Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1907
Page 4
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nt NU liDLT HUSID ariBiiM f. acoff, CIRCULATION 4.000. Tdcfkract. Reporten' Room ..'. BaBtnesa Offlc* .i .222 ..18 Baterad at Ida, Kansas. Postofflca, aa Second-clau Matter. Adrertlslns Rates Made Known on Application. SUB8CRIPT10K RATES. By Carrier id lela. Gas CHy, Laayaa^ | TfUe or La Harpe. One Week 10 cents Ona Montb 44 c«nu Ona Tear 16.00 By Kan. One Tear, In advance 14.00 Three Months, in adrance 11.00 One Month, in advance .44 OmCUL P1F|J^CITT OF HAS* I MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The loU Dally Register Is • neBiber •f tk« Associated Press and ReeelTes tke day report If that great news or. laaisaUea for Exclnslve Afternoon PabUcayoa la lela. mSHMAN*S Extraordinary Sale of CoatsF , 411 our beautiflil coats mercaessly sacrificed. Values wiU be ofifered in this sale b^^s^Saever 8aw° ***** guarantee to be the greatest coat Up to $7 50 Coats at $3.95. CHANGE COURSE High School Faculty to Have All Study a Language.—^Teach Do-' If. mettle Science. Dotnostlc science whicti Includes the art of sewing and cooking wilt be tatixht to the youni? ladles of the lola High School next year. Prof. Muy- berry apd I*rlnclpal ^^^shard have Just completed the arransement of the high school course of study for next year and yesterday It was announced to the pupils that these two branches of study wou'd be introduced Into the school next year. It is the plan to flt up one of the rooms in the high school building with cooking stoves and utensils, sewing machines, etc. The first two years of the course of domestic science will be taught while the Junior or third year girls will be taught how to make good things to eat One of the features of the course for next year is the fact that every student will be required to take either two years of Latin or German. The French Is to be dropped from tha course. Other requirements are two years of mathematics and history; three of EInglish and one of science. As yet no teacher has been secur ed for the domestic studies, but there will probably be no dlSBculty in securing such a teacher. The high schools at Kansas City and Topeka have been teaching these two suhjects with great success for' several years. The lola schools have been contem plating putting these studies into the course for some time. The girls received the news with much enthusi asm. ."0 -!nrh I/iose-back ,Coals *in light and dark liiixlures: also black, nicely frimmejl. You will appreciate the value .1^ .* 5KI.J).-; $8 50 Coats at $5.00 .•.O-liuli Coals in black ouly; half lined velvet and braid trimming; compare them with olbers at IS .r .O; several styles to select from. Your choice JiW.OO $12 50 & $13.50 Coats Reduced to $7.50 These are very choice Coaf.s in broadcloth, kersey, black, castor, brown and tan; they are ">0 and .".2 inch lengths; grey or black satin lined throiihout, beautifully trinuiied in velvet and braids; po.sitlvely th<season's most sensational reductions. Coats that sold readily at $12.."i0 and $i :!..'iO. Your choice at tomorrow's greatest coat sale ST.i>() $l«..->fl fO .lTS $10.00. .">0 -lnch niack Hroadcloth Coats, handsomely braided both front and back; all lined with excellent satin very dressy, variety of styles to .select from: unquestionably worth $li ;..'iU; retluced to id (MM) TIIESK BK.VrTIFIL CO.VT.S $l ,-,.00. » Never Before Were .Such Values Swn at Thl« Price. Iniporled Itroadclolh irininied with line silk braid and t)nve the new wide shiHildcr effect. Katiil lined throughout These big c<mf values will certainly be appriM -iated: values up to $2."i .(Ul. In this reduction safe SHt .l.fN) «AK \<'rL J.VCKKTS KEDITED. JI4..%u Caracul .lack^ta at ....iKM.oO Caracul J.nrke^s at ...iR1 <MM> ?:;u.(m CaracuI Jacki'jts at ...)itl3.00 J2."