Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 5, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
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VOLUIF XI. SUMBEB S5. EIGHT PAGE9. lOLA, KAKSAS , DECEMBER S, IMS^-SATURDAY ETENUiC!. : • --mm OEATH STOPS GAME XD. BR0DER80>' DIED OF HEART FAILURE IN CHASITE. STRICKEN WHILE PLAYING WAS! A XESIBER OF lOLA BOWLING TEAM WHRH PLAYED LAST XIGHT Body Will Br Kent to Llndea, Kan., for Burial—Ordem Sent Bfantl- fnl Floral Trilmlwi. It wan a merry crowd that had assembled In tho Arcado bowling alley In Chanute. shortly after 9:3(( last night. The lola team of bowjers was there to play a game with the Chanute team and interest in the outcome of the contest was intense. Spectators watched each player Intently and applauded the skill of the bowler. Two games had been played, and the third one was commenced shoryy after II o'clock. At 11:30. the turn of Kd. Broderson. a member of the Tola team, was reached. He' bowled the heavy ball along the alley and missed what was considered a comparatively easy shot for him.. "I can't hit "em tonight, someh'ovi'," Broderson said to a member of the lola team who was standing near. Then he made his last bowl. Before the pin boy had straightened up the pins, Broderson had stepped over the cfaute used for the return of the. balls. He attempted to sit down in his-chair but fell prostrate over it. But the Wink of an Eve, Then Death. "When Broderson fell, members of both the lola and Chanute teams noticed it quickly. They ran to his side, lali him tenderly upon the floor and dashed water in his face. While this emergency treatment was being administered. Doctors Mathis and Johnson were summoned. Mr. Broderson gasjied two or three times as though struggling for breath and then sank back limp upon the floor. -^yimniha lArairlnna arrived, Brod was extremely popular and his cigar store was always.a place of welcome for friend or stranger. In his quiet way, he was always in the front of every good move which Wfis for the interests of lola. He was identified with progress in his quiet way. giving his Influence and money without stir or uoise. E^rery one bore the utmost .esteem for him and his name was a bynonym for honesty, sincerity and manliness. Mr. Broderson had been a resident of lola for about nine years and was 40 years of age. He was a cigarmaker by trade and shortly after coming here opened a retail cig<ir stoiie and news stand at li:: West Madison avenue with a partner, Mr. Morain. Several months ago, Mr. Morain sold his interest to Mr. Broderson who has since conduoted the business. He made his home in lola with E. A. Ilirr, 417 South Chestnut street. He was unmarried and had no relatives in tbiH city. He was a memi)er of the Knights of Pythla« and the Cigarmakers' union. He had no relatives In this city. If Is probable that A. Broderson will come to lola to take chari^ > of the store belonging to the deceased. ARMY IH THE CITY ooooooooooooooooo o o O AUDITIO.NAL .SHORT STORIES O O O oooooooocoooooooo 4 !fWU «4p de«d,~xnd after an examination, death was declared to be due to beart failure. The body was taken to the Wilson morgue and his mother, Mrs. K. M. Broderi5on and brothers. A. and J. Broderson. of Linden. Kas.. were notified by, wire. The festivities of the game were stopped and the tola 'earn, composed of Claude Tucker, U'illiam Root, Scott - Oard and Charles flwyer. rame home without their friend and team mate, Uijs.morning, heavy heartel. " Broderson Feared Death? Perhaps it was with same misgiving; that Ed. Broderson. as he was familiarly known, started in the game at Chanute. When he left the train at I Uie Chanute i)a.