Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 4
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COA WUk HAS E^tRMMOWH And that's saying ^ lot, for we have in past seasons held some very interesting: safes, but never before in early December have we made "January" pn'ces. The reason, as we have stated before, Is that Mfe are Overstooked and positively will nut carry the load any farther— that's why we are sellinj: Ladies' newest Caats and Salts regardless of cost. That's why every lady that sees the Uarments we are offering;, so freely remark that/'an} body ought to sell Coats and Suits at those prices." See the Green Tkktt { Coats a( $4»80 lo.oo Coats at $6m85 15 .UO Coats at $0>75 20 00 Coats at $l3m75 25 00 Coals at $t6aB0 This Week {15.00 Suits Hi $10,B0 18 50 Suits at 9I2.SO 33 .00 buits at $f4»BO 30.00 Suits at $tO»7B 5.00 Children's CoaLt.. #^.0O 6.50 Children's Cuats ..^J,75 Today anU Saturday RpguUr $1.50 Feather Silk Petticoat, 14 inch embroiv.'ered flo-mce 6 inch dust ruffle, special at 9So SOUTH SIDE SQUARE FRISHMAN'S SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Tbe lOU DULY SEGiSTEl CHAS. P. 8i:0TT. Bntarad at lola. Kansas, Po8lofflc«. a* Second-Class Matter. AdverUsinc Rates Made Known on A.ppllcaUoa. booooooooooooooo o o O LITTLE BITS OF MASS.IS HITS O O O. O A Medley of Prose, Poetrj, Newg 0_ O Notes and Comment. O O O 0000000000000000 and now the people are kicking for live arc lights to take their places. SUBSCBIPTIOX BATES. im r>. mmt^f In loiB, Gas CItj. Laay«B. Tllle or Lallorpe. >ne Week 10 ceou An* Month 44 cents Oo» Tear 18.00 By MalL Itaii year Inside eoanly 9iM itn* year ontalde fonvty 14.00 Thrtt MontbR, In adranca $1.00 Onb Month. In advance —44 •rrioii PAPER, rm OP BAS. SET. Teleph«aei Bnslneas Office - - - Bdttorlal Room • • • 18 S2S RAlVLISyS STILL HUPKFll- Elertrlr Line Promoter U fbeerful Over Prosipert!', Lawrence. Kas.. Dev. r..—R. C. Raw- IlngB. electric line promoter, was in Lawrence.last evening and this morning, looking the situation over, and talking with some of the local business men. Mr. Rawllngs. who Is always optimistic, was more hoiteful than ever over the prospects for bfs interurl)an electric line and said it was only a matter of a short time until he would begin actual work. Mr. RawTius has iust returned from New York where he has spent the last two weeks in the Interest of his rtec- tric line. He says he has met with the greatest success and now-has contracts for financing the road which makes It an absolute certainty that it will be built This morning Mr. Rawlins took au - automobile trip from Lawrence to Topeka to see the country between .here and there and look over the right-of-way. He will meet with some Topeka capitalists this aftenioon and show them what he accomplished in New York. Prom Topeka. Mr. Raw- UngB will rieit sonne of the otber towns on bis proposed route, returning to bis home at Chanute. The ever hopeful Mr. Rawllngs has heen the mbat persistent electric line promoter the west h^s ever'seen. Ke has been building and projectlnir roads for the last ten years, and althpuKh aeveral of bis scheme* have,failed, be to never discouraged and Is always fAuialttfi mtmaOttotMKKW- Today he optial'Mtic thaii ever sad limine moif lie would —- The .\niiTi<an Kxpress company has secured the express privilege on the interurban lino between Independence | arid Cofff-vvine and will roniiiiencej oieratioMB at once. According to the Kansas City Star, the.iieopJc of the Kaw metroiK )IIb are about ri >Hdy to beliovo that the gas pi()p line to Kansas is <inly a pl |ie di 'Oiiiu. The iniiiing and going »f C. P. Shukers Hssihiunt attorney general. Ir. still of so nturh Importance in I.,eavenworfli that the newspapers put i i;^-|Milni line over the "siory." '•IJIonilie" T «)wnBend. a Leavenworth itoy. with high faml'y cintiections. Is said by the Post to be the first Kan- .sas joinilst ill 2<) years who has actually gone to jail. Townsend was convicted and sentenced to .'!'» days and to pay a flue of $iuu anri cists, including attorneys fees. .Mayor Crancer. -of I>»avenworth bas dropi>ed five iwlicenieu from the force An Ottawa man said that he did not caire to go to see the play "Checkers" because he could play it himself. One of the fads of the late Charles Silly, o^ Ottawa, was to collect rare gold watches, snuff boxes and French coins. In fact, he was silly about these articles. He had them buried in p bidden spot on Uifi farm. MAKE KirniE.N CAUINETS. Fort Scott has a ea.