..00 Caracul Jackets at .. .S51.'>.U(I rilILI>ltEN *8 COATS REDUCED. t3..'.n Children Bearskin Coats ;ft2.48 $4.r .i) Children's Plush Coats:»!3 .9i> $G.OO Children's Modled Plush Coats at S.*?.?.! |.'..00 Children's Astrakhan Coats at $2.95 Children's Cnnt.s «-14, Yrsn Rodaced. doth Coats at -$1.95 $.1.uo Cloth Coats at «:!2.95 ?r,.oo Cloth'Coats at $i ',..-.o Cloth Coats at .JRJ.9.'; $.s ..-.0 .Modled Plush Coats at.. .)lt.l.i>() |7..".0 Hearskin Coats at $5.00 BRYAN ALONE IS MENTIONED. Democratic Committeemen Talk of No Other Candidate. AGRICULTURAL -SOCIETY MEETS. F. D. Cobum is Arranging for Sessions in January. Topeka, Dec. 12.—F. D. Cobum. secretary of the State Board of Agricul ture, is busy making preparations for the annual meeting of the State Agri cultural.society In Topeka, the second W «dne8day in January. An unusually Etrong and, interesting program has been prepared and speakers on agri cnltural subjects from all over the country will be here. Secretarj* Cobum's term as secretary expires this •winter and either he or his successor must be elected at the annual meet Ing. It is probable though that the election of a secretary will be simply a fbrmallty as Mr. Cobum has been chosen without oppo.<iition biennially ever since he was first elected. TOUTSEY HOPED FOR PARDOX. Qeorgotown, Ky., Dec. 12.—In the Powers trial here yesterday Henry R. Youtsey on cross-examination admitted that during the recent campaign between Governor Beckham and Senator McCreary for the democratic nomination' for United States senator, he, Youtsey, from the state prison, wrote numerous letters to friends beg ging them to vote for Beckham, and aid in his nomination. ' One of these letters to Colonel George Washington, a Frankfort attor nes, was produced and read to the jury. Youtsey admitted he had hopes of a pardon or a parole. The Coffeyville Joints Raided Coffeyvllle. Kas., Dec. 12.—The county olHcers, headed by the county attorney and the Sheriff, raided the "joints',' of this dty today and arrested five "Jointists." A large quantity of liquor was secured to be removed to the court ^ouse tomorrow. The county attorney has started a court of Inquiry which will last several days and which pn^mlses sensational re- BOlts as far as this local city administration Is concemed. Ouster proceedings are threatened. ADMIRE BANK OPEN. ESmporia, Kas., Dec. 12.—The State Bank of Admire, Lyon count.v, Nwhich dosed following the failure of the National Ban'k of Commerce, of Kansas City, opened for business todav. President Herbe.-t MJIIer, of the Admire bank, following an | agreement made by the Kansas City banks to protect Kansas Institutions, secured fifteen thousand dollars, which Is sufficient to Insure the bank against filkher trouble. The Admire bank twenty-eight thousand dollars on deposit with the .Commerce bank when the latter ctosed its doors. Washington. V>ic. 12. —Tonight prac tical'y all candidates for the honor of entertaining the Daniocralic national convention 'had been eliminated except Chicago. I^uisville and Denver. Chicago holds the favorite place, but the rank statement of Roger Sullivan, who nepresents Illinois on the national committee that it would be difficult to; raise enough nioncj- to pay the expenses of the convention had a dami>enlng effect. The Denvjer del3gatlon was mixing freely with- the committeemen and Impressed tjipon everyone with whom they came in contact the fact of that city's r?adipess and willingness to pay $100,0(^ to secure the convention. ' Ixjuisville: also was repre.«!ented by a strong delegation headed by Senator McCreary and Representative Shirlev. Don't T^ink Bryan Will Win. W. B. Hupter. tr.