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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1907
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TOL. DL 50. «7. Whole H«. 6117. nx PAGES. lOLA, KA98AS, DECEXBEB 12, 1907.—THUB8DAT ETEKIHG. BIXP16E& PBICI TWO cmii DONT SHOOT, ITS BILL BEPLT OF CAPTURED BOBBER TO H. Q. KEWTON LAST !(IGIIT. WAS PEEPING THRU WINDOW CAPTUKER GOT THE DROP 0>' HIS MAN. ^ Beleaied Bobber on Condition That He »Ter Come Back Again—Man Is IVFH Known. "Don't shoot; this is Bill." Looking down the barrel of a shot gun held in the firm hands of H. G. Newton in the latter's back yard at 217 North Washinston street last jiight about . 8 o'clock, this Is the answer which a would-be house-break er made when, recognized by hl^ ca|)- turer, Mr. Newton came down town early last evening on an errand and upon bis return • saw a man peeping through the window of his house as If ' bent,'on robbery. Mr. Newton stepped into hiding a moment until the man passed around the house, then Btiealtbily went into his hbme, secured his gun and crept quietly out again. The marauder was still in-^a yard and Mr. Newton approached him closely without his being aware of it. Leveling his ?nn at the man's head he commanded sternly "Halt." Much startled, the man* turned about to find that he was recognized and then yelled, "Don't sboot. This is Bill." Mr. Newton replied,;,"! RMCB.* you are right. Bill. Its you all right." After which he ordered him get oiij of; the yard as qulikly as he could, following the order \ip with the admonition, that If ever he came back he might get shot. Bill ran out of the yard to Monroe and west to Wnl nut. I Mr. Newton know.<! the would-be robber well. The latter is a sinyl? man about forty years of age and has lived here for years. He Is known to have been prowling about .several homes'on this street, presuqiably for the purpose of breaking • into some residence. For a time he was thought to be a "Jack the Peeper." About a week ago a member of Air. Newton's family heard a noige in the c|iicken coop. Upon an investigation XL man waa aeaa to run out of the -**-"«uon.—A-igood deBcrlption was obtain ed and it is said to have Im^n "Bill." .When asked today why hs did nol cpnduct his prisoner to police court, Mr. Newton said he thought after recognizing the fePow that, he would give him a chance to change his ways. It Is the belief of jsoino that the man Is not entirely right it»enfally. Mr. Newton said, however, jthat if he should pver find the man there again he would take him to police fourt. ±A NEW CLUB HOUSE ' ...six lola Young Men Lease MrClaIn Krtildenre. A new club house will be started In the very near future by six prominent young Jola men, the membership to be increased as it seems bept. The . young men have already leased the bii; residence of Elmer McGlai|i at the corner of First street and Madison avenue. Furniture has also been pur- .. bdased and the ]|onse will be ^tted up ..'^n'elegant^ styJe. The llbrar.v of the -clttb is to be fitted exceptionally nice. Miss Angle Willis, of Neodesha, Kas., has been secured to act: as ma. ^n of the club. The young flien are ' .copectlng to have everything ip readl- . n 088. to open the club within a very fev days. Among the members of the cinb are Otis Hestwood. CarliSalser, Chaa. Russell and Fred Killlan. ^ILEVELANO IS OUT ::.^SW Johnson Says City Will Be -!. Basy at Tine of Democratic Conreatlon—Money Scarce. ...JCJeveland, Dec. 12.—Cleveland was gjl^efinitely out of the race by May- '^wohnson this morning. After the pt of dispatches from a lo^l cpm > saying it is uncertain that it M<. be possible to arrange for the jrention especially in view of the :.;tliat two other large national or- .wiT**'""" have delegates to meet in (asreland abont the time proposed for tSe democratic convention. All cities are finding difficulty in raising money because of the financial stringency. TOUess Sullivan of Illinois^ Receives mbre definite instructions from Chicago than he has yet obtained-he will make a simple stand to the convention tCttae effect that the democrats that pb.-tity will supply a convention hall h^!^ far they have been able to raise ongr.about twenty^flve thousaiid dol- > }ani:to pay the other expenses of the ^ventlon. '. JJBuly today Perry; Belmont; treaa- HMT of the national committee, was CMpnwsing looking to the resolution pttjllng the >committee to the ^pport -""'•^.^rieaolutlon favoring the pnbliclty apaign oontribntions. ..