--scncer station, be seemed unusiiallv depressed. I'tittlii); his hand over his chest. • nnar thn heart, Mr. Broderson said to ClaiKio Tucker: . , "I've got a pressing down pain rlcht here." AM through tli'' flrsl two VHIWPH. bowlers say. Broderson was not roll- Inc bis game. He was considered a skillful player and .vet he was rolKs- ing shots that when he was "richt" wer» easy for him. Vet with all this, he showed nc indications of feeling 111. Broderson was an unusually-quiet man and If hp feared that dissolution was aoDroachiag and was fighting it off wKh sheer will power, no one knew it or noticed it. Burial at Linden. Kas. J. and A. Broderson. of Linden. Kas.. passed through lola this afternoon en- route to Chanute. where they will take charge of the body of their dead hrother. They were joined here by ' WilMam H. Root, Claude Tucker. Tony t.ipp, E. W. BJrdsell. Dick Bushpens. Fred Vogel, Phil Stover, Frank Kelley and Patrolman William Todd, who went to Chanute with the brothers to do what they could in assisting to care for the body. . The remains will be shipped to Xin- den. Kas.. the family home, by wav of Ottawa. In the mornin?-. where It Is planned to hold funeral service and burial Sunday Afternoon. . Members of Jhe Knights of Pythias »»nd ClEarmakers" Union, of which Mr. Broderson was; a member, sent beau- tlf Jl floral tributes to .Chanute. "TIs the wink * of an eye. but the . druught of a breath. From the blossom of health to the paleness of death. From the gild«»d sa'on to the bier and the shroud. 01^ why should the spirit of mortal be proud?" Opli- y »»Bter <fsy mlnsllng with his friends, the rame eood hearted, klnd- Ir. fri*>n«lly Bd. Broderson. Today. hl» body, cold and llfeleas.—a corpse. And a multltude_i>r friends are heavy hearted. Tbere was no pride about Ed. Broderson. save that nride which makes a man vanly, hnneat, and sinntre. It i« not too much to Bay that In iht> dMMi of Mr. Broderson, lola tuui lost a tittmn whom sh« iovad w«ilt and r>M numherfd anwM Ito tor*- <ii9^ iwaidaata. vor0w »t iwrhapi sot Ju lawb> «n(t iH «M/but In ali iht •t«rl' iiMVMUtlM whieh m lorauko lui a i^M «C Mioa aiar (own vicht b« gM >t»;^kpf^LM a mm. M :<4iri «t <:da«lid ikladlr. <te PORT Ar PRINiE IN POSSESSIO.N OF THE REVOLITIOMSTS. Soldiers )Vf-rr Orderly and Well His- rlpliued and the City Is Qnirt Twiay. I'orr Prince Dec. r,.—A revolutionary army of eight thousand men marched into Port an Prince this morning. General Anton Simon wiis at its head and he was given an ova- lion liy the people of the city. The entrance of the soldiers was orderly and discipline is being maintained. "Volley Teams Play. The business men's volley ball teams will play at iU" Y. M. C. A. this evening. Not Discou.-aged Allhoiigh tho girls' chorus did not win musical aged and will still rarry on |irar Wednesday afternoon has been set aside for their regular praclie-.—Cha­ nute Sim. M. Wf A. IMPORTAJiT SE88I0>' OF LOCAL CAMP OF WOODMEX LAST MGUT. A BOOM FOR L. L NORTHRUP THE ORDER LAI'S PLANS TO MAKE lOLAX THE NATIONAL BA.NKER. Urgin Early on Campaign—An I'naKa- ally Mg Crowd Attendpd.tbe .Mretln^ I<aMt ETPBIII^. .1. li. litherton, V. (J. W. K. Black. W. A,' W. \. Cowan,: c>rk. L. L. N'orthrup. banker. C. B. May. escort. .1. P. Copenlugi watchman. W. H. Anderson, sentry. K. W. Amerman, manager. Urs. G. W. Shadwick. P. S. Mltcholl, O. U Cox, A. V. Lodge, S. A. Coftman. D._\\'. Ueld, phyalclans. At the regular meeting of lola Camp. No. 961, M. W. A. held in their hall last evening the above officers I were elected to serve during the com Ing year. The members of the order have come to look upon W. A. Cowan and L. L. N'orthrup