^asurer of the Bry an Democratic League, of Xew York, which membership numbers sixty-one thousand, said: "I should like to see Mr. Bryan president, but I don't think lie can be ejected if nominated." BI'RIED ALIYE FOR A WEEK. Food ConTcycd to Entomlted Miners Through a Water Pipe. Reno. N'pv., Dec. 12. —The three rain- lers, Itrown, .McDonald and Hailoy. I who have been entombed for a week !in a drift at the 110 -foot level of the .Alpha shaft of the Giroux mine at Kly, arc still alive and are able to communicate with the miners nt the top o tfhe shaft. They have been given enough food through a six-inch water pipe connecting the drift with the surface to last them a week, and In case this pipe Is broken they will not die of starvation or thirst. The work of clearing the shaft is progressing slowly and it is not believed the men will be rescued for at least another week. WOULD RESIGN FIRST r. B. LODGE ELECTS OFFICERS So Witness Said Before He Would Appoint Mr. Goshom City Attorney. K.VNS.v .s N.vrrn.vL P.VY.S IP. Contrihntes Large Amnnnt to Allen County Taxes. The Kansas Natural Gas company enriched the] treasury of Allen county today to the extent of (.S.K.'iD.U when they paid their taxes. I'p to date this is the Inrgept amount of money paid in by any Individual or corimration. The tax of The Kansas Natural Is also somewhat larger tftan last year. H.-VRVEY" W.VRD. salesmanager and .M. H. Haniniond. general superintendent of the' Delia Portland Cement conipan.v, arc In the city today on a business visit. TO FINISH TOMORROW. State Board Almost Through With Provision Contracts. Topeka, Dec. 12.—The state board of control will finish letting contracts for, the supplies for the state charitable institutions tomorrow. Hardware and meat bids are b?lnp opened today. Groceries and provisions contracts w^ere let yesterday and dry goods Tuesday. On dry goods and c'othing prices were found a trifle higher than at any previous letting. The average of grocery prices is about as It was at the June letting. Dried and canned fruits are much higher, but rice, oats and a number of other staple articles of which larg« quantities are used are lower, so that the average Is about maintained. EVERETT Rankin, who has been working in the chemistry department of the I.anyon Zinc company, hav secured a good position with a Zinc Mining company. .Mr. Rankin's duties are to make tests of all ore recelv ed by the smelter companlos. His work takes him to Nevada. l.alTarpp and lola. Rcidaicr Want Ads. Rrinir RrralU. Any present will be delivered any time before Christmas, if stifficient notice is given. Especial care will be given to delivering in perfect condition. Any erro,''s will be cheerfnlly corrected. Thm Mm Furniture Store i .\t 2 ::;o this afternoon the defense I in the case of J. B. Gosborn vs. the I t-'ity of lola had lntro<luc .Hl its sec ond witness, indicating that the case I would not be closed today. So far i very little, if any, startling testimony I to bear out the contentions of the plaintiff has been brought out. Y'es-j tcrday afternoon several of th.' Democratic councllmen who were present at a meeting with .Mayor Robinson in the office of Oylcr & Barnes. I shortly before the new council w;>nt Into office, were placed on the stand in an effort to corroborate the ti 'Sti- niony of Dr. Glynn that JIayor Robinson had said at this meeting that he; would apiioint no one to office who \ cpi)osed him, but the comicilraen fall- fd to remember the statement, if it was made. This morning C. .7. Doxsee was placed on the stand for the jjurpose of showing that Mayor Robinson had told him that .he (Robinson) would resign before he would appoint Mr. Goshom city attorney. Mr. Doxsee said that Mr. Robinson had never made such statement to him. He said, however, that he (Doxsee) had told the mayor that if he* were mayor he would resign before he would a^ l>oint Goshom city attorney. Several attorneys then tmik the stand and testified to the effect that In their o|)inion Mr. Goshom was nnallfled to fill the