Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 3
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And those that are in search for tloliday Gifts. There is ja stroiij attraction in every item we present to yqu on this paje today. There is ii money saving magnetism about this store noviradpys that djiily attracts the crowds. This is the greatest fali's business in the history of the store. What you want, >vhen you want it, and at the. price you want to pay is the great cause of our growth. Read on: \ Greatest price reducing sale of the season. Prices will not be lower. This is the final clean-up and three trimmers still hard at work. RU'IIAUD80>'H NILLIXEKY. tlic Ulk of (hp (own—i/ jou waii( (o bp eornftij dreiied bar yonr Ha( from (hlii plesant llnr. The grand baKlnrsit we tia^e eojoyrd np ran afford (o JOHP fn'ordpr (o clean ap thin linp. ThlH Elegant line of Prnth Prpt(; HR (» at AOr on (he dollar, or a( Jo^t half price. /. ' - ii.00 HatK tlM t^M HMs 11.50 fl.<M) HatH 12.00 $dJN> Hats tiJM IW.00 HatH «.0O, 18.00 Ha(!< W.0« HARPE HOLIDAY KIRS A.\D MIFFS. The low prices on onr Fnrs are making (Jieni mote fast. We wanf yon (o see the splendid Talne!< ve offer for tlM. flM, tSJOn, $5.00 and n|i to $15.00. HOLIDAY WEAR. >ErK. The prettiest shoninp we have eier made in these esqoisite conceits: prbter's ink cannot describe them, so jou Ml'ST - see them. HOLIDAY HANDKERCHIEFS. If jon don't knoTi nhat f« jrlve, iriie Handkerchiefs. They, are alirays a safe Christmas proposition. Onr \en York line of pTPry thing dainty and pretty yon \ TJI 1 find here, pnt up In pretty Xmas boxes. .Yon vlH find the new Ihinirs here, from 5e to iJI.Hrt each. 350 Ladies', Misses and Children's Coats SdO Ladies, Mioses ini CUidren'a Coata, the greatest TBIOPB ne'have errr shown. Every Coat to dean «p we baTP gone thr«agh and made special price reductions to clean np quick. tSJM Coats $5.00 $10.00 Coats $7.50 $12J0 Coats $8-0 Children's Coats greatly reduced. $2.00 Coats .$1.25 $3.75 Cloth Coats...$2.50 $15JN) Coata $10.00 $a0Jie Coats $15 $30.00 Coats $22.50 $4.50 CoaU $8.25 $3.00 Coats tS .75 Royal Worcester Corset, the best, in Uie land. Black Cat Hosiery, guaranteed to wear. Pictorial BerieH Patterns, recommended alrare all others. Richardson's 113 East Madison DRESS GOODS Silks and Satins. U you irant the new things see this line. WOMEX'S WAISTS. To clean np at cost prke we wonld rather seU this tot of broken sixes at cost than to carry them a day longer, so here's yonr waist. Rut yon must be quick. »BA>D COLLECTION OF NOTIONS. I^rand collection of Notions for the Holidays. New Back and 8Me Combs, N>w Jewelry, New Hand Bags, Beads, New Kibbons New Belts, New Hosiery, >'ew Neckwear, New Saslica, PTery* thing new and nspfiil for jXmaa «ifts yon win fiad^ere. BECEPTI05 eiYE5 TO MISS CBAJf- DALt, D£ACK>N£S8, A SUCCESS. Foot Ball dame Toi»j—TUab»l Donald Becoren Stolea Fropeirty— »W8 Kotes and Penonala. A large crowd attended the reception fiven last night in the M. E. church to Miss Bessie Crandall, the deacoDesa. who Is to spend a month in the services of the church here. MIs& Crandall arrived from Humboldt yesterday afternoon where ahe had l>een for a month ID church work. She carry out the duties that usually fall upon those engaged in deaconess work, visiting the sick, calling on newcomers and assisting the pastor. In January she will take an active part in the revival meetings. The reception given her last night was greatly enjoyed by those who attended. Foot Ball Today. A foot bat) game Is to be played here this afternoon between the Humboldt city teim and the La ilarpe second team. Ad Hrennan and Barker will be In the local lineup, filling the tackle positions. The game is to be played on the McDonald grounds. Donald Fonnd Blankets. Marshal Donald has recovered the blankets which were taken from a team cf horses, belonging to Joe Swisher, a few days ago. They wpie found In a box car at the Katy yards. NEWS OF GAS CITY PRESBYTERIAN CHI RCH BCILD- INti TO BE MOVED. 