^E DVBBiS., who If well tb lola base 1*11 tana abd who ' a nhara at the>poct;'aedHNi ' «• Witt ttw diaBplMi <3il- ooooooooooooooooe o' 0 O NOBqDT WINS BT WAITING. O O ' Procrastination is not only O O the thief of time, but it is the O O bane of the merchant, the shop O O clerk and the purchaser as O O well. It hits everybody hard at O O this time of the year. Nothing, O O absolutely nothing, is to be. O O gained by putting oft the in- O O evltable trip to the stores to do O O the Christmas shopping. The O O early shopper gets the cream O O of the goods: the late shopper O O gets what the early shopper 'O O has left: the early shopper has O O the kind attention and sensible O O suggestions of the clerks, the O O late shopper is allowed by the O O overworked clerk to shift fur O O herself: the early shopper Is not O O hurried or worried by others O O while the late shopper Is bust- O O led and bustled almut until O O when she gets through a day's O O shopping she feels as tired as O O If a day's washing had just O O been completed. As a whole O O the habit of buying.early is O O easier, more profitable and O O much more satisfactory. O O .O ooooooooooooooooo 4 REAR ADMIRALS Fighting Bob's Fleet Compleied by Arrival of Minnesota. Old Point Comfort, Va., Dec. 12.— The last vacant berth in the imposing double line of PacVfic-bound battle ships was niled this atternOon when the heavily armored Minnesota, the flagship of Hear Admiral Thomas steamed Into Hampton Roads and took her place at the head of the outward column. The Minnesota Is the ranking member of the second squadron and Admiral Thomas, who commands this squadron, has duties and resiranslbil- Ities second only to those of the commander-in-chief. Rear Admiral Ehrans. The size and dignity of the fleet that is to carry the flag through the Magellan stralt.s and add such an important new chapter to American naval history, is best emphasized by the fact that no less than four rear admirals are In the command. The battle at Santiago found a commodore and a captain tem|>orarily assigned to flag rank as the command ing officers of the American forces. Dewey sailed into Manila bay a commodore. IT IS A GOOD OMEN Demoemfs Think They Would De .Uure I.oyal to Party If Itoose- velt Is Out of Race. Washington, Dec. 12.—Members of the democratic national conmiittee here while they were reserved in their coiiinient on President Roosevelt statement saying he would not run again It was evident they saw In It a favorable omen for their own party. Several were frank enough to exi)ress the opinion that Presldient Roosevelt could poll a larger democratic vote than any other candidate and their inference was that with the president absolutely out of the race, the democratic candidate would not only retain the vote of his own party, but would stand a belter show of making Inroads upon the oppouUlon. Chairman Taggart does not quite agree with the most prominent democrats on this |Kjlnt. President Roosevelt's announcement has given some stimulus to the anti-Ilryan sentiment. Several declared President Roosevelt's elimination would materially Increase the democratic chances if the eastern man could be chosen as a democratic candidate. Lieutenant Governor Chandler of New^ York, former Oovernor Douglas of Mass.. and Governor .lohn- son. of Minn., were mentioned In the conversation with delegates. FAVORS LOUISVILLE Sentiment Among Democratic National Committeemen ia Divided. Washington, Dec. 12.—Sentiment among Democratic national committeemen here tonight is divided between Loulsvil'e and Denver as the city for the Democratic convention of 190S. with the indications favoring Louisville. Should Louisville fall to make the right kind of a showing. It is probable that Chicago will try to' get the convention. Among the developments today, following the arrival in the city of the chairman. Thomas Taggart and other memliers of the committee, was the practical abandonment 6f the idea of holding the conventioii earlier than June 16. the date set by th§ Republican committee for the conventton of that party. The Democrats, from what can be gathered tonight, will ° decide either upon June 23 or June 30. The claims of Louisville will be presented by Representative Shirley of the Louisville district and Denny B. Goode. of, Louisville. It is nnder- tood that they will offer a bonus of 150 000, of which $35,000 will; be cash and $15,000 guaranteed. It will be argued that Louisville has a hall anfflclently large to seat 15.000 persons, and that hotel accomodations will l>e ample. A Kentnckian. who Joined