Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1907
Page 5
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•.^mM^ -^^ I tin 191JL tiBTBBIHABt HOSPITAL ftiir bem mored to 214 Wert Btreet, Vii ^iiUr ^Hr brick bnlldliig pliiiiitriA <r IB ^wiotppeA iritli mn oper- .intlof-Ubte-«nd'«U the latest appli- iMe«i tbe Httmane and ^enUfic treatment of Domestic Animals. Calls made anywbere ntght or day. Phone 139 for hospital or residence. FRANK S. BEATTIE, V. S.. Proprietor. Tmt^mmtWiM Ohmrry Is Good for Coughs at SPENCER'S lOLM. RiAS another fine automobile. A. H. Ritter. the lola contractor, irbo has lost oosaptoted' bnUdias aer- eral big bnlldlBKa for a college at £nJd. Oklabrana. is tiie owner (rf the machine. The machine Is a three- cylinder Northern make, and U one tit the finest machines now In lola. The machine was brought from Oklahomn by Mr. Bitter's son and the trip was made without a mishap. You grow strong, blood pure, nerres steady, cheeks red and rosy, you are well and happy again after taking HolIiBtcr's Rocky Mountain Tea. Gire It a trial. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burreirs Drug Store. Dr. WOIey, OeiUst. BB. J. F. jmsoir. The Saeeesshd A«e- tlMMer, TeUrinarlHU rttm nlnor Pediftreed stock •ales made anywliere. Vcter- iiMTy cmlU mnswered dajr or nixht. Office with Doufctass BroB. Pbcne 13, residence jio lOI^ KANSAS. Qod '5 Caletular Another Woaderfal Book. By the Rev. W. A. Qnayle. We would rather sell this book and make a little than some other go^ds and make a big profit Or his In God*!« Ofl(-of-I>oors, than a dozen bottles ot medicine Or the Prmlrte and the Sea, by the same author than five copies of the Younger set. We won't make as much but we think we know the kind of botdcs that help make life worth living. Read these books and you wonder why some one has not said. It just thjit way Iwfore or why yon have not 8e«»n the beautte;* of this world that thl« author has. The line of Bnt> Illustrated books Is bigger this y«>ar thau ever before. See them at Evans Bros. »TEYER*S OROCEBY The Santa Fe will sell HoraoscekerB' tickets Nov. 19th, Dec. 3d and nth, 1907. to i)oints In Texas, Okluhoma and ndlan Territory, New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. Winter Tourist tickets on sale dally Nov. lEth. 1907. to April 30th. 1S08. with final return limit .Tune iHt. 1908. to ncaumont, El Paso, Ft. Worth. Oal- veston, Texas, Carlsbad and Deming, N. M., at low rates. Please see us for further particulars. W. E. RALSTON. «gt. WUL TEAOH SHORTHANO Miss J. Katherine Hartley wiU give private lessoos. Benn Pitmal] System a specialty. TELKPHOHE YOUB WAHT IBS. TO THE SEGISTEB OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register receives ads for its want columns over the ttieiriioae, bat expects the advertiser to eall at the ofB^ and settle as soon u eoBvenJent, asi th* bills are too small to warrant the expense of a oollBCtor. Telephone yoqr want ad to •iihw phone. No. 18 or 322. and it will receive eareM attention. W. B. CHOCKI.EY. who for several years has resided at 702 North Cottonwood street, bas movpd 'to a farm In Oklahoma. G. W^ Brady, of Gas City, has moved Into the Cottonwood property vacated by Mr. Chockley. S. WEBB has just completed the erection of a fine ten room modem house at the comer of Walnut and Monroe streets. Free dirt at Luccock'a. JOHN Jacobs yesterday started the foundation for an eight room modem house at the comer of Buckeye and Spruce streets. DL'MOXT Sickl.v. who is taking a bo'.ntcd summer vacation at the pest hoiiRc, celebrated his birthday day be fore yesterday. P. S. Waark. Deatbt Phaa* IK. Ofiee BTcr BBrrelPi Vwmt SUfVi Episcopalian Chicken Pie Supper tomorrow. Thursday. Supper from 5 to 7, first door east of Gas ofllce. W. H. McKBARNAX has Instlti-.t ed a damage suit agsinst the Ka>i- sas Portland for injuries alleged to have resulted fro.n l-tlng caught in the machinery at the plant, whidi was not properly gu.vde-l. He asks $2,000. He instituted a suJt about a year ago for $7,000, but the case was not set- tI.