as permanent fixtures in their respective offices. Both of these gentlemen are entfau^astlc workers in the order and have filled their offices in such a manner that the organization as a whole Is of the opinion that it would be almost a crime not to re-elect them year alter year. If Is a foregone conclusion that E. H. .Muri)hy of Leavenworth will be at the head of the order in this slate next year. With .Mr. .Murpliy in this position he will be associated with the national organisation in such a way that a wire can be )iu11ed for Kansas, looking forward some three year.* henre when there is a vacancy in the cffiro of national banker for the order, members of the local camp are planning to make a strong effort to place L. !>. Northruu of this camv in that office.. XtaftjO-f the. principal reasons j-fei- bringing this subject up at Ihlft time is that it requires as much campaign work to elect a man to a na- iiaiJont!l office in this onier as it does to eieit a governor of the state of Kansas. Two national officers frpni Kansas in the aualtorluin ot tne i. M. V^. why aon i you try anu hecuie .>i. i«. [The banquet feast is to be furnirjhed i Williams? lie has been more or less to the association by the ladies of the lout of active work for the past year M E. Church. The committee ap-,because of his health, but he stopped Alihoiigh tho girls' chorus did ""t |^y „,j ^.j^.p state the lions share, in any grea: honors at lola in the ^^^^^ KuuFai^ Is one of the stales that is lusical contest. t >ipv .Trc not disrour- ,„ rtothinus and a state that ;ed and will still rarry on prartiro. ... , ^Voodrraft. An evidence Decker at Work. .Inhn Deckel, who was hiir; in a fontliall game a wcol^ ago Saturda.\. n-tnrned from his homf in lola Friday niid is asalii able to bo at work.— Elsmorc Leader. Visited Here. .Mr. and .Mr.^. S. .V. IVov.n.soii tt<re in lola liiat weok visiting llior daiigli- t<r. .Mrs. I-:dilh. Itowo and iivallod tlionixoivoN of th" privlloKo of attending I ho inoKi inforPHling sessions of tho loachors' asKoclal 'on—Toronto Ro. IMibllrHii. Mi'.« Caroenter Here. .MJKs Myrilo Cariieiilor I'l spondinc Satniday and Sunday hero with hor parents. Sho has a sobool in one of the rural districts. I/)t;T—Antmnobile plovr;. Row:iid. Rptiirn to this offlre. Bishop Hennessey Here. • Bishop Hennessey of Wichita, was in the citv yesterday between trains. Harlan Taylor in Tow^n. Harlan Tavlor of .VIoran was a busi nrss vL-ritor in the city today. ranks hisb in Woodcraft. An evidence of sho islanding of Ibis state in.the or- drr u-.i.i ;-hf .wii at the 'ast national camp when'one of the nuti <n >al officer.-; was addressing the order on an iuiportaiit uieasnre. He was addres.s- Ing hi.-' rrnrarks tii a deloKation in the west wing of the h 'liise and the Kana:is delcKaiion Ijoiiig on the oilmr ^ido nf ilio rcoin wero uui'lile to hoar the K|)H ;ikpr. Olio nf the niiniliers askod iho ^j-lioakor to turn Ills voico In llio <;hiV direction as his remarks wnv unheard in that nnrlion i:f the house. The i-iioakor reiillod: "I don't have to talk to Kiiiinas. I always know lb"'- •iro right." 'I'liore was an iiniisiially iii- ioiidan:-e at llio nioeting last rvenin;:. 'vblrh showH thai the nirinl )orK oon- sider the elrrtlim of offlcrr.s In tlijs oidor «riip of tho ni'iro lmp!;rtani foat- •iros <A IIK- r};mp. HOCH GETS DEED Pawnee Rock .\«w KelanK!< t» Kansan —Women's Halw U«»nalit IL To Visit E. J. Dunfee. MIS. .M. .1. Lrabo of Dcnuison, Tex., caipe in yosttr.layto spend the holi- davs with rolativo .