Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 5
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Just Two OM0mn Bat^O^! What a contraat You see it every 4ay— one old fellow smoking his pipe in comfott and taking it easy; the other with a pick or abovel, digging for enough to EAT tin- til death or the poor honse, relieves him. MAN, STOP and THINK. Which will be your lot It is a serious question—what will you do about it? , The only wa^' to have money when you're old, is to save it while you're young. Don't yon think about the most sensible thing you could do would be to start a small bank account right now, and add to it little by little? Reallyi don't you? A dollar or two will do. at 60? State Savings Bank Ompitmi $25,000 Mm,%fOimmM Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights 4 OhrTmfmmg SuggmBiiBm POST CARD Make Ideal Kifts. We bav£ them in many styles, sizes and grades. Look them over while the stock is large. SPENCER'S 1^' ir yon are contemplating the erection of a monunlent or tablet, call and see our new and up-to-date stock of Foreign and American Granites. We carry the best that can be obtained on the market. Our shop is equipped with a new compressed air lettering machine for lettering and tracing. Otir prices are the very lowest for first <^ cla^s «rork. Call and see us and > gck-t)rlcesJi We want your business. J. C.C0FFIELD&SON Pboneim. 22a West St SOME REAL BARGAINS IN « REAL FINE GOODS We must have the room for our book and stationery business so the balance of our Hand Painted China, Glassware, Statuary, Pictures, Dressing Cases, Toilet Boxes, Every piece of theie goods, must go at some price. Watch our Windows Evans Bros BobiCSELLFRS Short Stories ion Ida Happoungs. —rrmnk 8. B«attte. V. B. FkoM U9. B. D. McClaIn at Center. Baxter D. McClain of Ida and E. Q. Stiliwell of Kansas City. Kansas, were in the city Wednesday, attending the trial of Inge vs. Stiliwell. before G. R. Stephenson, referee. The taking of testimony was finished and oral arguments of the attorneys, Mr. •McCIain for plaintiff and G. H. Lamb for defendant, were beard. The ref oree will now proceed to make up his leport to the district court. This case (8 for an accounting between partners, and grows out of the failure of the Neosho Falls Bank In 190C.— Yates Center News. —Ixwk at the Our Way window. Reynolds at Center. A. G. Reynolds of lola. owner and manager of the Majestic theatre at lola, was here Tuesday and made ar rangements to open a moving pictnre show in the Auditorium Monday night. He will use the same filai« that are put on at lola and guarantees them to he satisfactory. Misses VIn: nie and Irma Lewis will furnish the music during intermissions, which will assure the patrons of good entertainment along that line.—^Yates Center News. —Fttsgerald 8tmge anl Traasfer Co. Hoaaehold ni plaai> aMTlagi Urgest *U>n room la city. Fkone tSC Pox Thnovflh Mi. F. C. Fox pf Topeka, general superintendent of the Santa Pe railroad sustem. was in Ghanute this afternoon on his way to Tulsa to see the damage done by the flood. His car was attached to the southbQund^ passenger train, and the snperlntendent only stopped here long enough to take dinner.—Cbanute Tribune. —Dr. J. B. Pepper. Vmtfst nw lU. Kress Store at Ghanute. Another rumor concerning the plan of the Kress company to start one of their 5 and 10 cent stores in this city Is floating around. It is to the effect that the company Is negotiating for store space on West Main street and that It Is trying to lease two floors of a business block there. The present occupants of the building have as yet received no notice that the lease which they hold Is to be terminated In favor of the new-comers. Kress stores have been established In several cities in this comer of the state. The one nearest to Ghanute is in lola. It is known that the company wants to start one here. A short time ago It negotiated for the corner at Main and Lincoln, occupied by the Miller furniture store, but the deal was not consummated.