Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1907
Page 3
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HE HAS L. T. COOPER TELLS tHICAGO REPORTER WHY HE ACCOMPLISHES SO MITH. .1 No man in recent years hus bejen more successful in restoring; bumpn taesilth than L. T. Cooper. During hia Rtay In CliicaKo. and whUe he was meeting thousands of people daily, lie gaVe the fulloving reason for ihe remarkable demand for bis medicine; to a reporter: Mr. Cooper said: "My New Discov- erv Is successful because it correct-s the stomath. My theory Is that tew can be sick if the digestive apparatus la working pro|R'rl.v. It naturally follows that few can be well with a p5>or digestion. "I know froni'exjierience that most of the tired, half-sick people that are so common now-a-days have half-aick stomachs. Put the stomach in shape, and nature does ihe rest. The result is geheral good health. My medicino does this. That is why fifty tJiousaud people here in Chicago are using it who never l )e;ird nf me until a month ago." .^niong Ihe fifty ihoitsand mentioned by Mr. Ctniper who usW his medicine ill Chicago i.s .Mrs. Hilda Pflueger, living at 120:? .\insUe Avenue. This U the srafemeur .she makes concerning her exi>erieuce with ihe wediciue:' "1 have been sick for six.years with stomach trouble. I was always hungry, but did not dare to eat mach. as I had severe pains in my stomach, and through my bod.v. I could not j sleep at night and was very reatless. 1 was also very nervou.s, and would have severe headaches. I was constipated, and always felt bloated after eating. "I had tried many remedies, but jcouid secure no relief, until one day I noticed in the newspapers what wonderful results Cooler's medicines were accomplishing in Chicago. I decided to try them, and shortly after commencing the treatment I began to feel better. I did not have those severe pains in my stomach, and I could sleep at night; my appetite Improved, and 1 can now eat well. 1 am feeling pike a new woman. I "I am very tliunkful to Mr. Cooiier {for what his remedies have done for me. ihiy have restored me to good health, i.ud I would advise any one jwhii MiRert; as I did to try them." r~^"e sell the Cooi)er medicines. They are easily the most celebrated prepa- ratiiui.-! ever introduced in this coup- tr .v. Krowini; iu iMipularity daily.—S. K. llurrell, ; A Commercial Club Wants Service Changed to Original Order on Missouri Pacific Road. The figures of the attendance-nnd receipts for the live seasons that ••Quincy Adams Sawyer" has lieen up tm the stage prove that nearly three million i)eo))Ie have witnessed this great drama of New Kngland rurai life In that thne. In view of ihia fact and because of the constantly growing prosperity of this attraction it can be said with truth that this is a 'U>lay In a thousand." for tliere have ocen so few similar in.stances in the liislory of the .American stage that they can be recalled readily by all theatrical men of experirtire. "Quincy Adams Sawyer" is 'Uiilfiue. Its telling uualiiiej are found in its entirt freedom from stage conveu- ilona. There is no erring girl, no mortgage on the farm, no mourning or wailiug and no vilJian. Yet strength Is by no means sacrificed by this abondoninent of familiar stage expen- dienis. For there are substituted characters that are real, motives that are natural and a develonment of in- •lerest that holds because it appeals by its strong humanity. When the famous rural drama is _ Drosented at the Grand on AVednes- !da.v. December IS. it will bo found to ! be. presented by an admirable com; jiany. every member of which has jbeen selected wtih special regard for I his or her fitness for the role played. The scenic environments of the drama is in perfect accord with its 'si )lrit and the entire entertainment is iiatnrnl and enjoyable. POLAR BE4R FLOtR Has Stood the Test Bccaose its the Best Acce|)t No Other Win. Oberdorf, Agt, TOLD OF MURDER Henry Yontspy SaM That Powers .Ir ninirrd for i\ic .VxsaiiHln. LOOBE OIREOTOnY, KNIGHTS OF MACClixia^ Knights of Maccabees of ch«. Worli meets In K. P. Hall, second and foarU Wednesday nights In each mbntli. J W. Postwalt, commander; R.B.Por­ ter, record keeper. W. 0. W-—Camp No. 101 m^tal* K. of P. Hall every Friday nlgjit "W T. Steele. C. C; A.H.D»"x. Clert risltors cordially Invited. XXIGHT8 OF PTTmAi <->^M^ Liodge No. 4S meeU erery V>nds*^ mght at K. ot P. Hall. VlsiU ia bro there invited. W.S.Thompson: \'.C.; Chris Rltter, K. of R. and S. TL W. 1.