Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 6
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FOR TH£ Mfmm ELKS* LODGE TO BOLD AMVAL ZtlEMOBIAL 8EBTICES TOMOBBOW. ^lemorial Iddress to Be Dellreredby H OB. Rmxj S, fiaase of BuUog* Ion—bBpressire Serrkc ; \ TEEWLL PinJiMCggTBB, gATPBDAT TOyprft DECEMIEB S, 1808. The ElkB lodge of this city will hold its «iuttud memorial service at the hall-tomomnr at 3 p. m.. The memr orlal address will be delivered by Hon. Henry S. Ganse, an able and eloquent uitomer of Burlington. There will also be a number of appropriate musical . '.^lections, rendered. The memorial t :erTlce is the occasion at which the lodgo pays respect and tribute lo the inemory of departed members. - The following is the program and tht list of absent brothers: Saiered Session. 1. Opening Ceremony. 2. "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere... <.<..;. Ladles Quartette MlM Florence Root, first soprano; Mist £velyn Hcwland, second soprano: Miss Virginia Doggvtt. first alto; Miss Grace Ball, Becnuil alto. Z. Opening Ode By Lodge Great ruler of the Universe, Alf'ieeing and beni^h, 7x >ok down upon and bless cur work. ( And be ail glory thine. Oh ! hear cur prayer for oar honcrc J dead, • While bearing'In our mind The memories graven on each heart i • For "Auld Lang^Syne." 4. Prayer Chap. C P. Hale 0. Solo, "God Shall Wipe Away All Tears," from "The Light of the World" by Sullivan . % • Edwin Hunter. 6. Memorial Address ........ Bro. Henry E. Ganse 7. ^olin Solo, "The Legend" by ;.. .................. Wieniawskl Mra C. L. Evans. 8. "Vesper Hymns". .Ladies Quartette Miss Florence Root, Miss Evelyn Howland, Miss Virginia Doggett, Miss Grace Ball. 9. Orchestra Selection ..I Shields' Orchestra _10. Closing C^^remonles. 11 Poxology, the audience joining, all standing. Vralse God from whom all blessings flow; l^ralse Him all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heavenly host. Praise Cither. Son and Holy Ghost. 32. Benediction...Chaplain C. P. Hale Our Absent Brothers. John Franklin Foust, 1900. D. A. Etter, 1902. . David Dalby, 1902. . Walter Parsons, 1902. fompton Moore, 1903. Tohn E. Ireland, 1903. Robert C. McKaln. 1903. 13 C. McCallen, 1906. .Jesse P.,Decker, 1906. J. S. Rodgers, 1906. B. B. Vamer. 1906. W. A. Chbguill, 1907. S M. Knox. 1907. 1) H. Pingreo, 1908. i.v:. Lockbart. 1908. V. |>etnMut, 1908. J. White, 1908. \Vm. Lanyon, Sr., 1908. FOB A HISTOBICAL HAI1. S. 5. DoIIey Has s Plan for Spending KaoMS Yfu Claim Fnnd. Topeka, Kas., Dec. 5.—J. N. Dolley, (hainnan of the Republican sUte central ccomnlttee and the leading candidate for speaker of the next house of 1 e]f.<-etentatiTes, has a plan for spend ing the 197,000 paid to the state by Tha government <m an old war claim. }!pre is.hia plan: "I like the suggestion of a hlstrri- oar and niemoral hall. The state house - is BO crowded and the business of the state .is.growing so that it is only a nnestlon oC time when son\e of the departments will have to move out or I tjte state house be enlarged. "As the property of the Grand Army of the Republic will probably come to the static when the soldiers . ? the GivU war are through with it. I; -liglit be u, good idea to expend a few thous -;iad.dollars of this money to buy a site for a lUstoricai and miemorlal buOdlng." THE LOCAL MARKETS rriees Qaotei by Card & Taggarl ^ , . Prodice Corapanj. I th^ following local market report Is ' furnls^fd by Card A Taggart Produce i company, and will be kept running in ' Thi Register every day. The prices qudtod art the prices which they will -pay for poultry, eggs and butter de- Uvfrod boTo: BM^ wtnt rteeipts per case...26c 014 R»u, fat 7c^: Old CiOX ^ 3c Sprkf Chickens 6Vio| Spilps Ducks BerlBff Turksys, 8-n> OiAKra Turkvya ... ^14 Torn Tirkeys .. Old Duoki Co Ha 80 To nc Batter. 