The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1947
Page 10
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MONDAY, JUNE 23, 1947 BLKTHEVIUJJ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Billy r&U p« Uu* for coB66CDtlT» 1m- •eitlona; J tlmei per line y*r 4*y ^_1_ Z~ 12C 5 time* per Hue f»r d»j "^ nc 6 time a yor UK* JI«T day " 7c 1.'! times per lino ii«r day, 11*1" cc Moiitli per line _ puc Count ((TO averare words to" ih*~lLuc. Ad ordered for ifcree or six times and •tojiped before expiration will bo diariz- ed for the iiunitar of times the nd uy- Dftared and adjustment of bill luaile All Classified: Advertising copy ' anti- tulttcd by persons rtsi-lluR outside of the city must be accouijnuled fcy cash, lUtea msy bo casll* computed from the above Items ti^U^i tlie cm time rit«. Vo rWyousifcilUy will be t*k«n for n&r« tb&n one Incoircct In Bert lorn *f Any For Sale For Sate KAllou COUUUT Jc« Cream froi'ror (Ju KuMwtt elurat;*?. lrii; iiK'jii blici-r. 1'luine 97 1{ I. *. Mitiiiln, Art. I JI fi, yurjfo r.'frii.Tntor. C»n bo si'.-ii I at :',vti S. Division. I Gll7'Ck'l!-'.>l I ijjW.l prj<v« lialil lir ftiitiilurv. stmai, i'1'l t'lulhnih'. if yi'ti IIIIM- ImythiiijT ti> M'll. Xi-.' or mil us. \Vi-*| J:,i,| Aiu-luvii C1I8-, k-7!l* \V.-i;:!iL CKMKN'I' II1,,'M'KS !«>-. 1,1,.;.| f.-i- Inm-i'N ,,, ,,-, r . ii <1i..vv,,M trn iMii'k. liii'i:. f,.,,i (•.',,,,' nlllli'lK'il. nir I.,.,I.., Inn ... mili-iii.-.' \V | CKI.m urn,' :"• 11, i, •• 7 K(. Fri^idaire; Hoipoiiit water healer, [ipi-fect condition. \\'rilo 11 rs. ,I;imes H. Cliii-lt, P. O. !!<ix :>77 lily (lie vi lie. <i 20 ;>!< 27 Infci national 'l'i ud; ;ind Irail- i'r, individually owned. Cheap. Call li)2, Rlpolo. T. _V. l>al<cy. fj 20 |>k 2-1 Home and two lo'.s in (^i- rndior.svilk'. Corner Sixth and Highland. See owner. Mrs. .lames Ii. Clark. 1>. (). Hox :',77, lilylhi'vilU'. _ <; 20 pk 7 .; doulds electric pump.!, w ;iler soflcncrK, kitchen sinks. wilier heaters and attic fans. Available on farmers terms. Nolliing down, with payments due iti otic, f\vo, <li tl'i'cc fall payments. I'wiilers Hardwaro Co. _ ^ __ 0 17 ck tf A few used show cases and flat (op display (:il>Ies and shelving. ,1. Moll Tlrooks Jr., 107 East llain St. Phone 811. fi 2 sk If nnd trnilpr i-rs. Wo,l»' .Vfirlll. I'h . r,;:M-],k-*i|:i i SIOO.OO. i,i<, Kal- •ncriiinf; you .Tnn't' urn!' Tm»]n i( «£ Ktt'fip Sliov. ^01 F: Mfxiii, tCifi9 - 4i30-ck-t( :l^si ni:.T lnlrrnMloiinl Kchnol llusi. nil f,<ii,lllliin. mytlicvilta IV.ocli it\ 10f. X. FriinkHn. liabv Chicks. Ulavloclc Ifafciu'ry. Phone 3172. N. !iuM/ I <o lr:»il«'r, lulls- ni|iii|>i Ii!- «;,'.'..".in '.Sorl»' 111 liiulivv':i Vri'k-.' 'I'ruiliT t v :iini'. U\vm Cr.iv-kiio. Sismmer OfHciaUy Starts Sunday, June 22nd! NEWS Wanted fo Buy PAGE ft I.-MM I,.,,!,,,, \\\Al < l lll i-:it.'.lT Jl iiui,| t 'f'n' r>-iu i "' r»v '•,- VIU-.-H r»r HH,'.l rMliliiM. hu" 1 '' s ' lft ' 1 '', 11 - ""' l , l '.''"- ,'""' •Ml' l^utlV'su,""! 1 tM1 " ll>: Sl " rt '' Cash for \vri v clu'(l or junt( ;in(<ini(t!(iU's. A\':uU'. Avilo S:il\;i!»'o. North lliwuy 1)1. Medium >l/o or small Mtl'r in V.«HIF! rnnditiiui. Cull Mr, Lost y'al A I.ouj Dbitaiice Movlnj tU'iniu'lonV JleUi mil Piintiniiflul. Ailo- iiualoly liiMinM Coiilrict HaulliiB All'l Mini', Sl'lvll'flK. Honiij .Sinvlco & Mtor»&n Uo. - ,:••••••*••••••»••««•••• tlnl' 1 !-L. iin.l w.liit.1 ll.'inljx; lii,'\ L-|.> Ki. 1 r i • ,!.,! »•, .-KL, ,| ,,n Si. - :'ii \\' il. » ^' I.. '.V. Iv.-l r,rl,Lll 1 '1.>. ¥l . I-' U.,) I, ' ', :.'J ,.t, "• P MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fiftli — BlyUieville, Ark.— Tel. 453—3715 Help Wonted - Mill,' ,,r UCtf, St:i j.ili rvilli-rlini! •ili(ii.ii« li> Icnilhiv uv,i:;i»iti,'. f..m:il... .Irrii .1. It, MI.',.