^J in the courts. THE CITY is expectliig to bring in both wells, which are being drilled In the west field, this week. See the Christmas Gifts for nea I b the window at BarrellN drag store. C. T. W3.\G. of Okoboga. la., and Miss .Myra D. Baxter, of HumboUR. secured a license to marry yostonlay in probate court. .Mr. Wng lived in lola years ago. He has relatives at Humboldt. J. M. MORGAN. Mr and Mrs. Loren Morgan, and .Mrs. B>'!o Russell wore In the city yestonlav uiiornuon while enrouto frtun Ucdn.>l<l u> Baldwin. They accompanied t;i<» tamalns of J. M. Morgan from Baldwin to Red- fleld Saturda.v. l/>ran Motfaa is a pronttnent attorney of Mosrow, la. Episcopalian Chicken Pie Sup|»er tomorrow. Thursdn.v. Supper from 5 to 7, llrst door east of Gas ofllce. Fancy Hand Engraved Bracelets nt Coffey's Jewelry store, east side square. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. THE FINANCE committee of the city will not make a report on the voting machine until December 18th. It Is not likely that they will report favorably at this time. IT IS SAID that Mr. Ritter. son of A. H. Ritter, is contemplating putting in an auto garage in lola. He has the agency for several leading auto manufacturers. Cotton Blossom Comedy company at Bachelor Theater Wednesday night. Prices 10 and 20 cents. Dr. BBTaaUa. Fkra« m. fll IT HAS practically been decided to hold the annual K. U. banquet on cith er the third or fourth of January Committees have been selected to make the arrangements. A number of the faculty of the state university will attend. DR. SHAnWlCK has collected $50 from a defunct oil company which he will turn over to the board of charl- tlrs for distribution among the poor. The sum was to have been divided nniong u number of stockholders but If was decided (o turn the money over to the board of charities. Won't it PkiM Ifiiiiton&da Watdi HttigiBg OBthe'nree FopWm? If your boy Is an average boy and so iar has never owned a watch yon sboold^thim one. Bat get him a good. watch- one that will keep good time and last a reasonable length of time. We have a line of Boys' Watches that cannot be improved upon—the assortment is lar;g^, the variety wide and prices right. Come in and Look at These Watches Today. Prtoem M2.BO to StBM SEND FOR OIB CATALOG, FREE! SMELTERS TO OPEN Xo. Fac, Santa Fe and M. K. k T. Watch Inspectors. WEAK KIDNEYS AND BLADDER One Dollar in Script or Money Is good for $2.70 worth of Sanitol goods at J. D. Mundls & CO. This offer closes December 31st. AT A MEETi.NG of the Mystic Circle which meets tonight In the K. P. hall an address will bo delivered by Harry Leader, of Kausjis City, state representative. Election of ofllcers will also occur. JOH.N \VAHI.,QIMST. one of the best known farmers of Elsnmre Township, died at Kethatiy Hospital at Kansas City l-'riday rooming. He had been suffering for some time with cancer of the iMiwels and an o|M>ratton was undergime as a last resort. He jxmid nut survive it.—Humboldt Herald. See the Cotton Bloason) Comedy conijwny nt Bachelor Theater Thura- 'lay night. Prices 10 and SO cents. Six Per Cent Money, R. M. C\tn- ningham. THE CARVI.VG knife seents to have succot>ded the raxor as the f»v- orlte weapon of defense in the lola ilstrict.—Kansas City Star. A nice I'lctnre from Barreirs drag store will make an acceptable Christmas gift Holly Taes and Cards for Christ- nuiji packages at BurrelPs dmg store. THE MhAS A H. T. A. bloodhound was taken to lola Sunday to be used in tracing the murderer of H. W. Stewart, who was killed by his partner h?cause of the latter's love for Stewart's wife. When the request was sent here that the hound be tak en to lola. It was not known who had ronimitted the crime. Crevlston confessed about half an hour bafore the (Ior reached lola. Suspicion was directed townn> him by a remark he made to Stewart's wife. "You don't hink 1 killed hlin. do you?" he asked her. .Mr. I)<>nny. the keep.