The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1951
Page 9
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1951 Strange Bus Mishap Fatal To 7 Persons 22 Others Hurts- Concrete Slob < Starts Trouble OAKLAND, Calif., Oct. 29 «Pj—A crowded Greyhound bus hit a loose .'. block of concrete on a bridge approach early Sunday and plunged down 10 /eel, killing seven and injuring the other 22 aboard. The slab of concrete was torn from an abutment on the San . Francisco Bay bridge approach by . another automobile accident three minutes earlier. The bus blew a tire when it hit, careened across the roadway and smashed through a concrete and .'.sMel safely railing v;lth a trhsh of sparks. U teet*red a moment, then . toppled down to railway tracks 40 , leet below. "It made » loud crunching noise when It hit below," said John Sliep- ,. pard, Oakland Tribune truck driver. A l«-yeaj-old bu* passenger set ..- hll slop watch as Die bus went over. Il WHJ 5:22 a.m. like everyone else, hi wac knocked unconscious by the , crash. ,. Pwpl* Were Screaming f\ Then, said Charles B. Taylor who ,-.; : Jivzd rwarby: 'People were screaming 'Get met eat ... for God's sake get me out." "One woman kept shouting: 'Turn ., oil the ignition before we all blow up." ,. The crumpled bus lay upside down, flattened so badly some of its ; moaning injured were trapped for newly two hours. . A priest said final rites for the d«sd as rescuers out and pried out the living and the dead. Oat Walked Away Of the 29 persons aboard only Air Force U. John R, Haber, 24, of Camp Stoneman, Calif., was able'to walk away from th« hospital af- tor treatment for minor cuts and ' bruise*. "' Twelv* o< the Injured were're- ported in critical condition. In almost unbelievable sequence, itarttd when a passenger car '• knocked a hug*, hunk of concrete onto th* roadway less than three minutes-before the ponderous bus • ;• hove- into aight Irom the opposite i. diMctlon. The loaded bus, inbound for the . Oakland bus depot after a night run :?jjfrom Salt Lake city, smacked the • *3oncret« block, blew a tire and ( went out o< control. It ripped out -'. a section of the stout retaining "rail and f«ll Into the darkness below." •• •"' ' '•••••>• . •• Top Muht* Flat The Impact at the bus lande'd was -: so violent that Its top waa mashed down to seat level. And every seat • was beaten to the lloor as if struck by a giant hammer, v Peopl* who reached the. wreck age immediately afterward said it appeared that nearly all of the passengers were knocked unconscious, that those who died probably never knew what hit them. The injured, . trapped under the crumpled roof, moaned in pain. Then, as some pas. scngera regained their senses, there was terror and screams. It took an hour and in minutes ..HOWLS ABOUT CRIME Ills nol a wolfess, but a woman who wanted to keep her identity secret while she testified before an Upper Marlboro, Md, gambling grand jury. The witness wore the wolfish Hallowe'en mask: during the hour sh« testified. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS —AP Wlrepholo BALLOONS, SEARCHLIGHTS MARK PEACE SITE—A large, brightly colored balloon rises in Ihe background to warn aircraft away from the neutral zone surrounding the peaceniks site at Paimiunjom. In foreground a crew of U. S. Engineers prepare one of several searchlights which will be uscri at night and when visibility Is poor for the same purpose. An exploding balloon burned 13 Yanks yesterday. 73 Yanks Hurt in Balloon Blast Helicopters evacuated II men who suffered the worst burns. An ambulance took the- other two back to U.N. lines, Lt. Col. Joseph Borchert, Salt Lake City, and three enlisted men shoveled sand over the flames. The others were Pfc. Jasper Haynes, Honey Hill, S.C.; Pvt. Robert Proudlock. Scranton. Pa,, and Pfc. Robert Carlson, Brattleboro, VI. The balloons are used to warn aircraft away from the conference neutral zone. Five Newsmen To Be Arraigned Louisianians Face Charge of Defaming Gamblers in Crusade LAKE CHARLES, La., Oct. 29. 'API—Five newspapermen will be arraigned today on charges they defamed 16 ptibllr officials and' three admitted gamblers in a crusade against gambling. The defendants are: Thomas Shearman, publisher of th<- Lake Charles American Press- Hugh • Shearman, his son and copubllsher: Kenneth Di.xon, managing editor; James Norton, citv editor, and Carter George, police reporter. The American Press Is the onlv daily newspaper In this southwest Louisiana city with a population of The five were indicled Aug. 27 by a grand Jury that had been called to investigate gambling conditions They have been free on bond. The indictments were based on stories appearing In the American Press that allegedly defamed District Attorney Grlf/in Hawkins" M«lvin Wethci-ill, assistant dislrir-i attorney. Sheriff Henry Held, p.nd the parish police