Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1907
Page 2
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tlri^ of tlM world to meet SanU CUua. Fancy cMtomes will be worn to toake the scene realistic and the will be Intenpened with music le of the characters to be ie«n CKristmas Weddinn. Miss Josephine Steele, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Steele, will be married on December 25 to Mr. Halpli Oohlentz. The wedding will bo sol- emnlf^d at the bride's- home. 418 North Bvcamore street. * * * Bete Bete Meeting. The Bete Bete .society of the high school Is holding the usual meeting thte afternoon in the assembly room of the building. A large number of pupils are participating In the program. * * + To Cherryvale Meeting. A larga party of Royal Neighbors left today for Cherryvale where they win be entertained this everiing by the lodge members at a banquet. * .**' For Wednesday Club. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klein had a ro- terie of.friends as guests last evening, the occasion being a meeting of the Wednesday E^ichre cUib. After a happy hour with cards Miss E^na Klein and Miss Ruth Horton assisted the hostess with a daintily arrangpd menu, places being laid for Mr. and Mrs. George Bowlus, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Foust. Mr. and Mr."?. A. W. Howland. Mr. and Mrs. .1. F. Tur ner, Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. .\ii<shrr- man, Mn?. George Fry. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Edeerton, Mr. lind Mrs. M. Hilles. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Horton. Mrs. Merrltt Esse and Mr. C. H. DeClute. • + • Elks Dance Last NJnht. The first of 'the season's dances .-' tmder the auspices of the Elks club occurred In the club rooms last evening. The dftncers enjoy .^•d some unusually good mUslc p'ayed by a full orchestra, the following guests being present: Messrs. and Mesdames Fred Gerbltx, E. C. McCiain. Dr. and Mrs. Spicer. E. D. Shields. Fred. Reln'seh. H. L. Harris. .1. D. Arnett. S. H. Shields A. P. Harris, Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Reld and Mont Palri(er: Misses Clara Bowlus. O'Connor Redfem. Ma hie Foster, Hazel Bowlus. Elizabeth "Gaulf, Edna McCIaln; Messrs C. E. Smith, Hare, Roam Coffey, RIggs Mc Guire, Thos. Bowlus. and Schmidt + * * Jolly Twelve Party. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Hobart will be hostess of the Jolly Twelve "club this evening. * • * Literary Program. The literary society of the busi ness college will have a program and social meeting in the school rooms this evening. * * * For Sewing Club. Mrs. Howard Miller pave a most de'ightful afternoon affair yesterday afternoon for her Sewing club. The ifoy ThereF . "Where are ypu going?" "Going after a sack of Um Sm PiKtUfmi Floor. My wife won't nise anytbiag else." m.m. guests mingled informally until Ave o'clock when' Mrs. Miller served refreshments. * • • To Have Series of Dances. The dance last evening in the Elks club rooms proved such an enjoyable occasion for the guests that a committee of members has been appointed Jo arrange for a number of dances to ba given at Intervals during, the winter. The committee Is now ||ollc- iting subscriptions from membera of the lodge. • • • Reorganize Good Time Club. Early in the New Year, Jttst- after the holiday season is over the msm hers of the Good Time club will have a meeting to reorganize for the remainder of the winter. TTie club made an effort to secure the Masonic hall for a Christmas dance, but the Eclipse club has prepared to entertain the college students so that the ewnt was postponed. + + * Afternoon Card Party< Onq of the most pleasant social events of the week was the card pai^ ty which Mrs. H. Harris gave yes terdny afternoon for a group of ladies. Progressive euchVe was played Tt ihe several tables, the first prise ^oln.'to Mrs. J. D. Arnett and the coasoinilon favor to Mrs. A. B. Balll- r-tt. At flye o'clock Mrs. Harris served a ' delicious luncheon, the dining room having pink carnations as decor ations. Those who enjoyed the afternoon were Mrs. J. D. Arnett. Mrs. A. E. Balllett. Mrs. Smith Jackson, Mrs. Fretl Gerbltz. Mrs. Jay Balllett. Mrs. B. V. Barnard. Mrs. J. Bsrtlett. Mrs. \V. E. Redfeam. Mrs. Ceorte DeClutP. Mrs. Fred Reinlsch, Mrs. .