—Ghanute Tri ; bune. —iBifgt kavfoc "IT, H." n ««r. Came via. lola. Santa Fo passenger train 2U2 from Wellington, due In Chanute ;it 1:25 p. m. was one and a half hours late this afternoon on account of waiting at Independence for the train from Tulsa. The passengers for Eteporia who were to transfer here, were taken on to Ottawa. The afternoon passenger train on the (Emporia branch left on time but -the thUn for Pittsburg waited until the arrival of the train from the south.—Ghanute Trll>- une. -Pn. JMtknm. IMevvtllM. HMM MB. Tor Bewflnci Contest The Arcade Bowling Club has arranged for a contest with the f^s of lola totaiorrow'evening. It has been several years since such sport between adjolnios towns baa been carried on and the Chaoute bowlers are Mxaia reviving the spirit Those who will represent the home alley tomorrow evening are E. Moore, A. 8ef- gel. Webber, Harry Miller and Me- Intym of PetroUa. They are all old luads at ^e ciMbe.-7-Chaniita Snn.' —Our Way'w<p*o?r-*«* «t. It Irook'at'tlie Our Way vtatfow. are flve^ e, 1. o. n, asd tfoia^ times w aad y. The legs eztend from Rama^y 't Plan. 'tbe abdomen to the floor, andhava Supt Ramsey baa planned for an liinfM to enable a fellow to sit down old fashioned spelltaic match in tbo when auaitag or to stand wben aU^ scboola tofflorraw only, there will be-Ung." no "chooalag sides." The ehooaiac haa already been done by the anper- Intendent 8peIUn( matches, It la belioved, will prove a pleasant and highly profitable feature o( adiodi work. —The Onr Way window. This la Soma Nam*. „ A! Great Bend baby, whose father Anything that tenda to pn>>'ls a rlpanortlng Repoblieaa, and-an mote good itpelllng shonld be enoonr-! ardent baaebaU fan, baa be^en started aged. There is nothing in our prea- In Ufe with this name aa^a hMdlcap— ent acbooj system that needs greater iTaft Wkgner Cobb Mdnnea. "It seems care and attention now than our or- a pity,- saya the Tribune, "to encam- thography lican. work.—<:nierryvale Repub* "—See the Onr Way window. Was In KIncaldL Mrs. Ollie X/>ckwood and daughter. Yvonne, returned home to lola Snn> day after a few days vlait with relatives and friends here.—KIncaid Dispatch. -Cawdatham * Anelt, • piw Mat Sentenced Another Tolsen. Judge Smart and Stenographer Fitzgerald came down from Ottawa today, on the noon train, tor an adjourned session of the district court When court convened. Judge Smart sentenced Osie Tolson to the Hutchinson reformatory until released according to law.—Gamett Plaindealer. —Dr. F. K. Waagi; Dentist. Phtae t& Sent HIn to tela. The itinerant umbrella mender who has l>een working in town a few days left on the noon train for idla. He also left his working kit and. a pint botUe half jlnU of "mtnrun" whiskey on the seat of the Santa Fe depot He was paralysed dranlc couldn't have carried the Jag and kit both if he had tried. As It was. '^he didn't try to take the kit, seeming to think that the Jag was an he would ever need. The liquor was tmught from a Garnett bootlegger. If a half pint of "raiU- run" whiskey puts a man in that condition, the result would certainly be fatal If a man should absorb a pint.— Garnett Plaindealer. —Get your Candy at Mnndls. Bought the Humboldt National. The property of the HumboMt National Oil 4b Oas company was sold laat week to L. 8. Jonea, of Oswego. The plant brou^t )2,80O and will declare dividend some time near the first of the year. Mr. Jonea will sell the material off asi fast as possible. There Is considerable material on hand but of course It is not as valuable as when was installed. The company has been operating at a loss for the past year and decided it was best to sell while It was to the good. The deal (a iwtlsCactory to the. atockholders .as they will get part of their money back.—Humboldt Herald. —Watch the Our Way window. —— I A Falsa Alarm. Some little kid ia playing to hard luck today.. He tamed in an alarm of fire saying it was at Fred Hanser'a in the south part of town. The firemen went to Fred Hariand's. Therb was no fire, the kid did not see the mn, and b& proabbly has an interview over his father's* knee In prospect—Hum boldt Herald. —Lowney's , and Lyon's Candy at Mundis drug store. Pushino the Paving. I Contractor Gilflllan is again push ing the work of paving the public square. The concrete is now being put down on the north side of the square.