9R. WHITE'S LECTURE FINE TOPEKA MAN IVAS 01 VEX GOOD HEARING LAST MGHT. ReTlral Meetings Are Snccessful— Uiu> City Hotel Change—News Notes and Personals. To Move a Church. The Presbyterian church building will be raovpd noxt wfck from Us present location to a Bite just across from the -M. E. rhiiiTli. The parsonage will aUo bP loratcd adjacent to the, church. . Dr. White's Lecture. There was a large audlciirp present in the Christian church last uight to hear the lecture hy Dr. J. P. White. Ph. D. of Topeka. The Rubject of the lecture was "Egypt" and the address wkE Illustrated w (th a lar^e number of views. It was ihf second number on the lecture course, the third to be given by the Gas City Choral club orchestra will be Kivcn on the evening of December 16, in the Christian church. , . . A» Revival IMeeting Successful. The revival services which arc- In progress In the .MethoidlBt church are prcducing very satisfactory resultis. Quite a number have been converted and many are ihanifesting an in­ terest. Hev. McKliisey. slnRcr of Joplin, Is 88slKt ;nR ,^>asror Campbell in the meetings. Pire Narrowly Averted. What nii;;ht have proven a disas tiiiii.-. tiip wai narrowly avertrd last Thtirsday nlRhl, when NiRht Walch- lean Brown. In patrolling the city discovered an overheated gas stove In the office of the Hanna Feed and Grain company. The flame was turned down by the watchman thus averting the possibility of a fire igniting from the red hot stove. A IHotel Change. The Gas City hotel has been sold to \Y. Dougherty, who Is now in charge. ECZEMA AND ALL SKIN DISEASES Are quickly cured by ZEMO, a dean liquid for external use. ZEHO is tbp best known remedy for the instant relief and positive cure of eczema, pimples, 'lundruff. piles and every form of skin or scalp disease. Fur sale everywhere. Writr for sam- r>lp. E. W. Rose Medipinr '^o.. St t-«"" For sale at Burreli's Drug Store A Planing Mill Now. CM. P. [..aDiberton. of the Lamberton hardware store, has purchased a gas engine and saw mill and will be prepared to do smaii 4pbs of woodworli In the future. Jamea Harvey Is Better. James Harvey, who sustained an Injury to his wrist last week ,1s improving rapidly and will be able to return to work soon. Position in Smelter. Donglas Moore has gone to Bartlea- vllle where he has obtained a Job in one of the smelters. Many New Meat Marltets. Three now meal markets have been started in Gas City recently. H. Russell and Floyd Elliott are among those who have lately ad.ded this feature to their stores. North End Churcti. Bible school at 3:4h. Momli vice at n oVlock. Sermon "The Grace of Being Tenderhi Junior at 3 p. m. Y. P. C. E. at T p. m.. subject. "The •neasure of Tilth.? You are cordially invited. W. tT. Laep- er, pastor. To Attenrt Memorial Sarvlea. Quite a. number of Gas City KIka will CO to Ibla tomorrow to attoQd the EUks Memorial service. Hon. Hen- rr Giinse of Burliogton, wiU deliver the addresa. Francisco, who have been visiting Mr. Shaffer's brother. A. C. Shaffer, editor of the Gas City Herald, left yea- tcrday for their home in California. Issue Christmas Number. The Gas City Herald has in preparation a handsome Christmas number which will be Issued December 15. Personala. George Hettinger, who has been visiting in Leanna. has returned to Gas. I. L. Harvin is in Nevada. Mo., visiting relatives. C. D. Eakin went to Pittsburg yesterday on a business ^rlp. A. Englp. of .Moran, who has been visiting In City, has returned home. FOR TEX YEARS PAST. J. Clarence Norton, of Moran. GUes the Register the Official: RainfalL The Register has received from J. Clarence Norton, of Moran the official rainfall for A*len county for the paat ten years for the months of October and November. The figures follow below: 1896 2.71 1897 <i.8l 1898 3.24 1899 2.08 1900 .1.20 1901 1.09 1902 1.06 1903 4.9.-, 1901 0.67 1905 .1.80 1906 0.89 . 1907 .'•»^2 1908 8,92 An average nf the first ten years stives a norma,! of 2..W for October and 1.28 for November which shows that Octol>er. 1908. had an excess above normal.of 6.1>6.and November 3.87 or a tota.] of 10.43 above the nonml rainfall for the past sixty days. i..r-i 0.33 1.76 1.49 1.47 1.15 1.86 0.97 U.34 2.16 3.77 ji;-i 5.15 THE K. C. MARKETS Kansas City Stock Yards. Dec. 5.