The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 24, 2001 · Page 12
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 12

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 2001
Page 12
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B4 TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2001 THE SALINA JOURNAL Dlbept THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS TO REfAAIN OPTIfAISTlC EVEN UJHEN VOU FAIL. WHAT'S THE POINT OF SUCCEEDING IF FAILING FEELS GOOD TOO? I'LL READ ANOTHER PAGE OF THAT rV^GAZINE ARTICLE TOt-NORROU AND GET BACK TO YOU. BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. NYLOP O2001 Tru™ Media StrvlcM. Inc. AIRWi R«mv«l. KEVAN ON THE \ &?m. NOWWEKE OIHER / SOINSTP START HANP..yf GemNGLETTHS VAJILO www,(UTnbf8;com DEAMOP tl Ouch, I thought II was open EASY TO GET WALKING INTO A GU55 POOR. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Print answer here: A f T T T ^ f T Y Yesterday's (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: AGATE THINK NOBODY BLITHE Answer: What the janitor did when the furnace failed -TOOKTHE "HEAT" Cryptoquip Baby Blues (jers GO OUT ftxz p\WNeR i '\/e eeeiJ PoltJG ACTS MO CiaAPvS I'lApoopep, J For Better or For Worse ORGS LNSOWLXNVP ZVG WSWPWZJJM BOGS, MNW LNWJO PZM XRGM VGZJJM BSND XRG PLNVG. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: HIS THEORY ABOUT SWISS CHEESE HAD NO CREDIBILITY SINCE IT WAS FULL OF HOLES. Today's Cryptoquip Clue: L equals C The Ci7ptoqulp Is a substitution cipher In which one letter stands for another, if you think that X equals O, It will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. 13 TELL l/OU.IJHERE y WAS AN E-/^fllL ii FROM t/OUR BRCTHER^^ lAjlSHtNl© t/OU l\ HAPPiy BIfSTHMl/l-l PRINTBD IT OUT/ ' lOeUUIxJELL. I DIDNT KNOtA) ERNIE COULD IxJORK fl COMPUTER! LOOK ATTHIS... AN flCTU/\L L0N6- tAB&&\G£,-Too! -flLL ABOUT HIS F/(MILV. NICE MESSA<5E FOR MU go^.'-SAVSfl LOT f^RE > TFWM ONE. OF THOSE STORB- BOU<5HT CARDS! ••• I IAJONPER mu IT MEANS A LIT-f/,6 The Lockhoras Gapfield Re^Ae^ftBeR THAT TREE, JON? OUR BULL CHASEP VOU UP y THAT TREE BOV, VOU WERE STUCK UP THERE A UONGr TIIV\E... "YOUR BROTHER 6T01^ 60ME OF OOR GOOD T0WEU6... THE OtNlES WE GOT FROM THE HOLIDAY WN." Family Circus Picldes TOUlHAtSbC WAWT -rOBeVAlHEKiStoO GBOUiOP? REALW? WW Kiorr?| viat, »AAV6E \bo*p UKETO (%>LU)IA) IKI ©2001 BilKBane.--, DIM. by Kino FoatursB Synd. Blandie TWENTV-TWO MINUTES ? ARE YOU SOMETIMES I WISH I WEREN'T SO DARN COMPETITIVE EXCUSE ME, I've BEEN HOLPING FOR 22 MIMUTES, At^O I'M STILL WAlTltJS FOB YOUTOCALI THIS NUMBER,' "How Old do you hafta be to write all the letters hooked together?" Born Loser CKtOFWC6£ BY EUGENE SHEFFER ACROSS 40 New 1 Money of Thailand 5 Not. fern. 9 Confiputer holder? 12 Thought 13 Singer's comeback? 14 "Buton forever" 15 Savage 17 Chignon 18 Told tales 19 Off the payroll 21 Needed liniment 24 "1 could — horse!" 25 So 26 Plodded along 30 Chap 31 Bakery display 32 Aloof 33 Chiseler? 35 Female horse 36 Emanation 37 Paycheck plus 38 Electrician, at times money on the Continent 42 Yale . student 43 -Calch- 22" character 48 Simile center 49 Writer Sarah — Jewett 50 To l3e, in Toulon 51 Ske­ daddled 52 Requisite 53 Capitol cap DOWN 1 Tucker's partner? Solution time: 25 mins. QDQQSBBii] mama mma wmuam •••[§•00 UMSM UMaaam mm mm •QQDDDaB mam mms mmmu 2 Oklahoma city 3 That girl 4 Actuarial paperwork 5 Unadorned 6 Alkali neutralizer 7 - Na Na 8 Chats 9 Book keeper 10 Malarial symptom 11 Frogs' hangout 16 Succor 20 Resident (Suffix) 21 "Don't throw bouquets 22 Sleuth Charlie 23 Zsa Zsa, e.g. 24 Retired (Abbr.) 26 Stromboli, spillage 27 Guitar's ^ kin 28 Wall- paint shade 29 Turns red? 31 Rant 34 Wish othenvise 35 Anchored 37 Car- front protector 38 Have on 39 Rick's love, in "Casablanca" 40 A slave to 41 44 45 46 crosswords? Secondhand Raw rock Judge Lance Branch Yesterday's answer 4-24 47 Bom Ziggy HME lb CHECK OUT ThlB BRAWLDU JOUR OH "lOPAY'S SPRiNGER 5HOW .0, IT, BOX IF I GOT BKD Hews, I WOULD ee Rex Morgan, M.D. Cathy I THINK THE FIR6T THIN<? I NEEP TO VO IS leAW TO RBAZ> BETTER, JUNE.' IN Times Of ECOMOmiC UMCERTfllNTV LEADERS HflUE TO TIfrHTEN OUR BELTS, CATHV. WOST EXeCUTWESi DON'T EMEN UlEflRl 6ELT5 flNSMORE. WE HflUE TO T1&HTEM OUR SELf- BELTINO- KHftKlS CmB AND WENT IN THE 'lOb. WE HA\)E TD Tl&KtEKi THE ELASTIC WA\5T6flND5 OF OUR SWEATSUITS r OH,FOR CRMINfr OUT LOUD... |VN PflMTS flRETDO •n &HT! LET THE LAMOFfS BE&IN rt OJHV ARE VOU ALUJAVS SO ANXIOUS TO CRITICIZE ME ? I JUST THINK I HAVE A KNACK FOR SEEING OTHER PEOPLE'S FAULTS.. WHAT \/l HAVE A ABOUT YOUR / KNACK FOR OlUN IOVERLOOKIN6 FAULTS? A TMEM.. AWV N^ Grvy- WHO'S Divc SpA«- N\^\(^N (T A 'ftjjoootietep.jwp PU /hMC +iN (jr zs niues to foF.-the ex- }\iLArA+l«N Of reAL ^ vV$ wlAv we w^\t^\ Oi "^b SHowj UKe "S^YWoK.s cpxL A Few EXPosoYf^o -Hue S+otK. MATK*VBAS t\tf>t*{ Eifntve. weulPN^^^ NeeD ^-v:;e'«^ock M |i ^y^g;<-':^

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