—Nevada alL Rooms for men. T. U. C. A. building: Steam heat In each room. Baths free. Mrs. Geedin Back. Mrs. Wialter 0oodin, who has been visiting Mrs. Alice Goodin. retamed to her home at lola today.—Nevada Mail • -to'ij Ply —Watch the Our Way window. Credited to a •elteel Boy. A bright pupil in Republic county, wrote this essay: ; "The human bii>dy consists of the thorax, - ab<fomen and legs. The head contains the brains, in caae there are any. The thorax contains the heart and lungs, also t&e liver and lights. The abdomen contains the tewels, of wjiich there Doii*t|Get Ctqght Noppmg Don't let your friend hand you a nice Christmas present and then not have something to give in retoro. Be ready, be pre> pared. Our store ia al. ready full of suitable gifts for all. We wlH lay it away for you now and let your mind rest b«r a Itttle fellow In this manner, who is Just starting In life, but with a Umely Hiit' or two. a goodly number of aacrtllces and the abiUty to drive one safely over k few rhasards' that one ia apt to encounter in life, he ought to arrive at the end with a pre^ ty good score." par ssBt BMmay; BO aloa: BO d«ilKr.^^itli * Travis. Llkea Allen County. Mr. Lenard Herod, one of Neosho county's moat popular educators, stopped off liere over Sunday, on his way home from the teacher's meeting at lola last week. Mr. Herod likes the school—system In Allen county much better than the Neoaho county—system, and Is thinking of trying to secure a school in this county next year. -^dSlsmore Leader. painting. Fred Rowden. phoaaH^n. Want Manual Training. A delegation from the Tuesday Heading club will attend the regular meeting of the board of education Monday nlfjit and petition that body for an appropriation of |t26 for the establiahment on a small scale, of manufl training in the city schools. With this fund It is planned to pur- ehaae ud equip work benches and offer Inatructlon In wood carving, cutting aad b^et weaving to thirty- six,boys and girls of the eight grades. Ghanute la falling to keep peabe with surrounding towns In the recognition of the value of manual training. Pittaburg, Independence, CoBeyville, Wlnfleld. Port Scott Iota, and other towna having established this modem branch, of cold education several years ago, and the Tuesday Reading club expecta to foster the movement and eventually create an interest among school patrona which wtll-re­ sult In the Ineorporatloa of advanced manual training in the-eirrtculum of the local schools.—Cbanute Sun. H6W TO CUIE SKIN BISEAta The terms that cause aUn diaeaaee must ba draws to the surface of theddn ""sulCpfsQtaan liquid for external tiae, willds tw*M>d will permanentljr euro feverjr fom of itcbinc skin disease; ' For ssle everywhere. Write for sam- E.W.Rooe Medicine Co.,St LboU Awarded highest honors by the great World's Expositions^ and proved of superior strength and purity by the official tests. No aluniy no lime phoqA&tet Food officials^ state and naUonaly with physicf^nSi condemn the use of alum in^f^yfffid deplore and denounce if^ methods by which al^n^ baking powders are imposed upon.the public betterments in Kansas. Col. J. H. Richards, one of the general attorneys for this division, says that the company ia ready to spend an endl<>sa sum to bettef Its facilities, ^be colonel also states that the reaajon l^is people haven't done more for battsr- ments is because President QtPff* Gould has been trying to 0pai |e« a plan to extend the line to the-Paeltie coast Thta deal haa practically >een consummated; in fact the company is certain that it is to be made, and one of the general oiBcers has sent out a sUtement, couched in scientiilo terms, showing what the company expects to do.—Ft. Scott Tribune. For sale at Barren's Drug Store therifPs Mother Very III. Sheriff €. 