—The M. W. A. Lodg* meets every Friday night In 4^. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invite^. W.H Anderson, V.C; W.A.Cowaaj Clork BOrili NElGHBOBS ^IoIs Canu* No. 865, Royal Neighbors, meeU seo ond and fourth Tuesdays ot ea** mouth. Mrs. F. A- Wagner, oracle: Mrs. Mary Hntton, 413 W»-* S::5rti. Recorder. FBATERML BBOT&EBqOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 880 meets second and fourth Thursday pf each month In A.O.U.W. Hall. VlslUng members cordlaly Invited. H.An­ derson, president; Qolda Elaoi, secre* xtxr. Jmior Order United American K»- •ehanles.—Meets every Wedneidv evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Kali. All visiting members Invited. R, A Wldlck, Oouncelor: C. a Blaack. Rec Secretary. JEWEJJBHS. • B. F. Pancoaat. old reliable; Jeweler. 110 East street PTAMHEK. Complete oonrt at the beet school ir stammerers In America at oae- ~ilt price this fall and winter. White for Information at once. McKle School tr Btamme^. East Uth Street, isas City. Mo.. A SMAUL. gas well was drilled in i n the George Townsend farm south I this cii^- today. The well iailbough verv «mall owe may mean a dlscov- ftr of a new field.' It was drilled as a f**t well. It is likely that another will be drilled in the ne5»r future. Ceorgctown. Ky., Dec. 11.—Henry K. ^Youtsey; now serving a life sentence ; for complicity In the assasBination of (iovernor William Uocbel, was a wit- iii'ss yesterday In the trial of Caleb I'owers accused ot complicity Iu the iuiirder. He told of a conversation with Dr. \V. U. Johnson as to killing f.oebel and of the purchase by Yout- .Key of smokeless cartridges in Cincinnati. He said before the cartridges were bought Johnson became impatient and said Youtsey could shoot Goebel from the secretary of states window. Youtsey detailed the events leading to the shooting ai)d the preparations which he had arranged for the shooting. Youtsey met James Howard, who is said to have done the shooting. yiwn his arrival in Frankfort. Youtsey told of placing guns In Powers' office, raising the window and draw ing the curuin to the window, of pointing out Goebel as he approached tile capitoi and of seeing Howard aim at Goebel. He then left the room and lieard the crack of the rifle as he was (iescendiug the stairs, he said. The witness connected Powers directly with the tragedy by saying that he arrangad for the entrance of the as sassin and ai)proved of the i)lan. Youtsey also said that e.x-Goveroor Taylor dictated a letter to him asking Howard to come to Frankfort to "do the Job." Y'outsey testified that Taylor said he would give $1,500, a pardon and a military escort to the mountains to the man who would kill floebel. Youtsey identified the original affidavits which he gave Powers while both were In. the {..ouisville Jail. In these Youtsey made oath that he knew nothing against Powers to connect him in any way with the assassination of Goeltel. The affidavit, the witness stated, was given to Powers at his re- i|Uest for the purpose of getting Powers a new trial, as his case was then pending In the court of appeals. A written agreement puriiortlng to have been given Youtsey by Powers in exchange for the affidavit also was put iu evidence. The agreement was to the elTeci that Ihe aftidavli made by Youtsey for Powers Fbonid not be made public and should be returned to Yout.sey In fifteen days. Youtsey said that he knew when he made the •tatement .i sworn to In the affidavit that they were false and that Powers knew it, too. but Powers said he must have it to get a new hearing. He said Powers wrote the agreement - I 111! I Electrocution In »w Jersey. Trenton, .