\rthur Cox and Mrs. VT,. E. Carma'n. • • • Returned to Humboldt. Miss Mary Chamberlain returned to her home in Humboldt last even- iuK after having spent a most enjoyable day at the home of Mrs. T. S Stover. Durine. the day Mrs. Stover received a large nnmber of friends to meet Miss Chamberlain and view the handsome coUecton of china which,she had on display. Mlbs Chamberlain a'so assisted In finishing bnsinesss which was In connection with the Art club's exhibit. • * • To Visit Here. Kr. and Mrs. A. J. L.eonard. of D ^iP Moines. Iowa, have come for a visit with afr. and Mrs. C. J. Doxsee. Mrs.' Leonard will be remembered by a; wide circle of friends as Miss Ida Kingsley who visited here several months a few seasons ago. Give Christmas Cantata. Members of the Little Builders Sunday school have arranged a lengthy §nd interestlnrg cantata which they will produce on the approaching Tuesday evening In the Chapel. Some weeks ago it was thought necessjiry to divide the Sunday school into two divisions so that each group of classes might receive more care ful attention from teachers and offlc' ers. This division has madie it necei sary to -prepare two entertainments one for Christmas eve, and the Cah' tuta. The title of the ent6rtalnment Is Santa Clans and Uncle Sam," and will ,bf produced In three* acts. In one act a scene represents a ronven tlon of delegates from different couu mm Santa Claus Harry Wagne; Mri. Santa Winona Jones Uncle Bam SSdsar Oonyers Go^css of Liberty . .Bti(«bath Barbler Southern Delegate ... Bdna ^\'hgne^ Pianist Jennie Ray • • • Oive Tea..and Sale. .Ladies of the Presbyterian societies are gathered at, tbe borne of Hra. Frank Riddle this afternoon. The occasion is a tea and sale of arti eles tor (Thristmas gitta. • • • 8al« and Supper Today. Tbe DeCtute building on WIest Mad isott street today is pleaaaatly filled with ladles who are auisting with the sapper which will be served after five o'clock. The candy booth and tables' of pottery and other articles are attracting a number of patrons. • + + Peraonala. Mrs. Fred. M'cCarty, M"rs. Fisher and Miss Nannie Stover of Hum boldt. are the guests of lola friends. Mr. Smeltzer leaves next week for Chicago. Miss Nan Mitchell, who has spent the past sevetal weeks with her cousin. MVS. W. 8. Ooodin. has returned to her home In Jefferson City, Mo. Floyd Robinson Is to spend the Christmas season at his home here. ^KICK ItORKS CLOSED. Xaeblnery Vast Be Repaired In Far (ory SoaUi ef lola. Number two works pf the lola Brick company south of (own. b&s been shut down for the last two days on account of a slight braek down. One day this week the gearing of the pug mill broke down, making It necessary to shut down the plant until a new gearing could be sent for. The new gearing is expected here some time this week and the works will then start up again. RAIN WILL PRETENT GAME. I. H. S. Team Was Arraaffliiff Game Wltk La Harpe Team. The lola high school team which Is composed of both high school students and other players abont town, was trying to make arrangements for a foot ball game next Saturday with the La Harpe high school team. The rain today will probably leave the ground In such poor condition that It will be Impossible to play the game should It be matched. SHOT VALUABLE COLT. Boys Who Were Hunting Injured Val uable Animal. Saturday 5alel AT COFFEY'S Here you will find everythihg: pertaining to the Jewelry^liiie at reduced Drices for SATURDAY. In our store every piece is ieraaranteed by thQ maker as "^eU as ourself. If you liave a jewelry present, don't miss this Opportunity. J. w. Coimw&on, JEWIXRT