a group at the Arlington today, disposed of the hotel question, when asked what Loafsrilte proposed to do with the convention crowds at bedtime, by nylog: "Sir. Loulsvflle will enterUin them ia aadi a wnjr tluit no real geatlomu will wuU to CB to bed." . BLAMES HER FATHER Fourteen Year Old Dora Tice Impli- catea Parent in Downfall. Yesterday afternoon Judge C. S. Potter's office was the scene of the disclosure of one of the most unnatural crimes that the couita have to deal with. A hush fell over the crowded court room as fourteen-year- Old Dora TIce. with an infant in her lap, that does not own a name, told the court of the unnatural relations that have existed between herself and her father for-a period covering the past two years. The story came out as a side light in the hearing of ESstell Rowley whom the girl charged with being the parent of her child. It came out in all Its revolting details as the attorney for the defendant cross-examined the girl about her life and her relations with other men. In a resigned, indif ferent way. th.-» plrl confessed her la- ttniacy with her father and with other men. The admissions made by the girl resulte<l in the acqnittal of Rowley. After she had laid bare her life, im- pMcatlng several other men in her downfall, the Justice felt that ho could do nothing but release the accused man. The whereabouts of the girl's father Is not known. It developed during the testimony that the girl's father had deserted his family almut ten months ago and has not been heard of since. The testimony showed that the father first took advantage of the Kirl two years ago. when sh? was but twelve years of a»e. Only a short time ago an older daughter wa.<» married to Wm. Crock- ei who was on his way to the Jail to await a hearing on the charge of statutory rape. The TIce family moved fo this city some three months ago from Ander- f,nn county, where It Is said that theso crimes were committed. They live in a small house In the extreme eastern part of East lola. Since here the county has given fhem aid. Tha board of charities Investigated their con- I'ltlon .ind extended a helping hand. The family had been here but a short time when one member contracted smallpox. It was necessar>- to quarantine the family during which time the county gave them aid. MADE FICTICIOUS ENTRIES. J. Dalzell Browm Makes Confession About Frisco Bank's Condition San Francisco. Dec. 12.—.T. Dalzell Brown, the imprisoned manager of the California Safe Deposit & Trust company, has made a confession to the hank examiner that ficticious entries w.^re made In the hooks of the hank. The confession came after Brown had been subjected to a long sweating process by the bank commissioner. Finally when Brown was cornered he blurted out: "Yes. it's true: those entries do not represent the real transactions." The entries in question relate»l to two items each of one himdred thousand dollars. These Items as recorded made It appear that the Trtist company had on deposit one hundred thousand dqllars in cash of two New York banks. IS CREVISTON INSANE Attorney E. W. Myler Will Examine Prisoner Before Time of Trial. From a statement made by Attor ney E. W*. Myler. who is acting for W. H, Crevlston. the confessed murdered of Wiells Stewart last Sunday, be will look into'the sanity of his client before allowing him to go before the court and admit the crime. Mr. Myler said today that he had nothing to give out now with reference to an Investigation of the sanity of Crevlston. The trial Is set for Saturday. Creviston remains ver>- quiet at the Jail and does not engage in conversation with the other prisoners. He seems as time passes fo appreciate the eno?mity of his crime. REGISTER FOUND WHEEL. County Attorney's Mouthpiece Didn't Get Results. It is up to County Attorney Peterson to admit, that the Register's "want" columns get better results than those of the Index. Not long ago Mr. Peterson lost his wheel, how or when he does not know. He inserted an ad. in the Index and waited for results. Weeks passed and the ad. in the Index, save to help fill up the want column, was of no value to Mr. Peterson, and he had given up hope of recovering the "bike." Day before yesterday someone brought the wheal into the Register cfflce, saying that it had been found in the Northrup building. An ad. was p'aced in the Register's columns describing the lost wheel. Some one saw it who recognized by tha description the prosecuting officer's wheel, and called him up. notifying him that his wheel was found. Moral: Mr. Peo erson place your ad. in a paper that people read. THE REMAINS of Capt. Carroll, which were to have arrived today, failed to reach lola this afternoon, hut will probkbiy ba in tonight. No funeral arrangementa have as yet been made. The fnnecal will be un der the dJrecti<m of the^O. A. ^ Tn a Wnt Ai. la thoBegMw. INSPECTOR IS KIND Refuses to b« a Party to Blowing Up Homea by "Flash" Inspection. The Register published a little story yesterday about the methods of gas Inspection now In vogue which seems to have hit a tender spot. In the official mouthpiece of the present administration the gas inspector comes back with a half column article stating that he does not intend to take his life In his hands and at the same time blow up somebody's home by lighting a match under the house. Does the gas inspector think for a moment that anyone wants him to be a party to blowing up their house? Or does he think that it will be better tp let the gas accumulate under the house and have It blow up while the inspector is far away. The Register has talked to a good many plumbers about the matter and they say that the only real safe way to Inspect a new connection is for the inspector to go under the hou^ and "fash" it. Of course the "other equally clever and less exasperating methods" of the present gas inspector may suit him better as far as hia personal comfort Is concerned but the people of lola are required to pay for the Inspection which is supposed to be a guarantee of safety. The inspector says he has "investigated" the case referred to in yesterday's paper and finds that there was no room to get under Mr. J. P. Duncan, who was inspector just previous to^Mr. Folkner. and who IF abont twice as big. has been under the same house a number of times. But Mr. Duncan never complained that he might get hh» clothes dirty vhlch was the reason given In this case. Another little matter for the gas inspector's attention. Since the article appeared In yesterday's Register a prominent business man has visited the city hall and registered exactly the same comp'alnt. In fact he thought The Register was referring to his case yesterday. In order not to leave any room for a denial of this The Register will state that this complaint was lodged with George Hanklns where the in8|>ector can get complete details. The Register has no desire to cause Mr. Folkner any trouble, but it still Insists that his methods of inspection lo not guarantee safety. THE WEATHER. Forecaat (or Kansas—Rain or snow tonight and Friday; colder Friday. Data recorded at local office U. "B. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago. »• -^IR J Yesterday. Yr. Ago 2 p. m .48 39 6 p. m 44 38 la midnight 41 37 Max. Temp 49 43 Min. Temp 2.". 31 Preclp. 7 p. m 0 0 Today. Yr. Ago 2 a. m .ig 39 6 a. m. 41 44 12 noon 40 46 Preclp..? a. m 0 0 FOUND MORPHINE CRYSTALS MORE TOWN LOTS OFFERED. Proof of the Poison Developed In the Perkins Analysis. Kansas Cljy." Dec. 12.—AddJUonal proof of the presence of morphine In the stomach of U H. Perkins of Law rence. who died last summer after a fall from the roof of his house, has been obtained. Dr. Walter M. Cross, city chemist, one of the committee appointed, to examine Mr. Perkins's body for the presence of morphine, said this afternoon that he found three well form ed crystals- of the pohion in the stomach. "I showed the cr>-stals to Dr. Frank Hall, another member of the committee," said Dr. Cn)ss. "We havft had microscopic photographs of the crys tals made for the court. There Ig not the least doubt of the presence of the morphine." The finding of the crystals Is regarded as important because the conclusiveness of other tests might have been questione<I. FOUND LOST FURS Police Sent Valuable Set to Member of District Leader. Sale of Government Ijinds In Oklahoma to Open Febraary 4. Washington. Dec. 12.—Commissioner Baltlngcr of the g^eral land office lotlay announced another,town lot sale In Oklahoma. Several towns there have not been sold out by the government, and Commissioner Ballinger proimses to clean up. Rids for (he town lots will be opened here on February 4. A person can bid for as many lots as he pleases. The towns and the number of lots to be dl8|)osed of In each are given: illackliurn. 6 tracts: Choctaw City, 3 lots: Clayton. 46 lots: Cross. 44 lots: Rdmond. 6 lots: Frisco. 83 lots: West Guthrie, 1 lot: Klngflsher, 3 lots; New kirk. 2 lots; Noble. 2 lots; Northeast Perry. 2 lots; Reno City, 43 lots; Woodward. 