\'. J.. Dec. 11.—The first official electrocuiion In New Jersey occurred iu the state penitentiary ;iere today when Serverlo Dl Vlovan- ni; an Italian, paid the death penalty for the murder of Joseph Sanson, a fellow countryman. ." Bad impressions are hard to ilve down—the returns from good Impres- stons are never all in. Topeka, Dec. 12.—Complaints wero filed with the State Board of Railroad Commissioners yesterday by the Commercial club of Osborne and shippers at Stockton, asking that daily passenger train service be restored on the Central branch of the Missouri Pacific from Downs to Stockton, and from Downs to l^enora. The pasaenser trains were taken off th?se branches last Sunday. Retrenchment made necessary by the reductioii of passenger fares to two cents a mile and the fa'Iing off in business since the financial flurry are given by the company as the reasons for taking off the trains. W. B. Ham. of Stockton, has been retained by the complainants to represent them and he annoiinced that hs has also taken the complaints up with the post office department at • Washington, alleging that the service" now given the people along the two branches is not in conformity with the mall carrying contracts lietween the, railroad comiiany and th? federal government. The railroad board anticipates that there will be a food of similar complaints as practically every road in iCansas Is cutting off passenger trains, the Union Pacific wa.s the first, discontinuing a plug train on its main line between Junction City and Kills. The Missouri Pacific discon- tinned eight pa.ssenger trains last Sunday, branch lines suffering most. It Is probable that the board of railroad commissioners will be able to do u givat deal immediately to relieve the complaints In this class'of cases. The Missouri I>acific has recently ap- liealed a case, involving the right of the Board to order train service, to the United States supreme couK. This particular case is with regard to passenger service on the Madison branch, i'ntil that case is decided by the Supreme court it is hardly proh able that the railroads will obey the orders of the Board regarding addi tlonal train service. The Board will gc ahead, however, and hear the com I'.aints. making orders in all cases where a proper showing is made by the complainants. ' A> :yo« feel mdy;r Ite^ deepoadeai^ ftkve freqneot haUeches. eoeted tongue, bitter or bed taste in momlnr, "heart-: ^mm.' belching of gas, acid risings in throat after ectlng, stomach gnaw or bum, foul breath, dlizy spells, poor or variable appetit^ nausea at times and kindred symptoms? If yoM^ve may coosMerabie mmber of yon at»,s«iSerbit from \illon9>«ir «erpM iinr-wltb lodi geatio^ efficient liver invigorator. ttonaeb tonic, bowel regulator and nerve strengthener. The "Golden Medical Discovery ' Is not a patent medicine or secret noetmm. a full list of Its ingredients being printed on its bottle -wrapper and attested nnder oath. A glance at its formula will show that It contains no alcohol, or harmful habit -forming drugs. It Is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-relined glycerine, of proper strength, from the rooLi of the followlBg native American forest plants, viz., Golden Seal root. Stone root. Black Cberrybark, Queen 's root. Bloodroot, and Mandrake root. The fblltmlna lesAtns inedlc %I antboritlesL smooff m iMMt of othrn. extol ttte furesutnf Toots (tor tti« core ot lt«u surb kUmmts as the aboTesnnakomsiiMicsu: l*n>r.K. Barthoiow. M. IU of JegertOB JM. Oolktc PbUt.: Ptot H. C. WowL IL D-of UnlT.of !»«.: Vrof.Edvln M. llauTM. ItJoi Halinemann Med.Collccr. CtiU-Mo: Plot, Joka Kinr. it. Author of Km'tiewa JMaammUorr: Prof. Jno. IL St -a<t- der. SL a. AMEir^ Sprrls.