-ii Is »I,K'.. l."iTl,-vlll". -. KV Hwv. I! 11 pk 7 11 A I! niv anliVmos, sonic ne.r- soniil collection, also other used fiirniliire, nlTici: furn- ilnrc and halloon KilU (en1. i\Irs. Allies H. Clark, Uly- IhOA'iW-. or phone 5 Hi, Ca- vulhersvillc. 0 V! n|i 28 Two-wheel trailer \vilti I'urm liocl. fi('i(id ruliliov. goncl alla round coii'lilion. Aiiply !<m; Wo^f vine. <; 21 pk z~, FARM MECHANIC Want man famiiiai- \vilh farm power C(iuii>mcnf. Year round job, house with electricity, must lie settled sillier man. Write Hox '0 Courier News. 19 cl; 26' For Rent nly. Vltic ,nn. ill: I'll. 9M. IDO.I K. Main. slai-iik r, SOU,FT! lllin ^iin ^•ll.m n,lrtrl,^ a Prills I'niiil .1 \v,,>i i,r ii.iiiiiini. M,> ( n»'iirp fnr mules, hoieoa nnil <-ftttlo I'honp SCO. 4l3il.|ili-G|2! linii^,' with lolli Fnr,,i«li,"l nly. Mrs. K. II l.lnyil. Vnrl.r,. 17 ,,k -: Wanted to Rent •~> room house and halh with iiAivo lols. Pivtrlicalh- new. VoFSOKiion with (iced. Price sir,no.nn. fiiMtd old house ivoll located. Possession in few davs. •! bcdrjnms. Small rent house in rfl|' - . ,| room hou^e in Pride Addition. Small c'i:--h iiaymcnl will handle. Priced S1SWK il room house. Corner lol on North 11th St. Terms can he arranged. 1 room house wilh two lots on \Vesl Cherry. 51,000.0(1 cash will handle. Resident itixicery slore Tor sale. iMxIurcs. slock. Unild- inii and two lol". Terms. ISO acre farm with three houses and Iwn hams. Has cleclricHy anil can he hoii!;!i( for S!)!).(!0 per acre. Nice Duplex Apart men), one side vacanl. Tun renl houses on same lot, rent will make all payments. Terms. IfiO acre highly improved farm wilh li.nhis. water and on RODI! unravel road. Tcr^. Hfivp (! acre Indtislrial spot located hetween two railroads. Has ffootl income from rentals. Hood liusiness T.ocalion and small stock for sale. Kent cheap wilh lease. §3500.00 will handle. DAVID KB.U, KSTATK & INVlvSTMKNT CO. Phone 3033 !i 20 ck 21 Help Wanted lililv. liii- i,,-r!,:,r-l IIL: fr.... I'l :::ll. CVirt-Tvill,.. I Business Opportunity •nn,l iifiv iinrnriiMii'il TimrM Servlcet for Hire For Complete Protection Against AD INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W J POLI&RD it. J. i va.a.f^Rf.;' AGENCY Glcncoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE Oli MOOC1.. Hl".- T,IAI!LK WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wo call for ami Deliver F1EO ULUHAN IClcctrical Appliance Co. Aullun ive-d Molnrnl.t UuiHn Siilrs mill SiTVii'i- 10(1 Smith l-'lv-il SI. LADIES - - - Come to U~DO~!T LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern 1VIA-YTAG JMAOH1NKR. Open 7 A. AT. ... Close: 5:;U) P. M. C'OPC Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. :J2.'1 North 2nd Street OR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Wcitcr Proofiivg Paint 12-18 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. \Vo Deliver I'hono C> ( .ll J Mi'Tore yon ihrnu* :nvii v a pat * nl' shut's l>rhi>; 11icin Id us :ui *\vc'H loll yuu is Ii il \i t - run i! • \vilh them In in:vkto I In in ^U* ~ ti mnri- \vi-iu-. ^IKIU ^1^(M•^ i-;n ^•n hr in;i(h' tNiiniDft.'dili* n, HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop We Guarantee RECAPPING with t Hawkinson Treads > i Lot Your Next Tires Be] GENERALS I Announcing ELECTRIC SHOP . • Mouse Wiring C Farm Wiring * Repairs Phone 2397 tiOO Norlh 5th Sliret Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Vnnr Uuslnrss Appi crlntril VACATION TIME IS HER*; HOW IS YOUR PRESENT CAR? Will it do the job you want it to do for you? If not, come in today and pick out one of these late model cars. They arc ready to give you many miles of service. in-ll Chevrolet Rpffiiil 10-12 llndgn 2 door sedan Deluxe Town Sedan 1!MU Koi'd Deluxe Tudor Mill DcSolo -I door Sedan SI ' I|M " Wit