^r of the hound, was In the city yesterday on his way home from lola. The dog as been In freouent demand by the Pen rnunly autliorllles recently. It as taken to .Morsn when May Sapp ..ns killed, and nsnln nt fho time n burglary wiis committed there a few weeks ago.—<'hanute Sun. KLADILY RELIETED BT THIS HUJiE XADE XIXTrRE. A. B. Cockerin, Owaer •( Cherokee Factory, Sy^ltgr WIU Bes«BM A. B. Cockerlll, owner of the Cherokee smelters at Gas City, onaonocad yesterday that the factory would resume operations on January 1st. This announcement was made over the telephone from his home in Nevada to a number of workmen who were out of work waiting for the smelter to start again. The workmen gave as their reason for telephoning, that they wanted to know definitely whether or not the smelter was going to resume operation as they were waiting on it. They Intended, if the factory was tiot going to start soon again, to look for employment elsewhere. The smeller bas been closed down for the past several weeks because of low pas pressure. The Readlckcr Drilling company, which has the contract for furnishing gas, is now putting in a pumping plant on his leases north of the city. When this is completed he will tMB able to give the required pressure. Mr. Readicker stated today that his plant would be finished within another week and that as ar as he was concerned the smelter could resume operations by Christmas. While the Cherokee smelter has been down the furnaces have been repaired and every thing bas been put in condition so that there will be no need for further delay! OPEX A WORK BOOIL Will Re l^s Kidney Trooble If This Prcicription to Make H obk) Reai- fdy Becomes Knewa. Here is a prescription that anyone ran mix at home. Any good pre.scrip tUiii pharmacy can supply the ingredients named at llule cost: being com p<i .-4ed of vest'tiihle extracts. It is harmless and Inexpensive. Best of all it dtH's lis w<irk well, relieving even the \vor.<t forms of bladder trouble, frwiuent urination, backache, kidney complaint, and by its direct action uiHm the eltmiuiUlvo tissue ttt the kidneys, makes these moat vital or- Knns rill the bltHid and s.vstem of waste matter and uric acid which causes rheumatlMn. Mere U Is; try It If you suffer. Muld Extract Daudelton, one-half mince: Oomiiound Kargon. one ounce; Com- lamnd Syrup SarsaiMrllla, three ounces. Shake well in a bottle and take in teasiwonful doses after each meal and at bedtime. , A well-known local druggist Is authority for the statement that one week's use shows good results in nearly every Instance, and such symptoms as lame back, frequent desire to urinate, pain In bladder and even chronic rheumatism are generally relieved within a few days, the pain and swelling diminisbl;iS with each dosa TALKED TO BOYS. Jndge WUHs Brown Addressed Junior y. M. C. A. Members. Overcoat Reductions Reduced prices all • through • the Htie. Oar winter has been so open that we find we have too many Overcoats, and, we want to reduce the stock now, just when you need a coat, in place of waiting till January. HtM Orereoats,..920.00 tS0.0O Orereoatfl,.. 118.60 ^18.00 OrercoBts,. .$15X0 i>15.00 Orercoats,. .912.50 HtM OrereoBts,.. 110.00 A saving of I3.50 to ^3.00 on a Coat is worth looking after. Ciie'BaitlaylSaelis. Clothinj •THE 8T0RE THAT «AT18Fie«." We hiive extended our offer of six cabinet photos free with an order for six until Saturday night. Dee. Hth. Come rain or shine, day or night.