0. BolUnger left last ev enlng for Bourbon county to see his mother. Mrs. W. Bollinger, who is very 111. Mr. Bollinger's brother-in- law sent word to him this morning that his mother was now In a critical condition. She is suffering from heart trouble. —Always time to eat at Onr Way. Would Play Chanute. The Wlashbum team now wishes to secure a game with the Go-Devils to be played in Chanute Christmas. It \p impossible for the locals to scht;^- ule that date with them, as they are due in lola to again meet the Triplets. The management is yet undecided as to what team it will take on for New Year's day, but it is Ite intention to bring some strong eleven to Cha­ nute.—Cbanute 8nn. —The Our Way window. Man'ley Telia Why. Superintendent Manley,- who has been In charge of Chanute's gas department practically since its installation and Is familiar with every detail of satlataetory service, glvea two reasons as responsible for the shortage in Kansas City's gas supply. The famine, he says, is largiely due to small mains and dead ends. Two ten- inch pipes are not sufficiently large to supply three big cities during sudden cold weather. In addition to this handicap Kansas City is hampered by dead ends. Mains extend several miles out Into the residence section and sub- uits and are pmgged. Thia is highly derogative to even service. The gas Is not equally distributed, end is, in most caaes drawn off before it reach es the dead ends. If the circuit system WW Installed an even pressure would be maintained over the entire city and much more sa'tisfactory results obtained.—Cbanute Sun. —See the Our Way window. Putting in Concrete. Foremiin Amerman. who ba« chtrge of the street paving atarted a fore« of men at work today putting in conotate on the northeast comer of the square. —Nevada.Post —Mundis has the Candy. NaaMd After lefab A good many girl bablea at lola are named after the town.—Bmporia Oa- sette. 2100 VludenU Now. The attendance of atudenta at the Unlyeralty ol Kanaaa Is now nearly 2100,' the largest enrollment In the hUitorr of the InsUtntion for the flrst semester. A very large increaae in attefidanoe is indicated for the aec- ond semester which begins February 8. IMt. —P90T06BAPR»- Tor XMA8 will be treasured above all aNw by your friends and relatives. Oont worry longer whatto send them, but ea(i)e to qur STUDIO at onco and arraaga for a aitUng. Our PLATINUM and ^nq ^U |%btoa can't be beat We h»vs fiuHaatva styles in card mogats from two of the largest firau In the jBOBatrir- Call and see samples of our jworlE. .Bring the Babies to oar Studio jifyoil wish the tmo Baby expreasfcm |[|tt tim ^etafaa. Picturea nwd*; at «1g|^;tlift same aa dayticht Opea ar- aolio tlUiXKAa framjio S:M. STDpKI, A Geed Oasser. The Garnett Gas company brought in A splendid well this forenoon.. It Is located ou the Sawyer farm, ppar the Judy school house. This proi^iea to be one of the best wells the company owns, and if there was any d ^mbt that we hadn't enough gas to supply the demand this -winter (thoniA there was no> doubt), thi^ insures plenty of gas.—Gamett Plaindealer. —Qeod meals, K ceats, at Fan's RestanranL Too Clese to Fire. A tramp called at the Santa Fe shopa at Ottawa yesterday moraing trying to begr a pair of overalls, and bis appearance, was proof, that hif need was not an assumed ons- tltf hobo bad been sleeping wltl|' his ha<4c to ft camp fh^ north of town, an4 liad gotten a little too close ot the lira. When be awoke a large area of tl)* west side of his trousers had' gone Up in smoke. —Out Way Window' Caased a Seasatlai. The trial of Mrs. Ariie Hfatoa for the murder of her divorced hifslMnd. Cline Heaton, in lola last July, ^{1 come up hi the January terq^.-M cam In Tola. Mrs. Heaton is noKout op bond living with her sister, .Ifn.QS' car Learn«rd lit Bartlesville,^ itNpg. Mrs. Heaton formerly lived in I4W- rence. The murder caused one of tl|a biggest sensations ever known here:-r Lawrence Journal. TO GDBS COLD IS OITS PAT. Take Laxative Bromo Qulnliia T«b< lets. Draggtsts refund mtmar |f It fails to cure. Ji. W. OROVE*8 sifaa^ ture Is on each box. SSe. "Teddy Bears" to lala. The "Teddy Bears" will go to lola Sunilay to. play the team which met liere two weeks ago. Tka IqCfla are playing some faat ball this JUT. They detfeated lola 29 to 0, Mld'dfl that they wni be equally as s«qMM- ful up there, as they have asvarsi new additions to the squsd. Thpf lost one game; at Humboldt by a ippire of 2 to ft. but the deeiaion of t^e o||e- lala waa unfair.