The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 2
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2 Fridoy, September 1, 1944 Meat Co. SEMI-WEEKLY "ZOOMS" Howdy Folks! . . . Lai nil- Day next Monday. The summer season reaches ils climax with the lon^< *Labor Day week end, which will start Saturday evening and end next Tuesday morning when you go back to work. Many folks will he having just one more outing before snow flies. Frank Me:il Company is lireparcil lo serve .von with all the picnic supplies for (hat nearby picnic or hike or bicycle (rip or back-yard parly. Remember, folks, see us for popular oul-of-donrs food items. We got 'em all! That is ... SGML- TIMES we have! . . . School Days, School Days! Early September marks the opening of most of the schools. That means more substantial and heavier meals . . . and more work for mothers. We are headquarters for meals for home meals as well as for school lunches . . . meats of all varieties which will help to make mothers' work lighter. Paper situation is still acute. The supply in some items may be better but not so with paper. The paper situation is still acute and in some respects is gelling worse. That's why the government has launched a big program of paper saving and paper salvage. All must help lo save even more paper than we have heretofore. We all must play even a bigger part in paper salvage during the present crisis. So please, folks, won't you all bring your own shopping bags? Look in the garage, the attic or the store room and find that old shopping bag. Almost every family has one or more stowed away somewhere. Now is the time to "un-slow" it. AH food stores will he closed Monday, September 4, Labor Day. Please shop early this week end, Friday if possible. Lambs seems to be a little more plentiful just now. All our markets are well stocked with this delicious meat. Why not try a nice shouldcr-of- lamb roast or some boneless lamb stew? Lamb stew with vegetables is a very tasty and wholesome meal. And thick Iamb chops broiled always make a hit with all the family. MEAT the people at Frank Meat Company's six busy markets. Frank's Reporter Russians Drive for Tito Juncture for.! n t- r\ ri'n" Pa pr One sh'c (n km" 1- Hungary nut of the w .11. i Mir i-iil.uii'i puMici! 21' unite!" north\\est from I'Iocs; I along tlie Hueh- .lilway through | .1 mi raptured Rn asa. i n! 11).' strategic jnnr- ; i--'\ . Ann! ln-r lirnkr ; " IMS? northwest nf HII/HM !i~t! -itnl seized Kusa.vai u. .'7 inil'- -Miitlieay; nf III" border nl 11 I:D!- •: 1.1 n annexed nnrt h'-rn Trim- M l\.m:.i M.I .;!"•> • • '" fnl-r-i-s I'M llie]- this W'*-k |ni n* I,,..I neai'v 10 :niles across ; I if Ti .msivv.. hia 'linnlcr after a drive tliinuL'i ' MI ,/• puss, tart her north. ']'•:<• .:•'. .Mir,' rnrthwesl "f I'lneM i it. |;n i- i |.ni tlir. Soviets within \'>'i mil'- 'i •'!•• Serbian Imrclcr and '.'.»» unit: !!• M I'.i'lyradc, rapltal nf \'ut;(i sl.ivi' i'H Malinnvsky's main llii'iisi t.,\\.:!-d .1 junr-linn with Marshal' Tun. 't.ii-fs was f-.vpiTtcil to comt' ! alt in T lii' Dannlu- ji^fi \allr-y lo Ih. -. :il.. ' . FIREMEN WARN DOVE HUNTERS SUPPRESSION CREWS DEPLETED, COOPER SAYS \Vilh dove biintinu season opi-ning Inlay, the inaiiv hunters anticipated in tin- fonthills and lower mountain ; aii'as. present added til'' ba'/.ard ; problem." t" the fire prevention an- tholilies. aecnrdlllK to I!. F. Cooper, aclini; chief nf the county lire d( Yanks Storm Past Verdun to 25 Miles From Reich paitnirnt and >',< an^'er t'nr the Sf -I Sel vice, whc I nip files and rge .lames, district liiiiia Nat innal For- j urge hunters to lie I in extinguishing igarets. ; STOMACH TANTRUMS Stomach acting up? Help it calm down with soothing PEPTO-BISMOL. For years, many doctors have recommended PEPTO-BISMOL for relief of sour, sickish, upset stomach. It helps retard intestinal fermentation and simple diarrhea. PEPTO-BISMOL tastes good and does good —when your stomach is upset. A NORWICH PKODUCT l. or regular win- ! ler cniplnvmcni. Weather eondl- ; linns are l,a,l. as is eviilenreil by the large number "I fires currently breaking out all over Hie state, ' J.i mes sa id. 11 nnteis spoiling fires in forest a leas ran help put nut flames on Ilieii nun uilli water, if available, i or bv digging a fire line arnund the blaze, lie suggested. ; German Prisoners May Eat Turkey WASHINGTON, Sept. I. ll'RI — Tin key with all the fixin's will lie nn ibe Thanksgiving Dny menu nf every American soldier both at home and abrnnd. the war department said today. And. it added, it will be done without depriving civilians of their holiday bird. The army already has obtained 1 fiiin.iHiii pounds of turkey, but to make certain that the armed forces ha\r enough the War Fond Admin- Nt ration has restricted all sales until the army's req nil emenl s are filled. Cont inued Fi rainn iron basin atound Briey, ll'i