- .Medicines: Prot Launnc* Johaiiaa. M. D.. Med. Dmt: Vntr. of K V.: Prot Ffnler Slllnsvood. H. Du AntlMr or Haterla Sledlcaaad Prof, la Benaett Mrdl- csl OuHiv^k tl >lc ««ui. Srud name and ad- itnuoD IWal Canl to Dr. K. Y. I'itrcft. Buffalo. X. V_ and rw-eire 'nt bcoklet gixlDg extncts trtm «ritlt>r<ot all <br aboT* mrdi- cal sntliorsand manx others endor^nc. in the ttn>atvst poasibie trrmt. earb and erprr in- Cmiient of which *CSolden Medical IMMWV- crv ' b-rompoaad. Pr. IVrce'a Piea-wnt Pelleis reculate and tarlsorsle noaucii. liver and bowcic They aur be used in coajnnoiioa with 'GoMea Medical Dfauwery* it Imwel^ are mnch . susated. Tlier 're tiar and coaar-ooetcd. V.U.n: OF HK.'HT BRE.VTIIINO. Health ('nraes From Knowing How and What to Breathe. Dust laden with the germs of con sumption or other disease is. inhaled by all who use the streets, but disease Is not developed unless the germs find conditions suitable for their lodge­ ment and growth. With people having catarrh there Is nn ideal culture medium for these erms. as the irritated membrane and weakened tissues Is a hot-l>ed where germs must thrive aud multiply until they are numerous and active. If yon have catarrh, .voii should use the easiest, simplest and nuickest cure, the direct method of. Hyomei. whose wonderful medicated air Is taken in with Ihe air you breathe, directly following and destroying all germs liiat have been Inhaled, repairing any dninnge they inayJiave worked and so healing and vltaliilug the tissues an to render catarrh and germ Infection nn longer irasslble. The unusual way in which Hyomei Is sold should dispel oil doubt ns tn Its curative properties, for Chas. H. Spencer offers to refund the price to anyone whom it fails to benefit. You do not risk a cent In testing the healing virtues of this breath of life, for with every $1.00 outfit. Chas. B. Si>en- cer'gives a guarantee to relieve catarrh or money refunded. CRITICilZES NATION'S BILLS. Senator Jeff Davis Says Amount of President's Expenses is too Large Washington, Dec. 12—In the Senate today Senator Jefferson Davisf of Arkansas, delivered a speech in favor of his bill to suppress trusts, pooh, combinations and conspiracies. Davis said his bill would not permit corporations to sell products in one part of the country at a price less than hi another part. He criticized the amount paid President Roosevelt In and for expenses aside from the salary. He said the total was enormous ond unreasonable. He would do away with gambling in cotton, grain an! the necessities of life. rO SAVE THE AMERICAN EAGLE. The Birrf in Danger of Becoming Ex tinct, Says a Western Man. Spokane. Washington. Dec. 11.— A movement to prevent-the extinction of the .American eagle has been started by de'egate Carey Smith, twice grand worthy president of the Fra- tenial Order of Eagles, which numbers abotit .lOO.OOO members. Mr. Smith has issued an address to the members of ttis order calling for legislation to forbid the wearing of eagles' claws or an.v emblem which uiviilves the dieath of the bird. He also advocates freeing the eagles now confined in cases at parks and other lesortv. and counsels the members of the order to support for public office only those who will favor the pr.^ser vatlon of the living emblem of American fn-eclom. S0*5 CURE CU>imtIeas Contfhs have bcea pcrmaoentW cured •ith PiM's Cure. Ic U (om- 'pOMd oi lh« nou cffictiw te«Kdle*kiio«n in BudicttM far tite ireUmeDt of cousbi. cold*. bnMKhHiii and all |cbcni< aSectioa*. and ha* brcomc world (am(><]«tbro8Kb nt -arir ball -a ceaiurj ot mam-low DEMOCRATS MEET Will Select Place for .Sational XomiU' ating foBTentkm at Meeting Tomorrow. Washinton. Dec. 11.—All preliminary preparations for the meeting of the democratic national convention committee which will be held tomorrow have been completed. The only contest will be over the place; of meeting and the present indications are that it will be a fight. So far there has been no active canvas among the delegates here in the interest of any city except Denver. It is expected I .,oui8 ^-ille and Cleveland will also be active candidates and some members hope Chicago will extend substantial Invitations. So far, Chicago occupies apparently the same attitude toward the democratic convention that it did towards the republican and some mem hers believe Salt Lake City will make the same proposition that it made to the republican committee, which was to furnish a hall and pay all expenses of the convention. In that event It will secure the vote of many of the committeemen. Kansas City and St. Louis are not after the convention. >600 A MINUTE, Penalty Provided In a New York City Contract, New York. Dec. 11.