— .Miller's Sudio. PR H. J. WlLl.EY Is In Fowler, Ka«., today on business. GEORGE Howard, of the Howard livery, is confined to his home with a severe cold. Clean stock of Keneral merchandise mostly groceries, will take $1200 residence, balance terms. Located in Rood farming community. Whltaker & Donnell. J. T. WOOD and party who were to have gone to Western Kansas yester- da.v, 'hava postponed their trip. See the Holly Boxes for mallfaig yoor Cbrtstmas GUU at BarrriVa dmg store. THE A. H. T. A. will meet In regular session Saturday evening for the Initiation of several new candidates. See those fancy Hand Engraved Bracelets at Coffey's Jewelry store. East Side Square. MR. k. A. SHUMAKER. state secretary of the Y. M. C. A. will address the men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. next Sunday afternoon. .Mr. Sbumak- er has one day only with each Y. M. C. A. In the state and the members are looking forward to the Sunday meeting as a treat. This meeting will be for men only. Yesterday afternoon at four thirty In the auditorium of the Y. M. C. A. Judge Willis Brown gave a talk on the "Square Deal" to a class of ninety- six boys. Judge Brown Is at home with the boys and he held their closest attention. The principal |)olnt of the lecture was that If the hoys wore "On the square" with themselves, they were sure to bo square with others. Judge Brown came In yesterday to fill an engagement on the lecture course and the talk In thi> afternoon was due to the efforts of .Mr. John Devlin and .Mr. U V. Starkey. Card of Thanks. We wish to return our heartfelt thanks to the friends and neighbors, especially the Royal Neighbors of 1281 and order of Eagles for their kindness and floral offering in our sad loss and bereavement of our darling baby, I.,ela .May. .IfR. AND MRS. JOSEPH \\'OLP, MR. A.Nl) MRS. DAVIS WOLF. Executire Commlttoe of Charities Rea4y for Work. The executive committee of the Associated Charities has opened a room where clothing for the needy may be received and repaired. The use of this room has been donated by one of our benevolent citizens and a group of earnest women are ready to give bteir services to caring for donated clothing and to i^eeing that it reaches those who need It "'•••l|*J In fitting up ttils room there will be needed a stove, table, cupboard, a dozen chairs, shelves or lumber for .shelves. Anyone able to furnish any of these articles may report to Mrs. «. S. Arabld, phone I25S. There will be needed also, clothing and bedding. Any garments that may be repaired or remodeled will be accepted. Children's clothing esiwcially underwear, shoes and stockings will be neeilwi. .-V few iwlrs of scissors, thread, thimbles and net>dles will IM» re«)ulre<l in the wtirk. l^matlons may )>«» ."ioni to ibe wurk nxm*, .'it^ west Madison street, seotuul tlwr. mter- lUMms from two t»» four, or rein)rie<l tu .Mrs. .\rnold. CONNECTINQ WATER MAINS, Pt«flt In North End Will b« 8ttt «r Supplltd. Su |H >rtntoudenl Newby «f the city water department Is to^tay making the North CollKJm street water o««mec- tlons. The water main has been ex tended on North Colborn 8tr«H>t. This Is being completed today and water will be turned on tbis evening. By putting In the new main more people living in Wie northern part of the city will be supplied with city water. NOSE BLED FOR A WEEK. - ' ; toiam Walker WUteriie in _ -THE CLAM OF BLOOD." PrlcM . .35, 50, 75c HjOO, KM Raise Your OtlSaUfy PAT CASH FOR TOUB GItO* CERIES A!(D MEATS. 2r> lb. Granulated Sugar.... $UK Boxes of Egg-o-See M 2 Boxes,Price's Food JS' bars of Silk Soap M Gallon Apples JB Hominy Grits, 3 boxes for M Meats. Boiling Beef, 5c t* J« Beef Steaks lOc to tt* Pork Steaks, Chops and Roasts. ]M« Sugar Ciired Skinned Hams, lb.. 0B FRYER BR03. Pboaes 30S-S01 East 8Me Sqttn - Bring This A4. Off, 01 choice Jewelry Novelties, flat Watches, handsome Silverware Mid Cat Glass. Just the opporttiaity for the hoHdav buyer presented lo onr large stock now—have the article yoii desire to give laid nlde lor you today. Q. A. LEFPLER, JKWKLKII. WILL RELEASE HARRI.S. Patient Has Reeorered From an Attack of Snullpoz. George Harris who was taken to the pest house suffering from an attack of the smallpox several days ago will be released this evening. He has entirely recovered from the disease. His condition n^ver was at any time thought to be serious. For ExcbBBge. Sixty acres miles from More- bead. Montgomery county, Kans.; all creek valley land; good soil. 3 room house; small barn. Price $50 per acre. MorfgaKe $1,000. Want lola. Gas City or La Harpe property: clear or equity. lOLA LAND CO. IMR. CHAS. Walsh, of Kansas City, special representative of the Westchester nre Insurance company, and Mr. Prank Benedict, of Lawrence, special representative of the Niagara fire Insurance company, are the guests of Smith & Travis today. Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone 1030. A SON was born yesterday to Mr. and ifrs. Frank Massey. of 420 .N'orfh Elm street. REV. CITLLISOX returned to his home in Walnut. Kas., this morning after spending yesterday here visiting his son. Attorney R. E. Cuilison. A Chanute Wtoman Has a Terrible Siege of the Trouble. Chanute, Kas., Dec. 11.—^Irs. Casebeer is in a critical condition from con tinued bleeding at the nose. Last night she was so weak that she could scarcely speak, but the hemorrhages continued, blood flowing for half an hour last evening. The attack began Tuesday of last week, and the hemorrhages have been of frequent occurrence daily since that time. The flow began from a slight abrasion Inside a nostril. The hemorrhage at first was not profuse and the scratch was healing In good shape, when a fit of sneezlnp tore the scab off and start ed the bleeding, which has not yet been checked. It is presumed that tho snooze ruptuml a blood vessel. BALLAST THE TRACK Katy Will ItuproTf Line Itotwren Mo. ran and Plqna. The Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway company's track between Moran and PIqua. passing through here may be ballasted. The trainmaster who passed through this city yesterday ovenlnR, said tliat a special train carr.ving the officials of the road would Inspect the track some time this week. The purpose of making this trip will be to inspect the road between Moran and Piqua and to decide whether or not it Is necessary to ballast the track. E. M. Alvord. general superintendent; J. L. Walsh, division superintendent: W. G. Koch, trainmaster; W. W. Miller, general freight agent of Kansas City, and F. J. Hoffman, general freight and passenger agent at Parsons, will make the trip. The road between Moran and PIqua Is practically the only Missouri. Kansas & Texas road in this part of the state that is not ballasted, and if It is decided to ballast the track, which In all probability will be done, it will, make the Missouri. Kansas & Texas road out of here as good as any. Because of the bad condition of the track the trains which run over it, have not been making good time. This Is the reason the name 'The Monkey Valley Road" has been attached to the Katy running through here. Ballasting a track means that it will be raised about two feet and filled in with crushed rock. This is a great Improvement over the present dirt track. Besides being much safer, a ballasted track is said to reduce the bumps which are found more or less when mnning over dirt roads. If it is decided to ballast the track, it will be done at once. It is said that laborers will be put to work at once. A Good Steinway Square Piano for .00 Spleiidid Tone and Actiba. Call Soon. Roberts Piano House WEST «IDE EQUARI. Iowa Store llendquartei-s for Santa Clava line; of Dres.sed and Undrasaad Bolia. Toilet cases. Work Boxes, Cuff Handkerchief Boxes. VasBs. Candles. Puff Boxes, Children'a BMIM, Albijms, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs. lers, Ties, Ladies' Furs; Fancy Stockings, Fancy Hose. We have a nice seieictlon of VBry choice articles from Chaa. TAdttAli'tt Manitou; Colorado, which wb ar* Ing to sell at half price. Thesa af* very choice cut stones. Wb wm glad to:show you. A. G. MUMMA. Prop. T. B. SiMiiiMn 1 The" Allen county ^Hardware and Implement man. NorthSidcSquare Ma,

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