-;f of aiiialipox, but charges it up 10 Sedalla from which place the afflicted boy recently came. This was prrpetrnted by the Fort Scott Republican, allhniigh we have n fatnt suspicion ilmi It is the um steenth time It has been printed .with out credit: W< do not alwsys get the girl For which we clamor Which goes to show llial life Is 1111 True niehidraninier. Topeka Journal: Few men who are Lver wedded to work become divorecil from it through being discharged. St. .Aiithony is coniplainiiii; Iiccause Uie Santa Fe doesnt light Its deiiot properly In that town.. , Register want aos pay. Weak Women frequently suffer gr«at pain and misery during the change of life. It is at thif time that tiie beneficial effect of ta'ung Cardui is most appreciated, by those •who find that ijt relieves their distress. I'rotpecis (•ood for Location of Fac. lorj ut Humboldt. The Humboldt Herald says: F. D: Culver, secretary of the commercial club, is in correspondence with a'fac­ tory which is desirous of locating a branch pUini In the west, it Is one of the best kitchen cabinet croncerns In the country and i« not 11 t>ronioting scheme but a factory alreaJy In existence. A representative of the roiiipan) will be In liuinboldt) within the next thirty dsys to investigate the town and its HdvantagcH. The Commercial club will uld in the work of gplting the plant here If it decides to come. The prtwijecis for Humboldt for the coming.year are bright and It will take only, the, uiiit<,'d effort of everyone to get some good things foi' the town, if anyone knows of a factory looking for a loiuitlon or someone who desires to get into business, lot the Commercial club know of it. The club IK Hlways ready to push a good thing along but cannot, be expected to do it all. TO FORECLOSE MORTGAGE. It wm Eelp Ton Jm Mrs. Lucinda C. Hill, of Freeland, O., writeei ^^Before I began to take Oaifdni« I soffered iso badly I was afraid to lie down^t night .i ^ter I began to take it I felt better in a we<fk. Now my pains have gone, i can sleep like a girl of 16: and the <4iange k.« «.i^i4ir IAM 4 IWI »» qwLn»«iii^{. • via E. T. Stanley Brings Suit in District Court Today. E. T. Stanley has brought suit in rlistrici court against H. W. Warring and .fames S. .Majors to foreclose a- mortgage on the following described property: I^ot block 15, and lot 4, block li. In Foxs addition to I^-' Harpe. Mr. Stanley says in his Petition that the defendant Warring gave him his i>roiriasory note for $|b7.3.=i on May. 21'. laos. to run until. December lirsi. liiiix. • To secure the note a mortgage was taken on the property above des<s«(bed. .Mr. Stanley says that' the nwe is wholly unpaid and hf therefore brings suit to foreclose. Majors claims, to have an interest in the property and is therefore made a party to the suit. MAY OrSMISS MAINS PANEL. The Defendants Say the Talesmeth Were Improperly Drawn. Tlushlngton, L. T.. Dec. In an effort to bring about a postponement of the trial of T. Jenkins Halns, who .Is charged with participation with "his brother, Capt. Peter Mains, In the raiirdor of William E, Annis, coun^l for Halns obtained an order today to SHOW cause Monday why the entir^ special panel of talesmen should not be set aside. Should the dlsmisa^l erf the panel be ordered, it is likely tb«t •a-postponement ef the trial now set foi- DecenHMr 14, will follow. Counsel tat the Halns-brothers say that the special panel was .improperly'dran^. 8l«inrt METHODIST PIVAL Meetlngs'VVill Continue 'Ntfxt Week.— Preacher Uses Strikirig lllus- tratio'ri Presenting ThoughL Rev. Mason sounded the keynote pf faltli, hope and detemilnatlon last night when he said that the meetings would continue all next week. If the membership would come, and give their belpi man}' persons could be saved In this revival'. , I Rev. Kalmlton spoke wHh great feeling and power from this text, "And the LoKd said unto Noah, Como thou., and all thy family into the Ark." He said the destruction that came to tb«s world through the flood was pnly typical • of that ruin that will come to" those who fall to Tieed the voice of God, when he says "My son give me thine • heart." He told of helng «n hoard a ship In the Pacific ocean | when the captain came and told them i fo put on' life preservers as the ship: would probably soon strike on the rocks and go to pieces. There was. one prayer mcetfhg that'was well t^t- fended. They prayed as if they