—A penalty of $.*<)« a minute, Bhc heaviest ever pro- Itosed by the city—is Imposed tn a contract Just signed with the New York Bdison company. The company must pay this if it falls within tbrea minutes after a fire alarm Is given, to furnish aA^uate power to operate pumps from the city's new high pressure water mains. The new high pressure fire service will be completed iomonr)w and John H. O'Brien, water commissioner, has made a contract Blth the Bdi.son company to supply the necessary power to operate the pumps. The new system has been installed at a cost of 12,500,000. JEFFRIES WILL REFEREE. Big Fellow tb Look After the Attell Moran Battle in Frisco. San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 11.—Owen Moran of EUigland, and Abe Attefl, of this city, will fight 25 rounds for the world's featherweight championship in San Francisco on New Years day next. The contest will take place In the Colma arena and will commence promptly at 2:15 p. m. James J. Jeffries will be chosen referee. The men will have to weigh in at 120 pounds, two hours and a half before entering the ring. They will box for sixty per cent of the gross receipts, of Which GO p?r cent will go to the winner and 40 to the loser. Each fighter has de^ posited $1,500 as a guarantee to meet tlie required weight. COMPANY OFFICIAL SUICIDES. T. O. Saldler Shot Himself in bffice of a Bank. San Francisco, Dec. 12.—T. Otway Saldler, manager of the west end branch of the California Safe Deposit and Tnjs' company, committed suicide last night In an offloe In the bftnk, blowing off the top of his head with a sawed off shot gun. His dead l>ody was found today. He was a close friend of J. Daliell Brown, vice- president and manager of the California Safe Deposit and Tnist company, who Is In prison accused of emhezxle- menl. STOPS BIG Qr .ilL SHIPMENT. Birds FnrAnte to KMSW Pity Con- AMUM at Tolsa, OkU. Tulsa. Okla.. Dec. 12.—€lx trunks if nnail. containing 1.500 birds, en- rotite from Oklahoma City to K^n^s ^ity. were confiscated by Agent Cllne of the local Frisco station by pothor- ity of the state game warden, who has >ie»n noMfled and will come here to take charge of the capture. Under the Oklahoma law there is a heaw nenalty for shipping or attempting to ship fiuall out of the state. Mr. Bi4gely, the Comptroller, Seys Financiers Most DeeMe Soon Aboat K. C. Bank. Washington, Dec. 10.—Unless a satisfactory plan for the reorganization of the National Bank of Commerce is soon submitted to Comptroller Rldge- ly he will direct Bank E:xaminer Brad< ley to proceed to wind up the bank's affairs. The plan submitted by W. T. Kemper was so indefinite that the comptroller Is not considering it. Mr. Ridgely was asked this afternoon if he had under consideration any plan for the reopening of the bank. He replied that be had not. Unless Mr. Ridgeley changes his mind E.xaminer Bradley will remain in charge of the bank indefinitely. He stated today that he had. full confidence in Bradley and that the depositors ought to be satisfied with him. At least twenty-five financiers in KaU' sas City and other Missouri towns have applied for the app«)lntment of a permanent receiver. Mr. Ridgeley in referring to these applicants called attention to the rule by which a receiver is not taken trom the town in w-hich the Insolvent bank is located. He was asked if he were likely to make an exception in the case of the Bank of Commerce. He replied: "I know of no reason why I should." The comptroller intimated thai he would not even consider a reorganization plan which Included the ap- imiotment of Dr. W. S. Woods as so- receiver with Examiner Bradley. D.