miles or less from the German border. Mricy itself h-- ba-rcly 12 miles from the industrial city of Metx. which the Na/is proclaimed part of greater Germanv after (be l!Mn armistice with France. .May lie in Helghim (in Paltnn's left Hank, tbe American First Army swung across tile .Meuse river below ('hai leville and Sedan and knifed up Inward I lie twin citadels at the gateway to the Ardennes Gap. Tbe lag in communications and the speed of tbe American advance suggested that some t'nited Stales columns might already have broken into the Ardennes forest and across the Belgian frontier. IJ.S'I! said units of the First Army turned north from Ilethel in an apparent enveloping sweep around Sedan and drove up JX miles lo (he Vervins area, 1.">'._> miles west of (be Helgjan border. The battle nf Frinor appeared to be iivei except for mopping up and Ibe bat tli'" ol Germany and Belgium were about to begin. Tlie German retreat bad berniue a rout, with disorganized, drrnoralixed enemy forces throwing away their equipment in a frantic dash to reach their own frontiers. 170 Hnmb Sites Overrun On the French channel coast. British and Canadian forces rapidly wore rolling up the rockei coast and already had nv-mill al least I JO •launching platfoims for the flying torpedoes that have been spreading death a nd Mest rucl ion on London for the past two and a half months. General Heinrlch Hans Eberbarh, who succeeded General Paul Hansser as connnander of t bo German Seventh Army when the latter was \\oiiinled, \\ a s revealed to have been captured in tbr British-Canadian sector while he was eating break- rom Page One fa.«t yesterday. lli< army already had heen clpstroy^d south of the Seine. I'atton's Third Army scored yesterday's nicest \ictnry \vi(h ils B,"-uille advance from Keim.s to A'er- dun in less than 21 hours—an accomplishment that took the Allies four years in World War I and cost them hundreds of thousands, of lives. ! f'iitton's men lost only a few tanks and suffered "amazingly lipht cas- 1 ualties" in their push, t'nited Press i War Correspondent Robert -Miller re. ported Irom the front in disclosing that the Americans now were within 41" miles of Berlin. There was no hitler fisht yesterday from Verdun and the. ^reat ring ! of forts that stopped the German I offensive in 1916 as it was threatening to entcnlf Paris. Miller said Rather It was a Brim pur.suit. with American tanks and motorized infantry hot on the heels of the retreat Ing Ocrma us. Valley Farmers Get Weather Forecast The weather forecast for the fanners of the southern San Joaquin valley, as prepared hy the I'nlted States weather bureau ill co-operation with the Kern county farm adviser's office of the agricultural extension service, is reported to he: "pj.\ pected cooler today with a maximum of approximately !)0 decrees today, rising to !M .Saturday a n'i Sunday. The humidity is expected to lie relatively hiyh. reach- ins as high as. 7."> per cent and as low as lifi per cent. Fruit ripening lias been slow due lo the lower temperatures and higher humidity. Yesterday's maximum \\as Sii." Merchant Marine Is Termed "Ace in Hole" WASHINGTON-. Sept. 1. (U.R>— \'ice-Admlral Krnory S. Land, chairman of the Maritime Commission, paid today that the American Merchant Marine i.« "the ace in the hole" where postwar planning concerned. Writing in Foreign Commerce Weekly, department of commerce publication, f/and pointed out that the t'nited States would probably emerge from the war with nearly two-thirds of all merchant shipping afloat In the world and said that "a primary point of our future plans is for the restoration and expansion of trade in co-operation with the other t'nited Nations." Soldiers' Exodus Home Is Planned i ___—„__ 1 Continued From Pafip One i lions and wounds. Release will be i in order of the largest number of j points. The over-all reduction is_ex| peeled to range from 1,000.000 'upward. This plan will be subject to possible modifiention by Cnnfrress where there is some sentiment favoring discharge of fathers first, and also persons with certain skills. Any such plan will be complicated to administer. For one thing, it will tear apart some of the most experienced combat units, and experience is a prime battle asset. Troops will be Riven a chance to choose service with the occupation forces. It is anticipated the latter may be made tip entirely of those j who wish to remain. This option will j increase the chances of those who ' want to be discharged. j Although the over-all sine of tbe army—now 7.700,0(10—will shrink after European victory, selective service will continue to induct IS. .year-olds. I hereby increasing the chances nf discharge for those with long service. Bulgaria Premier, Cabinet Resign Continued From PHR.