1 lot. The police officers yesterday afternoon sent to Nellie Tumey. one of the members of the District Leader show troupe, which showed In this city last week, a valuable set of furs which she lost while here. She first wrote to the Arcade hotel where she thought she left them, but upon not receiving an answer' she wrote the lollce to get them for her which they did today. The District Leader showed in Parsons last evening. MRS.LONGWORTH ILL Operated on for Appendicitis In Washington Today.'' Washington. Dec. 12.—Mrs. Nicholas Longworth was operated on at ten o'clock this morning for apiiendlcitls. An hour later is was announced she was progreslng satisfactorily and the o|)eration was successful. President Roosevelt was at the scene, and on being informed the iiatient was in no danger, he returned to the White house. Surgeon General Rixey of the navy announced at 11:30 that the operation on Mrs. .Nicholas Longworth for appendicitis, performed by Dr. :Phinney, of Baltimore today, had been perfectly successful. He said her condition is satisfactory. TAKES MESSAGE S,750 MILES. Goldfleld, Nev.. Dec. 12.—By direction of tha Acting Secretary of War. Colonel Alfred Rej-nolds. In command of the federal troops at Goldfield. caused to be posted here an order from the War department that he is to take no sides in the trouble, and to interfere with no person in any way unless such a course becomes necessary to protect life after violence has been committed. The order follows: 'The troopir are not sent to take the part of either side in a purely industrial dispute, as long as it is kept within the bounds of law and order. They are to be neither for nor against the strikers or the employers. They are to prevent riot, disorder and violence, under and in accordance with the constitution and the laws of the land. No man will be interfered with as long as he conducts himself In a peaceful and orderly manner." A statement was made at the War department that there was no inten tion of withdrawing the troops from Goldfield. The troops, according to the department, will be kept at Goldfield so long as the commanding officer believes their presence necessary for the maintenance of order. Kiev Wireless SUUon Picks Up American Press Dispatches. St. Petersburg. Dec. 12.—^The Kiev station of the wireless telegraph line which the Russian government is constructing to connect Sebastopol with St. Petersburg, has succeeded in picking up Marconi trans-Atlantic messages, including a number of press dispatches sent from the American side. Messages transmitted from Paris and Casa Blanca also have been plck- ed up. 'i*!Wl The wireless system used bits given excellent results. Mr. Taft, the American secretary of war, was approached while In this city for permission to Install wireless commnnication between Shanghai and Ifanila. ' j* " The disUnce to Kiev from Olace bay. the point at which the Maroonl wireless messages are started for Irctr land, is approximately 3.750 miles. Stray wireless messages have previously been picked up at a distance of 2,500 miles from their point of origin. ».'.mMM Preaineat Editor Dead. St Joseph. Mo.. Dec. 12.—Major Thomas W. Park, for many years a prominent democratic newspaper nan of MlEsoori. died at his home in Piatt City early today. Far Bee! airf QidefeMl lemlti UM tlM Betiater Wul ~ ~ MUST BE IMPARTIAL An Order to Troops From War Department Concerning the Goldfield Situation. SHE SUES PARKER Mrs. James, Lion Tamer, Wants $15,000 Damages Because Lions Attacked Her. NO THIRD TERM THE. ntESIDEUT REAFFIRMS HIS ELECTION-DAT STATEMENT. MAKES HIS DECISION FINAL TERM HE IS NOW SEBTEICI CON- SIDEBED BIS SECOND. ''Have Not Cfeaagcd, and SfeaU Net Change, the Decbioa Thas Aa- noaneed." Washington. Dec. 12.—President Roosevelt will not be a candidate for a third term. All doubt on this point was last night dispelled by the au- thoritattve statement from the Wltite house that Mr. Roosevelt still adheres to the declaration of renunciation made op the night of the election three years ago. In the statement issued ladt night. President Roosevelt says he baa not^changed and shall not change the dension delivered to the AmericaJi peo])le in 1904. It appears that President Roosevelt had been awaiting the call for the republican national convention to afford the proper opportunity for making his position clear and unmiaUkaMek thus leaving the field clear for Fairbanks. Taft. Cannon, Knox, Foraker and other declared or receptive candidates for the Republican nomination. The president's statement follows: •On the night after the election I made the following announcement: "1 am deetily sensible of the honor done me by the American people in thus expressing: their confidence in what I have done and tried to do. I appreciate to the full the solemn responsibility this confidence imposes upon me. and I shall do all that in my power lies not to forfeit it. On the 4th of March next I shall have served three and a half years constituting my first term. The wise custom whldt limits the president to tHo terms regards the substance and not the form, and under no circumstances will I t>e a candidate for or accept another nomination." 