STORE. ¥48T 8«IJA|UI Mr. Flake, a farmer living five miles west of lola, brought a colt into Tola today which had been shot in the hip by some careless boys while out hunting. The colt was a valuable one and the shot would probably have caused the colt's death If it had struck in a more vital spot. The bul let was removed at the P. S. Beat tie hospital on West street. Several complaints have been brought In this fall by farmers against careless hunt Ing on the part of the town boys and some arrests are likely to follow if the practice is continued. RUMORS OF LIBEL SUIT. Police Don't Like Story of Reid Arrest Rumors, said to have amanated from the police headquarters, were current on the street today to the effect that as the result of the arrest of Coroner Dave Reld Sunday several libel suits would be instituted. A glance- at the books in the district elerk'^ offlce showed that the suits, if they are on the way. had not yet arrived for filing. Two of the suits, it Is said, win be Instituted by police offfccrs who take exceptions to a story which appeared In an Tola paper with reference to tbe Reid arrest. GUARD AGAINST OUTLAWS. Hopklnsvlllc, Ky.. CIMzens Watched Town Last Night. , Hopklnsvllle. Ky.. Dec 12.—Last night two hundred armed citizens guarded-this town. Today the state militia took their places to remain in^aflnltely. A report had been circulated that the "NlWJt Riders" were to return. FRED Bolen, a member of the 29th Battery, who has Just been discharged. Is in lola this week and may decide to make Tola hia future home. M. MARSH of Iowa. Is here visiting hie sisters. Sirs. Will Conley and Mrs. Rnngertord. OBORGB Harris, who was Uken to the pcft house suffering with an attack of small pox. was released last erenteg and Is abont his duties today aa formerly. m m IHE m%\ City Made Mistidce in Selection of Foundation Material of Pave- That the city made a mistake in using cinders Instead of sand in laying the pavement, la fast being real­ ised. The sulphuric acid found In these cinders is cutting out the gas and water, pipes, making-it necessary tfi go to the expense of taking up the paving and substituting new pipe for the old which has been paten out by this acid. J. M. Rodgers, superintendent of the gas department, said today that it would be necessary to take up the paving in various places on - South Wlaahington avenue today In order that the gas pipe through which holes are being, eaten by this acid, may be replaced. There has been a complaint of a shortage of gas; in a number of places •m South Washington. Yesterday In looking fcr the cause of tbe break, the pipes were taken up in one plAce and were found to have holes as large as a lead pencil eaten In them by the add 'n the cinders which wen» packed around them. These holi >8 allow water to collect In the pipes, which when the gas pressure was low. made a general shortage. This complaint is prevalent ovor the city; In other streets it was necessary to take up gas pipes which "therwise would have been In tbe bast of condition. WHITESIDE'S PLAY PLEASED. Well Known Actor Still a Favorite With lola People. lola theatre goers did not overlook a high class play in the "Claim of Stood." in which Walker Whiteside, with a strong snpportlngi company, appeared at the Grand lastnlght. But "Itt'e could be said to add to Whiteside's reputation. His work last night was such as to hold the rapt attention of the audience. In a role calling for special art. Mr. ^V ^lite8lde was 90 true In his interpretation that his '•.carers at once showered praise uii- on him. His strong penetrating voico together with those mannerisms pe cullar to himself, and his reserve force exercised so Judiciously In the climaxes, all contributed to the success of the bin. The story of the play Is one that nppea's strongly to the average listener. Helmar. a young violin tet. Is the son of a German operatic star who has gone blind and been deserted by the father of the