bard a fitht fs idr," ha said In retply to a qaes- tM'aa to-the fotare of.the Democrat- l#y|iarty- la Kiasas, "the Democratic H^'Win'eootlnae to be a-faetor.ln It ^l^Ma' aa - well 'as In the^natloiu "naary-that there be two great nd t|ier are now and will I imM tiM Democratic and the IB -patties. The DemocratSe J a .fataffa and a mitalon. :to Ma alsBioa. yea aak? . •la to wMp Iba BapabUean SfffCy^p^ aoiM of those daya It Is gelttr to-do It The last Keimblleata /vletify and mawrons others Joat like «e;'twea won by mlsromaento- .The BepoMIcaas ebnUhoally :vA-ant.Vsa3uitX oondltlois dtir- weratie nde. They* point to ,, ^ofUM. Aa a niatter of fact I^Nbaoerata bad nothing to do with iCMItiau over whi<di no po- I pigty Imd anyconteohwere re- Me tor it lite D^noerats hare l^d a diante to show what reoud do. -There has BfTer .been ' trade. Tet tho Repnblleans kwA make their campylgns on ~ .that the Democratic par- rible for hard times when •tieeiir. <tee of these days the vara-.going to fsil - and other wfoag during a Bepabllcan Itioa. Then yon want to It'is going to be a Denio; lag; filaivoreaentationa on the or the .BepDbUean party are I to come ont some time then i-wfll be a gSBoral npheaTaL They M. iiagweu always. Some ^•lariidia of the BepohUeMi re ladically wrong. I know. It I ^dlere to be wrong.- • The llaeti^ lorted like a great Be- .Tw.l^^'l't^' bnt there is no canse lywry on the part of any Demo- oiit The principles of the Deauicrat' l^w^kMM of them at leaslr -are 'Mi prerail aosM day. That-fai Bnt eomt me oot Z ahall o.^..^ to take an intarest In poU^ tSc»*«iid"wm take an aoUve interest iftbt eoeaaioB demands, bnt.I look farvd ^^BO fntaro caadUaelea for ayaot'I ahall be-very well satla- tled'praliAIng the goapei." TUBtBCDIiOHB STAXTK To Ba Sale la •ASS" Dee. S^Tbe Cbriatama I ataaip of mdrcy la to ta- K vtU bo a oBO-eent M apt cany a letter eany eld to oimsBmpttrse^ no CUeaao^ Taborarioiia to to bo &e deeriW booaa »4tot(lb«ttdB of tbeae atampa la niiaola. ] . ». waa origbukted by the bj^ tiefe-OT to »i »ittB» i^n^, hbnbad thoBiasd-of to reaA Chicago today. > of the aale of stanpa bo wed4n figMte plagBsrteCbtoagothroy^ of dbqgiBa-. , ta^jllia pa. . Boodio^wUl be {•^OaitefB aad Momtod taU- TfeahBiidot - Mlaa to ^ ^Q-Al^.Tl^TB^ you the. true path to ebcmiDmy^ Ev«^^ season's ohoioest merohaudise. Suoh phenomenal values V: .w^ offered at this'season of the year- Our Watchword: ''More for your money here than you eliewfaere/aU thei^ ttW »EAPT FOB CmUMfMAffl PC TOUB . SHOPWyfl EABLT AlCP ATOIP THE BIC BP8H. mmMmio 9ALm OF OHflMtniUiS HAHOKERGHIEFS • ^ , -I - • , • .. • ' . The nab wffi bef^ aeoB -rWlse, people win begte sheppfaig at eacci. Handkereblefs are eepecIaUy teoBTCB^ to lay'away aad'yeinll feel better to have part of year bnylBg OTer .'Tbea, too, we have more 'tbiwaow -aBd a better Tartoty. Children's neat colored border' hemstitched Hand- herddets ,:;w0rtli Sc; In-the sale, each 3^ Ladies.^ cross-bar stripe and fancy Handkerchlete. each 5< . Maa'a- Initialed Handkerchiefs, ftae qnallty. linen fligdah. bBlt daaaa i* bos ... ........ ...|rt:f90 IBBi^ ItfdiiM PB« UBOB HaadkeitiM. pot np alz In a box, per box Sl .SO • Children's HandkerchTefs, put up 3 in a fancy box, pretty patterns, generally sold at 20c per box; in this sale, box ....... 15* Ladles* Fare Llaa Embroidered Haadkerehlefi, plain and croasbar cent||rs. |fc« edge or hemstitched each ..... 