I'lyinonlli Sl ' (!)ln Town Sudan I Oil Clu'vrolnl lonjf wlicel hase. cab and clinssis. l!l-ll! Font l.oiii; wheel base cab and chassis, litlfi Chevrolet eah over engine tractor nnd 21 ft. Cariei- Trailer. Tiro size 750 x 20 front. '1 new 825 x 20 »„ rear. (100 x 20 on Trailer. Jnst driven a few miles , / Most of these cars have radios and heaters. ; fosy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan , LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Z Wreckers Tcxaco rroilnc Phono 2* nr. smtn r -70 D/O Selterllne T1«. Cost More — Worth More « MODINGER TIRE CO. ; IIC K. !U:iln rlimie KBl ' Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slzo T. L MABRY .:s iMissmiui KT. vn. wn Call Hill Davis for ixiinlinj: iind (Ic coral in i;. Service jihone lli!l. (> 20 i>k 7 20 MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need m loan to reps'r or remodel? No flown payment, no mortgage, no r tape. FHA approTed rate 5%. Ask for details. Mar Tx>Rmn, Realtor, nhone 203$. Lynch Bid*., BlythcTille. 9-23-ck-tf Oil Plovf H^|>*lr All work Pirki'J ii|i. I'lioni- 951. Loans . nml Fn ur rf liiii% - Iin.l In. Tnn k. Tr»--i,,r' iluro. ,\l«,% K.1I > WATKII AITDC'TS I'VliKY XKIiVK. TIKSl'r. :ii\ll Alt'll.KV (>!' TIIM I!(>I)Y—CAN I'l MliAN IlIi'l'TKH lilwM/i'l! I'OU VI)!!! ANH-AC8D MOHAI (^ Hl'.RK'S n little story rijlht out ol till! book: A fellow came into n Buick dealer wilh a rap in his engine. The dealer said i( was carbon—and recommended a valve jol>, naniiiii> a price. The owner thought that was too much "to ftet rid of a little noise" so he took it to a "friend" who "knew about automobiles." The friend said all that was needed was to set back the ignition liming. lie did. The rap stopped. IHit in a while il was hack again. So he repeated theprocoss—with t lie same result. I'inally, aflor several such "cures," ho woke up to the fact that lie was ireating symptoms, not correcting ttoiilili'x. 15y itu'n,-lie really did need a valve grind job at the first cost i|iioled by (he Uuick Dealer. But in the meantime he had lost good engine performance and the pleasure ot driving a well-serviced car. "I This Xnlimtl Mim-nil \V;iti-r, drllrtotiK hi (nslc, lends to— 1. SlinniluU- Itldncy ui lion 'i. MAprl s.^s^'niic- w;islc \\. lU'iluct- f'M'fssivc uric tifiil 4. Itrmiiicnili/r the Innly CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main nnd Division Jllytltcvfllft, Ark. DON EDWARDS "The TfprwrUcr M»n" KOYAI,, 8HIITH, COKONA .nd RKMINGTON PORTABU HON. SECOND ST. PHONTB UU (Every Trmuifictlon MUST BE BATIBPAOTOBY) I RECTAL DISEASES A SPtCIALTY (All Types Except Canntr) DRS. NIES 8, NIES Clinic 511 Miiln, Illylhiivlllc, Aiti., Phnnn Z9Jt r-|, ,i . , on' Farm l.ivv rrtf^s nf inlor-'l, Srr . Vnllv.I In-nranr.. ALV \V. M»in Si.. OV,T (linr.l I. •,,„(. p ! Only Important city in Hip son'li tn rx|>?virnrr .1 clrrrnn.sp in colored population i.5 Richmond, Vn. Dial 555 BUICK Safes & Service T. 1. SEAT MOTOR CO./ . ' , Radios and Heaters ' - i4 W Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors ' Batteries l1 " Tires and Tubes "'"* Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 Kirn.t.A's pnc >: ft | Save 50% Chopping Expense | '.+' >: I'Timl Clicmirally Dclintcd, Fn/x-Frcc COTTON SEED x Snvc Money— fi lo 1(1 I,l>s. per Acre. Any corn, pea or >; bean planfcr will plant lliese .smoolli, slick cotton s«d. 5; Can be plowed f> lo fi days aflor planting. >: IU)WJ)K.\ -I Ifi — STONBVILTJ5 2C — I) P & L 14 >; For Sale IJy IBLYIHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.! .*>• Phones 856-857 / I I &+~+-£'*+"&'W& Gy AL~VERMEE"I x//?/?/ Nothing gives me? t/ian 3' good That is, except for • my wife and chik/rsn, of course. 1

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