-i and friends. Mrs. I.eabo is a dauchter of Mrs. K. P. Dunfee of South rhostniit stroot. A Girl Born. Mr. and Mrs. Stonebii-ner of K'S South Kentucky stroot. aro tho |iar- ents of a baby girl born yesterday. R. A. Chapoa Here. R. A. Chapiia. the Kansas City representative of the L. C. Smith Bros. Tvpewrltor company, i* In the city today in the interest of his compr.ay. SUSTAINED A WRIT Courts Approftt Maadanus .Suit Con> rertiinir ENtablbliBiPat of .IgenrleM In OUakonia ToHBii. Uuthrie. Okla., Dec. 5—District Judge A. H. HUKton hero today aus- laioed the writ of m<indaiuus served [by ihft Alexander Drug ronipany of lOR'ahoma City tn comvM Hiati* Super Intahdeni lister to kaep the utaie agsnry evMero ID »|ifration In ail towntof a population of two tboustind or'ovvr and to kesp o |Mn the head- quartara at Ouihria. TiM oouri aliowad a prtmptory writ Mtinat Ocvaroor HaakaU'a praefaffia- tloB solas Intolaff^ iB.whleli bt> da> THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Snow toniglit and Sunday ;colder" Sunday. Data recordiBd at local office, V. S. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago: Yesterdav Yr. ago 2 j>. m :<6 36 4 p. m Z'l 6 p. m ::i -in 8 p. m 30 2fi 10 p. m 21 26 12 midnight 2fi 27 Maximum temperature ...37 37 Minimum temperature ...26 24 Precipitation, 7 p. m. ... o 0 Todav Yr. aco SUNDAY CANT COME (JREAT EVAMIELIST SAYS HE CVS NOT VISIT lOLA FOR YEAR.S. 2 a. m 4 a. m. 6 a. m 5 a. in 10 a. m 12 noon Precipitation. 7 ». m. -je ..'.. 2fi ...27 ... 20 ....•:2 .. .3R ... 0 2!» 29 ::i :'7 41 0 FLOODS RECEDING ARK.VXS.IS TO BE IN BANKS SOON AT PINE BLIFFS. The Property Loss to City and Adjoining (o-jnlry Is One-balf ^ .Million DollNrx. Pino Uluff. .\rk.. Dor. .'>.—After cans ing an actual iiroiierty loss of alioiit one hundred fifty thousand dollars and an rstimaitd dei-reciaticji in vilne to adjtlning pici)€rty of half a million dolliir.s. ihe Arkansas river at thi:i point toda.v slowly receding. IN y. M. C. A. AUDITORIUM. Baker Bannuet on December 29th, to be Held There. SUGGESTS M. E. WILLIAMS RECOMMENDS TO lOLA MINISTERS ANOTHER (JHEAT EVANWELIST. .Hallrr Will He Cousidereil at Hie Next .Wrrting of Alliance—Sunday (ines tn .loplin. lolanr, who have lnon hoping ilial Billy Siindav. ibo great evangelist, would visit (his city In the near future will be disappointed upon learning that he canot possibly comp for several years. In. a letter to Rev. \\". H. Carfield. the secretary of the Ministerial Alliance. .Mr. Sunday states that he can give no encouragement to the Alliance at the present time with reference to filling an engagement here in the near future, lie suggests that an effort be made to se;;ure M. B. Williams, another well known evangelist. Several lo!ans who have heard Mr. Williams, speak well of him. .At (he next meeting of the .Ministerial Alliance, the ntatter will be preseiited for consideration. The ministers m .Tv then see fit to take i^;eps to secure Mr. William?. -Mr Sundav has promised Uie Jo|ilin .Mo., ministers to visit that city soon and conduct a series of meetings. The f^Iicwing Is his ietter to Rev. Garfield: Otiumwa. la.. Dec. :!. ISO.S. Dear Brother: Your letter of tho 1st is at hand. I regret that my dates are : o arranged that r cannot give yr.ii any iwisslble encouragement. It HAS COTTAGE, BIT NO BRIDE. Jntcd Okfahonw Lorer Consoles Himself and Tries to Forget. Oklahcma City, Okla.. Dec. .'..—Earl Forche?. ji:ted lover of Lillian Ulbson of this city, now Mrs. Frank Ford of Brookfield. Mo., arrived home here last night from a trip to K.