1»H than C per cent salt.. .2&o B M I Estete Tmnsfrm. Orut WMtarn Portland Cutnonl (». to JtBMS 0. Hanion, lots 7 and 8, In blotk Mildred. Consldr ration •109. ^ John 8. Btockowlak to Gtpson Holt, -ea^ 0D*4«If of northeast one-fourth. , 20-91-19. } M * one-half acre. Consider- aUoB 12600. inry li. DarlB and J. J. Davis to Bu^oab M. Ellis, loU 14, 16 and 16 in ttlock 1, Clinton Place. Conaidera- lio^ $200. Q^t Claim deed Commercial Na4 tii»|I b«nk of Wyandotte county to -W. B.'8fy99ld» of Jackson county. Mo. lotantiibbered from 1 to. 6 and 12 in *jo<k a, Ld. Grange. . ~ W/LJ CaikVbtil, administrator to C. I- 9(omey..]ot lO block 2. Elsmore. ConHdanit^ flSO. , ;?'miA.-.4w<da«iat to Lee Mooney lot All remainini suits must go. vVe have had a remarkable suit season, do"Me our last season's sales, aiiifevery suit now in the store must b^soid regardless of cost . We have divided our Suit stotk iko three lots to make it easy for you t^ suit. You wil. have just three prices to select from. $9.85, $13 85 and $16.85. LOTt All suits up to $15.00, in brown, blue and black, at $9,85 LOT 2 All Suits up to $20.00, in blue, brown, gicen and black $13.85 LOT 3 All suits up to $30.00, I D blue, brown, grcco, black. $16.85 OUTIJfG FLANXEL GOW>S. Women's Outing Flannel Gowns in cream color with blue and grey stripes priced at 75 «i. »1, «1.23, «1.50 Women's White Outing Flannel CiOwns buton hole stitch edged and braid trimmed, priced at 81 .25 and $1 .50 'women's Muslin Gowns embroidery trimmed worth $1.00 and $1.25. Choice 89e Women's Gowns worth 65c, special price 47c Local view post cards 3 for 56 CHmST.M.VS UMBRELLAS. Special sale of (phrlstraas Unil)rnl- las, gold plated handles |1.50. $4.7."> and $5.00 ITmorfP.a on naln for $3 .49 $3.50 and 53.75 gold handle UmbrPl- las on sa'e for $2.7f) $1.50 Silk olips for net waists neatly trininipd with val lace cd.?f». colors ni'ik. Iiluc and white; special price e?fh SI.19 Hatiste Slips for net waists, colors pink, ijue and white, .sppdal 4o<? Good quality Blankets, a pair. .45C KIRS FL«S FIRS Hat .Nock Coney Kur satin lined spetTial price $1.75. $1.95, $2.00 $2;5(>. $2.75, Jf3.00, $:i.5<) $4.25. ^4;.5<) >ii> to $27..1() Klat .Mat .Natural Kur Muffs with head and tails.' priced ui $5 to $2.'> Other -Muffs at .i?1.50 to $4.5<> W«inien's light and dark plaid Coats worth up to $S.50; choice $3.49 Women's long black .Me.Hon Coata trimmed with velvet and braid :8pe- cial price for this sale $4..39 A few Rain Coats for children in hltip r)n!y, a $1."5 value, choice. .49t?^ fHILDREX'S TA.«O.SHA.\TER CAPS Cliildren;: red and blue bear skin caps, lani o sliauter stvle, 65c value on s^alp for 42<^ .s.'.c rcil. I)!iip. lirnwn and prey wool lam o shanter Caps. ."Special pricp. choice i59<' !t.'ic prey licir sifin Caps on sale for ..... ^9<r JI.L'ii whilp and l)rown tjear skin tani o shanter Caps on sale for 89^ Ladies' Coat [sweaters in white and srey.; priced at $2..1(>. mi. $:{..50. $5 and $5.50 >E.