— Cattle, this week. 50,200: last week. 46.200; same week last year, 41,700. The market advanced 10 to 20 cents Monday on all kinds, but has lost about all the advance since, except that best stockers and feeders have held up almost steady. Choice fed steers are scarce, top for the $7.40, with odd head at $7.50, bulk of fed steers $5.25 to $6.50, about all of it short fed. There is a-fairly good run of Colorado and New Mexico cattle this week, but run of these will be small after this week. Beef steers from the ranges $3.75 to $5.45. Top fed cows brought $5.00. bulk of cowa $2.75 to $4.50. heifers $3.50 to $5.75. bul's $2.40 to $3.75. Calves are 50 cents higher this week, top veals now worth $6.75. Quarantine supply ver>- sn -Hll. steers $3.35 to $5.40. Good strings of branded stockers could be secured 'this week, at $3.85 to $4.60. feeders $4.25 to $4.75. a few above this price, and trashy stuff around $3.00. Hogs, this week. $101,800: last week 96.700: same week last year, 58,700. In soite of liberal receipts, prices are 10 to !.-> cents above « week ago, heavv hogs today at $5.70 to . $5.85. but'-her weights $6.55 to $5.80. lights $5,25 to $5.65. pigs $3.50 to $4.75. Receipts of piss have,been heavy. Average quality of the hogs is better each week, and weights heavier. The panhandle country is a regular contributor, and Oklahoma otferinga are showing a big increaae. Sheep, this week, 39,100: last week, 28,000: same week last year, 17,500. Ready sale met everything that came this week, and prices are closing 10 to 25 higher for the week, lambs worth $6.00 to $6.60, wethers $4.00 to A SPECIAL SONG SERVICE. $4.75, yearlings $4.75 to $5.25. ewes! $3.90 to $4.25. Nearly all of the stuff suitable for killers Is fed stuff now. Rfv. Elirtt Has a New Featnre for and more of this has been marketed Sunday Nlaht. to date than this early last season, with indications that movement out of Rev. R. 11. EJIett. pastor of the feed lots will be early this season. Christian church, has arran.ged a spe- Considerable feeding stuff from Ari- rial scng service for tomorrow night, zona and New Mexico is .still avail- The following is the program: able. Iambs $-1 .90 to $5.25, wethers Hymn "Now^ the Day Is Over" and yearlings $4.00 to $4.40, ewes Choir and Congregation. $2.60 to $3.25. breeding ewes up to $4.25. Packers' purchases here this week: Morris S. A S. Swift .. Total .. Cattle Hogs Sheep & P. Co. 1217 4394 28645 4563 4096 14657 3957 1674 1831 5429 19370 4724 3640 18069 4047 5930 17319 4804 26330 98060 .23926 PILE 8UFFEREBSI And many other paipfiil and distressing ailments from whidi most mothers suflier, can be avoided by using Mttiier's Friend. This remedy is a God-send to expect.- ..y: «"* mothers, carrying them dirougfa the ciltlCRl ordod with safety. No woman who uses Mothtr't FriMd need fear die sufletlhg incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal oflts dread and insures aali^ ^o Hfie of mother and child, leaving her in a condition more mvoraUe totoctaffPr,. Govcry. The child Is M healdiy, Wong mi lOttured. Do Ton Kno^ These Facts T The cause of piloe ia internal— Sluggish circulation in the lower bowel. Pi'es can't be -thoroughly cured by outward treatment. An internal remedy Is needed to cure the canae. i Send for our booklet. "How' Pflea Can Be Cured by Internal Mediciiie." or talk with Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. who sella Dr. l<eonhardt 's Hem-Roid at $1 per bottle, and guarantees it to cure. Dr. Leonhardt Co.. SUtion B, Buffalo. NY. WHITLOW AT CHeRRYVALE. lola Man New Has Position aa Traveling Salsaman. The Cherry vale Republican says: I S. P. Wliitlow. who was recently acquitted of the Charge of murdering May Bapp. waa 'in Cherryvale todav and made the Republican a brief call. Mr. Wliltlow ia now employed aa traveling aaleaman for the Red Cross Vinegar Ca, of St Louis. The expense of the two trials swept away Mr. Wliltlow'a savinga and considerable more but he baa commenced all over again, and la making an hon- eat living, for hfmaeU and family. He talka Very reluctantly of hia reeeat.ex- perlencM, which have been most bitter. Through, all pf It his wife, father^ brothers and a lipat .of frienda re- jBained loyaL^ With remM-kable fortl- tade, WlilUov has borne hia troublo •ad atarted life apew with a^ firm rea- aliiti «ii ,t6,overcome aU obstacles and prara^to the world he U the kind Solo "The iloly City Mr. Boatrlgbt. Anthem "AH Hall the Power of Jesus Name" The Clfoir. Hymn. "Oh Could I Speak the Matchless Worth." Choir and Congregation. Anthem..."My Soul be on Thy Guard" The Choir. .