lad before marriage could rear the protecting walls of convention about his- birth. Struggling to overcome this prohibition of illlgitimacy and to attain the love of a }X )ung woman, Helmar Is at ever/ turn baffled by his father, who knows the truth, yet denies bis son, dream ing him In ignorance. Through th sacrificing ofiBces of the sweetheart, young Helmar finally obtains from his father, the theatrical manager, a chance to appear. He is, of course, wonderfully sue easeful. Once in the position to com mand, he faces the stem faced, hard acting parent with the truth, scene of rare dramatic power results Finally the misused son calls his fath cr's mind back to the night of that de elding redtal. "I looked at you out of my mother's eyes and yon saw and knew, but you would not be moved!" he cries. That night's audience was carried sway br the force of this climax. My. Whiteside's interpretation of the difllcult part was strong and am ply dramatic, yet thoroughly natural and in the bounds of art. His snp port was also fully competent. ; Rare Bargftiiis in' Cut ffilas^ ami fland l^aJiDfed China Many acceptabk pre- eents at the Removal Sale at Jewelry Stare 1st Door North of Poatoffiee. W. H. AKDBSSOH, AttenieyMU>Law. Notary and Stenographer In • Office. Phone 466. * H.A.BwlM. 8.A.aard. O.R.a«ri • IWIH6, GABD * CHUb • • Lawyers. > * Praetlea In aU OOMML f • SH W. Madison. DB. MeMnXEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office S2, Res. 23>. Offlce in Mrs. Turner's BIdg., West Madison. For Best and Qaiekest Resalts Use the Register Want Colaauis. 9= MRS. R. H. BROW.who for several months has been very ill. was re- norted as mvch worse today. She "niffered a relapse last night and her frfepds are verv mnch concerned about her condition. PprSR TOUNO cane in this week froia T^wrenee. I^sisa. and will remain here a few davs getting hl« Wbeatto-town. Mr. Tonng formerly llred OD a farm west of town, bat re- oeatly Qored to Lawreaoe to reside. i„ ^^1?%T?T Waoeepted a posl- .iHoa-%ttii'die Hnnt ^nateMH^g com- JWany and wJU not jraal^p lila Work at tkf itate tTBlTeraity^fa winter. Gifts for the Men. Um 'mum And dozens of other beantifol tttefol and acceptable presents. Articles will be laid away for yon ^til called for. Store Open Bvcnings. McNEIL BROTHEitS. Offi^sndStd^teWare 1^ at • Pbone C87. Raa. 701. • .DB. 0. L. COX, • Sye, Ear, Nose and Throat • epectades Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. Office Phone 1083. Night Phone 40S. DK. S. 0. CHKISTIlir. Pkyalelaa aai Sorgeea. Rooma 7 and 8. Crana Bldg. * Phone 664. lola. DK. IDITH S. HIICQL • * Offlce and Realdenea orer Bof^ * * roll's Drag Store. • * Offlce Honrs—10 to 12 a. m., I * • to 4 p. m., 7 to if: etenlnga. * * Sundays by Appointment * PraeUee Limited fo • 16N. Bnckaye. Phono 67«. • * Rna. Tel. 1»8. Office TeL 163. DR. J. R. PEPPER. Dentist Is permanently located over E. C. McClain's Clothing Store, * and la prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. * E:venlng work by appointment DR. W. R. HSTUroi. Ffeyalelai, A SirfceB. • • Office N. B. romer^ot Bi|«ara. • • Over K.C. Plumbing Co.'a Stora. * • Rea.TeI38. Offloe TaL 602. • • • P. L. Lathrsw. • Mrs. Bessie Q. Latbn^. • OSTEOPATHIC PRtnCIAHt. • SpecUl attention given to DIo- * eaaes of Women and CklMraa. * Over East Side Hardware. * Offlce 'Pbone, Mala 4C8. " • • 4i Lowney's Choccdatds THAY ARK PRHSH. A choice assortment of thjs poptt- Ur brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Downey's Cboeo- lates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. CRAM'S DRUG STOR^, Comer Washington and West Sts. CBXUnUS FRESEHIB Nothlnga better than a magazine foi J. S. HKlDERSOir, Pheaa ML 414 R. BacteyCb friend. TOT yonr raagaztnea aee l««later Waat Ads. Pay leeaaae hi Allen Ceaaty Xeariy Everybedy Reads tto Ratlater. LivifiqstiN) ^ Co All ktnda of work a epeeUlty • 8Mtk SycuMi^ naaa IM lipr f!v I

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