—Chanute Sun. $18,500 THE COST I. nr. Delley Has Estimated Cost of Bepablleaa Campaign la Kaasas. Topeka, Kas., Dec. &.—It cost the Republicans ot Kansas $18,500 to carry on the campaign through September and Octot>er and nearly 119.000 was collected to pay this bill. i. N. DoUey, chairman of the committee, la chccklnp: II 1 1 the odds and ends of the campalgu bills today and probably will issue a statement In a day or two showing Just what the campaign did cost and how much money.was paid in. That there will be a balance of about 1500 is certain. Thus far the oolleetkma have amounted to tlSJOO and there are aome pledges yet to be collected. The total expenos haa been 118.600. but there are some bUIs yet to come 1n^ Just how much Mr. DoUey doSs notvknoir. When all ^ the collections are made Mr. Dbllay expects that th« receipts will be close to |19,000 and the expenditures will be about $18,600. Tlie postage account was the larg- Mt more than $6,000. The expenaes of th« speakers was a little more l»n $4,000 and the printing bill was $3,800 Office help, express and incidental expenses make up the balance. All of the speakers were allowed thMr full traveling expenses, but they did not receive solarr. The Democrats spent about $7,000 in their campaign and had little or no money left None of the Democratic oftlcials has miade up a detailed statement ^^^^^^^^^^ y._ « ' -* FINEB POR.NOVEimBft ^3. A. Heavy Biislnsas Ylaiderf Small Sum " ~ • ' af Appeals. • . "The' aoeaiaUon sometimes heard VtifA when, you •» Into, poliea oourt yon am eoavletaa.bafore a trial la net 1Ml-bbm«<^ report'tor this: month." Judga'Celllaa said la eom-*^ .tetatlng upoa->hia jratfbrt for Koram^- [tecv '.To»wiU; A»Nrv» thit oC the 41 eases'doeket»d;fl>ar ware fouBdaet guUty and flto; csaaa .were of aa^ a diaraeter tfMt'the eonrt did aot l^eare to take-edcalMoeo of them.°Th« Haes aad eoata laipoaad ahow ahaavy inerawa orer tba praeadlag aostlk but' the amount paid lato tb«- dtr treasury ia not laersaaad beeaose aav. oral of the llqoor caaaa were appeal, ed.-- • •w^MI The report of Judge Collins In da. tall follows: Nnmhsr of eases doekated. 41; nu«. ber of eaaaa oontlnaed. - S; anmhor of caMdlradssad, 6; aumbar oC eon* . vfctlons, 30; number fooad not g^ ty. 4; fines and coate lmpoaed,.|tl3: fines and coaU coReeted |M4; «||fa-. and costs to he worimtf oM Vi^^i • fines aad coats la eaaaa a^aalad to the distrlet court $418.60; tea* aod cosU unc(dIJ9eted,$7.00:-ha«flae»t «a oosU coUedad $8.00; amootdiia ttb city fiom poUee Judge $$47.00: aa|out paid to the city treasurer $«j7 .po^' k BABOAlk PBICB ^WOWL . fmige jCsUfas JHaidits Dawa a JaKfr» $!• far J; mOmme. , It was "Pemvlaa Btttera^ tf^pM| cent aieOtoi," that put JetavMOjimr an umbrella mendor. In the priadian* dodc in ptrtice court this nMnriM. V . McLane told Judge CoJlIna • booi^ two bottlea of the He drank the «onteiit» of- ow»^' portion of tha other. Jobxfrnmfhi ing- along Misdtaoit scrsoao - Bildretb. a iiatralman, em Irving faUM to obaarrve »get in the clear. MicLane waa i "I haven't 'drhnk' a drink'J year." McLane said, to Judg»: this morning, by way of axplr "and it wasn't my iirtentlaii to u— -.—r. bought the stuff for medldnet.^ r?v, Judge CcAUns inspected the labsl iJa the bottle. r'Gnaranteed uikdM>-'4%a> , foodamr drag act:" the Judge aaM;:^ make a nun drunk. Will rsBOfa' heaviness from the stomach anA;^l|J9a' it in the feet. i;m sorry for you Igte, ibut fellows • come-vUp'vJ--» charged with drnnkf>nni>SB and t't you loose, there woulda't be naw in holding court Y-our tine la '|7. price ot dranks In lola haa «d«fe| since you were here and $10 la regular fee now. But I'll matfc- down to $ your case." . McLane bad no money and waa eo<|i» nrftted. ,.r3 WISE. i Took Sen Hems. C. L. Morriapn went to the i^ap pounty hos'pitsi yesterday to 'Msff home his son Clyde, who has liaan thera for an (deration for. apMSdi* eltla. WbUe not enUrely walllNMims able to be brought home. Mrp. 