15*, Ladles' Handkerdtiefs.'high grade embroidered in the, new Aauiswi^ embroidery cross-bar or stripe centres: choice, each — 25* Mm txHmNm Um9 9i Women's Coat Sweaters of fine a|} wool saxony yam, knitted in beantttnl design. m«df (all 26 inches hmg. pockeU and caffs 1; S3.S0 iitUe-Children's Sweaters with I spend. In white, all sises to corre- and 98* Ommtm Children's Coat Sweaters of all wool yarn, pockets large pearl bnttons. oxford grey with red trimming, each 81.25 Other Coat* Sweaters for Misses and Ladles at S1.98. 92.50, 92.98 up to 96.00 Final Dt^m of the $1,000,090 PurohamB Safe Of the Fergasoa-XeKteaey Dry Goods Co., St Loals, Wheliesale Stock, Great Bargsht ETents. Oar. bayers were among the first Fergasea-HeWbuiey bonghf cheap—we bought «heap. Jibw is year chance to bay cheap.' TOUB 1A8T CHAjJCE. . 1.000 yards UnUeached .Maslln, 36 inches wide. Sale price, yard 4* 1.000 yards Bleached yard wide Hnslia, soft (biish read for the needle, regular 10c value. Sale price yard ,. 6«* 1,000 yarsd Cotton Crash Toweling. Sale price, yard 2* Genuine Irish Table Linens, bleached fine quality, 72 Inch, $1.25 quality. Sale price, yard 98* One lot Dress Goods in fancy and plaids. 36 Inches wide. Sale price yard 25* 36-tnch Black TaffeU SiJk, $1.00 value in tills sale yard 69* 2,000 yars Unbleadied. yard wide MnsUn, extra good quality. Sale pricey ymrd 6K* 9-4 Bleached Sheeting, extra good 26c quality. Sale price, yard 19* Dark and light patterns In OuUngs, checks and stripes. Sale price yard :.. 5* Bleached Pillow Cases, 42x36, extra good quality. In this sale at, each 10* Fancy and plain Dress Goods, In all pretty shades, • prices ranging from 50c to 75c yard. In this sale choice, yard 39* 36-lnch Black Taffeta, extra fine quality, worth 11.39, special in this sale, yard 98* Apron Check Ginghams in aP colors, good quality.' Sale price, yard 5it Handsome weaves in plain and fancy Dress'Goods,* in red, brown, navy, etc., worth up to |1.00. In this sale at yard 69* 72-inch Bleached and Unbleached Table Linens, the rbc quality, j-ard .'.;^* 72-inch Mercerized Table Linen, choice pattebis. Yard -v^* Fancy Sdifings for Skirts and Tailored Suits,*el»- gant qualities worth up to $1.50 a yard. In the sale, yard ......-..^.,-98* Silks, 500 yards of Fancy Dress Silks ih good shades; sale price yard 39* 36-inch~ Black Pean De Sole Silks, $1.25 value in this sale; special yard 89* Fancy Cotton Saltings in broken plaids and checks good 25c quality; sale price yard 12^* Pure Unen Fancy Fringed Towels, 36c quality for each/.< 24* :x90 Bleached Sheets, good quality;, sal^. price each 39* All Silk Tatfeta Ribbons, 40 and 60. in all colors. sale price, yard lO* Cnrly A'sfrakan for Chlldrene' Cloaks, 5 inches wide, the regular $1.75 quality; sale price yd 91.15 One lot Dress Silks in fancy stripe, suitable for Suits and Waists, worth 75c; in this sale, yard 59* 36-lnch Satin Duchess, just the thing for party dresses and dress skirts; special per yard. ..91.25 10-4 Cotton Blankets In tan. gray, white; sale price pair 48* 10-4 Asbwcod Blankets in grey, tan, whlte»^j»ft Geftaan finish,-per pair in this sale 75* 12-4 Alliance Cotton, extra large size, big enough •for two; sale price price, per pair IRl.dO 11-4 Sycamore Wool BlankeU, absolutely sanltery. Sale price, per pair 95.00 $19,000 WoHh at Roatfy'lO'Waar Apparel Will km on aalo at Spoolal Roduoilona iAOiEV TMtLOKlO WITS At I32 .U and 125.00 Tailored Bulis at 9i3.95 126.00 and |r.G0 Tailored Suite at 917.95 $»>.00 Tailored Suite at 920.00 186 .00 Tailored Suite at 915.00 $40 .00 Tailored Suite at 930.00' $46 .00 Tailored Suite at 935.00 WJIISTS AT REDUCED PRICES. . •White Net Waiste worth $5.00 for 92.98 White and Ecm Net Waists, worth $6.98, for 94.98 White and Bern Net Waiste. worth $5.98, for 93.98 •miite Net Waists worth $10.00 for 95.98 Black Net Waists worth $7 .50 for...'. 