jury—governing body of the parish (county). PANMTJNJOM, Korea, Oct. 29. (AP)—One of Jour big yellow balloons marking this new armistice conference site exploded yesterday and burned 13 American soldiers. The men had lowered the balloon for refilling with hydrogen. "It exploded all at once, flumes and-all." said Pvt. Donald Ryan. Los Angeles. He was unhurt. Some soldiers jumped into a nearby stream to extinguish their flaming colthing. Brisk Weather Hits North U.S. Great Lakes Area Is On* of Coolest By The Associated Preaa Brisk weather hugged the north and central portions of the country today .with temperatures coolest along a line stretching from the great lakes to the central Rockies. Light rain or snow fell in the cool areas and bordering states with the concentration heaviest in the region ra'nging from the lower lakes eastward to New England. There was rain in the Pacific Northwest as well as portions of Texas northward to the central plains slates. Some early morning lemperatures Included Houlton, Me. 31, New York 46, Kansas city 60, Minneapolis 35. Chicago 32. Glndwin, Mich. 24, Seattle 47, San Francisco 46, Los Angeles 60 and Salt Lake City 35. Iran Uncovers 'Plot' To Unseat Its Shah TEHRAN, Iran, Oct. 29. (in — fran's government says It has uncovered a communist plot to unseal Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi. Police said a raid on an underground headquarters of the outlawed Red Turieh Party produced thousands of leaflets calling for ouster of the 32-year-pld Shah and formation of a "national government." The police saJd they also found "very important documents which may lead to - further discoveries." An undisclosed number of arrest* was made in the raid. More Jobs, Wages Seen Within Year, Farms Excepted WASHINGTON, Oct. 29. (ffy—The Bureau of Agricultural Economics predicts that 1952 will bring more jobs and higher consumer incomes, but no general income boosts for farmers, In a, report yesterday, it also for- sa,w, some possible, further price hikes. Its predictions were based on the assumption that the defense program will develop about as planned. — - •-•*-•£ -• IA - - .-/;. • - . ; Farmers' cash Income may rise next year, the bureau said, but production costs will rise too, so that net income of fanners probably will be about the same as this year. It forsaty little change in the general level of farm product prices. Truman 'Sweep' Is Seen NEW YORK. Oct. 29. Wj—President Truman and Vice President Barkley "would again sweep America" in 1952 if they coose to run for re-election, says Secretary of Labor Maurice J. Tobin. Keyserling Is Dead NEW YORK, Oct. 29. (iTj—Wil- liam Keyserling, 82, father of one of President Truman's chief aides, collapsed and died here yesterday. Keyserling's son, Leon, is chair- Mady Christians Dies SOUTH NORWALK, Conn., Oct. 29. (AP)—Actress Mady Christians, best known for her portrayal of mama in (he Broadway hit. "I Remember Mama," died last night. Red HuJc Leader Killed •MANILA. Oct 20. (AP) — The Philippine Neu-s Service today said an Army task force surprised and killed a Communist Huk leader and 21 of his men Sunday on Panay Island. The leader was identified as Neri O. Ty. The giant Mesabi ore range was the last of the Lake Superior ranges to be discovered and worked. for rescuers to extricate the 28 passengers and the-driver. Bus driver Vane B. Elshire of Sacramento, Calif, was one of the dead. . How To Save Money On Seed Storage Store your bj«ed colton and soybean seed wilh Blythc- illle Warehouse Co. You'll scl the protection of dry storage (and no worry about rat damage) PLUS Ihe saving irom exceptionally low Snsnr.nce rales. AND our plan makes il easy to finance sen! stored here. Ul's talk it over.- Caj] today! BLYTHEVILLE , WAREHOUSE CO. N. Highway 61 phone 6277 2 Biq 0/e in Norffi Woods Battle PICKPORD. Mich., Oct. 29, (API —A grim story of battle and dealh has come from the north woods. Two big buck deer, each with 10- point antlers, fought It out lunge for lunge with knife-sharp hoofs Both died. Warring In the mating season IB characteristic of bucks. Sometimes one may be killed. But almost nveer. woodsmen say. do their fights end in death for both. One warring buck died ol a broken neck. The other evidently succumbed to exhaustion and starvation—a prisoner on the antlers of th« adversary he had mortally wounded. Horns of the two animals were locked together so tightly the win ner was helpless to free himself. Carcasses 400 - pounders were found seven miles northwest of here over the weekend by Sam Watson. 