-uisas City, where he went hoiring lo prevent the marriage of his sweetheart and frieud. Forchee has come home to try and forget his disappointment. He will not say anytbiug, thon.cli he wi:l not sjteak ill cf the girl he loved and whom he was to make his wife when Ford appeared on the scene. The Fords are now at their new home in Brookfield, .Mo. Forchee visited Mr. and .Mrs. Gibson, parents of the girl, immediately upon his return here last night. His little rotage. with its complement of little cottage, with its complement of was the day Miss GibsOn Inspected U- juet before the wedding was to be. NEAR RUSTIN HOME? Tho Maker I'nIvorsity students ban-jjs simply out of tlie question to sive \.:-t. ........ An tlir. AL 'ntiinfT nf I . »,#,>.., ..f .J rluin fnr Cf>\-. quet which occurs on tho ovonlng of Tuesday. Dscembcr 20th. will be held in the auditorium of the Y. M. C. A. you even the hone of a dale for several year.'!. Why don't you try and secure .M. H. pointed to work up the banquet program will meet in a.few days and ar range thris feature of the event. U. S. CRUISER SANK ever here for a few hours the other da.v. euroute to Hari. Mich., where he is to conduct a month's v-ampalgn. and he is feeling fine. Umking in the pink of condition, and is again out in active work, and says he is fit for constant work. Tho Lord lias u.«od tlii;; man in win I many hard victories in tho past and V _i. If . I n.-..- i.r.....n.i „„ „ n„„( ha.-f ahvavs hle;-:.'-pd him with great ;r \i'as'SS '^n ?i^"' :;^;;";fve^^"onrif T^^iri r Will have the one man whom I be- llevo above all others could swinp; ytinr town for Cliris-:. You oan roach Brine Floated. .\r\v Bodfr .:d .Mas:s.. OPC. .".-Tho fiiitod Stales^ cnilsor Yankee which was floated .vpstPid,ty aflei brrn aground on a rpef at the wos.orn , j^.^j ,„viiati„n_ | ..„„. , onlranco ic Buzzards bsy for several i Cnrdiallv voui-s. wcpk.s. ."link early today otf Ponlk.^p . ' " " W A. SI.VDAY. ii^land. Ono hundred fifty members ,.„^. y\- (;;,,iir!i|. lola. Kas. Iho crow were landi'd pafely. liiini l >v letter at lliirl. .Mich, having i roRards. i^nd lihanking yen. mo .-t hearti'y for your ICKAIt AD.MIHAL f (MiHI.AN DKAD. »ii> in Coniiiiamrnf >. V, Ninj Vard for 'I'liree Veiirs. WANT 91800 DAMAGES. Suit Involving a Gas Lease Filed Today. Ami!!: .Muollor of al. brouaht i.uv > ^''^ ^'OU. Doc. War Admiral trdn. in ill /iriot ooiiit against David <'o-'hlan i.v drid at lii.s homo Bo,l,.|l. ,.( :,|. a.sljji,!.- (ho rourl lo ran-!'" ft"''<>»""''. N- V He w:is in <•.•! an ml aud K.IS loaKo. ciaiil tlioin '"'' ^"'w Vork iiivy yard JudBmoni nf »lS ..i. and onjoln tbo|''""' "* dofcndaiitK from ontorwm upon tho laii'l iiiidor U'iinr The loase oovors tlio followiiij; land: -North ono-liaif of tho northwest one-1 quarle- |.<;.26-l.^ aifi was originallv niado i„ ihp Contral Oil & Gas com-' li.iiiy. being assiened to .Mr. Bedell and ' others lalor. It is charged fhat thr , Topeka. Kas.. Dec. .'>.—The Women's ! ICansas Day club this morning throagli j it j president. .Mrs. .1. S. S|mni:>ns of Hutchinfcn. presentrd the deed to !'awnec Rock and fivo acres surround ing it to Governor Hoch to held' in I rust for the state of Kansas. /Vaw, nee Rock, one of the histori*? land- ItiiLirks if the state, siiaated near Hutchinson. w:is on the farm of Hen- ianiin rnrnh who <iffprod it to th" -ti'.t-: on the oonditliui that a roadway lo the Rock ihrniigh his farm, bo jnir- chaspd and certain improvements made. The Wimian's Kan!--us Day olub voted a year asn Ui take ii|i thijs work and the $3.."i(>u nocpssary. The legislature paEcrd a resolution an ithoiizing the governor to accept the I site as a state [wrk. The deed pabsod Into his bands today folIOwiuK a niecling of the executive board of I;IP Woman's Kansas Day ^ub held In the state historical society rooms After the meeting the board adjourned to the office of the gnveruor. where J Mrs. Simmons m.