weife In earnest. Rev. Hamilton said he pronii.srd the Jxird if he would only 'ot him get safely to land that ho would do anything He wanted him (o do. He would preach the gospel or serve IHUi In any way or any place tliat He called hlin. Men of all pro- fessioiiH and stations in life prayed. Why? Because they thought Uiey were going to Juilirment. The ship,was mir- Hciiloiisly saved with all on board. Are we not all facing Jiidgiuent today? IK It not Just as sure to come on the Innd HM on the noa? Are we ready to ,meet It rts N'oali was?. Hn spent one huiidri'd anditwoiity yciira prepiirliiff for the flood. When' It ciitiio hi< anil his family were savod. "Are yon and your family ready?" asked tho preacher. C. V. D. Use No. 7 Flo flood as any—better than moi « Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh l^eats, Smoked and Salt Maats. . .• We Want Your " PRODUCE fanners, and will pay the highest aarket price In cash or trade. Come n and see us. We are solo agents for J. M. Bora's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you «lll use no other. Bros. Fryer ^l»i>M'9ia, 106.' ' ..The Register want tM>lanin ran sell it rent It or ipet it the qalckest A polisbcd oak Dining Table, regular $12.50 $8aOO Six styles to 5e *ect from. A polished oak Buffet, 18x40 Mirror, regular $25. .^/tfaOO.. Six styles offered at like reductiotis. An Oak Rocker, wood or leather seat, regular $4.25 at $2,75 A dozen to select from. Our store is full of beautiful and useful presents embracing Brass and Iron Beds, Dressers, Chifiionieres, Dining Tables, Parlor Suites, Leather Rockers, •Couches, the best Kitchen Cabinetsr manufactured. ..... i We are open nights and it is a pleasure to show goods. Sleeper & Soil POSTOFFICE BLOCK WERE THEY NATURE FAKES? President Roosevelt Denies Stories of Recent Narrow Escapes. Washington. Dec. 5.—Recent uews- paper stories connecting the president with narrow escapes from accident by being nin down by automobiles, messenger boys, and latterly a fire engine, have resulted In the-giving out at the White House of an official state ments characterising the stories as ••pure inventions." The statement says: "The recent stories given out of the president havlnpi bad a narrow escape from an accident, first with an automobile and now with a fire engine, are purely inventions. So far the president Is aware that no automobile ever came near him. if it did the pres ident did not notice it. Now as for the flre engine matter, the whole story is absurd and the newspapers are sintpiy being imposed upon. .The president's carriage was drawn up against the curb on one side of New Hampshire avenue which is broad and which at that time was deserted. The Hrc eiiglne was agalidK the curb on tho other side of the-stroet and half a block distant when tho flre engine horses fell. Tho flre englno could not have hit • the president's carriage It it had tried." BIO ZINC (»KE SALE IS MADE. 1,000 Tons Arc Released at a Basis Price of $44 Per Ton. .. Galena. Kas., Dec. 5.—One ' .oT the largest individual zinc ore sales ever consummated In the Kansas-Missouri mining district; was made here yesterday, when the Cockerel Zinc company purchased from Lynch & Williams 000 tons, worth approximately^ 140.000. The ore had been held for more than a year because of unsatisfactory prices, and was released at a basl» price of $44 per ton of 60 per cent mineral. The ore Is considered low giade and the price represents an advance of 52 over last week. Advancing prices have given a new impetus to mining operations.. —For fine livery and boarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. Wo rocommend the following, which woul< make the best Christmas gift you could make your wife, daughter, sweetheart or to the hom4 • JA fine ColLmbuB piano ^^^isimmmssssssssmai^ A large full size piancji dark oak, new, for ^HETTS^TSlB Kimball make, new, ^ A Boudoiif Sixtene pi- ^•^^^^^^^^Bft A fine Harvard, wal| ano, beaatifnl, new, for ^^^^^^^^^^^^gP nut case, new, ^ A'iEblded Oak upright H ^^^^^^^^U^ A Merri6eld beautiful standard, new,. . ^H^^^^^^^S^^ mahogany piano, new J • • r' h A genuine Kimball, the popular piano, new ... • .0S8^ A Concert Farrand, the late&t cut, new SST^ An art style Bush & Gerts, eUborat?-, new An Everettf the best piauo in the world, new 9BB^ Any of the foregoing pianos will be sold o^ ea^y nibnthly payments, ranging from $5i00 | month up.

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