88, of Iron River. Mich. Evidence indicated the battle was fought about a week ago. DiSafle Says U.S. Control Plan Sav*d $6 Billion WASHINGTON, Oct, ». ffl — Price Director Michael V. OlSalle says the government, through "a pretty good' stabilliation Job," has saved U.S. consumers from four to six billion dollars. "All of these things are relative and It Is very hard to measure" the effect of price controls, he said in a (Gannett News Service) radio interview yesterday, but he believes consumers have been saved that much. 206 U.S. Wor Casualties WASHINGTON, Oct. 29. (AP) — The Defense Department to'day identified 206 additional combat casualties in Korea. A new list (No. •129) reported 104 killed, 85 wounded, five missing in action and 12 injured In battle zone accidents. PAGE NINE ONE-MAN 'COPTER UNDERGOES TESTS - A rockel- poivered, one-man helicopter, weighing less than 100 poundi, may soon give a tremendous lift to the fighting man. Depicted above the desk-top-sized "pinwlieel" would enable one man and special armaments to climb fasler than an airplane, and noiselessly float or glide to earth. The self-starting, throttle-controlled contrivance has fuel tanks in the tips of its two small rotor blades, leaves no telltale flame in the sky and could be mass-produced. Developed for the Navy, il Ij being tested near Los Angeles. Dan White Cloud Squelches Bid Of Youth for Tribal Chief's Seat ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Oct. 29, (API- Old Dan While Cloud has squelched the bid of a 15-year-old high school sophomore to succeed htm as chief of the Iowa Indian tribe. White Cloud says he'll remain chief as long as he's able. Fifteen-year-old Jimmle Rhodd, son of Chief Dan's sister, was scheduled to be crowned at a tribal ceremony yesterday. His mother claimed he should become chief because Old Dan had left the reservation at White Cloud, Kan., and moved to Red Rock, Okla. TJie move brought some rumblings of discontent from tribesmen. Although Jimmle wasn't crowned, 20 Indians went through a ceremonial dance In his honor yesterday. . Hfs mother, Mrs. Henry Rhodd. Insisted that he's the new chief even though he wasn't crowned. But Dan White Cloud said that although Jimmle Is an outstanding member of the Iowns, : "it will be some time before he can become chief." "My son, James White Cloud, Is next In line if anything should happen to me." he declared. "Suceed- ing him would be the two sons of my oldest sisler, Mrs. Sarah Robl- dotix of Hiawatha, Kansas." Said Jlmmie, who still feels he has » good claim to Hie title: "I'm not going ,to argue about It.' 'Lady Godiva' Does Her Stuff At Horse S/iow SACRAMENTO. Calif., Oct. 29. v^J—Now we have "Lady Godiva" doing her jsluff—In pink lights— at, a horse show. „ The stunt, with the traditional knee-length blonde wig and spiel against high taxes, featured Mrs. Ttwlma "Shu«" Coburn. riding side-saddle at the show staged here yesterday by the Sacramento County Horsemen's Association, After her ride, the blue-eyed blonde made her way to Die microphone and started urging people to "write your congressman." But the racket from a low-Ilylng plane drowned out the rest. The crowd never did find out what she wanted them to write. "Lidy Godiva's" appearance followed her husband's comment laal week that it would bring people out to the horse show. Jerry Coburn I* a member of the horsemen's association. While she was in the arena. Coburn busily snapped pictures. And, afterward, she was made an honorary member of the horsemen's association. A-Arms to Revolutionise Warfare, Bui Not Its Cost PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 29. W>) _ Atomlo weapons being produced by the United states will revolutionize warfare but wilt not alow a big cut In military spending. Thomas K Finletter, secretary o; tlie Air Force, asserted yesterday. "Until we have worked out a foolproof system of controlling these awful modern weapons—which our possible enemies possess—w« will have to remain armed and very effectively armed," he said in tile concluding speech of a three-day centennial celebration at St. Joseph's College. WARNS BERLIN REDS - Maj.-Geii. Lemuel A. Mathew- soiij above, American commandant in Berlin, promised that th» Western Allies would retallaU for the Communist seizure of Slelnstuecken District in th« American sector of the four- power capital. Possible Western targets might be the Soviet Radio headquarters In the British Zona or the Russian railway headquarters in the American Zone. NOTICE OF SALE Notice U hereby given lhat the undersigned aa Commissioner In Chancery, pursuant to the Decretal Order of the Chancery C!o ur t for the Chickasawba District of Mlssis- 15,000 Held in 'Plot' JAKARTA, Indonesia. Oct. 29. I/Pi — Indonesian Premier Soekiman [ told parliament today that discovery of a gigantic plot against the lives of Indonesia's top officials,' from President Sonkarno down, had resulted in the arrest of 16.000 persons. man of President Truman's council of economic advisers. Only 12 I days before new liquor fox! ON*CAII of 11, «.SOTI. > tAVI . 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