93.98 IRiilte SUk Waiste worth $9.98 for ..95.98 WOMeM'S TMILORED OOMTS AT CIBEAT BiSDVCTlOKS. Many beautiful styles, made of the finest cout nia- torials, 46 to 54 in lengths $7.50 Long Coats for *l.95 $8.60 Long Coats for 9.'.95 $10.00 Long Coats for 96.95 $12.60 Long Coats for 97.9.? $15.00 Long Coats for 9J.0.95 $18.00 Long Coats for 913.95 120.00 Long Coats for 915.00 i$25.00 Long Coats for 918.95 GREAT REDUCTIONS OJi CHILDREM'S COATS." $2.75 Children's Bearskin Coats for. ;91.75 $3.98 Children 's Bearskia Coate for 92.95 $5.00 Children's Cloth Coate for 93.50 $7.50 Children's Cloth Coats for 94.95 $8.00 Children 's Cloth Coate for 95.95 $10.00 Children 's Cloth Coats for ...96.95 MACHINE MADE TORCHON LACES I worth 6c to 8c 'for, yard .; 3* We have 1.000 yards of these laces, Edges and Insertions, dainty designs, until sold, yard 3* LADIES' PURE SILK HOSE "Keyser" Brand, reinforced heel and toe, and top, black only, pair 91.75 and 92.00 —— CARLS S-CIasp SHORT :iUD «LOl^ Made of fine quality real^ French Kid. handsome dress gloves in red and oxford and brown, all sizes. Special, pair ' 91.00 Qr^miost Sale of Dopendablo Furs Tbe BB ^iattt 4 r ^Btatloa of me Hew Toik 8(an^ sbeald be the foremost tboaght In yonr Tbe Far QaeatiHtiiraaeatB MaeK aad y«a are abo«t to pardase a Fdr Set, a Far Scarf, a Far Ifgff «r • Far Coat^ Ho autter bow low priced or bow blgb priced aa article yea auiy be Interested la, yoa waat to feel tbaa a icikble ftrm Is seUIag H to yoa nKb their aasvraace aad recommaBdatloB aiaadiBg back of tta TCBl valao la «««Ilty and style aad reasoBaUeBess bi prlee fint^ hut BBd at aU ttees. We affer • few •aggesUoBs below t« g«Me yoa as to hew jtmk BioBey-wDl go 1 B the parcbaso-of atylish aad serrIce- able Pars. Ladiea-Browa-CoBay-nir Coate with large atom ^collar and'rpvara. llaod throBgbbat with SklBner aatla. Special lit tbia aala 983.75 Ladlea' Bloetrio Seal C^OBto S4t8«liaa l<mg. llaod with SUBBMr; aatla. iSff atona'eeilaraaBd rarpiB., Spoeial-la tWaa^ JSSfiO LadliM' Flaa Xloctrle «a|l Caata,^ lar nttn. tad icBflbiriaimid la Bear- Sd.^?r. «8So Ladiaa'Bxtns Flaa Bifetrie §mi Co||ab,'eoOar rarai* Ai .BBd ^aHtlb t^EiMd la brvtBTB -luis fW. sl^T^tia'^Uaiag. . SffS^ la • ••••••• V* * ^» • ^ Sb GREAT SALE OF FOR SCARFS. $U6 Pur Scarfs for 75* $1.60 Pur Scarfs for 98* |$.60 PUr Soirte for 91.50 93.60 For Scarfs tor ........91.98 9SM Pur Scarfa for 92.98 f< JO Par Sca^te for 93.98 $7.6* Par Scarte tor 94.98 i tVtM Pox Scarte for. 96.95 If 1230 Fox Scarfs for 99.95 |916J>0 For Scarfs for 99^95 l «t «iW rsx Scarfa for 9i!B.II0 9 S 6.00: FVS Scarfs for ......915.00 Ladies'" Fine Caracal Coate, beautifully trimmed lined throughout with fine satin, regular $26.00. Special In this sale 915.00 Natural and Blended Mink Neck Pteces: special at ^.95. 94.95. 95.95. 97.95. «».85- Siberian and Sable Squirrel Neck Pieces; special at 94.95. 96.95. 98.95. 910.95. 914.95- A Fine Collection of Fine ^r Sete , with large Filtow and Rug Muffs In Real.: Mink, Jap Mink, Sable Squirrel. Siberian Squirrel. Blpe Pox and Real Lynx, at special prices during thfai sale. Bl^ Cuf Prkte SaiB In oui' MHUneiy Poparinmnt Every Hat must be soldi This Is a beaa-flde sale aad price Is BO object to B8. Take note of prices. Hate mast be sold; prices eat in two. 91.50 for any $3.00 hat in the honie 92.00 for any $4.00 Hat In thie house 92 50 for any $5.00 Hat In the hboee 93.50 for any $7.00 Hat in the house 95.00 tor any $10 Hat in the house 96.00 for any $12 Hat in the house 99.00 for any $18 Hat In the house ChOdraa's School Hats, ebolee of ! • aay la stock M HALF PRICE. teoii4 Floor' - OurCioak andSuit Section is "The Home ol Fashion" ^

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