-ide the pre«cntatiou. [A formal presentation will lie made to the legislature at a Joint Kesslon of both botJses on Kansas Day. The deed is the title to Pawnee Rock five acrei in a:'. Tho Woman's Kansas Day club i^lll owes about one thousand dollars of the fund, but It is fi-'fted this will be raised promptly ihtuii;;h contributions liml tlie ii»le of a Mouvenlr Iwoklet Kebnea of PHwuee koek, wblrh th* vlub recooily |HII>- llthed. Rav. MlMamart to Talk. Rov. O, 0. Miusmora of (h« Unit* •d BrMhrfiD ebareh will talk to tha Junior aamban of (ha Yoaac M*B'B ObriattaD aaaedatlon tomormw afler- '^-^ -'i^'x.:.......^l:> ,;i^^LeieO, ELKS INITIATE TWO Elkc Ha"b a Nice Time at Initiation Last NighL lorins of tho lease have not been kopt.! ;~ , , ... the com.oanv drilMnc but ono well.' riio «;rvico.s a- Tho LIks last night which contained both gas and oil. and f'^." no^-sv-<vor inan then trivinp up .Irillini: on tho tr.irt. ^•h" «"tes now^j and jokes for this instead of de.oioping It. Tho plaintiff, and occasionally roasts people claims that because tho well was „„,'who ho thinks are good natured and ..roporlv r,red for. Iho oil drowned "ne Paul .Icntzi^ch. a Dutcninan of the „„„ „„t I raro old ty|>o. wore very enjo.vable es- Ihe gas out. AN OLD RESIDENT DEAD. 1 1 ••! ....1 . . I pofially to the audiiMKro. Xearly ev lory |ie-soii ill the world imagines that . they havr- some .sort of a grievanc;o .. •; 7 . j'a .-xainst newspaper men and when a Mrs. Mary Hoyle. of Elsmore, Aged ,.„.^„^^ „ff^,^j j„ g,., ..revenge" 30, Passes Away. '• ]\H-y do It wjith a "vongeanco." -go ,, ,, ,, , J , •• , . i' was only natural last night that Mr.-. .Mary lloylo. :'«';d .lied at j^^,.,„„ ^,,^,„,, .,e ,e^,,<, ,„ lie l.o:.-.o ol her son. \M1 noar „„. j,^,,,,, initiation core- .l.smoio on tho morning of Docombor ,„„„i,.^ „ ^.^^ j,,^^ nl at.dwa.s burled on the afternoon ^j,,^. j„ temptation to try f .ho It.,. Ulth her .....iband. (eorpe „raighton out .lontwch's name lo> o now dpooa ^ed. sho movod on o , ^e- vhat s Known as the 'koung farm in ,,„,^ .^^ candidates are Ihe Llsmoro vicin ry in the fall of <„vearin« bv The KIks and realize that iPsiJing there until she came - victim ^^„^ „ ^^e show la.n nkht of cancel after which she made her „„„^,. ^^^^.^ ^, homo With her son. A largo number .^^ , ,^ ^^ , of friends attended the funeral. j -an-onK present." After the Initiation a delightful re- WITNESSES SAW .HRS.RH K TqEKE ON NIGHT OF MrRHER. Trial of Charles E. OUTI.- for .Murder Is Pi.xcontlnued Intll Jloudaj on Petition of Defense, Omah'.i. Dec. ."i.—^Notwitlisianding the annoiir.conient by .Tudge Sears yesterday that there would be a session this afternoon of the trial of Ch-arles E. Davis who Is charged with the murder of Dr. Rustin. when adjournntent was taken at noon today it was until Monday morning. This was at the suggestion of attorneys ior the defense. Testimony tending to impeach that of .MIS. Abbie Rice, the star witness for the prosecution was Jntro- duced this morning. A. Blood, a watch man.' testified to havin.g seen her within a block cf the Rustin home at one o'clock cn ihfe morning of the killing of Dr. Rustin when according to her testimony she was asleep at Ihe house of Clara Gleapon two miles away. The watchman's testimony was partially corroborated by that of a street car motorman. NOT A NETHERLANDS -SJLiS WARSHIPS -t*; ARE ON PRACTICE CBUWE. ALONG VEMEZUEUN i COAST DECLINES TO ACOOWLEDGE IT AS NAVAL DEMOJrSTBATiqy. - No Notice Olven to ParUament! of a Blockade or Any Warlike: Preparation. The Hague. Dec. 5.