-ivid R. Francis of St. L/iuis. who it has lieen reported, is taking an active interest in the proposed reorganization of the I3ank of Commerce, was in Washington last night Mr. Francis stated that he bad stopped here on his way to New York lo attend a meeting of the directors ot the New York Life Insurance company. At Wiilard's hotel he met Secretary Cortelyou. Comptroller Ridgely and W. T. Kemper, with whom he dlscnssed the affairs of the Bank of Commerce. Mr. Francis said Jie explained to the treasury officials, that the resumption of the Bank of Comerce would have a good effect. "It has been re- jtorted that Mr. Francis was coming to Washington to ask the appointment of George L. Edwards of St. Louis, as receiver. This he denies. Comptroller Ridgely after his talk with .Mr. Mr. t'rancis said that the latter had not submitted any" plan for the bank's reorganization. F .4r CASH FOB TOUB CIBO- CERlkS A>D MEATS. 25 lb. Granulated Sugar ttJi S Boxes of i :gg-o-See .S^ 2 Boxes Price's Food J3 7 bars of Silk Soap JSt 1 Gatlon Apples M Hominy Grlt«, .1 bo.xes for ^ Meats. Boiling Beef, ..3c to 7e Beef Steaks. lOc to Ific Pork Steaks^ Chops and Roasts, 12Me Sugar Cured Skinned Hams, lb . ISe FRYER BROS. Phones sm^l Bast Side Sqnn Bring This Ad. CASE AFTER CASE. Plenty More Like This in lola. Scores of lola people can tell you about Doan's Kidney Pills. Aiany a hai'py citizen makes a public state- mint of his experience. Here is a case of it. ^Vhal better proof of merit can be had than such endorsement? Joseph Stephens, ot 318 West Monroe street, lola. Kansas, says: "The prompt action of Doan's Kidney Pills should recommend them to anyone suffering from their hack or kidneys. I procured this remedy at Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store and Its use brought me great relief from pain In my back and other evidences of a disturbed condltou of the kidneys. In my estimation Doan's Kidney Pills are the banner kidney remedy, and i give them my emphatic endorsement." For sale by all dealers. Price CO cents. Foster-MIIburn Co... Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's and take no other. MKS. TAFrS FUXERAL HELD. The Secretary's Mother Will Be Buried In Cincinnati. Millsbury. Mass., Dec. 11.—The funeral of Mrs. Louisa M. Taft, mother of Secretary of \\'ar Taft, was held at her late home here yesterday. Rev. George A. Pittnam of the First Congregational church, officiated. The body will be sent to Cincinnati for burial. (•A\T BEDl'CE EXPRESS BATES. Knnms City Judge Grants Petition of Six Express Companies. ICansas Cit.v. Dec. 11.—Upon the petition of six express companies. Judge Smith McPherson in the federal court here today Issued an order temporarily restraining the Missouri state board warehouse railway commissioners and Attorney General Had ley from putting Into effect the new law reducing the express rates. IHitiUel Water One hnndred pbnnde ot Crya- tal Ice wUI maka U gallons ot distilled water eoiUble for family nee. T17 It IdalcetCtUSttrveC* PRANK RIODLB. Mgv. > m ,11: Christois iiMftieeBeiibl Holidij Jeweixy ' sdvelties Aat combine £be best of taste in a Wide variety of JBterling Silver Novelties, Toilet Sita and articled for personal adomment. A fine line of Watches, Chains aiid Fobs. G. A. JEWELEB. A Good Steinway Sqaare Piano for $50.00 Splendid Tone and Action. ' Call Soon. Roberts Piano House WEST SIDE SQUARE. Jleadqiiarters for Santa Clan8 .^1 ^V line of Pressed and Undressed Oi ^lLs Toilet cases. Work Boxes, Cuff Bozee, Handkeiichief Boxes, Vases, Xn^S Candles,- Puff Boxes, Children's Booke. Albums, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs, MxA- lers. Ties, Ladles' Furs, Fancy Stockings, Faiicy Hose. ^ We have a nice selection ot rery choice articles from Chas. Dickens of Ma'nitoif. Colorado, which we are going to sell at half price. These are very choice cut stones. We will be glad to show you. AG. MUAIMA, Pioft, TKe «0arir «9»» , Restaurant Everything la Season. SHORT ORDERS OK ALL KUU)% -The Allen cotinty Hardware asd jmplenient man. NoatiSidcSquaic U>h. ^ a;, .'L. - £.:•% ^ •fari II i" J aji

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