>IO CORSETS. No. 314 Self Reducing Corset for short waisted stout women, short under arras, long below waist line, low bust, price $3.00 Thompson Glove Fitting Corsets in latest, approved styles, price $1.00 to $3.50 Kabo Cor.sets lead them all in fit. stvle and wear, latest approved models, priced at $l.O0 to $,^.00 . Christmas Pest fards. each ...16 Dozen 106 Warm Underwear for Cold Days And neat fittifig garments for all -weather. Muns-mtf—the name that stands for supremacy in the undei,vear line-means f.t wear and looks. More satisfaction m tnree suits of Munslng than in half a dozen car. ments of the ormnary kind. Try It. * Ladies light or heavy weight Mt»n- sing Union Suits at $1.00. $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00. Children's Munsing Union Suits In grey or cream colored, price oOt. 65<ft. 75 <t and $1.00 One lot of Children's 60c and 65c Union Suits in ohelta style, size 4 to 10 y^ears, price 39^ Women's Union Suits In cream colored or grep, all sires, price gnr- mont 23« Topsy Hosiery for women and children, medium or heavy weight, price pair 10. 15. SW. 35 and .TO* Children's School Shoes mado of strong wear resisting leather good substantial SO I PS. well |iMt toc ;<tliPr. shoes that give uatisfacior.v wear and look neat, size ii^/z to 11, price $1.2.» • Sizp 11>^ to :;. price $1.50 Women's Heavy cir Light Sole Lace Shoes, sizp 3 to 7. price $I..10 Women's button or lace Shoes, heavy sole.;, low • co.niforlalile hePls. prlpp .$2 .(M) WoniPii'.-. [Icpcp lliipd Riililiprs, extra quality: also womiin'b fleece Alas- kas. price pair $i.OO Women's HouisP Sllppura in black and colorri, fur triraioed. Price $1.(M) and $l..'i() Great sale of Yarns and Knit Goods Saturday, Monday, Tuesday Angora or Kitty Hoods, all sizes, white or grey, regular price $]."<• and $1.50, special price 79^ and $1.19 One ;nt of IJoy's Cap:; in black and grev, values up to T.bc. choice wliile thty last UK- While and black Knit F'anl Leggins for cliildreii. size 1 year to 5 years. 65c and 75c values, choice i »J)(* Itlack .Icrst-y I'aiit Leggins. |)art liiir<in. size 1 year to 5 years, worth $l .."iii. special pri<- tTiii ( hildren's Knit Petticoats in .ill crilurH at special prlcpt; I'l.ic Knit Peltlcoal;, ."iOc* .v .c. Knit Petticoat; ••05^ Knit PettlcoHitr 79«* $1 Knit Petticoat:; 98^ Pink. blue, red and white. Shawl Fascinators, extra good values at 42(* 'li>r and 35c Stocking Caps in all colors, special for this sale 21 .".fk: and fiuc Stocking Caps, all color.-;, special for this sale A'Z^ Infants pink, white and blue, twilled tennis flannel Kimonas, 35c values on sale for 216 Infants pink, white ;ind bine eider down Kiiuonao, 65c quality on sale for 4.56 Infants' Sweaters' in all ctdors. special value:; at .506 Infant..' Iti .i .iees in all colors, priced at 12, 20 and .'JOt Wool iJolI (ilove.^ In all colors, one lat at 216 One lot at ,'{96 Infants' Knit Kimonas in white, pink and blue, a 39c value on sale for 2.56 Infani.s" Knit Kimonas in white with pijik or blue edging. 50 and 65c value on sale for 426 Infanir." pink aud blue trimmed White Kimonas, 85c and $1.U0 values • on sale for 696 $].'J5 Knit Kimonas for infants, fleece lined, pink, blue-and white, buy them during this sale, choice 896 $1.65 Wool Knit Infants" Kimonas, edged with bine or pink silk, special prici! for the three d.'iy's sale $1.2£^ One lot of ."ilxed Yarn:-; worth itp to 10c a skein. < lioire 36 Knit Square Fascinator Shawls In pink, blue, black and white, price 256 $1,25 Colored Broadcloths 89c In this December Sale of Woolen Dress Goods we offer values tliat ought to appeal to the thrifty shopper. You'll find unmatchable prices on fabrics that are in th« height of their season—dress goods you'll pay a fourth to a third more for at any other time. Rich finished colored Broadcloth.