\ntbem "Stand up for Jesus" The Choir. Trio - At Eventide It Shall Be Light" Misses Elam. Snyder and WIIIiamB Anthem "Lead. Kindly Ught" The Choir. Dnet "Abide With Me" .Miftj Williams and .Mr. Davis Hymn "Just as I As}" Choir and Congregation. . Retnmed from England. Mrs. Wm. Barnaby has returned from an extended visit to ISngland. She was absent aliout five months and visited with relatives and old friends. Her niece came home with her.—Hum boldt Union. About Jones-Holt Wedding. Miss Sylvania J. Jones of Elsmore and Mr. James W. Holt of La Harpe. were united in marriage at the Pret.- byterlan church in Parsons, last Frl- |<Jay. Rev. McF^rland officiating. The happy couple left the s ^e afternoon for Galveston. Texas, whera •hey will spend the winter. They wll" also visit the World's fair at Seattle. Washington and many other points of interest before their return to Kansas. Both of these young people are among A!len county's very be&t and highly respected citizens. Mr. Holt la engaged in the banking bnainesv at La Harpe, wiiere the young couple will make their home on their return from their wedding trip. The Leader joins with tiieJr many friends in wiafa- Ing them a life of much happiness and prosperity.—EUmore Leader. OSTEOPATHY— DB. W .H. ALBRIGHT. Registered Osteopathlo Physician. SUte Bank Bldg. Phone 146. Only Osteopath In La Harp*. Ylsiting in Toronto. Mable Lindamood, of La Harpe, who viaited her cousins. Maud and Blanch Undamood last week, returned home Monday evening.—Toronto RepuUlIeau YNitlng In Moran. Mrs. Minnie Rogers is entertaining her mother. Mrs. J. T. Burris. of La Harpe, and sister-in-law. Mrs. Nettie Burris. of Wicblu.—.Moran Herald. Preach at La Harpe. Rev. Lane has consented to preach for the Methodist Protestant congregation at la, Harpe part of the time. Hfe and Mrs. Lane were there last Sunday.—Moran Herald. Tools Here Now. A supply of tools to be used tn making the grade of the switch to the Union Portland site has arrived and the work will progress much more rapidly. A Snrprise Party. A number of the frieods of Mrs. Rachel A. Biggf: .c:ave her a pleasant surprise Thursday, it l>eing the occasion of her 41st birthday. The paity assembled at the Mrs. T. H. Smith home, thence going to the Biggs' residence. A dinner, was served and the day spent in games and a social chat Those in the party were: Mr. and Mrs. .\ttel)erry and son. Mrs. Gladis Pep- I>an and family, of Concrete and Mesdames. F. A. (^IrchRds. H. S. Hall. W. C. Wall Is and son. Jessa Philllpa and son. T. H. Sndth and daughter. .Mrs. L«nnie Priddy and Miss Lottie Keler. Arrested at Chanute. Al man named Ftoerschler was Uken In custody last evening by Officer Taylor near the Santa F« station. He pleaded guilty to intoxication this morning and itras fined $5 and costs which he paid.—Chanute Sun. Saw Pisy at loUu A number of La Harpe theater goers went to lola last night and saw "Under Southern Skies.' INSURANCE! ? Is a necessity, not a Idxary:^ It Is not an expense but investment. It is something you must have but something you must be careful of, as it is very Important that the right com-, panles are aelected. I represent the leading companies of tk» world and would like to SHOW- TOU. ' J. E. POirXLL PemoMls. Mrs. Green has returned to Blue Mound after a short visit with her sons. S. F. and B. Z. Green. Romney Ketter man in lola yesterday. Claude Peterson has gone to Bartles work in the smelters. W; R. Perkins and Berry Jones of Hiawatha are here on business. A. B. Wifliams of Parsons was In town yesterday on business. WHY PAY RENT? , Wben you can buy a home jwitb the same money? I have I some mighty nice properties on ; hand right now which I will aell yon for the same money that you are paying ont rent for. The properties are well located and are a good InvSatment. All I j want Is a chance to SHOW YOU. J. E. POW^ Knw Bist* ^Ma.

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