'I have not changed, and shall not change, the decision thus announced." Bryan Not Sarprlsed. Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 12.—When told last night that. President Roosevelt had made a positive declaration that he will liot be a candidate for a third term, W. J. Bryan expressed ino snr-- prlse. He declared the position of the resident was as he expected. Mr. hryan said: "I have asstimed from the beginning that President Roosevelt would not be a candidate. The statement he issued the night of election left no room for misunderstanding, and - I have felt" that his friends were doing, him an injustice in suggesting that he. would change his position on the subject." IT IS STATE MONEY Topeka, Dec. 12.—Mrs. Ethel James, lion timer, yesterday filed suit in the United States circuit court here against the Parker Amusement company of Abilene, for $15,000 damages because she was chewed up by three fierce lions while in the employ of the Parker shows. The strange part of the whole case is the fact that no one can be found who claims the Hons. Mrs. James says Uiey belong to Parker, Parker says th'ey are the property of Al. C. Bams, Bams points at Roy Kramer and Kramer says that they belong to Bams. Par ker claims that lion tamers work at their own risk. Mrs. James says that she was led to believe that the lions'were subdued, but through the carelessness or ignorance of some of the employees meat was placed near the cage during a rehearsal at EUls- worth, and that the Itons became greatly, excited and that when aha asked to be let out of the cage the attendants did not open the door Ibr her. As a result she was 4 |ulte seriously Injured 6y the lions. TO CViB A rOLB IN OHE BAT TaM LAXATIVB BROMO Qnlnlaa TftUttai Pracdata retaa4 voaer tf Itfitia to eoff. m. W. OSOVn I' •atart la « «aak box. Mc Haskell Mu^ Give WarranU for the Mainteharice of Oklahoma Con- y'ylf^ to Treaaurer. Topeka. :)>ec. 12.—^As a result of a combination . I>etween State Auditor Nation and'-Treasurer Tully, 'W*. P. Haskell, 'warden of the state penlteii- tiary will ^rftbably be hereafter required to tacn warranU received to settlement for the maintenance of Ok- 'ahoma cotfvfcts in to the state treasurer. Wahien Haskell has been cashing these vrarrants and turning la a check to' thi; treasurer equal to the face of tbe warrants. These wapanta run froi4 -^t^een to twenty months and bear- Interest at the rate of 8 }x •>er cent :8nii/ quite often command a pi'amiumi . Warden Haskell has been crediting' interest earned and preip- iums, rec^ved to penitentiary earn- ngs. It ;is ^the opinfon of the auditor and trea^a^r that the Interest and premium sltould go to the credit 'Ht the state's general fund. It la probable that Auditor Nation will refuse to audit ;penitentiary pay roll until bis deaUnds are acceded to as be did in the case of the transfer of the penltentlwr-twine plant fund from L,eavenw9rth-banks to the state treasury. ,i '-' f- REVISE CIVIL CODE State Bar Association WHI Consider Important Subject at CominB Meeting. Topeka, Dec 12—It is expected that the proposed revision of the Kanaaa Civil Code will be one of the moat important matters considered at t&e annual meeting of the State Bar Association In Topeka the latter part of next montlK i The moTeaMfet for a ra- vision of the Civil Codajwaa mtaxUA at the meeting of the State Bar Asad- ciation two- years ago and a oommlt- tee appointed to draft a bll coverlnc the matter.r /The bill was drafted and introdnced: lit both branehea of ih^ iegialature: late in the last aesstqa. The legislfi&re did not have tiob to consider :the hill before adjoortf- ment. however: and Uier lawyers gaW up the fH&t nnUl t)ie awtt wmttm They wlU Erjr to |M tagtHh^ OB HHI < varkAn proviskM of the bOl atlllf^- -approaekladt; mmOag - 'm »A faMhi 'im unttift alMtto paali it thraatfi at tfi next MariooroC tha lasialatBri. '.

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