*:, hi inches wide, regular $1 .25 QQ A value; navy, Copenhagen, green, red,lan,brown and gray. Special, yd. .QgC 42-inch Panama In black and brown, .50c value on sale 356 36-inch Panamas in all wool, colors blue, black and brown, 50c value special price a yard V 396 Cotton Suitings in light and dark colors 28 inches wide, worth 17%c to 25c yard, special price for this salo. yard 146 KImona Cloth 36 Inches wide. In lic:ht oriental and floral patterns, worth 20c yard, special price, yard 12}i6 One let of dark red. green and brown suitings 34 to 36 Inches wide, regular price BOc and 65c yard, special price, j-ard 3.16 Brown and green Pear Skin, worth $2.25 yard, special price for this sale, yard.... $1.69 Fleeced Cotton Dress Goods, suitable for house dresses ',27 to 30 inches wide, worth 10 and 12Hc yard, special price a yard 8«6 One lot of Children's Worsted School Dresses, age 2 to 8 years color blue, red and green, in plain colors aud plaids, $1.25 values on sale for 896 Fleeced Kimonas In rreant color with pink, blue ntid grey patterns, worth fific. Choice .176 llrcy Plaid and stripe Cloak.- IngH 56 Inche:^ wide, heavy weight worth $1.00 and $1 2.^. yard, special price for this sale, only ^yt* 52-inch Hprrlngt)one Stripe Panama In blue, brown, green and red. $l .i >o value on sale for (596 Fancy Silks In light and dark, blue, lan. green, black and red stripes, on light ground 19 to 24 Inch silks worth $1.00 and II 25 special price, yard (J96 New Tailored While Waists made of jtopUn and tnercerlzed waistIngs. Kpcilal values at $1.50. $2.<M) and $2..'>0 •il,c Colored Woolen DrasH Goods 21^ fiiic Color»<d Woolen Dress Goods 41 urio Colored Woolen Dreis Ooods 476 75c Colored W (K >lim DreRs Ooodi ff46 Mr>i< Colored Wonirn DresM <k>odM O|I20 II. no Colored W (K )len Drrss U. 70^ 11, an Colored Woolen Dress O. HU6 $1,50 Colored Woolen Dress O, $1.10 $1.75 (Jolori«d Woolen Dross 0. 01.32 $2,00 (Colored Woolen Drass 0.1111.65 12.1)0 Oilorod Woolen Uresi 0. HJtf.lO 2r.c nittck Woolen Drens iloodii 216 arm HIsck Woolen Dres,* nooiN 256 r.0c Illa(;k Woolen DrcMi (Uindii 426 tlfir mark Woolen DrcHS (loodM fl06 .Tr.cilliirk WtMilon DroMH (ioodi; 596 $1,110 lilaek Woolen DresiH (I< KM I M H26 ll .lTi mark Woolen DriHs (ItMjdii 9H6 ll .fiO niark Woolen rioodH.. $1.21 $1,75 niiirk Woolen ti <K >dH $1.39 $2.00 Black Woolen Ooodn .,,.$1.60 FOR LADIES AND MISSES Tills year we have paid especial attention to tBIs depattment and as a result It Is fably overflowing with pretty» nsefai and Inexpensive presents for the ladies and misses. The variety |:reat, there are very few articles of a kind so yo0 need not be afraid of dopllcatloo. We are prood of oor showing In this departmeot this year and we want everybody to take a look at oor display when visiting the store. It Is also a good precatitlon to make yoar selections early as the very article which may solt yoti today may be gone iomorrow. Wmioh tor the Fmnoy Rib' ban t0. Th9 mmmt 9lmk9rmlm mmtm •ffmmoy W0 Bra agenim for iho Do* iinoa &rm iff m yoar Wm mi90 mmn ikm BuHmrimk PmU PHom lOo mmtf fife

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