- One Cairo dispatches indicated the Bulgarian-Allied armistice might be signed before the week end. and j stated that the Bulgars were with- j drawing from those sections of Yugo- I slavia and Greece which they have I not claimed as part of greater Bui' garia. DXB quoted Bagrianov as noimrint; that his resignation prompted by a desire to avoid with ttussia and that Bulgarian troops were withdrawing from occupied areas of their neighboring countries and disarming (lerman soldiers inside their own -borders. an- was war ... tlwt to cfctcfr over your OIN/ m If ytn'rt not about fa m vfeft ft V,"*''' I K The LEISURE JACKET A California favorite for school or for general wear. The new ones come in both two tone effects and in plain Shetland weaves. We have a very large selection in both styles and in all the popular color combinations. 12.95 to 35.00 OXFORD CLOTH SHIRTS with the new and popular long point California collar. White or colors.. 2.95 SCHOOL SOCKS in all the best liked weaves, colors and patterns. The BUCKET HAT The popular school hat allover America. We have them tailored by Stetson and made as only a fine hat maker like Stetson can make them. Fine corduroy, light wt. poplin and heavy twill 2.50 and 3.00 Heavy cotton socks.. 45c and 55c Cotton and wool mixtures . . . 8Sc Pure wool socks 1.00 and «p Harry CoffM GUARANTEED CORDUROYS , 3.45 and 5.00 BLAZER STRIPE PAJAMAS 2.95 to 5.00 WOOL TIES 1.00 and 1.50 WESTERN BELTS 1.50 up JMffJtr conn FRESNO AND BAKERSFIELD I T I / rtsistaM POPLIN JACKETS One of the best of these in McGregor's Scottish Drizzler. It's tailored of heavy weatherproof twill which is also wind proof and .washable . . . 8.95 Other Poplin Jackets NAZIS DEPORT NORWAY'S POTENTIAL LEADERS STOCKHOLM. Sept. 1. (UP)—German occupation forces in Norway were reported today to be deporting increasing numbers of ranking Norwegians of the type capable of becoming leaders against them in tlie final stages of the war. Almost dally, groups of 5. 10. or 20 persons, many not accused of anything, are rounded up in Norwegian communities -and sent to Germany, where they are held as hostages. Almost :!oa. including Sn women, principally intellectuals, were deported In .Inly and at least that many, if not more, in August. Death of Man Found in Hotel "Natural" Following tbe discovery Tuesday noon of Ibe body of Sidney Algiue Dickey in a local hotel room, an autopsy was conducted at the Payne .Vi Son .Mortuary by Dr. \V. O. Brown, county^ autopsy surgeon of Kern General Hospital, investigating the cause of death and it was determined that Dickey died from natural causes, Lieutenant .1. 11. Lounsbury of city police revealed today. Officers continue efforts to locate relatives of the deceased, and associates of Dickey at Inyokern. where he has been employed as a laborer, have been contacted In the process of further identifying him. TAX CUT WILL SAVE MILLIONS REDUCTION WILL TOTAL $114,650,000, REPORT SACnA.MKXTO. Sopt. 1. OP)— Slati' ilepai-tinrnt of finance officials fstimatrtl Unlay that tax reductions vutcil by (lie 194.T Legislature will save the- state's taxpayers $114,650,- oiio in tlie Current two-year budget pcrloil. Iliilp ruts. I lie department declared, will bi-inK a $4(i.900,000 drop in the sales tax, $51,000,000 in the personal income tax. and $Hi,750,000 in the husincsH franchise and corpora t inn income taxes. * The estimated state surplus by June HO, 11145, was given as $20,207,333. •;• In addition to the cash surplus, $105,201,000 will be available for postwar construction. The sum of $80,5NX,000 has tit-en set aside in the last two years as a war enierRenry * reserve, for redeeming state bonds and stabilizing teachers retirement, fund. Booming taxable business and personal incomes stimulated by war activity were credited by officials as responsible, for the state's favorable financial condition. Many NURSES insist on This TALCUM for babies They say It's amazing how fragrant, mildly medicated CUT1CURA Talcum soothes Baby'n heat rash, helps prevent irritation, keeps baby cool and comfortable. Buy at your druggists. POULTRY Week-End Specials RED FRYERS -38' BROILERS FAT HENS *38« »33' ABOVE PRICES LIVE WEIGHT Drawn Weight Slightly Higher BAKERSFIELD CHICKEN SHOP Twenty-fourth and M Streets Phone 7-7924 SORRY—NO DELIVERIES i FOR BETTER VISION SEE DR. HAROLD HASKELL OPTOMETRIST 1434 - 19'H STREET Main Floor Gon*Ur-lee Building TELEPHONE 66859 STOMACH Upset, Acid Indigestion, a«s, Heartburn* due to Excess Acid. For Faster Relief Try the New . . . . Unconditionally guaranteed to •atlify you or your money back. Mail ordtra filled, 4-oi. Powder or 40 Tablet! ..•1.25 TEBSIN Euluiln Ttktln DUtrltutor le BakinfltW Am KIMBALU A STONE. 1M1 Chester Avenue . . . Phone 9-9406 OSCAR E. WINDING Back in Circulation After I Teare at Hotel El Tejon Painting and Papering Service Phone 2-9472 See HARRY CITRON <it~ BROCKS Expert ••4 Qwuteti Watch •••*•'..

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