—Tho government of the Netherlands has declined to dignify ti^^e procession of three Dutch warsbijts;- the batlesblp JIacgb Van Hemkerk and the cruisers Gelder, land and Eriesland along theooaft ot; Venezuela from Puerto Cahello to Liguaire as a naval demonstration. It asserts this maneuver was only tho: ordinary exercise cruise; Officials to day pointed out that anythitig in nature of a blockade must be duly notified to the powers before being un dertaken. They say no such notlflca?- tion yet had been sent nor has the . necessary notice been ^ven to parliament of any proposed warlike action. HORSE CASE CLOSING. SALE STARTS WITH A RUSH. Salvation Army Rummage Store Attracts Many Customers. "How luiicli are these worth?" A man held up a pair of baby shoes to Captain Butler, at the rummage sale In the Gill building on West Madison avenue itbis morning. "Well, they're not worth very much." the captain said, "take them along for a nirklo." The shoos wore yervlceablo for some little lime yet and the man qilickiy dosed the bargain. And so the sale wont all day long. The store wa.< crowded with customers most of the tiluo and Captain Butler and his assislanth wore busy waiting on cns- lumers. There are three Ion;: coiiiilors loaded with coods of every description. Every til lag froiu baby shoes lo house riirnliuro Is there aiul those who are needy and oHiiDot afford lo buy new ccods are availing themselves of the "pnoritiiiin offered bore. Rellof Is being ruriiisheil iMose who hiivo no nione.; and aro nopdy. The sloro will romalii open iiormanently. .May Be a Nieht .Session of Court to of It. - ' The horse Ifease will probably be . closed this evening. At three o'clock several witnesses were yet to be examined. There is talk of havinjg a session of court tonight to dispose of 'he action. This is the case in which J. W. Miller is suing Arthur Hall to^ secure the possession of a horse. Have au Attraetlve WIndoW. The display window of the Swing & Hurdick department store are attracting much attention from the llt- t'e folks and some of the grown up frlks as well. In the east window y miniature trip hammers, hoisting der I ricks and other mechanical noTeltles are in operation and in'^he west win- .drw. a scenic railroad around which a I top locomotive whirls with ostonistilng rdpldiiy is the feature. The holiday shoppers compliment the display highl.v. Board Meeting. .Monday is the day for the regfufar monthly meetin.g of the board of, county commissioners. No Game Tomorrow. There will be no grame of - football at Electric Park tomorrow. The Triplets have no game echeduled. several of the players being unable to play. Au effort will be made to secure a. Kame with the Galena eleven for next Sunday. Oliver^* Back. II. K. Oliver returned home yesterday from Mountain Grove. Mo., where ho ba.s been on real estate buainess. FIRST SANTA CLAUS LETTER. Little Girl and Boy Write For Christmas Toys. ( Aiier Lui- iiii»i€» EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETS. ; p^gt was served. Republicans To Take Up Matter of] City Campaign Tonight Tho executive cj....Jittee of the Rr-' pub'ican city club will meet In the of-! Hce of .fudge E. if. Hough toiilKht at • eight o'clock to consider forther the! plans fo- the city cnropaign. The mat-! ter of membership will be especially^ dUciiHsed. Bvery member of the committee in urged to be present. 