'Harrison has been caring for bfqi - w^ilsi there aad she returned hoBe-alM.-^ Moran Herald.* Took WifS Heme. Dri A. H. DeLong went Ip-Kpapat City I yesterday to aooompgur-Afr^- DeLong home from th* hoBpit^.,Wk9ra she has been for the last nnyi re. oorsriag from aa operatioa. TMy re. taraed home this atteniooa.-.*.l(kiraii Herald. ... oT Uva Ner«. Mr, and Hi^IUI KeeUaii; •t the DIGEST ALL FOOD BTEBrTHiNG IS DIGESTED AND VOT LEFT TO FEBMEBCK There WID Be Tery Few Dyspepties Here After This Beauokahle Prep, aratloa BeeeaMs Better Kaewa;, Doaa It ever occur to you how busy that little stomach ot yours Is? It ac- ti)§l|y only holds three pints, though Iq'oae year you force it to take in ?,i00 pounda ot material, digest It and Prspare it for assimiiatioa to the Mood. Do you wonder at the number of caaes of indigestion and stomach trouble? You crowd It with steaks and pastry, irritete its'Juices with spices and acids and expect this little (our.oance mill to do im work. '•Is there any wonder that your food passes undigested, or laya like a lump of Ifad in the stomach? That everything you eat turn* to add. stoosacih gaaand stcaudi poison, putilfying the Inteatinea and. digestive eanala. eausiog UHonsbesa. haadadies, dlssl- isa aad ladlgeathm beartbnra. nan- aaona breath, ooastlpatioa and other more dangerous symptoms? Gall your disease iriut you wtll— Indigestion, gastKltls. ' Bervounesa.^ dysp^iaia. catarrii of atomadKl atew-- you know tlie real name, ttia real difr ease Is fermentation of the fUbd'yoa •at—« aoar stonaach. which bel^sa pa and erupts undigeated food fir eauaaa « feeling of nausea and mlaerr ableneaa. All these miserlas vanlah promptly when yqn atop tUg food fermeaUtkm. Take fifty cents'to pour pharmacist for a e^s of Papa's PlapqislB. Eat a trlanfule. and five ndairta^ later >-our stomacji will do what a healthy stomach ahdnld—that is. tunt^.-evaiy bite you est into bodily aooriAmeat nnd without yon realUdag that yd* huve a stomach. One trlanmtle will digest all the food you eat w^pot tha iiid of the stomaeb,. « taina Just the eleaiaaU ioniid in good, qtrang. Iiealthy •aafc ta l.aiw IhN. N«e«t a( the Mr. and Mrs.- WiU OIbs'ci^|pi^ from Chanute Tuesday aad couple of days visiting ICrs. <»ira mother. Mrs. A. Ti Billard. ./-•^'Jj^ Mr. Tom McCalllstar.. the man. who got into-the creek dnring the fhx>d, has ^been f his suit ease the-last-few was found by Grandpa Davla, _. having been-In the water over Mr. ICeCanister valued It at six dollars. Hr. 'Weaver loaded hia.gaada- Colony Monday aad started- fbr Wa new home in Norton couaty, XM> they have .made mai^r trien08.jda|b«. moving hen a year ago aad 'WW it* greatly missed. ... * We welcome Mr. Terrand aad:|||a*: ily In our neighborhood. Tbeym moving on the fftrm vacated Iq^ WW. Weaver. Jim HcKinney has rented tha 1a|9 on the Cox. farm the comlnf year.;* : Messrs. Ballard. Bpley. RoWsa^ and BerUhlser dehorned eattle '1M|»'- nesday. . Mrs. McDowell ot Colony mpaptja week end with her son. Mr. P|;yaf9l^ moth. . Mr. Jim Cullurs is nnrsiag « h«d||f sprained ankle. -.^ oboootie66eo «ioojBf .i O AriJSIXXVffJL 00 0 0 00 000 0009009) AuUDITOEtlUM—9&>ner Skattag. BLiBCTRiC THBATRS — MtyllC' Pictures. _ : MAJB8TIC—Movlag Plctnrss. aRAMI>-.-ParslfaL I iSsrvlna Maala. The basaar whi^h ladlea of t|# Christian-<Anr^aro ooadnetlag.j««pi visited by a number of vlsltar* tsflir, especially at the noon hoar. T ||m , wero several tablaa of guests lo^tlf^ elaborate-dloaer whldi waa sat fad. The ladles will serve supper tisMff and win alaq oontiaue tha saM^- aprona sad other artielsa wUek -.r vniea m meto^r ot your tiW*' Uy is side ha dsservea th^ baaas •nt M every ali ^ seieno »W inventioB^have^ provided Jaf^ help of t^e laraUd. ' We kate many suds thiags;: your \phyriciui knows -lAoBtl^ .them add when he saggasttfi some sldt-nMMn' requisite, yoocc may know that it can alwaya b*-:^ found here. .f„Hot Water Bvm^. (Glasses, lints, «£X. mi a scsxe df atbar' reqalsitaa •Iwsi* 1^ ^41

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