office. \M»en the plaintiff rested, the city demurred to the evidence but the demurrer was overruled. Judge Collins was the first witness for the city this afternoon. He testified that he had known .Mr. Goshom since 1S89 and that when Mr. Robinson has asked him If he thought Mr. Goshom caiutble o ffilling the office of city atorney. he told the mayor he did not think so. County Attorney Peterson was then called to the stand. He testified that Mayor Robinson had asked him what he thought about appointing Mr. Gosh orn city attorney and he had told the mayor that he did not think such an appointment would be wise. He also said, speaking with reference to the signed statement of a number of attorneys, that Mr. Gosborn was capable of filling the office, that he told Mr. Robinson It was only a Joke as he had talked with a number of the attorneys who signed the statement with reference to Mr. Goshom's ability and they did not believe what the statement conveyed. Mr. Peterson was on the stand at press time. Several Applications Will be Voted Upon Tonight Also. TcnliJit will occur tlio election of officers in the Fraternal Brotherhood lodge for the ensinng year. In addition to the election of officers nine n .'W members are to be iiiiti.ited into the order and several ai>pIications voted upon. The outgoing officers are \Vallace Anderson. |)resi<Ient; Frank Penneil, vice president: Golda Elam, secretary; Dr. Haigh, treasurer; Past President. John Garrett; Mistress at Arms, Alice Hill; Sergeant at Arms. Frank Hnrlock; pianist. May Bishop; inside door k?eper. Mr. Stover; outside doorkeeper. Carl Moore; lodge physicians. Dr. Manley and Dr. Edith Haigh. E. P. MILLER was initiated into the Eagles lodge last night. Register Want Ads., Ic a fford. r Fonr choice milk cows, three horses, harness and wagon will be sold.Saturday at the feed yard, com;- menclng at 2 o'clock sharp. Chas. Bishop. •J^ ENAXORED OF .SOCfETY LE.VDER. Cincinnati Lnnatle Thinks Xra. Pot* ter Palmer His Aftinitr. Cincinnati. O., Dec. 12.—Possessed by the delusion that Mrs. Potter Palmer of Chicago Is his affinity, George Clifford Drouillard was adjudged insane yesterday and sent to Longvlew asylum. Drouillard was a' clerk and has held responsible positions, has written many letters filled with endearing terms, and addressed them to the society leader of Chicago. He does not know Mrs. Palmer, nor has he ever seen her, according to his friends. THE GREAT PLAINS AS SEEN Th'ROUOH MR.'PARRISH'S NEW BOOK THE , GREAl PLAIN ~1 #S A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE full of ihe roniaiitic ancP picturesque features of the development of the Great W'est. from the years tolSTO. The idea of this valuable work Is to preservs an accurate account of the life of the Great Wilderness, whic* is now fast fading Into tradition. Mr. Parrish's unco-.iinion sense' of dramatic effects has enabled him- to present these .historical fac-ts In a most entertaining way, and his book is a fascir ating to Frontier annals. Profusely Illustrated, «1.75 net. Of All Booksellers. A. C. McCI.URG & CO. PUBLISHERS, CHICAGO, ILL. THE LANDS OF TOOMISFI And of fulfillment, where climate Is also an asset, are along the Santa Fe, and easy to re:\ch. There are irrigated farms, Actions where dry farming is pract&:ed, and placed where rainfall is depended nimn. In some localities all these methods may Jbe followed. Read about the various sections. Then visit them. Homeseekers* E.xcurslon tickets are sold Beni !l-mon«hly to Tcsas, Pecos Valley and Certain portions of Colorado'amd Arizona, limit twenty-one or thirty days, dependent on destination.. Their use will save you soqieihlng. The Pecos aYllejr, Tlio San Joaqain Yalley, Xew .Mexico and .\rhoiia, T«as Colarado. t ALL FREEr Ei^ Sanla \v I W. E. R'ALSTON, Agt. 'Sola, Kaos.

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