0«»EW A BIG CROWD. i Continua Ortan Caat. ' Thr CHrfo of IS. (i, (iroeu vx. A 0. WInfrev came up lu Justine Hoimh'n oouri this momint, and waa roniln- lied until Monday morning at 9 n'- elock. Tho eaaa waa orliina'ly a thrt* eorn^r«i fontroveray OV«T ilie owoarabip of a piano. Ono of the par- .tiaa baa' b«^p aatUAad and utiicr two. Urt nghtinc it ouria ooufL Moonllqht Skate Well Attended and Everyone Thouqht it Nice. .The .Moonlight skate at the rink last night drew one of the blggeat crowds nf the nea^on and no one went away dUainmlnted. ft was a very simple arranged affair, the lights helm covered with sreen tUaue and lirndiicing H Koft ray over the entire bulldliiK. ChrlHtmiiN Imila ulentifuMy ticattK'od over the room also helped atid 'he rink looked very iirvtty. Mure elaborate decoraiinns* nr« belnir planned for rhrl4tmaa week and there will lie fomethlng dotriK f*vnry night. Mlaa Catherine Pallers. who baN been vlaitliK frienda In lola. return< ed boiqe yesterday.—Oamatt Nawa. Tho fir.^i .Santa Clans loiter of tho season reached tho Register office to­ da.v. The stores are placing their Christmas toys on display, directing the thoiiKhts of the yonntslers to Old Santa. The letter received at this office today was writ ten from Salem and fol'ows: Drar Santa I am a little d'rl n years old and have a little Itover 2 years old and 1 want a big.doll and a Ht- t!e piano, set of tin dishes. My little Bover want.s a-spress wagon a set blocks and ham mil r and some taudy and nius. Your 'itilo dirl and boy. —Daisy and Vern V'aucil. Continue Henderson Case. The .1. R. Henderson iietty larceny case came up for hearing this afternoon ill .Justice E. G. Hough^'y court and was continued nntif December 17th. Henderson is charged with stealing a plnah laprobe. MESSAGE TUESDAY Preitident RooMTrlt'H Greeting to COB Kress Will Not lie Read on FIntt Day of the NCMIOR. Washington, Dec. Ti.— The president's annual message to congresH will be read to the secund snsKlon of the Blxtleih «iiiKresK next TuesdHy Inmcnd r.f Monday, the openlnu day of cungreKM. iiccordliiK' to the plan HII- nounr.od. The »eiiute will adjmirn .Miiii- day I'lil of reiipAci to the luemcry of Scnuior AIII«oii. ImmedlatMly ufier ep imlaitng a ronimittee lo wait on the pra 'itldent and after the new nHifiiliepi tra kworn |n. Hpeaker Caifiiun Mid ibat the housa airo would |adjnurn In (he jwnw man- Stereopticon Lecture. Ton-orrow evening at the Little Builders' Chapel there will be a ater- eofitlron lecture given by Dr. G. W. Howell who recently returned from the old country as a foreign Qission- W.O.W. HAD SMOKER This Feature Followed the AfinuaL Election of Off}cer«<-^. B. Atchison is Past: C. C The W. o. W. held their annnaf.. election of officers last, evening. Jtt-r tcr the returns were in and the votes counted the members of' the order held a smoker at wh(lcb a. number of excellent talqs were'made by- local orators. Following is a list at tho officers who will serve during the- coming year: Past C. C—J. • B. Atchison. • C. C—W. S. Thompson. • Banker—C. B. Core. Clerk—A. H. Davis. , i ITscort—C. Cheney. - ; Watchman—W. F. Edwards. Sentry—J. M. Warford. Managers—^J," B- .Atchlsoo. B. F.. Gardner and Si J. Hay.!, Physicians—€. B. Core; H. V. Drea- b.ach. R. N. McMillan. O. L. Cox and O. U Gariingboaao: • •••IRST OF TOUBSAMEXT. ner. i' •, The Y. M4 C. A. Bead^.Bastaesa Gei:^ Icye by BH Score. The first game of the basket ball tournament was JitejM ea the 1f .'-M. c. A. c^urt last aveninlr betwee* -.(b« lola Ruslnesa CoIla«« team^ anclstte ^ Y. M. C. A; team, tb«; latter wlinmiv euH'y. The gatn« ;wai on9 ,pt Uit .r- most (>iie-slded oxlUjNltlQM of tb »9ip« 4 ever Riven on ilHt }^1HIO «;latlf )l»|oOU «k' ThlH. however, wa« not UM faUltaf th*:^'.y^*^ college team. Tho gamo la,XMNr^-t^ • be umjorlty Of Iho toasi', mt_ •m-e hud very lUtit: pniWi*' ^he V. M. (!, A. tmmtartm •t the at me. That ftaul -o -it. Tht next tm* \ Friduv, Dabambor llt ^.tgri iirhco; and tha AtHlH ^J Miaa I|*Wii,-r "4

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